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61 Pupils Win
Library Reading
Class Honors
Twenty-eight pupils of the Engle
wood school, and 23 students of the
highland school have completed the
list of reading outlined by the school
departmnet of the public library and
have had their names inscribed upon
the library's honor roll. Third grade
pupils are entitled to a red star on
their library card; fourth grade, a blue
one; fifth grade, silver, and sixth
grade, a gold star.
Students who have completed their
reading courses are:
Highland School.
Third grade Nettie Jones, Samuel
Berger, Dorothy Dancer, Peter Spreed,
Grace Day, Leonal Morehead.
Fourth' grade Walter Stryker, Iva
Stryker, Bessie Harvey, Francis Brown
Delores Mills, Andrew Jairl, Hazel Pre,
Alma Cooper, Kenneth Abbott.
Fifth grade Donald Wilbur,
Charles Howe, Robert Dawson, Walter
Sample, Henry Jalrl, Nile Peonce.
Sixth grade French Hageman,
Walter Sample,
Englewood School.
Third grade Dale Homyer, John
Lambert, Marshall Snvder, Vivian
Fleener, Robert Randolph, Gertrude
Hobbs, Lester Mills, Ruth Feefer, Au
brey Paul.
- Fourth grade Ada Sharp, Irene
Haven, Myrtle Bailey, Blrdell Robin
son, Carol Hobbs, Dunne Kirk, Glenn
Wilbur, Alice Claxton.
Fifth grade Ronald Ferrell, Jim
Bush. Albert Barker, Viola Cuok, Ma
rie Waldorf.
Sixth grade Lawrence Fllsinger,
Harold Taylor, John Evans, Weldon
Kirk, Julius Wilson, Marcia Fuestman.
popularity that won the clever player
his enivable in the east.
T of err.-: ilcr.c" v.ill
ieti' at the theater in matinee and
evening performances Saturday and
Sunday, then will depart for Washing
ton where he has several pressing en
gagements. Credit is due to Salem
and Manager T. G. Bligh, of the thea
ter, for the success in winning the first
appearance of the comedian In the
west for several years.
Young Wife Victim
Of Tuberculosis
Failing to regain her strength lost
en the trip here from California where
she had gone for her health, Mrs.
pthel Monroe Henderson, age 23, wife
of W.- I. Henderson of Estacada, Or.,
died at the homo , of her aunt, Mrs.
Wary E. Schuntz on the Garden Road,
Friday evening, Mrs. Henderson has
been suffering from tuberculosis for
more than a year, but the valiant bat
tle she waged against It steadily lost.
Besides her husband, Mrs. Hender
son .leaves a daughter, 20 months old.
Her parents, Mr. and Mrs. B. T. Mon
roes, rt-side at Estacada; a sister, Mrs.
F, C. Sampels, Estacada, and a bro
ther, Herbert Monroe of White Hat
Dion, Wash,, also survive.
Planes Clash In
Air; One Killed
San Diego, Cal., Juue 12. Lieutoii
ant Louis T. Darin, a navy aviator at
tached to the Pnclflc fleet air detach
ment on the U. S. S. Aroostook, was
instantly killed this morning when the
Davy airplane he wag piloting, and an
army airplane were in collision over
Rockwell field, the United Slates army
air station here. j
Machinists Mate George MoCunibs,
who was in the navy plane with Lieu
tenant Barln, was slightly Injured,
while Cadet Joseph T. Walker, who
was piloting the army plane, and Cor
poral Roy Francis, who was In the
army machine as a passenger, escaped
Carload Of Gas To
Relieve Shortage
Coming Next Week
Salem's gasoline shortage is to be at
least temporarily relieved In the near
future. That was the statement m
morning of John Harbison, of th
Valley Motor company. .
Arrival of 10,000 gallons, ordered for
Salem through Portland dealers from
an Independent oil company .is ex
pected early next week and should take
care of the local situation until the
first of next month when It Is believ
ed thee will be a general relief. Due
to the fact that the gasoline to be re
ceived next week must be handled
more quickly than ordinarily the allot
ments toiotorists will be considerably
larger, Mr. Harbison explained.
Costs of handling the carload will be
higher than usual and, although it is
possible that the fluid will be sold un
der cost, It may be necessary to charge
a trifle more than In the past, Mr.
Harbison stated. j
Unchanged conditions were reported
by the offices of the Standard Oil, As
sociated Oil and Shell Oil companies
this morning, with no definite Informa
tion as to the future. , j
At a meeting of local dealers In gas
oline, held with a view to determine
the advisability of temporarily hand
ling gasoline of Independent oil com
panies It was decided that It could not
be done, and no action was taken.
The preeJin:- concerns ul!'
brwich of contract.
i.-d night, near 14ih and Ferry streets.
H. L. Eogness, representative . of
the Fuller Brush company, returned
Saturday to his headquarters at the
Bligh hotel after a two days sojourn
in Portland.
; Atiss Louise Davis, a member of
this year's graduating class of the
University of Oregon, is spending the
i week end in Salem.
While returning from Halls Ferry
Thursday night. Deputy Sheriff Be-t
Smith and an officer of the state
school for feeble minded were attract
ed by the suspicious actions of thre?
young men who had halted their ma
chine near the garage on the Walter
Pemberton place. The men gave their
names as Charles Waters and Fred
Shoemaker, Springfield and Harold
Webb of Eugene. The young men
run their car from Portland with two
flat front tires. The party was inter
viewed later by Sheriff Needham who
pemitted them to proceed south -iu
view of the absence of any specific
charge against them.
I W. J. Gurbarg, representing the
, Weyman-Bruton Co Xew York, will
'make Salem his headquarters while
' representing the above firm in the
i state of Oregon. This firm is the man
ufacturer of Copenhagen Snuff and
Real Tobacco chew.
The question of the validity of the
Medford irrigation bond issue was
presented in supreme court chambers
Saturday by Rawes Moore, Poter .1.
Neff and Lincoln McCormack of Med
ford. .
Sheriff W. I. Needham as reetlver
for the Gates Lumber company and
J. F. Moores has instituted suit against
Walker D. HInes, as director of the
Southern Pacific railroad company.
According to the complaint, the lum
ber concern had delivered quantities
of ties and material valued at $1178.03
to the Southern Pacific company, the
defendant failing to make subsequent
payment for the material received,
the complaint cites. Judgment for the
amount and litigation costs are asked.
On his way home to "try his hand
at farming for a few days" Consress
man C. N. McArthur stopped in Sa-
lem over Friday night. McArthur ar-
! rived from the east early in tne ween,
I coming direct from Washington fol
loWine the adiournment of congress!
He says that he is tired and was in no
mood to stop off at Chicago for the
republican convention, with its swel
tering hot weather and restless wrang
Claude Stanton, who has been em
ployed by the government at Wash
ington, D. C, as mechanical engineer
since his discharge from the service,
writes to his parents, Mr. and Mrs.
Henry Stanton, of this city, telling of
his marriage to a Massachusetts lady.
After a short visit with her parents
they ' will Journey to the coast and
spend a few weeks in Salem. Claude
Stanton Is a native son of Salem and
well known In this vicinity. He has
been in the service four years, dis
charged a couple, of months ago.
' Local Briefs
The funeral for Mrs. Ethel Hen
derson, wife of W. I. Henderson of
Estacada, Or., will be held at the
chapel of Rigdon & Son at 10 a. m.
Monday. Burial will be in City View
f Loss of a mare, age nine years,
weighing about 1050 pounds, and Is
believed to have been stolen by three
boys, was reported to police Saturday
by J. F. Dancer, 1740 Hickory street.
Mr. Dancer said that the boys, earlier
In the day, had come to his place,
asked the price of the horse and how
long It would take them to ride 1o
Oregon City, then departed. He be
lieves that they returned later and
stole the mare.
His entire herd of registered Jer
sey cows and heifers, consisting oi 20
head in all,, brought J7300 Friday
when H. WV Hand of Orlando, Cal.,
held a sale at the state fair grounds.
The success of this sale,' which at
tracted breeders from all parts of the
state, is believed to be the means of
After spending a short time In Sa
lem on business at the state highway
department, T. O. Kussel, chief en
gineer of the Willamlna and. Grand
Run Railway company, returned to
his home In Eugene this afternoon.
Theft of his bicycle from In front
of the Yi M. C. A. building Friday
evening was reported to police by
Sherman Plimpton, 254 North Church
Harry Philips, a freshman at the
university, returned to Eugene Fri
day morning after upending a short
time In Salem following a visit with
relatives at McMinnville,
I. The body of Harriet Weir, age 53,
who died at a hospital here Thursday
night, was forwarded Saturday by
Rigdon & Son to her old home r.t
Portland, where funeral and burial
will be held.
i H. W. Conger, of the Rigdon & Soil
undertaking firm, Is in Ashland trans
acting business for several days.
, Mrs. Albert Tlllsnt, a resident of
Portland, is In Salem 'visiting her
mother, Mrs. J. F. Watson, 666 South
Summer street, who has been ill.
'Clever Prince Of
Comedians Winner
Loud acclaim compelling his return
four times even In the matinee at the
Ellgh theater Friday afternoon W, P.
Murphy, the "prince of comedians,"
made a most successful debute In Sa
lem. Appreciation of the blacktnec
Jokester was even greater during the
evening performance. Indicating, the
A large group of Miss Elizabeth
Levy's violin students gave her ' a
most delightful farewell surprise par
ty when they gathered together In
Wlllson park and came In a body to
her home Sunday afternoon. As a to
ken of their appreciation of her un
tiring efforts as their violin Instructor
they presented her with a beautiful
bouquet of flowers and a leather bag
and traveling case. The afternoon was
spent In music and short speeches by
the students, after which delicious re
freshments were served.
j Slight damage was sustained by a
residence at 354 North 12th street
Friday afternoon when sparks from
the chimney Ignited shingles on the
roof. The immediate arrival of city
firemen prevented the spread of the
fire, and probably saved the residence
from destruction.
I - ,
An auto owned by R. A. Blevins
sustained a bent front axle Friday
evening when, as he was parking on
Capitol street, an auto driven by
George Ramp of Brooks, collided with
it. Report of the accident was made
to police.
The official representative of the
Al Kader temple at Portland, author
ized to sell Shrine emblems, flags,
posters and banners will be in Salem
Monday, according to an announce
ment made today by Dr. O. A. Olson
of the 8alem Shrine patrol. The rep
resentative Is endorsed by tle Salem
Shrine club. The representative Will
call on business men of the city and
provide them with all insignia for tho
grand show.
Renewed search was made by police
here Saturday for an unknown man,
age about 40, who several nights ago
accosted several ladles on State street,
frightening them and forcing them to
seek refuge In a nearby garage. A
telephone operator, reading of . the
man's operations, called police Sat
urday morning and" declared that shf
had also been stopped by a man
whose description is similar, as she
was on her way to work late Friday
The suit of the Elerath Steel and
Iron company ngnlnst Max Solof was
viewed Friday and Saturday In
Judge Kelly's court, department No.
S. C. STONE, M. D.
and does a general office practice
Office Tyler's Drug Store
157 South Commercial Street
Paper M
ill Stocli
We offer the unsold portion of the $600,000 issue cumulative 8
per cent Preferred Stock of the Oregon Pulp & Paper Com
pany, Salem, Oregon.
.- .
This mill Is one of the most modern paper mills In the country, Is equipped wlht high grade sulphite
specialties, such as glnssine and greaseproof papers at present not manufactured on the Taciflo Coast as well
ns wrapping, tissue and waxing papers. The mill buildings are about completed, the machinery being erected,
and the plant will he In operation very shortly.
m ...
g This preferred stock Is cumulative from July 1, 1920, pays 8 per cent per annum, .dividends payable
monthly; none of the stock of this company either preferred or common has been sold for less than par, 1100
per share.
The ownership of the $600,000 common stock rests largely with F. W. Leadbetter, the president, also
president of the California-Oregon Paper Mills with mill In Los Angeles, and for 25 years a large stockholder
and director of the Camas, now the Crown-Willamette Paper company. And the C. K. Spauldiug Logging
company, which owns a saw mill adjoining the paper mill at Salem, and furnishes the new mill with sawdust
for fuel and the necessary wood for the 50 tons of sulphite daily made In the sulphite mill. Mr. C. K. Spauld
Ing, the president of the logging company, being vice-president of the paper mill, and the fact that Mr, Spauld
iug and Mr. Leadbetter each own one-half of the Svaulding Logging company, which in turn owns nearly one
billion feet of timber with Its own logging roads, assures the new paper mill of Its raw materials without the
great expenditure for limber usually necessary to supply a great paper mill enterprise.
These two interests combined with the heavy holdings of the local Salem stockholders, and Mr. E. 8.
Collins and the Ladd estate of Portland, comprise the ownership of these mills and makes of this plant a
distinctive Oregon corporation, designed, owned and operated by Oregonlans.
For Detailed Information Apply to Oregon Pulp & Paper Co.,
Salem, Oregon. .
causing other sales to be held in this
In Salem -visiting for a short time
la Dr. John Straub, dean of men at
the University of Oregon. He arrived
Friday afternoon.
"Hank" Foster, well known Uni
versity of Oregon track man who fea
tures in the sprints and hurdles, spent
Friday in Salem visiting. Foster is
one of five university athletes who
will soon compete in the preliminary
try outs for the Olympic games. His
home is at John Day, Ore,
Buy Remnants
Remnant Store
. Jci.
Hawkins & Roberts
Woodry's Stock
of Furniture, Ranges, Heaters,
Rugs, Tools, etc., before - you
170 N. Com! -St. Phones 510
or fill
House Furnisher
You get more for your
Money at Moore's,
Just What 1 Need
Says Mr. R. Sturdivant,
490 Clay Street,
Portland, Oregon.
Who writes: : -
"I am now getting close to forty years of
age, and up to my thijty-fifth year, I had
never known a sick day. Just about this time I
began to be troubled with constipation and
viliousness, and it was not long before the
trouble became so aggravated that I felt al
most unable to stand up under the heavy work
that I was compelled to do in one of our local
steel plants. I hardly knew what a full pay
check looked like. I tried every ching that was
recommended to me, and none of them afford
ed me any more than temporary relief, and ,
they always lefj me worse off than I was be
fore. "Several months' ago, a friend of mine
told me to get a bottle of Bark Root Tonic and
give it a trial, I did so, and I will never
again be without it. It is Just what I needed,
and I believe tBat it has permanently cured
"I would not hesitate to recommend it to
anyone who is suffering (is I was, and if you
desire to publish this letter you have my per
mission to do o, as I feel that I owe a debt
of gratitude to your wonderful tonic.'"
Bark Root Tonic fff
A Mild Laxative and Appetizer.
Why suffer with stomach troubles, indigestion,
etc., which result in nervousness and sleepless
nights? No griping or purging. What it has
done for others, it will also do for you. Be
convinced and give it a trial. Sold at all drug
gists, or write, t .
(Si C TW,J f : i
" ".() M.iO LWflVt U i
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;i A ApftUMr.
& uw. fto-siuvsstMkui ;
'fri tttswfcal I'
'J WUrrrMbtswup '
; ! l Asfwtor. Clavfes, ( :
;.. 1 OnsuinaCMUt r
i ' -ifctt- ,
f. t .
I CLoj I p!-l 6 fi,it duLMt 3.1;
ttaafMlw4il)rr ' f'j
& ' cruto-KOLA ca r;
I wiwiiiijiu; jirnwiiiWiTnfr'
The Farm Mortgage
Is about the only security on the
market which presents to the In
vestor a concrete and definite picture
of what is behind it. The average
investor who is not dealing in a large
way with securities likes to visualize
his security. With the modern ap
plication for a loan before him, tell- "
ing as it does the story of the ap
. plicant and a full description of the
land, he can form a mental repre
sentation of just what it is that
stands behind the note. This is the
strongest appeal of the farm mort
gage, and out of it grows a confid
ence that begets sound sleep. -
Hawkins & Roberts
205 Oregon Bldg. Salem, Ore.
Remember the label
See that It bears the
Young Squaw.
' J '
Were any more serious than those your
family would face next week if you should
die meanwhile?
Have you done all a man can to throw
your knowledge and experience into the
problems toward which your heirs are
Whether you have a keen realization of
the consequences of inaction on your part,
r,r lnrV it. come m and have a talk witn
our Trust Officer. That 'does not mean
you must do business with him. It is sim
ply an invitation, without strings, to learn
something about the descent ot your ..
property. -
Capital National Bank
i Trust Department
SALEM :i . k :: OREUOH
Summer Fancies in
Daytime Frocks of Voile
June days demand just such dainty dresses as these in light
and dark patterns and shades of an extra fine quality of
voile. Each frock has an individual charm of its own. Dain
ty lace yokes, the new, quaintly rounded yokes, short
sleeves that are cool and comfortable ; these and many other
features are to be found in these frocks. Priced from
$9.75 t0 $24.75
Dimities And Lawns
These are truly "warm weather
dresses" and . they are doubly
charming in the range of light
brilliant shades in which they
come. They are universally becom
ing and modish. What more could
one ask, especially when they are
priced at only
v $6.95 t0 $14.75
Our "Pay As You Go" is a true community institution; the benefits derived from it are all yours. It was conceived fr yu
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