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7TuWANDlEFFt-Jeff springs some high-broiv French on the ice man. By Fisher
(Copyright, 120. by H. C. Fisher. Trade Mark Reg. U. s. pZZ '
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Juniors Lead In
Interclass Track
Events To Date
Willi four events yet to be run off
in Ihe Willamette university InterclusH
truck meet, the Junior have a fairly
afe lea it. with 28 points to 21 for both
sophomores und freshmen. Interest Is
liitrh In the outcome of the content for
second place for points for the year's
evi-nts sre so close that this matter
will decided It, If he sophomores take
wioixl, they are almoHt tiure to win.
as they are conceded first place In ten
nis. Otherwise the Junior will win
The events oday are the two hurdle
raven, the 220 and the Javelin throw,
and the final outcome renin upon the
iiintcBt of Irvine for the Sophs and
. (!anHn for the Frooli In the hurdle
lueeg, ,
Competition was close In all the
evi-ntH, al I fiuiiK I) the due to the tdiort
tialulni; period the recordi) made were
nut pui'tlculurly (food. They were (food
eiiouKh to Dhow that Wlllainctte will
have a fiiat truck team thla year.
Th ineel nerved In a large measure
aa a tryout for Ihe vawdty track team.
The moat exciting event yeHtcrduy
wim the 440, in which JuckBon over
hauled Keller Ifi the liiBt 30 yards and
won by Inched. jColllns placed second
In the mile, but was dlHiiuallflei fur be
Inn helped acroKA the tiutxh Hue ufter
100 yuid dash Keller (K), Irvine
ftt, Jackson (Jl. Time 10 3-K een.
410 yard dash Jackson "(J), Zeller
(K), Iln rues (S). Time, C7 sec.
Mile run rilllelte (Si, Von taction
(I'-), Onvles (.I). Time S mill. 11 sec.
HH0 yard run Vlnlier (Jt, Olllette
; (H), -Voil Kscen (I')', Time, 2 mln. 20
'wee. .
lilgh Junip I'ul'.ock (8), Jackson
(Ii, uii.l Irvine (S) lUd for second,
tleliiht, 5 ft. 2 In.
llioad JumiiIrvlno (8),.liavleH (J)
Klrevey 11''). Distance 18 ft. 10 III,
IiImi'iiu llii'nw.. H'Hit'ltu I. II. I.vnuin
(J I, Keller 1K). IMftance, 9S ft 8 In,
Hhot put -rtailHpinner (F). Wapnto
(.11, Ijiwsoii (K). Klsliince, S3 ft. 6
f'ole vault -K. I.vman (J), Oaimans
l' ), II. Lyman (SI. ltelglitn, 10 ft.
SS0 yard relay Won by Juniors,
ttaiey, l.yinan, I'isher, Jackson; frcuh
nien fecund; sophomores llilnl.
Indlvldusl points (rvlne 10, Kclb-r
V, Jackson S.
Class Hlandlnrt-Junlom 38, sopho
mores 20, freshmen 10.
Bearcats To Play
Chematva Tossers
Tomorrow 'afternoon at 3:30 the
Willamette llenrcau will cross bats
with the Chcmawa Indians on the
t'lieinavvii field. Coach Mathews' men
will lineup iilmut n they did aualnst
. A. C. with Irvine in the hox. The
Indians are a strong team and have
always been a bitter rival of the Bear
ruts and n fat game will be the con
neuuenee. Friday the local college will
play 1'aolflo university on the home
I'lidei woud U becoming one of the
chief mld-Columbl;i lumber produe
ln secllons. Willi two inllla already
Hhipplng an averace of B0, 000 feel
dally, a third mill Is tinder construc
tion that will have a capacity of loo.
000 feet dully.
See the Boys Ride
the Mule
Ban Francisco, April 27. Pacific
Coast league schedule for April 27
May 2:
Oak In ml and Sacrumento at San
San Francisco at Portland.
Salt Lake and Vernon at Los An
geles. Los Angeles at Seattle.
Coast League Scores
R. II. I
Han Francisco 2 9 2
Seattle : 3 8 1
Beaton, Smith and Agnew; Deniaree
and Adams.
R. H. K
Los Angeles 3 7 3
Portland 12 14 2
Keating, pertlca, Dumovich and
Lnpun; Janes and Koehlcr.
Only two. coast league games'; other
teams traveling. f
Concert Program
For Next Season
Secured By Trio
The Ellison-White Lyceum circuit
for the season 1920-1921 la assured to
Salem as a result of a contra signed
Monday with the concert research
bureau, Floyd II. Mctntypre, Leslie H.
Springer, and Frediich Aldiich are the
new Salem representatives of the bu
reau. As tar as can be ascertained,
the contract Involves the hlghesi,
largest amount ever paid In a tentni
agreement for the purpose of bringing
any allied program to this city.
Mr. Springer Is connected with Mau
ser Rros., while Messrs. Melntyre and
Aldiich are members of the Junior
class at Willamette, nil three young
men being well known In this city,
The tentative program ns completed
at he present Is as follows:
October, 1920, the Lawrence Little
Symphony; November, 1920, Albert
LIndiiuest, tenor. Llndquest Is the
highcMt priced number on the sched
ule and since his premier appearnnot
recently at Chicago has been reoog-
nUed as one of tho stellar voices of
the century; December, 1920, Dr,
Stanton, whose lecture, "The World of
Today" has aroused much friendly and
counter criticism In America and
throuiihout the ttiitlfh Isles. Dr. Stan
ton Is a member of the Hiitlah parlia
ment and has secured special leave In
iindertakln'g this lecture tour.
In January, 1,921, the De Mill
Quartette, which the Klllson-Whlte
bureau claims Is highest priced group
of artists on any circuit, will come to
Salem. The last number Is listed, "Dr.
Cope, lecturer anil humorist."
"We believe In Salem and we believe
lhat the higher quality of artistry rep
resented by this serins "will warrant
Salem's best response," slated nr.
Springer In announcing the acquisition
of the lycouni numbers.
Tinker firemen are requesting an
Increase In salary of 120 a month, be
ginning May 1, and threaten to sliike
unless the demand in grunted.
Sour Stomach
1-0-Na Puts the Stomach in
Fine Skpe in five Minutes
Jt your stomach Is continually kick
ing up a diMturbnnce; If you feel bloat
td and distressed; if you belch gas
and sour food Into the mouth, then
you need Ml-O-Na Stomach Tablets.
Ml-O-Na stomach tablets give In
stant relief, of course, but they do
more; they stop the poisonous gases.
They stop escess fermentation of food
and thoroughly clean, renovate and
strengthen th stomnch so that It can
readily digest food without artificial
MI-0-N. stomach tablets sr guar
anteed to end Indigestion, acute or
chronic, or money bark. This means
that nervousness, dullness and bil
iousness should disappear. Druggists
everywhere and Daniel J. Fry sell Ml-O-Na
for 80 cents a large box.
Smith Praises
Oregon's Part
. In Aviation Game
"Oregon has done more towards
promoting aviation activities than any
state In the union,' declares Major Al
bert D. Smith of the army air service,
In a letter to Governor Olcott who has
enjoyed a number of flights in com
pany with th major during his so
journ In this state as a member of the
air service forest patrol last summer.
Major Smith gained considerable no
toriety in his record air flight from
Taconia, Wash., to San Diego, Califor
nia. He is now In the Lett,erman hos
pital at San Francisco recuperating
and awaiting the healing of a broken
leg, but hopes to participate in the air
circus to be staged at Kugene', Or.,
about May 10
Pierce Pictures
Recent Sessions
Burning Disgrace
"Our legislature has been a disgrace
a burning .disgrace. I have never wit
nessed a crazier night than the last
one In our legislature when bilife wore
shoved through without their even
having been read, and senator iat
there laughing and Joking about it."
Thus Senator Walter M. )'Urca,
from eastern Oregon, charcier'ava
the dllemna of haste in the recent .-special
session of legislature in a talk
made last night In the Commercial
club. Senator Pierce pointed tohe
aforementioned as one of the cauaes
that breed unreet and treason In the
country, and the main causes that
foroe people to clamor for a more
urged to bring a friend, and any one crease would become effective on that
coming "dressed up" in anything Lc date. But all said that It was not a
old ragged clothes will be fined. concerted movement.
A "Judge" has been appointed fromj The new scale. It is said, will be
the membership and all persons vlo-,- $18, without change for No. 1 logs, and
lating the "dressing laws " will be ,,B an(, ,36 compared wUh ,24 and'
haled before the "court and made
to pay a fine. Trials o' various klnds.l 36 for No- 2 and No- 3 IoSS- It was
among which will be a divorce, will 'said that it was questionable wheth
also be heard before the court, and er the advance In the prices in logs
staged for the amusement of the
o"ier members.
Business of the evening will be dis
pensed with, and from eight to 11
o'clock merriment will hold sway. Re
freshments will be served during the
evening, and a good time is assured
for all who attend.
I want to get back to Oregon so steady hand at the helm of the gov-
budly I can almost taste It and I have
planned big on being connected with
the patrols again this season but I am
not so certain we are going, to have
'squadrons enough to do the work,"
Smith writes.
"I know and everyone knon.s that
you have gone to the bat every turn to
get more planes, and, believe me gov-
ment. He made a strong plea for true
Americanism as It was felt by the stur
dy men who founded the nation; and
vehemently flayed all practices and
agitations that tendto undermln me
serenity of the eeuntry.
Senator Pierce talked following
Arthur C. Foster, a former farmer
from North Dakota who told of the
Prices Of Yellow
Fir Logs Soar; .
Wages Cause Rise
Portland, Or.. April 27. Individ
ual firms will Increase the prices of
yellow fir logs produced in the Co
lumbia . river district, effective May
1, it became known here today. Sev
eral operators admitted that an in-
would be reflected In a higher level
j of lumber prices: According to repre
sentative logging men here, there has
been a differential of prices in this
district compared with prices prevail
ing In the Grays Harbor and Puget
Sound districts, and an equalization
j is said to be the purpose of the rise
I which became! known today. Increases
fin wage scales, effective April 1, are
said to have actuated the advance.
John M. East, aged 63, is dead
Vancouver from blood poisoning re
sulting from a nail scratch when n
pairing a shoe. He was ill only f0Bt
Property owners between Central,
and Bucoda have petitioned tb
Thurston county commissioner t
pave approximately nine miles of (hi
Centralia-Bucoda road at nn o.n..
led cost of $234,000.
should not be "dosed'1
for colds - apply the
"outside" treatment
" YOUR BODYGUARD" - 3Op.0Of,1.2O
Don't neglect it. Rub Turpo, the
only Turpentine ointment, on throat
and . chest. Cover wit hflannel clolh.
Repeat night and morning.
for free sample,
Perry'i ami
ernor, we appreciate it too," he de- activities of the non-partisan league In
Clares relative to Governor Oloott's ac- that state and of the slow, insidious
tivltics on the Pacific coast. spread of the revolutionary doctrines
"No need my repeating that I am ! of the organization through the nest,
strong for your people up there, so' Foster said that there are 3700 mem
anything or time I can assist in anyl bers of the organization, cloaked In
movement you shall find me ready and the title, Triple Alliance, In Washing-
happy," he concludes.
Robert Inman Is
Dead At Portland
Portland, Or., April 27. Robert D.
Inman, president of the Inman-Poul-sen
Lumber company, and one of the
best known lumber me nln the north
west, died at a hospital here today,
after an illness of Beveral months. 'Mr.
Inman was operated on last week for
in affliction which developed follow
ing influenza.
Mr. Inman was about 68 years old
and a native of Ohio. He came to Ore
gon 45 years ago and was one of the
founders of the North Pacific Lumber
company. At one time he was an un
successful candidate for mayor of
Portland. A widow und two daughters
Directors of the Bend school district
have authorized the calling of a spe
cial election to vote on a $30,000 bond
Issue to complete the main unit of
the high school.
A program for paved market ronds
In Linn county will l Inaugurated
by the county court this year by pav
ing a stretch of seven miles from
Sclo to Green's bridge.
Horses, saddles, blankets, household
goods and clothing, valued ut $2000.
were presented to the tribesmen of
the late Yum Siimktn at a potlutch
held at the Sumkin home south of
Solid Sore
From Head to Foot
With Eczema
One t solid Mn anw conptttelr well
rhil'twlut Mr. John H. Heel ef Norrit City
Uliaol,MritluttitKr. II whim:
Tht bor thst w bars bm dortorlof
with D Oft Ii toaptettlr will He wu
Klid Kra all i hit hMd anil txuir.
end now yov ennnot tell h ! tua
sarUiiu wroaf wllo hiov"
Why not try O D D todr d to ftlnr
toltrf. st ce, Oan Itrhmf tnd burning. Vom
canny bark If th Brat twttla dm Dot brinf
luf. Jc, caJ $1 . Tij O.D IV S wn, ton,
'at lotion tor Shin Disc&s
C. Perry'i.
ton who are dedicated to the over
throw of the present system of eco
nomics In the country. He referred to
the recently fornted political party In
this state as another movement of the
non-partisan league here, and warned
against its spread.
Artisans To Have
Hard Time Party
Thursday Night
Overalls, ngs, or anything indica
tive of hard times will have an Inroad
at the next mooting of the Artisan
lodge Thursday night when the mem
bers will hold a genuine old-time
hard time party. Every member Is
i'i '-
I , ' ' J
' "
'"4r '
Your Teeth Are an Expression
of Your Personality
Do You Smile With Your Mouth Closed?
Do you know that when you are talking to a friend
or acquaintance, while you are looking into that person's
eyes, he is looking at your mouth ?
Do you want your friends to remember badly decayed,
broken-down teeth and unsightly gums?
You can have your teeth restored to proper order under my New System ' of Den
tis ry without the enormous expense, useless pain and waste of time that such work
formerly required.
tprfhfiS fr WiU find mdern' sanitary element, where you can have your
ai, lcoa wan j,ou eXpecteci t0 pav auer me comtort ot my patients and cares
trained Dental Nurse assists in look-
for children while parents are being
Examination Free
Dr. C. A. Eldriedge
204-5 Gray Building
Cor. State and Liberty Sts.
Phone 1500
Over Hartman Bros.
Jewelry Store
fms wotiitQ
of America
Eudi Catarrh or money hack. Jott
breathe It ia. Outfit including inhaler
11.19. Extra bottle CO. Ail DrugUU
"Here we are, in tip-top shape"
fit ( TES, and that'.
w.vuuuvu Mi ways UTIVC
crisp, fresh and in prime shape
for smoking. It's the extra wrap
per of moisture-proof paper that
does it. Your Chesterfields never
become too moist or too dry.
Buster Brown and Tige
Will Spend next Thursday in Salem and Ml hold a
reception at the store after school, 4 p. m. Meet your
friends at the Buster Brown on Thursday April 29.
'A most amusing time assured for all. Trinkets for
the growing ups.
R0WN &70RE
125 N. Commercial Street
1 l-ominjr bunday
fvsT at .
I Magic World 1920
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