Capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1919-1980, April 22, 1920, Page PAGE THREE, Image 3

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    22, 1920.
RAt On H. C: l. .
red; more
! of American Singers, New York;
" conductor o, the St. Louis
w.:iy orciiestra; . rank La Forge,
.. - raveure, A. Walter k'mrn,, nr
HJltrAIV It I Ore - "u Au,erica- w Chapman of
LiJ' 1 v ..e York Ittibensteln club and
DA11ltC Wantpd!Heinlc- Mat,nauer. Destlnn and many
dicatlon of his standing in the musical
.twck on the high cost oi ciom-. world.
tet '
naur o , ,
c hnli officials and .N7 m ncr-iri 7 mtnv
tW-an" nosttmned until i
rrder to givt more I
" '.,ti,m and enlistr
hr oreanuauuu - --
Zr that date new clothes and while
ii.mi will be
,cpiwt building.
Mechanic Returns
strictly taboo about
After Schooling
AV Feilan, tractor mechanic with
Vick Brothers, "has Just returned from
field. I3 being returned to its former
place on top of Waller fcr.l. It was
found several years ago that the roof
of the building was not safe for the
big belt and It was removed to the
tower. But in rebuilding the room, it
hail been mnria -1- .
. - f'6 cMoytfl 9j initt
the bell can be restored t Us old posi-
,uon .ana the workmen are now pre
paring for the remrV7il ,:.,K
probably be made an evtnt ly tha u-!
denjs. .
There is & tradition that the bell
shall only be runr -hi vm.m-o
haa scored a victor? aeaiasr m. nK.
,er college, and ths only exception to!
, thla n.u v.. -- ....
. HM vwa uu patriotic occa
sions. . -
Roosevelt's terms and three years dur
ing the Wilson administration.
Recently1 he has been engaged in the
real estate business at Burns.
Honolulu, T. II., March 26. Ha
waiian records for the Issuance of
marriage licenses to agod persons
were broken rewntly when a man of
89 years obtained a license to wed a
woman 61 years old. The gromo was
William S. Kioula. a widower, and the
bride - Mrs. - Lakalia Wahineuui.' a
widow. Kioula was born the year fol
lowing the landing of the first
Christian missionaries in Hawaii.
" . . . .. - l.Kn,.nl In tha
khaki-old clothes move. In Sa. -J Portland where for the past two weeks
. the result of a mass meeting! he baa been attending a. Samson serv
t n, W tn,, Wednesday ! ice school.. This school wan rrn.iut.,i
i ... . . - .. - ..
.... imitv
- m,ii It is not expected that' by the Samson Tractor conpany and
fco'have enlisted in the move will ; as attended by service men from the new denim or khaki uni.- .entire; state. burlng the Bchool each
a tha spirit of the move will, re- model of tractor .and trdck as well as
f0-that no ntw clothing with the he farm -implements were gone into
mire,""1' ... i-t,.i,i k. thoroiiEhlv. tn-h mnxhin. !.,.;.-
-..Mini-or aenini i s
Ctea for a pwjuu
Titer, in the move; including sev-
jnariment heads, declare mat
tirtly dis assembled and explained be
fore the students. . . . v
Before a .mechanic is allowed to
!T. .i,r,io aw nd stick work .on ' Samson Droducts he mM
Ldim A committee consisting' first ha'e passed a successful examt
M 'nt Laborer Commissioner Grain nation at this Bervice school. This as
I R B. Goodin, state purchasing aures the farmer dependable, service
-rt. has been pp--- - "- ! 'n ,K . " V ". 7t
Farre Appointed
As County Judge
Gov. Olcott Wednesday announced
, the appointment of William Farre of
I Burns as county Judge of Harney joun:
ty. to fill the vacancy by the death in
Portland Ust wetk of Judge H, C.
Judge Farre has been & resident of
eastern Oregon for 35 years, the great
er part of that time being spent in
Harney county. He was for 16 years
register of the land office at Burns,
being appointed by Fresident Roose
velt in 1902, serving through both of
the feasibility of cooperative buy-
On the last day of the course a pub
lic demonstration was given near
Portland during which the model M
and the Samson iron horse were used.
Vick Brothers entire force of some 30
men. went aown for this day.
Public Forum
ataw. Or.. Apr. 20. To the Editor.
-Please put in the head lines of your T 1 D H rp
.aper "Patch Your Pants and Save V ILIVIJ DCll 1 U
Overalls." The farmers might need a
jew pair when the old ones, they have
now. F 8 tnere i8n t t,nouBh to hold
the threads for more patches.
famous Teacher
Of Voice Added
Be Returned To
Waller's Tower
Willamette university's historic vic
tory bell, which for the past ten years
has been hung in the picturesque bell
tower at the corner, of the athletic
To School Staff
Seattle. Wash., Apr. 22. Coupled SPOILS THE ILUIt
with the announcement of the sum- . "
mer school session of the "-r - - .Jc (c
School of Music of Seattle, which will Soap should be used very carefully,
continue from July 17 until Septomber if you want to keep your hair looking
4, is the news that not less a personage its best ' Most soaps and prepared
than Sergei Kligansky of New York shampoos contain too much alkali,
irill head the list of visiting teachers This dries the scalp, makes the hair
tor the terra. Mr. Klibansky is prob- brittle and ruins It. , .
ably the leading master of voice in The best thing for steady use is
America today and numbers some of Mulsifled . cocoaftut oil shampoo
the most distinguished singers In the wh(ich is pure and greaseless,) and
country among his pupils. One of these is better than anything else you can
who Is well known In tho northwest Is use. ,
Lotta Madden, who was formerly a One or two teaspoonfuls will cleanse
resident of Seattle, but for a number the hair and scalp thoroughly. Simp
of years has been in New York. Mr. ly- moisten the hair with water -and
Klibansky has letters and recommv.i- rub it In. t makes an abundance of
dations from such noted musicians as rich, creamy lather, which rl-wc out
Josef Stransky, conductor of the New easily, removing every particle of
York Philharmonic orchestra; Alfred dust, dirt, dandruff and excessive oil.
Hertz, of the San Francisco Symphony The hair dries quickly and evenly
orchestra; tliorpio Polacco, formerly and it leaves the scalp soft, and the
tonduetor of the Metropolitan and hair fine and Bilky, bright, lustrous,
Chicago opera companies; AValtef H. fluff y and easy to manage.
Eothwell, conductor of the Los An- You can get Mulsifled cocoanut oil
gclen Philharmonic .orchestra; Frank shampoo at any phrmacy, it's very
Dam.!!, rilmetnr at the Institute of cheap, and a few ounces will supply
ilnslcal Art. Nf.w York: William W. every, member Of the family
Himhaw, director of the Opera Com- hiontMs. '
Not A Blemuin
muj me perfect
appearance of her com
plexion. Perminml
and temporary skin
troubles are effertiwlu
concealed. Keducet un
natural color and rtretn
1 greasy skms. Highly nriseotic.
i jiusea witn Dcnetictal results as
U curative agent for 70 years.
, ii
G.F. Whitting Sale
6 room house full of furniture
1 o'clock 1243 Front Street
1 table, 9 feet, oak; 4 dining chairs, oak; 4 leather rockers, oak; 1
Morris chair, oak; 1 mahogany chair; 2 kitchen chairs; 1 settee; 1
wood bed, oak and springs; 1 iron bed and springs; 1 center table,
oak; 1 Columbia phonograph; 1 heating stove; 1 range;' 2 dressers; 1
refrigerator; 1 small table; 1 new Ford radiator; 1 good Ford ear; 1
sewing machine; a lot of pictures; 1 stock saddle; 1 wash stand; 20 I
yards linoleum; 1 gas stove oven; a lot of cooking utensils; 1 kitchen
table; 1 copper boiler; 1 ringer. 2 wash boards; 12 tubs; 10 feet gar
den hose; fruit jars; ironing board; 1 lawn mower; 1 coal oil lamp,
special; 1 clothes basket; 1 large mincer; and other articles too num
erous to mention; everything you need in a house. I am going to Cal
ifornia for the summer. , ... V . . "J '
Come And Bring Your Neighbors. Be
There at 1 o'clock, A pril 23
1242 Front Street
Salem, Oregon.
Phones 11771211
404 Ferry Street
Another Royal Suggestion
From the New Royal Cook Book
BISCUIT l What de
light this word sug
gests. So tender they fairly
melt in the mouth, and of
such glorious flavor that
the appetite is never satis
fied. These axe the kind of
biscuits anyone can make
with Royal Baking Powder
and these unusual recioes.
4tenpoonalorlI)aktBff -
14 teaspoon salt
I lablespooos shorUntsf
It cup milk o half milk 4
ball watet ,
81ft together Boor, 'taking pow
der and salt, add shortening and
tub la very lightly: add liquid
lowly; roll or pat on floured
board to about on Inch la
thickness (handle as little as
possible); ut with biscuit cutter.
Bak in hot otcb It to 20 mis
Utea. Royal Cinnamon Bust
Pi eup four
1 teaspoon salt
4 teaspoons Royal Biking
5 tablespoons abort eciEf
XM( .
U cup witer
a teaspoons etsnitnon
tablespoons seeded raisins
Sift I tatitfspaons of measured
sugar with flour, salt and bak
ing powder; rub shortening la
lightly; add beaten eeg to water
tad da liowly. Roll out M inch
Atsclirtzfy Pure
thick o ilourvd tosfd: brash
with BMited buttr. eirtmkl with
utar ciaaamoB tn4 raisias.
Roll at tor yuy roil; cut into
1H lack rees; Iac with cut
ditw tip ob wn-greaaed aa:
rrinkl with a lltt) lucvr and
cinnameB. Bak in nodrat
wwt M to 35 mtsuMe; reinuv
from pan at . -
Parktr House Sclt
1 tupBinlt
t tiMn Royal Sakiat
3 tibW-uwHiBs lhortlJit '
Sift flmr, salt ai4 tVtBf iow.
tier tocether. Add melted short
eslag to nailk and add slowly to
dry lagredtents ctiiTing until
rnooUt. Knead lightly on floured
beard Bed roll out Inch tliicL
Cut with biscuit eutter. Cress
each circle with' lack of knif
on sid ef ctnter. Butter the
mall e.nlea and fold larrer
part well over the small. Place
en hscb arart In ttvaiwd pan.
Allow to stand 15 minutes in
warm iue. Bruoh each with
melted balt'r and bk in mode
rate even la to Zt imnuUs.
WrUe TOPAT for th Nw
Royal Cook Book; con
tains 4f other recluei Jt
i dellKhtmi as thfse. Will
hw you how to add later
st and variety to your
meal. Address
)U FoH g(nt
BtwTwkCNr ,
"Bake with Royal and be Swe"
ili I .r 5- Use Aladdin to dye your blouse, vtsls. CCi
fin ,T"- .1 CW.y eloves, stockings, underwear, corsets, . yNoJyjCliCi .
IB I sl ViHl JrC the newest, most fasWontblt colors, v vnTV vVU'
BUM J'n Anything which can be washed can ha AiT-A
IB H I & dyed exactly the color yon want it with lVAM
CleaiiG aif it PoliGhesw
I SI w
(The Old White Coiner)
Salem's Greatest Women's Apparel Store
For All Furniture and Woodwork
3Qc to $3 Sizes At Ail Dealer
More New Goats and Suits
For Women and Misses
Disolavs of Readv-to-Wear were never more interesting
than at the present time. Added to our already splendid as
sortments are many new models, just arrived, bringing with
them new originations which Dame Fashion has highly ap
proved. It would be impossible to present an assemblage of
apparel that more truly portrays the vogue and then you'll
find our prices unequaled for lowness, quality, style and
finish considered. V
New Spring Coats Are Here In
We cannot recall ever having had a finer showing of Coats,
Certainly the diversity of styles is greater than ever before
and that means every woman will have a better opportunity
to suit her own individuality. Coats of Polo Cloth, Bolivia,
Velour, Tricotine and the ever popular mixtures. Models for
sport, street and dress wear in short, three-quarter and full
length models and prevailing Q K A K(
colors ranging in price from....J)JLi7tlV TO tyti I OVJ
$40 to $45 Coats $32.50
Great many attractive styles from which to choose very
newest Spring Models, some made with narrow belts, all the
new shades including taupe, plum, trown, green, navy and
Pekin blue. COO Jtrt
, Sizes 16 to 44. Special tPOU0J
And another Group of Misses and Women's new Spring Coats
in various colors and materialas, values QOi UK
to $35.00. Special O
Remarkable Values in New Spring
SDlendid new line of Sweaters in every conceivable design the
Spring season nas prouueeu including enp-on, iuuu uu
. ' Coat models. Some made with leather belts, others with
sashes, fringed, etc. Colors copen, salmon, rof-e, flesh, tur
quoise, orange, green, American Beauty and contrasting
8:.!!"g!!g $6.75 $15.00
$35.00 to $42.50 Women's Suits $29.50
New garments constantly arriving keep our display fully repre
sentative at all times. Serges, tricotines, twills and tweeda are
favored suit materialas. ,
Special group of Misses' and Women's high class Suits from one
of America's foremost makers ; various colors and materials, in a
variety of new and attractive models, superbly tailored garments,
in a good range of sizes. Regular $12.50. Q9Q K(
Special - ,- &irOy
Misses' and Women's Spring Dresses $24.75
Go where you will you won't find another lot of new stylish Spring ,
Dresses at so low a price, made up in Taffeta, Messaline, Georgette
Crepe, Jersey and some Serge Dresses, newest and best colors.
Short, medium or full length sleeves, away below &OA 'JK
regular values. Special ; - vrx
New Spring Skirts
Street and Sport Skirts made up in a large assortment of styles,
developed in the much wanted plaid and checked materials; also
striped and plain colors in Tricotine, Serge, Velous and Wool,
Poplin, Plaited Models and K A QOO HZ
tailored styles. Priced P Olf TO J7 I O
$7.50 Poplin Skirts $4.75
A special purchase oi one hundred mercerized poplin Skirts, in a .
good assortment of sizes, materials and colors. rjg
ml ll
itfi 11
U h hi
Great Variety of Trimmed Hats $7.50
In smart styles for Young Ladies and Women, very newest mod
eLs, small, medium and large sizes in various ?r7 PA
V w
materials. Snecial
And a big lot of new and pretty sailor Hats,
Friday and Saturday, Special
Tcrc LcrCn Wris The CmM Journal Want Acls Bring ResuPis
, ,. ' ( ..... ..