Capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1919-1980, June 03, 1920, Page PAGE FIVE, Image 5

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. Fleeted
Head State
i Grange Again
er whklPis supplied from the res
chutes river and from Cresent lake.
Pioneer 'Aids Garden
Of Deserving Needy
a bank, and
-C. K.
"There may be no poor in town "
States N'ii-hnlua ....
i.,. . 1,1 .North
nl'" Dut 1 " like to
lu ,)nle nee(K- lu.ra
J.WV , . .,..,.- - i.,., Persons who are
j 0a iWw-" -" "r :" ". " they will call at
them some
r jfHit"- - jwut-ns. it iney wi
Oregon state pfange. de-(rnyome, I will gladly give th
r,v Starkweather of Chick-jof, my cabbage," tomato or c
, ' The canvassing or tAe-erhinta. v
, arwy
i convention Br.ltho8h nearly 80 years
f"' , ," , .:. .;, l M hearty ad. raises
'"' - vexetaD en mid i.,, .i.
- - , ...... iic laxea a
keen interest in present day affairs
and believes in genuine helpfulness.
"During the rirst slacking up of work
Or in DOOr MAWino tin, w .
on . mucn
..... - vi.nif rning tne poor of Salem
reported In
jaft-man of La (irande was thexi
fndid:ite fur the position
L etate organisation.
fuiMl, E. Fond of Euge
'Ion county that affords
hahilan J J aDO,U 15 -
habtunce can support such an institu
u :e8inthefactthatitissurroun
P " 38,1 Pus country.
t hsu-deeviowd a remarkable busi
ness during th iu, .
"le alfo has a naner ,h- i
t.,., 3 .....
Ts the north ni . , .
. -- w uwu is a vast
heat ami berry country and to ,he
... me .vt.ll Creek bottom, is
grown flax In great abundance. Aoms
ville is exclusively a farming common
uy and it is rapidly developing in all
"s of commercial industry.
utes and IS seconds with a head scis-15
jsors and aouble wrist lock and the
second fall coming in 31 minutes
with Thye's famous falling double
wrist lock.
i. uinme
fed IV IWO-f roi
C,m Mt. Staik eather anW.
T f Douses county:?, M.
j 8f Borine had no opposition they-were a c
Lri T. R. A. Sellwood of MiMoverflowing the
fm.unanimouslv chosen chap- spending monei
IjC. & !' of Astoria whs the thought for the future.
..:.... f.r iratekeeDer. . j
w svstem uf state-wide M,
I indieating
first, second am
other clUes." observes the old gentle
man. "Tet to sro ont on th.
night or n hoHda.v one wouht think
iney jrere a crowd of mllllsnnir..
amusement LaA
spending money without
ht for the future."
air. Beers has been a resident of
this city since 187,
tZTZrlShaw Celebrates '
L the aiiunuiient of- the ooiv-i . CI. 1 S1 '
I a, FriJav action will be asked p . - - .dCUOOl tOSMP
A,i Japanese colonisation in ehn. . S
HL..eflnitelv Jo red today. L' . r-f June Following the
t, totetl that the sentiment f Z tV held hero to celebrate on the third.
CU ? or of K Tl?Jle?lml canons turned the key.
7 ; i ci.iiupi a nau ana a
StoB introduced, if passed. "T W" Mi
Ifth comenUon on record fZTJu J t0
in .he prohibition dg
iiiaii for tne next convention! ,nv, -. . , , ' , ,
I " an order of business today clo""n ,ho1 ' re
L.,Lrnn.mtheeralmers will ' C08e 1 ru,ay with l'Pfopriate exer-
t -. - . . ; uises.
'ft in an auto tour tnrougn tns
surorundin,s Bend, and will be
j through the local pine mills
Rainfall Shy
8.94 Inches of
Annual Mean
The present season i one f the
est on record. The total seasonal rain
fall to June l, since September 1, Is
as against an average seasonal
precipitation of 35.8 ninth,,.
, O -Tl "
t-i 0, . i "nonage of .4 inehes. But lit-
ror oiavton hvent ram 18 bkely J" unt" h
?b.vtn r t 1 sason -fe fer j'une.beingl.ti for
SUvton. Or June S.The commit- July .ii aW lor August ,S.
tee in charge' of the Fourth of Jirtv xr ' . , -
celebration. is looking forward te tte v,n y 7 nd 'our
event with much ant Son ' frOSU ani but ,m,hes P
rangements were made ye',erdav f1"''"0"- 'The ""fi"' M,
whereby the Che7rian band o7& lem'S 2 ", '"chs hly defic
will furnish the music ad King Bingl ? tach The fol
Clancey has stated that his bunch ot ' B ".i" mmh,y re,,0rt of ,h'
booster, wn. be on hand in fu". uni!! lT? " """ by
form. TherewUlU. twd..i,l0"0,8e . Lewis- co-operative. 1-
Cherrian Band To '
Furnish Music
.. 72 43 41 08 i
73 37 " 4S .00)
83 to 44 .01 '
id 5 trace!
72 ii 58 ,001
57 ,3S .80 !
- 3 4 1 .ot i
33 4i .00 i
41 iJ .0,7!
3 S 44 .00 !
2 SI 42 .00;
7 " 37 5 J .00 1
47 34
68 - 44 4 .02 1
40 48 trace,
63 31 SI .oil
.....5 34' S3 .00
...21.13 11.77" 43 .ti
Monthly Summary.
rature: Mean maximum.
;reatest daily range, 45.
Precipitation: total.
number of days with .01 inch of more
precipitation, ; clear, 16; partly
Dates of killing frost: u, 32, 25, 6
j Total price increase in living ueccs
inches: ' 'cs averascd less in Portland during
ure pmou oeiween IXcembcr, 19H.
.ind IK-cember 1919. than they did iu
Seattle. Lw Angeles or San Kraiiesico,
acconliiig to the Culled States depart,
incut of labor.'
Jol liNAi. v,NT AIS PAY
Sum .....
68.16; mean minimum. 37.96; mean
53.06; maximum, 85; minimum, 31;
iiibers 01 tne ienu commercial
f.'-afltol memorial services will
d Friday afternoon -for 13 lat
Irs of the state organization. r t
ion Hi Boys ; V
Ud Aumsville
TeamS To 6
High School At
Turner Graduates
fAumsville Keens
( l Hiraiiic tana, louay posieu avuu si
PT Uiih Tim olbet or a return watch with Thye.
I M-CP f lilt, A UIICZ Thye defeated Eklund before 12
Aumsville, Or., June 3. Aumsville
is .probably the smallest town in Mar-
Turner, Or.,' June 3. Commence
ment exercises of the Turner high
school will ibe held next .Wednesday
evening, and the elotir.g day of school
will be June 11. Th graduating class
consists of the following members:
Evelys ilartin, Sebyl Peeta and Karl
Bear. The Instructors are Prof. John
niltllvW 111..'- T, . L ,
5. - T . r i, . .Fu itiixs xviun waay. very
on, June 3. Last Friday the, Sllprs,. ,, . . . ...'
ille. school team played the' rt , ,h. . ,.. .. . " """';..:
toy, .t baseball, pn our locali lnMMli, ltr'T a"u "
id. It was a well-played game '
close game, resulting in - a
If 6 to 8 in favor of Marion
th first time the Aumsville
T .
lai been beaten this year. The
sam will be played at A urns
rit Friday, the last day of
tool. ;. - ... ... ,
and Mrs. G. V,'. Needham and
Churlie and Harley 6f Salem,
(nests of Mr. and Mrs. -I, AJ
t,,st Sunday.
land Mrs. J. V. Dencer, have
lo their home near, Salem
tiff will remain until they
ared for their strawberries and
crop. 1
Bouck has been ill for some
ind ir tior much improved at
eighth .grade In our school
the stale examinations with
failufe in any subject, all (ret
rod . averages. FollowUis are.
embers of the class: George
Sam Palmerton. Lionel Col-
pillie Thomas, Cilenna Russell
tucille Kenhart.
pe mghest average, but . was
r followed by others. " . -
Patton of Crabtree is spend
lw days looking after her home
following were recent guests at
A- Colgan home: Mr. and Mrs.
Colgan and daughter, Helen;
a Endrezzl all from Portland;
' Mrs. Milton Brown, Mr. and
Iinson and Afi-s m.i.. ....;
be hos
a num
leap year
eevning and a bie hasohnii mm (..
afternoon as a part of the urogram
Another feature of the occasion will
be a bucking contest. As lh v,,,,,th
comes on Sunday It has been decided
to celebrate on the third th.
committee and plans are developing
tor a Dig time.
Old Rock Crusher .
Will Be Rebuilt
Sublimity, Or., June 3 The old reck
crusher erected several ve.irs
i Judge Scott Instilled a spirit of road
DUimmg into the people of this Vicln
lty, is being rebuilt at the old place
and a program of extensive road Inv
provement between here and Silvertoo
will be formulated ,and probably con
summated during the summer,
Thye Wrestles
" Championship
From Eklund
Sheridan, Wye, June 3. Clarence
Kklund of Peckvllle, Wyo.. who last
night lost the world's light heavy
weight wrestling championship to
iTed Thvo of Portland. Or., in two
straight falls, today posted 35000 side
w r ant lins f n n Vi r Inistt nitrht. r Vi a
first fall coining in one hour,, 17 min-
Safe WUC forlHFfiNTS & h'iVALIDS
ine urigmai
Dally Teniperntiires.
Maxi- Mini-, Set ;
rate. mum. mam. ' Max. Amt.
1 62 35 41 .00
2t 61 35 . .43 .00
J .,.61 34 . . 41 00
4 66 33 41 .00
B 61 3-5 ' 40 .00
6 v -:.T1 37 .. '63 .00
' ..83 1 41' 58 .00
8 - 84 48 64 trace
9 , -. 70 43 . 60 ,00
1 ...........61. 44 4S ; ,00
11 ...... 65 ' 36 42 ' .00
12 66 37 42 .00
13 ...... " 70 - 32" 1 47 .00
14 70 31 45 ' .00
A msa is aa old as bi&orgaas ; h
can b as vigorous and healthy at
70. asat 35 if he aids hia organs in
nerfarminar their frnvtinns. tfnon
'.your vital organs healthy with
Tht world':' uundard remedy for kidney,
livar. ' blftrLIf . und iyiHi- ',if tfniihlM
I line 1696; corrects disorders; stimulates
i vital organs. All druggists, three sizes.
Uk foe the Gold MJal m iiur bu
sa Be
Millions of Tiny Germs r
Cause Your Catarrh
Real Relief Comes Only by
Cleansing the Blood of the
You must realize that your blood
is loaded down with catarrh
. germ?, and the? germs must bo
removed from your blood before
you can expect real, rational relief
r , . .1 A.J .4 AAHM.
you fcno-w that you cannot reach
thesr -serins in your blood with
sprays r,nrt. douches.
S. S. S. will cicansc your blood
of the eauso of Catarrh, and give
real relief. It hits been in con
stant use for more than fifty
years, and is sold by all druggists.
Bnv a hot.lln of S. S. S. tmlav and
lose no further time in gelling oi
tno rignt treatment.
Valuable advice reirnrdtnip vour
case will he furnished free. Ad
dress Medical Adviser, 103 Swift
Laboratory, Atlanta, Ga. '
i e uif ii.ii.T-jr j uxaz.v rr7 tw
. ui Subarirutss.
For Infanta, tool Id nndOrawbirOhlldlM I RlekM11!i,Mlteda!n i BxtnetlnPAwSer
The Original Food-Drink For All Ages tio Cootinr-Wourinhmg Digotiblo
Where it pays you to "Pay as you Go"
, U, G. Shipley Co.
Outer and Inner, .Gamrents tot Women, Misses
, :( una cniraren
Harriett Col irnn will
4- uuuy evening to
Ji Hfir fr enrla u n i.
- a. tira ij jem
lw given at the home of her
l, Br and Mrs. Harry Colgan.
f ' A. Barker and daughters,
..nd Mary, ot Salero, spent
r end at the home of Mr. and
A. Barber. .
""Mrs. R. W6rthing and
and Mrs, Gl.iff,t!1 of Brooka
i f visitors here.
Wren's Day program at the
I .n church has heen r,st-
Trntn .T '
,; . me u to the 20th
the congregation here
hh. m mi-uay service
Pleasant (iruve rhk
Mr,. ,.. 0 SmaU. of ' To,
, a'ew days visiting friends
i 1 ' ""lUHOi
DermuT WednesoR j
.irhe M"n'omery, ward
' W ni l mv uunu
Iiu.. -"""-"'S in the' rlenart-
S J sit' Si"C th Msmfsl
IvT week-
' K,al ' Lmber Company
T.a5a,h Klls: Oeor
. -....rn and w. C. Van
"Md n' 11 . Oron"rt. W. D.
r SJ.T x," comPan The
5Hi. ...8u,p A8ncy, port-
:', 7 Iartin. Charlea R.
toek f an hic-aw
rt nlrA Creamer,
"ufi,i or
ta, .
"WlCatl(,n a
rat. , r an '"crease
i M!rrieaii me Walk-
l C?k" Carey act
;' I' M- r Ur" boar'l. Wed-
.f the
.. . I:.'........ ' ': 4i I ,
TOMORROW Eteiiali sZlVS IIa ' " '
1 lilt I lint- '. . ? - X -.-- - II - mi
, ' 4 ' i nn u i
t NEVER fl - . S ' Hri 1
rv ,5EEiv " ; C C0NCEDED I
in'l j-. . f - nr I i Hi
I GOOD' S ;. ; f vf. O 1
have - u A 70
NEVER , V'yr J r. :i : - r: : A i DATE : - ;
. a V " : ! ' ' y : , V: Pihnni; Lj I
I- ' - Party For The
' t;V:V'"s y 'Children
Mr. ' ' ' Pr
il . - ' ' II v. I..
- . ' ' . I I C s 1
b t
nr I
Helped 'Build
Our Business
s Do you think it's right to save
;- money? ' - 1 1 1 '
Swift & Company's business
has been built up partiy by selling
capital stock for cash and partly
'by thrifty savins,, putting some of
our earnings each year back info
the business to increase facilities
for productioa ' - - '
That is what most all of us seek
to dosave part of our earnings for
future usefulness. , ;
It is '.the way American indus
tries have been built up. It means
the least, drain on the financial
resources of the country.
For the past twenty-iour years
Swift & Company has made an
average profit from all sources of
,11,3 per cent on investment (capi-. '
tal and surplus), and 2.3 cents on
each dollar of sales a fraction of
- a cent per pound. Out of this we
have paid dividends and saved
something to help us keep pace
with a growing country."
Swift Company, U. STAT
Nearly everybody knonis the Quality
. of good Fresh
Hoi sum
Specially 'Ar
ranged Music
Score by
"Jif f npuM . . ,
Phzvr -and H. A.
M-feared bf.fore the
- " . 1 b'v
ft "fe
1 w
4 .
Baf there are some who 'do not and it is
hard to tell them. Every good strong
word we know has been used and mis
used on ordinary bread, and there
seems to be nothing left to describe ex
traordinary quality
If any housewife wants to know how
iiuru 11 is w aescrwe
Let her use it on the tablef then try to
find words to 'describe the quality.
Only the BRE'AD itself can tell the story
Clearly .
From Your Grocer Today.
already tm,r wat-