Capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1919-1980, May 10, 1920, Page PAGE THREE, Image 3

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    vrOXPAYIAY 10, 1920.
10 Output Is
Fast Returning
To Normal Cut
. wmber manufacturers of the Pa
,ifi, northwest are continuing their
.tions on a high standard of pro-
auction- :,
jna output of 115 mills reporting
.... West Coast Lumbermen's asso-
iSTw-only 1.24S.170 feet or 1.59
hl, short of normal. For the last
ZTar three months, the milU in west
" Washingtonnd western Oregon
"L n producing approximately
tlir full normal capacity of lumber.
s far as volume of production is
.ncerned, the west coast mills are
rittlning a much higher standard
Z year than they did a year ago.
"ords just compiled by the assooia
ITshow that the cut at 103 mills
fcl tot month of AprU- m0 8B8Te"
ai J21.610.702 feet. - compared
J 246.856,769 feet for the same
Statical mills in April 1919. ...
Car conditions are reflected by the
wwrt of cut and shipments for April
1 mills in the two states. While
the "cut aggregated 359,651,332 feet
L shipments were only 274,697,341
leet which was 85.053,991 feet or
M.(5 percent below the cut.
At the same time the mills have a
luge volume of unfilled car orders
on their books. At the 115 mills con
tributing t othis week's report the
htlance of unshipped orders was 8513
tars, or 255.390,000 feet. Shipments
tor the week were 2064 cars or 61,
j.(000 feet, while new rail business
accepted was 1634 cars or 49,020,000
Expert business accepted during
tl, wee kreached a total of 8,482,600
leet, bringing the balance of unship
Wd export orders, up to 72,106,860
feet.." .- . . '
Total orders of all kinds were 66,
891,287 feet. , : , .'
TAuto Is Result
Of World Need '
States Delano
"The automobile is the result of a
world wide need for transportation,"
lays F. Gi Delano, local ; dealer. In
Chevrolet passenger and commercial
care. ..' . " .'"
'Twenty years ago an . unlimited
market waited for an Improved means
of transportation. But It took ;con
itant and untiring effort to prove to
the public that the automobile was
the right vehicle to Bupply this de
mand. . ".
"Now everyone knows what the mo
tor car has accomplished. They
know how it benefits the individual,
and the country.
'They know how it elimlates dis
tance. They have experienced the di
rect and convenient communication
It affords between widely separated
points. The demand for this Improved
transportation is greater than ever.. .
i. 'The number of people who feel
the need for automobiles Is increas
ing every day. In addition - to this
actual need, almost everyone has a
personal desire to own a car.
"Today It is no longer a question
of whether an automobile will bene
fit its owner. It is a matter of how
the most satisfactory motor trans
portation can be secured for the least
"This question is being solved r
, the great majority by the medium
weight car of today the product of
"Mechanically dependable, com
pletely equipped and as economical to
maintain as to buy, it is efficiently
"ervlng the need for which it' was
these boys in my own home until'
jobs and recurrent pay days lifted!
mem on the rocks, and I know what
even a few days of decent surround
ings can do for them.
"The large and properly conducted
hotel for which we are workinc. and
which will not be a 'Boys home,' will
be equipped to do for thousands and
thousands of kids what my feeble
efforts have accomplished for a few
Business Men Of
South' America
; Favors Utilities
London. Increased cable facilities
and the establishment of' regular, fast
passenger and freight services between
New York and other Doints si nnr t Via
American coasts down to Rnenn. a i.
are. two of the most imDortnnt
m) wmcn norm ana South Americans
snouia give their attention, Edwin V.
Morgan, United States ambassador to
Braiil, told the Associated Press rep
resentative hers on the eve .if hi.
parture for Rio de Janeiro.
"Business men in the United Ktato
find they are greatly handicannsA In
the conduct of their South
Interests through the inadequacy of di
rect caoie. ana steamship facilities,"
said Mr. Morgan. 'There has been
much discussion of this matter and
happily, some- improvement has heen
effected and oUiers are now under
way. . But North American business
men still regard with trepidation a
voyage from New York to Rio. And he
nag somewhat the same fears over
sending goods by the same route.
British, Italian, French and Dutch
companies have always Drovided more
speedy, convenient and regular ocean
transport facilities than those of the
North or South American lines.
"The need is not for services bet
ter than those provided from this side,
but for services equally as good. The
matter is of sufficient importance to
require the finding of a solution of
difficulties now in the way."
Ambassador Morgan preaches a
gospel of "get together" to .Americans
and Englishmen who have South
American holdings.
Chicago Man works
Out Plan For Aid
Of Boys By "Hotel"
v-muiKo The stray boy who for
inner flattens his nose against the
ery window and who at night
"eeps with grown up tramps in the
Mnt or In the back alley shed, will
"me upon better days if the plan of
oeorge W, Brown of Chicago works
A hotel for boys, to be operated so
, a" feasible by boys, and fitted up
" way 'o attract the youngster who
himself in vast Chicago tempo
rarily or permanently without a home,
tie idea of Mr. Brown, who for a
"ewe, has given most of his time to
"lunteer work among homeless boys
ork ns brought him in touch
Juvenile court officials in many
ue and he has enlisted their sup-
in his efforts to obtain a "tran-
"it hotel for boys" between the ages
' " and 17. Joseph Tumulty, the
4ent secretary, a schoolmate of
of w ha" lent h'8 ald t0 me'
"kernes. Brown's boy betterment
J""1 Y. M. C. A. conducts in Chl
jT' transient hotel for men, a
w skyscraper calculated to give
tllT .Hr'! clean urroundings, mor
tal ,,Pvy!i,cally' but homeless boys
h cL hundreu of whom drift in
tl i every week' may rely on
x.min1glr0U8 "Piont of seeking a
'ng house, or. If without funds
tnJ: benin1 ash barrels,!' Mr,
. aid- "I have housed scores of
W. H. Hildebrandt v
Esemann Magneto
tt v 8mice station ."
orth Commercial street
. Mrs; Alice Minnick," who has been
a professional nurse for thirty ,aix
years and resides at 1815 Twenty
third ave., Seattle, Wash., adds her
voice to the hundreds of others In this
profession who have already Indors
ed Tahlac. " ' ' ; . -
"Since I began taking Tanlac I have
not only gained twenty pounds In
weight, but for the first time in sixteen
years I am free of pain and enjoying
good health," stated Mrs. . Minnick.
I constantly had cramping, gnawing
pains In my stomach all these years,
my appetite was extremely poor and
the little I did 'eat caused me great
distress. After every meal my food
began to ferment and sour almost at
once, I would bloat up with gas, and
those terrible pains would get so bad
I could hardly stand them. I became
badly rundown, lost weight and
strength, and felt so tired and worn
out all the, time I could hardly tret
around. I had pains in every part of
my body Just about all the time, but
they were especially bad in the small
of my back. I also suffered with se
vere headaches and dizzy spells, and
my nerves were so badly upset I
could get but little sleep, often lyinff
awake all night long.
"I had heard so much of the good
Tanlac was doing others I decided to
try it myself, and it proved to be the
very thing I needed. I began to im
prove right away, it was only a few
days before my appetite returned und
I can now eat anything I want with
out having a particle of trouble after
wards. Those terrible gnawing pains
that had troubled me so many years
have entirely disappeared. I never
have a headache or become dizzy, and
the pains that were throughout my
body have all gone. In fact, my whole
system has been built up by Taniac.
I have regained my strength so I can
do my work as a nurse, which keeps
me on my feet for hours, day and
night, without a particle, of trouble.
Several of my patients have taken
Tanlac, and it has proven beneficial in
every case. After what Tanlac has
done for me I --can never say enough
for it."
Tanlao Is sold In Salem by Tyler's
drug store and leading druggists in
other towns. (Adv
American Press
, Head Declares
Paper Cornered
Washington, May 7. Charges of a
"corner" In print paper were made to
day before the senate committee in-
i vestigating the paper shortage by Cort
land Smith of New York, president of
the American Press association.
Mr. Smith testified that print paper
manufacturers were in a conspiracy to
regulate both production and prices.
Walter Nitzell, a Shedd schoolboy,
killed US gophers and moles in the six
months preceding April 1, and won a
prise of $10 offered by the Linn coun
ty farm bureau. -
How About YourCatarrh?
. Do You Want Real Relief?
TV Throw Away Jea Sprayi
' 4 Other Makeshift Tnt
. mart. ... .
: 'Way? , Simply beeaisa yra havs
overlooked tha uw et catarrh,
and all of your treatment hat been
- tnisdlrsetM. Rwbov ft cans ti
th c!ogfd-np accumulation! that
choke up your air pasta fsa, ana
. they will naturally disappear for
rood. But no matter bow nany
, iocaapplkationa 700 n to tem
porarily clear them away, they
wiu profxipvy uu ti wit"
eaosa II ramoveu.
ft t li u antidota to tha mO
Ilont of tiny Catarrh germi with
wnlcB your 0100a 11 lniesceu. a
thoroui courts of this remedy
will cleans and purify your' blood,
and rasa ova the diieat germs
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Free Lecture
Monday May 10th p. m.
Daniel Toole
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Subject: "Millions now living
may never see death. Prophecies
now being fulfilled point out the
tremendous evidences that . we
are changing dispensations."
How Christ shall rule the
world and death shall be abol
ished. These subjects clearly ex
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" Vi I ? ! U J
Another Sleepless Night?
It's been a busy and fretful day. 'Brain fagged, nerves frayed
and body exhausted conscious that tomorrow is fraught with
new trials and tribulations, he realizes the imperative need of a refreshing
niht a reat. Yet, he hesitates nd dreads to go to
bed leet be roll and toss throughout the night.
Do you exprfeBC t b homtn of niRhtmar and inpomnmf
Are you troubled with wmkaful, rMttaMiughU! Do yo s
up in the morning feeling mora tired than when you went to
bed, because your rel aoaiaturbed and broken! Ttan, Uy
I ! --
' ar -
The Great General Tonic
LYXO U tM In Htlftttl Md
ily, lk pictum mbmmt
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beetn to ek your couch with pteaaiirftble antkcipatroB of
ek- nurht Ire from diiturncet, LY KU wilt txivm you witt
iwml sound and txtacef ul clumber and brtntr you down to ina
RcIum aii utMtituutb Lreakfat tab re in the morning in rood apirita and in lighting1
trim, keen for tb day'i cttviti.; raated and rwfraabed is body and mind, and with an
apptite unequaMd ainca you wr a hoy.
"LYKO" a sptendkl gan
ra) tonbr velishable api
titr and an excellent atitnulant
to the nervoua ysiem, it re
lievea brain fag and phyifcal
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nervm: strengthenB the mua
eittt: correcta ditrettive
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the weak, irritable and
out. A ft It vour drugffiit
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leeplesa mghU.
worn ,tipt VS'-V-V Ki 1
Sola Muahctanni
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came through
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Camels delightfulness is' due sto their
quality and to their expert blend of choice
Turkish and choice Domestic tobaccos.
The more liberally you smoke Camels
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thing you ever looked for in cigarettes I
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A Serious Feminine Illness Rem
edied By Lydia E. Pinkham's
Vegetable Compound.
Casco, Wis. "After the birth of fach
of my children I had displacement and
was 10 weak l
couldn't doanything.
I found a book
about Lydia E. Pink
btm'i Vegetable
Compound to
thought I would try
it, and after taking
it I Boon felt bet
ter. That was fif
teen years ago and
I liava felt well ever
since except that 1
had a slight attack
of the trouble some time ago and took
some more of your Compound and was
soon all right again. I always recom
mend your medicine and you may pub
lish my testimonial for the benefit of
other women." Mrs. Jules Bebo, Jr.,
R. 1, Box 09, Casco, Wis.
Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Com
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If you have the slightest doubt that
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ii ii iiii&i i
The Dress of Many Uses
Some women know them for
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Others linger over their clever
patterns their distinctive touches
of style.
They all agree on the utter de
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