Capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1919-1980, May 25, 1920, Page PAGE TWO, Image 2

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Victor Point By Score Of 7 To 5 (Feeble Minded "VcTm. 'm anUmus and compuno,, coni-jMr. nW-
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Colts Best Turner Children Are To
Stage Cantata
rinal figures
In Polk
Vote Tabulated
School To Hold
Picnic May 29
wctor romt, or.. May 25. There
will be a school picnic In the grove at
jthe school house Saturday, May 29.
Dallas, Or., May 25. The following iThe Program which will be given by
la a complete count of the 37 precincts
In Iolk county:
Delegate to republican national con
vention at large, Boyd 1030, Butler 622
Cameron SS2, Carey 682. Compton 489,
Harrison 494. Hiekey 326, Kollock 242.
McDonald 412, McLean 536, Maris 4(6.
AlcCaniant 630, Olson 429, Rand 648,
Btewart 603.
Delegate to republican national con
vention, first congressional district,
Adams C27, Booth 751. Kendall 05.
Walter I Tooze Jr. 110, Wright man
President, Hoover 284, Johnson 5S8,
Lowden 203, Wood 1050.
United States senator, Abraham 683,
Btanfield 1279.
Representative In congress, first dis
trict. W. C. Hnwley 1603.
Secretary of state, Coburn 88, Jon
352, Kozer 770, Lockley 220, Parsons
260. Schulderman 127, Wood 170.
Public service commissioner, Buch
tel 1094, Cousin 632.
Representative, 12th district, D. E.
Fletcher 1179, George T. Gerlinger
Senator (democratic), Chamberlain
C24, Starkweather 298.
Measures, 300 1778, 301 946; 302
1908, 303 1063; 304 1843, 305 1169;
106 1238, 307, 9P5; 308 1483, 309 1339;
110 1905, 311 1202; 312 1520, 313 1355;
S14 2093, 315 962; 316 1954, 317, sr.
seven public school of the neighbor
hood, will start at 10:30 a. m. H, C
Seymour, state industrial club leader,
ana several of the Marion
school officers will be present
The Standard Sewing club of the
victor Point school will give an exhi-
Diuon of their work.
ah are invited to come and bring
tuncnes tor a basket dinner at noon.
Waconda, Or., May 2a. In a game
that is deservedly qualified as fast, the
Waconda Colts defeated the Turner
team by a 7-5 score in a game on Wa-
For three innings, Teddie Girod, minded
An all day exhibition of fancy
work, basketry and other accomplish-
! ments. will ha heiri t thp futile
institution Wednesday, May
who usually plays short for Waconda,
held down the hurling assignment, but
as the Turner batters reached him
easily, Manager Russcl put in the reg
26. In the evening the eantata-"LlUle
i Boy Blue" will be presented in the
I grove surrounding the school.
The characters for the cantata have
Duroc Swine Men
To Hold Annual
Rally Here June 5
The annual picnic of the Oregon Ru
roc Jersey Breeders accosiation will be
held in this city June 5, it was an
nounced here Tuesday. Arrangements
for the picnic are complete, and a pro
gram providing interesting features is
ready. A large number of the breeders
and fanciers of Uuroc swine will be
present, and they will be feted to an
old-time picnic dinner.
In case of inclement weather, the
following program will be held inside: j
10:09 to 10:90 a., m. Gather at Ma
rion Square, corner Marlon and Com
mercial streets.
10:30 a. m. Visit state cupitol
buildings and grounds.
11:00 a. m. Reception by Hon. Ben
W. Olcott, governor of Oregon, at his
11:30 a. m, to 1:30 p. m. Picnic
dinner and get-together meeting at
Marlon Square.
1:30 p. m. Address, "The Oregon
Duroc," Grant B. Dlmick, Oregon
City, Or.; address, "Reminiscences of
Eurly Duroc Days," L. H. -Roberts, Sa
lem, Or.; address, "Advertising Du
rocs,'" W. L. Hheard, D;iyton, Or.; short
business session, J. W. Fruit, Brooks,
Or., president of th Oregon Duroc as-i
nidation, presiding.
Cheese Factory
At Silverton
Selling Direct
Silverton, Or. May 25. Taking the
sales of their product entirely out of
the hands of the middlemen, the Ever
r I Cheese Factory association is
selling direct to the retail dealers. John
Zohlor, the cheesemaker, stated that
they find inui'h better profits and
quicker sales In this new method. They
are now selling nil that can be manu
factured to merchants In Silverton, Mt
iiiiu vniiiuuiirn, and tney art
manufacturing about 250 pounds pet
nay. Men stndell. son of Rudolph
PTttncn, secretary of the association, is
acting as salesman nnd Is meeting with
success. The one handicap, he snvs, Is
i A ..... .. ...
..,...,i,,r io me mug. Tney are
' nylng 65 cents for butterfat now and
would be able tn pav "0 cents If they
could secure, enough to keep the fac
tory running at Its full capacity. This
thi-v hope to do soon. At the recent
election of officers and directors J. W.
r-r.'iv was elected president. Having
int staying" qualifications It R evl
dent that the enterprle will be sue.
cessful under the new management.
The Julius Madder farm In the Kver
given district was sold n few days npo
, to eastern parties who will take .poses.
Hton next fall. p. J. Neuswanger, who
, has been living on the place for three
years, will move back to Illinois In Oc
tnlier, where he has large farming In
terest. Mr. Mad ler, Ills father-in-law
In now living in Portland and Is said to
Be In a critical condition.
Ham Kaser Jr., who lost his house by
t fire a few months ago, hns erected a
; temporary home nn the farm south
rwot of the city nnd will build later
when conditions become normal.
Farm Specialist
To Talk In Club
Chambers Tonight
iwrauie oi contusion in dates the
lecture Tuesday evening by R. A.
Kroh, farm specialist, will not be
held in the armory, but will be held
tn the auditorium of the Salem Com-
-anercial club. When the date of his
appearance at the armory was first
Itiven It was not known that the ar
mory would be In use for another
purpose. It was explained at the Com
mercial club offices Tuesday morning
Mr. Kroh'a appearance here Is tin
der the auspices of the Marlon coun
ty community federation and agrlcul
.ture department of the Salem Com--aiercial
club. Ha is from Akron, Ohio,
and is reputed to be one of the best
authorities on farming in the coun
try. His address, which Is free and
pen to the public, will deal with the
.question of keeping young folks on
the farm, and of general fucm conditions.
Rural Sections
Near Silverton
Show Progress
Silverton Or.. May 25. Silverton is
not alone In its development. In all
parts of the rural districts thATA fa a
spirit of progress manifested and new
Ntlinll'll.hAniu Darns ana new
farms are being established. Despite
the high cost of all kinds of building
material, there seems to be more de
velopment going on in the vicinity of
Silverton than has been seen for many
years. August- Llndhalm sold sixty
acres oi iana west of the city a few
days ago taan eastern party. Thl in.
eludes that portion of the place con
taining, the house and hum. ir
halm will build a modern home near
the road on a small tract which he re
served for that purpose. He expects to
sell off the remainder of his land and
will probably retire.
H.. F. Lovelin, who came here from
Wisconsin a few months ago and pur
chased the Schubert place west of the
city, has Just finished a modern home
which will be ready to occupy th
week. In addition to the new home
Mr. Lovelin is installing a water sys
tem and will later install a lighting
system. In speaking of the change he
had made Mr. Lovelin thinks the Wil
lamette valley is about as near perfect
as any oountry that can be found and
he is developing his farm with a view
of making his permanent home here,
Philip Stortz, who bought a portion
of the San Kaser farm southwest of
the cty recently, has commenced build
ing the foundation for a new home and
will also build a barn and other out
buildings during the summer. On the
opposite side of the road from the
Stortz buildings, A. R. Mathyas resides
having Just purchased the propert
from Mr. Kaser.
C. Strand living on the adjoining
mm is uuuaing an addition to an
Dan Dybesetler, who recently pur
chased the Sam Storts farm near
Skandla station, is also making sub
stantial Improvements about the place.
Adolph Harl is erecting a new barn
on his farm in trie Evergreeii district
which he purchnsed last fall.
S. Torven Is erecting a barn on the
Portorff place which ha purchased a
few months ago.
Others In 'the country tributary to
Silverton are making plans for greatei
deevlopment and before the winter
sets in the farmers near here will have
spent many thousands of dollars in
Improving their holdings.
uiar tosser, nig t eiton. wno neid down been picked from every grade in the
hits for the remainder of the game. j institution, and the children best suit
Batteries: For Turner Bones. Shots ed for th ni-t hv Wn
and Ritchie; Waconda Glrow, Feiton
and Jones.
Four runs were secured from Girod,
while Feiton only issued one score.
Bones for the visitors gave five tallies
and Shets stood for two more.
chosen to delineate thera. The public
is extended an invitation to attend
both the exhibit and entertainment.
address to commissioners of the Pits-,"" i. ......... ...,,...,, ...
byterian General Assembly. j front those internal restraints and com
"Every conceivable explanation ot pulsions wmen tiKUiiguisn liberty
the unree-t, dissatisfaction and disorder: from license."
that prevail thrajghout the world hasi
been proposed except the one that is ; -j . y- in,,
deepest and most important," he said. j UmCCL i aCZOr y
Having come to feel himself quite su-1 , jj & J. J
perior to all that has gone before .and! j O tSC KeStOTeCt
being without faith in anything that! ' . '
lies beyond, man has tended to become Portland. Or., May r
an extreme egoist. The wisdom, thejthe immediate rebuilding of the plant
!....:. .ian,iitn(.nMi.,imi "f the North Portland Box company., ira ...v...... ....... . , .J 1 Allfl
n um. nao , n ... u.u, vu .in
Mrs. Even
S urine, has died
Hauser Team Lands
Game From Weavers
And Leads Series
Standing of the Trams.
L. P.C.
0 1.000
0 1.000
1 .000
1 .000
1 .000
Hauser Invlncibles ... 2
Spauldlng Loggers 1
Statehouse Stars 1
Y Tigers 0
Valley Motorists 0
Kay Weavers 0
With the score of 10-4 the Hauser
Jnvincibles defeated the Kay Weavers
nine at Sweetland Field, Monday night
Hulsey tossed for the Invlncibles,
while Lehman was the Weavers' bat
tery lead. With the exception of Hul
sey, team personnels were unchanged.
This puts the Hauser Invlncibles
team two games ahead in the Twilight
league series. The next game will be
played Wednesday night at 6:10 p. m.
The Stars and Tigers crossing willows.
The games are free.
Where They Play
San Francisco, May 25. Pacific
Coast league schedule for May 25-30:
Oakland at San Francisco.
Sacramento at Portland.
Salt Lake at Seattle.
Vernon at Los Angeles.
Deschanel Will
Rest Ten Days
After Accident
Paris, May 25. President Deschanel
will occupy rooms at the Chateau Ram
bouiilet for at least ten days there, to
recover from his harrowing experience
yesterday morning when he fell from a
moving train near Montargis. The
chateau has not been occuoied since
President Fallieres was in office.
The executive, says the Echo Del
Paris, owes his life to the fact that the '
auiuuu striae brought about a sus
pension of a Paris bound train due to
pass the spot where the president took
his plunge from his car at almost the
exact time of the incident.
the now tested solely by Its immediate
results, and these results are increas-
inelv measured in terms of the ma
terial and emotional satisfaction of the
"In a world so constituted and so
motived unrest, dissatisfaction and dis
order are a necessity. Set free a million
or a thousand million human wills to
work each for the accomplihment of
Its own Immediate material satisfac
tion and nothing but unrest, dissatis
faction and disorder is possible.
"What seems to have happened is
that in setting free the individual hu-
which swept that section last Sunday,
!are now being made, according to an
nouncement by Foster Beeson, man
ager of the factory.
The box factory, which is a ub
sidiary of Swift and company, sus
tained the greatest loss. The estaimate
made Sunday night by other officials.
who place dthe loss of the company
Christian Faith '
Urged As Remedy
For World Ills
Philadelphia. Christian faith as a
cure for the world's Ills was advocated
See C W. Brants
Auction Sale Ad
450 S. 14th Street
Thursday May 27, 1:30 p. m.
See E. L Meyers'
Auction Sale Ad
1480 Bellevue St.
Friday, May 28, 1:30 p. m.
Kidney, liver, bladder and uric acid
troubles are most dangerous be
cause cf their insidious attacks.
Heed the first warning they give
that they need attention by taking
mi a
The world's standard remedy for the
disorders, will often ward off these di.
ssu and strengthen the body again: t
further attacks. Three sizes, all druggists.
Lest far lh name CU Mdl oa arr Ui
mad scopt no imiUtioa
ne n,v. .
after , k.,
7?il. TV. tvi . V
New York, if yo tn
uuwii, weaK
br... :
nervous. 1
morning, and geriera!l "
are the symptoms thatZf
you to -take care of y ,
Four persons in ever, teo !
ing more phosphorus is ft
W hen you see thio. and ,
Pie; or those who are.
frai). oft despondent or lacfenT
ergy, you may look tat tht J!,'
certain elements that nuktTl
strong constitution. 'i
Some people, after rely 1
preparations composed chiedj of Z. 1
quinine, drastic drugs, im,JZ
cod liver oil. etc, wondor .k. f !
find no benefit. That is easily oZ i
y "10 mat sucll wrMU j
the phorphoric element, which k i
most potent essential to hnltn. n' I
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THATE, are a few simple to I
rules and a J300 guarantee. Bjj ,
box of
and recommended by all good in
gists everywhere. tii
Operation Not Successful
"16 years ago I was operated for
appendicitis and later operated again
for gall stones. Neither did me any
good and I suffered all kinds of tor
ture since. Five years ago I took
Mayr's Wonderful Remedy and have
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stomach sufferers should take It." It
Is a simple, harmless preparation that
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Intestinal tract and allays the inflam
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stomach, liver and intestinal ailments,
including appendicitis. One dose will
convince or money refunded. J. C.
j Perry, 13. J. Fry and druggists every
where, (adv)
From Portland to The t)alles In TO
minutes by airplane is the rvuuict
made by Thomas Karghcr of Dufur.
it at the bottom of moat
digestive ills.
for Indlgettlon afford pleas
ing and prompt relief from
the distress of acid-dyspepsia,
ip Us Your Wool
We do cleaning and carding for
comforters and mattresses. Manu
facturers of pure wool bats
Portland, Oregon
TOO Umatilla Avenue
802 Spalding Bldg.
Used for 70 Years jUvA
tiiiu us us vjiaiiuiouuin y. WIW'dF
youthful sppcarance lias t j
remained until vouth has . h .
become but a memory. V j
rh nfl rlin,l n,.rlu -CE4'
whir HnrwArdnrr it
renders leaves lb joy rj " f
yens rt ,i ,. Ja
if iiti Hid, im.'aja
I la-
i IA
I 'lOtoaSHASTAj' J I
Southern Pacific
I fl !i W ! Ill I W ' I
Ui H 1,1 (k mi? 4 S I 1 P ill il! I! I r
rMllliiiitliiilluiiiMtol likiiiiUulliiiuiuliwiiUliililuiiiltlluii
KmploKa Nell Property.
. Berlin. - Kmpluyes at the anallne
dve works at Ludwigahfen stole 0.
.00.000 marks worth of the company's
proi.rtv last year, according to a dls-
fMtrh to the Rundschau. The thieving
was going on mo openly and in such a
rmatlo manner that the company
finally was obliged to call for 140 arm
d deputies. When they arrived the
workers attacked them and severe tv
injured nine. The rest of the deputies '
flel ,
Series 20 Big-Six
High efficiency and economy
even on low grades of fuel, art
secured in the BIG-SIX by scien
tific carburetion and perfected
"hot spot" manifold design.
Only by a demonstration can
you judge Studebaker perform
ance. 60 HJ". eWaeKabU metan fcataiw
dutt truuniukm) 126-inck wbaelbasa,
tasoriac ample room for wna adults,
AM ShaUWW Cm are mipm wta
"Thu is a Stadebaker Year"
Salem. Ore.
Is ready to
move promptly to any point in this
State or any other State it serves
and Fuel Oil
offered it for shipment and is ready
to do all in its power to remedy any
existing shortage with good service.
mthern Pacific Company