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Aterage for Six Months rntliitff
Man SI, liO
Member of Audit Biincan of Ctrenlattoa
..-.i Minimum temixialure SS;
Associated Press lull Letised Wire
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Johnson Apparent
All Amendments
Kozer Safe
Portland. Or., Kay 22. In the
democratic senatorial contest. Sen
tor George E. Chamberlain was lead
L Harvey 0. Starkweather by 1737
votes in a recapitulation made at 2
o'clock. This was from 19 counties in
complete, Including Multnomah.
Sam Kozer, acting secretary of state
mmi assured of the nomination, his
vote at 2 0 clock oeing n aim intu
o his neaerst opponent, Lockley,
Senator Johnson carried Multnomah
county, ami he is leading in Clacka
mas, Clatsop. Columbia, Coos, De
chutes. Hood l-tlver, Jefferson, Jose
ohine Klamath Marion, Tillamook,
Incomplete returns from . various
representative sections of .the state
Indicate that all of the, constitutional
amendments with the exception of
that providing for the successor-whip
to the office of governor have earried
hy lafe margins.
CHAMBKRIjAIV, staxfield
Geo. E. Chamberlain was the 2 io
1 choice of Marion county democrats
tor nomination for the office of Uffit
ed States senator on the face of re
turns from 60 complete precincts in
the county this afternoon. The vote
stood Chamberlain 713, Starkweather
38S. The returns Indicate a majority
of between 400 and BOO for Chamber
lain in the county. - , ;'
Stanfiel dwas the choice of , the
county republicans, polling 1628 votes
8 against 938 for Abraham.
With 88 precincts out of 74 in the
county reported complete up to 1:30
o'clock this afternoon, the . mninge
bill for the supporfof the elementary
schools in the state was leading by
a' safe margin, but its companion
measure to give aid to the Institu
tions of higher learning was behind.
The returns include only, a few of
the city and Town precincts of the
county, where the vote for botin of
the miliage bills was heaviest, and it
ii probable tliiit both will be given a
majority in the county when all of
the returns have been tabulated.
The blind 'school measure and the
one restoring capital punishment in
the state both carried in these pre
clncts, as did the proposal to . allow
l 4 percent bonded Indebtedness In
the state for the construction of roads
The vote for these 38 precincts on
the various amendments was as fol
lows: . .
. Eminent domain for roads, yes 2,
506, no 1672.
Four percent limitation, yes 2260,
no 2164.
Capital punishment, yes 2436, no
1988. - - . ;
Crook and Curry bonding, yes 1698
m W3- . ... , 4 , ... ,': -.
Successor to governor, yes 2002, no
2222. 1
Higher educational tax,
0 2475.
Soldiers aid; yes 1775, no 2435.
State school tax, 2472, no 1984
Blind school, yes 2216, no 2030.
Ti , n; ,4" a -
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I ;.- C'W,
y -
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Carranza Is Officially
Reported Killed; Died
While Resisting Attack
Mexico City, May 22, President
I Venustiano .Cananta, who wltn a
small party of followers has been
.fugitive in the mountains of Puebla
'since late late week, was killed at
Tlaxcalantongo early Thursday morn-'
jing according to official announce
ment here. His companions, the names
! of whom are unknown also were kill-.
General Rodolfo Herrera, it is
said, directed the attack that result
ed in. the death of the fugitive presi
dent and his followers. He belonged
to forces commanded by Generai
Francisco Mariel, who accompanied
Carranza in his flight from this city
but who last week Joined the revolu
tionists. . j
There is some uncertainty regard
ing the exact affiliation of General
Herrera. It is generally believed pos
sible, however, that he commanded a
small group which was with the flee
ing president. He was in rebellion
against carranza tor several years,
centering his operations in the state
oi lueoia. He surrendered last
Marcn to uenerai Mariel,. who was
in command of government forces (n
that state. :
When General Mariel went over to
the revolutionists last week a portion
or hia troops, It is known, remained
loyal to the president and belief ex
ists that Carrania might have take.i
along with htm In his flight toward
Tuxpam, Herrera's forces, which fin
ally turned against him. Tlaxcalanton
go is a small village in the vicinity
of Huauchlnango In the northern
"panhandle" of the state of Puobia.
It is approximately 85 miles from San
Andres, where Carranza left his forc
es and took refuge In the mountains.
The official announcement was given
out at 10:30 o'clock last night fron
the headquarters of General Obregon.
Washington, May S3. No
agreement on plans for adjust
ment or recess of congress over
the political conventions . was
reoched today at tine conference
; of republican senators.
.t Washington, May 22. Frank
, HU Hitchcock, former postmaster
general- has- been summoned by
: the senate presidential campaign
expense Investigating .committee
to appear n( the opening inquiry
Monday as the representative of
Major General Leonard Wood,
republican, and Bernard M. Bar
uch ns the representative of Wil
liam G. McAdoo, democrat.
Torreon, Coahuilo, Mex., May
82. Forces of Governor Domingo
Arrleta who has not yet recognlz- .
ed tiie revolution, numbering 800
cavalry under Colonel Larls yes
terday gave buttle to revolution
ary troops under General Miguel
Lavega, near CamUInn, Durango,
General P. Ellas On lies announc
ed today. Seven Carranzistag
were killed, i
Three Amendmen ts to
City Charter Favored
In" Seven Precincts
yes 1964,
Wood Choice
Of Voters of
Z Kat, Perm
;vi Vjrt-ncrni 1 anno rH -Wnn ta
'Je choice of the republican voters
1 Polk county for president on the
out . lncoml'lerf returns from 24
unl Prec,"2(s in that county at
m Saturday. Wo..d showed a total
I 448 votes, .lonnson 325. Hoovr
"I, Lowdon 135. .
StanfieM w leading Albert AV.i
S 0bett'" :hd ntwo vote, to n-,
8tanfii v-! count thowinp 792.
Mar1" KZ ' '!M lea,11'1B f'V a wl0,J
'f ln th" race for Ilia u p'.ihilcir.
'muatio,, .,. of 8t,,t& Tn0
Lockley 13.4. Schulderman
All city charter amendments sub
mitted to the voters of Balem In the
special city election Friday will 'be
passed, It was indicated at 2:80 p. m.
today. With complete reports from
seven of the IS precincts in the city
showing substantial majorities In fav
or of all of the three amendments, it
was felt certain by some that when
returns from all of the precinct, are
in the amendments will have been
passed without a doubt. .
The amendment providing an In
crease in .the salary of the chief f
police, or fixing at 1800 a year, was
in the lead with the following total
votes in the seven precincts heard
from: 739 yes, 273 no.
The amendment changing the mode
of street assessments' in the t-ity.
shouldering the expense of street and
Companions Reported Safe '
- Mexico CitS?, May" 22. Reports 're
ceived here early ; this morning, state
that General Juan Barragan, chief of
the presidential staff; Ygnaclo Bonll
Ias, ' former Mexican ambassador at
Washington; General Marclano Gon
zales and General Frederlco Montes,
who accompanied President Carran
za In his flight from San Andreas, are
safe. No mention Is made of the oth
ers In tile party which It. is believed
Include Luis Cabrera, minister of the
treasury, Alfonso Cabrera, his broth
er, governor of Puebla and General
Francisco Murguia,..who acted as com
alley Intersection paving on the city, mander of Carranza troops after tho
and changing the assessed property 1 president had fled from this city,
into zones Instead of lots stood at 665 - Orders have been given that a train
yes, and 367 no, at latest reports this be taken to Beristaln, the nearest rail
The city of Salem shall Include the
State fair grounds within its boundar
ies if the poll continues as recorded
from precincts 3, 6, 12, 13, 8, 9 and
15 at two o'clock this afternoon. The
total vote on this measure from these
seven precincts stood: 694 yes, and
461 no.
Complete returns from the remain
ing 11 precincts ln the city are not
expected to alter the positions on
these amendments. In other precincts
it was reported by judges that com
plete returns on city offices and
amendments would not be forthcom
ing before evening.
Davey and Martin In
Lead for Representative
Of the
'e offi,
republican candidates for
Ce Of deleirntAa tA ,l .,,!.., ,1
nvetlon from
the atatd at h.rge,
pZ, e selcted,. McniaHt, Unrol.
' er and Carey were running clui-e
10 the ordfr named.
, 'he ra,e for delegate from ??.r
h rlCt Walt'; ,J- To JV h5
,e lead, while Wrightman nnl
lic Ttr runnIn8 for seeo id
!re)jr 449 anii 45 rwpect-
w the demcrattc ballot the nice
Chanberlain and Starkweath
The x" WaIk away tor th former,
ftiri, 8tood Chamberlain 363.
""reather i80.
tarnS .n J3" of tie Inco"plete re
!,. "J1 ot tne constitutional am.n1
measures on the ballot carried.
vte stood:
li'.oe,i8,0main Ver raili'' ye3 '
'ttt bn,! taX 1'm'tat'on, yes 1192.
Crola!nPUnishme ' no 791.
55j Curry bonJ act. yes 805. no
accessor to governor.' yes 917. no
jher education tal ye, 11 8 J. no
' wn."r. t$T. n. s:';
iU mnary school tax. yes 1324. no
. Blind
Kay, Perry, Looney, Martin and
Davey are the apparent choices of
the republican voters of Marion cou .
ty to represent them in the lower
house of the legislature for the cum
ins terra on the face of complete re
turns from 51 precincts this afternoon.
Oscar Steelhammer wag leading
West in the assessorship race by n
margin of 300 votes and is apparent
ly nominated.
The resulu on the county republi
can ballot up to the time of going to
press stood:
Representative; Kay 121.. Perry L
365, Looney 2268, Davey I960, Mar
tin 1916. Weeks 1690, Riggs 161,
Wrightman 1604, Hughes 1470. Zirn
1381. Busselle 1264, Keber t. Wat-
onn 1174. Davidson 1090.
Qualifying Round
For President's Cup
Played Sunday
The qualifying round for the pres
idents cup will be played on Sunday
May 23. This will be a handicap
match with 'the low sixteen qualify
ing for niatch play on the following
Sundays. The match with the Eugene
Country club team has been postpon-j
ed until some time in Jun-s. This vlll
give some of the newer players more
time to reduce their handicaps to a
point where they will be eligible for
way point to Tlaxcalontongo, to
celve the bodies of those killed.
Marion County
Precinct Vote
Davison "?":...,. ;!the Salem team, and wit the larg
Assessor: Jones , number who are taking an Interest In
Z024, West 1 1 sv
" Vr. winner In the con-1 the game a.em snou.a . "P. ..
tAMf for coroner. The late
show Rigdon with 1468 votes
r-inntrh-. 1107. with the former
creasing his lead as further precincts.
are reported.
. . . .. AHnKAfl.n,lr.n than Vl O
which aeieatea t'wne euruw
Census Figures
Washington. May 22. Jer
sey City, K. J-, 297,864, In
crease 30.085 or U.2 per
cent. Lowell, Mass., 112,479. in
crease 6185 or 5.8 percent.
Lawrence, Kan., 12,456, in
crease 82, or .7 percent.
. Tampa. Fla., 61,252 in
crease 13479 or 35.7 percent
Wakefield, Mass., 13.010, in
crease 1606 or 14.1 percent.
to one
fif- in the month.
There will also be a match for the
I ladies who will ply i. i-M" meuai
play (18 on May 21 and 1 on may
30. for a prize put up by T. B. Kav.
A chicken dinner will be served at
the club for all members and the'.r
guests and as it will be on of the
"Johnnie Jones" kind 'here HhfUid
be a large turnout.
Kansas City, Mo., May 22. Kansas
i City dealers ln wearing apparei au
rert today reductions from ten O
! sixty percent. .
i One department store offers wo-
!nWa silk h&se. formerly I to io
for tl.65
for 37.75.
and shoes "formerly 116" I
St. Paul Precinct, Republican
Delegate at large: Boyd 36, Butler
28, Cameron 11, Carey 8, Compton 9,
Harrison 8, Hickey 9, Kollock 4, Mc
Donald 27, McLean 9, Maris 7, Mc
Camant 18, Olson 36, Rand 23, Sk-w-art
Senator: Abraham 21, Stanfield 50
. Secretary of state: Coburn 6. vons
.6, Kozer 81, Lockley 8, Parsons 7,
Schulderman 10, Wood 7. 1
Assessor: Tones 15. Steelhammer
29, West 29. ,
Convention first district; Tooze 36
Wrightman 44.
. President: Hoover 2, Johnson 57,
Lowden 5, Wood 17.- ,
Representative: Busselle 13. Davey
,58, Davidson 18, Hughes 7, Kay 48,
Keber 54, Looney 42, Martin 10, Per
ry 11, Riggs 6, Watson 14, Weeks 18,
Wrightman 13, Zorn 48.
j Coroner: Clough 48, Rigdon 18.
St. Paul Precinct, Democrat
Senator: . Chamberlain 16, Stark
weather 14.
Referendum ballot: Eminent do
main, yes 71, no 27.
. Four percent limitation, yes 80, no
Capital punishment, yes SI, no 20.
Crook and Curry bonding, yes 57,
no 31.
Successor to governor, yes 26, no
Higher educational tax. yes 46, no 61
. Soldiers aid, yes 46, no 65.
State school tax, yes 64, no 62.
' Blind school, yes 66, no 35.
West Woodburn Precinct, RepuBt'i-nn
, - Delegate at large: Boyd 42, Butler
40, Cameron 45, Carey 40, Compton
41. Harrison 20, Hickey 25, Kollock
12. McDonald 30, McLean 34, Maris
18, McCamant 42, Olson 30, Rand 26,
Stewart 48.
Senator: Abraham 43, Stanfield 88.
Secretary of state: Coburn 8, Jones
7, Kozer 66, LocRley 21, Parsons 7,
Schulderman 12, Wood 26.
Commission utilities: Buchtel 72,
Cousin 42.
Assessor: Jones 18, fteelhammer
73, West 52.
Convention first district: Adams
41. booth '62, Kendall 20, Tooze 66,
Wrightman 76.
President: Hoover 17, Johnsou ti,
Lowden 14, Wood 68.
Representative: Busselle 39, Davey
59, Davidson 39, Hughes 18, Kay 90,
'Keber 55, Looney 60, Martin 42, Per-
Age Does Not Keep
Salem Veteran From
Interest In Life
Although he will soon have attained
his 81st natal day, Nicholas Biers of
307 North Liberty street ts still spry
and able to get about, and also able to
think of others.
The old gentleman haa a quantity ot
carrot and sugar beet seeds and is will
ing to give them to any poor families
who can make use of tho garden aids.
The fact that he is Hearing the cen
tury n it has not interfered with the
veteran Salem resident's lngeniousness.
He haa designed a simple device as an
aid in seed planting and is willing to
pass his invention along to anyone in
terested in a labor saver for the' gar
den. , , , .
Other people are not aa thoughtful
of the rights of others as la Mr. Biers.
A supply of onions stored on his prem
ises has been raided recently . by un
known parties. , "If they want 'em as
bad as that they need only have asked
me," observes the old gentleman.
e irassea
for Johnson
By 12,000
Moffitt and
George E. Halvorsen, proprietor of
the Marion garage, Earl Race, city
recorder, and Traffic Officer Verden
With S3 precincts out of 14
reported complete up to S oVlot-k
, on the republican pretddentJul
ballot. General Wood was lead
. tug by a margin of 104 votcslii
Marlon county. The vote stood
. Wood 2250, JiJiuison 3146, Hoov
er 72, Lowden 587.
Portland, Or., May 22. Returns
compiled by the Portland Telegram
at 2 o'clock today from 27 out of Si
counties .In the state Incomplete, In '
eluding 144 complete precincts 1m
Multnomah (Portland) county, glvn
Senator Hiram W, Johnson a lead ot
22?6 over Major General Leonard
Wood. . . - . .
Presidential preference figures at I
o'clock were as follows: .
Hoover 4041; Johnson 14,375; Low
den 4660; Wood 12,169.
Portland, Or., May 22, Returns
compiled from 17 counties in Oregosv
on yesterday's republican presidential!
preference primary give Hoover, 2348
Johnson 8286; Lowden 2013; Woo
7229. These figures include 96 pre
cincts complete In Multnomah (Portland)-
county. More votes had been
counted ln these 17 counties than,
were - tabulated earlier . today In 20
counties. . . .. - ", "
Senator George E, Chamberlain haa
defeated Harvey G. Starkweather for '
the democratic nomination for Unltud
States senator, , In the contest for
Olcott to Fly
From Blaine to
Stockton Meet
Stockton, Cal., May 22. Governor
Ben W. Olcott ot Oregon will accom
pany Lieutenant Ralph M" KUy to
morrow on a - flight from ; Blaine,
Wash., to Stockton, Cal.j to attend the
annual convention Of the Pacific
Coast Association of Advertising Mens
The army plane will endeavor to
establish a non-stop record.-The army
plane expects to arrive at Stockton
Simultaneously with three great auto
mobile caravans from the northwest
states, San Francisco and the bay cit
ies and southern. California.
The program of the. convention
calls for business sessions Monday,
and Tuesday. The delegates will be
guests of the ; Stockton Advertising
Club Wednesday on a run to Yosemlte
Valley, The entire delegation of 1,000
will be dinner guests of Foster Curry
at Camp Curry Thursday night.
Officers for the ensuing year and
the next meeting place will be elected
t the dlnaer Thursday night. Van
couver and Victoria, B. C are first
on the ground with a joint bid for the
1321 convention.
Tacoma's representative stole a
march on his rivals during the night
ty plastering Stockton's sidewalks
with great barefoot man tracks lead
ing to the Taooma exhibit in the Pal
ace of Advertising. The tracks are In
white and are labelled "Tacoma."
M. Moffitt, taking the lead during' the republican nomination for United
Damaged Vessel
Capsizes In Bay
Seattle, Wash., May 22. The steam
schooner Fred Baxter, which put Into
Port Townsend early this morning
with a heavy list caused by contact
with a tide rip off Marrowstone Point,
Straits of Fuca, was reported to have
capsized in Port Townsend harbor
early today In comparatively shal
low water. The tug Monitor was re
ported to be standing by.
The Baxter, operated by the Parr
McCormlck Steamship Company be
tween Puget Sound and San Fran
cisco, was laden with a cargo of poles
at the time of the mishap.
Draft Dodger
Escapes Officers
In Swift Auto
Philadelphia. May 22. Grover
Cleveland Bergdoll, the wealthy draft
dodger who escaped from non-com-mlssioned
army officers at his moth
ers' home here yesterday ln a high
powered motor car, was still at lib
erty today. Both federal and city au
thorities said that an all night search
had failed to reveal -vven the direc
tion ln which he went.
Department of justice agents de
clared they were convinced that Berg
doll was aided In his escape.
Fair Weather
For Coming Week
the day and steadily increasing their
totals, bid fair today to be next mayor
chief of police and' city recorder for
the city of Salem,.
Complete returns from seven out of
the 16 precincts in the city of Salem
at two o'clock this afternoon gave the
following results: . -
Mayor:"George E. Halvorsen, 732:
Otto J. Wilson, 517. - "
-For tilty Recorder: Earl Race, 702;
William Evans, 566.
For City Marshal: Vorden M. Mof
fitt, 661; J, T.' Welsh, 348; A. Lee
Morelock, 265 and George N. Patter
son. 171.-.
Precincts Reported '
Precincts from which the complete
returns are: 3, 6, 8, I, 12, II and 15.
Complete returns from other pre
cincts In the city were not expected to
be compiled before late this evening.
In ward one, Leroy J. Blmeral, with
293 votes from precincts 9 and 15
was leading Henry H. Vandervort for
the four year term, who had ,61
votes from both precincts.
Race Takes Lead.
While early this morning reports
indicated that Evans was leading Race
with a safe majority for city recorder,
the figures changed with the reports
from 9, 12, and 3, placing- the present
Incumbent substantially In the lead.
It was bellevad that this would be a
safe margin and politicians were pre
dicting the election of Judge Race,
to serve his third term In the city hall.
Moffat's Place Assured.
- Unofficial reports, coupled with the
complete returns from the seven pre
cincts heard from at two o'clock gave
to Traffic Officer Moffitt undoubted
lead In the race for city marshal.
With Chief of Police Welsh second,
It was felt that these two candidates
would oppose each other for the po
sition at the head of Salem's nollce
department ln the
next November.
States senator, R. N. Stanfield had
substantial majority over Albert Ab
raham. Representative C. N. McArthur had
a substantial lead over both of his
opponents In the race for the repub
lican congressional nomination In the
Third district. Y
Indications were that all ' of the
constitutional amendments and meas
ures on the ballot had carried, partic
ularly those providing for educational
betterments ln the state. Only ona
measure, that referring to replacing
capital punishment,, on thff statute
books seemed clone, the proponents ot
the measure having a slight lead on
the face of early, returns.
Douglas County.
Roseburg, Or., May 82. Incom
plete returns from eight precincts ouB
of 59 precincts ln Douglas couuty
give for president: Hoover, 64; John
son, 248; Lowden, 72; Wood. 14.0.
Senator: Abraham, 188; Stanfield
246. ' . .
Secretary of state: Coburn, it;
Jones 144; Koner 140; Lockley Ii;
Parsons 76; Schulderman 20. Wood 2
Public service commissioner: Ittwh
tel 220; Cousins 200. "
For senator: Chamberlain. II;
Starkweather 68.
Josephine County.
Grants Pass, Or., May 22. Com
plete returns from 11 precincts m
Josephine county give for president::
Hoover 47; Johnson 196; Lowden 66;,
Wood 167.
For : senator: Chamberlain 42;
Starkweather 28. .
Ballot Count
Moves Slowly
Lane Count Slow.
Eugene, Or., May 22. Incomplete
returns from the slowest count of
regular election1 votes ever held In Lane county glv
Wood a well-aefinea jeaa in tne pre
sidential race, Hiram Johnson second
and Lowden and Hoover tielng for
Deschutes County.
Bend, Or., May 22, Complete re
turn from seven precincts and In
complete returns from one precinct
. n OA hMnlnnt, Im n...ntl lllcd
Returns from Friday's primary L... ",.".' ' . " rr '7" .T.
election are coming In slow today and Jonn;ons Lowden 2s! Polndexter.
it Is probable that complete returns ,,.,
will not be available before Monday, j For Mnator: " Chamberlain 22;
oui me coum. up io noon gave a gooa .starkweather 7.
inuicuuon or now me election was
In some of the precincts only the
republican ballots had been counted
this morning and It was noon before
they completed the democratic count
and started on the state measures.
The count in the city election will
not be completed In mora '.han half
of the precincts before evening.
Hood River County.
Hood River, Or., May 22, Com
plete returns from six precincts and
Incomplete returns from four pre
cincts out of 14 precincts In Hood
River county give for president:
Hoover 107; Johnson 117; . Lowden
61; Wood 860.
Vor senator: Chamberlain il;
Starkweather 33.
Opium Tax Aids
Chinese Revolution
Amoy, China, May II. (By the
Associated Prss). Troops from
tloned In Fuklen province are Joining' H: Johnson 27; Lowden 4; Wood 1.
' I'malllla County.
Pendleton, Or., May 22. Com pie to
returns from two precincts and In
complete returns from ten precinct
out of sixty-four precincts In Umatil
la county give for president: Hoover,
tne forces or the southern govern
ment for the reason that the south of
fers more pay, the source of which
Is the tax on opium.
The southern military authorities
are forcing the farmers to cultivate
much opium under pressure.
For senator; Chamberlain 33; Stark
Sims Charges Turn
Praise U. S. Navy
New York, May 22. Rear Admiral
William Sims, president of the naval
war college, in his address at thsr
graduation of this year's class toa,r.
said that barring a few cases, "our
New York, Mya 22. The American
Institute of Electrical Engineers to
day nanounced the election ot officers!
for the administrative year August 1.
1920: A. W. Berresford, Milwaukee1 navy personnel not only responded t
was named president Vice Presidents10" requirements, but exceeded out
(Continued on page eight)
Washington, May 22. Weather
predictions for the week beginning
Monday are:
Northern Rocky Mountain and pla
teau regions Generally fair with
night temperatures generally below
normal and day temperatures nearly
Pacific states Generally fair . ex-
Mnt nrnhahtv tcra ttlnttM 1 showers on
the northern coast; nearly nuimalisage today. The schooner left Bar-i effective co-operation with the force
I temperatures. jbadoes for St. Johns, N. T. April Unabrogated."
included C .E. Magnusson, Ssattle. jmost sanguine expectations In tha
. i 'endurance, zeal and loyal Initiative
WHOON'E RKAM.HED AND HUNK. thc' displayed," In the world war.
Boston, May 22. The British! "Thl" applies," he added, "not only
schooner John M. Wood has been1'0 the forces ln the war zone, but to
rammed and sunk by the steamer; tn9 navv ln general, and particularly
Lake Elsah which later picked up the1 10 th verv intelligent and skillful
lw. . 1 i iU,. . aM
crew, acM-i-aing to a wlreiemi mfti "u "wwhw" Br'
school tax. yes 12ST, no 3S.i