Capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1919-1980, April 09, 1920, Page PAGE SIX, Image 6

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Famine Will End
Strike Declares
Union President?
ih addition of some three and on office were attempting to put him in of slates M'fae his formal petition for nt :
nan miles 01 n:.w pipe line. a coll last sunaay. r""- -
The city of North Powder has slsol The order Drovidea for the inssitu- candidate f..r re-election.
submitted clans and specifications! tion nf a school in which new ami in-' It nix platform Bucht
for tin- posi
i few l.,s. h '
if! So
far .Mr. Kvar.s is the only oik
hatchery when completed. The appli
cation asks for iormi.sion to ep,.. .
pi-iaie water from the Santinm river
and from Stout creel!.
for a. new water supply. The water is 1 experienced officers will be jrfveu in-i nominated and elected, to continue, to. to annoume
his intention of iipposim;
Chicago, Apr. . Famine wilt end
the rail strike if the men "refuse to
listen to reason." 8. K. Hebcrlinsc. in
ternational president f the
to be pumped from wells into a tana
of 50.0US Kallons capacity.
The state engineer has been asked
the slate health board to pass o:i
I plans for a proposed Gravity watr
j system and a sewer system to be in
stalled by the Aiwa River Lumber
! company at lis camp at Alpine i.
, : , 'Karl Race, present city i-ecorocr.
the race this election, .nr. i;.ce in
reelection to the olfu-e several
men's union of North America, deelar-'
ed today Just before (coins into a mass! TrlnfA PnlfrP
meeting to address 2u sinking mem-; Wl HUItl 1 CliCC
bers of his organisation. J Rp In tfrilHPi
It would be Dosslble under the i U UC JftOl UKCU
MniMlnn F:ieh pintain l administer tile commission s
! ... . I v: I- .i...t j...;.... i fin a jiminil business IkISIS and as CCO
IV IK UUW Jill 1 1 1 ' II II UII II llll.l. 3 tf I.M i .
....... i ....... ;....ii.. .... i n.i.d;t.iii niih the mib- i tor
now 10 jieriorm mem, aecoruinj? lo tne -- ' i ... ,
order. He welfare; will aggressively confine j'" aB
Chief Jenkins' order forbids the ; n.v e.imiMiit n for ample alKH-aiion anu
strikinv of a prisoner in the s ation equitable Jis:riliution of cars for Ore
house. He nlwi orders the us: of the pon s industn.s and lumber shippers
p.nroi waKun in laitin;; an unruly pris .'d strive as in the past to protect und
oner to the station. Persons under the' advance the state s interests." :
influence of liquor must always be tak-! -Merit ami eiiicicnc) win oe ni umj , t-( jjov LcdKerwood of Stayton,
en to the police station in the patrol consideration in employing tne com-, fish waracn in charge of the new
an i.ermny il,, ,
increased in lesier ral
en. In 44-..h in. .
women's wage w ' v
" " in Remember li'i
IV ater Asked For
Santiam Hatchery
; wagon, iKVordine to the order.
In Arrest Methods
terms nf the transportation act to ar
rest these responsible for the strike for
conspiracy, but I do not think suchj i-rtland. Or., Apr. 9. All members
drastic measures will be necessary." of ,,. i.orlinu 1M)liw bureau are to be
he continued. "The men will be in the j ilu,,rU(.tPd , ,he pruper methods of
bread line In two week unless they bo; nttmlljmf M.0,,ie all( making arrests,
back to work. I according to an order issued bv t'hief
II me striae continues mucn longer
Buchtel In Race
For Re-Election
To State Berth
mission's staff and equity will be my
guide in the adjustment of the rates
,and service nf all utilities and railroads."
Evans To Seek Job
As City Recorder
hatchery now Hearing completion on
the Santiam river near Stayton. called
at the state engineer's office Thursday
relative to an application f " tsc ap
propriation of water for use in the
v .
(he pu)lk will (h'mar.d guvt rnnit-nt ac
lion and prostM-utlcm of the parties
guilty of hftvincr t'ttuwU all this suffi-r-hifS.
The irfst thins the trainiin can
tio Jh return lo work today."
Articles of association were tnei
with the state corporation depart
ment here Thursday by the Portland
.Caterer's association. Officers of the
association are Joel H. Coe. presi
dent; K. M. Crlssell, first vice presi
dent; I. L. Rean, second vice presi
dent; Krank W. Reach, secretar..
Ueasurer. Corporations filing articles, Thurs
day, were:
Hoover and Peterson, Inc., Port-!
Hind; 13000; V. H. Peterson, A. A.
Hoover, and Dora R. Hoover. '
Klsley, Starkweather lilack Real- '
ty company, Porthind; fl.KHi; .liilm '
F. Risley, H. !. Starkweather mil
Ada R. Starkweather. '
Veribest Laundry company, I'm'-i
nd; $1000; A. C. Preble, N. M. Tod 1
K. P. Currey, J. L. Losey and Sam- j
lei Lee. I
Oregon Foundry Co., I'nitlan T, j
tlG.OOO; II. I0. Harris. Milloii I!. Hen
derson and II. T. droves.
Tlie capital slock uf tin- Cltil.e Th
ater Co., Inc., Albany, liaa been in
rroascil fn.m 1 ." . 0 '( n lo ?:iO.U(l, a.
ordlnu to a certiflcale filed here.
Resolutions nf iUhhiiIiiUmii were fl!
td liy the Korest drove fruit (ini.v
rs liKsoelatinn, Korest drove, nn:lj
the Kslncaila Really Co., Msby-ada.
Enterprise Asks
State To Approve
Water System Plan
The city uf Kmerprise lias suhunl-!
ii il to the Mate cliKlneer'n nfilee f.-i !
approval hi mm cnveiiii'; a new mil-j
tut-i : I wan r supply wliirh m now j
lltdcr conleiiiplatliili. 'I he jitri tin Iti j
eluili) ll main pipe line I'uui' i i I
lonir through ivhli h the water mip-1
ply will be diverted from the Wallowa '
river to it reservoir. The illstrlliuilon
In the city will also l.e exlended by
Asking for a wcond term as a mem-;
ber of the Oregon public service com- William 1). Kvans. It'll .Mill street
of Police Jenkins. The order was the 1 mission on the strength of hi past rcc-i former owner of the Commercial
result of the shake-up in the police j ord of "constructive business adminis-' book store, will be a candidate, for
bureau following the alleged accidental; tration in the public" interest." Fred gJ city recorder of Salem in the prinia
shootiug and killing of Wayne Cason j Ruchlel, present chairman of the com-; ries. he told a represcntaiive of th
in the lobby of the police station while mission, today filed with the seoretar Capital Journal today. .Mr. Kans liar
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If you have rimrlng, Inna- if
lng noises In your ens, are v
If. KottiiiK hard of hearing ami ,f
feur ratai'ilial deafness, go to
your druggist and get 1 ounce
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I ws 4tl le u, , -
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wuua incniiui i ....
o oun oireei