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Oregon: Tonight luul Tuesday sh w
en warmer tonight east portion in
creasing southerly wind.
Local jlin. temperature 37, max.
4S niean 49. Rainfall, trace. River
T.4 feet, falling. ,
Average for Six Months endin
March SI, 1920
Member of Audit Bureau of Circulation
Associated Press Full Leased Wire
Of Switchmen Hits Passenger - Service To
Thirteen Mexican States Planning Revolt
Sonora Waits
Taft Refuses to. Permit
Use of Name on Oregon
Ballot For Republicans
Agua Prleta, Sonora, Mexico,
Apr. General ..J. ..M. ..Pino,
(oiiimnnrtliijr first divisional Army
the state of Sonora, advised the
Asusclated Press that he has re
wived semiofficial Information
that thirteen additional states of
die republic had voted to follow
thC example of the state of So
nora In seceding. Definite details
as to the list of states Is lacking,
C Nogales, Sonora, Mexico, Apr. 12.
Officials of the new "republic of Sono
ra" which withdrew from the, Mexican
government Friday, today awaited the
next move which they declared must
come from the Cararnza administra
tion. In the meantime they prepared
for any military activity against the
state. .
Carranza hag but one channel open
for him to bring the state back Into
the federation of Mexican states, they
. In a telegra mreceived here this
morning by Sam A. Kozer, deputy
secretary of state, William Howard
Taft requests that his name be not
placed on the republican primary bal
lot In this state as a candidate for
the presidential nomination. The tele
gram is dated at Natchitoches, La,,
and reads as follows: . ..
"Press dispatches state that peti
tions are being filed seeking to place
my namt upon the host of presiden
tial candidates to be voted for at the
primary in Oregon. Assuming . the
truth of this I desire to withdraw my
name and respectfully request you to
note the withdrawal on your record
and. give notice of he same."
mJUbekCt, ceeeeeeeeee shrdlu upup
Just what effect this notice of Tafts
attitude toward the presidency will
have upon the activity of his friends
in this state, is, of course, problemat
ic If. In spite of this expression the
petition should be filed with the sec
retary of state he has no option but
to abide by the same and place Tafts
name on the primary ballot. This was
definitely decided In this state by the
Only One Smash
Mars Serenity Of
Sunday Traffic road tficiai" her toaav fter
said. He must accede and guarantee Oregon supreme court In .?ie caje of
sonora wnar. tney uuum w urn McCamant vs Olcott in 131H. when
right, that he will not send troops Into
Sonora against the wishes of the state
government. The Sonora officials ac
cused Carranza of forcing the break
in relations by ordering federal troops
into the state despite the state's de
mand the order be cancelled. They
said Carranza planned to set up a mili
tary dictatorship and oust the present
state officials as part of a scheme to
defeat the presidential candidacy of
Cenerul Alvro Obregon, a citizen of So
nora. Will licsiHt Invasion.
Before the break cnmexpen threats'
were made that If Carranza troops at
tempted to enter the state they woctv
b met with state troops and revolu
tion result. The same authorities now
say attempt by Carranza to force the
state to return to the centraP govern
ment will mean bloodshed. General P.
Ellas Calles, former governor of So-nm-a,
and until recently a member of
Cararnza's cabinet, has been made mil
itary commander of the "republic."
Calles has called for volunteers to n
sist any attempted Invasion of the state
by federal troops.
Custom houses and all Mexican fed
eral property throughout the state
have been seized by the state govern
Several days ago Carranza Was re
ported to have 3500 soldiers mobilized
on the southern boundary line of Bo
nora. No report has since been re
ceived of the disposition of this force.
Invasion Humored
' Agua Prleta. Sonora. Mexico, April
12. Nothing of consequence devel
oped in the Sonora situation through
yesterday and nil parties ' concerned
awaited developments with expect
ancy. The state military received a report
from Nogales this morning to the ef
fect that word had been received at
army headquarters there that General
Blanco was marching overland from
Chihuahua points with approximate
ly two thousand soldiers and shou' 1
reach the Sonora state line within
the next few days. Word also come
from Nogales that the telephone and
telegraph lines between that city and
nermosillo, the state capital, . had
been cut at various points during the
"ignt and that linemen, suarrted bv
state troops had been sent out to re-
Pair the damage.
Volunteers Make Ttonriv
Detachments of state troops, num
bering ln the neighborhood of 100
Olcott then secretary of state was man
damussed ln order to compol him to
placcTthe name of Charles A. Hughrii
on the bullot over Hughes protest. In
this opinion the court held In an opin
ion written by Justice JlcR.iile that
the'g protest was of no avail
if the people of tile staie dcslrett 10
express thli- preference to - him as a
candidate. The jverd "candidate" it
was held, could p ba construed :
meaning cm who teeks or run fur
office but one whom tin i?eopl
sought to name as their choice for
Coast Lines
Portland, Ore., April 12. A. notice
able improvement In the switchmen's
strike situation was reported by rail-
Although the splendid weather
report har
brought out thousand of machine. passed- BiI crews were reported at
and traffic on Salem's streets has not1 work at tn Union Station here, divided
Census Figures
Washington. April 13.
Population statistics announc
ed today by the census bu
reau included:
Flint. Mich, 1.599, in
crease 8J.048 or 137.6 per
cent over 1919.
Adrian. Mich.. 11,878, In
crease 111S or 10.4 percent.
Wabash. Ind., 9872, Increase
1185 or li.t percent.
Emporia, Kan., 11.273, in
crease 2215 or 24.5 percent."
Freeport. 111.. 16,669, in
crease 2102 or 12 percent.
New Jersey Line Puts
On Ticket Sales; Senate's
Investigation is Postponed
been so heavy for months, only one
accident, and that not of a serious na
ture, occurred Sunday to disturb the
order of the day. Traffic Officer Mof
fitt said today, in commenting on the
traffic of Sunday that "everybody
seemed to be trying to see how slow
and careful they could drive.
The one accident that appeared on
police records for Sunday was the col
lision at Chemeketa and Commercial
stret, of an auto driven by A. O. Lewis,
Oregon City, with a trailer attached to
the rear of an auto driven by D. D.
Goslin, 1647 North Front Btreet. The
trailer was badly damaged. Mr. Lew
is was overtaken by Traffic .Officer
Moffltt and settled the damage with
Mr. Gorslin
Long Threatened
Guatemalan Revolt
Breaks Out Today
Washington, Apr. 12. The long
threatened revolution in Guatemala
against President Estrada Cabrera fl-i
nally has broken out. Reports today
lo the staie department said the oppo
nents of the president had gained con
trol of Guatemala City after some
street fighting.
A marine guard from the crufser Ta
cotna and submarine tender Niagara
has been landed to protect the Ameri
can legation.
French to Hold
Frankfort Until
Huns Withdraw
London, - April 12. The latest
French note on the subject of the
French organization movement re
ceived here this morning stated that
the French troops in Frankfort and
other occupied cities will be with
drawn immediately upon the with
drawal of the German troops from the
Ruhr region. It is stated that no fur
ther independent action will be taken
by France. ; . ,
The solidarity of the entente is em-
ph,aBlzed In the French communicat
ion. In British official circles tho
opinion mas.xpressed today that all
the dangers with which the situa
tion was fraught had definitely been
; Up to noon Sunday there had been
undisguised nervousness , here ' over
last week's cross channel exchanges.
were recalled from guarding the
Centralia Reds
Seek New Trial
; Of High Court
Montesano, Wash., April 12. Geo.
F, Vanderveer, Seattle, I.. W. W. attor
ney, Is here today taking, preliminary
Bteps towards carrying the Centralia
armistice day murder case to the.
state supreme court on appeal in the lent to come td Paris but it is consld-
hope of securing a new trial- for the ered In official circles that as the
British Make Reply
Paris, April 12. The Earl of Der
by, British ambassador to France, de
livered to Premier Millerand at one
o'clock tbJs.afternoon, the British re
ply to the French premier's note of
last evening. M. Millerand refused to
discuss the contents of .the note with
the newspaper correspondents,
Paris, April 12. It . was declared
today in a reliable source that if the
supreme council meeting at San Remo
was to discuss, the misunderstanding
between France and Great Britain,
Premier Millerand would not attend.
A personal talk on the subject with
Premier Lloyd-George would be wel
comed by French premier if Mr.
Lloyd-George could find it conven-
seven convicted, I. Wf W- who have
been sentenced to from 25 to 40 years
in prison. After securing affidavits In
Montesano today, Vanderveer will go
to Olym-pla where he will ask an or
der for a transcript of - 4(11 testimony
taken ln the murder trio this is to be
used in making his appeal brief. '
The appeal will be made he said,
upon claims of errors in the law and
of insufficiency of the evidence.
"unora-binaloa boundary have been
ordered to return tn hn atnta llni
Stations and again take up patrclj
ork according to a statement today
T military authorities of Sonora to
the Associated Press. The detach
ments had been guarding the boun
ary to Intercept any attempt of Car
jania forces under General Mantio.
D'eguez to invade Sonora.
The military also informed the As
sociated Press that the mountain
Msses along the ChlhUahua-Sonpra
line were aU)0 weU jfujip agflinrt
"V Possible invasions, from the east.
Indians Join RcTolt
Agua Prleta, Sonora. April 12.
'u nas been received military
until ,nat Co1' Juan Escabar,
. 1 wral days ago private secre
fy of General Callas, and who wns
"jturday designated to take command
Sll forcPH aarlmnmA .1 I
Moctezuma district, has arrive!
nuar to negotiate with the Taan
"a'ns under command of Chief An
who i8 said t0 nav, about one
thousand folW- i, .
the Indians have signified their
""ngness to Join the Calles force
Pilot Leaps From
Blazing Plane;
Dies Of Injuries
point at "issue interests France ana
Oreat Britain .only. It Is needless to
discuss it before the representatives
of the other powers: '
Giety First Qne To
Seek Council Job
John B. Giesy, newly appointed coun
cilman from ward 4,. today filed his
candidacy with the city recorder for
elective retension of the office. Mr.
Giesy is the first to file candidacy foe
position on the city council.
In the ballot Mr. Olesy declares for
"sound progressive business adminis
tration without waste or extravagance"
Camden, N. J., Apr. 12. -Lieutenant and on hi petition cites the following
nir-hurri w Wright of Cleveland died! as his argument for support: . serve
between three shifts. . Sufficient men
were working at the Brooklyn yards of
the Southern Paclficto handle all busi
ness, it was said. At Umatilla theJ
switchmen walked out.'but returned to
work within a half hour. ' Switchmen
also quit at La Grande, but their places
were immediately filled, railroad offi
cials reported. Men on strike at the
V. & S. yards here were to meet with
the superintendent at noon today
Spokane Little Hurt.
Spokane, Wish., Apr. 12. Except
for a walkout of some sixty switchmen
at midnight last night in the yards of
the Great Northern railway at Hill
yard, near here, conditions In railroad
yards of this vicinity were reported nor
mal today.
Business was being handled with no
Interruption In the Great Northern
yards, railroad officials reports, with
some 80 men, about one-third of the
isual force, at work.
Striking switchmen had called a
meeting for 10 a. m. today with the
announced purpose of perfecting their
organization. :
' Sacramento Service Normal.
Sacramento, Cal., Apr. 12. The
transportation situation in the Sacra
mento division of the Southern Pacific
railway is normal, Superintendent J. D.
Brennan said today.
This division is handling all Intra
state business and is able to care for
all through business that comes from
other divisions, Brennan said. Through
freight trains are running today to
Washington and Oregon and the locals
out of Sacramento made their regular
Switchmen at Sacramento and Rose
vllle who were affiliated with the
Brotherhood of Railway Trainmen be
fore the espousal i of the "insurgent"
Yardmen's association cause, have re
turned to work, Brennan declared and
others will be regarded as no longer in
the railroad's employ.
Embargo Is Lit ted.
Los Angeles, Cal., Apr. 12. Striking
switchmen from the yards of the Santa
Fe, Southern Pacific and Salt Lake sys
tems were still out here today, but the
Santa Fe was preparingto move freight
and announced that It would accept
shipments for points east and north
as far as Bakersfield. The Santa Fe'
announced that three strikers had re
turned to work. At the Salt Lake of
fices it was said one man had come
back. So far as could he learned, these
were the only defectltions from the
ranks of the strikers, and whatevei
work was being done by the three sys
tems was handled by newly employed
All the Toads announced that they
were employing new men and would
be able to move all shipments within
a very few days.
Strikers Return.
Walla Walla, Wash., Apr. 12. Paa
co switchmen who struck Saturday
night returned to Work this morning.
They met last night and voted to end
the strike. While they were off offi
cials of the company did the switch
Seattle. Wash., Apr. 12. Trainmen
and yardmen emplov In Seattle re
malned at work today and gave no slfn
of Intending to join the strike. About
300 trainmen employed in Seattle, Ta
coma, Everett and Auburn yards voted
last night not to join the strike.
'Frisco Receives Freight.
San Francisco, Apr. 12. The South
em Pacifio and Santa Fe railroads be
gan receiving freight shipments today
Mumey Comes to
Salem ; L o veil
Gets Promotion
;New York, April 12. The Central Railroad, of New Jersey
suspended all passenger service at noon today, when agents were
ordered to stop selling tickets, me roaa covers me state 01
Jersey and the suspension order aiiects approximately oa.uuu
commuters. ....
A notice posted at the Penncylvania station announceea wua
forenoon that "several trains" scheduled to arrive this morning
would not get here "for various reasons."
The New York Central announced . -
S. S. Mumey was appointed to suc
ceed Reverend G. L. Lovell as pastor
of the United Evangelical church of
this city, and Mr. Lovell was elected
president of the Oregon conference,
at the annual session of the confer
ence which closed at Eugene Sunday
night. Reverend Mumey filled the of
fice of presiding elder during the last
Bishop M. T. Maze of Iowa presid
ed at the session. Reverend 1. H.
Farnham was elected to succeed Mr.
Lovell as secretary of the conference.
Peter McCracken was layman dele
gate from Salem at the meeting.
The following ministers were as
signed to pastorates; ,
' First Church, Portland, J., A. Goode
St. John's, Portland, C. P.- Gates
Ockley Green, Portland, H. H. Farn
ham; Wichita, Portland, E. C. Farn
ham; Adna, W. Simpson; Brooks, G.
E. Erskine; Corvallis, A. P, Layton;
Dallas, A. W. Curry; Daytbn, T. E
Fisher; Eugene, A. R. Schmalle;
Florence. F. H. Neff; Hillsboro, G. R,
Stover; Kings Valley, H. Carrall;
Lewlsville and Airlle, V. A. Ballan-
tyne; Sodavlllo, S. W. Wood; Maple-
ton, C. S. Hoyt; Rickreall, J. L. Burns;
Salem, S. S. Mumey; Summit, R. J
Phelps; Warren, J. Bowersox.
Elevated Train
Plunges 25 Feet
But None Killed
New York, - April 12. Passengers
on an elevated train had remarkable
escapes from death today when they
were catapulted to the street, a dis
tance of 25 feet in the midst of de
bris of the car.
The car was knocked off the ele
vated structure oh Jhe Ninth- avenue
line by a collision- with another train
and demolished. The wreckage was
wedged in between -the elevated struc
ture and the side of a brick building
a dozen feet apart.
The fifteen passengers sifted thru
debris to the street and aoout a doz
en were removea to nospums. -um
only woman in the car was seriously
hurt. The motorman was missing.
Shopkeepers said they saw a man 'n
uniform running away after the car
fell. ,
it was carrying out its full schedule
The Erie and Lackawanna were com
pletely tied up on its commuter serv
ice. The Central Railroad of New Jer-!
sey ran on an Irregular schedule. Oth
er roads reported slight Improvement
over the last two days.
J. J. Mantell, representing the rail
road managers organisation, said to
day he had not been able to learn
how the strikers planned to maintain
themselves during the walkout.
'I don't know whether they have
access to the brotherhood funds," he
said. "Information has been given me
that the strikers at Syracuse have a
fund of 8400,000."
Probe Postponed
Washington, April la. There will
be no investigation of the rallroa
strike for the present by the senate
Interstate commerce committee. Chair
man Cummins announced today after
receiving assurances at the white
house that the railroad labor board
would be appointed within 24 hours.
Palmer Watches Strike
Washington, April 12. Attorney
General Palmer returned to Washing
ton today and immediately conferred
with officers of the department of
Justice who have been keeping in .
close touch with, the railroad strike'
situation. . j
Chicago Freight Moves
Chicago, April 12. The first break
in the switchmen's strike in the Chi
cago district was recorded this morn
ing when the Chicago, Burlington an
Quincy lifted all embargo orders af-
ter announcing that sufficient njen
had returned to work to keep all trat
f Ic moving. ' '
Conditions on other roads were Im
proved today, railroad and brother
hood officials said.
The Illinois Central during the past
24 hours handled seventy five per
cent of the normal movement.
. i '.'
Boston, Mass., April 12. Curtail
ment of all traftio, passenger and
freight and express on through lines
of railroads In New England was the
result in this section today of "he
outlaw strike of railroad' men. Reports
indicated that efforts of the railroads
to gain recruits In the New fcngianu
states proved unavailing. ,
after a partial lifting of their freight
here today of Injuries received ln his! and guard the interests of the citizens embargoes which had been caused by
leap Saturday from a blazing postal of Salemto the best or my aouuy, ai
airplane 200 feet ln the air. His wife all times giving fair and equal consld-
reached his bedside three hours bernre eratton to outlying districts,
his death. j
T lmitenant Mark C. Hogue of Port- O. E. Lelman, who has been living
land, Or., pilot of the" plane, who did near Bentley, has traded his farm for
not Jump, left the hospital today. I a store in Dallas. -
Older Boy Conference
To Be Held In Salem
a strike of yard and switchmen, while
representatives of the strikers held
that they were gaining new strength
The Southern Pacific lifted its em
bargo on all classes of freight between
Santa Barbara and Portland, Or., ex
clusive of these two points and as rar
east as Reno, inclusive.
'hg ud arnia attnt v.a nAn,.,i
Boternment. It g stated at military
"quarter, that in the event neg..
ai ong culminate satisfactorily, tne
ml, n Wi" be eent 10 he Chihuahua
w t0 "'"force state troops now
"'oned In that section. ...
McNary Denies He.
Will Aid Johnson
Wahin8,n' April Senator Mc
rJLT' f denial Joday to a
Hi ""'?1" he so campaigning for
hh k n' whlcn 18 aid t nave
of r,r?,ca,,te'1 foowing a meeting
iudTr tantM Mends of Johnson, in
"no-1 rah. Kenyon and Norris. -
Salem will entertain the county old
er boys conference under the auspices
of the County Y. M. C. A. organization
on May 14, 15 and 16. Plans for the
conference were completed at a meet
ing of the county committee here Sun
day afternoon. Several prominent men
prominent in Y. M. C, A., and churci.
work will be on the three-days' pro
gram, Including G. L. Clark, formerly
a "Y" war-work secretary but now
student Presbyterian pastor at the Ore
gon Agricultural college, Corvallis.
The Droeress of the county Y pro-
use of the asosciation this summer. It
is planned to make the camp perma
nent if a suitable location can be found
It was stated.
- All eighteen members of the county
committee were present at the meeting
Sunday as follows: A. .E. Austin, Sa
lem, chairman; F. E. Calister, Silver
ton, vice-chairman; Paul Wallace, Ba
lem, treasurer; Ed D. Smith, Jefferson,
recording secretary; L. C. McShone,
Hubbard; L. L. Hershberger, Hub
bard; H. F. Butterfield, Woodburn;
John S. Harper, Gervals; B. T. Youell,
gram in Marion county was reviewed Silverton; O. G. Larson. Silverton; Dr.
bCounty Secretary Walter, for th.jF. B. Brown Salem: W. M. Smith Sa
benefit of the committee. Four "HI- lem; Harry L. Pearson. Rodab,rF.
Yi" clubs have been organized in the S. Mackenzie, Macleay; Herbert E.
county one at Silverton. Stayton.l Bennett, Stayton; J. W. Mayo. Stayton;
Woodburrand Aurora, with a total; Burgess F. Ford. Stayton; Dwight
membership of 80, Walters stated. ! Hoag MrIn' . - U.J.
A sub committee was named at yes-S John H. Rudd of Portland, tWOH-terday-s
meeting for the purpose of lo-;reUr fir coun y wor k. was also pre.
eating a suitable summer camp for thelent at the meeting.
New York, Apr. 12. A shipment Of
approximately $800,000 ln gold arrived
on the 8.S. Royal George late Satur
day, making the total gold consign
ment from Great Britain since the
first of the year about f 78,800.000.
Among the passengers was Dr. A. De
Grales, Dutch ambassador to Japan.
3643 Want Ads-
were carried in the Capital
Journal during the month of
March, 1290, totalling 17.S11
lines, not including real estate
and classified Atrectory.
The Capital Journal Is the
recognized want ad medium
of the Willamette valley and
carries double the number of
want ads that alt other pa
pers combined, because It Gets
Oppose Wilson
For Mayor Here
George E. Halvorsen, councilman
from ward 7, and proprietor of the
Marion declared his in
tention of being a candidate in the pri
mary election for mayor of Salem. Mr.
Halvorsen said that he probably will
formally file with the record recorder
Mr. Halvorsen consented to become
a candidate only after Dr. F. L. Utter,
mentioned as a possible candidate, suld
that he would not enter tha lists; and
after he was urged by the Commercial
club and many friends to do so.
In the election Mr. Halvorsen will
onnose Otto J. Wilson, present mayor,
who filed his intention of running for
re election several days ago. No other
names have been mentioned for the
"I am not a candidate for mayor,
even though many friends and citizens
have urged me to run,',' Dr. Utter said
today. "I sincerely appreciate tneir
effort, and.lnterest ln my behalf. , Bui
the offlceof mayor requires consider
able time and a. a professional man I
cannot give that time, because a pro
fessional man's time is his earning ca
pacity. "Mr. Halvorsen, my worthy collea
gue on the council, is a candidate for
mayor, and will, in my estimation,
make Salem a mayor who will render
real service and look to the vital inter
est, of the taxpayer.."
Mr. -Utter will retain his position on
the council by virtue of hie elect.on o
that office at the last election
Break Is Settn.
rhlnasro. ADr. 12. Developments
west of Pittsburgh in the switchmen's
unauthorized strike today wers regard
ed by railroad brotherhood official, as
pointing toward a gradual aiBSOiuiion
of the insurgent forces, but in the etist
where the walkout was Joined in sever
al: districts by trainmen, the situation
Mumed a more serious aspect. N
In the central and far west numer
ous report, of defections from tne
strikers ranks followed the report of
the first Important break ai Columbus,
Ohio, where 600 switchmen voted to
return to work.
At Chicago, admitted keystone or
the walkout, railroad officials were
nresented "terms for settlement or tne
strike", which lnclu'ded recognition of
the new union formed by dissenters
from the Brotherhood of Railroad
Trainmen and the Switchmen's Union
of North America.
In the settlement offer, proffered by
John Grunau, president of the Chicago
Yardmen's association, who called the
strike, at least one radical concession
was made abrogation of the claims
for back pay demanded by the older
organizations In their contract, wltn
the government. That possibly woulrt
mean a saving of hundreds of thou
sands of dollars to the railroads, it
was said. .
Other clauses In the proposed settle
ment agreement demanded granting ot
the original wage Increase called for
In the strike announcement, to be ef
fective upon the return of the men to
work; eight hour basic day, and time
and a half for overtime, Sundays and
holidays, and double time for overtime
on Sunday and holidays.
At Akron, striking switchmen on the
Erie, Baltimore & Ohio, and Akron,
Canton & Youngstown railroads voted
at a mass meeting to return to work,
Kay Agrees To
Try For State
Legislature Job
Thomas B. Kay, former Orejos
state treasurer, and member ot th
srtte legislature, today announced hbi
Intention of being" a candidate In th
next election to one of the flvs repre
setation. of Marlon county In the legis
lature. Mr. Kay has been besieged by ,
friends urging him to becom. a candi
date, and only after he had been re
peatedly asked to run that he finally
yielded and consented to become a ew-dldate.-
He said that he probably wHt
file today or tomorrow.
J. C- Perry, Salem druggist, and IX
H. Looney of Jefferson, Saturday filed
as candidates for election to the stale
legislature. Their filing makes tin
candidates who have thus far Indicated
their desido to sit as Marion delegates
in the legislative session. , .
For eight years Mr. Kay served tha
state as state treasurer; and In 1103
and 1905 was a member of the house,
and In 1907 and 1909 was a senator In
the legislative sessions. -
Mr. Kay's servitude with the state
has been marked with worthy accom
plishments. The flat salary law, pro
viding straight salaries for officials)
and eliminating fees and Incidental
fortunes In fees, was written by Mr.
Kay. This law saves the state 1 75.000)
annually, It is said. The law providing
garnishment of state official, salaries)
as well as the private individual wajf
also enacted under sponsorhlp by Mr.
By virtue of his ma,ny year, associa
tion wtih state affairs few men in rr
gon have the intmate knowledge m
matters of state that Is possessed by
Mr. Kay. , . J
Mr. Perry has been a Business man
In Ralem for 18 year, and Is o'-slsdent
of the State Druggists association. Ha
has, been a resident of Salem for 39
yenrs. '
Mr. Looney consented to become a
candidate when assured of the solid
backing of the residents of southern
Marion county. He served In the state
legislature In the IMS session, and ac
the special session here In January.
The other candidates for Marion
county delegation to the legislature are
T. L. Davidson of Salem, Henry Zorn
of Donald and Z. J. Rlggs of Salem.
State Secretary
Of Inter chuch
Movement Here
"The Interchurch World Movement
Is not a superimposed organization, in
fact. It is rather a movement than an
organization. It l. the Protestant
churches in concentrated action."
Such Is the message of Berton F.
Bronson, executive secretary of the In
terchurch movement tn Oregon, to the
people of Salem. Mr. Broson spent
Monday Inthe city, having come here
to complete arrangements for the In
terchurch World Movernment confer
ence, which isto be held here Friday at
the First Congregational church be
ginning with a modern session at t
o'clock and closing with an evening;
Mr. Bronson met with the Salem Mta
Isterial association In the morning an
otullned the work that 1. being done tn
all parts of the state. 1
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Tombstone, Ariz., April 12. Tha
trial of Harry E. Wootton, charge!
with kidnaping In connection with the
Blsbee deportations of July 12, HIT,
wa. recessed this morning by Judge
Samuel L. Pattee, to permit of a med
ical examination Into the condition
of B. K. Rlgg. of Do. Cabezas, on
of the Jurors.
Willamette Class
, Orators To Meet
Interclass rivalry in oratory at Wil
lamette university reaches its climax
in the oratorical contest which will be
held in the First M. E. church tonight,
with orators from three of the classes
contending for honors. Fred McGrew
will represent the Juniors, John Lucker
the sophomores, and Roy Skeen the
freshmen. "The subject are varied and
all of the contestants have spent a
zCaptaln Cushman Hartwell ha. been I great amount of time in preparation.
detailed a. asxitsan military instructor j The contest is set tor a p. m. ana bu
at the Oregon Agricultural college. 1 mission is free.
Astoria, Or., Apr. 12. A masked robber entered the bunk
house of the logging company operating at Grays River, Washj
across the Columbia river here late last night, lined up tne 14
men occupants of the house and relieved the mof $600, according
to reports received here today from Grays River. The man es
caped, according to the report. -
nmrrl Van' Anr. 12. Alexander Howat. head of the Kan
sas miners union, speaking by permission of the sherif f of Craw
ford county, denounced Governor Allen as "a skunk of a govern
or", before a crowd of several thousand persons, mostly miners
and their wives, gath-red in front of the jail here shortly after
noon today. . '
Chicago, Apr. 12. The United States government delivered
an ultimatum to the striking railroaders this afternoon, it was re
ported at the federal building. District Attorney Clyne at a meet
ing with the strike leaders notified them that the men must
either return to their jobs or quit and hunt other employment. ,