Capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1919-1980, June 02, 1920, Page PAGE THREE, Image 3

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Deportation Case
Is Up for Second
Time on June 7th
jombstone. Arix. Two millionaires
high executives of mining cora-
m one mayor, three physicians
a secretary of commercial club
named as defendants, jointly with
Til others, in the case or me siai.
L Ariiona vs. the Phelps Dodge cor
"h and others, filed In the su
Lor court here. The charge is kid
Bin "rising out of the deportation
j 1186 striking copper miners and
Heir sympathisers from Bisbee, Arii
0 Columbus and Hermanas, New
,w.. July 13. "IT.
"two of the defendants whose names
opeared on me mi"'""""" B
Zm, filed have died. They were Pete
...ukni and Clarence Ingram, both
This the second kidnaping cese
-suiting from the deportations. The
grat was that of Harry E. Wotton,
.,A here last spring. .,
K is probable that the defense in
Ais trial, as in that of Wotton, will, be
duefly the plea of pecessuy .me, con
.ntinn being that the expulsion 01
icarly 1.2(H) men from the Warren
Bining district was necessary for the
(nv of the people and the property
J . ...... -I nK iln.
If the peopie 01 uiai uion.vv.
loise in the Wotton case alleged that
ost of the men shipped to New Mex
... i. nianned the destruction . of
lie district and the overthrow of the
overnment of the United States.
The greater number of ftle men
ho will fce the court are mlnei,
.,if and shift bosses. About ton
wrcent of the defendants are business
professional men. Among inese
ue-W.'H. Brophy,- millionaire, for-
ner ma"sei - r
Mercantile company; J. E. Brophy,
loweil business man; Lem Shattuck,
Billionaire, president of the Miners'
bmI Jlerhcants' bank of Bisbee ,and
iirector of the Shattuck Arizona Cop
Mr company; Grant H. Dowell, mana
pr of the Copper Queen branch of
the Phelps Dodge corporation; Lieut
nant Colonel John C. Greenway,
nanager of the Calumet and Arizona
Mining company; Colonel H. H. Stout,
mperintendent of the Phelps Dodge
Bnelter at Douglas .Arizona; Jake
Srickson .mayor of Bisbee; Tom Ea
n, secretary of the Bisbee Commi
ttal club; Dr. N." C. Bledsoe, chief
lurgeon of the Calumet and Arizona
Mining company; Dr. E. C. Hunt, mem
ler of the Phelps Dodge medical staff
Dr. Tom Watkins, member of the
Copper Queen medical staff; Sam Kyle
jttorney; J. A. Kempton, city marshal
ot Bisbee; Robert Ra, manager of
the Southwestern Oil ' and Develop
ment company o,f Eastland, Texas,
former auditor of the Phelps Dodge
rerporation at Douglas; Miles Merrill
president of the Loyalty League of
Gas Shortage Ties
Up Polk Parties;
Kerosene Is Used
Dallas June 2 Several fishing par
ties .among them County Clerk Moore
tod Attorney J. N. Helgerson went to
the coast Saturday to spend two days
There fish and sea foods abound, but
sorrow awaited them. . ,
Tillamook has a gas famine and no
ras could be obtained, however, a tip
was given that a few gallons was to
Id had at Netarts, but all were not so
fcrtunate as the above mentioned par
ty, as that supply of 56 gallons was
gone before Sunday noon. The price
as 45 cents and many tourists who
vere stranded were offering as high
ai il 'per gallon, '
: The Tillamook druggists and gar
ge men combined their wares of
Kerosene alcohol and a few other un
known chemicals and made a propell
ing juice which was selling Sor 32
tents a gallon. Many cars were seen
branded on the way out Monday and
plain kerosene was used as the last
"sort. It is reported that the roads
re irt excellent condition into Tilla
taook and the resorts '. aro making
Preparation for the summer tourists
tat are fearful that the gas. situation
VII affect their business. . - , .
Counterfeit War
Saving Stamps In
' ; i Circulation Now
another dangerous counterfeit of
ae war saving stamps is in circu
tion, it became known Wednesday,
. f " - L VHIbV U.l IV.IIl 11, V -
wned by the authorities In Wash-,
g to to be on the lookout for It and
nctual tests
By exhaustive atuHv and
of Lubrication Engineers has determined the correct
consistency of Zerolene for your make of automobile.
recommendations are available for you in the
roiene Correct Lubrication Charts. Get one for
, your car at your dealer's or our nearest station. Use
.'. eroiene for the Correct Lubrication of your auto
. mobile, truck or tractor. .
'Ciifrl. I
1(3 "N
inform the public of its existence
The counterfeit is of the 1919 ser-(
ies, printed from a steel plate on
good grade of paper, and is a close
reproduction of the genuine. There
are nowever several defects among
It is of a lighter shade of blue, and
under a magnifying glass the print
ing is not so distinct as the nrimi
The hyphen In the word war-saving
looks more like a period than a hy
phen. There is a distinct vertical line
appearing in the counterfeit along the
euga oi f ranklin's left cheek, this
latter being the greatest defect of the
stamp. Most of the other defects are
so' slight that It needs an expert to
detect 'them. Persons are asked to te
on the lookout for the bogus stamps
and inform post office authorities if
tney are rrerefl any for sale.
Dallas, Or., June 2. Judge H. H.
Belt returned from McMinWile Satur
day after having a three weeks term
m court at that place. He has now
been informed to appear in Portland
to assist there on the bench.
Miss Irene Dodd was ordained Into
the ministry work Sunday at Eugene,
The first of June she leaves fq;- In
diana to' take up foreign missionary
work and on August 1 she sails for
China to take up this work.
The school board of Jails City is
working on plans for a new school
building. It is hoped that tha fpies-
tion of building will soon submit
ted to the people as the preat n- build
ing Is greatly erowded.
Mrs. Donald G. Sheppard of Guthrie
district gave birth to an eight pound
boy yesterday-at the Dallas hospital.
Both the mother and baby are getting
along nicely.
Dallas business houses were all
closed on Monday and many families
went into the country to spend the
day. - Several fishing parties left Sun
day morning and returned Mondr.y
evening. "None of the offices in' the
court house were open for the trans
action of legal business.
Officer Moffitt
And Miss Nellie
Endicott To Wed
Announcement of the wedding on
June 15 of Verden M. Moffitt, traffic
officer and nominee for chief of po
lice of the city of Salem, to Miss Nellie
Endicott, sister of Mrs. Henry Bolinger
of this city, became public Wednesday
with the arrival in the city of Mr. and
Mrs. A. W. Blackburn and sma!
daughter from Long Beach, Cal., and
Mrs. M. L. Prunk of Eugene. Mrs.
Blackburn and Mrs. Prunk are Mr.
Moffitt's sisters and motored to Salem
to attend the wedding.
Traffic Officer Moffitt is the son of
Mr. and Mrs. A. T. Moffitt, 806 Norm
High street, his popularity being evi
denced by the support he gained at the
polls at the recent election. Miss En
dicott, who for some time was em
ployed at Patton Bros, book store, is
well known here. Her father, Charles
Endicott of Canada will be unable to
attend the wedding. '
Woman Missing
From Lebanon
Home Seen Here
Nettle Ltndley, 60 years old Leba
non woman, who is reported to be
missing from her home, was seen near
Chernawa. lust north of here, .Sunday,
according to reports reaching police of
fleials here, Mrs. Lindley was weary
ing overalls and carrying a gunny sack
pack and was heading south on tin
railroad when seen. . Some time ago
she disappeared from her home reap
pearing again after an absence of two
months during which time she had
beta. living in a potato cellarv
New Orleans. Rice led all Louis
iana crops in value, in 1919, accord
ing to the board of trade. Value of the
1919 rice crop was $53,420,000. Cotton
was second with a valuation of -$52,-500,000
.corn third and sugar cane was
fourth. The sugar crop was the short
half of 1918. '
mnainm fat rair Rnard
.X tVl iAl WSffl IX
mil oil
" '"'
f m
:lllnWPr I I A
Contract Books
Monday, Juiie 7
No more crop contracts to market
this season s berries or cherries will be !
accepted by the Oregon Grower Co-1
operative association after June 7 n
the Rogue Rivr valley the closing
date was June 1 for annl. .n4
.Closing dates for other kinds of fruit
08 announced soon for the Imp
qlia and Willamette valleys.
During the past four weeks, since
the Salem TtmH Union voted to go out
of business, 45 new members with TOO
acres of fruit have Joined the Oregon
Growers Co-operative association. The
total acreage in western Oregon now
totals over 26,000 acres owned by 130J
members. -
Sites for new plants have been se
cured during the past few days at
Grants Pass, piddle. Myrtle Creek and
Forest Grove. At Grants Pass a largo
apple and pe"ar packing plant will be
erected on the old cannery property.
The new prune packing plant at Forest
Grove will be located west of the can.
nery on adjoining property. The buuu
ing for the new prune processing plant
at Dallas is already half built and the
piant of the Scotts Mills Prune Pack
ing corporation has been purchased.
Thirty-five States
Will Make Changes
in Fall Elections
Chicago.-Thirty-five states will el
ect governors next fall at the time tne
president and vice-president are chos
en. Thirty-two United States senators,
to take office March 4, 19291, also are
to be selected. '
Of the governors whose terms expire
next year twenty-two are republican
and thirteen democrat; while 17 of
the 32 senators are democrats and 15
The 35 governorships to be filled of
fer a wide range, both in terms and
don;t mistake the cause
Many Salem People Havp . Kidney
k Trouble and Do Not Know It
Do you have backache? ,
. Are you tired and worn out? ,
Feel dizzy, nefvous and depressed
Are the kidney secretions irregular?
Highly colored; contain sediment?
Likely your kidneys are at fault. ,
Weak kidneys give warning of dis
tress. ....... ,
Heed the warning; don't delay
Use a tested kidney remedy.
Read this Salem testimony.
L. J. Vibbert, carpenter, 1120 S.
Commercial St., says: "I gladly re-"
commend Dean's Kidney Pills. I
know them to be a fine remedy for
kidney complaint. I had attacks of
backache and at times had sharp
pains when I would stoop. My kid
neys did not act right either, Doan's
Kidney PUIS from Tyler's drug store
have always relieved this trouble ' by
strengtheniiigiiy back and kidneys."
Price 60c, at all dealers. Don't
simply ask for a kidney remedy R.H
Doan's Kidney Pills the same that
Mr. Vibbert had. Foster-JIIlburn Co.,
Mfrs., Buffalo, N. Y. (iidv)
TOWLL tui & eooliM n4
Xfvirr at tb North mad la
MU. Ward Orann.
Crak mmi ImovCriU rr
mtM ttUdWIMW BwlMt BWa
u.. jjim. adaf I
nasM o kmom mUk bm mmm
'V-v r:-r"t;t.j. m - .... -
r r
salaries. Among the state executives ,
whose terms expire are Frank O. Low- j
den of Illinois, the highest paid gov
ernor in the country; and S. R. McKel
vie of Nebraska, the poorest paid. Mr.
iLowden receives J12.000 yearly for
(four years and McKelvie 12.500 annu
i ally for two years. Only twelve of the
i 4a win rewire ovrr io.ui'u a year; ana
five will be paid 13,000 or less.
Governor Coolidge ,of Massachu
setts, whose position carries a $10,000
salary, is the only governor in the
country elected for one year. All the
other states have either two or four
year terms.
Territorial governors are better paid
than the average state executive and
two of the four are appointed for in
definite terms, with the result that
they remain in office as long, as a rule
as the president who named them.
Francis Burton Harrison, governor
general of the Philippines tops the list
of territorial executives with an inde
finite term and a 20,000 yearly sal
ary. Arthur Yager, governor of Porto
Rico receives $10,000 and is appointed
for an indefinite term. Governor Thos.
Riggs, Jr.. of Alaska and C. J. McCar
thy, of Hawaii, each receive annual
salaries of IT.000 during their four
year terms.
The states which wjll elect gover
nors this year and salary are:
Because It's sure because it's
pure. The choice of house
wives who insist on the best.
' Contains only such Ingredients
as have been officially approved
by the United States Food
Calumet Baking Powder is the
biggest selling brand In the
world. It is absolutely whole
some always uniform.
Call for Calumet
Overmire Steel Construction Company
We hare In stock for Immediate Shipment
I-BEAMS, from S to 24 Inches, np to 60 foot lengths.
CHANNELS, from S to 15 Inches, np to 60 foot lengths.
ANGLES, Sx3 Inches to 8x8 Inches, np to 80 foot lengths.
ANGLES, 2x2 Inches ft) 7x8 f Inches, up to 60 foot lengths.
tJ. M, PLATES, 8 to 24 inehesl wide, Y to 5-8 Inches thick, as well
Manufacturers of Tanks, Boilers, Stacks, Pipe, Fabricated Mater
- . lal Cur .Buildings and Bridges
East Water Street and Hawthorne Avenue, FORLTAND OREGON
- v. Phone East 872!" .
. . j(
, Ud a good h$!thj m
tmn ttmdm Ot gtt
. tbhooUni t , j
Ct mSiUry, training
. , i with mtn ttom jout
r fvn Aom Stt
Here are your Home
Klate Rgiinenta of the
Regular Army
1st Infantry
Camp Lewis, Washington
' 85th Infantry
Camp Lewis, Washington.
57th Art., C. A. C.
Camp Lewis, Washington.
. 78th F. A.
Camp Grant, Illinois.
8th Engineers (Mtd.)
. El Paso, Texas
16th Cavalry
Ft. D. A, Russell, Wyo.
Ariiona. T. E. CaniDbelL SS.SOO.
Arkansas, C. H. Eroush. $4,000.
Coloradn. O .H. Shmnv is fiflfl !
Connecticut, M. II. Holcomb, $5,000.
Delaware, J. G. Townsend, $4,000. .
Florida, S. J. Catts, $6,000.
Georgia, H. M. Dorsey, $5,000.
Idaho, D. W. Davis, $5,000.
Illinois, F. O. Lowden, $13,000.
- Indiana, J. P. Goodrich, $5,000.
Iowa, W. L. Harding, $5,000.
Kansas, H. J. Allen, $5,000.
,. Maine, C. E. Milllken. $5,009.
Massachusetts. C. Coolidge, $10,060.
Michigan, A. E. Sleeper, $5,000.
Minnesota, J. A. A. Burnquist, $7,000
Missouri, T. D. Gardner. $5,000.
Montana, S. V. Stewart, $7,500.
Nebraska, & R. McKelvie, $2,500.
New Hampshire, J. H. BartSett,
$3,008. .
New Mexico, O. O. Larrosola, $5,000
New York, A. E. Smith, $10,000.
North Carolina. T. W. Blcket, $,500
North Dakota, L. J, Frailer, $5,000.
Ohio, J. M. Cox, $10,000.
Rhode Island, R. ' L. Beeckman,
South Carolina. R. A .Cooper, $3.u
South Dakota, Peter Norbeck, $3000
Tennessee, A. H. Roberts, $4,000.
Texas, W. P. Hobby, $4,000.
Utah, 8, Bamberger, $0,000.
Vermont, P. W. Clement, $3,000.
Washington, L. F. Hart, $6,000. .
Baking Powder.
, .-. '
, . .. , I
I j . v " if lilt
Every rone of them from
own home town
"What troops arc those?"
"They're Regulars. But they're Regulars
.that belong to us, units made up largely of men
from this part of the country. It's a new plan
the War Department is putting through, to get
a closer relationship between the Army and the
people in each community."
- Men who read the same newspaper you do,
men rooting for the same ball team, men you've
called Bill and Harry since you were a young
sterit's men like these you'Jl be with when
you join the new democratic peace-time Army
. Ask if there's a vacancy. ,
462 State Street, Salem, Oregon.
West Virginia, J. 3. Cornwall, $5,000 the prf.r-'.atus from hoUin it ir
Wisconsin, E. J. Philip, M. j dmontration.
Japanese invasion
II f n j
worries reruvians
Buenos Aires. Peruv like the United
j States and Canada, has Its "Asiatic
J problem." Advices from Lima tell of
! the distribution of circulars among
the workers of that city protesting
fagainst "the monopllisation by the
I Asiatic and Japanese element of our
small industries' 'and the holding of a
protest meeting. The advices state that
the police "very discreetly dissuaded '
KILLED 111 nunc
Mrs. Alice Greshm Dodd.
First War Mother of The
Nation Gives Entire Credit
For Recovery of Her Health
To the Well Known Medi
cine Tanlac
The following remarkable endorse
ment of Tanlac1 was given recently
by Mrs. Alloe Gresham Dodd, at the
Gresham Memorial Home, Gavin park
Evansvtlle, Ind., which home was pre
sented to her by the patriotic people
of Indiana, as evidence of their ap
preciation of the services rendered to
his country by her son, Corporal Jas.
B. Grcshani, the first American sol
dier killed In France. Expressions of
sympathy were received by Mrs. Dodd
from all parts of the United States,
and the newspapers of ,the country
carried the story of the first "war
mo""?," ;-.-.'
The shock of her son's death re
sulted in the serious breakdown -f
Mrs. Dodd'a health, but everyone will
learn with Interest and pleasure that
she Is now in splendid health again.
When seen at her home recently she
made the following statement, giving
the entire credit for her recovery to
the well known medicine, Tanlac.
"After my" dear boy's death, I had
a general breakdown In health," said
Mr Dodd." "At first it was Just in
digestion. My food used to upset me
and 1 had to diet myself very care
fully, which wasn't much hardship as
I lost all desire to eat. Then I huin
an attack of rheumatism, with severe
pains In my shoulders, back and arms
Sometimes I used to suffer a great
deal, and my Joints would get all
swollen up and stiff. I was able to do
very little about the house, and at
times couldn't even cook a meal I
got very nervous land restless, and at
night would lay awake for hours, and
lost many a night s slsep as a consi-
tiuenoe. ,
"A friend of mine had received a
M f
jriUiLJ Ait
port the japans
to I'eru recently.
I KT'A'f est
of (invlit Park, JOvhiihvIIIc, Intl. .
great deal of help from Tunliic, .mid
It WAS she who advised me to try It.
I am so glad I did for It proved tho
best medicine I have ever taken. It
soon gave me a good appetite xnd
seemed to sottlo my stomach so
I was no longer troubled with imllM
tlnn. I don't know what it Is to huvo
rheumatic pains now, the swelling
and stiffness has all gone out of my
Joints and I am able to ijo the work
of the house with the greatest e:iM.
My nerves are now steady and strontr
I sleep fine at night, and 1 feel bol
ter In health thnn sever before In rnv
life. I shall ulways be grateful for
what Tanlac has done for me, and
shall recommend It every rhunce I
Tanlac Is sold In Bulem by Tyler's
drug store and leading druggists id
thcr towns, AdW
'" I
earn type .
Botth-a in Safc-m I jr