Capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1919-1980, April 26, 1920, Page PAGE FIVE, Image 5

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b Marks
lit In Drive
Varsity Fund
. ' u-iii iimute uni-
r4P' ,x raise $100,000
M'.i.. business men
i"' .,, Paul
Jiii "f the building
!?w"cr'' Greg? Doney
,sJW' K.inoss men
. u.,Tf f the drive
t At Mr.
'"Im, of the men pre
'Llve. to
f mheeaniiwien- .
& nted at the
f JN n that
''lt business and profrt-.
Mtiftheaeople throuSh
M i.i.Mtpl in the
M will I 'looted to
,u and Lausanne hulls.
. HMts Camiwisn.
', tears a? a campaign
t,n to secure mn(,' 'or
About t20.000 had
hrt the war came on and
jdrol'H Its c;imp:isn In
:,'fnl,rry might be dcvided
thp war. Since the
, nr ahuut K'O.Ot'O more
.jed, but it ha? nt seemcu
l .til now to enir m
Ihe need for more money
.!.,. T-HiuiIUiP hall
It'bf completed, hul V.ti-
okH! buincnsi on me
..h is seriouslv (la mailed
sristnias time, must lie en-
. for some tune me uni
tm greatly Imndlciippel
proper facilities, and the
jf these two builuings win
tly tn increase lis effiel-
prison were deferred by relatives of
Rare View Of
Orchards of Salem
(Continued from page one)
Handle CnmiwlRii. ,
, campaign if under the di- ;
lht laymen's association,
wnfd headquarters In the
': In Portland. The entire'
5 orsanlied and a great !
'st i being shown. Scv-1
ir o( Willamette are also
r assistance. 1
Tge H. Alden has visited
and has organize d the
tall of the university. He
fected organizations at
e.Woudburn and Lebanon, i
I, T. Matthews has been ;
bay country arid hag or-1
active work friends of the
it Marshfleld, Coquille, j
k anil Bandon. Professor .
kn Efchen hi-s also orgin-
i in Roaeburg, Sutherlln, :
loncalla, Drain, Cottage
Swtrtt Dr. B. L. Steeves,
ii Ronald Glover have also ;
e Interest of the univer
sal Carl 6. Doney will be j
Sunday when the Inter-1
institution will be set forth !
Methodist church.
air stratum in its easterly drift was
bearing a delicious attar of blended
blossoms that caused pilot and pas
sensrers to "sit up and take nonce."
North of the Cherry city, few bloom
areas were visible, although further
down the volley could be glimpsed
the white and preen bordering of
the Keixer and Mission Bottom dis
tricts. Kastward. one viewed more
hop fields and open cultivated stretch
es, interspersed with scattered patch
es of white, nirainst which vista, the
distant mountain range form a faint
ly etched backjfround. Despite the
unohscured view through the valley.
Mount Hood wits only dimly visible
because of a shroud of purplish mist.
Orchards Dominate View
Southeast, south and southwest of
Oregon's capitol, the fairy garlanded
orchards of the Morningside, Liberty
and Rosedale additions attracted the
eye. The glistening crescent of the
Willamette formed the western bor
der of this flowery pattern, through
which well "outlined highways
As the hydroplane swerved to the
west one was attracted by the far
flung orchards belt on the eastern
slope of the Poly county hills.
Blossom land, in truth! east, west,
nin th and south of Salem, those fruit
ful sections combine to uphold the
stnndard of prosperity for the many
projects nnd industries dependent
upon these prolific orchards.
Mowers Fall On Pity
Completing the tour of field nnd
orchard. Captain Lees, who had care
fully timed this feature of ttv flight,
circled back over Ihe capitol building
flying from this point across the busi
ness district. On this circuit the
signal was given and just as the clock
in the courthouse, chimed the the
hour of noon, Mr. Fullerton released
the cornicopia of blossoms, which as
th".v descended formed a brightly
tinted streamer as they scattered
down to fall Into the hands of chil
dren who vied with each other in
securing a floral souvenir of Salem's
first Blossom Day.
After twelve minutes of flight, the
"Sea-Oull's" motor ceased its machine-gun-like
explosions and the
machine volplaned gently to the river
at a point near Mlnto's Island. The
most exciting feature of the trip is
the landing, and as the flying boat
nears the water's surface, the occu
pants are made to realize the fact
that they hnve been speeding through
the air at not less than 90 miles per
hour. As Captain Lees makes the
deft landing there is. general regret
that this mode of travel is not more
common, so Unit It could be more
frequently enjoyed by all of us.
and unjust discriminatory" and fixed
a schedule of tolls.
Since the application for increased
rates was filed with the commission
the Union county telephone has dis-
posed of its interest in tse Inion. Cove
and La Grande exchanges to the Home
Telephone company of La Grande and
its Summerville lmhler anil
changes to W. P. Ballard and Fred G.
fiemng. The new rates, however, are'
applicable to service to be rendered
patrons of these exchanges under the!
new ownership,
and the developing fruits. They reach
full size in about IS days.
"The larvae drop to the soil in June
and remain as larvae until early fall,
when they transform into the pupae
stage. They complete transformation
to adults late in September.
Miscible Oil Spray
Advised As Means
To Control Thrip
Oregon Agricultural College, Cor
vallia, April 26. Pear thrips may be
controlled by miscible jil sprays ap
plied when the thrips start emerging
from the ground in the spring during
the pink blossom perior or calyx per
iod, explains A. L. Lovett, professor
of entomoldgy at the O. A. C. experi
ment station.
"The thrip has been doing a small
amount of damage during the last
two or three years," says Professor
Lovett, "which varied In severity
from light disorders when a fair per
cent of fruit showed a. heavy drop to
more serious disorders when winter
buds on the trees failed to put out
at all.
"The adult thrips are a twentieth
of an inch long and dark in color.
They run with a gliding motion and
may be seen in considerable numbers
crowded down in the unfolded flower
and leaf buds.
''They pass the winter under seven
to nine inches of soil land on emerg
ing in the spring swarm up the trees
and attack the developing portions.
"They begin depositing Iheir eggs
in the leaf and fruit stems about the
time the petals begin to fall. The
larvae hatch in from four to five days
and soon attack internally the under
side of leaves, calyx of the blossoms
Public Service
Board Sets Time
For Nine Hearings
The controversy between the South
ern Pacific company and the Standard
Kox & Lumber company. Involving the
payment of demurrage charges w::l be
aired before the publie service com
mission at a hearing in Salem Times
day afternoon. Other hearings before
the commission are scheduled as fal
lows: '
Salem. April 29. Application of the
Standard Oil company for permkfr:i
to construct a spur track across the
Turner road near Salem.
Arlie. Polk county. May 5. Applica
tion of Sunrise Telephone company for
permission to discontinue service..
Independence, May 6. Application
of Independence Telephone company
for increase in rates.
Dullas. May .6 Application of Dal
las Telephone company for increase ...
St. Helens. May 7. Application of
St. Helens Lumber company, for per
mission to discontinue heating sen ice.
St. Helens, May 7. Depot facllit '
Seaside, May 8. Application i. "
Standaid Oil company for permissiu;.
to construct n spur crossing.
Ueurhurt, May 8. Application of
city of Gearhart for permission to con
struct undergrade crossing. .
Attorney General
Defines Meaning
of Term "May"
"May" as primarily and ordinarly
used in a statute i pi-emissive and not
prvemptorv. according to an opiaitn.
prepared by Attorney Ceneral Drown
for the information of the state irri
gation securities commission. "The
opinion was prepared in connection
with the application ut the Kingman
Colony drainage district in Maiheur
county for state guarantee of interest
payments on a $50,000 bond Issae.
Some question was raised by.nienibers
of the commission as to the legality of
the issue which did not conform to the
provisions of the state law which de
clares tht "said bonds r.uiy be issued
So as to mature serially in annua!
unioiui;? so as to be approximately
equal, principal and interest." This
provision is entirely discretionary on
the part of the directors of the drain
age district, according to the attorney
general who holds that failure to issue
the bonds in conformity therewith in
no wise Impairs the legality of the Is
sue the bonds In continuity therewith
is no wise impairs the legality of the
and who has placed forensics on aj KK.BKASK.l HAS SNOW
strong basis in the university for the i Lincoln. Neb., April . li);ht
first time in several years. Besides snowstorm prevailed in eastern Xe-
the usual debates and oratorical con
tests, he has introduced interclass
oratory, interclass debate, inler-society
oratory and debate, women's debates,
the essay contest and a written or.
tion contest which is still to be con
Scientists Discuss
Size Of Universe
braska todav. The storm is moving
toward the northeast, the weather
bureau reported.
Smcke Too Rluch?
hi Niceio!
Washington. April 2o
Do you sn.oke too
Scientists ! nds of men do
Chicago. April 21i Dr. William
Cleaver Wilkinson, 87, professor of
poetry and criticism at the University
of Chicago, died yesterday as the re
sult of Injuries sustained two weeks
ago In a fall.
Freshman Wins
Essay Contest
Verne Bain, freshman, won the
'"Irst prize in the Willamette unlversi
'y essay contest, receiving the five
.1 i!lar prize offered by Attorney E. M.
a .'. Miss Bertha Leitner. won the
o : d prize of $2.50, given by Judge
lisy. r n. The set. subject on which the :
cm- were written was "Willamette
as r. preparation for life." The other!
contor ants were Pan: Wapato, Les-,
lie Bailey and Jacob Nickel. In present i
ing tho prizes o the winners, Presi
dent Doney took occasion to praise
the efforts jf forensic manager Fred
McGrew, who conducted the contest.
much? Thm
nml k'.it-w . It.
representing colleges and universities They want to smoke less or quit l-
m every section of the country at- together but will not punish them
tended the opening here today uf th- selves to endure the craving that
! annual meeting of the National Acad- follows leaving off. Such, men need
lemy of Science. Tonight two Califor- 1 Nk-olol which kills the craving" and
nia nsUpnomei-s will disc-.iss the si;-.e . makes cutting down the use of
jof the universe. Dr. Harlow Shapley,c or fitting iiliogdhir easy
of the Mount Wilson observatory be-1 pleasant. Nicotol cures the crttvin;'
lieves the sixe of the unhvr.ii- is many fr tobacco ,t nes up the nerves and
times greater than held in the older keeps you feeling fine and fit. lo .
theories. Dr. Heber D. Curtis of the ; any druggist for a package or Nicotol
Lick Observatory, will defend tho old- tablets sold under a stel lound guar-'
er view, that the dimensions suggest-; antee of satisfaction or money re
"ed by Nucomb is correct. funded.
Note Ask your druggist what oth-'
Final decision Is expected soon n era say about the wonderful power cf
the Klamath county court house suit." Nicotol to break the tobacco habit.
; Although the county has two new He knows and he can be trusted to
! court houses the old one Is still being tell you the full truth. I). 3. Fry.
used. " ' i (aovl
Is one of the most skillful In the bus!
!i"K. What he doesn't ! now about
bread making isn't worth knowing.
Just to prove to yourse'f 'how foolish
It Is to ,swelto,r over a hot oven, try
a loaf of our BAKK-UITH bread. Our
electric ovens bake Just right.
Once tried it is always) a favorite.
Bake-Rite Bakery :
457 State St. Phone 268
h Prison Here
r, who walked away from
rcular santiarlum, March
Place he had been trans
treatment from thA state
tonight back to the nenl-
; night Irom El PaRo, Tex.,
ai arreeted last ivwii
"ring a sentence of from
mem months for killing
11,! Portland hotel
N of his return to the
Phone Company
Given Rate Equal
To Competing Line
An increase In rates of the' Union
County Telephone company to a point
comparable with the lowest rates
charged by the Home Telephone com
pany operating In the same territory,
is granted In an order issued by the
public service commission and effec
tive May 1st.
The new order affects all patrons of
the La Grande, Cove, Union, Elgin and
Summervllle-Imbler exchanges of the
Union Telephone company. The order
also abolishes, free ' interexchange p
service between the various exchanges
of the company, which practice Is
characterized as "unjust, unreasonable
' c-6u:ff.-f.;vii
smmmaesmMmmniimim mm
- 1
' -.v,. ..;' yj." ;!1'-'.J' :jf;'
1 7
i " ' ' . ' .'.:.',.(...,.:.
1 ' V.
- r-r , , , , 4
na Ulvation Army boys being taught orchard
ork .; uyiton school.
'' 'st the ir, ' wrk the Salvation Army is doing in
'M,J 'di m baching and poverty and to strike at
Jn ft , " ,ounfl !n the cities, is the training and care
tfmy "wo-u t "eot the 1,em8 of the fcudget to be raised
" Jj''Xonh V- son Prov'dea fr the purchase of the
J ies wiit , ''j as an industrial and agricultural school
1 ""t into til ed,ucatel nd made efficient workers so
f e.",11'orii tBey ' asset to society and
i-alnut e f "h,ch they win 06 members. The
W ""ft hn . Mi otner orchards, and, under proper
f 1? lh school 1 ,each the boys, its productivity will go
'W.11! iEti,', ,. "uPP"lng. The school is In no sense to
ii V.-'01 tdneiTf . oa the otner hand 11 l lntsnle!i
-Jrfhip. v Ulal'n for youngsters who, without it, are on
In pints, quarts, full gallons, half gallons.
Now Selling at all grocers
Now is the time to buy. Buy in Quantities
Once You Try Mazola You Will Never Co
Back to Lard or Butter for Cooking
or Olive Oil for Dressings
OF interest to every wide-awake housewife ai e
these important facts about the general use,
the quality and the unusual economy of P-Jazola.
No fat excels Mazola for
rleeo frvine. It is far better
1 - - t
and a great deal more economical than lard or com
pounds. Mazola is 100 pure vegetable at. j It ,
contains no moisture. Butter and Lard contain
moisture. The same lot of Mazola can be used over
and over again even after frying fish and onions. f
Merely straining makes it perfectly fresh for use as a
shortening. It carries no odors or flavors from the
foods cooked in it and does not smoke up your kitchen.
uP i: :
Oil I ii'iA
The purity and richness of Mazola
best demonstrates itself in the fact
that toi less Mazola is required than that of butter
or lard. This means that your cakes and pie crust will
rot only be light, rich and easily digested but will cost
you less to prepare. Being an oil, the tiresome " crcam-ing-in
process " is diminated. Mazola is always ready
for instant use.
(a-dr ians. who certainly
know olive oU, use Mazola. Not only because it costs
about half that of the best olive oil, but because of its
richness, quality and purity. '
For French Dressing, Mazola blends readily and
mayonnaise made with Mazola will keep for weeks
without separating.
Selling Representative
Portland, Ore.
Important to Housewives
One of the most severe comparative tests ever used
on a cooking fat gives unqualified FIRST HONORS
to Mazola.
Understand the remarkable economy and high
quality of Mazola by these figures.
2 lbs. of Mazola fried 26 lbs. Potatoes
2 lbs. of Lard " 8 " "
2 lbs. of Compound lltf " "
Note: Mazola goes over three- times
far aa lard; is twice aa economical
as compound.
2 lbs. of Mazola fried , 25 lbs. Fish
2 lh. r,f Lard " 15 " "
2 lbs. of Compound " 20 " "
Note: Compare the fifiutea yourself.
Even with frying fish Mazola doom
not emoke up your kitchen.
2 lbs. of Mazola fried 216 Doughnut
2 lbs. of Lard " 144
2 lbs, of Compound " 168 "
Note: All doughnuts were the tamo size.
Mazola - made doughnuts are
more easily digested.
P. S. Reasons for these remarkable figures are
plained in column to the left. Read it.