Capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1919-1980, June 02, 1920, Page PAGE SEVEN, Image 7

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.ur wrru '--
''"!;:ee icswtioi.s i .'J. 01
; one muiuu w i
'month 12 emits; v.v.n- -.
r. P-?r
" ri ;s cents. t
fcr- Insertion only in New Today, j
ash in advance sua nui ists
";kJ nhone. unless advertiser lias
ea V account. No allowance
26? 6. Church St. Phone
1 1 3 4
-rr5??TC-Sil loganberry tip
4 SO
V ri w
carriage for sale, J66 .S.
,H Junk-Co. -
e Liberty si.
F5TRFNT Nicelv furnished room,
dern. N. Liberty St. . 13?
rrr5"c jle One sanitary couch and
lm-egg. 570 Believue St. c!33
FOR SALT. jutivimb uir, my uuss.v
nd harness
Phone 41F3.
rrp RENT Furnished rooms
TTTvrRD A single horse for cash,
must he perfectly gentle and true
t vert. Phone 95K1S. its4
fjK SALE Late model Ford- tour
- i just like new. new tires, $475.
W7 S. LibertySt 132
y i.YTED -Any kind of work for pne
or two weeks. Bos D Y Capital
Journal. gl34
jlONEV to loan at lowest cost to bor
rower. Phone 925, ask for Jones.
lOtNti man seeking work of, any
kind in or near Salem. Phone. 1741
W ' M83
FOR SALE Three speed bicycle in
No. 1 condition. Call evenings 1785
Court St. c!33
(l'ANTEl Competent girl or woman
for general housework." Apply 964
g. Liberty. g!34
FOR SALE Cash or part terms,
Ford, 1914 model, 1250; Maxwell
roadster $275. Cherry City Garage,
170 S. 12th St. q!34
FOR SALE-Six room cottage -on pav
ed street, one half block from car
line. $2750. Ivan G. Martin, Ma-
. sonic Temple. al34
FOR KENT Seven room house and
prage, Chemeketa and Fifteenth,
" 32 per month, ivnn O. Martin,
. Masonic Temple. jl34'
wAaTEU To rent modern e room
house, furnished or tinfurnished
no children. Address V Z care Cap
ital Journal. 132
FOR SALE '17 Ford, good condl
" iron, good tires, shoek absorbers, re-
' mforced radius rod and other ex-
tras. Phone 1F15 evenings. 132
fOR RENT 4 unfurnished
.' 1570 Union street.
HOUSE for sale on corner of Cottage
.'' and renter. Phone 1186. al34
V ANTED Will pay cash for a piano
; must be first class. 2390 N. Church
Phone 1947W. 132
ItOl'SE for sale on Saginaw St., up to
date In every way. Phone 1186.
hOl'SE for sale on corner Saginaw
... and Superior. Inquire 492 N. Cot
', tas al34
A GOOD investment for you on North
Hish St. Splendid location, reason
able price. Inquire of Gertrude J.
M. Page. at34
rOR SALE Motorcycle and 5 pas
i senger touring car or will trade for
cattle. Box 50 care Journal. ql37
1101 ME for sale, 675 N. Cottage St.
Inquire 492 N. Cottage. s.134
WOLSE for sale in 400. block on Win
ter street. Inquire of Gertrude J.
y M. Page. v V 'al34
VOR BALE 8x30 Indian singje Stave
silo with top. Papec silage cutter.
Both good as new, cheap. A. E.
Cray. Rt. 1, tedephone 7F3. el37
uk salu one milk cowrS 1-year
old ewes; 3 spring lamgs. Phone
3SK14. 13a
I'lace your order at once for nice old
and second fir wood;, 2 cars now
emg unloaded. Phone 254 or 622
after office hours. eel34
,UK ALE 5 room plastered bun
galow at 1379 S. 13th St. Lot 50x150
ftet. Price $2100. W. H. Graben-
norst Sr Co., 275 State SC- aiaa
""use tor sale, 300 block on Capitol
, street; can give possession most
any time. Inquire of Gertrude J. M.
'EiSL ai34
WANTED Clerical work by lady
' now employed. Held present posi
tion three years. Will - change if
; satisfactory. Address 403 N. 80th St.
or phone 1217 after six o'clock p.
! . 132
8 room house with mod
ern conveniences, corner lot, gar
JSe, excellent location, three blocKs
Jjom stata house. Price $5500. W.
Crabenhorst & Cg., 2T6 '..State St,
- " ' ' " a133
SNAP 20 acres close to car line. 6
acres of bearing prunes.' will have
good crop on this year, some cher
ries apples and pears, balance of
land in crop. Price $11,609. Build-
W- H- Grabenhorst & Co., 275
state street. .:
experienced dictaphone op
erator. Wishes nmllln. ..f-l.l.,
Wh law firm. Can take some short
nana and willing to advance in tnat
" required. Phone 1416
A fllllonHi.1 Km, f.. ......
rt ' "?rry street. In good con
niuon. with garage. Can give im-
M,t Pssession; Inquire of Ger
trude J. M, Page, 492 N. Cottage
' Ponfl nac ai34
Kattn. tarm wanted in the Salem
vicimty. We have sold a number of
s t0 satisfied buyers in Marioa.
ana Polk counties this spring. We
buver waiting for improved
"na unimproved small farms. Price
tn-m right and we will find you a
ho- k . e have some 6od ones to
but need some more. 2 cars at
In? ,!rvlce- s- R- Pearson & Peed,
-Lpregon bldg. Phone 43. n
modern .. - ""Vr "I" "' "
. " room nouse in per
n,m conditlon, good well and wind
In "' ,water piped over placer six
"J.W orchard, berries, barn
inl, se chlen house. If you are
.7-, f lur real hom see this at
N. Front street. Inquire of
,, fier, Mrs. G." A,. Back," 1079 Che--JS-Jjeta
St. or 540 State St. 132
SALE 210
acres. 12 mile from
01, 75 arren In a,l.!., mnn
eords oak wood on place, good
k soil. ne stock ranch, well
encert; all Implements. 3 horses,
"earn separator, binder, wagon;
t, are 8,1 new- room plas
je,t house, hot and cold watei .
wth. windmill; 1V4 miles to R. K.
ation and school. Price $75 per
n?'cfood terms. Enquire Sawyer
" -mmett, room 3 Bayne bid,'.
"U Wish tnnm
Vat, . ' -v. biiii vuoiu AH H 1-
msa n,. k a .w
- -- -"ri, r iiinip 1191. 1 1 a a
t:'" Jamtor service. 206 Ure-E!ionel42T.-
h'f '1 roora fr gentlemen, te.m
J! n 7 the ""onth. Phone 1427.
'O 1 Mmn t.1,1-
E" perfect for pipet
"sing, no cooking. Mix O. Bur--
' N. Com-L .
toa sale.
tvr !Sale Houses.
A.M!,L.-iodl.n house, U-liuvu,.-..
bored, up to $ii)fl af fllat ,,,.",
on t acre prune orchard wi'u Vn-
-. S. R. P.-aron , p 'i
Orpsrm hM ih,... '
46j Jiloo DoUN-six room house- now -
f4"1: dose in. on paved street, new-
... ana planted. $165
1 stalments. Phone isaj
; m-
toil SALE-
11 bai:; he
nt. Address Box 227 care Journal".
, vv oali, i rooa, house
r?IS'rtll0t n. ?r ,ine- a kinds of
ins TwUri""- & Muller.
cjn mlk s mum ,
a bargain. Hart & Muller. 208 Ore
"y apartment house at
446 Union St. between High and
Liberty. -five , rparate apStmenU
two three and four rooms each
mostly furnished and ail occupy
-"nil? If "ice incom n clea? of
ZT k?"' Price 5. 00
nv AbU'anCe. ten 'ar- Inquire
m Zv.fT, HiI1 69F4
Rt, 8, box 125, Salem. .n.
t or saleFarms."
WSALE 130- acres oa Newport
tton, more easy to clear, some tim-
everai springs, all kinds of fruit
and berries, school adjoin place
rrice ocre. F, E. Dodele. RloH.
sett. Or.
acIs- 20 acres prunes
m- r tirarta Balance t
.7n-T. .vr. ear
' I. ' oarn ana sito, all
stock and machinery including trac
ter, team-and two cows; has a good
tL fprnw. and ,s cted nine
miles from ancouver, Wash., on
' Ja, . ,r u you ar looking
-'bwi niuuine proposition see
Fred W. Durbin, 275 State street.
GOOi FARM CHEAP 40 acres ail
... v.vp, yi Koe with sale. Good
barn, fair house, all wire fenced,
only 6 miles out on the highway
near Pudding river. Must be sold
at once. $7000. This is a- big snap.
.uoi wiaos mna. jonn H. iscott
Realty Co., 228 Oregon bldg. n
OK SALE 98 acre farm in-HotveU
Prairie on Salem and Silverton
road, good house and barn, family
orchard, 1-3 crop with place; will
consider city property in trade. EI
vtn Herr, Rt. 2, Silverton. Silverton
phone green 265. i,13'
FOR SALE 41 acres 2 ft miles from
Salem on paved road, good build
ings, overlooking river and motor
boat landing and railroad station;
- excavated fish lake. This is an ex
ceptionally beautiful farm. Price
$12,500. Hart & Muller, 208 Oregon
bldg. .
FOR SALE 11 1-$ acres adjoining
fair grounds on Silverton paved
road, ten minutes from street car;
all. In crop; 5 room house, good
barn; Immediate possession. Price
$4760, terms. Hart & Muller, 30JS
Oregon .bldg.
FOR SALE 20 acres all in cultiva
tion, good 8 room plastered house,
barn and other outbuildings, rich
soil; adjoins Chemawa electric sta-l
e 1 it . .
.wn, v 7j iimtrH iroiii oaiem. a Dar
galn. Hart & Muller, 208 Oregon
bldg. - n
FOR SALE 110 acres, 8 miles from
saiem, 50 acres in crop, balance
pasture with some good timber;
family orchard, good buildings.
Price with crop $11,000. Hart &
Muller, 208 Oregon bldg. n
30 ACRES, small building, 2 acres in
prunes, close to town with good
high school, $2650. Box A B Capital
Journal. . .. . n
FOQ SALE 26 acres of best bottom
land nine miles north of Salem,
river road; this is In a fruit center
surrounded by peaches, prunes, lo
gans and strawberries; no better
fruit section in the valley. I have a
new five, room plastered house with
fireplace, two barns, granary, sheds
etc., four pumps, gas engine, water
piped to house, barn, yard and
garden. AH wovejt wire fences, and
now seeded to clover, rye, grass and
rape I am keeping 150 hogs, cow
and chickens. This is on a good road
, winter and summer; this property
is all clear of Incumbrance. Price
$7000, $2000 down, balance ten
years. L. F. Hill, Rt. 8, box 125,
Salem. Phone 59F4. 0133
For Sale Miscellaneous.
FOR SALE Baled hay. Phone 106
Fll. C13B
POWER prune dipper, "we make the
best; order now. ssaiera vug.
N. Front and Hood. c!59
POTATOES We are cleaning up our
stock of table potatoes at eight
cents; only a few left. Mangis Bros.
Phone 717. office 643 State St. c
FOR SALE One new Case thresh
ing machine cheap. 320 N. uommer-
ialM. auk for Mr. tienser, c
For Sale Nursery &
FOR SALE Tomato, pepper and egg
plants, Crego asters, snapdragon
and Larkspur plants. W. H. H.
Dodge, Rt. 7, box 38. Phone 1786
wi dl46
WHITE Star seed potatoes for sale.
WANTED 600 loganberry tips. W. H.
Egan, Gervais, Rt 2, phone jiii.
KALE plants for sale. 154 Columbia
a. uioo
For Sale Wood.
WOOD delivered from Sproed boys'
farm, second growtn , oas. tu.
Phntw 1678W. eel37
WOOD for sale. C. , V. Querry, .rnonj
- r
OLD FIR WOOD Can make deliv
eries of 1 inch at reasonaoie
nrlces. Nice straight wood for
stove or large lurnace wow, !""
16-in. fir limbs, call ana see im
yourself. 305 South Church, phone)
(TT.V. . ftoJKZwT frr .s Ay A - .Wpmr ( .'Tl . ...
' I suftci-Y r fs... pAijCFOi,: reec 'wiUUAM 1 .;LWH,R;l . ' 1 tHou&MT I , V W
rj UtuMdm.WuoK' 1 J I Wv Iwk KisTfty THe 1 I diont You ' O THAr wA. r H A
VUHtW&tB WUIAW 1 - fcOOKi .fcOUj, :oMQ) M RMMB( VfZJ f H( TELCPKON& j ' hKCX'J S
I THE C0ajQU9t0t ...... vuHAT" toi ' I ' 0 I 1H6 DATC? TTl ' ! V kjOMfcCft. -t ' f ' A
1 wom W6LANt. lT.TOey - r-j' Kr ' U ; Vr- 1 v vVW
For Sale livestock.
.-Ai.i-.jr t,., stock htlss.
id tra-ie for heifer carres-cr co-s
Phone 93F23 eveninsrs. .t:!
tUR SALE One team or horses and
harness L. L. Vincent, Rt. 1, Sa
lem. Phone 41F24. etJ4
. ioung Jersey cow, fresh,
heavy milker. Call after 5 evenings
Jefferson St. 13S9. eiij
iiOOl e tarred er , painted;
roofs patched. Call 963.
also tin
SEE J. W. Manlej-,
heavy team work.
barns. Phone 1ST:
cellar digging,
Cherry City
PORTLAND Eugene Auto Express.
Regular trips. Household goods;
merchandise. Call Capital Garage,
173 S. Liberty. Phone 88; - 1148
TRANSFER L. A. Bamck Co.
Country trip moving. Wood for
sale, Good service. Stand m North
Commercial. Phone T34. '
FOR SALE Late 1918 Chevrolet ia
first class condition. Call 77F13.
1 " - ol.1J
WANTED To trade .new 2 ft -ton
truck for light car or light truck.
J. W. Jones, 162 N. Commercial
street.' - . uSt
TOR SALE One- Fordson tractor,
plow and spring tooth, good as pew
Pltone 107F32. C132
LATE model Ford delivery car, best
of condition every way, $375 cash.
544 Ferry St. . 133
MILLER tires are good tires,
Velie Co., 163 N. Cora'l.
Wanted jielp.
WANTED Man, 85, with family
wants position about June 6th,
farm or what? Phone 65F11. hl3i
BOY wanted at the Spa. Must be over
16 years. g
WANTED Lady dishwasher and ex
perienced lady cook. Home Rest.,
223 N. Com. - K133
WANTED Live, wide awake, courts
ous boy to carry route paying
about $25 per month. Circulation
i-'ept, i-apnat Journal. g
Wanted Miscella:
SITUATION wanted driving truck or
tractor. Box 27 care Journal; hl32
WANTED To hear from owner of a
good fruit ranch for sale. Address
-C. H. Brown, Salem, Rt. 4, bojc 47.
." " ; ii33
WANTED A cowboy from eastern
Washington, a blond, 38, would like
to exchange correspondence and
photos with soma maids or widows.
Address Bill Drowns, Albany Ore.
P. O. box 322. ' - ji82
WANTED -To rent, would like to
rent small tract with 6 room house
for year or season, for . cash, with
opportunity to buy later. State lo
cation and rent. E J S care Journal
WANTED To rent well improved
oairy. stock or mixed farm; might
consider fruit; 80 to 150 acres, rent
00 shares or cash; will buy stock
and equipment. Address Box 627
Journal 132
WANTED To rent 5 room furnish
ed house with .prospects of buying
if suitable. Address Rt 6, box 74
or call phone 90F13. 1132
WANTED . To rent furnished
house, close In. Phone 278 evenings
WANTED Daily delivery of straw
berries for the entire season. Peo
ples Cash store. i
WANTED To borrow $2600 on good
farm security. H. E. Bolinger, $2$
Oregon bldg.
WANTED To rent by June 15th 5
or1 ( room house, must be close In,
J. E. Ringrose, phone 1260. 1133
WANTED To rent piano,
dren. 1168 Leslie.
116$ WANTED Board and room In
vate family. P. O. box 231. .
2850, a 6 year old bungalow, east
front, basement, some young fruit
trees, near car line and paved street.
This is a, good comfortable home for
some one. Some terms. .
$4000, a strictly modern bungalow
on paved street block from carline.
This is good property; located in S.
Salem. Terms.
$5000, $2500 down takes a fine 7
room bungalow on paved street near
carline, all modern except furnace
and the pipes tre in for furnace.
We have many other buys to offer.
We have a 55 acre farm at $100 per
acre we can take a residence on if
the price is right. Also a 6 acre tract
near the city for a house In the city.
416 Masonic Temple, phone $53. n
See us, we can Bhow you some real
homes at reasonable prices.
228 Oregon bldg. n
Bungalow on State street. Two liv
ing rooms; dining room, kitchen, pan
try with built in features; three bed
rooms, bath room, full basement; gas
in house. $450.0.
Six room burwrafow close to High
land school. A dandy buy for $1500.
$750 cash will buy It, , ,,r.
Five room bungalow on S. 14th
street, two bed rooms," living ".room
with fireplace; all modern plumbing
throughout. $2000. $500 cash,.sves
you possession. ,
Rtrictlv modern. 6 room bungalow
at Chemeketa and 13th streets; $4500.
To see this Is to take it
Including several small homes on
"Just Real Estate"
,.,.,. Mlimnic tide. Phone IfiOO
- .. --- ---- -
Salem,. Ore.
Jeff is dishing out kno
7 room house at 444 N. 14th, lot
19i foot front, fine shrubbery and
bearing fruit and berries. Has excel
lent basement, furnace and fireplace,
rooms-ail. on one floor. Needs tint
ing, painting and porch repaired.
Priced for a quick sale at $5000.
5 room bungalow at 1149 N. Coml
just painted, tinted, varnished and
built in features added. A coxy home
for $3000.-
' 9 racwn house at SS3 6. 12th. Large
corner lot ande garage, fireplace,
gas heating system. Kooma large and
airy. Price $4500.
T room house at 37$ N, Church.
House old style architecture with
modern conveniences and in good con
ditlon. Would be . good home ia a
else in location. Price $4750.
8 room house in best residence
section with .large lot, has hardwood
floors, sleeping porch, furnaee, fire
place, all built in features, In white
enamel finish, garage; a-first ctass
home In every respect. Price $9509. i
I room house near post office. Has
hardwood floors, furnace, fireplace,
finished in white enamel, expensive
electrio fixtures, electric dishwasher,
Ruud water heating system, gas
stove, all-lineoleum, shower bath; all
goes at $7S0.
5 room bungalow on paved street,
fireplace aad garage. Cash price $4,
000. 7 room strictly modern house ba
paved street. Price $4500. "
6 attractive bungalow. Price $3500
' S room bungalow. Price $2009.
' S room house. Priee $1050.
275 State St. Tel 615. alSS
Good Buys.
19 acres, i acres of three year old
prunes, 5 acres pasture and some tine
timber, 4 room house, barn, well,
family orchard, 5 miles south of Sa
lem. Price $3250.
1 acre close to carline, good house,
barn, fruit. Price $3000.
t acres located elose to carline, all
cultivated. Price $2509.
Well improved 5 acres close to car-line.-
good bungalow, electric lights;
bearing , fruity strawberries, logans.
Price $61)00. ' , . .
.Well improved 16 acres located
close in on paved highway, good house
and ham, 8 Vi acres'of bearing p onus
4 Va acres of bearing logans, soma ap
ples aad pears. Price $21,000.
40 acre tract,. 25 acres cultivated,
balance timber and pasture; 8 acres
Italian prunes just coming into bear
ing, spring water -to house and barn,
7 acres .oats and, vetch; 8 horse and
Implements, some apples and cher
ries. Price $9000.
160 acre ranch located close to Sa
lem, nearly all cultivated, house, fine
new barn, silo. This would make a
fine dairy farm. Price $25,999.
IIS acre farm, 86 acres cultivated,
6 acres set to logaas,. 7 room bunga
low and barn, outbuildings, farm
equipment, 7 hogs. Price $20,000, 'i
cash. - - " ;
40 acres of bearing prunes and lo
ganberries, buildings, good location.
Price $23,909. v
Well improved I acre tract located-
close to carline. Fine modern
house, barn,' bearing English walnuts
and cherries. Price $13,000.
4 acre tract, good buildings, all
cultivated. Price $3600.
20 acre tract, 12 acres of walnuts'
and pears, 6 acres of prunes. Good
new house, good crop set. Price $a,
000. 105 acre farm located on the Gar
den road, house, two barns, crop
goes. Price $309 per acre. ,
7 roora modern house, paved street,
east front. Price $4609.
Fine block located on Fairmouut
hill, 150 by 160 feet, beautiful view.
Price $3900. !
9 room house . located on H. Com
mercial street. Trice $2890.
6 room modern v cottage " located
south Salem, 2 , lots, bearing fruit.
Price $2550,
9 room house located at 1010 Oak
street. Price $2760. . -?
W. H.-Grabenhorat & Co.
27S State street.
j Best Buys. ,
80 acre 4 mile from Independ
ence on a good rock road, about 60 in
crop, balance in pasture with scatter
ing oak trees; 12 acre of beaverdam
fine for potatoes, balance good valley
loam; new 6 r9dm bungalow, with
new barn, machine shed, hog house
and poultry house; all fenced . with
woven wire, fine well and spring;. For
quick sal $13609, term.
220 acres, 100 cleared. 129 timber;
8 room house, J barns, 1 new and 1
old; spring water piped to buildings;
4 J-4 miles to town. A fine stock and
dairy farm. Only $60 per acre.
40 acre all ia cultivation; family
orchard all bearing; 1 room house,
good barn and other buildings; 6
miles from Salem on good road; one
of the best locations around Salem.
$18,000. ,'.
14 acre all in fruit and berrlea, 4
miles from Salem; 2 houses, one 9
room and one 3 room, good barn; 12
acres In prunes, acre logans bear
ing; best valley soil. $13,000, terms.
Want to secure Joan- of $1809 on
good city property.
Ford fo rsale.
341 State street. n
We have for sale a very choice 55
acre farm all in bearing, fruit and
berries, with farm buildings and
prune dryer for $360 per acre. This Is
without doubt the best buy ever of
fered In Marion county. There are 11
acres of logans, t acres of large cher
ry trees with heavy crop, also a good
crop of prunes. If you want an orch
ard and berry farm, see the John II.
Scott Realty Co., 228 Oregon bldg, at
once nd let us show this one. bl34
50 acres of good" land near Raleni,
15 acres In crop, 2000 cord nice ec
ohfl fir timber-, for $159. per , acre.
Small cash payment, balance irt wood
delivered hi BaJnv John H. ' Scott
Realty Co., 228 Oregon bldg. bW
wledge these evenings.-By Bad Fisher.
WALTER JiLARKN Ki-.ti estate
"loans, investment Botm Sl 1S9
N. tVinl !t Phone 4.
Choice 10 acres 3 miles from St-
lem, nice 5 moio bungalow, barn,
hen house, garage, orchard. berries,
stock, machinery, crop. $7000.
6 room bungalow, large lot, barn,
hen house, fruit, berries, grapes, gar
den, paved street.. $1900.
Nice 10 acres, -good house, outbuild
ings, prunes, apples, berries. Snap,
$4000; will take residence for $i000.
balance percent.
room house, paved street, good
lot. Price $80.
4 room house, 2 lots, barn, garden.
J1400. .
Farms, acreage, orchards, homes.
Perrine & Marsters. ,
211-12 Gray bldg. . '
. LISTING. " , " -
$29 Oregon bldg. Phone 981. n
at the price left near Salem 44 acre
19 acres prunes from 10 to 2$ year
old; 19 acres loganberries; 19 acres
walnuts, not frozen. Two acre mixed
family orchard, two acre timber;
balance cultivated pasture. Splendid
10 room house, new fruit dryer, cost
$500; barn, warehouse, tank, wind
mill, etc., and only 2 miles from Lib
erty and State streets; ta on paved
road. If this place Is sold within 80
days the price is $26,000; Vi uswn,
balance 3 to 6 years at 9 per cent.
The place will pay for itself in that
A chance 'for poor man 66.91
acres, 9 miles east of Lebanon; 45
acres In cultivation, 8 acres beaver
dam, balanoe finest of soil; woven
wire fencing, for $4000. Now here is
your chance, you can take possession
of this place on the following terms:
Pay the interest at 7 per cent on
$4000 plus the taxes, $30, with $200
cash, $510 in all; the second year pay
the Interest and taxes. In the two
years you -will be required to put
$1000 in buildings on place; small
payments every year after that; ad
joining this place is 32.5- acres au In
cultivation with house, barn, out
buildings that can be bought for
$4099 on easy terms. Lebanon has
creamery; cannery, paper mill, etc.
Rocked roads clear to Lebanon.
Farm 8 mile east of Salem on 1
rocked road to be paved soon, 140
acres; 70 acres under cultivation; bal
ance timber and good pasture, lays
fine; 7 room plastered house, fine
I new barn, one 010. oarn, cmcKen
nouses; one tniru 01 crop goes muu an
the clover; running water, two drill
ed' wells; can be easily divided. Price
$18,000. terms. Will take a good oun-
galow in Salem as part payment.
Clir BiVAra
Five room cottage, modern in ev
ery respect, paved street, desirable
location, elose in. $295.9.
Another on off Highland avenue,
two lots,' house; $1800, term.
Still another In same neighborhood,
$1400, terms.
One of the best bargain in city, in
the most select neighborhood, lx
rooms, garage, paved street; $5000,
A list of twenty other house to
select from.
A restaurant, doing fine business,
one of the best stores on Commercial
street. A hotel and rooming house in
the center of town.
In every part of the country. 1
have a customer waiting for the right
kind of a 40 acre tract and another
one for a 20 acre tract. It might be
yours is the one. Come In and seo me
402 Oregon bldg. Phone 708. n
DOWN '-.:
PWONTJ 991. 92 ORtOTON bldg.
Lost and Found
"WALLBOARD" can be used over
lath and papered or tinted. Max
O. Buren, 179 N. Cnm'l. c
Max O. Buren, 179 N. Com'!. m
WALL paper 25c double roll and up.
Stove Repairing.
STOVES rebuilt and repaired. 69
years experience; Depot National
'" and American fence, sle 26 to 98
inches high. Paints, oil and varn
ishes, etc, loganberry - and hop
hooka. Salem Fence and Stove
Work. 250 Court streeet. Phone 124
Why Sell for Leas.
WB will pay you mor cash for your
household good. Get our bid b
fors you sell. Peoples Furniture
and Hardware Btors. 271 N. Com
mercial street Phone 784.
SALEM BCAVA::3ER Garbage m9
refuse of all kind removed ea
monthly contracts at reasonable
rates. Ces pool cleaned. Dead nl
mal removed. Office phon Mala
Water Company.
. corner Commercial and Trad BU
' Bill payabl. monthly in advanca
Phon 97- . .
DR. ALBERT R. MILLER Optometrist-optician,
eye thoroughly x
amlned, glasse mad and fltUd
919-11 V. B. bank. Phon 941.
A...' i .4 V, .... .
Money to ijom.
On good re! est; security
Over Lad ! & Bush Bank. Salem. Or
Money to Lo&a,
Federal Farm Loan
Any amount Long time.
$4 and 9 percent Interest.
City building loans.
A. C. BohrnstedL
401 Masonic Temple, Salem. Oreo
FARM LOANS Any amount.
rates. Full repayment privileges
Very prompt service. Ask about ear
29-year loan at t per cent. Haw
kins Sc. Roberta, 205 Oregon bid
Salem. Or. . - 1
DR3. WHITE aod Marshall,
re, phone 834. .
Lodge Directory.
JQt. CHEMEKETA 1. dg No. 1
meet every Wednesday
evening at 8:00 at I. O. O. F. hall.
Cornack hall on every Tuesday
8. J. L. Tucker, C. C; P. J. Kusta
K. R. A 8.
bly No. 84 meats vry Thursday ai
t p. m. to I. O. r. ball. P. Aa
dresen, M. A,; A. A. Gueffroy, se
retary, Salem, Or.
TEAM, Auto Truck, and Deliver
Drivers Union No. 119 meet vrj
Wednesday evening a.t th Label
Temple. o'clock.
Oregon Grage camp N. 1364 meat
every Thursday vning in MoCor
naek hall. Elevator service. OracU
' Mr. Carrie E. Bubo, (48, Union St
recorder. Melissa Persona, 141S N.
4th street, phone 14S6M
W. O. W. SALEM CAMP ill Meets
e"ry Frtday night at I o'clock k
MoCornack hall, cor. Court and Lit
erty St Visiting Woodmen wlcom
C. D. Ron, C. C: L. a Geer, olerl
Oregon Cedar Camp No. S149
meet every Thursday evening at
o'clock in McCornack building
Court and Liberty streets. H. U,
Coursey, V. C; Frank A. Turner,
Market Reports
Grain: ; Wheat No. I $3.30; teed
oat 95c; cheat hay $23t4; oat hay
$34025; clover bay $25f 26; mill
run $55.
Butterfat: Butterfat 64c; creamery
butter t6$s7e. . ,
Pork, veal and mutton: Fork on
foot 14l4l4c; veal fancy 1619io;
steers 9 10c; paring lamb 10c; oew
7 9c; ewe S6c;' sheep, tearlliif,
8s. ,, ,
Eggs and poultry: Egg oash 33o;
light hen 28c; heavy hen 30a; old
rooster 1516o; broiler JO 3 2a.
Vegetable: Onion per pound 4o;
celery do. $1.76; potatoes. Yakima
60. Oregon $KO$c; beet per aack
$2; turnips per aaclc 14.69; carrot
per sack $2.50; parsnip per sack
$3.50; spinach lOo lb; radlshe 76c
do; asparagu 15c; new potatoes
11c; bunch beet 45c; cabbage 4c;
head lettuce 90o do; red pepper
25c; rhubarb 4c; pea 10c; tomatoea
Fruit: Strawberrie $4.50; orange
$6.50Q)7.OO; lemon $5.60; bananas
llttc; honey extract 20o.
Retail prices; Egg dosen 40o;
creamery butter (062c; country,
butter 65c; flour hard wheat $3.60
3.75; oft wheat $3.
Portland, June 3. Cattle weaker;
receipts 149; grain and pulp - fed
steer $11.7i12.25; choice. $11. 00
11.50; good to choice $10.5911.00;
medium to good $9.6010.60; fair to
good $8.609.60; common to fair
$7.75 8. 60; choice cow and heifers
9.75; medium to good " 17.75 9? 8.75;
fair to medium $6.757.75; canners
5,00f 6,00; bull $6.008,60; prime
$811. . . ... . , ,
Hogs steady; receipt 723; prime
mixed $14.75 15.00; medium $14.25
14.7H ; smooth heavy $11.0013,00:
rough heavy $10.00011.00; pig $11
Sheep weaker; receipt 287; prime
lamb $13.00013.60; cull $9,900
11.00; yearling $7.09B9.90; weth
er $68; ewes $3 7. 60.
Butter ,
Portland, Or. June 2, Cubes ex
tra 49c; parchment wrapped box
lot 64c; carton 66c; half boxe He
mors, lea than ft boxe lo mor
butterfat 8152s f. o. b. station; 63c
Poultry and Egg.
Portland, Or. June 2. Egg sell
ing price case count 89c; buying
price case count 87c; selling price
candled 41c; selected candled In car
ton 43c.
Poultry: Hen Jl32s; broiler 33
38c; rooster 16o; turkey dressed
62965c; goose 22025c; ducks nomi
Wheat: Club $2.85; blucstem and
Turkey Red $3; barley feed $66.60
buying; oats feed I69ffl71; corn No.
3 yellow $73 milling price.
Mnistuff: Mill run $54 55 ton.
Hay: buying price, timothy $35 36
f. 0. b, Portland; alfalfa $35; grain
$25; clover $30.
LAWN mowers, safety razors, cutlery,
sharpened, locksmithlng, saw fil
ing, umbrella, repairing all kind
Stewart' Repair Shop, 847 Court
OAT Meal Paper, 29-inch tan, xtr
ipeclal, 84s double roll. Mas O.
Buren, 179 N. Com'L n'
' The largest parade hold in years at
Baker was that pf the grand encamp
ment st Odd i'ellpwg. 6ver 5000 mem
bers of the Odd Fellow and Renekah
lodges marched, through the city.
OaiCi of
Known HereTci
Definite orders from the adjuuiut
general's office here regarding th 1
encampment this month of oiurrri
and enlisted men, establishing tirt
dates from June 14 to 17, at Vancouv
er barracks, and the encampment
also in June from the 14 to 17, t
Camp Lewis, were issued to all com
pany commanders in the state Wd
The encampment at Vancouver bar
racks. Wash., June 14-17 Is for staff
corps and departments of Fifih infan
try and company A, engineers, ac
cording to-the general orders. The
encampment June 14 to 17 at Camp
Lewis is for coast artillery compan
ies. '.-
Units and individual officers not
extended federal recognition ore not
authorised by the federal governmeut
to participate iu the encampment"!,
according to the order issued Wed
nesday. ...'.....
Company commander of coast ar
tillery companies, the orders read,
will designate from their respective
companies nine specially selected en
listed men who will attend the en
campment at Camp Lewis July 6-29.
This is the general national guard
encampment for the state.
Millers' To Have
Opening Monday
Providing musical program, the
"at home" opening of Miller store.
Court and Liberty streets, former
Meyers store, will be held Monday
evening .it wa announced Wednesday
at the store. Musical number will bo
rendered between 8 and 10 e'cloew
that evening. .
For several week work remodeling
the store ha progressed, until now the
interior of the store vie in conven
ience and grace with larger diart
ment istore of Portland. Elevator ac
commodation are ' planned for later
when an additional floor will be uti
lised upstairs.
Salem Man Recalls
Eccentricities Of
Noted Indigo King
. A new Item In Tuesday' Capital
Journal concerning the death of James
Surxet of Natches, Mississippi, Is ampli
tied by It. T. picket, a Salem resident,
who was born in Nuthes and lived
there until four year ago.
Mr. Picket knew the deceased "In
digo King" as "Uncle Jimmy" a nam
that was used by every resident In that
ssution. Uncle Jimmy' place at Cher
ry Grove is described by Mr. Ticket as
being an Ideal southern home of th
older vintage. The mansion had th
classic front column and contained 84
rooms. Surrounding th large wooden
structure wa a lawn of about fifty
Mr. Picket verifies the new state
ment that Unci Jimmy had never
taken a ride in an automobile or used
a telephone. H w well satisfied
with the little community In which he
was born and despite his fortune of
twelve million dollars, had never top
ped on a train or a streetcar. Unci
Jimmy, state Mr. picket, "had an
aversion to the modern bathtub and
winter or summer, enjoyed his bath
In th river or park lake on his es
tate. -, i.
A portion of the Sturset fortuw,
founded many year ago by indigo
planting on th Mississippi plantation,
was devoted te gift of park and li
braries to th city of Natohes. Tw
large schools, on for colored children
and one for white children wer built
by Mr. Sturt. ,.
Unci Jimmy never would bet moil
ed 4n Anything, although he esrtainly
raised pendld race horses and main
tained a private track of his own. HI
horses nexer left hi estate, state Mr.
picket. - . -
Flight Field In
Salem Is Best In
'All Of The State
With the completion of discing and
harrowing, just finished, the Webfoot
aviation field, at the northeastern out
skirt of Halem, Is the be flight flold
In the stute. Fields at Portland, while
base preparation are good, do not con
tain the territory of the Sulem field;
and the Eugone field has been ac
knowledge Inferior.
The field here, leased by the Web
foot Aircraft company, contain mor
than 60 acres and is capable of accom
modating several planes at a time.
Plans are being arranged to erect
hangar for the Webfoot Aircraft com
pany's plane, and others thut may b
purchased soon, in one corner of th
The field here ia designated from
the sky by a larg white cross, the avl
11ti1.11 aiirnal for field landing. Clear
entry to th field may be had from all
angles, so that the pilot, nuireiea ox
winds ,may land at any angle without
rnluhap, .
(Copyright, 1920, by H. C. Fisher.
Trad Mark Reg. U. S. Pat. Olflos,