Capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1919-1980, May 01, 1920, Page PAGE TEN, Image 10

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    a u l ti:n.
Dme oi rroperty
Is Considered
ito Sum A. Kozer. deuuty serrMrv of
.stale, whu said it would be nmMiiry
for Senator Poindexter to personally
; file affidavits of withdrawel.
Growers' Session
With a record attendance of Sa
lem Fruit Union shareholder! pres
ent, the meeting at the Cnion plant
at Mill and High streets, was with
u , dur ng the first hours of
tb v orning session.
Over two hundred members were
la attendance while proxy vouchers
Brought the voting strength up to
aearly 800. After recall and routine
reports by officers of the organiza
tion, an e'ectlon of officers retained
all members of the 1919-1920 person
nel. Officers and several members of
the Union advanced the matter of
disponing of the Union's Mill-High
Street property. The question was vot
ed upon by the shareholders, but by
three o'clock this afternoon, the re
turns had not been completed. How
ever, it Is believed that union mem
bers will concur in the sale of the
property, which is held to have out
lived its Usefulness.
While no statement could be elicited
from officers of the co operative asso
ciation, It Is generally believed that
matters of Bpeclal Importance will be
brought up during the afternoon and
evening session.
Straw Hats Found
To Be Scarce Here
"Straw Hat Day"
Todays "straw hat day, but dlli
front search on the streets downtown
all day long failed to reveal ninny
of the light skyplrccg. According to
custom that's as old as the f lint base
ball lenguo In America the rougher
ex is supposed on May 1' to appear
with his dome erowneu In a bonnet
if some sort of hny.
But only several four at the most
were seen In Salem today. And they
at sstrldb the blllowly thork of hair
of farmers and were of tho vlntiige of
perhaps 1908.
Either the auspicious occasion was
overlooked, or the wise deemed it
best to wait until the weather man
nays "fair and wanner" before they
abandon their coronas of felt.
Salem And Yamhill
.Nines Will Meet At
Oxford Park Today
' The golf team of the Kugone Coun
try club will lie In frialom, .Sunday for
the first inter-club mutch of the ye"
The party which will be accompan
ied b ya number of women golf en
thusiasts from the Lune county city
will arrive at Llveslcy station nt 9:30
a. m. Members of the Salem club
with machines lire urged to meet the
visitors and escort them to the mi
lled club.. ,
' The following; players tvlll repre
sent Kugene: W. W, Mo'nick K
O, Immel, R. W. Martin, C. D. Hover.
A. 13. Ilapp, E. W. Hope, Frank Hiir
rltt, P. X. Hehnefers, 0. B. Schaof
ers. O, W. Oriffln, J. 1'eurson, J, L,
Hesw llnnnld Young, L. W. Howling,
W. W. Htarlmi'k, C. H. Dillon, L. 11.
Swlmirt A. A. Rogers Hurry Ton-ell,
J. A. McLean, l-'red F. Brown.
' The Sal.'m team has not been plck
' d but will bo composed of lowest
handicaps men who put iu appear
mice. .
. The regular and Justly famous
"Jr-"!!!!) Jones" dinner will be serv
ed tor ull club members and their
guest ' ,
'TisNoUse! Old
j H. C. Of L. Boosts
1 Overalls Prices
Old II. C. of I would make a good
first in a general Marathon. For no
matter what Brullivr Cllixen does to
heat his, pace Old It. C of 1,. "opciiH
up" with the result: still higher prio
. AH over the nation overalls clubs
were forniod us a imvinn of. beating
the high cost of living. For a time it
looked like ltrothvr ('It lien had gain
ed a start toward the goal of minimi
rates. Hut look
Local diygooda dealers are recelv.
Jug warnings that tliu wholesalu
price of overalls that now sell for
$37 a donen. will be advanced soon
two or three dollars a doscn "and
th next advance, probably within n
month, will be as much more," The
manufacturers are using their ftrgu
inent that ths coat of thread has ad
vanced S00 percent in tho past three
years therefore more" coin for over
Mil;. .
Adam Snyder, Once
An Active Farmer
Called By Death
Adam Snyder, 74, for five years a
resident of this city, died at his home
160 Games avenue, yesterday after
noon. The funeral will be held at the
chapel of the Iligdon & Son company
Sunday at 1:30 p. m., with burial fol
lowing In City View cemetery.
Mr. Snyder was born in Sullivan
county, I'enn., January 25, 1846. When
he came west he became engaged In
farming but at the time of his death
wa retired from active work.
He is survived by his wife. Sirs.
Clara Snyder; three daughters, Mrs.
Edna LaVelley, Mrs. Charles A. Glaze,
and Mrs. John Eerter, all of Salem ;
.wo sisters, Mrs. John Knights, Port
land; Mrs. Mary McGeorge, Pacific
Grove, Cal., and two brothers, Christ
Snyder, Chico, Cal,, and Jacob Snyder,
Fordsvllle, Penn. Five grandchildren
also survive him.
rfvw - t-'-t. II..:;.. y
The funeral will by held ut the By. Charles Staliworth of
ehri..i f h. Kipdnn a- Snn eomnniv covering the appropriation of water
at 2:39 p. in, Sunday, with burial
--3 IT. C Br
from the east fork of Illinois river for
following in Lee Mission cemetery.
Logging Company
Is Incorporated
For $1,000,000
the Irrigation of 3U acres .n Josephine
J And by W. F. Willson of Murphy.
'covering the appropriation of water
from Williams creek for the irriga
tion of a small tract in Josephine
Bon. secretary-treasurer: Burton Dear
dorff and Frank Hunter, directors.
L. E. Throop and company, Dan
ville. Grant county; J.UjOi); Lew.s
E. Throop, Lillle C. Throop and Jas
The Saddle Mountain Logging com
pany of Portland, capitalized at $1,
000,04V filed articles oi incorporation
with the statA corporation denartment
here Wednesday. The incorporators Wyllie.
n r Priehle M.rvln K Hot. I Certificates of decrease in cnpitali-
land and Robert B. Kuykendull.
ler. were arrested by Traffic Officer
Moffitt and Fatrolman Rowe and
boosed for disoroerly conuuet. ihe were re.eased on their own
recognizance to appear befo.e Police
Judge Race at 10 a. m. Monday.
Arrests were made upon corr.plaint
of other tenants of the building who
said that groups of young: men had
been engaged on several occas.ons in
disorderly activities in the room. A
fifth member of the partw arrived on
the scene later with five bottles of ton
ics to be used to drink, and when In
formed of the officers' visit he hasti
ly departed.
Dry Campaign
; Costs Big Sum
Washington, April 2. The cam
paign for ratification of the federal
suffrage amendment has cost the Na
tional Woman party f93.5D9.75.
headquarters announced today. Most
of the contributions came in small
'amounts from individual women, the
(record sum for any one month being
1 J1S.362 in March, 1920.
..." -csiu,, p , u -
today by the Interstate cvn-.-l "
mission. .
Other corporations filing articles
Wednesday were:
Wheeler United Lumber company,
zatlon were filed by the Beck Invest
ment company. Portland, f45,000 to
f5000, and by the R. M. Hollingshead
company, a New Jersey corporation.
Former Salem Man
Dies At Eugene
E. C. Trice, for several years en
gaged in the shoe sales business) in this
city with his sons, Oscar A. Price and
J. C. Price, but of late conducting a
shoo establishment at Eugene with his
son, J. C. Price, died ut Eugene Friday
afternoon. The body is expected to ar
Wheeler. -Tillamook county: I2G.000: m i h.uub to zain.tiuo. .
C. L. Hodgen, A. M. Closke and E. f The Archer & Wiggins company.
L. -McKinney. I Portland, filed a certificate showing
Langell Lumber company. Portland aD Increase in capitalization from
$50,000; S. H. Silworth. & J. Graham . 10n.n to I250.00O.
and Bartlett Cole. . ! Resolutions of dissolution were fil-
A. M. Conway and company; Port- d the Miniature Lumber corn
land; 13000; A. M. Conway, C. V. P3" Portland, and the Wallowa
BJornvall and R. M. McCalley. Mercantile company. Wallowa.
Moro Building and Investment Permit to transact business in Ore
company, Moro. Sherman county; SO" wa8 Rented to the Goodyear Tire
$15,000; R. S. Goff. A. Rosu, F. E. and Rubber, company a California
Fortner and C. E. Johnson. corporation capitalized at f20,000,-
Suonyside Cemetery association, 00- N- D- 8imon 01 Portland is nam
Sunnyside. Clackamas county: $200; ,ed aa attorney in fact for Oregon.
Perry Hunter, president; L. S. John-' '
water permits i;$4i 6 Pnur ArroeloA Fnr
Anntlenttona f.. . nnnrnnrl.i1 ' VI
ate water have been filed in the of
fice Qt Percy A. Cupiwr, state en
gineer, by Henry Deppe of Andrews,
covering the appropriation of water
Being Disorderly
County's Efforts
To Secure Gravel
Free Are In Vain
court to secure exemption from the
payment of state royalties on sand and
gravel taken fron pa-hl it-es
for use on county highways, were in
board yesterday it was decided that no
ex-, pt.ons could be granted under 4he
act of the 1920 legislature providing
for this royalty.
The fund derived from the rovltv
payment is credited to the state's irre
ducible school fund.
It is estimated that approximately
f 50,00 Oper year should be realized for
the school children of the state from
this source.
Washington, Apr. 29. Petitions of
the postmaster general and the West
ern Association of Short Line Rail-v--ds
for hearing and a revised find
ing aa to fair and reasonable rates for
To whom this may conrn ,
say that I was afflicted with' iD
cerous growth in my ,e-np!e ' c
annoyance of my self aa fa
I advised with Dr. S C !,
lorn. Oregon, who appiiedY"!"
for five days and then a sim"
ment an4 afte, a few davj tL r?v"
CER came out entirely to n,v
s,u.. UUin i van truly reonn.
Dr. Stone's. mewi
Seaside, Oregon, box jij.
Found engaged in boisterous and
noisy conduct in a room at the Hughes
from Willow creek and Willow Springs building, North Commercial street,
creek for the irrigation of 45 acres yesterday afternoon. S. Fielding. S. 8.
Poindexter Will
Withdraw From
, Oregon Contest
United States Senator Miles Pnln
doxter of Washington, will withdraw
his name 'from the Oregon primary
ballot as a candidate for the repub
lican presidential nomination, accord
ing to word received hero today from
J. C. Ilerbsman of Portland, poln
dexler'a c.impalmi luitnuuer In ore
nn. The Information was tclcphuiud
m No matter what dif
ficulties we may
I ti ml ourselves in we
always make an
earnest effort to
n,k our work an
example of beauty,
grace and service.
Every Woman Should
Make a Will-
You have the same right as a man to
dictate hoy your property shall be dis
tributed at your death.
Without a will, the law arbitrarily
decides who shall receive your prop
erty, and who shall settle your estate.
See your attorney and make a will
that will distribute your property the
way you want it distributed, and name
an executor in whom you have con
fidence. We offer our services as your Executor.
Capital National Bank
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