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Worn Wl to rlKht Mrs. Edna Wintermantio of Jefferson, m-andiuiugh-ter;
It. P. Xje, cf Mdnrjr, suit; Mr Mury E. Nye, Mrs. I. E. Bllnmon,
, raU-rraiuMaithter, and liUJe Miss Irene Hliiurton, KK-al-irrvat-Kraiiu-
i daughter of Jefferson.
When Mrs. Mary K. Nye of 1441
Saginaw street. Salem, celebrated her
ninetieth birthday, Tuesday, she en
joyed the unique distinction of wel
coming to her home not only her chil
dren, but her grandchildren, great
grandchildren and one great-greatgrandchild,
little Miss Irene Blinston
of Jefferson representing the fifth
living generation of the Nye family.
Although past the ninetieth mile
stone, Great-Great-Grandmother Nye
, is still hale and hearty, doing her own
housework from choice, and devot
ing the day following her birthday an
niversary to putting out the week's
washing and piling wood, beside the
regular routine duties about the house
Mary K. Chllders (Mrs. .Nye) was
born in Clrandvlew, Inwa, April 20,
1830. Klie was marrlpd to J. B. Nye in
1S47, crossing the plains in 1850 and
locating on a donation land claim near
Sidney In the Bantlam valley, where
thejr made their home for B2 years.
Following the death of her husband.
Mrs. Nye moved to Salem 12 years
ago, where she now lives, occupying
& cottage adjoining tnat of her daugh
ter, Mrs. Effie Hensley, where she
Insists on doing her own work in spite
cf her advanced age.
Mrs. Nye is the mother of nine chil
dren, five of whom R. P. Nye of
Sidney, J. M. Nye of Jefferson, B. F.
Nye of Independence, 0. A. Nye and
Mm, Elsie Hensley of Snlem ure liv
ing. There are also 24 grandchildren
living, as well as five great-grandchildren
and one grent-great-grandohtld.
Courtesy of Oregon Journal.
Dentists Score
Victory' Against
Woodburn Team
Woodburn, Or., Ayr. 26. A large
crowd attended the opening baseball
game of the season here Sunday when
the Woodburn team met defeat at the
hands of the North Taclfic Dental col-iy detail hus been completed for the
lege team of Portland, the score being1 nuccessful operation of the Dallas Ma
les of the decision of the county
court, and it is possible that it will
go to the supreme court before the
end is reached. Both parties, it is
said, are determined to fight to the
Dallas Cannery
To Open Despite
High Berry Price
Dallag, Or., Apr. 27. The high price
quoted in last evening's Capital Jour
nal for berries as established by the
Salem loganberry pool, has not hln
dered the progress of the new cannery
now being completed by Leslie J. New
ton and H. M. Schubert, proprietor ot
the Dallas Canning company, and they
are buying in large quantities in the
vicinity of Dallu preparatory to be
ginning operation as soon as the straw
berry season opens. They wil( have
the factory completed by that time and
expect to have a big season's work.
This Is a new enterprise for Dallas,
and It la one that Is highly appreciated
by the berry growers of Dallus. TheJ
expect to employ 150 helpers when th
season opens and the factory will ba
run at is minimum capacity which ii
conceded to be 1000 cases of berrlej
per day.
The company Is contracting fot
strawberries at the present Ime and
many hundreds of pounds have al
ready been secured so that the factorj
will be ready for operation as soon at
the first berries are ripe.
Machine Shop At
Dallas Is Opened
Dallas, Or., Apr. 27. Practically ev
J to 8. Lack of practice lost the game
for Woodburn. The game was score
less until the seventh, when AVood
nurn'a infield blew up, letting In a run,
and two more In the eighth, all on
errors. "Know ball" Lane pitched a
beautiful game, allowing only four hits
and all ot them imly singles. Qulircen
berry, for the visitors, allowed seven
hits. More practice will be indulged (ln
this coming week. '
Clark Estate Case
Reviewed In Polk
Court Once More
Dallas, Or., April 27. The county
court wus busy most of the time yes
terday hearing evidence in a caso
whlt'h has been tried out In court
several times before, and It appears
that the end is not In sight. The liti
gation la over the estate of P. .F.
Clark, situated near Independence.
i. V- Clark of Oregon City is admin
istrator. Mrs. KUzubeth Clark, the
defendant In t'lie case, Is a step
mother of the plaintiff. The attor
ney for the administrator, It Is said,
undertook to deprive the widow of
her portion of the property left by
her Ueoeaeed hii-bund, una the uo
tion wan instituted in the I'olk coun
ty court some time a no, but the court
decided in her favor. The matter
wus rarried up to the circuit court
and the emmty court's decision was
sustained. Subsequently the county
court, surveyor and appraisers went
to the property and placed a fixed
value upon It, Yesterday the survey
the appraisement was contested
'In Judge Hoimon' court. It Is
probable that the matter wilt bk car
ried up to the circuit court regard-
chine A Locomotive Works, a new en
terprise for this community establish
ed by Carl F. Oerlinger and W. K,
Hullantyne. Mr. Oerlinger is president
of the compnny and Mr. Bullantyne,
secretary and treasurer.
It is said to be one of the best
equipped machine shops in the state
and they are prepared to do all kinds
of machine and foundry work, At
present the company is rebuilding a
locomotive engine for the Spauldlng
Lumber company to be used In con
nection with the Newberg mill.
Highway Board
Asked to Change
West Side Route
Independence, Or, Apr. 27. In an
effort o get the west side Pacific high
way built from Rickreall to Inde
pendence and on south to Corvallis
by way ofthis city, H. Hischber went
to Portland yesterday to consult with
members of the state highway com
mission. The -original plan is maped
out by way of Monmouth from Rick
reall. Farmers south of Independence
and in the vicinity of Parker and Sti
ver hare offered to contribute approx
imately (4000 and do the necessarj
work if the plan can be changed' to
Include these points on the improved
road. Other Inducements, it is said,
will likely be made to have the road
built hrough Independence and it is
believed that the commission will av
cept the liberal offer that has been
A paved road has already. been
built from Independence to Monmouth
and" north part way to Bicreall. By
way ot Monmouth is a shorter route
from Portland and way points, but
from Salem the more direct route is by
way of Independence. Inasmuch as
most of the traffic will be on the east
side of the river to Salem it is con
tended that the best route to southern
Oregon is through this city. The re
sult of the conference Is looked for
with much hope on the part of Inde
pendence people.
lis survived by two sons livins in this
i city.
ftome time ago ar.J the county judge ! officers' books. They; were coucratu-
md county coii!u:ts.onet were un.tbiv , iard bv the 'auditors upon having ae-
Registration In
Polk Shows 6,534
Qualified Voters
Dallas, Or.. April 27 The regis
tration completed a few days ago by
County Clerk Floyd D. Moore shows
6534 registered voters in Polk coun
ty, with a Republican majority of
more than tws thousand. There are
4300 Republican voters registered in
the county and 2234 Democrats. This
is said to be a slight Increase over
the previous registration.
to agree upon a man to fill tae va- c ,ished ,his rf,,uit anJ dc
cancy, consequently the office has been , .
vacant since his death. Had he lived that it was sometmng unusual,
there nrulab!v would have been no1
opposition lo ine iiLKei m .,1. j
Mrs. ' Waiter Burnett, of s-aleni.
visutJ her sister, Mrs. Floyd D. Moore,
who has been quite ill. Mi's. Burnett!
and Mrs. Mourts ift Sunday to .visit
hheir parents. Sir. and Mi s. Bliven, i:i i
ih Kixer school district south of
g-m i Independence. Or., Apr. 27. Mark
John WiOrr. sheriff of Polk county.' E. Hibbard, a pioneer citizen of this
was called to McMinnvllle yesterday ! city, died at he Beaver hotel here lute
as a witness in a cae on in Yamhill Sunday night after an illness of more
'Mark E. Hibbard,
Of Independence, .
Summoned To Rest
m the 1
j'.ni nusJ
Mark E.,
was commonly ca;u,j
New York 6 9 ears ;,i
la this city UuiiDi
years or more. He
Mr. Hibbard was
wen Knaa
out this part of the st.-e.
than a year. He overworked last fall
Independence, Or., April 27. Mrs.
Louisa Jane South, ninety years old
and a resident of this vicinity for
many years, died at the home of her
son In Oregon City Friday and was
burled In Providence cemetery in
eastern Linn county yesterday. She
Competition For
Polk County Jobs
Confined to One
Dallas, Or., Apr. 27 Candidates
who have filed for county office In
Polk county are s follows: County
clerk, Floyd D. Moore; treasurer, A.
V. R. Snyder; corner, Robert L. Chap
man; assessor, Fred J. Holman; super
intendent of schools, Joseph Wills;
sheriff, John W. Orr; all Republican
candidates and present incumbents,
and they will have no opposition at the
primary election this year. The only
office which seems to be contested for
this year is that of county commis
sioner, and there are five candidates
in the field, namely: Otis Wolverton
mayor of Monmouth; Albert Teal,
mayor of Falls City, and Ezra Hart,
farmer of Salt Creek; Republicans,
Wm. White of Dallas, and Chester
Gardner of Bridge Creek, Democratic
candidates. Coincidentally every one
has for his slogan, "Good roads and
fairness to all the county.
Morris Morston, the commissioner
chosen at the last county election, died
Roy Chute and wife are" proud par- while engaged on a hop ranch near
ents of a 7i pound boy born at the 'town and has gradually been failing
Dallas hospital, Sunday. j since. He had but one relative in this
Auditors Crandall and Roberts were i country, Mrs. C. L. ritcnard. A niece
here the latter part of last week and : resides in New York. Funeral arrange-
audited the books of the county clerk, ments have been detained pending in
sheriff and treasurer, and found the j structions from the niece. It is be-
accountings absolutely correct, there lieved, however, that he funeral will
being no discrepancy whatever in the1 be held here this afternoon and inter-
Ship Us Your Wool
e do cleaning and cari
'"8 iUI tumiorters wnj
mattresses. - Mamifacturr
of pure wool batts.
Portland, Oregon ' "
Mills- -'
760 Umatilla Avenue
Spalding Bldg.
Gain Strength Rapidly on Vinol
Vinol is successful because it is a non-secret remedy ,
which contains Beef and Cod Liver Peptones, Iron
,and Manganese Peptonates and Hypophosphites '
but no oil the very elements needed to build up
strength and robustness. Children love to take it
The Wonderful Efficiency of Vinol is proves by these letters &
Aiken, B.C. "My little girl five
year of age had been delicate all her
life. She was weak, run-down, no
appetite, and ahe could not keep (till
aminute. Wewereverymuchworried
about her. Our druggist, who is a
doctor, said Vinol was the best tonic
he knew tor her. We tried it and you
ought to see how she has improved by
its use. "Mrs. Leonard W. Georqb
Belvidere. III. "Mv little rirl
twelve years old had Whooping Cough,
and Scarlet Fever one right after tha
other and she was to weak and run
down that she had fainting spells and
headaches. My druggist recom
mended Vinol and the result was that
her health and strength were built op
yery quickly by its use. " Mrs. John
lewis. ' Hj
-m ruu-uuwn, nnmn, wuMwt nuwiwu, ram w DU nnway umm vinol .
Your money will fee rtturnmd if Vinol fails I
K r Wm mm H -WB M
UK 'iiViXl'
Emil A. Schaefer
For Oenulne lUrxnln Beginning
After May 1st will be
known as the pay as you
go store.
We have engaged one of the
bent men HV this line on the
weet coast and have equipped a
ahop for umg-neto repairs. A Inn
a line of parts. If your magneto
ncda overhauling, ship It to us
or call.
& Co,
7 N. Commercial Bt.
Come in plaida, plain serges, novelty skirtings, box pleats, ' accordian pleats and
porta models. ' ' . . .
These were bought at a special price. We are offering them to you for an equally -special
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1. o.
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Quality Merchandise
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May 1st, 1920, this store will be known as "The Pay As You Go Store". A cash basis only
i eW - ' W IN
1 W et ,
The Rollicking Farce
Jack Stra w
The celebrated comedy by W. Somerset Mauerham
.Jj screened in a gale of fun. The tale of an iceman-
waiier wno posea as an arcnauKe to win the
pretty daughter of newly rich snobs and got her!
Major Warwick in a dashing role and a score of
stirring adventures.
In Concert
(1) Blood And Thunder March
Arranged by Mr. Hawley
(2) "Sparklets" Miles
(3) "I Wonder" Irving Berlin
(4) "Love's Old Sweet Song"..! .' Bingham-Mulloy
(5) "A Trip to Coontown" Arranged By .Mr. Hawley
8:30 to 9:00 p.m.
Positively No one Seated
During Organ Numbers
Spring Styles in
Fashionable Footwear
W e are Showing the Smartest Styles in Footwear for
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