Capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1919-1980, April 27, 1920, Page PAGE SEVEN, Image 7

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    feairriiivif i i riiiin
cntarlan lunch-
I April - -
Hotel Mario"- boo.
:s.Eik. sco
'Ci -Dairymen'. convn-
JTcocial club. .-.
w 5-Benefit Dance. Com-
M. Armory. .
ru., 7 Declamatory -
cowtr school Armory
Hobs News
A: r'liiirt.
"V Cornell vs Louis L. Leadbet-TotouiaUldbet-w
Affitartt for Replevin Order of
'Cornell w Louis il Leadbet-'S-vs
Ctord'v. Ha.eMumford.
ITc Mumford vs Hale H. Mum-
wuh Odenthal et al vs Martha
OdeMhal Glover and George Glover,
w husband. Complaint.
Coral Jennings vs David Francis
Jennings. Demurrer
Probate Court.
Oliver Thlbaudau, estate
. accotmi-
Oliver Thibaudau. estate. Order
filing time for hearing final account.
Daily Statistics.
jjRVJE To Mr. and Mrs. Robert
Larue of the .Marion apartments,
April 25, a son. .
the Washington I'miona r.ranr.
HilUboro Wednesday, and before the
musboro commercial club in th
; evening.
Arthur Foster, the anti-Non-Par-tisan
league sneaker loft jsim t
Ducklings and baby chicks for sale. m. today for Dallas, with Senator
J-eedham, US State St. Phone Walter Pierce, where they will talk
1J ! ntgnt
C. N
south on the Pacific
State Inclusion
To Be Observed
Honoring the anniversary of the
signing of the '.document that placed
tonight Wednesday night the, wUi;Z " J" " T "rong - throughout
address n audience at Corrallis, con-.t "h A.?.. "rwf ! " as it is considered a
tinuing their rmni ...J Cnta' the annual Founders- Day ,..,,, .v.
Paul Sldke. who resides o route ,:Unuin8 heir campaign against thi!lwZ' .
. .uiiui tu enuctb i UPS-1 ..i nwrn ;nrn ui me -Norm
day. -
, pucklings and baby chicks for sate.
C. N. Needham, SS8 State St Phone
400. i0j
Dakota insurgents.
Mrs. Paul Kuennel, of Salem route-
, was the guest of friends in the
Capitar city Tuesday, while transact
ing business.
See what Sari saw in the desert
4 . - , 101"
Bee what Sari saw In the harem.
" 101'
ill be held at Cham-
poeg. May 1. Owing to the fact that
I no boats will "be running that dav.
, wujtn is suany made by
Former Senator HvVon der Hellen j water, will have to be made by train
W ellen, Jackson rmmtv mni
-f" 4 W (IwtVIIIVUIIV, r
Tuesday visiting old friends in Salem., P. H. D'Arcy. of this citv. past re-
..,ajrfle wm attend the regents sident of the Oregon Pioneer associa
meet,ng at th a A. C. at Corrallia. tion. will .preside. W. T. Rigdo, .So
wm L. Finley, former state bioln-lof Salem a.-iii rA ,
. - - w. W1IKUUU 1M mil 1
High- the Shriners convention in Portland:
during the last week in June. j
It the growers are successful iai
their efforts, Salem will be on the
route of inspection, as they will visit
the gladioli farm of Frankln and
Dibble on the Wallace road, one of
the most beautiful in the state.
Sentiment in favor of the visit is
the state,
splendid ad
vertisement for the flower industry
of Oregon.
Phone Company
Asks Higher Rate
with increases on other v!ass.s of sev
ice in proportion.
The body ot a man found in a ni'll
Application for an increase in rates! pond at Spokane was idi-ntifiml as
was filed with the public service coro-jthst Hjahner Johnson. aitHl ,
miner, it la tnougnt he lell rrom a
mission by the UcMinnville Local &
Long Distance Telephone Company,
Monday. The application aaks far an
Increase la the rate on one party busi
ness phone from $2.25 to 13 per
month and one one party residence
phones, from 11.75 to 2 per month feet of earth.
Caught in the bottom ot an 85 foot
well which he was digging wm-n tne
walls caved in,' Robert Schneider of
Richmond Beach was buried upd-r
no icttou; reiuroea rrom a
lecture oor of the eastern cities,
leaves about May 1 for" the. Gulf
Coast -of Texas to make movie pic
tures of bird colonies in that part of
the country for the National Geoog
raphlc Society.. ; '
and the veteran quartette, composed
of W. M. Morse, Dr, J. R Hall. A. W. j
Mills and Prof, Z. M:, Parvin will'
Sing. .
Mr. D'Arcy will call upon num
ber of pioneers for five-minute talks.
A. J. Egan, a prominent ciitsen of
Gervais, paid a business and social'
visit to friends in Salem Tuesday. .
Mr. and Mrs. 'Ear! Fisher had i
tneir guests over Sunday. Mr. and I
Mrs. J. R, Martin, of Albany.
music, Te
Liberty to-101
The' special committee of the . Elks
named to arrange activities for Wed
nesday night when the lodge will be
Big Brothers to. all ot the boy. scouts
I in the city, is to meet at the club to
night and complete arrangements for
the evening's entertainment The
j committee meeting begins at 7:30 p.
m., according to Fred Erixson, chair
man in charge of the evening.
Baby chicks. 558 State,
Dr. Chalmer Lee George, dentist
111 Masonic bldg. 105
IV. Parrttth, returned home Mon
day after spending the week end in
Lebanon. . -
Baby chicks, 658 State. Phone 400.
All good shows at the Oregon this
week. . 13
Mra N. T. Robinson and daughter,
of this city, are at Newport enjoy
ing a visit. They left here Mohday.
"Revelation" orchestra Wednes
day night, Moose hall, dancing and
staging. Harley C. Pugh. 101
Good black dirt free for the haul
hg. at Trade and High streets-. Ca.ll
Tick Bros, and make arrangements If
Interested. 102
Among the out-of-town visitors in
Balera for Blossom Day were Mr. and
Bra. C. 0. Budlong, Mr. and Mrs.
Earl Shelton and Mr. and Mrs. Frank
Daly, ot Albany. The party made the
trip by automobile.
Love, jeweler, watchmaker, Salerii.
Dancing, Wednesday night, MooBe
nail. "Revelation" music and slng
. tog. Harley C. Pugh. ltl
Miss Violet MvLean, western repre
sentative for the Ellison-White Ly
ceum company, was a Salem, visitor
, -Judge George G. Bingham heard
two1 divorce cases Tuesday morning m
department No. 2 granting divorces in
both after . considering the evidence
submitted. Roy T. Huffman was
granted a decree from Edna Huffman.
The couple were married at Silom,
February 22, 1910, and according, to
Mr. Huffman's complaint, his wife de
serted him over a year ago. He Is also
given the custody of their son, aged 5'
years. Mildred Schrunk was given a
divorce from James F. Schrunk on
grounds of cruel and" inhuman treat
ment. She is also awarded the cus
tody of their 3 year old son, $25 sup
port and maintenance allowance and
alimony of $500.
A .phoned warning from - Portland
police .headquarters Tuesday morning
gave Sheriff W. I. Needham notifica
tion" that three boys and a Ford car
were headed Salem-ward. The mes
sage Btated that the youngsters had
acted strangely and that the car was
minus license tags. Deputy Sheriff
Bert Smith patroled the northern ap
proach of the Pacific highway in an
ticipation of the arrival of the "mys
tery" car In Salem, but . the vehicle
failed evidently to make the circuit to
this city as no further trace of it has
been reported. v
Dr. J. 0. Matthis has returned, of
fice in Bank of Commerce, rooms
M10. Telephone 573. 103
i Fred Ts,nzer jecentfy from Ohio,
has"' purchased d shoe repair shop at
12S0 State street and will establish hit.
home In this city. .
A divorce suit was filed Tuesday by
Truman H. Ide against Eva H. Ide.
They were married at Salem, August
22, 19918, and the complaint alleges
that Mrs. Ide left their home April 17,
1919 "failing and refusing" to return.
, Eugenie Dupuis, administratrix in
the estate of Oliver Thibaudau, has
filed final account of the estate's af
fairs. County Judge W. M. Bushey has
set May 3, 1920, as date for hearing of
final report. , . "
Mr. and Mrs. Robert McMurrav
and Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Hawkins had
as their week end guests the parents
of the two - women, Mr. and Mrs.
George Taylor, of Albany. Mr. Haw
kins and Mr. McMurray are both con
nected with the firm of Hawkins &
Roberts, owners of the Oregon build
ing here.
Gladioli Here j
May Be Inspected
A movement is on foot among tie
gladioli growers of the state, to in- I
duce the officers of the national so
ciety to visit Oregon at the time of
Senator H. Van der Hellen, regis
tered at the Marion Hotel, Tuesday,
from Medford, Oregon. Mr. Von de
Hellen transacted business In Salem,
Tuesday afternoon and then left for
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Ditter, Sub
limity, were Tuesday visitors to this
city. .
Aubrey G. Smith, of Roseburg, at
tended to business, affairs in Salem,
George E. Gibson from The Dalles,
registered Tuesday at the Marion.
Miss Clara Blum, Detroit,, and Mrs.
Katherine Blub, Mrs. T. H. Edwards,
Mr. and Mrs. J. P. Jaiger of Portland
formed a party that motored o this
city Tuesday morning, stopping for
lupch at the Marion and then pro-
Perfect hearing for the deaf, the
Little Gem Ear Phpne received, vne
gold medal, highest award for ear
phones in competition with all hear
ing instruments at Panama-Pacific
exposition. Look at it and you see the
simplest and smallest device In the
world; use it and you feel that you
have the most wonderful piece ot me
chanism yet devised for suffering
mankind. Let us prove we have con
quered your affliction. Free demon
stration at our store. South Commer
cial, Wednesday and Thursday April
28 and 29. The Little Gem Ear Phone
the latest patented perfect hearing de
vice, enables you to hear under all
conditions, in the church, theater and
general conversation. The Auto Ear
Massage stops head noises, and Makes
the cure of deafness possible. Remem
ber, we would not allow a demonstra
tion invour- store unless we had in
vestigated the. instrument thoroughly
An expert from New York city, will
be witlt us on above days. 'We tnost
earnestly request you to call, make a
test privately and receive expert ad
vice without charge. Every instru
ment guaranteed. Ask. or write for
booklet, "Cause Thine Ear to Hear."
Tell your deaf friends. Perry's Drug
Attorney Willi
kai been attending to professional j
business In Salem, returned to his
wine In Albany Monday evening.
Notice to amo mechanics and ma
"Innista, meeting nights changed from
Brat and third Wednesdays to second
nd fourth Wednesdays of each
month. Next meeting Vpril 28. Morris
B. Race, recording sec. No. 28. 102
Winnfng both games of biff andi
volley ball Captain Sechler's players at j
the Y. M. C. A. business men's tourna-1
ments last evening claimed all points
of the present series. The next games i
will be held Wednesday evening, when
Captain Rlgdon shall endeavor to have
more of-his men out to meet his op
A worthy entertainment for a wor
thy cause. r,anoe recital by pUpi,. 0(
ri Ralph White, Grand theater,
'nday night April 30th, and mati-
Saturday p. m. May 1st. . 101
Ifim Ruth Smith, a student at Wil
, University, returned to Salem
nUy after a short visit with rela-
19 Da"as. Miss Smith, before
ttLg to the University, was city
utrUn in the Polk county town."
Rightful, dancing dollies in "The
wutening of Spring," dance recital
lnr ' Ulealer next Friday eve
' 101
tw ... "' tne Women's Relief
k.. Present the Lady Macca
VJ- fla- The Daughters of
The n Vited by botn or(,er8
wt, 1 prSTam and refresh
" The public is cordially Invit-
- 10
lL l rMi t0 that city Monday
uTsai weekend wlth reIa"
Jenm0ILey f0r Sale!l ' ladle8 or
2 ho can hustle. See Mr.
Hotel Bligh. id.
airy fairie, , The Awak.
w Spring," Grana theater
Tevtnin8- 101
Ubn! Toun' an employe In
h i i.mem of Wi,,iam Ga"'-
Temnie f1nesday evening a
Chas. W. Niemeyer .prominent renl
estate dealer in the Masonic building,
returned this morning from Portland
where he has ben transacting busi
ness for two days.
Mr. and Mrs. F. E. Grimes have re
turned to their home in Albany-Cor-
vallis after a few days visit with;
friends In Salem.
Mrs. Frank Robinson of CorvalHs
Is in Salem on a combined business
and pleasure visit.
Mrs. R. E. Cook and daughter, Lois,
are hare from Roseburg on a brief
visit wth friends.
Mr. and Mis. R. W. Marsters of
Roseburg are the guests for a few
days of the former's brother, H. L.
Marsters. '
Outwit the Dassine years !
Let Co-Lo restore the youth
ful beauty natural color, life
and luster to your hair in a
manner nature approves.
Co-Lo a scientific process per
fected by Prof. . John H. Austin,
over 40 years a bacteriologist, hair
and scalp specialist.
i '
I1 I1
Two sacks of feed were stolen from
his auto while it was keft standing on ;
the streets downtown, A. Ohler, 1390 1
North Winter street told police yes-
terday. . . ' - j
The funeral for John Lansing I
Oliver, who died at his home In
Michigan City, Polk county, Sunday
nlirht. will be held at the chapel of,
the Rigdon & Son company Wednes-j
day. 'Burial will be in City View'
The body of Mrs. Clara Siegner, :
49, who died at a local hospital Mon-,
day, was sent, in company of her;
husband, Theodore Siegner, to Port-;
land, last night by the Webb &i
Clough company, where funeral and
burial will be held. , ,. . .V !
, - I
A purse containing money and per-:
sonal effects was found last night
near the Oregon Building by R. C.
Tapley, who brought it to police head
quarters. It is being held there pend
ing Us identification by ownerT
r ; . 1
'. Loss of two bills aggregating $15
from a school book his daughter was
.earning, while enroute to school yes
terday, was reported to police by W.
B. Hardy, 1675 Ferry street. Mr.
j Hardy said that be believed his
i daughter loft the money somewhere
on the streets.
1 pi
CSg Hair tW:
Co-Lo is a wonderful liquid.
Clear, odorless, greaseless.
Without lead or sulphur.
Hasn't a particle of sediment
Will not wash or rub off.
Will tot injure hair' or scalp.
Pleasing and simple to apply.
Cannot be detected like the or
dinary hair tints and dyes.
Will not cause the hair to split
or break off. ' ,
Co-Lo can be had for every
natural shade of hair,
jftfor Black and Dark Shades
of Brown.
A7 Extra Strong, for Jet Black
Ilair only.
A8 tor all Medium Brown Shades
A for all Very Light Brown,
Drah and Auburn shades.
The sustenance to be found in our
bread will give you vim and build uo
your bodily vigo Didn't you ever
try our bread? If not it is about time
you started. Order a loaf of It today.
to Your
170 N. Com'!. St Phone I4T
CS. Hamilton
140 Court Street
House Furnisher
You get more for your
Money at Moore's.
Buy Remnants
Remnant Store .
' J54 North Commercial '
Many people, after being fitted for glasses, think that it is then safe
to use their eyes as much as they please. But this is not good judgment.
Eyes need rest. Some of the most delicate muscles of the body are in the
eyes and they cannot bear overstrain either with or without glasses. Be
fair to them and the efficiency of your eyesight will be retained longer.
That is, in a word, our service to you to keep the efficiency of your
eyesight up to the best it can possibly be. In order to realize this it is
just as important to be careful how you use your eyes as it is that you
be fitted correctly with glasses. .
Long experience and ample facilities enable us to render this service
to you. As optical specialists we can fit you with whatever glasses your
eyes need. '
Henry E. Morris & Co.
Eyesight Specialists
,305 State Street
gsesesKeffiseses&KBassMeet Me at
- Care ''of,
Chinese Medicine and Tea Co.
Ha medicine which will our
any known disease.
Open Sundays from 10 a. m.
until 8 p. m.
16S South High Street
Jalem, Oregon. Phone 18S
' Also Junk of All Kinds
Best Prices Guaranteed '
'Capital Junk Co.
The Square Deal House
171 Chemeketa St Phone Stl
Gingham Dresses
What is neater, cleaner and
more practical for children
than a well made Gingham
Dress ?
We show the prettiest line
imaginable, made up in the
Best Quality of Gingham, in those attractive plaids and
stripes so popular this season. The weather is now favor
able to adopting the Gingham Dresses and help reduce
the H. C. L. Our lines are complete and every garment hon
estly marked from $2,00 VP.
Our mission here is
to give to- the beet
of our ability . the .
service entitled our
patrons. Wa allow
nothing to come be
tween us and the
attaining of this
New Fabric
This glove is one of
the newly designed
gauntlets, b r o u ght
out to reduce the high
prices of kid gloves.
They are a most wonderful imitation of
kid, in both color and texture.
Two colors, brown and beaver, trimmed
.in white, with white wrist strap. They
will wear to the entire satisfaction of the
customer, and are priced reasonable.
Direct from the greatest ribbon factory
in America. These ribbons are decidedly
The very last word in artistic weaving.
In the shipment will be round unique rio
bons for lacing sweaters and neck chains;
also the wide widths for girdles, vestees
and bags.
James R. Stewart, familiarly known
throughout the state as Oregon's good
roads disciple, was in Salem todaj.
Mr. Stewart" has completed a
tour of the county when he "stump
sTWEsffittT m Barf &.!$
Tom Sawyer
Wash Wear
; r for Real Boy a ..
The Tom Sawyer
Suits leave nothing to
be desired. Made from
materials that give
the best wear and
service for real boys.
Fully Guaranteed
Cut in nifty designs in
Norfolk and Middies,
specially priced
Wash Suits
These are made in
lighter materials than
SUITS, intended for
lighter dressy wear.
Plain white; plain
tan; and white with
blue trimmings. The
quality of material
and the workmanship
are excellent.
S3.95 to S4.95
42jrf?M Slate w$
amp -" nmm T"J f
if -
ILxfl ,
J i i
(r f
er for th goods nrrt nwaxure anu i