Capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1919-1980, May 05, 1920, Page PAGE FIVE, Image 5

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'u.v Shaw
Busy Town
, . miiy of pur-
!- ' . .mi- eoiistroe-
a "'
1 the town of Shaw
H" : . f, w vears
' ' llule trading l'int
' Tit" T"ap
" . K.iniiiunity,
. grea"
JfW '"" " lT
j .,,mrv (level-
1 I. the sense that the
l ii -Prime 1)10-
"tt and the success
i.thortly for the
conditions are rcep-
frTt true utility with-
. ... i the basis
l This
,tbe hi" the vi0?
I the .'5 -' can reach,
,;. with
' " T. ..t The ra ue
L oretard is expressed b
f i,... it irives
. jminemaw ""
1 . ....... i.nconr-
j amiuuu" --
Ltbrwirtiout the entire
I . ,f If mt htMiIl-
lUelpHOK-..""- - ---
L, ring of which Salem
L lM churches and two
fmployinff four te.-iciie.s
0yinste teachers. With
saw is tack of this con-
ij0SitlS it IllUSl ceniumj
, prune industry is the
1)rjiP, there are others
makeup a combination of
iirarisei. The Oregon
inn)' of Turner, has opened
(ice here where its proa
itl G. E. Schropf is the
.ut nf the Shaw brunch
L grain, flour, feed, lumber.
W building material. Mr.
iIbc a building oppolste
at store for Michael Kocht.
. pool hall and barber
Kochl Is something of a
tiuects to establish a ga(-
i4 is tlw near future. i
;ii'ider and A. C. Keiber
. rected a large steam evap-
te of Hpproxiniately
h till take care of the
if this section. liesides
Ketwflv ether prune dri-
not "Wfthout an Inventor.
Pr has. invented a prune
Volaimeil to be of great
miif arowers, and he Is
wni filling orders for the
Sic re dally beimr re
ceived from all uarts of OregoB and
Washington. This furnace requires no
pit, no piping, and is a saving on fuel.
The danger of fire is entirely elimi
nated, said the inventor. With this
system there is slid to be no burning
or scorching of prunes and it is said
also to increase the capacity of the
It if claimed lhat there are over
seven, hundred are of prunes within
a radius of two mrtes around Shaw and
uImiui one-half f Uis acreage is in the
Ovegu Fruit tirowers- association. It
the' urowera will sign up about one
hundred fifty acres more the associa
tion has igreel to build a , packing
plants here, ana the Xntixens of Shaw
are working with that end in view. Be
sides the prunes grown her? there are
about one hundred acres of berries
under cultivation and more will be
planted. . A
Shaw, within recent years, has be
come quite a shipping point for grain
and oter products of the farm. x
bers Brothers have three warehouses
at the station In Shaw which afford
the wonderful advantage of a tmme
Land values are (Trowing dally and
there are few farms for sale around
the progressive little town this season.
music u hhrnadarWiS "'V l"Hmwv"1 their household goods to the
mustc is being prepared. Mtfrphylardner sawmill, where Mr.
L. Xt. Aiken, an alumni of o. A. C., j arilner is interested and where they
spent a few hours in .Monmouth Mon-will reside during the summer,
day, speaking at chapel hour. w. e 4 , ....... ...
.0 nnfc, , Ihe wm, for tne suppo;t;Kikhart " u 5 " vrB-
:WMhtthWI!f,,'N,rt,n'-- -Mr- anfl Mra J" Crahtrev-nd
Z ?.? ":,,,v,dui" e this.' m ,eft Monday for Salem, where thev
un tus friends. ex,rt to rewabi a a.omH r lonaei-.'
ln WetlmsJay evening. Jlay li.! V. C. Cik-rson and his met her have
Kev, Ceorge E. Lewis wU! give an u.lmoxvd iHUi In hou trn v reoentlv
luMrated lecture 01, Ala- ka I thej puivhawd fcsa, ji. M. IMtatd. and
chapel. Mr. Lewis U, wpeciallj,- fited ha-ve rented the Mie thcv vacated 10
to n.-ak on (his vuWjec I. having spent j w '"iam lnckle, an eoiplove at the
j the greater part of his life in the j woolen mnls.
. north .and thence knows hla material i At a meettwn the sclud
Hiiti:uately. He has consented to soenV i ImbuiI all the mtwui t.h.n
i aX t:ie chiM-l hour. also, on the same'w e reWnwt. llowcm-. ;he
. of his remliilscenow'l'rlnclp.-il, B. K. Ford, has decided not
whieh he is obli-ed to omit from thej remain here and has ucceptei th-.
regalar lecture. The public Is cordig-'viJiieipathip of Ikim.n school-,
ly Invited. An admission of 2fl and SO1 11 is expecWd that blisses Hol.lcr,
cents will Ih- charged in the evening. 11ake, ltendlvr, Moore and Mickey will
K. AV. Kirk, snnerhitendent -of the remain.
Oregon Citv ctors, x-isited the nor- 3- A. C.. wttii ;i;s wjfo and daii--h .
lief. Weid received Tuesday afternoon
was that he was considerably Improv
ed. - :
J. W. Mayo, cashier of the Farmers
: Merchanu bank, who has been con
fined to his honte with stomach trou
ble the at three weeks, if able to be
ai iuty naain. but says he d.H-snt fel
'i.- 'VHoknm."
iir. aipl Mrs. . K-vmard .tvssne,
bvp l , n vi'ithi t the h.nife of
.eir daughter, Mrs. H. J. Howe the
past few dnvs. They exiwej to
Iil-. of the week for a visit in Cali
fornia.: ,
I'eter . IMdrieh. nad family expect to
tart. tne fi:ift of ac nmnth for -an
xt-t-nded vMt with friends nrnl -r-la-.
tlve the Knfcatas and Miiwo-itu
Th'.v will ma lev the trip m Ford e
d o ,top.iog a various towas alonx
the route. They expect the trip !
way to tMke about a mouth.
of- returns from more than half the . Anna ft. Wonsor has heen appoint
city. Six positions on ilte -nnn-ir e.1 posioasier at Kurcka, M alia Walla
were to lie fill-d and labor had four of county, and llc-irgc D. 1'ott. r at
the twelve candidates in the field. .-:ngdalo. fitev.'ns cetinty. I
m il one day last week.
r an- here from Springfield, Ore.,
The last program of the war by the 'diiug with Mr. Cox's i,.
IKdphiaa literary aH-lety will be eiven ! Sarah Cox. He is a merchant hi that
011 Friday evening at 7:Si in h
icJmpel. A spring program, eonsisting
'of ua operetta, a May dance, and some
iijtpropriate nons have hwn prcptared.
Mtas Schnette will sing a solo.
St Paul Mayor
Re-Elected Over
The Eloper sawmill, located -on the : rthflT I fiTI dl A
.Monmouth, Or., May 5. President
Ackernian is still visiting the various
high schools of the tite this week and
rt'ports many interested in the norm il.
A cordial invitation Is extended to all
teachers to visit the normal on Satur
day, May 8, at which time there .will
he regular work both in the normnh
and the training school.
As a recompense for the above ex
tin school day, the students, will enjoy
a day's vacation on Mav 17. This is
a Monday so counting the week-end
there will 1e really three days, May
15, 66, 17.
Miss. Carson of Klklns rural center
gave an entertaining talk at the chapel
hour last Wednesday, bringing her
students to illustrate her statements.
The normal was very happy this
week to assist in the entertainment of
the utocknien from the east who spent
a short time In Monmouth on Wednes-i
day. . ;,. ' :
Plans, are hehig made for the usual ,
Memorial day program In honor of the '
Civil war veterans to be given in Cth, j
chapel May SI ,at 2 p. m. Judge L.
T. Harris, of the stnte supreme bench.
running. This is a. new mill Just late
ly established. '-.'..
1 Word has hen received at Mehnma
from the itostoffice department that
: the Mehnma postofflee will soon be
i re-established, with Mr. :..,,
Stayton, Or., May 5. The Itrown-', pastmaster.
feteel .lniWr company i busy at : Stanley A. Starr and wife motored
present hruiKHig a drive of about ',-; over h'oin Albany Saturday eveni r;
OOfl fe-.'t of ls itown the intinniriv-j ajifl reiK.iiiH il until Sunday even!'!
or. Sometime next month they exiicct guests of Mr. and .Mrs. J. M. Ringw.
to start a drive of about two million. Mis. "Horace Lilly. Mia. Alexande
feet on the Little Norh l'ork. This 'and Airs. Parry and son visited Salem
will be some chore, as the stream does! Tuesday, going in the Lilly car.
not have much water at that season of1 r. C. fVahtree was tkon with htc
the year and is rocky and rough. , 1 coughs Friday and suffered from It
Charles K. lirown lost the Index fin- IvimHnuousl.i . Monday mol ing he vfas
ger of his left hand at the second joint ; taken to Salejn by his son, Floyd,
and has his second finger badly lacer-: where it was hoped he could secure re
nted by his hand coming in contact 1
with the log saw at the Brown lath
mill west of town, one day last week.
The Saotiam Woolen Mills company
Is taking advantage of the bright
mornings and has changed the hour of
beginning work from 8 to 7:30, quitting
at 5 o'clock. The change is appre
ciated by most of the workers.
G. L. I'.rown went to Portland Tues
day morning in the Interests of his
lath mill. This mill has been running
pretty steadily since it was established
and several carloads of lath have1 been
Mr. and JUrs. O, E. Gardner have
j St. Paul, Minn.. May i. Mavor L
i C. Hodgsonw us re-elected bv more
'than Ittlw votes over his wpjxment.
Winiani Mahonoy. lalvor candidate. In
yesterday's city election here., uccord.
ingto almost complete unoffiicai re
turns early today. With six scattered
'precincts missing out of 122. Hodgson
had 20,76:1 votes and Mahoney IS.-
1'or councilmen, three labor candi
dates apparently have won in the face
. Owing to the cancelation ef two numbers on the Salem
Lyceum Course a percentage of the paid admission will be
. ,
returned to season ticket holders at the Armory Box Office
from 4 p..m. to p. m. on. Thursday, May 6, 1920;
Used Cars
Small Auto Wanted
Who ha: a small car of late model
to trade tor a 1819 eight cylinder
auto in perfect condition? Bring It
to the 11. & C. Motor Co.
Studebaker Six
in good condition, engine thorough
ly 'overhauled; practically new. cords,
one spare. A car that will give long
j service. f75U. Terms. '
Super-Six Hudsoa
i RepaJntod and put in first class
! condition. A car easily worth $-'00
more than we are asking.
iexisgton Minute Man Six
Run only ilOO miles, equipped with
cords, and has one spare, it's a l'Jlll
model, and carries same guarantee as
i new car. A most liberal discount.
The B. & d Motor Co.
178 8. Commercial St.
Good Year
4. r
Tire Accessories '
Will be found at
Lloyd E. Ramsden
387 Court St
4 r v
" $1.65
For More Specials
People's Gash Store
2 Stores
No. I on ConCl St ' No. 2 on Stale St
. - -
: : "WE WAA. ' '' . t
Valley Motor Go.
Jusi add 'waferi
it's ready.
( . - ft
4 '
What's in the Batter
"ke' the Pancakes lihit, tender nd , crispy-brown
tT otherwise.
PANCAKE FLOUR is . perfect tombina
,W"of buckwht, wheal, corn and rice, -V
"e scientificaUy exact amount of
"8,n t0 me perfect Pancakes. There's
tVen corn suSar to make a deliiite crust
Wmg resh milk. The powdered
" " a,rsady there. That's why
6 Packa costs you a few cent.
mre and the cakes cost considerably;
y iii i i".i.jih .a tvrii' i ?v m
'ri' 'Ml t .' ; t&rCl-iTP' 'MWI " ' 5 --rr-ZT
Unusual Value-In Tires
for the Smaller Cars
Not only is characteristic Goodyear merit
conspicuous in Goodyear Tires for the smaller
cars, but ordinarily the first cost is found to
be not greater than that of other tiresj often
it is actually less. "
The combination of unusual value in first
cost and very low final cost, of course, is a
result of Goodyear experience, expertness
and care employed as insistently in the mak
ing of 30x3-, 30x3'2- and 31x4-incli tires
as it is in the construction of the famous
Goodyear Cord Tires used on the highest
pricea automobiles.
For this reason more cars using these sizes
were factory-equipped last year with Good
year Tires tnan with any other kind.
Get this unusual tire value to enioy on your
Ford, Chevrplet, Dort, Maxwell, or other
car using one of these sizes, at the nearest
Goodyear Service Station. Get these tires
and Goodyear Heavy Tourist Tubes at this
" no on 9 "V A IV."
30x314 Goodyear Double-Cure tT'lso
Fabric, All-weather Tread LJ
30x3'2 Goodyear Single-Cure c eg
Fabric, Anti-Skid Tread L 1
Goodyear Heavy Totiriit TuHe are'thick, trong tubet that
reinforce caitngt properly. Why rik a good eating with a
cheap tube? Goodyear Heavy Touriit Tube coit little more
than tube of lew merit. 30x3 liie in uiafr tl 50
proof bag .
Fisher Flouring Miils Company
Seattle .; , " ' ' . ,. ' Bdlingiiai
W. - ScA Portland ' M Vernoo