Capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1919-1980, May 05, 1920, Page PAGE FOUR, Image 4

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Entered as second chum wd Bit
tr at Salem. Oregon.
By carrier 90 cent a month. By
mall too a month, 11.25 for three
months, $2.25 for six month, t per
fear In Marion and Folic counties.
Elsewhere $5 a year.
order of U. a government, all
mall aubacrlptlona are payable In advance.
Advertising repreaentativee-W. D.
w.rH Trihuna Bide.. New York: W.
H. etockwelL People Oa bldg..
California rallied to the support of her native son at Tues-j
rlov'a nrimurtfla anA anAnranA iha nanfMAnrv i.f Hiram JrthriKOn'
Published every evening except! V. ,
unday by The Capita: journal Print-; for the presidency a result to be expected. This does not mean,
log Co, south commereiai treet. jtnat Californians repudiate the League of Nations and the peace;
Telephones Circulation and Busl-I . , ... . . . .. I
nmm Office. 81; Editorial rooma 82. treary II IS Eimpiy anoiner Illustration OI Wie auionua spun,
o. putnam, Editor and PubUsher. j which regardless of merit or of issue, unites for anybody or any
thing Californian as superior to anybody or anything on earth.
t Herbert Hoover, made a most creditable showing when it is
understood that he was opposed by the most perfect of political
machines, by the press and money interests and without effective
organization or financial support. The vote cast for him regis
tered the protest against the political course of a favorite native
son. . . ., '. .- ; ' ,
The result of the primaries in Indiana, no less than in New
Jersey, is a moral victory for Johnson, for without organization
or a barrel, he has all but routed the heavily financed and well or-
chtrmro. i o-nni7od Wnnii forrps and etiectivelv rmnctured tne wood Doom.
member of associated pjtEss ; of all the avowed republican candidates Johnson alone has shown ' f,!Lc!? n his hear-And h?
ml- A 4 -1 Dmj.j t aenliiaiua V i " ' . vbvciivui Ilia II lit i S. lilt I. ri ( "Clin
f rv wu
entitled to the use for publication of
all newt dispatches credited to it or
mot otherwise credited in this papor
and also local newt published herein.
Kugrne A new lumber company
has b?en organized to operate at Tier
nan on the Sluslaw river and Is to
have Its h ad office In Eugene. The
ionrern, which, Is to be known as the
Tuft Lumber company, is controlled
fcy California capital.
Astoria Pity t'he poor fish! With
232 new fishliiit boats registered at
the customs huuxe at Astoria, the roy
al chlnooic is golnS to find sont rer
un? around the mouth of the Colum
bia. At the opening of the season the
fleet was greater than ever before
and a record prick Is forecasted.
Dallas No more prunes are left
in Dallas. The big 1919 crop lias been
comuiclelv dimmm-d of and nine ears
went out during the, past two weeks.
The packing plant here has been pro
cessing 3C00 boxes dally.
Klamath Falls There Is nothing
Blow about the Klamath county lum
ber Industry this year. Mill owners
re preparing for an estimated cut of
250,01)0,000 feet and 20 sawmills will
be In operation.
Portland The six masted sailing
schooners, Oregon Fir and Oregon
Pine, are rapidly nearlng completion
at the municipal docks here. They
are the largest exclusive sailing ves
sels ever constructed on the Willam
ette or Columbia rivers.
Eugene Iang and company of
Portland will begin construction of a
new warehouse at Eugene shortly.
Plans call for a building 80 by 12
feet, of re-lnforced concrete.
The Dalles Cherries have Joined
the ranks of aristocrats this season
nnd growers here have contracted
their crop for 15 cents a pound. 1.1b
by, McNeil and Llbby, Who are the
purchasers, by setting this figure,
went beyond the highest price ever
paid for cherries In the state. Frost
Hiul cold damaged orchard elsewhere
And this accounts forthe high fig
ure Oregon fruit will bring.
Portland Trains In the I'nlted
Kingdom ure to travel over wood
from Oregon forests, for 40 percent
of this year's vast shipment to be
made by the Douglas Fir Exploit,
lion and Export company is to be
loaded" In the Columbia river. The
concern has lust closed a deal for ft,
flOO.OOO feet to be shipped from north
Pacific ports.
Portland Fruit 'Mrs and talking
mnehlnes are soon to be housed un
der one roof In the big three, story
warehouse to be 'built for Alexander
Kerr at Thirteenth and F.verett streets
Wrong and Mcrtughton are supervis
ing construction of the building, two
floors of which nrc to be used by the
Kdlson ltionnRrnph company and
one by the Kerr (Unas company. Orolo, the Kurolui Flat wheal
king, has just sold '111 last year's
wheat crop of K5.000 bushels for up
liroxlinutuly (2.30 a inahel,
that he has a popular following
perfunctory and manufactured. : -
Johnson is the logical candidate of the republican senatorial
'clique. which has killed the peace treaty. He was one of the
three senators with whom Lodge packed the senate committee to
obtain an adverse report on the peace treaty. He has capitalized
the discontent created by the republican leaders in blocking re
construction legislation and attacking the president He has I
rallied to his standard the un-American and foreign elements andj
radical labor element by his attacks upon the peace treaty and
upon everything that is. He offers no constructive policy and ap-
parently does not need to. , I
(If the republican convention is to oppose the peace treaty.j
Johnson is the logical candidate. ' If Johnson is not named, no;
other candidate can secure his support and his followers will i
probably bolt with him and form a third party, for Johnson be
longs to the rule or ruin type of politicians. His supporters are
'as much opposed to the "Old Guard" as to Wilson democracy.
It looks as if the republican party will be hopelessly divided be
tween its conservatives and radicals, with an excellent chance of
the radicals bolting as in 1912.
. If the republican convention is to favor the ratification of the
,peace treaty, Herbert Hoover is the logical candidate, for he is
the only candidate who has openly favored it. Only Hoover's
nomination can insure republican success, for he is progressive
Enough to hold the liberals who might follow Johnson into a third
party, and his nomination would draw enough independent and
democratic votes to offset any loss of radicals.
Says the New York World : "Hiram Johnson is the whirlwind
from the sowing of the republican leaders in congress since the
armistice was signed, and the republican party will be lucky in
deed if the whirlwind does not develop into a cyclone at Chicago
in June," - : , .
Senator Alec LaFollette, who never favored a bond issue
has declared in favor of the 4 per cent constitutional bond lim
itation amendment, after having vigorously fought the measure
in the senate. Wonders will never cease.
1 . ...'. f ; ' .
; Rippling Rhymes
'.When there is naught else to inspire the Scottish bard, he
takes his lyre, and sings about the heather, and oftentimes I envy
him ; for when my stock of themes is slim, I've nothing but the
weather. Today my head is working wrong, I cannot chant a de
cent song, my thoughts al run together; and I'm afraid some
angry hick may through my window throw a brick if I ring in
the weather. And yet there's nothing else, ods fish! There s
nothing else, though much I wish to write some deathless stanzas;
you may have other themes in mind; the weather's all that I can
find, oiit here in bleeding Kansas. The weather comes, - the
weather goes; sometimes it rains, sometimes it snows, again it
ups and freezes ; and it embraces all there is of thaws that'melt,
of storms that whiz, of fogs and mists and breezes. I've worn
the weather out, I fear; I've sung about it, year by year, in high
and burning phrases; I've raved about it when 'twas cold, and
I've reared up, to paw and scold, when it was hot as blazes. It's
Rusty Wren was hurrying out of
his house to find some supper for
his family, whan he almost bumped
mto a young chap mo was gazing
at the sign, "Boy Wanted," which
stni hung outside P.usty's door.
He was a likely looking lad. who
1 1 'iA jr
Fatty Coon anu aojmjuv i ua cuute at
midnight to view his sign.
saved my bacon many times, wnen i looKea rouna ior tnemes ior
rhymes, looking round and couldn't find them; and then the
weather, good as new, suggested sonnets three or two, and I'd
"Good evening" to Rusty very pleas
antly and touched his cap. No doubt
he would have taken It off had it
not grown Tight on hisr head. "I see
you want a boy," he observed.
"I certainly do," said Rusty Wren.
"What's your name?"
"They call me 'Chippy, Junior," .."
the youngster told him.
"Is that so?" Rusty exclaimed.
"Then your father must be Mr. Chip
py, who lives in the wild grapevine
on the wall by the roadside."
Chippy, Jr., nodded brightly. And
when he - said, "Chip, chip, chip.
chip," Rusty knew that there could
be no doubt about it.
"Wait Just a moment," he told
Chippy, Jr. "I want to speak to my
wife about you." And then he darted
back into his house. ,
"My dear," he said to Mrs. Rus
ty, "I've found the very person! .Lit
tle Mr. Chippy's son is outside and
I'm sure we ought to be glad to have
a modest young man like him to help
"He comes from a good family,
Mrs. Rusty admitted. "But don't you
know that the Chippys are bigger
than we are? Not much bigger, to be
sure. But Mr. Chippy certainly
couldn't get through out doorway."
"Quite true, my love!" Rusty Wren
agreed. "But It's his son rnot h
that wants to work for us. And this
young lad is not full grown. I should
say he was hardly my size."
Though his wife hesitated, she
could think of no further objection.
So at last she told Rusty that he
might ask Chippy, Jr., to come back
early the next morning.
"But I have a feeling that this is
going to lead to trouble," she said
once more. Rusty Wren said, "Non
sense!" He was overjoyed at the
prospect or having a spry young
helper. And he hurried out to tell
Mr. Chippy's son that he might start
to work at daybreak.
That polite young man touched his
cap again, promised that he would
return without fail, and then went
chip-chipping away toward home, for
it was already his bedtime.
For all he was still hungry. Rusty
Wren slept better that night than he
had for a long while. He felt as if a
great lead had been lifted off his
He slept so soundly, in fact, that
he never waked up at ail when Fat
ty Coon and Tommy Fox came at mid
night to view his sign "Boy Want-
fit down and grind them(1
By the Noted Author
Another thing that makes married
life purty expensive Is th' craie
amongst women V dress Jest as foxy
underneath as they do on th' outside.
Bom fellers prefer t' loaf on th' Job
an others on th' corner,
"Katherlne, Kntherlne, ' you must
not feel this way," said Alice, ns I
still kept sobbing.
"But 1 can't help It, Alice. I know
that it Is very wrong, but you know.
don't you Alice, how happy 1 when
when l thought my first child was
coining to me? And you know how It;
hurt me when John said he was sorry
that I was to become a mother. It
isn't t'.iat do not want children, I
probably shall love this child when
it comes. I think It is a beneficent
law of nature that whenever a woman
feels the soft little flesh of her biiby
within her arms, she can't help loving
Colng To Tell John.
"Oh, Alice, you knew, and you still
know, that 1 am heartbroken. I think
almost the last conscious thought 1
expressed was that I was going to
tell John the entire truth; that I was
going to tell him that 1 could not live
with him any longer, and we both,
agreed that, ns long as I had no child
ren, I owed tt to myself and also to
John to separate from him. For al
though you have said that you dd not
think he Is unhappy. I cannot see
how he would b otherwise. Alice,
he miwl miss the faith and trust and
ns she wishes, Is not perfectly happy
without their father. No, Alice, I do
not believe In divorce when there are
"I do," said Alice, unexpectedly re
versing her attitude on the subject,
"I think it Is much better that child
ren should be brought up in an at
mosphere of peace and happiness,
and I know that Ruth's children are
getting this, than it Is for them to
be where there are always quarrels
and bickerings and black looks."
"There have never been any bick
erings and black looks between John
and me, Alice," I said, "and I do not
think we have many real quarrels.
Ho Sever VndiTstood,
"Whenever I have found fault with
John for something he has done, he
has always put me aside with a little
mile, and said: 'Oh, you are not
yourself now, you are ttot feeling
well.' Always attributing it to some
physical aliments. That has been one
of my greatest hurts. He would never
understand when I tried to show him
my heart, that it was my heart that
was aching and not my body."
Alice sighed and turned away. I
knew thnt she felt that longer discus
sion of the problem would only make
me more nervous and unhappy. I
I had became culmer and the doe-
"Cattle Drives"
Latest Terror
Over Ireland
Dublin. Conflicts over land attend
ed by organized Seattle drives.", to In
timidate land owners and compel
them to sell have been added lately tc
Ireland's other troubles. The disturb
ances are a revival of conditions which
precalled 30 or more years ago when
farmers and graziers were forced by
similar methods to sell large land
The malcontents complain that most
of the good land tn the south and west
of Ireland is bfctng used for grazing
purposes and that they are unable to
purchase it. Consequently they have
resorted to the "cattle drives" and
threuts of bodily harm to the owners.
It is very difficult to police all the
country and many of the drives have
resulted in thrse or four farmers los
ing ill their cattle at one swoop.
The intimidators are represented as
renters who are demanding longer
leases of bind, small owners and a cer
tain n.umber of holders of compara
tively large tracts who believe their
neighbors' land used for grazing is
niore suitable for tillage than the
ground they are trying tb cultivate.
"Its the same story again of the
eighties," said a former south of Ire
land land holder. . They forced us to
cut up our large holdings then by use
of the same methods now employed."
The land troubles should not be con
fused with crimes resulting from the
political unrest. XX Is separate and
distinct and shows evidence of being
on the increase.
While pulling stumps near Sunset,
Browder Hester's hand was caught In
the cogs of the maclline and was com
pletely torn off.
More than $229,000 has been raised
in the state-wide campaign for $600,-
000 for a new stadium to be built at
the University of Washington.
6 Bell-ans
Hot water
Sure Relief
Sore Throaty Colds
. Quickly
Relieved by
Wizard Oil
READY for instant use "
in oil cookstovea, oil
heaters or lamps.
Ak jour deatar
for Frl Oi- 1 .
no economicai. A ih i.
Uudard Oil Co. F" r "
(Ctlua.aU) v.i.. J
Hamlin's Wizard Oil Is a simple
and effective treatment for sore throat
and chest colds. Used as a gargle for
sore throat it brings quick relief.
Rubbed on the chest it will often
loosen up a hard, deep seated cold In
one night.
How often sprains, bruises, cuts
and burns occur in every family, as
well as little troubles like earache,
tooth ache, cold sores, canker sores,
stiff neck, and tired achincr feet.
Soothing, healing Wizard Oil will al
ways bring relief.
Get It from druggists for 30 cents.
If not satisfied return the bottle and
get your money back.
Ever constipated or have sick
ache? Just try Wizard, Liver Whips,
Pleasant little pink pills, 30 cents,
guaranteed. (Adv)
1 Xtbr&rleetif
MR O'Neill
Ladd s Push Bank Mdii$
Mirny Similar Cunt 111 S.dcm and
This Itilem man's story given Jiere
Is pot an Isolated case by any means;
week after week, year after year,
our neighbors ate telling slmtlar good
J. P. Grnettlngcr, prop, meat mar
ket, 1191 S. Commercial St., Salem.
n.vs: "I hud kidney trouble and at
tacks ,if lumbago so b.idly that 1
rouli! hardly utrulglitcn up fur two!
or three week. My Imrk aobed con
KtHiitly and 1 was In bad fix. The kid
ney secretions wero scanty and paw
d irregularly. I read f !o-tn' Kid
ney Tills eu.l used (hem a ditevted.
spontaneous affection that I jiownpd tors sedative had done its work. M"y
uui io mm wnen we were rirst mar- wain reit numb, and I said rather
reld. He must feel that marriage does, drowsily, "Alice, go and see Ruth as
not mean to htm all that he thought you had Intended. Ask her how she
u wuuiu. remaps, if this bahy hadj 'eels about lelng away from Bobby.
n.n come io me, ana i nail left hlm.jvte Know, exactly how Bobby and
he might have been much hfti!cri Helen feel, but Ruth has said nnth.
with some other woman.'
"If you feel this way about it, my
dear," said Alice, "why not separate
from John anyway. Yob are a rich
woman now. you ure independent.
yon can bring up your child as you
Jug on this subject. In the meantime.
i win go to sleep and forget, If pos
rorget! Ah, the times that I have
wisiiett and wished and wished In
Tain ior tnat "rood foriretterv" thst
choose. It doesn't seem to me that' John, seemed to have. I could alwi
inings nave changed in such a fash
ion that you must continue to live
with your husband tf you feel as you
evidently a toward John."
All Three 1'iilinppjr
"But you WIH. ynnraelf. Alice, thnt
since Hobby Oaylord fell desneratelv
In love with Helen and left Ruth and
their children in order to marrv!
Helen, all three are unhappy. And you
Were riulit. liobbv writes and !.. ,
remember my unhapplness and John
rorgei all his troubles.
That Is th difference between a
woman and a man.
(Tomorrow A Gift from John)
Wilson R. Main. ?J years old. and a
member of one of Oregon' earliest
Pioneer families, i, at rton.
Ohio, according to news Just received
by a brother at Albany.
go aim see Ins children nnH 1..1I
him about them. Tiv l rr.J l'MKRNOntlSHKD nill.nBiv
Ruth to let them come and ,, I Such children are t,-e-ish f,itv
, he KUVK. Helen la tin hi tir, I....... ...iand a ft, ,,ir r.t a-npM. ... v. i
' ,, ' ' , ""T.i-u . . ii.jinu nm he ritnnnt be everv- ' They should have regular lunch
Noon relieved the ,ck,,che mt the j thing to Bobby. The string, of his' between meals at 10H0 ,. w. ,J
lumbal pains left. I hearty reoom-j parenthood draw tighter and tight-jSO p. m. Regular daily ret hour
mend . Ki.lney Pil's for whatjer. And even though Ruth told Bob- and take Vlnol. the cod liver and
thev hue done for me." by. when they separated, that she Iron tonic without oil Uruselsu rec-
lii.c ttOc t all d ,..!,. !W w.Hi . be pbel to get rid of him if he!,mmend Vtnol and a rapid in ,
'- " "" f k'-i : "" er oip rnuaivn sRc-suitraiiti iy its tine. If
KKlrey JMi the. ,!!.- th.t . " always more mother than 'thin.
3Ur, tiicimict
. ''Urn
Wif yet
pule. !!
CU tllVP
n-,ie chi
you a
! r,ot rest
-. .t !
Coffee Didrtt Taste
Right This Morning?
Possibly pur digestion '
isoff " That some
times follows coffeq
drinking, you know. "
Isn't tliis a good time to tiy
Tfiere's a 12 e a son " -
Made by
Pos turn Cereal Company. Battle Creek. Mich. "
Alley UidUC UVU " ' " V.
too, grumbling not a little because
there was not the least sign of a sign
anywhere mey ioos.ea.
As soon as he had emTT?!
Jr, to work for nT? M
" uowa the si ""W
wanted." And m all tnn
!were bound to be disappo
iW'-' "tMt m
If". A . '
v ' t)
''"fe,,. !
.SJfc,, ...'.,... .11
I.:- s-
js I fir jOzs
-tike- 9
Like a breeM off the water at sua
down, Ward' Orange-Crush
bubbling and sparkling with
orangey delicioutaess cooli and
refreshes I
Ward's lmon-Crush a temptiag
lemon drink it Orange brush's
double in delightfulnessl
The exclusive Ward process blends
the oil pressed from the fruit itself
with best sugar and citric acid
(the natural acid of citrus fruits).
in bottles or at fountain!
Frepvxd br OMnCnuh Co., Colafo'
Laboistom Lot Aaieles g
y Bottled In Salem by
Gideon Stolz A Co. - thone''
lhiMff M," Tht Stem Omnjt-Olui'-
rOQp .
FmUV tohUm 1M .. .. rr.. , I
utum w um age is consupauon. 1 ne Dow
els become weak apd unable to perform their
functions without aid. For this purpose only
the mildest and gentlest laxative should be used.
The use of harsh cathartics aggravates the trouble
and makes the constipation worse. Chamberlain's
Tablets are a favorite with people of middle age
and older on account of their gentle action.
Overmire Sleel Construction Company
We have In stock for Immediate Shipment
AvrVr . ra to " P h
Avr"r, !X?.toche" ,0 8x8 P to 8 foot length.
AAGXa, SrfH tachoe to 7314 iBchea, p to 60 foot length,
-. '-rl v J ;,V8 to inrh" wide. to S-8 lncbee thick, a weB
Manufacturer of Tank. Boilers, stacks. Pipe, Fabricated Mater
ial for .Buildings and Bridge
East Water Street and Hawthorne Ararae, PORLTAXD OREGOX
Phone East 8721
To eat, with or without butts',
a slice of our light, white, po
BAKE-RITE bread. Chilorea
and grown-ups both are fond
our bread; it's so soft and b
flavored, like rich cake. Try
loaf and judge yourself.
Bake-Rite Bakery
457 State SU . Thone j
Eitahlished 1SC3 ' .
General Banking Easiness
had F,.
ik,, X. V.
!! tell me that even she..
il n, -Jin c
Office Hors frrn 10 s. n.
, to S r.
- 1