Capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1919-1980, May 21, 1920, Page PAGE SEVEN, Image 7

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    DAY. MAY 21, 1920.
All firound Tqwh
v S1.-SPCM"
Z bM Salem
" Newber Oxford
Wf- ..paseball. Senators
MinnvUle. Oxford Park,
'"-Baby clinic. Com-
Trt Grand theater.
.. ' oi., rlafS DlaV Of
May j
High School.
S. H. S.
8:15 P-ta-
. .-Addresa r Wm.
a Taft, at the armory.
,,, si. Portland
wiue presentation, opera
C 3 '-Memorial day.
,ue l.-American Legion
Court House News
Circuit Court
B a Martin
vs Otto J. Wilson, v-om
Jeff Pooler, Ani-
i P. Slounce vs
administrator of the
Theresti J. Savage deceased,
Grace E. Ro'o-
" vm A ' P.MrMtre and David
Answer of rjini
,ier M. Savage
w4 Grace E. Bobbins.
lewis Johnson vs F.
,1 Decree.
Iwis Johnson vs r.
A Order of default.
..( .Tnhnson VS F,
M. Parrish et
M. Parnon et
M. aPrrish ?t
il Affidavit.
Commercial Jewelry company, a
on. vs James meion.
Mnrriiiuc Licenses
Charles 24, of Salem, a
Jmer to Dorothy Smith, 25 of Ba
JTa bert C. Bishop. 2T. of Salem.
wnDloye or me -----
to company, to Mary E. Graham,
if Salem.
Daily Statistics.
H'ALLISTER To Mr. and Mrs. Lee
A. McAllister of 162 Lincoln street,
ii.,v Mav 17. a son, named Lee
D.w -hiev-q. 558 State. Phone 400.
Love. Jeweler, watchmaker, Salem.
George E. Lewis, private first das,
J7th company, 25th engineers, naa
taei his discharge certificate - with
County Clerk U. G. Boyer. Mr. Lew
fceniisted July J7, 1917, and waav dis
torted February 26, 1919. He serv
ti a the A. E. F. from September
11, 1917, to February 9, 1919.
Those wanting Kimball cultivators
omt get In touch with the Charles
R Archerd Implement Co.. at once.
' 123
Baby chicks, 558 State. Phone 400.
... .., 124
Three bicycles were reported ' to
(. a .tnit.ii ThnrRdav ninht and
police as stolen muisaay i..b." v-,
Friday. Mrs. M. A. st',3pl!a
liberty street said that her aaugn-.
t'$ bicycle had been taken from the
Washington school; Ellis Von Eschen,
1775 Court street, whose bicycle was
taken several weeks ago and recov
ered, told p!ice Friday that it had
leen stolen again. William Wentzel,
179 North 14th street told police that
Ks bicycle had been taken from the
Ugh school. .:
Baseball, big game
Sanflay, May 2 Id.
Dance Auburn hall Saturday night.
i bad check was received on the
Ight of May 18 in payment for a
ore bought from William Hughes, 474
ftrry street, he told police Thursday
tight Officers were detailed to inveH
frate and gather information by
hich the purchaser of the tire
eouH be traced. , . .. j
lawn party for St. Paul's Sunday
Wool will be given unless It rains.
; 122
J20OO to loan on good security,
rlione 815 or see E. Unruh, Gray
building. 123
"Salem had its best clean up I have
JW n," Street Commissioner Wal'
f Low said Friday, in speaking of
" recent clean, up campaign Just
4. Only two persons complained
J"t refuse they had collected had not
een removed.
lawn party on Saturday afternoon
' St. Paul's Sunday ecnool depends
weather. In case of rain no par-
1116 big dance is tonight at tho
""ory. Revelation orchestra, 122
Burns, local representative of
G M C, entertained Thursday an
"J Msociate of his, George W. Rear,
J1" engineer of the Southern Pa
j .They talked over old times, and
"Shed together over the change
aas taken place in the" attitude
""he railroads toward trucks. WTien
transportation was first intro
the railroads were hostile and
Uieir influence to pass adverse
"Mion. Now, however, the truck
"" well in the estimation of .ill
Th dance of the week, tonight in
"fmory. Revelation music. 122
fc Luella Kimball Club ladies ar
""Milne tn ...j - .
- '.urimiii me Hiuueni yxa
Tn. .
m-xxett comi'jy
tors for lunch at Professor Edwin
Sherwood s home on Friday next.
may aoim a program will be given1
consisting of short speeches, solos.j
readings, etc, following the
May 18th. A program will be iriven
Revelation music tonight, the big
squawker dance, armory. 122
T. E. MeCroskey, manager of the
Salem Commercial Club, who waa
elected nresldent of th rwo ...'
Association of Commercial Club sec-
. . ,. , " -, .
retaries at their rnnv.niiAn i t... '
uieion Monday ana Tuesday, returned
... ,.uv uiunung. Mr. Mc.
Croskey said that the meeting was
"ery live" and promised to lend im-
petus to participaUon of commercial
clubs in all parts of the state in gen-
eral development wrok. I
C, A Larsen. attorney of Silver,
was in
in 5,u L .
.nun, aueninng to
legal matters.
ni, i, . .
Chemekcta Chapter. Daughters of
tZ. nf MeV0ti0n' Wi" meBt at
m , . f MrS- Hmer Smith' 675
North Summer street, Saturday af-
temoon at 2:30 o'clock. Mrs. Isaac
Lee Patterson .national vice president
VP?n ,assembly on the
work of the national congress which
she recently attended.
. . "
A bay mare, age six years, with a
white spot on her forehead, was stolen
some time Thursday from a farm near
VS heat and Ferry, according, to in-
...., "u luLMi aumorities
oy Lieputy bneriff James Imlah, of
oik county, who asked the aid of
ponce here in finding the horse. A
..w.uv. .uuim 111 inB vicinnv or
Church and E streets Thursday night
,r , I Si l"e Lenter eed barn
by -Night Patrolman J. F. White. It
was not known by police whether this j
was the horse stolen or not.
Help One Another
Club Has Work Cut
Out in This Cause
One hundred people, each willing to
contribute $1.00 to a worthy cause, are
needed. -
Last December, W. R. Moses, a la-
borer, came to this city securing em-
ploying with the Spauldlng Logging Brothers, "rocated near Crabtree sta
company. With his family he estab- tion In Linn county, was sold yester
lished a temporary home here and day to S..M. Endicott of Salem. The
made effortsto free himself from fi- consideration has not been made
nancial difficulties in which much known. It is said that Mr. Endicott
sickness in the family had placed him. purchased the property In view of
There are three children, a girl of six speculation. Stewart & Robinson also
years and two boys, Robert and Leon- sold a ten acre tract of their own this
ard, aged 10 and 8 years. The oldest week located east of ' Silverton. Tlhey
boy was placed in a state institution are making many real estate 'triMs
for treatment, being a sufferer from fers this summer,
the effects of a childhood accident.
Last week, after a brief illness, the rj-M J'i A A 1 nnl
husband and father died and the J3anUll ilt LOOT
mother is only now beginning to re-1 m 1 U IX U
cover from the resulting physical; i aKCU In 11 alt IlOUr
strain and mental shock. There was; Seattle, Wash.. May 21. Thirtv
only $2.15 in cash, little food and Hm-!minuteg after- he had held up Max
ited clothing. The husband's relations j willers, a general storekeeper at
reside in North Carolina arid the wife's Georgetown, a suburb, In broad day
people reside in New York. They jiKht tonay an(j r0bbed hTm of $1264,
themselves are not wealthy people and
any renei tney can sena win. not oe
immediate. ..
A. number of people .have helped.
The Jpaulding company paid the
penses of a nurse; employes o the
lSpauidlng mil and of the Oregon ;
, Pulp & Paper mill have raised a fund I
nx..- ti. trained nnw
for Mrs. .Moses; the trained nurse, jage as he was about to take his ear
herself tiirned a large portion of herito the bank to make a deposit. He
pay to aid the stricken family; the .
con ntv aided in burial and other i
means; flowers and clothing have been
received; Mr. and Mrs. S. E. Eaton of
the Leonard hotel have aided in many
ways. . ' v
But It will be several days before
Mrs. Moses is physically able to take
up the burden of caring for herself
and the two children.
Help Is needed right now. One dol-1
lar from a hundred thoughtiui people
will tide this family over. Those in-1
terested can get in personal touch wrth 1
the casie by" inquiring at the Leonard i
Long Residence In .
Idaho Is Not Froot
Against Salem Lure
After waiting three months for an
opening in the office listings in Salem,
L. A. Hayford and his son, L. G. Hay-
ford, both recently from oBise, Idaho,
have taken . a four year lease on the
location formerly occupied by the Mor
ris Optical company at . 305 state
Under the name of Hayford & Hay
ford ,the two men will conduct a real
ity and sales office after having had
nearly 15 years experience in this line
at Boise and Twin Falls, toano.
After 20 years' residence in ldano,
L. A. Hayford has dectaea mat caiem .
is the ideal "home town" and has pur- j
chased the Judge Slater place at 640 j
Chemeiteta street moving here with j
his family. Mr. and Mrs. L. Hay-,
ford plan to secure a home here until I
that time maintaining a residence at I
477 Center street. !
t. n Havford declares that he is ;
"ahsnlutelv not interestedirt politics"
although he comes to Salem with a
record of two terms as county assessor
'and tax collector of Twin falls coun
ty, later serving as a representative 10
the Idaho legislature from Twin Falls
county. - -
Camp Grounds Prove
Worth To Travelers
The Salem camping grounds are
being put into good shape by a crew
of workingmen. Friday, the plumbers
were on the Job and preparing to tap
the city mains for the park's water
supply. , . ,
Superintendent Albert reports thtt
auto tourists who are gladly takinfe
advantage of the stopping place, jre
more than grateful for the thoughtfu
ness shown by the Salem Commercial
club and those behind the move.
G C. Van Emberg of Aberdeen.
Wash., stopped at the park, Thurs
day night, on a trip to southern Cal
ifornia. , r
Another guest was G. Ej JJeTrlcic of
I.os Angeles. CJ.. So Is making n
loop trip of the United States. Mr
Merrick's car aitracted a great dei!
nf comment as it i virtually a t,ui!t
dwellir lU-e- Among the rf
r-ndv f.nurei are a kltchencUs.
. ,..," rfient and a h'iW
., . ,.. . . tint. Mr. Merrick
fn li PrtIan(L whn. Be arrived
" ""r " uiuurmng tne loss
or a fine setter, his traveling com-
panion and chum. The dog disappear- J
v- morning wniie he was
absent from his car for a short time.
I John Joins George
And tlCLll tSeaUlVS
Disease Incurable
With "White Beauty
safely. nd
apparently permanently.
o wie nospuar- at Eugene sufferln
7 .rJ' alaay- Ha' and G"S
nonilirinir .
-"V"""? memoer to
Party John have started
the A., M , "IT" " aner
.. -". uu wm soon
reach them, according: to s letter .
Fridav fmm u ,i r- ,
o. f0"' , "a' .Geo?e is i
hearthrnken u,.i ...... .J, .
bein ,on,beV V" n'T w... ' '
pretty Red Cross nurses!)
ing pretty Red Cross nurse)
ranks follows:
nVe fullv n.,.
w fJ!.VB Sf!? this morning
WItn lne various me-
chan cs at th H,ffo. .v...
. . iiv smagv, uhfj
;all pronounced the trouble with the
(White Beauty incurable. So we un-
packed, prepared to return to our
homM" In calli o y friend Prof
B- Coe- he to go with him
to ca.l at his home. In telling of our
troubles to good wife she suggest
to her good husband it would n:ce
lf "e would take Hal and George U
join the caravan. In less than one
:hour we wer6 on our WQ-y ..
the team is George, Hal and Joh.i.
We've been going some todav, only 5
hours behind the cm w-ii .t.i.
'em' tomorrow niu-ht at Shasta sri,,
provided we get a 4 a. m. start and S
witnout lunch. The caravan is meet-
Ing with wonderful receptions "and
free meals, which we are missing, but
another day will bring us .up with
tnem Kpnrn, wa Dn i.aa..,KMi
when" the mechanics informed hint
the triP was off- He has made some
wonderful acauaintnnnes ..n.otaii
The latest dispatch from the rear
itions are good and the caravan is on
schedule time. All well but dirty anl
hungry. ..
- HAL."
Endicott Buys A
230 Acre Farm
Silverton.y May 21. Through the
estate dealers of this city, 230 acres
"nf f-m inn,i hinni u.
,Mathew Riley, 37, was cornerfS ind
captured on the brink of a steep blufr
!,i,y his victim, a, posse of citizens and
pntrolman A. F. Brewer. The money
ex-:wos all recovered. Riley is said to
have rrmfessed he was a laborer,
"broke" and , unerrr
willers was held
o h.
and f unemployed.
up In his own fe'ar-
'Are here. Whatever outdoor sport is
Your Hobby y we are prepared to equip
You Properly. V r
Our Fishing Tackle ia bought
by men who fish and know
what it takes to get the big
ones. Let us start you off right.
If you can't make a " hit
with our bats or hang on
to a hot one with our
gloves, its your fault the
equipment is 0. K,
I a ft . , a
Outing Clothing Leggings Shirts
Sweaters and
ilWhere Everybody Buys"
notified the police and Brewer m-de
prompt response, trailing the robber
through the brush to the bkiff and
changing shots with him.
i re r
rooasiuu rnces i
HlPheSt On IxP.mrd
agfw !
Washington. May II. Coincident:
with additional reports of nations wide j
price cutting, tne department of la-
vuic.a wa aiaiuMit-a uii-
nounced today that foodstuff prices;
between forvh IS ami Anrii it ., I
ea the greatest increase of any thirty
p "p " ",a-
Reports from retailers in 51 cities,
the bureau said, showed that tn the
thirty days dating from March IS
" "-w lur common arucies OI rood
advanced five per cent and reached the
prices ror 23 common articles of food;
highest points on record.
Increases were greatest in Cleveland,
Detroit, Indianapolis and St Louis
with 8 per cent advance. .
(jZ PfedUtS
$5 Wheat Soon
Seattle, Wash. May 21. Five dollar
wheat may be expected before the crop
of 1921 is harvested, Louis W.' Hill,
chairman of the board of directors of
the Great Northern railroad, said to
day on his arrival in Seattle from San
Francisco. "
"It isn' at all unreasonable to antlcl-
pate Jo wheat next winter or at anytJer"te of Washington State college in
eevnt at some time before the end of
the coming crop year," said Mr. Hill.
"Wheat is now quoted at $3.50 a bush
el and It is well Known that a crop
shortage is In stunt. It has been, im
possible for the farmers to get enough
men to plant their crops and they will
be hampered again because of lack of
labor when thejiatvest begins. In some
sections of the country weather condi-
Hons have been unfavorable."
Umpire Works Fast
Biddie Leaves City
After New Contract
Thousands of people In Marion coun
ty county have heard of "Biddje"
Bishop, but very few of these are fa
miliar with ttie poplar baseball man
ager's really truly name. .
Friday morning at 8:20 o'clock, Al
bert C. Bishop and Mary E. Graham of
It Is of the utmost
Importance that this
organization has the
benefit of the prop
er training and of
modern equipment.
We make sure that
the appointments tn
every cas ar dig
nified and correct.
You will get "advantage" and
"game" with our tennis rackets
balls, shoes and other equip
ment. It is the best.
Our assortment of golf clubs
and balls is purchased to meet
wide variety . of players
needs. We know we can" please
you. ; ,, . ' i ,; J,.
this citv were quietly married at St.
Paul's chapel. Only a few relatives
and intimate friends were preww.
Rev. C. H. Powell, officiated, perform
ing the ring ceremony which occupied '
ve ia ume-
less than five minutes' time.
v. ltn tne exception or a small eir-
lie of Personal friends, the maportty
of Biddies" well wishers were kept
With the exception of a small elr-
venr much in the dark concerning the
happy event. Before news of the cere-1
monv could unread. Mr. and Mrs.
Kiinnn innx a nnn n rtrttinn train rnr a
brief honeymoon trip.
The bride 1 well known here, having
Wn emploVed as an accountant in one
of the departments at the state house.
Mr. Bishop is manager of the Salem
branch of the Willamette Valley Trans
fer company and has other business In -
tests here. As promoter and com -
mander-in-chief of the Senator, he is,
known to every baseball fan In the
Willamette valley. The couple have
the best wishes of their many Salem ,
Records Of Coast
College Athletes
TAre Recognized
San Francisco, May 21. The new
records made by Jack Merchant of the
University of California in the broad
jump; G. Bartlett of the University of
Oregon in the discus throw and Eldo
the pole vault were accepted last night
at a meeting of the board of the Pa
cific association. y
Merchant was credited with 23 feet
11 inches In the broad jump; Bart-
Soldiers el
Allan Dwan
Novel by
Davis ,
A Bealart
- 4
The Great Scotch Musical
.. .' 'Act- ;
Wonderful Diluting
Miming and Piping
For Quality ,Dir ability and Comfort in the
present day styles of Footwear.
You will surely find the kind of shoe you want
and in a style and size to fit the feet.
Buster B
Shoe S
lett 13S feet lit inches in the discus!
- and Jenne IS feet S-8 inch in the pcleimeet Max Killkenny of Selem.
! vault. j
Heavy Buying
HnnQt? I ihrt
L. XJUUOtd L,lUCl ly
D . J Ta J
Bonds Ubday
New York, May 31. Heavy buying
of lihertv bnnrfa and victorv nnt in
t ha ttv- hmn rr tnov'a irmi n An
'the stock exchange resulted, in many 1
substantial recoveriea for these issues j
,-rom recent low records.
Liberty second 4'a rose to 82.70. an
advance of $1.89, first 4'4's at 95.00
showed a gain of II, second 4H'a at
; 87.60 rose tl.40. third 4H's at 87.10
.gained II 30 and fourth 44'a at
84.30 were strongest of all at a gain
of 12.30. Vivtory 3 S-4's rose 96 cents
- to 95.80 and the 4 S-4's gained $1.20
to 95.90. Dealings in these issues up
jto 11 -o'clock approximated $8,500.-
i 000 par value.
Boxing Matches
Silverton, Or., May 21. Another big
smoker and boxing match will take:
place in this city tomorrow evening
and it gives promise of surpassing all !
other like occasions from a standpoint i
of interest. : Interest isi aroused be-
cause of the fact that local boy, Qu
Grazer, will meet Tom Wills of
Angel, who has quite a record for box-
ing. Grazer la comparatively a novice
at the game, but he has a natural abil-
ity and it is believed, that he will lay
the fat Mt. Angel boxer low.
f Ellison-White Lyceum Bureau
William Howard
Lecturing on
''The League of Nations
Reserved seats, 11.50
15c war tax extra
Mail orders reeeeived now. Ad
dress letters, make checks,
money orders, payable to Salem
Taft Management, box 283.' En
close self addressed, stamped
envelope to Insure safe return'.
We are too busy
And Modernizing Our Store To
s Write Ads
125 North Commercial St.
the Children to Us for Footwear
Frank Aim, a local lightweight, will
j Eighty thousand American flags are
j being sent out by the Memorial d.iy
j committee in Paris to the various
j cemeteries so that there will be an
l ample supply available for the cere
monies May SO.Vreaths and flow
ers are to decorate the graves of 23.-
000 American soldiers.
Ha! Ha!
TIkU's wliat this COMEDY
SHOW contains. And kits t
them. Ie begins with a htugti
and ends with a row. It's au
nthcr Svrkthig gem In the
crown of king comedy.
It's entirely new and
In the whirlwind fnrce
Soldiers of Fortune
U'.UIJW'W.PlMU I' 1 VW!"WIW""W,!mrfrT- M
I - l i I
j (" "V , ' jl
; 1
"K, ' il
i'ImJ it ft ,i 1
t -