Capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1919-1980, May 04, 1920, Page PAGE SEVEN, Image 7

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    jU.e Pf- cng 6 cents, ona suontb
IT cents, one year, per
$: 'nrri'nii Minimum pur ad is
trt insertion only In New Today.
il ifaSiia advance and not tak-
sh in advance ana nui
PJf Shone, unless advertiser has
gEjiEuSErvpau for i.c
as stove 84i
-rz7vi) Woman at once for house
.Mr Phone 2H91J.
,Mll 1 i"u huse 2 "loOKS
Ai! nost office on Center street,
IHurmSied. Price $4600. Laflar
t i-flar.
TTKYl-iUKK housekeeping rooms
1 , i K. Front. Phone 1397V. jlO
TuT RENT Furnished room down
Wn for gentleman. CiUl 205 Ore-
' 11 hide. : I?10?
I-Tr SALE room modern house-on
car"" line i-00; 7 room modern
huiigalow close in $4000. F. L. Wood
ill State t
rToOii bungalow on car. line, 2
larce lots, part set to fruit. I am
oing to sell this very soon. Box E
oitai Journal. - -- - n
STbi' chicks tor saie, S. C. White
LMhor", heavy ,ayinfr strain,- $16
loo. E. J, Miller, Turner, Or.,
r !. box 17. 107
nJjtANIl'MS Now is the time -to
let them at Uraber's Greenhouse,
i-iis D St. 0118
JOB BALE 200 loganberry plants.
newlv dug. Call at Fairview ave.
or Kt 3, box 63, Salem, Fred
(Jnstafson. llfl8
UAXTED Man to keep books and
help out shipping .clerk. Pacific
Fruit & Pro. Co., Mr. Cruvatt 267
g. Commercial St.- g!08
jGANBERRY plants, suy neighbor,
if you have any loganberry plants
left over after planting or others
. (or sale. I'll buy them. Phone 96
f 1108
J40 ACRES under cultivation, trrl
. gable farm land, situated in Doug
las county, acquired by foreclosure
of mortgage, for sale reasonable
and on easy terms.
Ml Masonic Temple, Salem, Oregon.
WANTED To rent by couple, with
out children, small furnished house
or apartment. Address box 56 Jour-
"i 107.
V, AlStulJ 1J HU1 IV lO tO ItCl'tffi
berry land, improved or unimprov
ed. Give price and location. Box
-193, Salem. nil 2
JKEBLA, the heaviest yielding straw
.. berry. A good cunner. You . can
raise your plants for less than they
can be bought next fall. Ward K.
Richardson, 2:iB Front. d!12
J'OR SALE 7 room modern bun
galow, paved street, enst front.
Price f575t) or $6500 with" furni
ture; $3400 cash, terms on balance
7 percent interest. .W. H. Graben
horst & Co.. 275 Stnte St. a 108
i'OR SALE A fine building lot 50x
100 feet, a beautiful location, cor
ner lot with both streets paved.
. Price $1000. Located on Falrniount
Hill. W. H. Grabenhorst & Co., 275
State street. a 108
i'OR SALE Good six room plaster
ed house at 180 N. 23d street, lot
50x100 feet. Price $2500. W. H.
Grabenhorst & Co.-, 275' State St.
FOR SALE One fourteen inch chill
ed plow, $12. 1395 N. 151b. St., Sa
lem. 107
i'Qjl SALE Coiiie for bargains
in used cars, we now have three
fords at low prices, also a 1919.
Maxwell as good as new. Cherry
my tin rage, 1 70 a. 12 th St. ql!2
WAME1J General utility man for
heating plant, permanent position
it satisfactory. Address Heating
- '
WANTED Woman or girl to do light
house work. Phone 1460W after 6
D. m. nr S, in,)..,, An
n'c oournai. fill
' ' C '
BTRIH'dpdtiv . 1
.iiuoiuu plants in any qnn-.
. wy. Etterburg 121, Gold Dollar,
Prouresslve Everbearing, Trebla.
Laos' Goshwell, Wilson. Thrifty,
well rooted plants. City delivery.
VUrd K. Richardson, 2395 Front
St. Phnna A (1 A
4 ACRES for rent close,6 room house
'lame lot, car line, city water,
terms. prlce ,, Brown room g
J41 State. 107
' huuse' s"ua lot Burden in.
Y 10 down, terms. room, large
!', 00: g001 4 iom cottage,
; 7 room, close to car, almost
modern, 32500; lots rhean Rrnwn
jpomj. 341 Stnte. 10K
tt tua
hLfam,0US ,;il(''-burK 121 straw
"?rr Plants. Best canner and
" h?rer- A very heavy producer
ViW?lJ"nu8U'd rilisi"B Plants,
porous healthy plants. Low pric-
o, 'llrS quantities. Ward K.
SlTjwdsi.n, 2395 Front St. d
W.''11' Wism,,K ste(u,y work
Pae orT Warn a tro Glove
p!2LJ455 Oak St. gll
DoS1? ot ka " l"ier
Joui K, n("y rHu to Capital
S!?Lffice. Reward. kins
NomtaJ T" Would telul otic
nominal salary. i!ox 40 care Jour-
ni iz
terert i, "" room pias
2St "? a" ",umle. on paved
"oo cash v"1! '" P.rice ,240
Phone ii,-'alanoe 15 Ppr month.
St. Leaving ?r Ste 0Wner 335 N. 24
ir--'"'-"- si 12
kam on"7,'"1 you"K Jersey-Dur-r
hPav' milk", very
7j-l'' 44 rnlversitv emu
herU,J!,'1Clea,,'t eook don,t divorce
fip - "ion
hou,; T"1' s,,,a11
L mted States National bank
t condor r,"K" '"'" .per-
C.'oifiei . u 1,118 model. Call at
bra"'on re'r'ta"Ji;,,U ronn Pn'
telephone , iiv.l"p- Flnd,'r Pea9e
5' "one mil, Salem, Rt, 4, box
h?j-art"T;,',,,at'r wl,h family for
fun,i I" ?rk- ""me and wood
-1 ' none 8F?i lfl,.
"n on vvhTr. . . 5,Beclal a'e Thurs
iim, 55, "2Je 'ghorns. C. N. Need
ri?wie 400. W109
vacnnr and,Kilrnge, large lot.
-nS Lafll'rT'l I003"0"- $1800.
t2IUtUr. 107.
Nldinea A9 ,". 1S acres with good
kou. " V $lo00 for building
" buifrt""' wlnam"l and oth
Wth eeendlnff" "udli,f, garage
"a full : " room house
'ift wt,-11' bament with
V- Pahi !' f.nncted t0 kitch-
C.h oiw with "
Oon T.i has Wpter Mnn...
t,mbr 1 tn is cre Pasture and
IS" and ,Llc ab" 4 acres
ur and """"r witn small or-
itn r,i m "". H crop
ItS'r "WW before hTr-
on , pi, ,l9.milea east of
i V'- Aidre "it ad- Phone
bfiT H. W TleVrloo Trt
"""" B""" passenger auto
P ro. qio? i
wu ' acre fiT! from Salem, ail fine bottom!
land, about 100 acres in cultivation I
anj in crops, estimated 3"i0 to 5 -t0
cord of wood on the place easv'
access to good road. If sold soon t
$10 per acre. Terms. Laflar '
Laflnr. :
For Sale Houses."
WANTED To buy small modern
bungalow, close in. Want to deal di
rect with owner. Box R G Capital
FOR SALE 6 room modern house.
lutaieu ai its x4tu. phone 1450
M. inT
FOR SALE 3 guod house buys. Sl-
!"'"" """ uart Muller,
WE have legitimate buyers for good
uto nu six room- bungalows, and
for well Improred suburban prop
erties. ."W, A. lAeton, agent, 484
Court street
WANTED-r-A- six room! house. Must
be all on one floor and fully mod
era; north or east front, and situ,
ated west nf Viftntv, .,.
. ...... NUUI Ol
Marion and north et Ferry streets.
.una uiusi oe a Dargatn for spot
cash. Phone 1092 between and
p. m.
FOR SALE Several, house. One Cot-
iaBc; one iiinerty; one South Com
mercial;- one Shipping; . one Per
ry:, one North Capitol; one 21st;
one Court; (one Chemeketa. Call
493 N. Cottage. Phone 1186. all!
PHONE 951, 329 OREGON bldg. a
FOR SALE Strictly modern 6 room
uungamw located on Court St. near
state capitol, has fireplace, furn
ace and garage. Will be offered for
S days onlv at ISfifin Mra vinni
Pettyjohn, 275 State St. Tel." 615.
SEVERAL houses for Bale, amour
them a 5 room bungalow. Inquire
492 N. Cottage, phone 1186. alU
FOR SALE 6 room cottage, bath,
toilet, 3 blocks from post office on
N. Church street Price $2250. Hart
Muller, 208 Oregon bldg. a
STOP! LOOK! 10 V4 acres for sale by
owner, good soil, all tillable, lays
icvei, joins city limits, 10 minutes
walk to car line; 7 room plastered
house in good condition, some built
In features, good barn, machine
shed, granary and shop, wood shed
and chickeR houses, two wells, some
fruit, 2 Vs acres in hay, some garden
and Dotatoea nlanteri. 9. nprea in
'-one field just right for logans or
any thing, balance pasture at pres
ent; 1 horse, harness-and buggy,
new plow and harrow, 1 fine Jersey
cow and calf, fresh only short time;
2 stands of bees, 3 dozen hens about
200 young chickens, 2 Incubators.
You can't beat this at $4800. This
is a real snap; $2800 will handle it.
terms on balance. Phone 60FS and
mnke dnte to look at It. nllO
'of Salj Farms.
FOR SALE 159 acres In the Waldo
Hills at $65 per acre. See J. C.
Jones, owner, Macleay, Or. M07
FOR SALE 10 acres, 9 logans,
bearing, contract crop at 13 today.
Box 10 Capital Jourral. n
FOR SALE Six room . house. 971
Union St. - alio
FOR SALE 18 acres seeded to clov
. er and grain, small house and barn
4H miles east of Salem. Price $4,
500. Hart & Muller, 208 Oregon
' bldg. n
B'OR SALE By owner, 88 acre farm
in 'Howell prairie on Salem and Sil
verton road Vi in cultivation, bal
ance timber and' pasture; good
house and barn, two wells, family
orchard, 1-3 of crop goes with
place; road by place will be paved
this summer. Price $175 per acre.
Terms. Address Elvln Herr, Rt. 2,.
Silverton. -Sllverton phone Green
255. - alll
FOR SALE 130 acres, 120 acres in
cultivation, balance pasturi and
timber; strictly modern new 8 room
bungnlow, built In features, bath,
tlolet, hot and cold water; fine new
barn and outbuildings, young bear
ing orchard; all fenced with wov
en wire; 11 miles out on good road.
Price with crop, $160 per acre.
Hart & Muller, 208 Oregon bldg.
FOR SALE 120 acres 6 miles from
Salem, 20 acres cultivated, old
house, barn, orchard; estimated 8,
000 cords of oak grub timber.
" Price $45 per acre. Hart & Mul
ler. 208 Oregon bldg. n
FOR SALE 40 acres 4 miles south
near Liberty; 25 acres cultivated,
5 acres set to orchard and berries;
unfinished house, some timber.
$6000, would take , house as part
payment. Owner 1341 McCoy Ave.
Salem. nlll
FOR SALE By owner 20 acres, 15
in high state of cultivation, E acres
prunes, i strawberries, -4 acres
gooseberries; fair buildings, on good
road 4 miles out; one team and
harness, 1 cow, 1 buggy and har
ness, 1 farm and 1 fruit wagon, all
farm Implements; iirfmediate pos
session. Price $8500. Write box 122,
Rt. 2, Salem, Or. n
CHOICE close in berry land, 10 acres
located Just outside city limits,
blocks from Center St carline on
asylum road, all cultivated; pos-
session at once. Price $3500, good
terms. 8.11 acres adjoining tho
above land, black loam, all ready
for nlnntln. Price $2800. Haw
kins and Roberts, 205 Oregon bldg.
Phone 1427. . h
For Sale Miscellaneous.
B'OR SALE 16-horse Stoner gas
engine In good condition. J. D.
Hibbs Co., Independence, Or.
FOR SALE About an acre of fine
garden land, NE corner -22d and
Frederick street. Owner, phone
794 or 1341M, Jl?
ALL kinds of cut flowers, potted
plants and ferns. Greenhouse 1298
a nth .trt Phon 1250W. dll7
FOR SALE 1 good farm wagon and
wood rack, 1 one-ton Maxwell
truck in good repair. Will sell cheap
See F. E. Loose, 226 State St, Sa
lem. cl07
FOR SALE Good leather top rubber
tired hlieev Phone 168SK. CIIM
FOR SALE Potatoes. Phone 1205M.
FOR SALE Fertilizer in large or
small qunntities. Phone 33. Capi
tal rov Trnn.fer Co. Cl07
LOOSE hay for sale, 1 mile west of
Farmers F3. in
. vlll
FOR SALE Baled hay twenty dol
lars per ton at barn. L. H. Turner,
txotu,.. n clOi
FOR SALE Two-horse riding culti
vator, almost new. Elvin Herr, Rt
2 Silverton. Silverton phone Green
oce cl07
FREE dirt for the hauling. i2t South
FftO c t n
For Saie Livestock.
I i .
WANTED Milk cow for feed
keep. Phone 37K;2
vpj i ,.., ,.
7- d ,, mre young calves. C. j
C. Russell. Phone 3F3. j.
iJL .Cr pujs for sale. Phone 44F14.
: el07i
rlL ?ALEi bay team, weight
AhntiY uw Hn.w ii. . . ?
about 1400 each, will wo'rk eith
uugie or aouble and No. 1 fast
walkers. C. F. Lansine. Quaker
run 6ALt, liay horse, 1400 lbs. a
yeare old, perfect, gentle, and a
true worker any place. Phone 107
tun o.iLt, n young ewea with 39
early lambs. Hawkins & Roberts,
vj jregon Piqg.
FOR SALE Fine driving horse, rub
ber tired buggy and fine harness,
worth $409, price H7S Phone i
F3. H. W. Bowden. . . e
MLt. sow and . I. piga - $50.
- Geo-SuniBoas, Gervaia, Or Rt 2.
FOR SAkE li b. horse, just the
animal for-cultivating. Inquire 2157
Fairground: road. H07
FOR SALE--Or rent, team of well
matched mares. Phone 47F21. el08
For Sale Wood.
WOOD FOR S ALB First class 18
" Inch and 4-foot dry': cord-- wood,
strictly cash. Office at ;305 South
Church St., phone 1543.-- Fred E.
Welks.- Prompt delivery. .
FOR SALE Second growth fir wood
s.u per cord, sawed: old fir
.$10.50. Call 1953.
eel 2 6
FOR SALE 1 Q rtu If ur.w.,1 ... ...
uusgy poie.. .Exchange Ford road
ster body for 5 passenger body, late
model; new 44 caliber revolver for
good shotgun or rifle. Box 89 care
Journal. cltO
WOOD for sale. Phone 981M. eelll
For Sale Poultry
HIGH grade Rhode Island Red eggs
for hatching, $1 per dozen. 1402 N.
16th. fin
FOR SALE White Plymouth Rock
nens. rnone fl07
$1850 PER 1U0 for White Leghorn
DaDy chicks. Now reartv for riollv.
ery. C. N. Need'ham, 650 State St
Phone 400. fin
WANTED 100 three to five weeks
old chicks of the larger breed, no
fancy Btock; must be cheap for
cash. Bring to 2515 N. 6th St. cl07
FOR SALE 11 Barred Rock hens.
C. N. Needham, 558 State. Phone
400. tl08
FOR SALE 1918 5 passenger Ford,
in first class shape, must be sold at
once. Inquire at 441 N. 24th St. or
phone 1952W. ql09
u bAtiE Avery tractor, mower
and rake, plow and motorcycle. A.
r Kilian, Rt. 5, asylum farm road.
" C109
FOR SALE Late model Dodge tour
ing car,fjood as. new at 365 orth
High St. qlll
TO TRADE Ford touring body for
roadster. Phone 1390R) ql08
FOR SALE 1919 Ford touring, de
mountable rims, Bhock absorbers,
good condition; must sell. 2280 N.
5th St. ql08
FOR SALE 2 1-ton Foru trucks,
worm drives, 6-lnch solids in rear,
and mechanically perfect" These
trucks go at a sacrifice. For further
Information phone 867 ask for Mr
1 3-4 TON REO truck for sale, bar
gain If taken at once. Inquire 356
Chemeketa street, Salem, Or. ql08
FOR. SALE Second hand Cleveland
.tractor cheap for cash, no trade. B.
Cunningham, phone 21 F2. q!09
For Sale Nursery Stock.
FOR SALE Oregon Burbank
potatoes. Phone 52F11.
STRAWBERRY plants, Wilsons, Et
terburg 121, $1 per thousand In
patch. Phone 47F13. d!08
JERUSALEM artichokes
Phone 61F5.
for sale.
FOR lawn work and garden making,
Phone 1327 or call 1467 Center
street. 1108
C. C. KAYS roof repairing, reshingl-
Ing and tarring. Phone Cherry
City hotel mllO
HAVE purchased the shoe repair
shop at 1280 State street and am
prepared to do first class shoe re
pairing and guarantee all my work.
Frank Tanzer. ml07
SEE J. W. Manley, garden plowing,
cellar digging, heavy team work.
Cherry City barns. Phone 199. 1107
TRANSFER L. A. Barrick Co.
Country trips, moving. Wood for
sale. Good service. Stand 271 North
Commercial. Phone 734.
$800 or $1000 TO LOAN on good farm
security. Phone 815 or see G. E.
tlnruh. Gray bids. 1
.Wanted Help.
WANTED Position on ranch by lady
and son. Widow or bachelor prefer
red. Phone 71F22. tl08
WANTED Young man to work in
grocery store. Apply Weller Bros.
GIRL WATED Rodgers Paper Co.
WANTED Unencumbered woman
over 25, to do dining room and
kitchen work, $35 with board,
room and laundry furnished. Ref
erences. J S Capital Journan
WANTED Men to dig loganberry
plants. Will give transportation to
and from the field. Phone 100F3.
year round work on farm or hop
ranch near Dallas, Independence
or Salem. American, age 40, mar
rler, no children; clean, sober, re
liable. Best of references; employ
ed at present. Will be at liberty
June 1. Address box 43, Suver, Or.
WANTED Housekeeper for . family
of two. Phone 428, 154 S. Com
mercial St. gl07
A MARRIED man wanted to live on
a farm and haul wood; all sum
mer's Job. Phone 622 after 7 p. m.
WANTED Chambermaid,
hotel. - '
Wanted! Miscellaneous.
W. BEAVER well driller, one mile
east of fairground. Phone 10F5
WALL paper 2 So double roll and up
Max O. Buren. Hi N. Com'l. m
Lost and Found.
LOST Small black purse containing
$10 and check; finder please leave
at Schafers drug store and give
name. HO"
LOST A brown fur neck piece on
Sunday afternoon between Market
and Division Sts. on N. Commer
cial. Kindly return to 497 Union St.
nr nhnne 728. kl08
LOST parcel containing little boys
suit and hat and girl s dress. 1380
Jefferson St, 107
"WALLBGARD" can Be Used ore!
lath and papered or tinted. Max O.
Buren. 171 N. Com'L
FuK KENT Furnished u
j ished rooms. Phone I35i)
Jl?7 '
FOH RENT 4 modern, wed furnish- )
ej rooms. 155 S. 13th St. 4U1'
rurt Kh.l Mcely furnished rooms
u.e.Mast; gentlemen
preferred. 332 X. Church St Jl8
tV,R RENT-Sleeping anJ housekeeu
ing rooms. Baker apts.. 64 j Per-'
ry St.
Will serve breakfast: tenilemen i
rv St. i?
SLEEPING rooms by day or month at '
' VL UiUiUU at .
492 Cottage. Phone 11S6. jlSJ
LARGE modern sleeping room
renr. lis is. Liberty St.
FFICE rooms for rent, steam heat,
splendid Janitor service. 205 Ore
gon bldg. Phone 1427.
FOR RENT Apartment at The Mil-
-ier. ijuiet couple. 5107
OR RENT Furnished downtown
. slaeping room for gentlemen, stea-n
heat, by the month.' Phone 1427.
20 Oregon bldy.
"WALLPASTE- perfect for paper
hanging, no cooking. Max O. Bur
en. 17 rf. Rom't
Good Buys. -: .
. 15 acres of flrst'class prune, logan
berry and strawberry soil, all plowed
and ready to set Price $2500, H cash,
balance terms. v .
105 acres located on the Garden
road; buildings and nearly alU". in
cror. Price $30e per acre.
acre farm, nearly all cultivat
ed, some timber, 5 room house, barn,
well, good road, 6H miles from Sa
Iem. Price $7500:
64 acres of first class nralrie soil.
all cultivated, close to Salem, on good
roaa. price szue per acre.
2?B acre farm, nearly all cultivated
and in crop, good road, building.
Price $125 per acre. Terms.
224 acre farm, 120 acres cultivat
ed, balance timber, house, barn, good
prairie son. price 1125 per acre.
10 acres located on main Pacific
highway, S acres Italian prunes.
Price $5000.
10 acres bearing Italian prunes,
good road, 4H miles out Price $6500
is acres of bearing cherries, most
ly Royal Anne. Team and tools eoes.
Located on paved road close to Sa
lem. Price $12,600.
5 acres bearing cherries, good road
4 miles out. Price $2200.
1 acre, Bmall house, good sol).
Price $1000.
200 acre farm, 100 acres cultivated,
balance good Umber and pasture land,
buildings, close to Salem. Price $100
per acre.
7 room house and 3-4 acre of land
located close to carline. Price $3250.
6 'room modern bungalow located
in South Salem. Price $2600;
Fine 14 block on Fairmount Hill,
150 by 150 feet, beautiful view, street
paved. Price $2?00. -
6 room modern bungalow located
in South' Salem Oil paved street. Price
W. H. Grabenhorst & Co.,
27 S Sts-te Streets "n"
This Is positively the hlercrest rao-
rlflee near Satwfi, today. 22 acres
of good, dark, productive soil locat
ed only 4 miles from the state house,
on good gravel road. 18 acres in cul
tivation and the balance is pasture.
Family orchard. Woven wire fenc
ing. Fair 4 room house and new barn
36 M 60 Rearing completion. Good
hen house, garage and necessary out
buildings. ( fine cows, mostly Jerseys,
good team, driving horse, good wa
gon, buggy, plow, cultivator, cream
separator, about 30 chickens, calf,
heater and telephone. Everything is
Included with this farm at $4600, Ex
clusive sale. A change to make Borne
easy money if you act at once. .
18S acres of excellent soil located
on main highway being paved. About
7 miles from Salom and Is only 1
mile from station. 55 acres of river
bottom with about half In cultiva
tion. A total of 105 acres of the farm
Is cultivated and Is mostly in fine
crop. Neat 6 room house built about
4 years, and bam 40 by 50. This Is a
fine place and you get 2 horses, 4
good cows, mower, rake, about 80
chickens, seed, feed, eta, with the
farm at $19,000,
j Kinney & Smith. -
201 Bank of Commerce bldg.
pood 3 foom. house close to main
road W. Salem. $500.
8 room plastered house, modern,
lot 100x150, fine location, south, $3,-
000. ', :
10 acres west 3 ' miles, 3-year old
cherries, grafted; best ot soil. $3000.
$300 down, $300 per year at 6 per
103 acres, 70 acres m cultivation,
level bottom soil, balance pasture,
brush; no buildings; 1-3 of crop goes,
in Polk county. $9500.
25 acres near Liberty, 15 acres in
Italian prunes and apples, etc, bear
ing; good house, modern, water pip
ed to house, etc. Drier; some logins;
splendid investment. $16,000.
25 acres, 20 acres in bearing Ital
ian prunes, some grain, timber; good
buildings, dier, etc. Fine income prop
erty. $20,000.
Also a splendid list of houses,
farms, etc., too numerous to mention
here, all to be shown on request,
Walter McLaren.
Room 21, 180 N. Com'l St. Phone 430.
FOR SALE 160 acres; one of the
finest improved farms in the Wil
lamette valley 136 acres seeded to
fall wheat and red clover, balance
' pasture with some timber; all fenc
ed with woven wire. The soil is the
very best. Price with crop, for a
short time, $112 $4 per acre, V4 cash
balance 5 years at 6 percent.
Hart & Muller
208 Oregon bldg. - ' n
$1650 $200 down, $20 a month
buys this neV 5 room bungalow. Has
living room, dining room, 2 bed rooms
bath, toilet, sewer, water connec
tions. ' '
$3000 6 room modern two story
house with a number of attractive
built in features. Large 60x123 foot
lot with 6 bearing fruit trees.
$4000 Large ten room double
house, one half now rented for $20
a month; hard surface street,- furn
ace, cement basement, newiy painted
and papered, gas water beater, ten
bearing fruit trees on a large 50x
200 foot lot. This Is a bargain. Terms.
$1950 Modern 6 room bungalow.
Just being completed. $250 down, $25
a month.
$5250 7 spacious rooms with all
modern conveniences including built
In buffets and bookcases, dutch kitch
en, sleeping porch, large sleeping
rooms, fireplace,- furnace, cement
basement, garage, one block to car,
view lot, a real home. Let us Bhow
you this.
Tell us your house wants. ,
329 Oregon bldg. Open evenings.
Phone 951. n"
$4000 Five acres located on the
edge of Salem; less than two miles
from court house; has good house'and
barn, chicken house, all five acres
under cultivation; one acre prune
trees; another piece planted to lo
ganberries. This small tract is a bar
gain. $2400 cash.
329 Oregon bldg. Open evenings.
Phone 951. n"
200 1H1WN
Am lust comnletinff nw modern fi i
room bungalow in Kinswood add
I x
: rrastered.
i roora an1
kltchen nl
This cosy little home is lathed and ;
has combination living
and dining, two airy bedrooms, j
modern bath, toilet, hot wa-
'er tang ana otner lata features. Has
1d-?Wr conneetion- close-to
crane schonl, ! vnur nnnnplnn tir tit
srade school. Us your opportunity to
beat the high rentals ani own your
own home on terms never before of
fered In Salem. See
329 Oregon bldg. Open,
Phone 951.
329 Oregon- bldg. Phone 951. A
- 7-niiles from Salem on rock road
all undep. cultivation; red soil slight
ly rolling; 12 acres young Italian
prunes, 35 acres oats, 14 acre straw
berries; good house, barn, large new
chicken- house. Price $7500. easy
terms. Immediate possession.
to. R. Fearson & Peed
405 Oregon bldg. Phone 43. n
FOR SALE 5 J-4 acres, S acres fine
prunes, balance crop, 7 room house
with basement. Good barn, out build
ings. All farming tools. Close in on
paved road! A bargain at $4250.
For Sale 6 acres. acres ( year old
prunes, family orchard, berries;- 4
room house, barn, outbuildings; 1
horse, 2 pigs, 2 dozen chickens,
wagon, buggy, plow, harness, all
tools. On rock road, close In. All
goes for $3600.
404 Ferry St. Pnone 1177, "Salem, Or.
- 108
. Best Buys.
' 1.71 acres all in cultivation, family
orchard, 3 room house, barn and oth
er buildings; on good road, 3H miles
out. $1750.
20 acres all In loganberries: good
barn and well, 2 miles from city lim
its in Kelzer bottom, on main road.
A good investment for some business
man. Come In and talk this over with
9 acres on Garden road; 6 acres
in bearing prunes; 6 room house
strictly modern (now building), good
bam one of the finest homes on the
Garden road and only 2 miles from
the center of city.
. 12 acres nearly all in fruit, apples,
pears and prunes; 5 room house, barn
and other buildings; on Portland
road, best of soil and well located.
$8500, terms.
6 acres 34 miles south on rock
road. 2 acres cherries and tipples,
bearing; 3 acres loganberries planted;
some buildings. $3700.
5 acres all In logans In Kelzer bot
tom, close to the school on main
road. $3000, terms.
25 acres on Howell Prairie; small
house and good barn; family orch
ard; all the best of land, on gravel
rad. $6000, terms.
40 acres 8 mies frm Salem on Mo
Minnville road; all in crop; no build
ings. $8000.
100 acres on paved road 7 miles
from Salem; all In crop which goes
with farm if Bold soon; this It! all
good land. $200 per acre,
20 acres on paved road 7 miles out,
Vt in cultivation and crop; balance
good timber with fine stream on
boundary line. $3000.
83 acres all In cultivation, close to
town; 5 room bungalow, good barn
36x48, silo, granary and straw shed;
well fenced with woven wire. $100
per aero. I 1
7 room house, close In on good
street, strictly modern; basement;
fine lot of fruit, $3600.
6 room bungalow close In on pav
ed street; strictly modern, fine loca
tion, $6000.
6 room house In North Salem, 3
good lots. $2250.
10 room modrn on N. Capitol,
close in; good lot.' $6500
341 Stnte street. n
4 loganberry tracts all in bearing,
1 20-acre tract, 4 in logans; 1 JO-acre
tract, 814 In logans; 1 5 -acre tract all
in logans 7 years old. Terms.
2 10-acre tracts close to Salem, all
kinds of fruit, loganberries and Ital
ian prunes, water system in both
houses and barn. Choice for $4500.
10 acres fine 8011,. In cultivation'
balance In timber and pasture, good
spring; 1-3 crop goes with place; 4
room house; and family orchard, 4
miles to Salem. cash, good terms.
Price $1700.
Sawyer & Emmett
Room 3 Bayne bldg. n
4 lots, 6 fine cherry trees; 12 wal
nuts, good 6 room house, barn, fine
garden land, good location. Snap,
$3650, easy terms, or- will rent.
Fine all modern 5 .room bungalow
close In, furace, nice basement, good
lot, good garage, cement walks. Nice
home. $.1650.
For rent, 6 room modern house,
garage, barn, lots of fruit, good lo
cation. 40 acres close In, 17 acres bearing
prunes, some loganberries, cherries,
apples, fair set farm buildings. For
quick sale $12,000, 1-3 cash.
Choice 6 acres with buildings and
fruit close In. Price $3500, easy terms
Fine 35 acre prune orchard, good
buildings, dryer; best buy in Marion
county. $18,000. Terms.
Perrine & Marsters.
1 1 1-12 Com. club bid n
your hauling and, moving. Phone
1608J. 129
DRS. WHITE and Marshall, ostso-
rjtU nhonn X 3 4. '
FARM LOANS Any amount Los
rates. Full repayment privileges
Very prompt service. Ask about out
20-year loans at per cent Haw
kins A. Roberts. 205 Oregon bldg
8ALEM SC A V A: : 3 E it Garbage an
refuse of all kinds removed 01
monthly contracts at reasonable
rates. Cess pools cleaned. Dead ani
mala removed. Office phone Mali
Water Company.
.:on.r Commercial and Trade 8ts
Bills payable monthly In advance
Phone 67. '
Money to Loan.
On good real estate security
ftror Ladd A Bush Bank. Salem. Or
Money to Loan.
Federal Farm Loan
Any amount Long time.
ty, and percent Interest.
City building loans.
A. C. Bohrnstedt.
401 Masonle Temple, Salem. Oregos
Dli ALBBKT R. idlLLiiR Optonie-trist-opucian,
eye thoroughly ex-
; aminea, glasses maae ana uueu-
610-1S U.-8. banH. pnone S41.
Safety Razor BIade3.
SAFETY razor blade sharpening ma
chine, first Installed at A- H. Stew
rt Repair Shop.. 147 Court 8t
OAT Meal Paper, 20-inch tan, extra
special, S4c double roll. Max O.
Buren. 17 N. Com'L - n
Stove Repairing.
STOVES rebuilt and repaired. 6 9
years experience; Depot National
and American fence, sizes 26 to M
Inches high. Paints, oil and rarn-
- Ishes, etc, loganberry and hop
books. Salem Fence and Bto
Works 250 Court street Phone 114
Why Sell for Less.
WS will pay yoa more cash for your
-.- household goods. Get our bid be
fore you sell. Peoples Furniture
. . and Hardware Store. 171 N. Com
mercial street. Phone 7S4.
Lodge Directory.
TUv CHEMEKETA 1-dge No. 1
- - VJ meets every Wednesday
STcnlng at 7:1 at I. O. O F. halt
Coraack hall on- every Tuesday
8. J. L. Tucker, G C; P. J. Kusta.
K. R. & S.
bly No. 84 meets every Thursday
8 p. m. in L O. O. F. ball. P. An-
dresen, M. A.; A. A. Gueffroy, so
retary, Salem. Or. '
TEAM, Auto Truck and Delivery
Drivers Union No. 110 meet every
Wednesday evening at the' Labor
Temple, 8 o'clock.
Oregon Grage camp No. 1360 meets
every Thursday evening In McCor
nack hall. Elevator service. Oracle.
Mrs. Carrie E. Bunn, 643 Union Bt
recorder. Flora Nelson, 733 North
W. O. W. SALEM CAMP 118 MesU
every Friday nlgheat t o'clock Ib
McCornack hall, cor. Court and Lib
erty St Visiting Woodmen welcome
. C D. Ross, C C; L. 8. Geer, clerk
Market Reports
Grain; Wbeat No. 1 $2.00; 'teed
oats 8590c; milling oats 80 90c;
cheat hay $2S23; oat hay $2425;
clover hay $2529; mill run $50.
Butterfat: Butterfat 59c; creamery
butter 62 63c.
Pork, veil and muttoai Pork o ft
16 Ho; veal fancy 1819o; steers 11c;
spring lambs 16 Ho; cows 7to; ewes
80; sheep, yearling 13o.
Dressed pork 21a, -
Eggs and poultry: Eggs cash 35c;
light hens, 2628o; heavy hens 32c;
old roosters 1516o; broilers 30 35c,
Vegetables: Onions per pound 80;
celery do. $1.75; potatoes, Yaxlms
80 Oregon 6c; strawberries (5.00;
beets per sack $2; turnips per, sack
$3.75; carrots per sack $2.60; parsnips
per sack $3.60; spinach lOo lb.; rad
ishes 40c doz.; asparagus 15c.
Fruit: Oranges 15.00 7.00; lemoni
$5.60 06; bananas 11a; honey extract
20c; bunch beets 45a; cabbage lo:
head lettuce $1.25; carrots 45o; as
paragus 18c; cauliflower $1.75 dos.;
red peppers 25c lb; rhubarb 60;
peas 15o lb.
Retail prices: Eggs dozen 40o;
creamery butter 63 65c; country but
ter 55c; flour hard wheat $3.25 3.45
soft wheat (2.90.
Portland, May 4 Cattle weak;
receipts none; jiraln and pulp- fed
steers $12.00 12.60; choice $11.00
12.00; good to choice $10.5011.00;
medium to good $9.5010.50; fair to
good $8.759.50; common to fair
7.50S8.50; choice cows and heifers
J10.60ll.00; good to choice $9.00 I
10.26; medlu mto good $8.009.00;
fair to medium $7.008.0O; canners
,$5.e06.00; bulls $6.009.O0; prime
light calves 116.00 f 17.00; meaiuro
light $10.00 IS. 00; heavy $7.00
10.00; Blockers and feeders $7.(09
Hogs lower; receipts 145; prime
mixed $15.50 1&) 1 00; medium $14.00
16.00; rough heavy $10.00016.00;
pigs 112 9 IS.
Sheep steady; . receipts 125; prime
lambs $15.00 16.00; light valley
$14.75016.00; heavy $13.25 14.76;
common to medium $10,503,13,50;
yearlings $14.00(915.00; wethers
$13.5014.25; ewes $812.
Portland, Or,, May 4. Cubes ex
tra '53 54c; parchment wrapped box
lots 68c; enrtons 69c; half boxes '4c
more, less than boxes lo more;
butterfat 661 57c f. 0. b. station; 68c
. Poultry and Eggs.
Portland, Or., May 4. Eggs sell
ing price case count 40 41 ; buying
price caso count 40c; selling price
candied 42tf; selected candled In car
tons 44c.
Poultry: Hens 31 34c; broilers 35
roosters 16c; turkeys dressed 60
62c; geese 22 20c; ducks 40 ft 45c.
Wheat $2.20; barley, feed $7375
oats $6364.60; corn No. 3 yellow
$67.5068 milling price.
MiUatuffs: Mill run $48049.
Hay: buying price, timothy $32 f.
o. b. Portland; alfalfa $34; grain $27
030; clover $30.
H and Rannel Abramscn to An-
thony and Lena Olhers,
27.100 acres Silverton $2500
Frank and Anna Tlchy to A J
and Mary D Schoemaker, 29
A sec 24 in 93 3W 4500
Henry D and Martha E Brown
to Gustuv and Emalia Wang
erln It 1 and 2 Touts add"
Woodburn ( 1026
Stanley J Ostrander to Mary R
Stiff It 11 bl 4 Burlington
add 3000
O L and Bertha Brubakcr to
Martin Brubaker, 25 A In
73 2W .' :.;...:..H,000
Margaret Burroughs, Ralph and ,
Delia Burroughs to O F
Franklin it 1 bl 81, Salem.!.. 1957
Eliza Kerr to A J and Bessie
Van Wassenhove, 18.67. A In
43 2W 4250
Josephine Korinek to George
H and Abble Bell prt see 10
In 18 1W Btayton 1250
Henry and Orpha DeHart to Mary
Hicks, It 83 Harry DeSartS
add Silverton
M O and Edith Cooley to W W
Coolcy prt It 8 J M Brown
add Silverton 2500
Addle and E M Hammer to Wal
ter J Geren fmlt It 84 Friends"
Oregon colony 1500
C O and Sarah B Constable,
August and Margaret Huckes
tein, W P and Rose M Bab
cock to Charles A Clark and
W L Cummlngs, 128 A sit
sec 21-22 In 83 3W 38,400
Clyde (1 and Mary K Thomas to
Lewis N White all llts 1-2-i-i
bl 16 Depot add Salem
William C Boss to O Geneva
Burnett prt It S bl 1 Salem........
Body Of Banker
Beaten To Death
Found Concealed
Los Angeles, Cal., May i. Tfc
body of H. J. Bobbins, a wealthy re
tired banker, formerly of Omaha,
was found in the rear of a vacant
house in one ot the better residence
sections here today. Mr. Robbins ha4
been beaten to death. A considerable
sum of money, his watch and other
valuables were undisturbed.
. Mr Robbins lived not far from the
scene of Ms death.
The bedy had a rope around the
neck and police Investigators said it
had been dragged about thirty feet
from a spot where there was some
evidence of a struggle. It had been
thrust between two bales of hay.
The Sulgre.ce Institution in New
York has issued an address urging the
people of the nation to hold approprN
ate ceremonies beginning June 4 la
celebration of the tercentenary of the.
Pilgrim Fathers.
Dr. Howard Sweetser Bliss, presi
dent of the Syrian Protestant Colleg-a
of Beirut, .Syria, died Sunday at Saxa-
nac, N. Y.
There is fear that Australia may
have to import wheat in 1921 owing to
the bad season, says a Sydney dispatch,
io the London Time
Also Junk of All Kinds
Best Prices Guaranteed
Capital Junk Co
, ' The Square Deal House
171 Chemeketa, St 'Phone ttl
. Phone 510-511
270 N. Commercial St
Car ot
Chinese Medicine and Tea, Co.
Has medicine which will cure
any knows disease.
Opea Sundays from 10 a. m.
until S p. m.
1(( South High Street
lalera, Oregon. Phone 18(
For Genuine Bargains Beginning
House Furnisher
You get more for your
Money at Moore's.
Wa have engaged one of the
best men in this line on the
weBt coast and have equipped a
shop for magneto repairs. Also
a line of parts. If your magneto
needs overhauling, ship It to ut
or call.
& Co.
279 N. Commercial St.
Buy Remnants
Remnant Store
1(4 North Commercial
They are trained men,
they are vigorous men,
they are $mart men.
Their energy will make
your business huiaQ
You'll reach tho finest kind
arm Were of all kind
0 through our Classified Alia,
Salem. Or. "7
19th St.