Capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1919-1980, April 12, 1920, Page PAGE SIX, Image 6

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ami, 12,
Two Marion Men
Seek Legislative ;
Job; 12 Declare
Two more Marion county men with
h-irislatiie ambitions entered the pollt- f
U-al arena Saturday when J. C. Perry J
of Salem and D. H. Looney of JefTer-i
Poriland Second
In Loast League time, m
San Francisco. April 15.
Standing of Tacitie Coast lea
gue clubs at the end 'of the
first week's play follow:
W L Pet
Oakland .t 1 .857
Portland 4 t .80
Vernon 4 t -S71
Seattle I 1 .599
Sacramento t 1 .509
Ban Francisco 3 4 .421
Salt Lake City 1 4
Los Angeles
son fild their nominating petition as
candidates for representaliri'e from
thia county. Both men filed for a
place on the republican ballot Looney: ,
is a candidate for re-election but Perrj i SeU CltOTS W OflC Out
is a new man in me political umeiigm
in thl section.
Other candidates filing Saturday
John L. Schuvleman, Portland, dem
ocrat, for dlega!e to national cDih
Joel C. Booth of Lebanon, repubil-; Senators
can. candidate for delegate to-national, workout
l. i .;n Kj. ejtiiniav nd Kundav four hicvcies
hant urrarAinr to an oninion Dre- "o oecome mtmutri .
pared by Attorney General Brown for entertained very highly. The program were reported stolen. One of them, be
the guidance of S:ate Treasurer Hon. : committee has secured one of the ' longing to John Marr. was later dis
The opinion is occasioned by the re-. ,rtJ,iner on the Pacific ! covered and the hunt by police dlscon-
quest of an Oregon bant to witnaraw - ....
J. r. rtUTCnason. p: riurni
has offered to pay anyon?
I run down by a Willamette Vali?
i Southern train. His aiiter-in-liw.
Jim. O. Kjllo. was instantly kiiied at
fined to his home most of the time quest of an Oregon bank to withdraw
since the accident and much of the I liberty bonds now on deposit with the coast
tin. a 'tm halt tt'ho n &k'.ft if he ImEiirv Hunartmnt at MiiHtr for the Club,
expected to commence action agaiu-3 state deposits, and deposit in lieu attending this meeting 5 if he si's
the company for damages, the report : thereof a receipt for the state mon-i through the entire program and does
having become current that such wsj ey. ot laugh. There will be two princi-
his intention, he said the fault was pal speakers and two fine entertain-
not ith the railroad company and no : t r T- i i ers and refreshments.
remuneration was due him.
The Mt Angel college resumed
mork thia morning after a week's vn- j
cation on account of Easter. !
of ; tinued.
:,;' V Alleged Bigamist
Harts Declares
Work In France Bicycle Thefts
Wnn Hhh Praise Continue Here
A Southworth. US Mission street
reported his bicycle stolen from the
hiKh school Saturday.
Russell E. Kelson, route S. Salem,
told police that his bicycle was taken
from the alley near the Bligh theater.
Harry Krohner. 715 South 12th
street, reported his bicycle stolen from
the Bligh theater alley.'
tinrtinn nf .
ioply in "Uncle Tom s C C ;
here today, aged 7 . she "" 4,
of -England and up to th.
retirement from the stag. js
Played with severa, fanfou
eluding Edwin Booth. Sh. !T
head of herwn con,
While Waiting For
Sunny April Days
Washington, April 1. Resuming
AttemVtS bUlClde xh P,ria mUil0' district -urine the
-war. Brigadier General William. W.
Los Angeles CaL. April 1!. Rich- Harts, told a house invvsticttine m
ard Huirt. alleged bigamist, was un- niittee today that his -ic had tw re
I j . , . . ..... been praised by Genjn;! ?ershins.
once In France and recen'ly when he '
returned Iron Coble-j o sufy ir
the Inquiry. !
Major General Harbord. commander
Bicycle thefts continue to furnish
police with mysteriesto solve in Salem.
Worcester. Mass., Apr. 10. Mrs.
Lillie E. Wilkinson, who had the dis-
1-1 fe. MM
THe OruH,,
Malted r.lUk
der guard in a private hospital today
recovering from self inflicted wounds
About 500 funs were out to Oxford made Kh',r Be was in San Diego Sat
park Sunday and looked the Salem urday and yesterday While form 1 1
over In their. first public proceedings against nuirt were held of the "ervicea of uppl5' ln Franc N,
The boys are looming up,in abeyance until he would be able to TO complimented the administration in,
ays Biaaie Bishop.iappear In court, the officers contin-" ueneral Harts
He praisea your administration to
you perhaps but he told a different
fr circuit Judge for department No. f.cla cluh and I see hard rowing ahead todar that th hnd i.imifi stor' to this committee." Mr. Bland
Kourth Judicial district. Multnomah; in lining up teams -for games as the teen wives, of whom five were said ' 8aiA
cotinty. jsame work that pat our boys to the!to be missing, and they appealed thru j ,
Krank A. Rowe, Wheeler, republican, fore while playlnr on service teams is the papers here to any of the missing 1 C7 1o cm n'e Chlh
i.,r sute representative from four-t going to make competitors leary of try-! women who saw accounts of the casei Ci,tt''t ttV
teenth representative district j ing out against ua." to come forward and lessen the la- TV, Ur1J Oo.ic'm
. .W Hosford. Portland, republican.! The boys are looking forward to bors of the search by disclosing their ilUlU AOuSIiJ?
iriinw-iuninB nwm uiiv- " ' wiiiur iu Him o Sunday identity.
man county.
)m-ntiiin from fintt coneressional Mn good ahaoe."
" -"u ',a 01 war tor the ued their search for persons having!
win n. poru. iTruuimii. " Bonis 10 nae a tirsi knowledze of hi affaim Thn i.-i
,wu rmW wraiinr 111 mat ot niinday Identity. I mr r j
for the game with th.MooseJaw club. The police said they had learnel ! Meeting 1 OniPflt
.April 17. The Canadian r nlnln. nt : i d..i o ., I . O O
Knoch K. Mathison, Astoria, repub-jApril 17. The Canadians are playing of wives in Spokane,
li jii. for state
Clatsop county.
Abraham Asher, Portland, republi
can, fur state representative from Mult
nimah county.
Curnet 1.. Green. Atloria. republican
f'ir diwtrict attorney for coun
ty. U. W. itatman. Lakevlew. republican dintrlet attorney for Lake county.
Collier H P.ufflngton. Gold Peach,
leimblican. for "dlmrlct attorney for
Curry county.
mhu The ntr r rr.i.
j , .... .1 ' ""'"' ,J aisiiiii a
clubmen will .-rf... i ci. . " i.uo win noid the
wtcui niiiiiii lms AnKeiea. i none or himifiinA
representative from at Eugene this week. A few of the Monica.
the next few days, and will report to Seattle
Hlddie for training while waiting for the misslnir five
the reLurn of Nick Williams and the
playing nine from the university town.
were said to be included in
regular monthly
; meeting In the auditorium of the Com
Kansas Miners
Strike; Protest
Hoivat Sentence
Blossom Day May
Have To Be Later
If the prevalent inclement weather'
Three Portland
Companies file
Pittsburg. Kan., April
vominues uiossom Day in Marion
county, set for next Sunitnv r,i...i,i..
j i" "",,"1 1
HI have to be ogtnnnt it ...
1!. Ninety said at the offices ef the Commercial I ,earn what the club mM"s to thow
merciai cjuo at 8 p. -?. tonight A
membership committee has been work
Ing the past month and an increase
in the membership is expected. The
club now has some 57 members and
is expected to number over 200 in t
short time.
A special program has been ar
ranged for tonight and every sales
man in the city is invited to attend.
Persons attending the meetine will
percent of . coal, of Kansas are club today. No e action Tort
rim wort.. V? T", onfntent has yet been taken by!
rrom work as a demonstration of pro- the club. -
iiranglxed fur the purpose of I
and developing oil lands In Oregon the
National Oil company of Portland cap
i'Hlixed at (306.009 riled articles of In
corporation with the state corporation
department here Saturday. The incor
porators are A. it. Jobes, C. J. Young
and K, C, Nelson
, ther corporations filing article
Ss'urday were:
vlrtuoas Phonosrrnph eompaue.
Portland. tn0.00: v A. Scott, C. A
M"er and J. W. Oberender.
Oregon Contract company, Portland,
I.Ti,00: W. M. Cake, Ralph H Cake
and A. LIIJevlst.
Alexanflr il,iai
d their other
sin iiciais. This
Imprisonment ofj
their president, ,
district union of-'
Grand Opera House
Friday,' April 16. v
Prices 50c, 75c, nnd 1.00
(Plus War Tax)
Seat Sal Wednesday
If the dark, rainy weather persists.
It is said, the blossom will not be
out in full bloom lv ne r.,.,.!..
announcement was Ket-ni-ni H,...
made the office of the mine oper-1 full bloom?,", UZTltZ baro!
. ... j meter can assure that this week it is
ntjy, miners marched on j likely the Blossom day occasion wMl
Oirard today where the mine officials : not have to h. L..
ftM nn,,A.pI.J r-i ... , ! " '
w u'vvi,ni, r.ivtifM I1III1P8
In operation today, but it is sta'ed
they are running with short forces.
Mt. Angel, Ore., April 13. H. Ky!
L of Voder station, east of here, has
almost fully recovered from on nc
cldent which occurred near his home
several months ago when the auto
mobile in which he was riding wr.s
rl'l Ji,'ii ii:K.i;iii.iJ
Mr. Boyd TelU How Her
Daughter Benefited by Tak
ing Lydia E. Pinkham'a
Vegetable Compound.
IWitle, III. -Mr daughter was
very delicate and we thought we could
hot raise her. She
w troubled witli
irregularity and the
was not able to go
to school. For a
ytr we gar her
all kindt of tonics
but to no good. One
diy one of your little
bookt was thrown
on our porch and I!
ttw whar Lydia E.
rinkham's Vege
table Comnotind had
done tor others and what it might do
f8r her. Now she it getting fat and
goes to school ererr iltr. You can tell
every mother what th' Vegetable Com-
tound hat dune for mr daughter."
Irt. .1. H. Boyd, I0U2 N. Jackson St.,
Danville. III.
If every gir who tuffers at Miss Boyd
did, or frem irregularitiej, painful
periods, btckaohe, tijeache, drtgging
down piini, inrtammttion; or ulceration
would ouly give thu famous root tud
herb remedy a trial thrr would sood
8nd relief from such tnlTerinir.
For tjiecial advice women are l,-ej to
write the Lvdia K Pinkham M.-ilicine
Co., I.ynn, Mast. The result of fortj
rear experience it at your service.
Banks Must Carry
Full Security On
State's Deposits
Eanks designated as state depositor-'
les must maintain on deposit with the j
state treasurer actual securities to the I
amount of state money carried by the
Apply Zemo, the Clean, Anti
septic Liquid Easy to Use
Does Not Stain
Creasy salves and ointments should
not be applied if good clear skin is
f?2& .From any dr"8Tst for 35c. or
$1.00 for large size, gel a bottle of Zemo.
When applied as directed it effectively
removes etzema, quickly stops itching,
and heals skin troubles, also sores,
burns, wounds and chafing. It pene
trates, cleanses and soothes. Zemo is
a clean, dependable and inexpensive
antiseptic liquid. Try it, as we believe
nothing you have ever used is as effec
Uve and satisfying.
The E. W. Raw Co., Cleveland, 0,
Another Royal Suggestion
From the New Royal Cook Book .
THERE is an art in
making flapjack pan
cakes, griddle cakes or
wheats, call them what
you will But it is an art
very easily and quickly
acquired if you follow the
right recipes.
Here are some recipes
for a variety of breakfast
cakes that will make
grandmother envious. The
secret, of course, is Royal
Baking Powder,
Royal Hot Griddle Cakes
I enps flour
H teaspoon salt
i teaspoons Royal Baking
VA cups milk
I tablespoons shortening
Mix and sift dry ingredi-.
ents; add milk and melted
shortening; beat weH. Bake
on slightly greased hot grid
dle. Griddle Cakes with Eggs
1 en pa flour
teaspoon salt
I teaspoons Royal Baltics
14 cups milk
1 1
tablespoon shortening
Mix and sift dry ingredi
ents; add beaten eggs, milk
and melted shortening; mix
well Bake immediately on
hot griddle.
Absolutely Pure
Bnelrwheit Cakei
t enpa baekwhoat floor
1 eup flour
t teaspoon Royal Bakinar
1H teaspoon salt
24 cups miUt or milk and wattr
1 tablespoon molasses
1 tablespoon shortening
Sift together flours, biking
powder and salt; add liquid,
molasses and melted short
ening; beat three minutes.
Bake on hot greased griddle.
I enpa flour
4 teaspoons Royal Baking
teaspoon salt
1 cups milk
I eggs
I tablespoon melted shorten
ing Sift flour, baking powder
and salt together; add milk
to yolks of eggs; mix thor.
onghty and add to dry in
gredients; add melted short
ening and mix in beaten
whites of eggs. Bake in well
greased hot waffle iron tin
til brown. Serve hot with
maple syrup. It should take
about iyi minutes to bake
each waffle.
Royal Cook
containing theta and
scores of other delightful
recipes. Write f or IUo-do.
lit F!ta Street
Xrw Yofk Citr
"Bake with, Royal and be Sure
Big Court Street FUf7flJft? St Off
s a "Money Back" store. U the goods yoa buy are not as represented, or are not satisfactory, bring
them back and your money will be refunded. Satisfaction is our motto. We have ivf n tnfhfnrtlnn
over twenty-five years and are here now doing business in the same wav. But that', ', fr
L r J w v i vs
nave me vestgooas in balem, and our prices are lower than anywhere else. There'
weu-cquippea plant and very reasonable expenses. We require less profit.
s a reason a
A story of New York political and
Social Life
Bligh Theatre
This Week Is Demonstration
Fresh From the Oven
of Kake-R:t Bread daily. Tay'
us a visit and learn for yourself'
that our methods are most mod-'
ern and all baking done under
strict sanitary conditions.
The little Electric Cleaner that has attained
such a great reputation in a very short
space of time.
A Factory
Will Be
Be sure to call and see this Cleaner whether
you wish to buy or not. Many housecleanin
suggestions will be given which will prove
of value to you
t7in j P jTp!iH,-i
A' "ff -'.'I.N
r .t i , i . ltrr -ill
monanni dumbtn rf the
pipe orgm tdapted to the
"praiKOoo al naic in
The Chaser.
V ibrtnt, imputing rkhnes
nd omkr to tones. The
Cheney Orchestral CJua
h respond to tnadevriop
evtrrnogec pitch. Tjoei
beM under perfect coo
wltnJ in pertect hihace.
rVotccted by buic puaua
The Master Touch
fcr-kcpt a proper itUco toSewhife
JJ Cheney reproduce! hit awnc with anal
high, me&ua and low tones ire
h the kght tduevrmen, the m o(
eSrff ?MtT of the most
expert autsmen a furmture cremoa
learfjjX- '
i Usui sues .:,.:,i:. - t
tVUXmm),, ... . r -."f!
- -r r,
hi- ri r
LlfiEfj RUGS
are durable; they are artistic;
are sanitary they are rtvers
we; they are mothproof; they
are thick and heavy; and they lie
Hat oa the floor. They are ideal
fogs for every room in your
house. Come in today to see
our stock. '
New S
tock of Carpets
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