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0RF(;O": Ti;b.t and Sunday fair,
k-rau- westerly winds.
rOCUi: Mia. temperature 48, max.
0, mean 59. No rnlufulL River 1.0
f(C, stationary.
Average for Sn M.mrlis en
Mana. SI,
. 1 Kr
5 259
? -
Member of Audit Burma of Ctrpn5ao
Associated Pre Full Lesed Wir
-THXS.D YEAR. NO. 141.
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Opponents Seek to Stem
Tide by Adjournment to
Monday; Johnson Is Out
Chicago, June 12. No agreement aa to adjournment over
Sunday could ce reacnea at a conterence m which Governor Low
Hati. Will Hay3, chairman of the National committee. Harrv
Daugherty, Senator Harding's manager, a ndCharles B. Warren of
Michigan, formerly national committeeman, participated while
the convention wa3 reassembling.
Chicago, June 12. Senator Warren G. Harding of Ohio, was
riding the top wave toward the presidential nomination when the
republican convention late today took a two-hour recess. During
that time the Wood and other forces were woroking frantically to
check the iiaraing compromise movement.
iwuuu IlIiI i i!iy)!ii
i n
f M
n b3 Ls Im
Wood and Lowden managers con
ferred on the question of pooling their
forces to check the drift 'to Harding
and force a recess in the balloting un
til Monday.
At the moment of recessing the
Harding tide was rising fast and run
ning from all directions. It had
climbed up to a hundred and thirty
three and a half votes, and what ap
peared to be a stampede to Harding
from various state delegations was be
ing held in check by the leaders. who
wanted a recess for conference
Stork Rises Early. .
Beginning with last night's confer
ences of convention leaders who felt
that some man must be found to break
the deadlock in which the votes for
Wood, Lowden and Johnson wcr.
holding the convention, the drift to
ward Hardi.ig began running strong
Mid when the convention assembieo,
loday it was forecast that a break to
the Ohioan would come soon after the (party harmony.
conclusion of which both men declar
ed they had agreed to the recess and
Mr. Willis on leaving declared:
"Its all settled; it will be Harding'
wnen we come back.
All the leaders hurried down town
for conferences. Evidently the dev
elopment threw a bombshell into the
Wood camp for the general's manager
declared it wouid not be "all over"
when the convention reconvened and
that Senator Harding would not be
Some of Senator Harding's man
agers declared they had perfect con
fidence in the result and that Mr.
Harding would be named on the
tenth ballot the second after con
Representatives of Senator Harding
were in conference with Senator
Johnson and it was acknowledged
their effort was to Induce the Califor
nia senator to accept a place on the
ticket with-Senator Harding to help
opening of the balloting.
Beginning with 78 votes on the first
ballot the fifth of the convention
the Harding accessions came along in
small gains from the field until Wy
oming was reached and cast all her six
votes for him. That seemed to be the
key log holding the Jam for Imme
diately there were signs of a break to
the Ohio senator -from many d;r, -lions.
The results of the all night confer- i
ences were plainly reflected in the ao-j
llons of the floor leaders and the party
chieftains on the platform.
Joimson Vot Breaks. ' i .
There had ben a large break In the
Johnson vote, led by Michigan, and a
new hight water mark in the Harding
movement came at the end of the
eighth ballot when Missouri after hav
ing cast her ovte asked permission to
change it. The state chairman wanted'
to cast the state's vote as a block for
the Ohio senator. '
Immediately there was a call for a
after the recess, the three leaders
When the balloting was resumed
stood: Wood, 299; Lowdn 307; Hard
ng 133 V4 ; Johnson at that time had
dropped to 87. -
The Harding forces returned to the
hall confident and full of fight and
equipped with a fresh supply of ban
ners, streamers, portraits of the sen
ator and noise making devices.
The atmosphere of the convention
was surcharged with electricity. Ev
erybody knew there was either going
to be a nomination or a fight to pre
vent one. Streets leading to the coli
seum were choked with people, wh)
were prepared to be satisfied with
hearing the news outside.
Pour o'clock, the hour of reconven
ing, passed by and the convention
was not In order. Conferences down
town apparently were delayig arrival
of leaders.
Frank Knox, floor leader for Wood
said on entering the hall:
"They are trying to run a bluff on
recess and former Governor Willis of "s and they haven't the votes.
Ohio objected vigorously. . While the convention waited h
He was Informed from the' platform, shower of Harding pictures, printed
that the Ohio delegation had agreed i on .postal cards fluttered down from
to the ecess but declared . he knw-the skylights and girders in the build
nothing of it and went back to confer. Ing- They fell everywhere among the
Recess Taken at End of
Eight Ballots With Ohio
Senator Gaining Rapidly
Coliseum, Chicago, June 12. At the end of the eighth ballot
at the republican national convention today just as a tide faf
Harding was rising throughout the hall, a recess was taken until
4 o'clock. " At first the Harding managers, former Governor Wil
lis of Ohio and Myron T. Herrick, protested against the recess
but after a platform conference agreed to it, and on leaving th
conference Mr. Willis said :
"It will be Harding as soon as we come back."
Just before the recess Missouri at- .
tempted to change her vote to throw
all 26 to Harding but delayed and af
the same time It became known that
accessions to the Harding column
were about to come In from Kansas
It was also reported that Massachu
setts would go to Harding on the open
ing ballot after the recess. '
Hurtling Gains Steadily.
Tiie Harding tide which began last
night when after a day of unsuccess
ful balloting the leaders went Into con
terence to find a compromise candi
date began rising this morning when
the convention assembled and contln-
Party Turns
Labor Down
Montreal, June 18. The republican
convention has "turned its back upuw
uea lo rise sieacmy mrougnoui ine;,abor" anA hag AapM a platform,
balloting until It ran over the hundred ..detlant ln lta defense of the enemies
mark. Wen it passed the 108 mark ; et labor anii calculated to secure foe
there were signs of breaking from them fresh advantages and greater
many sides. Word came to the hall privileges," Samuel Compere an
from Senator Tenrose of Pennsylvania Matthew Woll, president and vice)
that the nomination of Mr. Harding-1 president Of the, American Federation
would not be displeasing to him and of Labor declared here today In
the word generally spread throughout statement presented at the- federa-
the convention that many delegates
were prepnrlngt o "get on the band
wagon" with the coming ballots, 1
During the noon recess, It was un
tlon's annual convention.
The labor declaration of the plat
form as adopted, they asserted, pro
poses an industrial enslavement nn-t
with his colleagues.
Olitonns Protest
The Ohloans came before the plat-
delegates and visitors.
I More than a half hour after the
time fnr maoHno. alula. I.
. v. IV 1 O T1CIC l,l I.
form ln a body and raising their (ed with delegates constantly confer
voices above the pandemonium which ring and the effort was being made
was sweeping the hall, . Informed by those opposed to Harding to get
Lodge they did not want an adjourn- an adjournment until Monday. It was
fllent- understood the Wood managers were
Finally Mr. Willis and Myron TVjoIning in the adjournment. The gal
Herrlck another Harding delegate leriea were loudly voicig their impi
were lifted to, the platform where Uience with the delays. Cries of "lets
ther was a hurried conference, at the go," and "start up" were frequent
Michigan Delegates Are
First to Break; Wood
Gains, Johnson Loses
Coliseum, Chicago, June 12. Illchl-1
tan's solid 30 which had been stand
'ig solid for Johnson broke on the
8Ih ballot today.
Eleven of the thirty broke to Wouv
""d one to Lowden. The remaining
e'shteen stood pat for Johnson. It wa
the first break In the solidly Instructed
legations. -
' The calling of the roll Jogged along
0I the sixth ballot uneventfully until
yeorgla was reached and a poll was
Indiana Rank Break,
wood lost one ln Georgia by an ab
sent delegate and alternate. It stood
'or Lowden afld 7 for Wood with
"e absent.
I" Indiana Lowden gained 4; Wood
' two and Harding gained one.
Miohigun called for a poll and there
rumors of a breakaway from the
"1 Johnson 30.
Harding got a gain from Missouri
'lng his gain on the sixth ballot to
Wood Gains In Ohio.
Wood had gained 12 and a half by
he time Kebraka was reached. In
York Wood lost one and Lowden
wd. 2 making him 44 from the
ia;e. ... ...
Gains for the Wood forces in Ohio
f)'iU3ed another demonstration on the
oor. Th word came up from the
, ous managers that they Intended
, 'tana Pat and fight it out a little
the return of the absent delegate
in'?1 Wood got back the one h lost
Georgia. That restored the Georgia
- m lowden . Wood 8
Mullinix Given
Seven Years Term
In Steiger Case,
. 2
KELLOGG (Minn.) ..
WARD (New York)
Votes in Convention, 984 ; Necessary to Choice, 493,
; 1
79 Vi
. 8212
WOOD ........
12 3 4
9 4 9 8 5
1 1 2 5
- : -
6 I 7 I 8 I
31112 I 312 I 299 " I
31112 31112 307
110 9912 87
89 105 13312
28 28 30
4 2 2
5 4 5
15 15 15'
77 76 75$
' 24 24 24.""
!""'"4 3 3
i Z1ZZ
1 1 1
T"' 1 F"
2 1
: 1 I 1.1
6 7 8
5 5 5
6 7 8 -
4 4,4
1 1
derstood, vioe-presldentlal candidates , an abrogation of rights auiireclous as
were to be discussed. In that con- life lUelf. , (f
nectlon Senator Harding's conference 1 Camouflage F.vlot rit
late last night and early this morning "While there Is in the platform a
with Senator Johnson was recalled, as : certain shrewdness ln selection .it
was Senator Johnson's repeated dec- language there Is never any oppor
laratlon that he would accept no sec- jtunlty tor doubt as to th true mean
end place on any ticket. ! ing of their provisions relutlng to la-
v Johnson May Draw Second. 'bor," they added,
It was reported ln the convention I The statement vigorously assails th
hall that Senator Johnson threatened republicans for neglecting antl-proflt-to
throw his votes to General Wood eerlng legislation recommendations,
unless & recess was taken. His man- j "Th republican platform practie
I agnrs challenged the statement, declar- ally Ignores the profiteer," the state-
lug that Johnson did not control the ment added, "and while recognbdnit
delegatos. The Harding managers the evils or currwy inflation, offers
went down town to again confer with no remedy for that condition. Bpeclfla
the Johnson forces and try to bring in- proposals submitted by labor for w
to a program suggested last night by Hef from the high pout of living ami
which Johnson would bo glvert second 'profiteering are given nd place In th
place If he would take It, and If not a platform."
"say" in the decision. ' , Mexican Plank Hcorcd
A largo group ox leaacrs on me piui- im un-Aiuau imuha ui uim iiuuurni,
form said It was Important that they tho labor leaders charged "clesrly
have time to talk over the situation aims to undermine the sovereignty of
before entering upon another ballot, jtho Mexican government and to mIt
- Selection Scorns Certain. the maintenance of order in Mexico
They assumed there was no longer the business of the government of tha
anv nuestlon but that Harding would lumusu. oiaies.
Attempt To Kill
Egyptian Premier
With Bomb Fails
Cairo, Jurie 12. An unsuccessful at
tempt was made today to assassinate
the Egyptian premier by a bomb.
Today's attempt to assassinate -the
Egyptian premier Yusuf Wahba Pasha
the second within six months, on
Je3se Mullinix, who pleaded guilty! December 15, 1H, an attack
Monday to indictments charging him 'made upon the premier by a student,
wtth asau!t with intent to kill, was, The asasllant was tried and sentenced
sentenced to seven years (indetermi-'to ten years Imprisonment,
nate) In the state penitentiary, this
In pronouncing sentence, Circuit
Judge Percy R. Kelly remarked that '
pronouncement had been lightened by
the prisoner's early confession and ef
forts in clearing up the shooting of T.
W. Steiger. an aged farmer living south
of Salem. '
The shooting occurred on the night
of March 25, Mr. Steiger being fired up
on by Mullinix Just as the farmer en
tered his barn. Although seriously
wounded, Mr. Steiger grappled with
his assailant in the darkness and made
partial identity of Mullinix, who had
been a former employe.
. ... ii.!... ...,1., .mi tho at- said they were
tempted murder remained a mystery Senator jonn,-. .... -
until the prisoner unfolded a story of Harding's running mate in the interest
a cland-stlne acquaintance with Mrs. of party harmony,
a.. . . fInlT It was stated at Harding headquar-
suger, agea . ..u.B . - nomins-
n ot to muraer kh m'
Johnson Sought
As Running Mate
For Ohio Senator
Wood and Lowden Forces
May Combine, Is Report
Chicago, June 12. Colonel William C. Proctor, one of General
Wood's managers, held a protracted conference during the con
vention recess with Governor Lowden,
It was reported that the Wood and Lowden adherents were
planning to pool their strength temporarily for the purpose of
"back firing the drift to Senator Harding.
"When he came from his confer-
ence with Governor Louden, Colonel j 11 n d H 1 fifimt '
Senators Vs. Tigers
Best Of 1920
Proctor said he could not discuss
what had been said. National Commit
teeman A. T. Hert of Kentucky whs
at the conference. Senators Smoot sivd
iiC.nrmir went into Orivernor I.ow-
den's room after Mr. Proctor cam! oaie msnoo ana nis crew ara con
tout. i fident that Salem followers of the na-
Ch'caeo July 12 Friends of Sena- There were reports on presidential tlonal game will wtlness ens of the
w,H(nr conferred with Senator1 row that all forces oppjwed to Sen-1 best seml-pro contests of 120 when
Johnson during the recess with a view I ator Harding would do their utmost) the Benfturs : afld
to inducing Johnson to accept the rice
.:J(al nnmlnntiml.
Senator Harding's representatives! lots to seek to fore, sdjournmert un
hopeful of inducing
between them, Mullinix ao stated ; not PP oe-
w oi; Viai trtvpn n m i v. .
ill l 9. o --
..n.T monev" in th plot. County
first gain on the seventh ballot officers assert that the gun used by
n to Harding.
He got two from
Pavement on the Pacific hlsrh-
. ' 'ween Eugen and Junction is
ffacticall, completed.
MuHniK was one formerly owned by
Mrs. Steiger.
Woodburn Tigers
to hold down the Harding vote ui h?,claxh at Oxford Park, Sunday after-
afternoon session and after two l.-tl-' noon.
Despite many denials from the
til Monday. . ' Woodburn delegation, local wiseacres
Later Senator Smott participated in, have a hunch that the Woodburn dele
another conference with Senator New.gatlon will Introduce some imported
of Indiana, National Commltteman , talent for the benefit of the local boys
Estabrook of New Hampshire, and , News of the mounUng batting average
William Barnes Jr., of New Tork, who I attained by the locals has had its prop
snare in me, namu.g con.- f efft(.t tne Woodburnit(,s, who
ence last night.
Th. r,r. nt the second rnnf,.n " expected to present a twirler cap-
ence was said to be to consider ways able of holding the Balem lads hitless.
and means of launching a drive for a The exhibition given by the Senators
win and they wanted to consider thor
oughly who was the best qualified and
available man for the vice-presidency.
The mora conservative leaden were
opposed to Senator Johnson although
some of them thought It would make
for party harmony If a plac on tha
ticket were offered to him. 1
It has been generally known that
Senator Johnson was very much op
posed to Senator Harding's nomina
tion. As soon as it became known that
the convention gave evidence of being
about to take Harding for Its nominee,
Senator Johnson went to Senator
Harding for a conference to go over
the whole subject,
The colse of the eighth ballot show
ed: Wood 199; Lowden 107; Haromg
Penrose Satisfied.
Mlsosurl had -ben clamoring -for an
opportunity to change the vote of the
delegation so as to cast all 88 for
Harding. The motion was withdrawn
during the confusion.
Word came to the convention floor
from Senator Penrose that the nomi
nation of Senator Harding would not
be displeasing to him. This word was
circulated throughout the convention
hall; It was reported that in addition
to Mlsourl there would be a defection
In Kansas on the next ballot wltij a
large Increase for Harding.
Kectw Is Fouglit,
A nledee had been made to some of
the delegates to recess after the eighth
ballot and there wss great contusion
through the convention while confer
ences on the subject went on. When
order was restored Mr. Hort of Ken
tucky, the Lowden manager, moved a
recess until 4 p. m. There were loud
cries of "no, no." It was seconded from
Pennsylvania and California.
Frank B. Willis of Ohio, who nom
inated Harding demanded a roll call
unwilling to have a recess in the midst
of an apparently rising tide for hi
The Ohio delegation refused to
agree to the recess and former Gov
ernor Wlllla and Myron T. Herrick.
denying that they wanted a recess
went up to the platform fo a confer
Whll the conference was go
ing on the convention was standing in
the greatest coniusion.
It proposes the" fulfillment of what
long havs been the hopes and alma
of those whose sole object la th ex
ploitation of the people and bound
less resources of Mexico," according '
to the labor chiefs. ,-
The republican Indorsement of tha
transportation act of 1929 was de
clared to be a complete denial n
repudiation of the demand submitted
by labor and is sn emphatic indorse
ment of the labor provisions of tho-Cummlns-Esch
railroad act
Strike night ix-niid
The stctlon of this plank referring
to "peaceful arbitration on the wage
disputes," was said to be a "denial ot
the lawful right of the workers ta
cease working."
"This denial of the right to strike,
the labor chiefs asserted, "the party
proclaims as one of Its greatest
achievements." ...
r.i.n,,iik iWt is beinir furnish
ed to growers'at cost by the A. Huperti n"'ou. ""' !"!ln th. Albany and Kirkpatrlck game, j Iowden both made
" company, Inc.. which is building a new j Harding during the afternoon seselon.;. fanl frem
brZ'? cherri" " oro otherj while lethargy and a good
M'lHimx win MP"""-" i. completed and the plant will I Monday. The Oregon atute. ta complet of
lM 3 maximum penally 01 w
years fo
a maximum penonj
this offense.
nlng season.
can- souvenir win e given an
I passing through The Dalles.
their erst-
turnout Is
Shriners expected to vi. with the attendance
promised by Albany.
Harding Looms
As Favorite of
Party Leaders
Chicago, June 12. Harding of Ohio
emerged today from all night confer
ences ot republican chieftain, a. th
man with whom they hops to break
the imminent deadlock on lh prealt
dentlal nomination, , '
On him they plan to concentrate
their strength should the convention
fail to break through the blockade
tabllnhed yesterday by four ballots,
8enator Harding participated In th
conferences. H. also saw Senator
Johnson In the hitter's private apart-
I menta It gained significance because
backers of the Harding movenwnl ar.
looking to Johnson supporters for aid
If their plan materialize,
Johnn Support Sought.
Originators of the Harding compiv
misn plun were known to be seeking
support of the California senators ad
herents If It became clear that John-
Chalrman son could not b nominated. To Insur
Lodge finally Induced the delegates toj.trong reinforcements from that diree
take their seats. The conferenn. onitlon some leaders urged during th
th. platform evidently resulted In night conferences that a ticket of Hard
something to th satisfaction ot Mr j Ing for president and Johnson for vice
Willis snd Mr. Herrick for they agreed j president be put forward. Ther. was
0 the recess. I nothln to indicate that Senator John-
Ixmden Gains Iad. . son would consent.
Collceurn, Chicago, June 12. There Covernor Coolldge of Massachusetts
was no nomination on the fifth ballot j waJ mentioned as a possible run
of the republican convention. Wood ! nng mate for Harding should Senator
lost 15 and a half votes; Harding ana Johnson elect to give nis support ous.
fnot his name to the ticket.
Fifth unofficial; . General Wood was Informed or mm
Wood 299: Lowden 0J; Johnson new move. He brought his manager
133H: Harding 7; Sproul 24; Cool-, together during the night and they de
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