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iuauu ncpuuucan
Ccavention Opens
Wednesday Morn
O-eur D Alone. Idaho, Apr. 27-Re- Qlf HuH Ifl AlltO
little mtralwre of the finuy tribe frrsh I HMtl . .
from the waters of the Sandy were; flf llitinilt6 11111(1
delivered here early this morning and
distributed among the state institu
tions, the bulk of the catch coins to
ithe stute hospital for the insane and '
the atate prison. 1
tees where none had been appointed
ern iart of the state would be heard
front in a substantial way.
puuaoajw of Idaho were fathering
here today for their Hate convention
to be held here tomorrow, for the te-
lectlon of a delegation of eight tuera
. bers to the republican national con
vention. South I ilaho delegates were
expected to arrive on special train at
S p. m. and notrhern delegates came
in during the day.
The contest over the instruction Oi
the ctale'c delegation wa expected to
be complicated by effort candidates
for state offices were reported to be
planning to obtain an endorsement of
the convention.
While delegates from northern Ida
bo countries were represented as being
"strong for General Wood" those from j
the south were said to fuvor the can
didacy of Senator Johnson. The prin
cipal ctrugKle was expected to resolve
itself around the question of sending a
drlevalion Instructed for Wood oi
sending an unitistructed delegation
under the central of Senator Borah
which it was declared would be equiv
alent to a Johnson delegation.
The senatorial aspirations of Brt
Connor, L. V, Hatch, former Governor
Prank Uoodlng and Charles W. Tliale
were salted to be brought befo-e the
convention in some form or another
and a reported intention of support
ers of , Governor D. W. Davis to de
mand an indorsement of his adminis
tration was expected to bring forth op
position from A. C. Eggleston, ttMe
treasurer and M. A. Klger speuki!" of
the last house of representatives, who
are candidates for the gubernatorial
Smash; Editor
Saves Her Life
Amity. Or, Apr. 27. Ethel Emer
son, II year old daughter of Joseph
Emerson of Hopewell, is in a Mc
Mlnnville hospital today, suffering
from serious Injuries received yester
day when an automobile In which
she was riding, overturned and went
Into a ditch near here. Mrs. Charlex
Johnson, of Hopewell who was driv-
Ing the mnehlne, was badly crunhed I
and her condition also is said to bet
serious. I
advanced fifty cents a barrel at the
market here today, marking the big
gest single rise this year and the
highest yrice ever received for flour
hee. The increase, which brought
Drive Promised
Outside Support
! Dr. George H. AUen recently re
turned from Lebanon, where he ap
pointed a committee to work in be
half of Willamette university in thejfIour cf ,he atiuldard trade, sold in
campaign now on for raising $100,000 jS8 pound cotton sacks In carload lots
to complete Lausanne hall and to re- 115.50 a barrel, was due to the
K..M.1 ,i.-,.. v, rv, i.,., I high wheat market
ports that there is a good spirit among
the citizens of Lebanon and a strong
desire to see the effort, now being
made, successful. There is no doubt
that Lebanon will do its part when
the time comes.
Professor James T. Matthews spent
the past week in Coos county where
he visited Marshfieia, North Uend,
extradition of Count
in spite f precautions,
serious dacgw so Ion
is "a very
as left within
forty kilometers of the German fron-
FLOrR Jl MPS 50 CI.XTS O.V er, and l a potential center oi re-
Ul.NNFPOLlS .Mi:T TODAY ; actionary propaganda and a constant
Minnpolls Minn.. April IT.-Flour , m.nac to the peace of Europe.-
Milton Travels
Tivo-Mile Route
Under 1 Minute
Coqullle, Myrtle Point and Bandon in
the interests of Willamette unlversi-
Professor .Matthews found the
Quick work on the part of C. C.I
Chapman, editor of the Oregon Voter,
in assisting in the rracno nrnhahlvl
saved the life of the little EmurmnlW8 01 tm toos "y country great
girl, Chapman, by holdins- the Km...1 Pleased over the outlook for Wil
son girl's head out of the water sav
ed her from drowning, witnesses say.
1 Varsity Music
Students To Give
Recital April 2S
Wednesday, April !3, at S:15 p. m.
in the First Methodist church a recital
will be given by the students of the
Willamette school of music. The fac
ulty of the department consists of Pr.
John R. Sites, dean, voice and cello;
Professor Alice Holman, piano and
theory; Professor T. S. Roberts, piano
and organ; Miss Ruth John, voice;
Miss Lucille Ross, piano.
The program will consist of the fol-
, Piano 'T-j-cir
Holland Held To
Blame For Long
A sylum Privilege
Explorer Leaving
Polar Regions
Washington, Apr. 27. Ronald
Amundsen, who set out two years ago
in nn effort to reach the North Pole,
is returningto Nome, Alaska, accord
ing to a message received by the navy
' radio station at Cordova, Alaska, to
day from Anadyr, Siberia.
Amundsen arrived at Anadyr last
week from his ship, the Maud, which
Is ice bound near the mouth of the
Kolyma river, and left soon tifter
wavds. . From Nome he will go o So
a t tie, undur his present plans.
" Missoula, Mont., April 27. The sufe
Of the office of the Missoula high
chool was blown open lust night und
Almost 1300 In cash and liberty bonds
were taken. Registered thrift slumps
were untouched. The officers had no
cliin today as to the robbers.
States Charges
Feast On Smelt
Inmates und employes of state In
stitutions her, are feasting on smell
, Three thousand pounds of the shlney
Candidates Speak
Before Meeting Of
Women Republicans
uwing to the absence of Mrs. C. P.
Bishop, president of the organization,
Mrs. F. E. Kouthwick presided at the
meeting of the Marion citunty Wo
men's Republican club, held Mon
day afternoon at the armory.
Seymour Jones and Frank Davey,
well known republican .leaders, were
the principal speakers. The amend
ments to be voted upon at the'comiru?
primaries were thoroughly discussed
partlruliir emphasis being luid upon
the millage tax measures for the sup
port of educational institutions. Ivan
Martin und Oscar fUeelhammer spoke
favorably concerning the latter meas
ure. The attendance at the meeting was
especially good, the women of the
county being Interested in the vari
ous amendments. A motion passed
fixing the place of the next meeting
In the matrons room in the city hall.
VI rs. Ross Moores was elected treas
urer to fill the office left vacant by
the resignation of Mrs. H. P. Chase.
Relief Corps To
Present Flag , To
Lady Macabees
As a token of the appreciation of
the one organization for the other,
the Women's Relief Corps will present
to the Lsdy Maccsbees an American
flug, Wednesday evening In McCar
mick hall.
Mrs. CI. E. Terwllllger, patriotic in
tructor of the W. R. C, has the af
fair in charge. It will be accompan
ied by a program prepared for the
occasion. The state commander of the
Maccabees, Mrs. Riiey oi Portland,
and the department nresldnnt of the
Woman's Relief Corps, Jennlo C.
Wentley Df Hod River, will be pres
ent. Short speeches of nppreclnti-.n
and regard will be made by members'
vl uuin associations.
The Hague, April 17. Responsibil
ity for the continued residence in
Holland of former Emperor William
of Germany was placed squarely and
exclusively on The Netherlands gov
ernment in a note Bent by Tremier
Lloyd-George of Great Britain March
lamette and determined to do their 24 and published today for the first
best to make the present campaign 'time In the Orange Book containing
a real succesei. He appointed commit' document relating to tfi? demanded
Daytona, Ha,. Apr. 27. With
flames bursting from beneath tne
hood of his sixteen cylinder automo- lowing numbers
bile at the finish line. Tommy Milton Organ "Homage to Batiste'
today further reduced his own woitd's
record for one and two miles. The
first mile was in 23.07 or at the rate
of lai miles an hour. The second
ailes was in 23.17, making the two
miles in 46.24.
Milton last week broke Ralph De
Palma's marks with records of 23.56
for the mile and 47.15 for the two
Milton steered the car Into the
ocean, after slowing down, to orown
out the flames.
j-uei Aiocroft.
.aterroeiio in octaves. ..
Genevieve FIndley
Do Th. Know Tb
Land?" r.Misnon' ) Th
Kadi., Thy
Piano "Invitation to the Da
Marguerite Cook,
Voiwe "The Pipes of Pan
Floyd Mclntyxv
Piano Fantasia Impromptu
cfwifj aimur ...-
Mrs. A. W. Stone."
High Cost of Hobble Skirts
Means Nothing to These Girls
Spokane city funds of $350,000
ihave been invested ill short time gov
ernment certificates or indebtedness
placed by the federal reserve bank
through local banking houses.
Feminine Industrial Woriterf
Have Hlmlnated War Tlm
Uniforma, but Thej are Still
ToHlnf . Y. W. C A. Seeke
to Solve Problem of Proper
Recreation for Them.
THE Industrial glr'i nave dofltd
their war-time tiitiformi, bul
they are (till In industry. lit
other words the problem Stilt
exists of how they thai) spend
their Week-ends ' and . their short
vacations so that they come back
full of pen the Monday after.
Summer campa help solve tha
problem, The V.W.CA. found
last year that two thousand girl
a week would gladly desert the
"tinsel joys" of town for tha futt
of a dip and a good-mght swim lit
the thirty-three camps the Associa
tion established. These were
dotted all over the country. Tentl
and shacks and every sort of house,
from mountain cabins in -Tennessee
to old French mansions on the
Gulf Coast, were pressed into
Sleeping out-of-doors or in fra
grant hay mows open to the winds
became as much of a rport to these
girts from towns and cities as did
the regular camp features of boat
' ing-, bathing, games, and stunts.
The problems of the employed girl
will ronie nn for rr.ntir!ir!ittnn ammv
... ..... - ...., V. ,a
i.tnrr signtlicant Issues, at the Ka- fi
lioiii,'! Convention of the Voting i,
Womcns Christian Associations of the ji
United States to be held in Cleveland
the third week of April. There the
principle s on which to base a righteous
c.rder in industry will be discussed.
r ' i
W aij
: s- vl
sff It " - W 'Z H
I'liono 510-fill
S70 N. Coiuroercbil St.
Takep tha place of nous
lining for less.
Max 0. Bur en
If t North Commercial
After May 1st will be known
as tho pay as you go stois.
Woo dry's Stock
of Furniture, Iluiigcs, Heaters,
Ruga, Tools, etc., before yo
374 Jf. Coiu'l ..W. Phones (10
or 511
WillametteV alley
Transfer Co.
PHONE 1400
Here are a few items that will aid you to
economize right That is by getting ar-,
tides, which will be very .
And rvhich onc will use until actually worn out Then also
one should buy them where they can get them for the least
money for the same grade of poods. We will enable you to
save on all these articles as well as all lines of Dry Goods,
Women's Wash Dresses
Gingham Dresses .
In a great variety of patterns, colors and
styles, from which to suit your fancy
82.98TO $14.75
, ,
Voile Dresses
That are econoftiizers for summer wear at
$7.50, $8.90 .id $9.90
Ladies Ready-ToAV ear
I epartment will enable you to Eave
on the necessary
G a ts, Su its and Dresses
Girls Gingham Dresses
For girls from 2 to 14 years old. You will
find us prepared to give you a fine stock
to select from
, $1.49 to $4.98
Ladies Waists
We have an exceptionally fine line of
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Lawn Waists $1.49 to $3.93
Dorothy Stafford.
Voice "Fear Ye not Oh Israel"
Marguerite Cook.
Piarlo Waits in G Flat... Chopin
Laura Hoyt.
Veil Dance ...Friml
Lucile A. Atwood. ,
Voice "Start" Rogers
r - ts.
Organ "March Nuptiale" .....Faulkes
Lucile Ross.
Voice "I, Know That My Redeem
er Livcth" (Messiah) Haenaei
Loa Briggs.
Piano "Momento Copriccosa" .1..
- Westeihout
Dorothy Stafford.
Cap Explodes; Man
Fatally Injured
Forest Grove, or.. Apr. Z7.-prem,
ture explosion of a dynamite can J
which he was attvmpt to blows iuS
re! out of its -hole yesterday afternoon
casscd injuries that may prove fatal Z
Frank Pritzlaff, S3 years old, a farnw
living-two miles west of here.
One ide of his face was bailv Cat
by the explosion, one eye was destroi
ed and his body torn. He was taktn l
a Portland hospital for treatment.
At the county's delinquent tax sal8
last week, the Parker school uuitding
grounds and barn in the Yakima val
ley were sold because taxes of nj
were due on the property.
vr Tr
Our Millinery Department is better prepared than ever to serve you. Experienced mill-.
iners are here to help you choose and suggest as to what is proper.
Hats that are models or copies of imported cretions without the fancy price.
$3.98 TO
$1.98 TO
Our Prices Always The Lowest
Gale & Company
" Formerly Chicago Store
Com'l. and Court Sts.
Hart Schaff'nr
rt Schaff nirl
The Men Who Come Back
This isn't the name of a play. It's what . we base our
' business on. Our ambition is to. give you such good
values. Every time you trade here you'll "Come back
for more."
That's why we sell such good clothes. That's why Hart Shaffner & Marx
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mm 1
1 4
cA Isjation -jvicic Institution
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money back!
service they give. If you don't you get your
$30.00 to $70.00
Salem Woolen Mills Store
11 mm
" w" wvvwwA