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Commendable efforts to restore Harmony between discordant,
factions of sportsmen and conflicting commercial interests are
Tbxh'cttatrurL SI being made by the new Fish and Game Commission, but to secure
tax Co.. 13 south commercial treet ; j-j,e restocking of our streams drastic action will be necessary in,
Telephones Circulation and Busf-j , , , !,,( oooono anA haair- rrisncrp in the!
new Offlee, 81; Editorial rooms, z. -inc tmiauiiiiincui. ui nu-cu t-van o
present inadequate laws whicn are aauy proving an euecuve
agent in the extermination of the trout
One of the first essentials for intelligent protection is a
scientific survey of each of the main streams and its tributaaries,
the native fish, their food supply, habits, and spawning seasons,
the approximate finny population and the causes for extermina
tion. This survey should be made jointly by the scientists of the
federal bureau of hatcheries and the fish culturists of the state
and would supply data requisite for intelligent action. Inadequate one before.
results for money expended have been secured because no scien-
Q. PUTNAM, Editor and Publisher.
Entered as second clan mail mat'
ler t Salem, Oresron.
By carrier SO cent a month. By
snail SOc a month, f 1.35 (or three
month J2.S5 (or six month. 14 per
rear in Marion and Polk counties.
Elsewhere S3 a year.
n order o( U. 8. government, all
Hutu subscriptions are payable in advance.
Advertising representatives W. U.
Ward. Tribune Bldff.. New Tort? W.
EL BtockwelL People Ga bid.,
Ch lea fro.
m m- m""H mm m K9 iR P"!
V" i m.ff.Tl ra-
It was a good while before any
I thing happened. But Johnnie Green
After his ride on old dog Spot,
Major Monkey went to the henhouse plenty of cookies to munch. And he
(or eggs even oftener than he had, pretended that he was a sailor In the
I crow's nest of a ship, on the lookout
i ...
P.rhan. k. fc.J 1 ,-A r SU.
m. . v uu irtuuic 1UUUCI Ul
ty greedily. It was the first bit of
sugar he had tasted since he came to
Pleasant Valley. And Major Monkey
was very fond of sweets.
Johnnie Green, or his father, or
the hired man seemed all at once to
grow terribly careless with maple
sugar. The Major hardly ever visited
the henhouse without finding a lump
somewhere. And if his liking for eggs
hadn't bought him thither dally, his
taste for sugar would have been
enough to make him continue his
At last there came a day when Ma-
Quickly Ended By A Pleasant r:
Killing Antiseptic.
The little Hyome! Inhaler is miJ
of hard rubber and can easily be
ried in pocket or purse, it Wa, ,.rr"
lifetime. . liJR
Into this Inhaler pour a few
of magic Hyomei. w
This is absorbed by the
nuu within and nn -
i v u lire rssd
to breathe it In over the germ infJ
membrane where it will peedilv!;
trin lt wnr if bill!.,. .
. si i . - . ... I ma. a nrfelln Ha d mn( T ( ,TCrt rlnl
... , . . i- j-i- is vr ix-rnaps ne naa oecome Doia-
tlflC plans COUld be followed to meet divergent existing Conditions, er.. Anyhow, he noticed Uiat old dog he was reaIlv doine- He was leaning
snot gave him a wide birth. When-,Iar oul 01 lne cupoia, snauing ms
Portland. Portland meats have
on account of lack of data.
member of associated RREss j . The present closed season, November to April, does not Afford!
The Associated Pres. to lvi? much protection for trout. It is an inheritance from eastern
au news dispatches credited to it or j states, designed for the eastern brook trout, which spawns in the
VSTSSH ''biu'iZi late fal1 and ear'y winter months- The native 0reon trout
- rainbow, including steel-heads and red-sides, and cut-throat or
black-spotted, spawn in the late winter and spring months and the
MiTROTl season opens, April 1, in the midst of the spawning period. Prac-
VAcpyfJrf ron tically all the fish taken in April are either spawning or "spent"
from spawning, lack vigor and flavor and offer poor sport and
poorer eating. In the larger streams, the spawning period is
steadily increased in quality and : earlier than in the colder waters of the snow fed mountain streams
wholesomeness since the incorpora
tion in the city health bureau of a
division of meat Inspection, according
to the annual report of Dr. E. K.
Chans, divisional ehliT, to Dr. Oeorge
Parrish, city health officer, filed
Portland. Orcgun Baptists, under
the direction of their county chair
men, who were named repent y, have
bceun active work organizing the in
dividual church committees that will
linve charge of the Oregon phase of
the P.nptlKt nation-wide campaign for
$100,000,000 of which Oregon's iiuota
is $1,000,000. it was announced to
day. The church committees will
canvas every member of the church
during the week of April 25 to May 2.
Portland. A new trial In the suit
of Miles Eckerson against Sheriff
Thomas M. HurlhlMt. former jailer
Hoy Kendall and Patrolman A. Mc
Karlane, to recover $2,000 damages
for alleged false Imprisonment, will
be commenced Friday morning. A
erdict returned by a Jury In Circuit
Judge Qntens' court last Friday In
which segregated damages totaling
$525 were awarded, wns set aside yes
terday by Judge Gatens on the
ground that It was contrary to the
Instructions. Eckerson, who is 16
years nf age, claims to have been held
in the county jail five days In October
1919, without a formal charge having
been placed against him.
Bend. -A minimum wage Increase
(or teachers In the Bend city schools
was announced today by the board of
directors, to take effect next fall. The
advance stipulates a haslc salary of
11.200 a year (or grade Instructors,
$1,350 for junior high teachers, and
$1,600 for senior high and special in
structor". Increases will average more
than $200.
Portland. if K. Sacked. Nyssn,
Oregon, homesteader, was sentenced
to six months In lne Multnomah
county Jail and fined $500 by Federal
Judge Wolverton Tuenday as a result
of a conviction two we'k ago by a
fcdVral Jury on a charge of moon,
Portland. Accompanied by n ci
tation expressing the gratitude of the
French repuhlln and signed minister
Of foreign affairs, a medal was re
ceived Tuesday by C, ilenrt Labile.
French consul hero, lo he presented
to Mrs. W, J. Burns "( Portland, as
token of appreciation nf the Work
vhli h she did during the wur In
milking surglcul dressings.
and lakes, where spawning occurs as late as June.
.Moreover, the present laws are something of a joke, as they j
permit an open season the year around for "salmon trout" and
"there ain't no such animal." The salmon trout is a name applied
to any sea-going trout during its sojourn in coastal waters. The
salt water changes the form and color of the brook habitant and
rne iacK 01 a cioseti season permits ineir extermination during well," sii Major Monkey, ' it was
the spawning period. Moreover, a fool law for years kept an'a p hnt it was too fast,
open season on trout over 10 lifches in length and except in
mountain streams, the spawning fish are all over 10 inches in
Our game and fish laws are largely the result of local demands
upon legislators by hunters and fishermen" who are looking after
their own pleasure and big bags and full creels rather than the
preservation of game or trout. Every, effort to close a stream
during the spawning period brings a vigorous protest from some
coterie of fish-hogs and the legislature follows the lines of least
resistance. The result is that there is little real protection.
Experience has proven that the hatcheries are unable to keep
:the streams replenished with intensive fishing permitted during
the spawning period. Ihis period is not the same in all streams
aira the closed period must vary with the necessities of the situa
tion in different localities. It is possible to restock the streams.
if the depletion is controlled, and despite local protest, this must
;e done if we are to keep the trout from extermination.
The public is slowly awakening to the fact that our wild life
faces extermination and public sentiment will sustain the com
mission in any program initiated along scientific lines to check
'the slaughter and replenish the supply, for our out-of-doors re
sources are recognized as a valuable asset to the state, both for
'the recreation of the people and commercially in the attraction
of money-spending tourists. 1
ior Monkey discovered a thick pitcher
,k. rinrvr A chain waaigin its work Of klllinr rat. v.
did not mind that, tie naa prougnt., .u.h i,.nHi and nailed : Hvomei ia made of Antn " "
lUUUrU Llll - ...... - wv.tMiH ,IU.
to tne wan.
The Major grinned wnen ne saw
the chain.
"They don't want this pitcher to
run away," he said to himself.
Being of a most curious turn of '
. I .. ,1 UA lAn1.ai4 InlA tha ftttnhlW And
.L ! IZ then he promptly thrust in a hand.
cooaie imo 111s mouiii won ine Winer, . . , ,
.... , There was a good-sized lump or
and gazing off across the meadow,!
when all at once he heard old Snot sugar inside. And Major Monkey's
yelping. . - fingers jelosed upon it greedily.
Thnt ammo- hmnirht Johnnie' to "his His queer lace wrinkled with an-
senses. And fflancinff down, he saw: noyance when he found that he could
Spot tearing across the- .barnyard, j not withdraw his hand. Empty, it
lyptus combined with other antw
tics and is very pleasant to br-..
It is guaranteed to end catarrh
bronchitis, sore throat, croun JrU.
- " " "Kit it eie
a stuffed up head la two minm-
could easily have slipped through the
mouth of the pitcher? But with the
sugar clutched in it, his hand stuck
making for the woodshed door in
great bounds. And behind him, perch
ed on the roof of the henhouse, John
nie saw a familiar figure.
"It's the monkey again!" Johnnie
Green cried. And he clambered quick
ly to the ground.
But when he reached the henhouse
Major Monkfy had fled. Johnnie
could see his red coat flickering
among the leaves in the orchard. But
he knew it was useless to follow.
Although Major Monkey was aware
that Johnnie "Green had seen him
strain na rlirl v. atnn i.laltlnor Ot.
hhAa t J;,mJ New York: Nicotine is the most aot
somewhat more wary. He never wept''ve 11"redlnt of tobacco and ls a
inside the henhouse for eggs with-deadly polson even in sma" dose3'
.-,, 1 Fortunately in the use of tobacco we
"jmake sure that Johnnie Green wasn't: only et very minute dos to which
watching him. And for a time the the system seemingly becomes accus-
Ends indigestion
It relieve stomach misery, tour sttna.
aeh, beleaiag and all stomach diseaai or
none back. Large box of tablet (A
cent, Druggist in all town.
Nicotine Poisoning
Its Cause and Cure
(By C. Burton ConuorM. D.),
ever old Spot saw him he tucked his
tail between his legs and ran, yelp
ing, Into the house.
Now, Johnnie Green soon discover- Major kept an eye out for traps. itomca, Dut it acts as a slow poison
ed that something or somebody He saw nothing of the sort any-M"8' the same- and a8 such it does
was frightening old Spot almost every. where. But one day when he leaped great inJury t0 the human system
day. And having nothing else to do, to the window-sill of the henhouse iwlthout making Itself apparent to tha
one morning, lie nuide up his mind he was delighted to find a lump of average individual. Many say " To
that he would watch and see what maple 3Ugar, which some one had;bacco has no bad effect upon me."
pet these same people could not un-
I o. omr fllMimi.ln nnno Ka 1 n .4 ...... .1 -
At least, that Was what the Major take' even the gmallest doe o othef
supposed. And with something a good; well known poisons not nearly so dan
deal like h chuckle he ate the daln-'gerous In their action. You have of-
ola on top of the big barn. And there
he stayed for a long time, keeping a
sharp eye on old Spot as he wander
ed about the farm buildings.
Roseburg business men are pledged to wear blue overalls to
combat the high prices. If they do the hard work the overalls
were intended for, it will help some.
Chicago, the sixth German city, gave Hiram Johnson a vote
of 46,000, which indicates that he Is the kaiser's candidate,
A Salem woman is said to be among the victims of the Los
Angeles blue-beard who married 20 women, mostly widows. Even
a blue-benrd couldn't resist the widows.
the big diamond; pln'you gave her."
"Do you mean "to' tell me that
Katherine sold her diamond 'pin, my
last gift to her?"
Of course she did, and had I been
she I would have sold all my Jewels."
"How much did you give her for
best interests of the entire communi
ty." He has been a resident of Salem,
for .eight years, and soon after his
arrival became actively engaged in
business here.
Dr. O. L. Scott, presertt councilman
from ward 7, also (lied this morning
for reelection. His slogan is "Work
for a strictly business administration
and a greater Salem,"
Governor Olcnit will tntwn,.. Kaipn ihompson, salesmanager at
Rlchrad Craven, renresentatlvo nf th!tne Marion garage, Monday filed his
National Humane Society, coming here candldacy for councilman from the
from Boston, when he speaks at thel8eventh war(J. making three candi
auditorlum of the Public Library, I dats from tht ward thui far.
State and Winter streets, at eight .
o'clock Friday evening. The meeting,! Had certain politicians been present
wnicn is open to the public, will also at the time, they would undoubtedly
be presided over by the governor.
George Alderin
Consents To Try
For Council Joh
Strongly urged by neighbors and
friends in ward 7, George D, Alderin,
1240 South 14th street, manager of
the West Fur company, 521 Court
v The rtlilrond Srriko nrnvns in lio,,. T,.l..V,,.:..t ll.recV0'luy f,led nl8 ndi'lacy with
f i 7i t ,,,r , . 7 ... . "UK",CWB move, i-iiy Kecorder Race (or councilman
financed by the I. W. W. as most of the i legal strikes nrn. TW.from that ward. Mr. Aiderin n(.
'leaders should be jailed 01' deported. led to become a candidate only after
have sought reservations on the ten
The marriage of Miss Pauline Short
en nnd Albert C. Stout of Pocatello
will take place Wednesday In Salt Laice
Rippling Rhymes
,My ears don't work the way they should; my hearing isn't
extra good; and agents como most every morn to sell some patent
audihorn, some strange contraption, painted blue, to make me
hear as well as you. I shoo said agents from mv door and tell
them to come back no more. To buy such trans I'd be a Inon : mv
(loarness is my greatest boon. The fellow with a wearv tale with
fungus in it. it's so stale, will pass me by before he'll tell his
Petition To Place
McAdoo's Name On
Rnllnt fc Ff7vf tory when he has to yell. I miss SO manv tales of WOP. sn mnnv
com, g more than I . "lean and punk, soj T A :., 4.1
v,. "iiw-ui juiiK, umnu uespise tne metiuiimg men' rlk I II I II III , I Il
who brought my hearing back again. And when I seek my couch! I JUfiJL Ks l,lJ XA kJllXCs
numerous friends had called on him
aim asked that he become a candidate
to represent their interests in the
Mr. Alderin, who is a live wire
member of the Cherrlans and the
Commercial club, and has been iden
tified with various progressive move
ments In the city, declares for "just
consideration, of all matters for the
Apply Zemo, the Clean, Anti
septic Liquid. Gives
Prompt Relief
There is one safe, dependable treat
ment that relieves itching torture and
that cleanses and soothes the skin.
- Ask any druggist for a 35c or $1 bottle
cf Zemo and apply it as directed. Soon
you will find that irritations, pimples,
blackheads, eczema, blotches, ringworm
and similar skin troubles will disappear.
Zemo, t!ie penetratine, satisfying
liquid, is all that is needed, for it
banishes most skin eruptions, makes
the skin soft, smooth and healthy.
The E. W. Rase Co., Cleveland, O.
111(10 signature nnd requesting thai
the naiiin nf Wllllnm (illibs M',VIim,
of New York lie placed on the dein
Ocrallo primary ballot as a cuintnl itr
for nomlnutlon for president of the
United States, was filed with the sec
retary of stato here Tuesday after
noon by Newton McCoy of Portland.
McAdou ia the first presidential can
didate to file in the Oregon primal lea,
Nominating petitions were also
filed by Harvey !. Starkweather of
fortlanil as candidate for the dem
ocrat to nomination for I'ntted flutes
enator and by Mrs, Alexander
Thompson of Portland us a candidate
lor the democratic nomination for
representative In congress from the
third ill.tikt,
at nig it l m like n child, 1 sleep so tight. The noise that keeps
you an awake my gentle slumbers cannot break. I do not hear thel
rounder yell, I do not hear the milkman's bell ; the chugging motor
scorching by can't make your uncle bat an eye. I'm satisfied thi
way I am; you see me merry as a clam; and if I heard as'wel
im j'u, iiu uiiiiut juuu unit me gum ailtl ollie.
By the Noted Author
I The -Money gucsllon I been this little windfall of property
I fel my eyes smart with tears ns I.that s coming to Katherine'' '
' " " '' ' """ mw nil mm pnrt cu a r thine, but I have been
my women acquaintances and I won- trvimr to un v,. lL ,.
If Methuselah were alive today he!
inlliht live to see the I'ntted States sen I
te ratify the peace treaty,
Or course, the sovernnient off.c.a..C " you'tVtreat
kno their business, but wouldn't Itionlv a t,l km.IZ '.!! ,?hr"".'di r'" nlwny" 89 ft b""l Mot
I,; vwyr- 1 ntorol ' Don't be foolish,
n uiiiii n mm. xi sue were
warm and comfortable she nilirht
nave been neiiwr lo take the census
liefoie wood alcohol became a popular
beverage T
'nn No I nilcr-iand It
make pretty plavtlilnff. but I u-ns1 . 1 n"i nni iooiinu, nut I can't under-
certain that It thine did not oo to'u , ' " . ,,"""am woman like
suit her, she would unsheath herlw.' "0r"" ShUU ,u,n ov" to you a
claw nod ''"""'' '"at makes her Inde-
i''"ieiu, especially because to my cer-
the nurl "wte.ige you never have given
came In and told Alice and John thev V 1 8"U'e WU Were nmr
must leavo the mom. "The doctor! .! , . ,
says, volunteered thn ........I . . . 8 bwn telling you that.'
bo ilisiiirbed", " ' R,
to go to
I was very Kind when
Mr, oortlon must
no,, mm sire is siccpluff normally
Not In Do Disturbed
I wouldn't disturb her for the
said John lieartilv. n,i n.
after n numienl's liene
In an uirlv ton f
i suppose that's the
ou loaned her the muni.
Atlantic Citv."
"I didn't loan her anv monev "
"U'I,.M .1.. . ' '
ne evldent.y ,ooked at his t surelV 'X ' "n 1 li
It A U'tlil it I .-. ..,...-i .. l - ....
"Jod heavens, how late II 1, t . . ii ' .. :., " ..t'n,'rJ V ,
no Id.a It was l,..,if n, " ., ' . . 1,01 bother.
rot to set up early in the mornlmr ! sometime. ,h w 7" " ! 'L'" l
li want to try and r,.t t .1...1 -' " "'-" "r " -
nonow and -"7 .- T,' . . , '. "T". Ior 500 r'
whole matiee , t-..i. ' . 'ver'one else is. Oft
....a ... . . ' " "i income, course, Katlierine d d not hnnv,.
.. .. , e , use and everythlnc left her' money of Karl Sheuar.l t .V i
totimrruv, If she . i, . ,,,, ... ',; - ... ... I
h"c she l h .,0 ..V.V" .11.1 .. . . : - K, ow n" it-
t will trai.sae, a!, ., . . .'"i '"' " ,om.. hPr ""Mlier?
,,r.. 'm ",rj ih- unmii t'ourH
Aiiee ;;r, M a !t ,i5..r.:w,;rt it? 1" yrh.r::
warned you nmiln.t ; ' '" " ."v,ml written
' What do ;,. ..'" .r" , to Atlantic
r I ti.tttltl,, ,(,,.... j.t , . .... " '" "
1 kin remember," mused Om.wI -.' " " mtoc?" you ln.,,,.,1 f....
i-.-u.ii. -when ,.,' boy, would.,' ttIl(( , ' ""j' 'rn
Jclt at a Bid m .h. i l.,.i ,.!a ... "' J
l.kB 1. 1. ., . 'I ' 'l'St 1'0
' " 'i f: 1 uey m ir.,1 a new, l.
Household Goods of
C. T. Pomeroy
- 495 North Winter
FRIDA y, 'APRIL 16th
Sale begins 10 o'clock sharp 1 solid oak dining table, quarter-sawed,
60-in. top, oak diners, genuine leather, 6 oak
dinmg chairs, 2 oak rockers, 3 oak rockers, genuine leather,
1 Morris chair, genuine leather, 1 oak settee, 1 oak hall
chair, 1 oak hall rack, 2 oak stands, 1 oak Printfess dresser,
1 large oak dresser, 3 good iron beds, 1 high grade Sagless
spring, 2 Yum Yum springs, 3 silk floss mattresses, 1 solid
oak combination bookcase and desk, 2 Axminster rugs
0x12, 1 Axminster riig.'lOxlS; 1 Kerflax, rug, 9x12; 1 oak
Davenport, genuine leather cushions, 1 card table hand
painted china; fine oil paintings, some in gold frames
statuts; pillows; cushions and bric-a-brac. Set of enclyco
peia and other books, cooking utensils, tools, grindstone
and other articles too numerous to mention. Having sold my
home, I will now sell my furniture.
C. I. Pomeroy Col. W.F.WrhhL
ten heard the expression, "He has a
tobacco cough." This is an irritation
of the mucus membranes caused by
Nicotine, and exposes the throat and
lungs to germs which in many cases
prove fatal. Inflamed air passages
frequently lead to infections such as
rheumatism, scarlet fever, diphtheria, ;
tuberculosis and many other diseases.
Continued Irritation of the throat thru
the use of tobacco has been held re
sponsible for cancer of the tongui,
throat and stomach. There is no ques
tion but that the continued use of
nicotine as found in tobacco effects
the optic nerve, thus weakening the
eyesight and many cases of total
blindness may be traced to this subtle
poison. Nicotine also causes a thicken
ing of and contraction of the blood
vessels which brings on high blood
pressure, and with it sooner or later
apoplexy, cerebral hemorrhage and
paralysis. This is not a pleasant pic
ture to the users of tobaceo. Some
who use tobacco may go through life
without experiencing any of these
symptoms, but these cases are com
paratively rare. Frequently we find
those who will not admit that they
feel any evil effects because they hes
itate to confess that they lack the will
power to stop the use of this poison,
and they always lay tha blame for
any Illness caused by the excessive
use of tobacco to some other cause,
when down deep in their hearts th;y
know the real reason is tobacco. Dl
eases commonly known as heart trou
ble, kidney trouble, eye troubles, nerr
ousness, loss of memory, general de
bility, loss of vigor, premature old
age, stomach troubles and many oth
er diseases may be greatly benefited
and often cured by the elimination of
nicotine from the system. I am fra
quently asked, "what ls the remedy?"
"How can I get rid of the nicotine n
my system?"- The answer Is, cut down
on your tobacco or stop it entirely.
"Is there anything I can take to stop
the craving for tobacoo?" is another
question' I am asked. Yes, Ib the anv
wer. I have had remarkable success
with a simple tablet known as Nlco-
tol. It ls absolutely harmless and con
tains no habit forming drug. This -remedy
seems to quickly overcome all
desire for tobaceo and It does not oo
a fortune either. Should you wish to
know positively if tobacco is injuring
you, just make the following teat:
Take Nlcotol tablets for a week sr
so and note how much better you
will feel. You will need no further
idence to convince you that tobacco
is not necessary for your health or
happiness and you will be astonished
and surprised at how easy it wag to
overcome this injurious and useless
habit. Try it today before you forget
It and I know 3u will thank me for
writing this article.
NOTE: When asked about Nlcotol
tablets one of our leading druggist
said: "They are simply wonderful for
the tobacco habit, away ahead of
anything we have evei. sold before
and we would not permit the use nf
our name unless the remedy possess
ed unusual merit." The manufactur
ers authorize every druggist to re
fund the money to anybody who J
dissatisfied and Nlcotol ls sold In th'i
city under an iron clad money back
guarantee by all up to date druggist
Including D. J. Fry. (adv)
oul Kiss
WITH each purchase of 2Se or ovsr ol ny Soul
Kin item in this hit your druggist will give
you a 25c bottle oi Soul Kiss. Perfume FK.
SoulKUt Soap 5Sa
Sou Km Lip Stick 3
SoutKist Tooth Puts 2Se
Sou Aiia Face Powder 50a
SaulKito Face Cream 50c
Soul Kim Cold Cream SOc
Soul Kim Massage Cream 50c
Soul Kin Rouge 50c
Soul Kin Talc SOe
Soul Kin Toilet Water $125
SouJKjm Perfume 91.50
Meyer Brothers Drug Co.
) St. Louis, Mo.
Largest Drug Uout In f As worse)
m mm
'Fresh From the Ovetit
We bake tremendous quantities
of Bake-Rite Bread daily. Pay,
us a visit and learn for yourself
that our methods are most mod
ern and all baking done under,
strict sanitary conditions.
457 State St, Phone 268
GRAND SoMon., Apr. 19
tir thumb Mints on th' butter.
any mi;
very stupid. fr
I'ility understand
I M If J
one of tht'Ul h;i u
a check. Instead
her to come hom
evenliiK to y. to g,t down on her knee, as
it , and make excuses s.,.p'y be-1
, m"i i.ium? sue ui.iui Have nioi
oney enough
Von. Ti i,t ii.iv r. h.,.. ... ....
-"" ' we l.ivo talk..., , u .,' U'..,. V... 1 ;"'"?M
tmiry thint-. U,t , .,. of ,h .,. ' " "' Hm. '
!! ji-viirj, j bought
L f'uuL oL"L"!
t-hi fil e-Mn'i' Ss. ' Ijr'r.u. lp-11
Overmire Steel Construction Company
We have in stock for Immediate Shipment
CHxfi 5 8 " P to 60 foot lengths.
ANGLE tocte to lu ? ,DP to 80 f00t ,Cn8thS-
C. M PLATKS s VI o, . . hicbea, op to 60 foot lengths.
Manacturcr, of Tanks Boilers. Stacks, PIp8, F.bricted Mater-
lal for Jlulldings end Bridges
East Water Street d Hawthorne Arenne, PORLTl.VD OBEGOX
Phone East 8721
H I liiMlj "'l I i I'
-52.00, 1.50. 51, SOc. Seats on sale s
Sat., Apr. 17
Established 1868
General Banking Business
Office Hours from 10 a. in. to S p. m.