Capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1919-1980, June 04, 1920, Page PAGE SIX, Image 6

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Scout Meeting Is
Proof That Salem
Units Are '
Thursday evening th entire mem
bership of the Salem Scouts met at
the iirinory for their regular quarterly
meeting. The program consisted of
Hunts exemplifying the summer camp
along with the regular business usual
ly coming before the quarterly meet
ing. Scout Commissioner Denton pre
sented a class of Scouts with the Sec
ond Cl'uw investure, rewarding them
for past attainments in scouting, and
charging them "to stick to the trail.
Scouts who have passed the Second
I'lass requirements ad who were dec
t.riited last night were Ira IHimus,
Weldon Leisy, Theodore l.eonharoi,
Itenoit .MeCrosl-.ey and Howard K.
In a log chopping content, staged by
Itiiinbuw Troon No. 1. hcout Luke
Shields proved handiest with his
and look first place. Citizens of Sa
lem who failed to recognize proper
tlag etlquetto on Memorial Day wer
scored by the members of Cherry City
Troop No. 2 who drew attention to the
fact that the flag should not be allow
ed fly at half-mast after noon on Me
morial Day, and who also called at
tention to the faet that only one fig
in the city was flown properly. Troop
No. 2 staged a camping scene and pro
duced a flag pole and proceeded to
show how the flag should be handled.
Willamette Troop No. 4 staged two
camping scenes, showing the differ
rnce between an ordinary camp und a
Scout camp. I'artH In this stunt were
well played, and the "camps- 'wem
thoroughly enjoyed. Other troops par
ticipating in the program were Kenton
Troop No. 5 and Grant School Troop
No. 8.
In discussing the summer ramp,
Scout Commissioner Denton told the
Scouts that the four weeks they were
permitted to spend in the mountains
in the Scout camp were the biggest
Investment for jnioil that they coxiu
make. I'rging every boy to attend Mr.
Denton went on to say that the great
est thing Sal"n had done for her citl-SK-miliiii
was to provide and back the
J toy Scout movement.
erous articles will be sold at auction.
if IICUI. lUIUIHH. JO j An ,.nj0vable time was had at a
r 1 J J n C,, , gooseberry stemming party held at the
inVOlVCU III OUlt.homeiif J. W. Fruit Monday evening.
An answer was filed, Friday by Music was a feature of the function.
Charles Scott, of Silvertom a defend- At a late hour ice cream and cake wei
ant in the- recently filed case of! rvd by the hostess..
Klsher'a Flouring Mills against Char- Mnt Albert Ny has returned from
les Scott. In His answer Mr. Scott Sil,,m whre she recently umlerwe...
claims that the flouring concern has an .,,! at the Deaconess ho'pit
refused to lay a balance of (SIS. 33 al- j
leged due on a delivery of 1340 and!
two-thirds bushels of wheat made to .
the flour mill at Silverton. this spring.! UrUCf STtlUPPlCT '
Tka yiuhup i.,.munv hail nlrendv li.llit. O 00
Pleads Innocence
Donald, Or., June 4. Jim Sing, the
the large sum of $2,459 on this de
in uitiililiit t ha pfimimnv
had sued for about 5000 damages yo""g Chinese, who was arrested here
because of t!ie alleged failure of, short in'e ago on a charge of hav
Chailes Scott to deliver the balance ig WW quantity of morphii, in
of a contract, which the company as-hi possesion, told at his hearing in
serts. called for the delivery of-1 0,000 Portland Wednesday that another
bushels of wheat before May 15, 1920, Chinese named Harry Wong left the
'suitcase at his place and he did not
T) 1 ' know what it contained until it was
DKOOKS (exposed by the federal officers who
Glad Sister Escaped Operation
Warning Against
Fake Agents Here
Issued By League
Wai'n'lng against imauthoiizcit
sulwHiiien and salesladies of aitlcleB,
Prooks. or., June 4. Vho la lies tf
the Drooks Improvement club Will give
an entertainment and bazaar in the
new school house on Saturday tvfii'ng, "Physicians had given my sister up
June 5th. In the afternoon ice. cream 'to die; they wanted to operate for gatl
nnd cake will be served and nand i.i ide stones, but she was too weak and
articles will be on sale. Kiitertaia-'could only talk In whispers. I got her
ment at 8 o'clock will be free after. a bottle of Mayr'u Wonderful Remc
which good eats will be served, i't thejdy and In 3 weeks she was able to get
basement and an auction .mIj will bo about and walked u mile to church."
held of numerous articles ,!ni-.!d;ng it is a simple, harmless preparation
hand-pieced quilts, etc. SvovyboJy in- that removes the ' catarrhal mucus
vited. Ifroni the intestinal tract and allays
Mr. and Mrs. Carl AM'itli, Mrs. M. 'the inflammation which causes prac
K. Kartell. Mrs. Stella Karien and Mit'tically all stomach, liver and Intestln
liuth Walker of Portia. ,d were iliejnl ailments, including appendicitis,
week-end guests of Mr. 'ii'd 'lis. John! One dose will convince or money re
Dunlavy and family. funded, J. C. Perry, D. J. Fry and
Mr. and Mrs. Jackso'i Wen-.r-jth l i druggists everywhere. (adv)
Portland were the week end ,'iicsls of
.Mi', and Mrs. F. It. Moisaii.
Mr. and Mrs. Stevens of I'li'i'm 1
were guests of their son, 11. C. C. Stev
ens on Monday,
Mrs. I. Corcas of Portland was a
visitor at the home of Mrs. John Dun
lav y on Monday.
A gooseberry stemming ni l verj.
enjoyable tim was had at th home of
J. W. Fruit on Monday evening. Al a
late hour ice cream and ca'o were
served by the hostess.
.Mr. l.oralne and son of Ca'.ifoivili
are guesls of his daughter, Mrs. S. A.
Mrs. ona Dorcas and dui-ihler,
Frances, and Kuth Manning of '"'irt
land were week-end g'ltv-ts of Vrs.
Sylvester Manning and fuml'y
Brooks Women
To Hold Bazaar
lliooks, Ore., June 4. The ladles
of tile lliooks Improvement club will
give an entertainment and baziar in
lee creani will be served and many
hand-made articles will be offered for
sale. Ail entertainment will lie held
In the evening, after which lunch will
be served, l-'oliowlng the repast mini
um! particularly Shrine convention the school house tomorrow afternoon.
and Klk convention emblems, In tll"
city was Issued Friday at the offices:
ot the Salem liuslness Men's League.
The league advises that no purchasei
be made of anyone who does not ear-
ry n card from the secretary of tile' , that i-.trd l.eli'.g a teh mi of
confidence in the article being sold.
This warning was prompted with
the appearance in the city of persons
attempting to sell Shriiui emblems
f ! i "e dining t ie Shrine visitation
heie June 23. The Salem Slnioe f.'lnh
leitrol has nlreadv adonted Its offi
cial Insignia for us- on Hie occasion, "I had taken but a few doses of
1 nsks that no olher be used in ihe. Tiuiluc when 1 realized 1 had found.
city so that confusion of emblems ,lle medicine I needed," said O. K
might 'be avoided. I Martin, 5015 Fast Ninth street, :Can-
It is renorted that numerous for- City. Mo tin actor with "Anne
eigiifis, who have been selling Shrine
fez and other Insignia In Portland
and had been banned bv flat city,
plan to conic to Salem nnd other val
ley towns to peddle their wares. The
league asks that no intention be Paid
to them unless they carry the author
ization card of Isat organization.
Burglars Operate
Here Last NivM
Tlii. establishment of J. A. llowlnnd,
411 North Commercial street, second
hand dealer, was entered by thieves
rone time dining Ihp night and four
ValrH of shoes were found missing this
morning. ( if f'eer Moreloek. who ia
estigiited Fiiilav morning, found that
thi' burglars had entered Ihe place by
"moving the easing from the side door
Ladies Skates Free Friday
Ladles Skates 10c Tuesday and 4
Saturday Nights.
arrested him. The authorities, how
ever, put no confidence in his state
ment. He is held under JiOOO bonds, j
It is claimed thai Sing has been sought
for vear bv the officers and it is be-
lleved that he is the cleverest drug
smuggler in the northwest.
Troon Ordered To Strike. -Austin.
Texas. June 4. State
troui mill take charge of the long
shoremen strike situation at Galves
ton Saturday at nine o'clock. In a
communication to Adjutant General
. .. v
W. D. Cope ot lexas, ouvrn ...
P. Hobby today ordered 2S troops of
dismounted cavalry, and three ma
chine gun companies, Texas National
Guard, to. proceed immediately to
Saturday, June 5th
at 404 Ferry Street
15 head of good pigs;
Horses, Wagon, Harness,
Furniture, Fruit Jars.
Bargains for everyone, come
and Bee us. Let me sell your sale.
Phones 11T7 and 1211. Salem, Ore.
Dancing Efery Sat In
Woodburn Armory
Birasalow Orchestra
f Mr
W. H. Hildebrandt
& Co.
Eisemann Magneto
Service Station
.279 North Commercial street
CS. Hamilton
140 Court Street
Phone 510-511
270 N. Commercial St.
Wanted 100 Cars for Storage j AUCTIONZER
. . Sales conducted nM.
WillametteV alley
Transfer Co.
FHONB 1400
inr , , V
Takes the place of houtf
lining for lees.
Max 0. Buren
170 North Commercial
Alio Pastes nd Liquids for, Tan, Ox-tlood
Brown Shoes "nfc
IJ 1 1 1 1 1 1 4 1 1 1 I I II x 1 1 1 v u x 1
Tracy's Garage, 544 FerrySt.
General repairing. Special rates for
storage ana washing or oiling
Phone 199
aico a percent: city tau t
I Phons 714
Car of
Yick So Tong
Chinese Medicine nnd Tea Co.
fclai medicine which will cur
any known disease.
Open Sunday! from 10 a. m.
until 8 p. m.
15J South High Street
Salem, Oregon.- Phone 18 1
and SACK!
Also Junk of All B,& '
Best Prices Qmtvm
Capital JuM
The Square Dsal Bom
171 Chemeketa Bt Phm,
C i I
llutb'r Revue."
"llcfore 1 atarted taking Tunlac 1
hud suffered from stomach trouble
and nervous Indigestion for the nasi
twenty years, which gradually grew
worse until for the last four or five
years I hud been In a terribly bit.l
condition. I had no appetite, and when
I did miiniige to eat a little something
It begun to sour almost at once and
gns would form on my stomach until
1 was In perfect misery. My head
ached Just about all the time and I
often had such bad dlray spelts 1
could hardly keep from falling. My
nerves became so badly upset It w ii
impossible for me to get a good nishtsi
sleep and 1 always got up In the
j mornings ecllng wretched. I. lost so
much weight and finally became 'si
weak nnd run down I had to lay oft
j from work a great deal of the time.
"fv hrotber In luw bio-A in V'tiK-u
" """" ,ml ,"','M ,":';1,' " City had taken 1'anlac with such good
' I'll' II VHH.WH. '.'tlOllltH Yltl ...ltluAil rt t..1r It ...V. 1.
I illri and I lu'un to improve alnio;
3 years in Business in Salem and I must say from a successful standpoint that Mr. Thompson, propr'u
tor of the Remnant Store is more than pleased, to such an extent that Mr. Thompson has decided' i
give to the Public of Salem a General Sale, and that means every article in the store will be cut lb
chqndise will be thrown on the covnter plainly marizea at a aiscount or trom w per cent iom perce;
less. Sale will open 9 o'clock sharp , Friday, June 4, and closes Saturday, June 121' ' JLJL
Wmtl 1 1 II TTTTt T 1 mmHTTTTMII . ' TTTTT
Opening fh jjrv Rapid, Rushing, Crushing,
t: -a Dato O JJMs Me Greatest Sale of Modern
Friday, 9 a.m. uJJ ihJJ Km l tP) v - j u
June 4 w Times. Come and Hurry.
Closing dale
June 12th
NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC! I wish to state that I am in the Greatest Position to give you a Real Sale, as I have just returned from San Francisco Are
nttPiulprl TCnvprs Week and I have nicked ud nearly $5000.00 worth of bample Lines and Bargains of Different kinds, as low as b7 cents on tne aw
also purchased from the Barnes Cash Store of this city around $1500.00 worth of merchandise at from 40 per cent to 50 per
values. Kead below ana i win quote a iew oi tne many Bargains
cent less than today
NOTICE All goods not
advertised will be sold at
Less 10 Per Cent.
20c Brass Curtain Rods,
sale price, each
John Ma rr, of Ihe
summoned I
, O. F. Vie
At 12:r5 a. ill
"" ""'""" ". """' ,,t once. I now have a splendid nppe
iMmit OMi.i is ,i. ... mine. ir. r. n,,, lllul , llst Hyii,K i wnllt wlth
tor and . .1. w line arter tie sain tnat ml, 1)(,i11K troubled with cas or in ,
he had heard some one Inside f the ,ltm.r Wllv miprwai'd. 1 have not hu.l
Place. MMicn in tne store ami near,., headache or dl.r.v suell since
Vlcliillv diseloseil no truce of the'Ml.u.t,,,, taklnir Tanlae and mv nervei
thieves, who had apparently been llre h, 8urh Klnl ,.(in,ittion 1 can sleep
ti-lghlencd away wltli tne arrival or all night long without ever waklnp
up, 1 have gained seyernl pounds In
officers. I
tne MirinnncK soconci-nanii siorc, weight, have regained my streuglii
three doors smith of Mr. Rowland's nnd, In fact, feel better in every way
store, was also entered but nothing than 1 have in years. I am still taking
was found missing when Investigation Tanlac, for I want to make sure thai
was made by police Friday. 'my troubles will not return, and as I
Chief of Police W elsh Friday' moi n- spent hundreds of dollars for oth.'i
lug Investigated what is thought to medicines without gelling any bene
have been an attempt In rob the home fit from them and never had any
of IV. II. liamv at !iii(i North Liberty thing do me any good until I started
street. Nothing was found missing In taking Tanlac. I enn't say too much
the home, and little Indication that for it. 1 am glad of the opportunity
tiny one had been In the place could to tell others about what It has done
l9 found, for me so they may profit by my ex-
One-third of nil the undcw'.vd Tanlac Is sold in Salem by Tyler's
tvatcrpowcr In the ruilcd Siau-s is in drug store and leading druggists in all
the Columbia river basin. towns. (adv)
Tea and Coffee
Hurt Many People
If tea or coffee disaees
withyoii.make a ten aays
trial of
More healthful than tea
or coffee. Costs less, and)
Its flavor pleases.
Sold by Grocers Everywhere!
Hosiery Sale
500 Men's Wonder Hose,
sale price, pair
In black, white, tan and
950 Yards Mill End Cur-
. tain Goods.
W .ww, .
from 42c to 49c a yard ; and i
during this sale additional
10 less. From l yara to
11 yard ends.
$2.93 values of Crepe de
Chine and Georgette Silk,
40 inches wide. Sale price,
per yard
$2.75 Black Messaline Silk, .
i56-incnes wiae.
Sale price
This lot of Hosiery was bought from E. T.
Barnes at 60c on the dollar.
Lot 1, values to 45c, sale price, pair 29c
Lot 2, values, 50c to 65c, sale price, pair 39c
Lot 3, values 65 to 75c, salejirice, pair' 48c
Lot 4, values $1.50, $1.75 and $2.00 Ladies'
Silk Hose, all shades, sale price, pair 98c
Silk Gloves
75c quality, sale price, pair 49c
5c quality, sale price . 69c
1 $1.25 quality, sale price, pair 98c
$1.50 quality, sale price, pair $1.19
Buy Coveralls Now
Ladies Coveralls
Value $2.00, sale price, each $1.19
$3.50 Coveralls, sale price $2.48
Real values ! $3.93 Coveralls, sale price $3.19
75c, marked
Silk and Wool Children's
Union Suits, a $3.00 value,
Sale price
This was bought from the
Barnes Cash Store. 26 and
28 size only.
Sample Line of Muslin
Dought from the Wallace N. Jloore dry goods
company of San Francisco, during buyers
week; these goods were bought at a discount
of 25' t during this sale at 30 per cent less,
consisting of Ladies' Gowns, Corset Covers,
Drawers, Envelopes and Chemise. A Real
Bargain. - .
Entire Stock of Ladies And
Children's A prons
Consisting of Voiles, Lawns and Organdies,
Dresses. For this sale, yours at 20 Less.
Sample Lot of Children's
Dresses and Rompers
'J advertised will be
Less 10 Less ;j
Ladies' Smocks during p.
20 Less
i Remnants of Woolen Cog
Remnants oi lauie
Remnants of wnite
Remnants of Silks,
Remnants of Ginghams,
All at
in in Less
i $3.00 Black w
Sale price, j
1 yard wide.
Bought while I was in San Francisco at 33 1-3
Less. These Dresses are the finest quality, val
ue $2.50 to $G.00, they are marked from $1.98,
$2.48, $2.98 and $3.98, and during this sale you
will get additional discount of 20. Size 6 yrs.
The Greatest Buy' of the
$12.50 to $15.00 Ladies Voile Dresses, size
34, 36 and 38 only, in grey, pink and dark
. I colors. While they last, each $7.9
t The price is cheaper than today wholesale cost.
. i etlV Hi
Coating Finest
craa a S2.25 V
price, yard
Blankets and . Cjg
values $3.48 to $100, .
ing the sale
20 L4
75c Turkish Towel
ing this sale,
Colored Crepft PjJt
and white, a 6oe
jng this sale, 7
Keep, your eye on Thomson
and watch the Remnant
Store grow.
Don't forget Opening Date,
9 a. m. sharp, Friday,
June 4th.
The R
Closing date
! 12 '
Night, June
Extra Help Wanted
254 N. Commercial, Salem, Ore.
The Store With a Real Bargain
Keep your eye on
Store Gro