Capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1919-1980, June 01, 1920, Page PAGE SEVEN, Image 7

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?' cents: one month
:::; one
at ye
,.uiu per
ad -a ecu is.
inrtion only in New Today.
s'v ads cash in advance and not tak-C1'-1
hn unless advertiser has
nhone. unless advertiser has
I ' v.,
onthly accouui. . v w.
JY wanted at u . luuai it otti
uxTEl Lad'- dishwasher and ex
perienced Iy eooK. Home Rest.,
Tit X. Com. . 1 S133
-r-jj-i) To hear from owner of a
-ood fruit ranch for sale. Address
H Brown, saiem, nu , box ei,
foR SALE Or trade, stock hogs;
will trade for heifer calves or cows
-Phone evenings. e!36
tjlxEK MCLAREN Real estate
Courts investments. Room 21., 140
N Com'l St. Phone 430. - .
BED potatoes. No. 1 Burbank seed
u . ..-J .11.. 1 D .. 1
St &C per puunu. vino iaiuaueit,
Pratum, Or, Phone UaFSi. cl33
WANTED To trade Uiew !2-ton
truck for light car or light truck,
jp v.- Jones, 162 N. Commercial
' street- '133
VoR SALK room bungalow and
lot 1650. $150 down, balance like
rent. Address Box 227 care Journal.
" am
Slot 10WN Six room house, now va
cant, close in, on paved street, new
ly papered and planted. $1650; in
stalments. Phone 1250J. a!33
WANTED Live, wide awake, courte
ous boy to carry route - paying
'about $25 "per month. . Circulation
Dept. Capital Journal. , g
HASTED Some one to care for 4
year old boy, during day, while
'. mother is awa;'. must be kind, and
' permanent place, preferable in N.
"' S.dem near car line. Address H ear
, journaK ' ' 131
y, ANTED To rent, would like to
rent small tract with t room house
, for year or season, for cash, with
' opportunity to buy iater. State lo-
cutlon and rent. J 8 care Journal.
. - 1133
j.'0R SAhE 98 acre farm in Howell
Prairie on Salem : and Silverton
"road, good house and barn, family
orchard, 1-8 -Crop with places wilt
' consider city property in trade., EH
vin Herr, Rt. 2, Silverton, Silverton
' phone green' 255. .' ' ' 1 Mti
FOR SALE 60 acres, 20 acres prunes
50 acres cleared, balance timber
: and. pasture with water the .year
round: 3 houses, tram and silo, all
t.tock and machinery including trac
tor, team and two cows; has a good
set of prunes and is located nine
n.iles from Vancouver, Wash., on
a paved road. If you are -looking
' for a good income proposition see
Fred V.urbin, 275 State street.
For Sale-Housea.
WANTED Modern house, uuincmn
bered. up to $5000 as first paynrent
,on 20 acre prune orchard with Im-
provenients, njar 8alom. Price f 12,
000. S. R. Paareon . Pned,' 405
Oregon bhlg. Phoitg 13. k
' FOR SALE A- beautiful home on
.Saginaw, close in; one on Capitol
street, close in; -8 room -house --on
. Hood street; several houses on Cot
tage street; several houses on Win
ter street; one on South Liberty;
one on South Commercial; one on
Ferry street and one on 25th-street.
Inquire 492 N. Cottage, phone 1186.
Gertrude J. M. Page. 131
FOR SALE 7 room house, good
corner lot on car line, all kinds of
fruit. Price $1850. Hart & Muller,
' . 308. Oregon bldg. . ; n
FOR SALE 5 room house close in;
a bargain. Hart 6 Muller, 208 Ore
. gon bldg. n
FOR SALE 5 room bungalow, 2
, large. lots $1650. Box C care Jour-
FOR SALE My apartment house at
. 446 Union St. between High ' and
. Liberty, five separate apartments,
two, three and four rooms each,
mostly furnished and all ncclinied
bringing1 a nice income; all clear of
oncumorance. Price $5000,. 2000
down, balance ten years. Inquire
next aoor or plione L. F. Hill 59F4.
; Rt. 8. box 125, Salem, al33
For Sale Farms.
I'OR SALE 130 acres on Nevport
; highway, about' 15 acres-In cultiva
tion, more easy to clear, some tim
ber, about , open.- all good soiTV
- several springs, all kinds of fruit-
. ana berries, school adjoins place.
rnce ?20 acre.jF. E. Dodele, Blod-
jett, Or, bl34
WOO FARM CHEAP 40 acres all
in crop, goes with sale. Good
nam, fair house. aH wire fencell.
only 6ft miles out on the highway.
ear -ucNiing river. Must be sold
t once. $7000.. This is a big snap.
Am first' class land. John H. Bcott
.Realty Co., 228 Oregon bldg. n
,'oR .SALE 41 acres 2 y, miles from
Salem on nnved I-nnfl nnA Vtnilrl.
ings. overlooking river and motor
" landing and railroad station;
excavateq fish lake. This is an x-
pnonmiy beautiful farm. 'Price
y J1-.500. Hart & Muller, 208 Oregon
aJndg.. " , , n
.0tt SALE By owner, 19 acres well
Improved, good buildings, on good
d, 2 V4, miles east of - Salem. J. F
Autr.Rc 6; box 117B, Salem, Or.
4F0R SALE-r,ll 1-3 acres adjoining-
" grounds on Silverton paved
,; road, ten mlnrjtes from street: car;
'l in crop; 5 room house, good
- Jm' irrimfediate possession. Price.
4o0, teroiB. Hart & Muller,' 30,8
'Orpgnn bldg. ' n
, Ofl SALE 20 'acres' aU in cultiva-
- tion, good 8 -room plastered house,
barn and other- outbuildings, rich
J?H; adjoins Chemawa electric sta-
5 miieg from Salem. A bar
pun. Hirr. Muller, 2Q8 Oregon
Slgg - n
rR BALB-Ktl Nacres, 8 miles from
wiem, -50 acres In- crop,, balance
pasture with ' some good timbsr;
tamiiy orchard, good buildings.,
" fi ,e with crP 1 1.000. Hart &
'Sl!!!.fr' 208. Oregon bldg. ' 'n
" ACRES, small building, 2 acres in
prunes, close to- town- with frood
mgh school, $2650. Box A B CaF'tal'
-lin!?1- " n
''m S 1 acres good soil near
street car line,' south." 337 Court.;
vPngne 448. . b
UK SALE 26 acres, of - best bottom
"mi nine miles north of Salem, I
ver road; this is in afruit. center
"rounded by peaches, prunes, lo-
" fng and strawberriem do better
t section in the valley. I have a
new five room' plastered with
replace, two barns, granary,, sheds
c, four pumps, gas engine, water
P'Pea to house, barn, yard and
Rrdea. All town vrire fences, and
- -now seeded tacloi-ftr. rye, grass and
J Rm keePlnK 160 'hogs, cow
nl chickens. This ion a good road
-""er and summer; this property
cfr of incumbrance. Price
.u0, 32000 down, balancer , ten
jears. L. p. Hi,,. Rt g box 125i
."m. Phone 59F4. P133
Lost and Found '
U -. ue usea ovwi
h and nnnn. ....... , .
-QBren. 179 N. Com'l. c f I
Wat1? Bure- lt N. Com'l. m-
DaPr 25c double roll and up.
i ". . :: . , ; - " ' '
ue 15
I--, U V i , .
X piun utpper. we osak ihf
best: order now. Sabm 'life Co
IS.- Ffont and H, S V?-
" --.-. Pl.ia
------ 1
e are cum. ....
stock of table DOtar, .? "?""r
. i cents; only a few left ,,.;., " i
! Ph" office Mi 'stare ST'
new t.jj ,,..
g machine chean s?a x- r.
cml St. ask fo, xT V "ummer:
vTT-ityr. c
Reed bahv
conoitKin. want lihj -iv.. "...
cart. Phone 63SR, 8 ,131 1
UUOU used italvanirt T I
"r..Ba'tu"" e'1 corrugated
V. ru"""S tor salt. Phone 114P
13- Vl31
.i" o?". bussy $5, at ml
For Sale Nursery Stock.
BL"Ra, Ko 121 Wilson
. white they last, or will fjrulsh
plants on the shareo. Ward K.
Richardson, J35 Front. Phone 494
'iiT8AKE1 polatw- Inquire
1267 N. Commercial . street eve-
'1w!AJcJ.a.sanbrry "P wantedT
icnarason, 2395 Front St.
"jo or M. !
. ', " pepper and egg
plant., Crego asters. Snapdragon
" lf kspur plant. W. H. H.
00 ag. Phone 1786
WHITE Star seed potatoes for sale
ne iivrzi, -iitti;
WANTkiD 600 loganberry tips. W H
Egan, Owais, Rt 2, phone 8F11. '
KALE plants for sale. 154 Columbia
For Sale Livestock.
TJMt iuC mares for saie cheap. 765
i-Jiufrty. el 31
FOR SALE One team of horses and
harness. L. L. Vincent, Rt. 7, Sa
lem. Phone 41F54 .191
FOR SALE Good fresh milk
1795 S. Libert v
OR SALE Young Jersey cow, fresh
heavy milker. Call after S eveninirs
Jefferson St. 1380. ' el32
f OR SALE Six year old Jersey cow,
just fresh. Inquire Rt. 7, box 43.
Tel. 7SF13. 13 1
For. Sale Wood.
WOOD delivered from Sproed boys'
farm, second growth $9, oak $11.
Phone 1678W. . ,eel37
WOOD for gale. C. D. Querry. Phone
77F2. , . . -....
FIR WOOD Can make deliv
eries of 16 inch at reasonable
priees. Nice , straight wood for
stove or large furnace wood; also
16-in. fir limbs. Call and see for
yourself. 805 South Church, phone
1.542. Fred R. Wells. ee
1919 CHEVROLET $250 cash, re
mainder on easy payments. Cherry
City Garage. 170 8. 12th St. q
FOR SALE Late 1918 Chevrolet in
first class condition. Call 77F12.
FOR SALE One Fordson ' ractor,
,. plow and spring tooth, good as new
Phone 107F32. ' C132
LATE model Ford delivery car, best
or condition every, way, $375 cash.
644 Ferry St. 0133
1 1918 CHEVROLET for sale chean
171 High St. ql31
MILLER tires are good tires.
Velie Co., 162 N. Com'l.
"WALLPASTE" perfect
for papei
Max O. Bur-
oanging, no cooKing.
en. 179 N. Com'l.
Wanted Help.
OWING to ill health of our present
local manager, we have an opening
for a young married man perma
nently located in Salem, who can
furnish the best of references as to
both production and. honesty, to
take charge of our Salem district
uuHinesH gelling lea, uuuee, iuuu
products and etc., direct to consum
er. We will furnish new Ford de
livery for work. Routes now estab
lished and are paying good wages,
We furnish everything. Man with
' grocery, bakery, or laundry route
experience preferred but will' con
sider others. -Bond requied. In ans
wering stats' age, selling experience
and if -now, employed. All appllca-
. tlons treated strictly confidential.
Write D. K, Baker, Mgr. Jewel Tea
Co., Ino ,-21-23 Grand ave-., Port
land, Or.. gun
WANTED Man, 85, with family
wants position about June 5th.
' farm or whatf Phone 65F11. ht32
WANTED Farm hand with wife or
small family; house, garden, wood
. and milk furnished; good wages to
the right mam Also can use good
single man. C. C. Russell, Rt. 2,
1 Gervais, phone 3F3. g
" Wanted Miscellaneous,
SITUATION wanted driving truck or
tractor. Box 27 care Journal. hl?z
WAMTPn A pnwhnv from eastern
" Washington, a blond-, 38, would like
' to exchange correspondence and
hn(na with onma muirla nr widows.
..'Address Bill Drowns, Albany Ore.
P. O. box 322. iif
WANTED To rent well Improved
dairy, stock or mixed fiirm; might
consider fruit; 80 to 150 acres, rent
on .shares or cash; will buy stock
and equipment. Address Box 527
WANTED To rent 5 room furnish
ed house with prospects of buying
if suitable. Address Rt. , box 7A
nr enll nhone 90F12. H32
TvANTED English cluster hop roots
Henry Wilauet, Woodburn. Or. 1131
WANTED To rent unfurnished
'house, close in. Phone 278 evenings
WANTED Daily delivery of straw
berries for the entire season. Peo
tjioo fnh utore. ' 1 '
ill, , a -
..wN. -
m fwt, AW STOTUtt "l
: ' I Ml'. ARC TV
J frt i, .c-r .
V A VTL'll
V A.N 1 r.-' i; itt,i7"w., "
"riuate. general" office or .iierkJ
- ."?. EU
enogi-iph. jEiioae 1 0 I
T by youn gentleman,
board and room with private fam
ily living within six blocks of new
nr una. Address Gustaf Lorems,
ASTED To btrrow
farm security. H. R Rnii,,
Oreson bide. - '
WAMKU To rent bv Jm is.h's
I Or S ranm hrmda v. -
WASTED To rent piano, K chii:
""fn. 111,5 Lshe.. . ila
. .. ' - :
' ' eoara and room in
vate family. P. Q. box S31.
213 ROOFS tarred or oainted: alsn tin
itui3 parcneq. call SS3
SEE J. W. ilanley, cellar digging,
heaW team wnrlr r',
bams. Phone 199.. " mi49
PORTLAND Eugene Auto Express.
Regular trips. Household goods;
merchandise. Call Capital Garage,
173 -8. Liberty. Phone 88. 1140
TRANSFER L. A. Barrick Co.
Country trips, moving. Wood for
ale. Good service. Stand 271 North
Commercial. Phone 784.
IF you wish room and board in a pri
vate family, call 1781J. ml38
oLLEPLNG rooms by day or month at
493 . Cottage. Phone 1186. J132
FFICE rooms for rent, steam heat.
pienaia janitor service. 205' Ore
gonbldg. Phone 1427.'
FOR RENT Furnished downtown
sleeping room for gentlemen, steam
heat, by the month, Phone 1427.
205 Oregon bldg.
279 acres of the finest land out of
doors; 190 under cultivation and
cropped, 80 acres timber, balance
pasture, good springs, good fences,
fine family orchard, good improve
ments. This would make a great prune
or loganberry property and is the
cheapest land on the market at $100
per acre, y, cash, balance can run ten
years at 6 percent.
209 acres with excellent improve
ments, 150 irt cultivation and crops
go, all first class land; if sold soon
will make liberal terms, $100 per acre,
$10,000; you can make your own time
on remainder.
100 acres, family orchard and TO
acres of crop; will give possession at
once. $12,500.
We can show you some of the best
farms in the valley1 priced right and
with long time payments. See us 11
you want a good farm for your money
228 Oregon bldg. n
2850, .a 5 year old bungalow, east
front, basement, some young fruit
trees,. nea car line and paved street.
This is a good comfortable home for
some one. Some terms. . ;
$4000, a strictly modern bungalow
on paved street H block from carline.
This is good' property; located in S.
Salem. Terms.
$5000, $2500 down takes a fine 7
room bungalow on paved street near
carline, all modern except furnace
and the pipes are in for furnace.
We have many other buys to offer.
We have a 55 acre farm at $100 per
acre we can take a residence on if
the price is right Also a 5 acre tract
near the city for a house in the city.
416 Masonic Temple, phone 353. n"
See us, we can show you some real
homes at reasonable prices.
228 Oregon bldg. n
V . . ' , Best Buy8. v
80 acres 4M, miles from Independ-,
anra n a o-orwl rnnV rnoH uhnllt Kft In
crop, balance In pasture with scatter
ing oak trees; 12 acres of beaverdam
fine for potatoes, balance good valley
learn; new 6 room bungalow, with
new barn, machine Bhed, hog house
onri nnnltrv hnimp! nil fanned with
woven wlrei fine weil and spring. For
quick sale $13600, terms. ' p .aryeV """J Y'DU"u'n8M ,V"
220 acres, 100 cleared, 120 timber;1 Sacrifice price $10.-
8 room house, 2 barns, 1 new and l,B0Ji terms. ', -
old; spring water piped to buildings; I 1 acres near Salem, 8 room house,
a.j mii t tnwn a fine otnclt and; prune orchard near school and
dairy farm. Only $60 per acre. 1
40 acres all ln cultivation; iamilyj
orchard all bearing; 7 room house,.
good barn and other buildings; terms. - - , .
miles from Salem on good road; one room modern house, t lots. $2000
of the best locations around Salem, . terms. . " , "
$16 000 i 5V acres rlvor bottom land mostly
14 acres all ln; fruit and berrnw, 4 In cultivation, fbulldings, well, near
n-. Hoionr hnn. one ', Salem. $6000, easy 'terms.
.nri nn s rAnm. eood barn: 12.1
acres in prunes acre logans bear-1
ing; beat valley soil. $13,000, terms.
Want to secure loan of $1800 on
good city property. . ( .
Ford fb rsale, ' - '
Socolofsky. p
341 State street. : ' .
Bungalow on State street. Two liv- For quick sale $3250 $750 cash, bal
ing rooms; dining room, kitchen, parir ance 5 years 6 percent. .
try with built in features; three bed , 10 acres highly Improved, first class
rooms, bath room, full basement; gas improvements, good family orchard,
in house. $4500. , 1 1 acres strawberries, 2 acres tlm-
k. ber, 6 acres In crop; a swell home for
Kl room bungalow close to High- someone. $3300; $1725 cash, balance
land school. -A dandy buy for $1500.
$750 cash will buy it
Five room bungalow on S. 14th
street two bed rooms, living room
with fireplace: all modern plumbing
throughout. $2000. - $500 cash gives
yon possession.
Strictly modern, 8 room bungalow
at Chemeket and 13th streets; $4500
To see this is to take it
Including several small homes on
"Just ReaP Estate'' . . (
215-218 Masonic bldg. Phones 1000'
Salem, Ore. .. .. . .
Safety First, is the little Mlow'smottbs-ByBad Fisher. : t
LliTCW, 10V V
acl. iMeRnotM& t
x wuew'T
Full SAX.K
1 room house at til X. H;h. lot
195 foot front, fme shrutibary and
bearing frust arni borntss. Has excel
lent basement, furnace and fireplace,
rooms all .on one floor. Seeds tint
ing, painting and porch repaireX
Priced for a quick sale at $500.
a room bungalow at 1148 N, Com'l i
Just painted, tinted, varnished and
built in features added. A coiy home
for $3009. --v -
room house at it! S. 12th. Lance
-corner lot "and fine parage, fireplace.
gas heating system. Rooms large and
airy. Price f 4500.
7 room house at 373 N, Church.
House old style architecture with
modem conveniences and in good con
union, vtouia oe a good home in a
else in location. Price $4756.
8 room house in best residence
section with large lot, has hardwood
floors, sleeping porch, furnace. fir--piace,
all built In featmes, in white
enamel finish, garage; a first class
home in every respect. Price $9500,
$ room house near post office. Has
hardwood floors, furnace, fireplace,
finished in white enamel, expensive
electric fixtures, electric dishwasher,
Ruud water heating , system, gas
stove, alt lineoleum, shower bath; all
goes at $7509. - - -
. t room bungalow on paved street,
fireplace and garage. Cash price $4,
000. 7 room- strictly modern house si
paved street Price $4500,
t attractive bungalow. Price $3500
5 room bungalow. Price $2090.
6 room house. Price $1050,
275 State St. Tel 615. al33
- Good Buys. - i
10 aores, S acres ot three year old
prunes, 5 acres pasture and some fine
timber, room house, barn, well,
family orchard, 5 miles south of Sa
lem. Price $3250.
1 acre close to carline, good house,
barn, fruit. Price $3000.
5 acres located close to carline, all
cultivated. Price $25O0i
Well improved 6 acres close to car
line, good bungalow, electric flights,
bearing fruit, strawberries, logans.
Price 6000.
Well improved 16 acres located
close in on paved highway, good house
and barn, 8 Vt acres of bearing pi unes
4 ft acres of bearing logans, some ap
ples and pears. Price $25,000.
40acre tract, 25 acres cultivated,
balance timber and, pasture; 8 acres
Italian prunes just coming into bear
ing, spring water to house and barn,
7 acres oats and vetch; 3 horses and
implements, some apples and cher
ries; Price $9000. -
150 acre ranch located close to Sa
lem, nearly all cultivated, house, fine
new barn, silo. This would make a
fine dairy farm. Price $25,000.
115 acre farm, 85 acres cultivated,
6 acres set to logans. 7 room buna-
low and bam, outbuildings, larm I
equipment, 7 hogs. Price $20,000.
40 acres fet bearing prunes and lo-
ganberries, buildings, good 1 location.
Price $22,000.
Well improved 9H acre tract lo
cated close to carline. Fine modern
house, barn, bearing English walnuts
and cherries. Price $13,000. .
4 acre tract good buildings, all
cultivated.. Price $3600.
- 20 acre traot, 12 acres ot walnuts
and pears, 6 acres of prunes, Good
new house, good crop set Price $9,
000. 105 acre- farm located on the Gar
den road, house, two barns, crop
goes. Price $300 per acre.
7 room, modern house, paved street,
east front. Price $4600.
Fine block located on Falrm'ouut
hill, 166 by 158 feet, beautiful view.
Price $3900, . " -
room house located on S. Com
mercial street. Price-' $2800.
i It rnnm mnriem. cnttflsrA . Innnted
fsouth Salem, lots, bearing fruit.
..Pr' 265- . ,
room nuuB lorawu iv v
street. Price $2750.
W. H. Grabenhorst & Co.
275 State street, n
24 acres, 16 bearing prunes, 5 bear
ing cherries, large bungalow; good
church. .Snap $4000, essy terms.
Improye -acres near car
Bpod buildings,, Prio $3600,
See our list, before buying.
Perrind &"Marsters.
211-18 .Gray bldg, v x
30 acres, good 4 room plastered
house, barn, wood house, chicken
house, running water, lots of raspber
ries, 1 acre strawberries, fine fam
ily orchard, 8 acres bottom land, 6
acres timber, balance good pasture,
can run at 8 percent.
See? us about theae, you can't beat
them for the money.
228 Oregon bldg. n
t Oregon bldg. Phone 961, ' B
Water Company.:
corner Commercial and .Trad Sts.
. Bills payable, monthly in advance ,
Phon 87. ' :.
I'M 60MNr
CARfeV HleA,
row low-
1 f-sy
l&Au fc.SArs
Eight acres of iog-.snberry land wuh
just a little timber, 1 aores seeded
to oats. 1 H niiies front ear line and
paved street, $ii0.
10i acres with five room House and
barn; nearly all in fruit and berries;
jsssoline puir.p; stock and tools go
with place at $MM.
hi acres with five room bungalow,
barn and silo: 4 acres in clover, bal
ance in crop and pasture; price, with
crop" and- equipment, including
cows ana" ISO chickens. $10,000.
6a acres all in cultivation; 8 room
house and S barns; living water and
well; situated on main graveled road.
1 s a"7 ' ,,f ,.,. n(i
barn; 28 seres in crop; some timber
living water and well; a dandy dairy
ranch. S cows, team, .wagon and har
ness included at the price of $9000,
with $3000 cash. -
"' ' room cottage, modern except
heat large corner lot fruit and gar
age, 8 blocks from carline. $1,700 buys
t part ca&h. .
. S room coteige, 1 blacks from car
paved streets; cement walks This
place Is very convenient to state
house, and can be bought on easy
terms at $1700. :- ' 1
room cottage with Iarwe barn
and lots of fruit. Lot 76x165. Two
blocks from court house, "A snap at
room house, .modern except heat,
with large barn; cement walks, paved
streets; three blocks from state house.
Terms at $3000.
t room old house ana large lot.
known as the "McFadden" property
on North Capitol street Priced at
W-A. Liston
Agent, 484 Conrt street, n!31
4 room bungalow r.hnixt now, mod
ern except basement, good streets,
cement walk and eurU'.ng; j'ist the
place for small family, 1'rios $1800,
terms H cash.
6 room oaUaifJ, ' l:trge lots with
plenty of ruil, i li'it soil, irood g.n dtn,
barn or gartgj. 1-rlco $2000, Icrins
10 room good semi-modern house,
good oorner lot near Statestreet Ex
ceptional buy, Price- $1800, terms
$500 down.
6 room house close in, one of the
beat homes in town, as to location,
construction, appearance, arrange
ment and finishings of the interior, 2
large lots with fruit and good garden,
barn and garage. Price $5000, terms
ft cash.
We are still in the house business as
well as farms large and small. We
advertise only property of merit that
we know is priced right. This is the
only kind we find roady buyers for.
If you have such to sell give us a
chance and we will find you a buyer.
l40B Phone "iX '
8 3-4 aero tract for small home. On
good main road 4 miles from state
house. Black productive soil. -Good
small buildings and 2 chicken hous
es and brooder house. Bargain at
$1500. Terms, -.."'
Excellent dairy farm with 50
acres cultivated and 80 pasture with
good spring. 40 acres in crop. 12
acres of finest beaver dam land in
cultivation. Fine new 6 room plaster
ed house and good big barn, sheds,
etc., all new. On good road and fine
community. Real bargain at $12,000.
Half cash.
60 acres cultivated,. 20 good timber
and balance pasture. About 50 acres
in crop. Close to school. Would make
fine fruit farm. Fair 5 room farm
house, barn 30x60, cow barn, ets. 3
good springs. Equipped with set of
good machinery, 4 horses, 2 cows, 14
sheep, 16 lambs. Plenty of feed. A
fine buy at $100 per acre, Terma
86 acres with 80 acres under culti
vation and nearly all in crop, Adjoins
city limits ot good little city close to
Salem. Good big house, barn 40x60,
2 good silos, ' steam bottle washing
plant and all kinds of necessary out
buildings. Gas engine for pumping
water. Equipped with 14 fine Jer
seys, 5 horses, hogs, wagons, complete
outfit of farm machinery including
hay baler. All crops go with the
place. Raise praotieaHy all of own
feed. Income of more than $511 per
month. Will stand strictest Investiga
tion. Price $17,600. Terms.
.130, acres cultivated and 100 in
crop. Some good timber and balance
is good pasture. On main road and
close to school. 8 room house with hot
and cold water, bath and toilet; etc.
2 barns and plenty of sheds, chicken
and brooder houses. Spring water
piped Into house. Third of crops go
with farm. A snap at $86 per acre.
Good terms.
We have some fine- small home
tracts, fruit tracts and farm lands of
all kinds. Te'll us what you want.
469 State St. Ground floor.
Stove Repairing,
STOVES rebuilt and repaired.- 60
years experience; uepot jNaiionai
and American fence, sizes 28 to 68
Inches high. Paints, oil and varn
ishes,' etc., loganberry and hop
hooks. Salem Fence and Stove
Works, 250 Court strceet. Phone 124
Why Sell for Lean.
WE will pay you more cash for youi
household goods. Get our mo be
fore you sell. Peoples Furnlturt
and Hardware Store. 271 N. Com
mercial street. Phone 714.
SALEM 8CAVA"3ER Garbage and
rsfus of all kinds , removed 00
- monthly eontracts at reaaoaabU
., rate. Cess pools cleaned. Dead nl
rnnis removed. Office phone laall
'lit..' , " ' "
' rvosippiRi, itt-BfterTl V" ' ". . . 'V. -..;-'" :" -,.' ," - -
BeoBy AIN'T (0O 6t t Xk " ' " ' " " '
' AMY tTttatTtf , ,, "(t'Vel SOT Trie , " J '
' c Ya ALWAYS'. T 6V t aW P00CH TlSB'TO ; NsecTl f
' ought to ue 0s1w6 if. O THfl ues CP . i ! j
j2-" !?'1 -i-4rx ' -.ft
- 'J t . -V""-.. 4-. m-m
x.jw: A I- A 4.;.
i Li r
. '. .-'." I- i, . ir i
at the price ktt near Salem 4 scro ;
1 svrvs prusi'-s tso:n l1' t . L. jc's'o
old; Ht acres toman berrie; lt acres 1 j
v:i;tuits, not frozen. "Iwo acre mixed 1
family orchard, two acres timber;!
balance cultivated pasture. Splendid j
10 room house, new fruit dryer, cost
$;;; barn, warehouse, tank, wind
mill, etc., and only 2 miles from Lib
erty and State streets; is on paved
road. If this place is sold within 3d
days the price is $26,000; H uown,
balance S to 5 years at S per cent
The place Will pay for itself in that
time. ' '
A chance for a poor man 68.61
acres, 9 miles east of Lebanon; 45
acres- in cultivation, 1 8 acres beaver
dam, balance finest of soil; woven
wire fencing, for $4000. Now here is
your chance, you can take possession
of this place on the following terms:
Pay the interest at 7 per cent on
$4000 plus the taxes. $30, with $200
cash, $510 in all: the second year pay
the interest and taxes, la- the two
years you will be required to put
$1000 in buildings on place; small
payments every year after that; ad
joining this place Is 32.5 acres ait in
cultivation with, house, barn, out
buildings' that can be bought for
$4000 on easy terms,. Lebanon has
creamery, cannery, paper mill, lc
Rocked roads clear to Lebanon.
Farm 8 miles east of Salem on
rocke road to be paved soon, 140
acres; 70 acres under cultivation; bal
ance timber and good pasture, lays
fine; 7 room plastered house, fine
new barn, one old barn, chicken
houses; one third of crop goes and all
the clover: running water, two drill
ed wells; can be easily divided. Price
$15,000. terms. Will take a good oun-
galow in Salem a part payments
Five room cottage, modern In ev
ery reapeot, paved street, desirable
location, close in. $295.0.
Another one off Highland avenue,
two lots, house; $1800, terms,
Still another in same neighborhood,
$M?0, terms.
One of the best bargains In city. In
the most select neighborhoods, six
rooms, garage, paved street; $5000,
A list of twenty other houses to
select from,
A restaurant doing fine business,
one of the best stores on Commercial
ffret A hotel and rooming house in
the center of town.
In every part of the country. 1
have a customer waiting for the right
kind of a 40 acre tract and another
one for a 2 acre traot. It might be
yours is the one. Come in and B6 me
402 Oregon bldg. Plione 708. n
PHONE 961. 829 OREGON bldg. a
We have a number of clients with
good city property who want to give
their houses as part payment on tracts
Phone 1130 and tell us where your
traot is located, .
469 State St. Ground floor.
Money to Loan.
On good real estate security
Over- Ladd Bush Bank, Salem, fin
Money to Loan.
Federal Farm Loans
Any amount Long time.
8tt and percent Interest.
City building loans.
A. C." Eohrnstedt.
401 Masonle Temple, Salem, Oreor
FARM LOANS -Any amount, tow
rates. Full repayment privileges
Very prompt service. Ask about out
20-year loans at 6 per cent Haw
kins A Roberts, 808 Oregon bldg
Salem, Or.
triit-optlclany eyes- thoroughly e
amlned, glasses made and fitted
$10-18 V B. ban. Phone 84t;
DHS. WHITE and Marshall, osteo-r-)g,
phone 834,
Lodge Directory.
TOrv CIIEMEKETA 1 dge Wo. 1
J meets every Wednesday
evening at 8:00 at I. O. O. F. hall.
Cornaok hall on every Tuesday at
8. J. L Tuoker, 0. C. P. i. Kuata
K. R. 8.
bly No. 84 meets every Thursday at
8 p. m. In I. O. O. F. hall. P. A
dresen, M. A.; A. A. Gueffroy, see
retary, Salem, Or.
TEAM, Auto Truck and Deliver!
Drivers Union No, 119 meet every
Wednesday evening at the Label
Temple, 8 o'clock.
Oregon Grage camp No, I860 meet
every Thursday evening in McCor
Back hall. Elevator serviced Oracle
' Mrs Carrie E. Bunn, 848 Union Bt
recorder. Melissa persons, 1418 M
4th street, phne1436M.
W76.W. SALEM CAMP lli-Meeti
every Friday night at 8 o'clock It
MsCornack hall, cor, Conrt and LU
erty Bt Visiting Woodmen welcome
C. D. Rose. C. C: L, S. Jer. elerl
Oregon Cedar Camp No. $344
meets every Thursday ervening at I
o'clock in McCornaek building
Court and Liberty streets. H. O
Coursey, V. C; Frank A. Turner
Clerk. ' -
ran $55.
Eutterfat: Butterfat Sic; creamery
butter 56 u 57c
Pork, vtil a:i,l mutton: TV."; en
foot 14 " 14 ''4 c; .,1 f-iiicy 16 j 16'--:
teers 9 : 10c; i-pt.Pg Umbs 10c; co-4
7 4i 9c; ewes SSlic; -sheep, yearlns,
Eggs and piltry: Eggs cash 3Ss:
light hens 2Sc; heavy hens SOc; ci.l
roosters 15 916c; broilers SO&Stc
Vegetables: Onions per pound 4.:;
celery do. $1.76; potatoes, Yakima
So, Oregon Jc; neets per wun.
12: turnips per sack $4.50; carrots
ner sack $2JjO; parsnips per
$3.50l spinach 10c lb; radishes 75o
dos; asparagus 15c; new potatoes
11c; bunch beets 45c; cabbage 4c;
head lettuce 90c do; red peppers
25c; rhubarb 4c; peas 10c; toniawe
ISO. -
Fruit: Strawberries $4.50; orange
$6.60 7.00; lemons $5.50; bananas
11 Ho; honey extract 20c.
Retail prices: Eggs dosen 40c;
creamery butter 60 62c; country
butter 55c; flour hard wheat $3.50 4
3.75; soft wheat $3.
Portland, June 1. Cattle lower;
receipts 734; grain and pulp fed.
steers $13.0012.50; choice $11.25
U.75; good to choice $10.75 11.25:
medium to good $9.7510.75; fair to
good $8.759.7B; common to fair
$8.008.75; choice cows and heifera
$9.75 10.25;. good to choice $8.75 i9
9.75; medium to good $8.00 9.00:
fair to medium $7.00 8,00; cannera
$5.008.00; bulls $6,0009.00; prime
$5.O06.0O; bulls $6.00 8,75; prime
light oalves $12.00 13.60; medium
Hogs steady: receipts 782; prime
mixed $I4.7515.00; medium $14.!J
14.75; smooth heavy $11.00 13.00;
rough heavy $10.0011.00; pigs $11
Sheep steady; receipts 244; prime
lambs $13.OO13.60; culls $9,000
11.00; yearlings $8.00 10,00; weth
ers $79; ewes $38.
Butter '
Portland, Or. June t Cubes ex
tra 49o; parchment wrapped dox
lots 54c; cartons 65c; half boxes Ho
more, lesa than tt boxes lo mores
butterfat 61 62c f. o. b. station; 6Sa
Poultry and Eggs
Portland, Or. June 1, Eggs sell
ing price case count 39c: buying
price case count 37c; selling priee
candled 41c; selected candled In oar
tons 43o. . " ' "
Poultry: Hena- SS35c; broilers 18
roosters - 16c; turkeys- dressed 63
55o; geese 2235of ducks 404H5O.
Wheat $2.20; premium 65o soft.
70o hard; barley toed $66.60 buying;
oats toed $68 71; corn No. 8 yellow
$78 milling price.
Mlllstuff: Mill run $64 58 ton.
Hay: buying price: timothy $31 f.
o. b. Portland; alfalfa $37; grain $30;
clover $82.
LAWN mowers, safety raxors, cutlery,
sharpened, loeksmlthlng, saw fit
ing. umbrellas, repairing all kinds.
Stewart's Repair Shop, 847 Court
St. .- : - .
OAT Meal Paper, 80-Inch tan, extra
special, 84o double roll. Max O.
Buren, 178 N. Com'l n
Liners To Have
New Stabilizers
San Francisco. Two new liner the
Pacific Steamship oompany is planning
will be equipped with gyroscope ata
blllserN, it has. been announced. The
device, not yet used on the Paclfio
coast, consists ot a great flywheel op
orated by electricity and revolving on
a horlsontal plane. It tends to prevent
the rolling of a ship.
Labor Slights Prince.
Melbourne, Australia. The Mel
bourne Trades Hull council has decid
ed that It will not be officially repre
sented at any function connected with
the Prince of Wales; visit here .be
cause the money that would be spent
ou such functions could be used In the
Interests of the wage earners whereas,
the council asserted, the proposod ex
penditure would bolster up the capital
lstic system. The resolution also re
quested trades -unionists to refuse to
allow their children to participate In
the welcome to the Prince or any sim
ilar function.
'pout of Tin: siERnw
Oakland, Cal, Cl.'iudo Hamilton
Welton, known as "King of the Ho
boes" graduate of two universities,
lawyer and pnychulOgtot, hae returned
to his home here to start a campaign
for the establishment of a memorial
to Joaquin Miller, "the poet of the 81
errae." -''
Welton plans to begin work In Ala
meda county within the next month
for the permanent preservation of
"The Heights" in East Oakland, where
the poet made his home.
IriKh Banker finarded.
Dublin. The holdups In the south
of Ireland of bank officials ha led to
an Interetsing counter move, A party
of 30" civilians escorted twe official
of the Munster and Lelnster bank from
TIpperary to a suboffiee at Gal bally,
county Limerick, nine miles distant,
where a cattle fair was held. Two ot
the members of the escort went In
front on horseback, and the remainder
followed in cars.
Copyright, 120, by H.
Trrt Mnrh Hea II R
C Fisner.
P ffloe.