Capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1919-1980, June 02, 1920, Page PAGE SIX, Image 6

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Tennis Tourney
Game Schedule
Is Announced
"The Jt-awing and time schedule (or
the men' singles in the AM City Ten
nis tournament was completed lust ev
ening. Tomorrow the opening day of
the tournament will be devoted entire
ly to the first round of the men's sing
les. I
The sixteen matches to be played
off In this event tomorrow will fur
nish lots of thrills for the spectators,
for with the exception of one or fwo
matches .it happens that every one is
very evenly matched. Tomorrow will
mark the unveiling of the "dark hor
ses,' 'of which there are a consider
able number, and will also be the
first opportunity to see players with a
"rep" such as Milton Stelner, Dr.
Bates, Btsley, Knickerbocker, Hugh
Doney and McDougal in tournament
The courts will be constantly busy
from 1:S0 p. m .on and a few matches
have been scheduled in the morning to
suit the convenience of the players.
Players ars warned that they must be;iiine games played during the season,
and Blue double gave Poi'Iatnl two
runs lu the first. Ross was invincible
until the eighth, when i p-i-i a'lJ tvo
hits grve Salt Lake its only tun.
At Portland ii, H. F.
Salt Lake X
Portland . ... 3
Leverenx. Reiger and 3ici'
and Koehler.
At Seattle R. K.
Sacramento i H !
Seattle i 11 3
Prough. Kunts and Cady, Fchorr,
Reinhart and Adams.
At Los Angeles R. It. K.
San Francisco 4 li 1
Los Angeles SIS i
Scott and Agnew; Pertic.i, U,;ghcs,
Brown, Keating and Basaler. .
At San Francisco H. 11. E.
Vernon J 7 J
Oakland t. 1J S
Smallwood and Devormr Alcock:
Wins and Mitte.
starters .including Alienby- and Tetra
tema which were hot favorites.
Lord Derby's Archaic captured sec
ond place but the third position was
, j i liffe-Owen's Orpheus. In the betting.
It to 1 was laid against the winner.
Ross, Archaic was quoted fct 10 to 1, while
I 50 to I was freely offered againsj Or
j pheus.
Bearcats Show
Up Well Despite
Loss of Games
Although they lost seven out of the
on time for all matches or suffer i
default Fifteen minutes grace will be
allowed, but all are urged to be on
time, thus showing consideration for
the matches which follow.
The drawliiRs.and schedule for the
men's doubles, ladles singles, and mix
ed doubles will be announced tomor
row. Home great fun Is promised In the
events, us a number of evenly matched
teams and single entries are pitted
,-itcainst one another
The tournament committee has been
very fortunate in securing .us tournn-
ment manager, K. B. Palmer, advcrtiF-
ing manager for Hauser Eros. Mr.
Palmer had chnrge of the tennis ath
letics and tournamenj for the Seattle
Athletic club for three years, and is a
played of ability himself.
Below is the time schedule of play
for tomorrow, Players must be on
time or lose by default. Balls will be
furnlNhed .also umpires where neces
wiry. 7:30 a. m. Burdette vs Stelner.
10:30 a. m. Houston vs. Thlelsen. '
1:30 p. m. Warren vs. Bowen.
1:30 p. m. Foster vs. Curtis.
2:30 Needtmm vs. Bates.
2:30 p. m. Pulmer vs. Harbison.
;i:30 p. m. Alden vs. Flegel.
. 1:00 p. m. McDougal vs. ClnbrlelHon.
4:00 p. m., Boyee vs. Young:.
5:00 Staley vs. Knickerbocker,
5:00 Thompson vs. Davis.
11:00 p, m. Jacobs vs. Hurt.
H:00 p. m. Collins vs. Qulsenberry.
7:00 p. m. Lnntls vs. Burnett.
7:00 p, m. Poney vs. Cox.
Major League Scores
Hroowlyu, June 1. Score:
" R. II. K.
w-JW York , 9 Mi 4
Brooklyn io n 3
Benton, Nehf, oDuglas and Snyder,
K. Hmllh; Murquurd, Mohurt, 8. Smith
and Krueger.
Philadelphia, June I. Score:
R. It. V.
Boston g ia
Philadelphia ) n
I'liituKim and noway; Rlxev nnd
Witheiow, Wheat. , .
I'ltlHluirgh, June 1.. Soore:
R. If. V
I't. I .mils 5 IS
i'HlHbiirKh 4 j j
Goodwin, Jacobs, Haines and lillhoe
i"ti Hamilton, Meador, Ponder und
Schmidt. '
Chicago, June 1. Si!ore: k
, n. n. k.
Cincinnati , 6 fl
Chicago 0
Kuotner mill YVlngo; Hendryx and
Klllefer, O'Farrell.
Now York, June 1. Score:
R. H J
Washington ; 7 Jo 1
. New York ;. 14 1 , ;
Uiickaon, Courtney and Oharrliy
Ruth, Thormnhlen and Hannah, Holt
Boston, June 1. Score:
Philadelphia 11 I
Boston (44
Hasty, Rommel, Keefe and Perkins:
Harper,Tonee and Sehang,
R. H. K
j'liuaueipnin 7 19 , J
Boston t f t
Harris and Myntts Bush, Fortune
an waiters.
Cleevland, June 1. Si-om
R. H. E.
'.Detroit .,, ;( jj j
i;ievmnn .q j j g
umnam, F.hmke , and Altismlth;
t'hle, Morton, Fneth, Myers, Tioohllng
and O'Neill, Thomas, Nunamakt r.
Note. Chicago -St. Louis Amerionn
i... ,
Coast League Scores
Portland..Or. June LP'j-Man.l won
tl.e opening game of the series fn.1.1
fcalt Lake Tuesday, S to 1. Wlslersll i
single, friers by Johnso'i a 'id - ily'.r
the Willamette Bearcats have passed
through what may be considered a
very successful season.' Considering
the class of teams played, the local
college team put up an excellent brand
of ball. O. A. C. Stanford and Mult
nomah club support three of the
amateur teams on the coast, and It is
a credit to Coach Mathews' team to
have given them such close battles as
were staged here this spring. The
victories from Pacific were decisive,
and showed how far above the class
of small college teams the Methodists
The Bearcats fielded .thruout the
season as well as any team they faced
They were handicapped at first by
lack of an experienced pitcher, but
Irvine and Dlmlck got in shape and
filled the gap satisfactorily. The team
batted well on the average, better
than Willamette teams have In years
past, but there was a need felt for a
few more sluggers. Barney Page and
"Squint" Dlmlck were the best hit
ters. The averages' were:
Cuton 1 1
R. Dlmlck 11 4
Puge , 29
Radsplnner 7 2
II. Dlmlck ; .'. 26 6
Irvine 29 6
Power 15
Davles .. 32
Brown 27
MoKlttrick ..; 26
Team average 186 43 .230
Favorites Nosed
Out In English
Derby By Spion Kop
London, June 2. England's greatest
racing event, the Derby, was won to
day at Epsom Downs by Major O.
Leder Spion Kop from a field of 19
Wagoner Spent
Nearly $1,500
for Schulderman
L. G. Wagoner, treasurer of the
Schulderman campaign committee,
spent a total of ll.4gg.23 in behalf of
Henry J. Schulderman' candidacy for
the republican nomination as s-cre.
tarv of state .according to his expense
statement filed with the secretary o
state's office here Tuesday. This is in
addition to $370 spent by Schulder
man. himself, in the campaign.
Other candidates filing expense ac
counts, Tuesday, were:
George J. Cameron, Portland, candi
date for delegate to the republican na
tional convention, state at 'vce, J15.
Frank Worttnan, Phoenix, candidate
for delegate to the democratic national
convention, first district, $8.
J. W. Knowles. La Grande, candi
date for the republican nomination for
circuit Judge, 10th judicial district,
H. H. Rosenbure, expenditure In be-
helf of C. J. Edwards, candidi.te for
the republican nomination for state
senator, 24th district, $161.23.
Charles W. Ellis, Burns, candidate
for the republican nomination for state
senator ,22nd district, $99.91.
Franklin S. Bramwell, Grants Piisra,
candidate for the republican nomina
tion for state senator, 7th district,
Ralph P. Cowglll, Medford, candi
date for the republican nomination for
state representative, e&hth dUirlct,
George V. Weeks, Salem, c uulldrte
for the republican nomination for'
state representative, first district, $i5.
J. C. Perry, Salem, candidate for th?
republican nomination for state repre
sentative, first district, $48.34.
Frank Kraxberger, Aurora, candi
date for the republication nomination
for state representative, sixtenth dis
trict $90.
A. B. Flint. Scholls, candidate for
the republican nomination for statt.
representative, 15th district, $38. 3S.
AY. P. Lafertfy, Corvnllls, candidate
for the republican nomination for
state representative, tenth district,
Clauds Husburg, expenditure In be
half of Ben S. Fisher, candidate for
the republican nomination for district
attorney for Coos county, $113.65,
T. S. McKinneyLakeview, candi
date for the republican nomination for
district attorney for Lake couh.j,
Thos. M. Dill, Enterprise, candidate
for the republican nomination for dis
trict attorney for AVallo county $13.60.
AV .M. Duncan, Klamath Falls, can
didate for the democratic nomination
ror district attorney for Klamath ouiin
ty. $42.60.
Grange Opens
State Meet In
Bend, Tuesday
Amendment of the state rural j Joe Har ' "
law to permit financing witailS4 each iCT
nds, upward revision of the au- brok i . & J!
ucation. i nation. Amendment of the state rural
State Master Optimistic.
v.i ,,tM oiaie luuua. uuwara revision nf iha i . o.
state master, when In his report cov- excessive holdings, a state income tax,
enng me i.-i.i:a ui tc pa ji, organiration of wter power district'
declared that the grange is stronger and amendment of the land reirist
than vr hPfnrf 111 StliriL. IT BOt in t ..n...
I - r - uuu iaw iu iiioui a eiiecuve operation
nnmhorfi anrl that its financial eondi- ' n .1
" 1 ncie (jiiitri 2LII1UHK in t- a
inn mmniifirn. Ha forecast a ran id
20 delegates from Pomona and subor- tor the 8tate grange co-opera-.
dinate granges from all over the state tive exchange.
Bend. Or.. June 2.-With more than Uon wl" p , t? "fK881 e"?' against any changes In the land bank
jura. Bona, state lecturer, reported
th nrflronlcfitinn n ai w bmmo a
in attendance and other members not I Mr. S pence spoke vigorously against the past 12 month, an(j urged that the
accredited swelUng the number to ful- an enPi w reguiaie o,g Business , policies of the order be made such as
ly 300. the 47th annual convention "Tv' . .... "T" .L. to. '"""nate -the poaslbUlty of public
1 itaviury nieiiiw ui AMiitiiis hm crltiCiSnii
me uregun siaie grange openea nensiig through co-operation between pro-
Tuesday. Hotels were crowded to the
limit last night, and today It was founs
necessary to find rooms in many pri
vate homes to accommodate tho visi
tors. The convention will last through
Examination of credentials took up
ducer and consumer. It is hoped that
through an exchange between "farm
and labor co-operative associations
much of the present cost of distribu
tion can be eliminated.", he said.
Touching the present condition of
unrest, he urged the removal of the
the entire morning session. The an-jca"se- rather than the treatment of
nuai reports of C. K. spence, eie
master, and Mrs. Minnie E. Bond, state
lecturer, featured the afternoon ses
sion. No less than 22 resolutions, vary
ing In their aims from prohibition iu
dancing In grange halls to regulation
of. the affairs of the national govern
ment, were introduced and referred
without debate to committees having
One resolution which is likely. to te-
ceive considerable attention from the
convention asks for standardisation of
the schools of the different states on
symptomatic conditions.
Grievances Held Real.
"The only way to keep men froM
agitating against grievances is to rw
move the grievances," 'he said. VTho
seed of revolution is repression. The
real antidote for the unrest which
manifests Itself is not suppression, but L"
a deep consideration of the wrongs
which beset our national life and tli-5
application of a remedy."
The speaker emphatically assertel
that the grange is Is no sense a politi
cal or party organization', but ho cited
a national basis and the appointment ; legislative measures wnicn ne aeciarvu
of a United States commissioner of cd-' should have the support of the organ-
Troeh Ties With -Two
Others In
200-Target Event
Des Moines, Iowa, June 2. Frank
Troeh of Vancouver, Wash.. AV S
Hoon of Jewell and Frank Hughes of
South Dakota each turned in scores of
195 out of possible 200 when yester
day's events of tho Iowa state trap
shooting tournament were completed.
"Pete" O'Brien of Butte, Mont., and
Sales conducted everywhere. Farm
sales I percent; city sales S percent.
We save you money on advertising
CoL W. F; Wright Auctioneer
Phone 714
Dass oi ""t i
events ' U.;
uuea toda, fcv
and SACKS 1
n Chsmsketa 8t j
L. M. HU!.l
Car, M
Weft So Ton
ihLn" Medici,,, t A
Hm medicine which
my known aj
Open Sundays from
, 161 8out High ft,
Salsm, Oregon. ,
I " i I m l m t
June 4th
Will be the day for all of Marion and
Polk Counties' Residents to Gather
at this
See Tomorrow's Journal
Cash Store
? XtSHt
yrant Washburn
'Mrs. Temple's Telegram'
All about a love hexagon! Something far worse than a triangle' Exposed in a
scandalous message of jealous wives and alibi hubbies. Dispatched in the code
of Laughter. Every tick a tickle!. '
Chas. W, Hawleyy Jr.
j in
, Concert
March "Stars And Stripes Forever" By Request
Romance Rubenstein
"Oriental Symphony" "Louisiana"
"Indian Moon" "Hindustan"........01iver Wallace
' "The Last Rose of Summer" By Request
"Somewhat Spanish" ............Arr. by Mr. Hawley
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