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Candidates Few
For Linn County
Public Offices
Albany. April 13. Only two contests
in the coming primaries for county
offices In Linn county had developed
when the time tor imng nominating
petitions and notice of candidacy ex-
Mired Wednesday night. These are for
the republican nominations for coun
ty commissioner and coroner.
All of the present county officem
whom terms expire are candidates
for reelection except Miss Velum C.
Davis, county recorder, who refused
to run again. Moat of them have no
opposition either for the primaries
or general election.
Only 11 candidates altogether filed
for county offices here. Ten of the
candidates are republicans and three
are democrats. "
The complete list of those who had
filed when tho time expired follows:
County clerk. It. II. Russell, Incum
bent, republican, and Henry 8. Nolan
of La com I), democrat; sheriff, C. M.
Kendall, Incumbent, republican; coun
ty commissioner, T. J. Uutler, Incum
bent, and It. C. l'cpperling of Selo,
republicans; J. 1. lsom of Albany,
democrat; aassessor, J. S. Van Winkle
incumbent, republican; county re
corder, Charles C. Curry of Albany,
republican, county treasurer, Miss Le
nore Powell, incumnrnt, democrat;
county school superintendent, Mrs.
Ida M. Cummlngs, Incumbent, repub
lican; surveyor, Charles II. Leonurd,
Incumbent. n publican; coroner, Kv
erett C. richer. Incumbent, and Kd
win F. Kortmiller of Albany, repub
There Is but one contest for slate
offices In which Iiinn county forms
h whole district. That Is for the re
publican nomination for represent!!
live. Three representatives are to be
nominated and four candidates have
filed. The four candidates are Charles
Child of llrownsvllle, now dean of
the house In point of continuous ser
vice; llobert H. Acbeson of 8hcdd,
W. C. Teniplelon of llalsey and H. J.
Alclnnl of AllrfMty.- I,. (1. Lewclllng
of Allium', republican, Is unopposed
tor district attorney of Linn county.
of contract.
Harry L. Hart, who has Just re
turned from a five weeks visit to
California, reports the hop m.-trket a
very strong affair in this state. A lot
of 150 bale of 1919s was sold at II.
Growers are going in for hop plant
ing more extensively. About J00J acres
of new California hop yards ere being
set out this year.
Exports from the United States for
February, 1910, were 2,f 5,234 pounds
of which !. 443. 305 pounds were to
England. For the six months Sep
tember to February last, both inclus
ive, 1. 738,563 pounds were export
ed, of which 14,61 1.290 pounds were
to England.
Second Debate Of
CoEds Is Tonight
The second of the Intercollegiate de
bates for girls will be held In the first
M. E. church tonight between Willam
ette university co-eds and Pacific unl
verstiy of Forest Grove. Negative I At TO PAHK KKADY
teams will debate away from home. J Craig Colo. Municipal camping
Ina Moore and Helen Hoover. ho; um,s hm ufQ uini. ,., de rea(iy tor
won t Tacoma from CT. P. S. last week
. r..i Af.,DA autoinobii
and Loriel lilatchford will debate on I ' ' " ' th" 'T
the home rostrum. Tbe subject is the
same as that used in the former de
bate, "Resolved, that the princial
cause of the present wave of anarchy
Is found In unjust labor conditions In
this country."
travelers. The ground is a '
W. 11., a pioneer of the north- j
western part of Colorado. j
The gasoline shortage at The Dalles
has been relieved by motor truck ship
ments from Portland.
lririAnh Bar BuMmI
1 S nZT"'"" '. TO
- II fsi62Sx ;
JOKM'II A. YOKK. well tno'wn
bu-inest. man of PorlljmT. Mr-,
who nv l- f.vls twenty years
yomigcr and lias ruined sixteen
ismirds on four bottles of Tanluc".
Ikvlnn- lie ui now eat 1 1 lire
riiiaru meals day.
Thirty New Yards
Planted To Hops
Around Mt. Angel
Mt. Angel, April 23. No luss than
thirty new hop yards have been plant
ed In this vicinity during the spring,
containing from ten to forty acres.
It Is said that not a single bale of
hops Is left 111 Mt. Angel. The lust
was taken up when Win. Schmidt sold
thirty eight bales of 1917 hops re
cently for DO cents per pound. Mt.
Angel growers, many of them, have
contracted their hops for the "next
three or four years and the, price Is
said to have been as high as flfly
cents in some cases, People are very
much encouraged over the situation
at present and IW'i'f will be a greater
acreage planted next season.
Portland Market
For Hops Highest
Seen In 38 Years
The Oregon hop market bus reach
ed the dollar point, the highest price
known here for 3H years, says the
Oregon Journal. Ait offer of 11 wus
made for a carlond of Oregon hops
of the 1919 crop. The offer wus no!
liccepted as the holder has the op
)rlcc. This is said to be the only lot
portunlty of placing the hops In small
lots at several cents belter than this
of hops oh Inst year's growth left in
Oregon. Washington Is eleuneit up.
but California still has 17(10 bales of
111 19s. All the recent buying of siml
hops on the roast has been for ac
count of American near beer manu
facturers, while the contract demand
lias collie largely from Knglaml Iniy
eri. The contract market lias been ipilel
Of late, This year's Oregon crop is
quoted at 65 cents and the last con
tract was made at that price. There
was a report of a 75 cent contract In,
California, but it has not been eon
firmed. Three year term contracts are'
tiuoted at ij cents average. There Is'
but liltle limniiy now for this kind
Higher Standards in Farming
Like business, farming has progressed much in
the past decade. Comfortable homes, modern ap
pliances, specialization of production are all seen
today on the up-to-date farm.
And too, the farmer realizes the aadvantages of
having a banking connection where cooperation is
available morally, physically and financially.
Salem lS
insfeS Oregon. lb I
jn r wiirri . v .
svmhi i mmimmmmmmmwmm
Dry Goods, Millinery and Shoes
- Nice Dress Hats
$5 to $12.50
Splendid showing, wonderful values. Big line of Children's
Hats, moderate prices. Flowers, nice assortment and rea
sonable, nice up-to-date millinery department
That are guaranteed. Mayer Shoes for ladies and children.
The real Martha Washington shoe. Children's scuffers, tan,
black or smoke, ashington guaranteed shoes for men and
boys, New nobby line of outing shoes. Nice assortment of
canvas shoes.
240 246 Commercial Street
"I am now able to eat three square
meals a day for the first time In two
years," was the emphatic statement
made recently by Joseph A. York,
we!l known business man and highly
respected citizen of Portland, Maine.
"I am now h.A.y nine years of age
and in all my t.j I have .ic .er run
across a medicine unit c.nsiiler m a
claKS with Ti .ilnc. I have Just f Lushed
my fourth bo...e and Hits medicine
has benefited i,.e even beyond my
grtatest hope.-;, r'.esid H gaining sixteen
pounds in we.gnt, 1 have been built
up and Ktreng. honed until I feel al of
twi nty years younger.
1 For the past two years 1 have been
in u miserably run down condition,
and was compelled a short time ago
to give up all idea of business as 1
wus to$r)veak to look after anything,
i was nervous, worn out, had no appt
,tltc, and suffered most all the tjme
with Indigestion. Some days I would
eat scarcely unything; In fact 1 was
afraid to eat because I knew 1 would
suffer afterward. Sometimes I had
suc h severe crumping pains after eat
ing that 1 would almost die. .My
nerves were all unstrung and the least
thing would worry me and 1 never
could get n good night's sound sleep.
In fuoj I just lost Interest in every
thing' and was greatly discouraged
over my. condition.
"The' ordinary treatment failed to
do me any good, and as 1 hud read so
many statements from people 1 know
here ill Portland who hud been bene
fited by Tanluc, I decided to give it a
trial. And now 1 know toy myseif what
I It will do, for I have s.-miiiy taken a
new lease on life. I am now able to
look utter my work as usual, and
never felt better In my life. I am uble
to eat three hearty meals a day and
everything agrees with me perfectly.
I eat anything I want and never feel
a touch of indigestion. 1 never thought
there was a medicine that could dn
me so much good, and I am only too
glad to have the facts about my case
given to the public."
ToiiIhc Is sold In Sulem by Tyler's
drug store and leudlng druggists in
other towns. . tAdvi
25 Cents
will Buy
a big package of
weighing over a pound, net.
What are you paying for
And tell the world of
your troubles and years
for Co-Lo will restore the
natural color, life and lus
ter to your hair in a man
ner nature approves.
Co-Lo a scientific process
perfected by Trot. John H.
Austin, over 40 years a bacter
iologist, hair and scalp specialist.
, ' J m M r i ri I
v am s. fcT . i
sx v. rw
Hair Fr
7il Rflstorsr til TV VO-
' cvrs.
'j.j. at-i
Co-Lo Is a wonderful liquid.
Clear, odorless, greaseless.
Without lead or sulphur.
Hasn't particle of sedimei.t
Will not wash or rub off.
Will not injure hair or scalp.
Pleasing and simple to an.
Cannot be detected like tho
ordinary hair tints and dyes.
Will not cause the hair tj
spin or break off.
Co-Lo can be hd for every
natural shude of hair.
ft ttlut-k a ud Balk
Similes of ttrown.
A.7 KMrst Strong, for Jet
IthM'k Hair only.
AS for all .Mctlfum Urown
for nil Very I.lclit Itmnn.
lrwb soil An burn Sluiilcs.
... Oo-Lo Hnir Restorer at Pei
ry's drug store. tadvt
What I found out
about oveialls
I USED to think that it didn't matter much what
sort of overalls I bought. They all seemed the
same to me.
"Sometimes they wore well and sometimes they
didn't. Likely as not they would pull and bind.
I thought that it was-alMuck that you couldn't
help some overalls being good and others bad.
"Then one day I got a pair that was big and
roomy and comfortable. I noticed that they locked
right, too. They fitted easy all the time I had them
and they wore like iron. Next time I bought a pair
like them and they were just as good.
"The name of those overalls is Blue Buckles. I
always buy them now, because I know they'll give
me good service."
' 'I'm tried a lot of overalls, hut if all
I've worn, givg mt Blue Buckles every
time. They always fivt hug wear. "
Frttiitnt tf Ih hut Cm aJ
Small drain O'rovfri AsiHiatita
The toughest denim made broad double,
stitched seams roomy patterns, and extra wife
suspenders. Free swing raglan sleeves on the
coats reinforced, convenient pockets strong
brass buttons, loops and buckles and a strong,
solid back-band you get all these, and the ex
perience of the biggest overall makers in the world
behind every pair of Blue Buckles.
Ask your dealer for Blue Buckles.
Blue Buckle Over Alls
Biggest selling overall in the world
rrrw,,,,,, Mt... t
urcjvi uake It to a TURN
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