Capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1919-1980, April 08, 1920, Page PAGE NINE, Image 9

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    HU .
Bi. fierUons 6 cents, one month
"- "ifons i? cent om rear, per
l inerti1ntl Jiinimum per ad 35
lr Insertion only in New Today.
i. ei in advance aad not tak
Phone unless advertiser to
!e, ..m,nt. No allowance tor
monunj -"-
. - Acmrs.
nflOKff ci '
, ;
-jjTTTjiniT Sleeping room, close hi.
Phone 15-3. , ,
TKDExperienced waitress at
ffi.Jtoye restaurant. pSfi
rr-nn TtTLOAN' on good city prop
va ronimission to ray. In-
inire mom 325 Oregon bide. - m?
VTvfTl' l'lvniouth Rock .chtckei.s
i.hnl Reds. Phone 502.
MTavtiK ,, .
gLE A good farm wagon t
m N. Commercial.
fTTRD touring, gooa i.res. runs imo.
F0,v 1325. See this at 187.8. Ub-
tRVNGE 2 lots in Meekers ad
dition to Salem for acreage or small
wrfV.'A. Gueffroy. Tigardl Or.
vnR RENT Pleasant front room to
luiv will give breakfast if desired;
lu. ' r , m, ...... wm
also puase for reiit. Phone 1413
C-iVTED A few tons of oats an1
vetch or clover hay. Tel, 72F18Hb-.
-ty-genj and 9 p.m. IS?
voR RENT Furnished downtown
sleeping room for gentlemen, etea-c
heat, bv the month. Phone 1427.
mFKlCE rooms for rent, steam hent,
splendid janitor sen-ice. 205 Ore-
gen 1'nib'
KOOMS for rent by day. inquire 42
N. Cottage, phone 1186. J 9j
WANTEIj a house full of furniture
nor S Canital Journal. i90
FOR SALE !V4-ton truck, 8-ton
trailer, all in good repair 404 Fer-
rv St. fhone 1177. qf
SEVERAL houses for sale. amon:
them a 5 room bungalow. Inquire
492 N. Cottage, phone 1186. nlll
HOt'SE for rent two blocks from
State street on N. High, strictly
niodern; lease if desired. McDonald
& Parks, 162 S. Coin, room 1. Phon?
747. -
FOR SALE Chevrolet in good con
dition, also 1914 Studebaker No. 6.
Will take team on either car and
give terms. Room 416, Masonic
Temple. ; SjLL.
FOR SALE 5 room bungalow, mod
ern except furnace. Also furniture.
1290 S. 14th street. Call after 6:30
p. m. . : . - - n94
3 acres one mile ont with house,
-fine garden land. $180, or will
rent. Eight room modern house,
paved street close to car line, east
Salem. A snap at $2500. Seven
room plastered house one block to
car, $1750. Three room house and
two lots, 3500, F. L. Wood, 341
State St. n87
FOIl SALE 5 room cottnge. bath,
toilet. 3 blocks from post office on
N. Church street. Price 12250. Hnrt
& Mailer. 208 Oregon bldg. a
FOR SALE 8 room strictly niodern
resilience, close in. s Price $3750.
Hart & Muller, 208 Oregon blag.
FOR SALE 5 room cottage, 2 . fine
lots, most all in bearing fruit. Price
$1850. Hart & Muller, 208 Oregon
bMg. a
DON'T cuss the car take it to- En
penal at Salem Auto Exchange, 22.1
Slate. . q86
THE Avery Tractor for heavy work,
the Donnle for light work. Place
orders early, If you hope to get a
machine. Salem Auto Exchange,
229 State. 0S6
"WANTED 30 cord big old fir, 2-tt.
length. Phone 981M. - - , eg?
I'OR KENTFurnished room in prU
vale family, reasonable. Phone
1669. ' , 1Ri
FOR SALE Ford touring car, good
comimon. L'liU K, 13th. 8 !)
FOR SALE Hatching- -eggs, - fertiliTy
Buarameed. Phone 3F. f87
W. BRAVER well driller, one mil?
east of fairground. Phone 10F5.
. 1113
$li BO.NT'S for information that wl'l
enable uh to rent desirable 5 or 6
room house. Address box 67 Jour
nal. -10?
"WANTED Use dtypewrlter. must be
in good working order. State price
and full particulars. Address Draw-
. " ''ana City, Or. 85
oi,',? 5'e:r old cow for sale. Phon-
FOR SALE Day old chicks, Hansons
stork of Corviillis, 300 op less. W;
, J l uller, phone 35F32, Tirooka'
- - fS?
,i,R8AI-,K fJ""l wheel, reasonable
Call Iriend 778, after 7:30 p. m.
- ; 'c80
FOR .SALE Medium size cook stove
cheap. Inquire 2770 Brooks ave.
JT ' cSli
'OR SALE One 3-year olil.fillle, 1
f '-year old gelding. Phone 38F11. -
"ANTED Agents wanted for Noise.
'?ss typewriter. Communicate
AomelesB Typewriter Co., 81 Fourth
SLi.Xgrtland, Or. gs 6
V0 SALE Two extra fine' Jersey
cows, fresh; six heifers, yearlings
Past, extra good; twenty 3-month
old Pigs. Otto Timm, phone 114K
-eyenhigs. 85
Fhil, SALE New 7 room modern
nouse except basement. 2 large lets
with abundance of bearing fruit.
i,'L ara "eautlful home. Pric?
nidg & MuUer 208 Oregon
lmACRKS- K0""' sized hUfe anl
many outbuildings, suitable for raN
nna cnickens; running water. $1,
o on easy termB. Mr. Chicken
enJ if1"' " you vant t( raise chicki
ns. here is your opportunity. Can
11 more land if you desire it. John
" Scott Realty Co., 228 Oregin
E'i S,X cannot be toltl from a
th?n Car- Wil1' BeU this 400 less
n?.T on" and K'v very good
terms, win take small car in trade,
oee me at once if you want a new
,.,, l,s secondhand price, as this
wont last long. Phong Adams, 361.
AnJL 1 PPrtunity Iii Central
J " ,a a"d Saskatchewan are rich
th Jia " 8open Prairie ready for
hVE Interspersed with trees,
itoel t tori excellent shelter for
Ine 'r,i ,f Braln tfrowing, dairy
ing VI stoclt ral8lnK are be
CoTInflrr,leJ,Jon "uccessfully. The
The r 8J?eal for mlled Arming
offerinnal'an Pacific railway is
fii , a Iarge are of these fer
Battilf" Ln L'oydminster and
bnd tf'ni dtatrlct- Thlg fcrtlle
tenrt. .become the home of thou
iTmnL , 5rosPeroas farmers. On
the wo, tnd Sear Wheeler grow,
minster Prlz" whfat- Near Lloyd
been Worm' oat have
hteheJT W1J: an,J butter the
Soon h.qUaUty 18 made- A man can
fa?m t0??.8 '"dependent on a
n h. Kth ditr'ct. These lands
ag"nbJU5h.t now t Price, aver-
o frtK. deT- ettlement conditions
Ui end r.7Payment ot Principal nn
annual JJ th'n
"nt MPlym,tnta- Interest is per
T is,' Canadian Pacific rail
Alberto 8t Street- E- Ca'ry,
- c L'eucun Ala-'
rm-.l.a xylophone, almost new, with 1
traveHn, u-ank. Very lw 'p vM
Phone 1597W. 1 J !
FoR SALE Rent or trade. '"huule !
garage, fruit, garden. Phone l3so"- j
3 t'ASSEXCER 1918 Maxwell A-T
condition, price oo with terms !
Salem elie rnin.- -ic v- I
t ommercml. v-,
i...ucn Ataxweu, new um
new paint, new uiholstrir.CT . i
shape; for quick sale only " ti'z I
terms. Salem Velie company, 162 ,
FOR SALE 15 acres land, fruit, i..
ries. grajn; house furnished, all
stock and implements; also car In
ciuir 3 miles north from fairground
on Pacific highway. John Lephart
FOR SALE 6 roonj house and fur
niture, well located, furniture ex
cellent quality and new. moder.i
plumbing, a good buy. Price $2.
.: T ro mmodern house, furn
ace, garage, 3 blocks from Carne
gie library. Price $5000. S room
cottage near 8. P. station. Price $1.
0S0... Mrs. Winnie Pettyjohn, 275
State St. Tel 615. nS7
How is this record? Calls for per
manent help in January 27; filled
"4- February ' calls. 20; filled 7,
March calls, 20; filled 4. This does
not include scores of calls that w
have had during the same period
for temporary help; and this is the
dull season of the year for calls.
We should have four times the
number preparing that we have. A
new class in shorthand next week.
(Day school.) Capital Business Col
lege.' 5
HERE'S A SNAP in Timber and land.
kzu acres in timber and pasture
running water; the timber cruised
years ago eight million and a
half, old fir nnd second growth
fir. It is located 4 miles from'own
and railroad, one half mile from
fine graveled road. The price If
Bold soon $12. 5 Ter acre for land
and timber. Particulars of this an l
other good buys, write Henry Amb
ler, Philomath, Or., Benton coun
ty. 85
FOR SALE One of the most desir
able country- homes in the county,
only 3-4 mile from city limits, and
on paved road. 214 acres, good
house, barn, warehouse, silo, small
greenhouse, wind mill, hot and cold
water in house, fruit dryer; 12
acres prunes, 2 acres cherries, 2
acres apples, t .acres English wal
nuts, 1 acre strawberries; only 5
niHiutes ride to center of the cltv.
First time offered for sale and will
only be on the market a short time.
H. E. Bolinger, 328 Oregon bldg.
MR. HOME-SEEKER If you arc
looking for a country home, be
sure to see our large list of coun
try prppeitj'. Here are a few of
5 acres, unimproved, splendid land
$75 per acre.
8 acres, improved. $1000, $100 oas,,i
$100 annually. Do not over look
this. . - - v .. , . . ..
6 acres just outside the city, limit!
of Salem. Fine cow, wagon, and
much other personal property. $2,-
500, one half cash.
5 acres near Salem, improved. $3,-
161 ncrea, splendid fnrm, good im
provements. $10,000, $2000 cash, .
116 acres with buildings. $30 per
acre on very easy terms. Andmany
others. John ."H. Scott Realty. Co.,
228 Oregon bldg. n86
For Sale Houses.
HOUSE for sale on 622 N. High. a82
FOR SALE 5 room bungalow , on
1363 tfriTth. $1500, $500 .'ash Jwll!
handle the deal. '-f a8f
FOR SALFl Nine room house am
lot 165x82 ft., tnree diocks irom
- city library on SW corner of Win
ter and Mill St. See James 8. Al
bert, 445 S. Summer St. a86
FOR SALE By owner, new J room
house, strictly modern, fireplace,
. furnace, large sleeping porch, gar
age, about 1 Vfcncres mnci, zu iru't
trees, paved street near carline. 630
N. 24th. n8?
FOR SALE House, corner High and
Chemeketa. Inquire of owner, 54S
Chemeketa. - Phone 92. ast
100"HOUSK BARGAIN 6 room
, house., lot 75x150, barn, chicken
house,' rrult trses -.ona garuen,
choice location, one block from 9.
Commercial St., full basement, city
water, toilet, etc. Possession soon.
Extra good buy. Price $1600 cash,
- or $800 -cash, balance like rent. S.
R. Pearson & Peed, 405 Oregon
bldg. Phone 43. ; n
WANT 6 or 7 roo mmodern bun
galow, 6 fooms and bath; first
floor. Must be niodern. Give price,
terms, exact location or no 'atten
tion paid. Will look at the outside
and if I think suitable will see you.
Address Seeok enre Journal. n86
FOR6ALE 5 room, cosy bungalow
and a 6 room bungalow, modern
except heat, some fruit. Inquire
151!! N. Front. a93
$300 CASH, balance like rent, good 6
room plastered hbuse on paved
street, lot 60x160, not modern; pos
session today. Exceptional buy if
' taken at once. Price $1500.' S. R
.Pearson & Peed, 405 Oregon, bldg.
Phono 43. - ' n
7 ROOM modern house close In. Mr.
Homeseeker if you are looking for
a very desirable property, moderr
and up to date except furnace, bet
of construction, arrangement an 1
' appearance, see this. It has exclus
ive features and close in. Lot 60x
165, new garage and other Im
provements. $2500 in money wlU
handle it with immediate posses
sion, balance easy. An exceptional
buy. Short time only. S. R. Pearson
- & Peed, 405 Oregon bldg. Phone 43
FOR SALE 5 room plastered house,
r.,U hneament 2RS N. 20th St. 81
FOR SALE A neat little bungalow
in West Salem, $500, terms. 60
. acre farm, 40 in prunes on good
rond, fine soil. A. L. Seamster Real
ty Co.. 416 Masonic Temple. a
FOR SALE By owner one 7 room
strictly modern bungalow, excel
lent view, block and half from car
" line in south Salem, 140 Superior
ct a94
Will buy 5 room strictly modern
bungalow except basement, almost
new; hot and cold water, excellent
bath room, large closets, plastered,
dutch kitchen, fireplace; nothing
has been overlooked in onstru.
tion. Seeing is believing. Let me
show you today. Possession In few
days. Good park lot. Price $2500.
S. R. Pearson & Peed, 405 Oregon
Klrlcr Phone 43, n
FOR SALE Five room modern
house, full basement. 2475 Maple
FOR SALE 5 room house, large lot,
$1100. See owner Rayford T. Goode
113ft Teffemon citV. a93
FOR SALE Modern 4 room houe
and 2 lets In Salem; good bearing
fruit trees on place, on paved street.
Address Geo. DeBord. Hillsdale,
Or., box 19, Rt. 2.
ATTRACTIVE seven room house. All
modern conveniences except furnace.-
Owner will sacrifice for $3.
800. See him at 1910 Trade street
(corner 19th and Trade) between
S o'clock and 7 o'clock Tuesday
and Wednesday evenings. Immen;
ate possession. n
Cw SALE 5 Sd soil, 1 i
blocks southwest Richmond school '
Frio Jiui). Sign on lots. Call 7
mn m. ii.r terms. 8 I
IilEDERMAN TRivsren pcav
For Sale Farms.
FOR SALE Few more small tracts,
red barn farm, one mile east of pen.
must sell right away, no better ber
ry land, terms. J. H. Koltes. Hotel
Bgh. b87
FOR SALE Direct from iwner, a
highly improved 10 acre tract, aU
out in fruit and berries, address
J -apai journal. g8
FOR SALE By owner. 15 acres just
uuisiue city limits, all plowed, 3400
loganberry tips go with the-placo.
Call at 825 N. 22d St. . b8S
ot buildings. 400 acres. 80
acres in cultivation. . balance pas
ture and timber, 2 sets of farm
building, 2 family orchards, fino
springs, water piped to house and
barn; there is also some fine tim
ber and outrange; this is a splen
did bargain at $30 per acre, terms.
Located ( miles from town on cuun
ty road and mail route. Particulars
oi mis ana other good buys, write
Henry Ambler, Philomath. Benton
connty, Or. " 84
worms RAnfiirea
Two acres, part river bottom, ou
paved road, bearing fruit trees,
mall house and barn, wortn $260;
want an offer. Also fovr roeia
house not finished and about en
acre Jand $600. Choice acre trac
on car line and pavement $900.
Four room house and five lots n
car line, $1800. 290 acre farm fell
improved with stock, crop and im
plements, $125 per acre. F. I
Wood. 341 State St. n85
CHOICE close in berry land. 10 acre
lucuiea just outside city. limits, k
blocks from Center St. carline oa
asylum road, all cultivated; pos
session at once. Price $3500, good
terms. 8.11 acres adjoining tho
above land, black loam, all ready
for planting. Price $2800. Haw
kins and Roberts, 205 Oregon bldg.
rnone iiz(. i
FOR RAI.R n fir. f
acres 5-year old prunes, 314 straw
berries, 4 goose berries, 4 acres un
der irrigation from lage splng;
most of balance ready to plant; fair
buildings, 4 miles from Salem on I
good road. Price $3500. Hart and
Muller, 208 Oregon bldg. n
FOR SALE 3 acre tract on north
ena ttrooks ave. Just outside city
-limits, 100 fine chickens, cow and
a horse, small farming outfit. Will
sell this week. See owner, J. D.
Glenn. ' b87
For Sale Miscellaneous.
FOR SALE Transfer business, with
good 2-ton truck. Phone 1177 or
call at 404 Ferry St. c86
FOR SALE Good hotel proposition.
Box 12 Silverton, Or. cR8
FOR SALE Good retail grocery
proposition.. Box 12, Silverton, Oi
ONIONS for sale cheap.
FOR SALE Old papers for wrap
ping and packing lOo bundle. Cap
ital journal office.
FOR SALE Almost new baby reed
carriage at 110 ft N. Commercial
St. ... cSS
For Sale Nursery Stock.
PLANTING onions lc per lb. Good
dry onions 2 lie per lb. Call 197 S.
Com'I St. : 85
ETTERBERG 121 strawberry plants
$7.50 per 1000; Wilson $6. P. O
box 214, Balem, Or. - d93
FOR SALE About 6000 healthy lo
ganberry. jtins. Phone 37F2. d8 i
FILBERT and prune trees for sale
cheap. Pearcy Bros., 210 Oregon
bldg., Snletn. d86
LOGANBERRY plants wanted. Ward
i K. Richardson, 2395 Front St.
Phone 494. d93
LOGANBERRY, Mammoth and Hima
. 1 laya blackberry and asparagus
plants. Fresh garden seeds. Ward
K. Richardson. 2396 Front St. d93
THE famous Etterberg 121 straw
berry plants, best canner and ship
per, heavy producer. A very profit
able crop bringing quick returns.
, Vigorous healthy plants, quantity
prices. Order now. Ward K. Rlch-
ardson, 2395 Front St. d93
STRAWBERRY plants In any quan
tity Etterburg 121, Gold Dollar,
Progressive Everbearing, Oregon
' Trebla, Wilson. Thrifty, well root
ed plants. Low quantity prices. City
delivery. Ward K. Richardson, 2395
' Front, Phone 494. d93
"WALLPASTE" perfect for paper
hanglpg, no cooking. Max O. Bur
en. 179 N. Com'I. a
For Sale Livestock.
WANTED A young
Phone 90F12.
CAN use a few more young calves. C.
C. RusbpII, phone 3F3. I
FOR SALE A-l cow. 891 N. Com
mercial. e84
FOR SALE A good cow. 13th and
Wilbur sts. Phone 1212J. e86
FOR SALE 3-year old heifer giv
ing milk. 1595 Saginaw and Lin
coln. Phone 1698R. e8
FOR SALE Fresh and coming fresh
cows, 2 Jersey cows giving 4 gal
' Ions per day, 5 years old; 1 Guern
sey cow. 5 years old, freshens the
15th; also one Jersey and Durham
cow, 8 years old, giving 314 gallons
per day, family broke, for $75.
These cows are all good testers and
Just from the farm. Club Stable.-
For Sale Wood.
WANTED 30 cord big old fir, 2-fott
length. Phone 981M. 87
FOR SALE First and second growth
fir timber, seven miles from Salem
on good road. About five thousand
cord. Room 16 Ladd & Bush bldg.
or phone 193. ee86
SLAB wood for sale. Phone 2005JT
WOOD SAW Fisher boys will saw
your wood. Phone 1004. m93
WOOD for sale, first class 16 inch or
- 4 foot mill wood. Strictly cash. Will
buy all kinds of cord wood. Office
305 8. Church. Phone 1542. Fred
E. Weils. ee
For Sale Poultry
BABY CHICKS Tancred and Barron
strain, $16 per 100. Hatch weekly.
Ojr8mlth. Turner, Or.. Rt. 1. f 104
BABY CHICKS Week old now on
sale. Best hoganized stock. C. N.
Needham, 558 State. Phone 400.
FOR SALE One black Minorca ful;
blood rooster. Call 48F14. f83
WANTED 60 1-year old White Leg
horn hens. Write N. R. Fister, Rt.
1, box 68, Gervais. Or. State prio-f.
- 87
BABY CHICKS Week old now on
sale. Best hoganired stock. C. N.
Needham, B68 State. Phone 400.
Lost and Found.
LOST Sunday, March 21, Oregon
Electric station, hand embroidered
, Infants garment. Finder pleas
' leave at Journal office. k85
LOST Probably on State street be
if anil 19 nVltwk. Anril 6. 2
twenty dollar bills. Finder pletfi
leave at this office. Reward. k86
FOR SALK Indian motorccie. in.
A-l condition. Call Capital Journal.
- s1;
IS your car hard to start? Does your!
motor give trouble? Try Fair!
Grounds Garage, phone 30S. M. J. '
Jackson, prop. Will tow your car. j
Our work guaranteed. qlOu1
Radiators, fenders and gas tanks
repaired, tractor radiators a spe
cialty; Ford diators for sale. lk
S. 12th St.. Salem, Or.
FOR SALE One 15-25 Samson trac
tor in excellent shape, used only I
H -seasons. Snau. At 173 8. Cora.
DUNTLY magneto brake timers f ji
Fords and Fordson tractors, guar
anteed for fifty 'thousand miles.
National spark plugs. Clark's Tire
House, SIS N, ConU St' Salem, Or
. q87
FOR SALE New Elgin six. can be
seen at.thevChevrolet garage; wil!
be there Frrday from to 12 o'clock
Price $1750.. ., uS5
FOR SALE I :new Ford .touring
body and top complete $140. Fhone
1468. ' '. ; . qSS
i PASSENGER Dodge at a bargain.
Enquire at 162 N. Com'! St. q85
FOR SALE Ford touring car. Good
- condition. 1340 Shipping St. q8l
FOR- SALE Dining extension table,
also fireplace screen. .Enquire at
673 N.-Commereial Sr. c85
DRESSMAKING by Say. Phone 810M
BUILDING contractors, altering and
repairing. Frank Beer & Co. Call
1569W. meJ
FOR plumbing and general repair
work, call 1586W. lg7
$8500 TO LOAN on first class secur
ity. H. E. Bolinger. "
'WALLBOARD" can be used over
lath and papered or tinted. Max O.
Buren. 179 N. Com"l. c
WIGGIN & BLOCUM, auto transfer,
general draying, local and long
distance hauling. Office phone 858
TRANSFER, Moving, Storage Wood
for sale. Office at People's Furni
ture Store, 271 N. Commercial St
Phone 784. Residence 1359 Hinei
WALL paper 25c double roll and up.
max o. JBuren, 179 N. Com'I. m
WANTED Salesman for Banner
automobile tube, the tire which will
puncture but which will not de
flate; fully guaranteed. Splendid
business. Enquire G. G. Ripley,
Marion hotel, Salem. q85
WANTED To be as dentist nurse,
have had two years experience. Ad
dress 459 Union St., Salem, Or. h86
WANTED Good steady man with
clerical experience, married man
preferred. Room 809 Masonic bldg.
WANTED Man to cultivated garden
; on shares. Everything will be furn
ished. Must understand the work.
W. H. Burghardt. Sr., 625 North
Winter. Phone 1532J.
WANTED Man and wife to shaie
nicely furnished house with lady
with small boy. 148 Miller St. oi
Phone 27. 85
MARRIED man wants steady work
In town. Call 1796. 85
LADY cook and assistant wanted at
Home Restaurant, 223 N. Com 1
St. g85
WANTED Two men to cut logs, can
make good wages, must be good
men that understand cutting logs.
For Information call 8-25, Turner,
Or. - tV. ; g87
WANTED Farm hand, married with
- wife or small child; small house
' with milk, wood .and garden, must
milk and understand farming, and
be good worker, 6 months work or
longer. C. C. Russell, Gervais, Rt.
.-- Phone 8F3. - - g
Wanted Miscellaneous.
WANTED Good sweet buttermilk. A.
Swanson. 1767 Waller St. 185
WANTED To buy from one to twen-
ty stands, jof bees.' F. M. Alley, 371
8. Church street. Phone 273W. 186
WANTED ;8 or 10 swarms of beer.
What have youT Box Bees care
Journal. 18C
OAT Meal Paper, 20-inch tan, extra
special, 34c double roll. Max O.
Buren, J 79 N. Com'I. t ' n
FOR RENT Blacksmith shop twer
ty by Gixty feet, with some' tools,
at twenty dollars monthly, 803 N.
Liberty' St. Werner Fennel. J81
of the Slutu of Oregon in and for
Marlon County
In the matter of the estate of John
Koeneke, deceased. Executrix's no
tice? ,
Notice is hereby given that the un
dersigned has been appointed exec
utrix of the estate of John Koeneko,
deceased, and that all persons having
claims against the estate are hereby
notified to present the same properly
verified, in the . manner provided by
law to McDougal & McDougal, attor
neys for the estate, as above men
tioned, in the city of Salem, Marion
county, Oregon, at the county clerk's
office in the court house, within six
months from the date of the first
publication of this notice, the flrHt
publication of this notice being made
on the 26th day of March, 1920.
McDougal & McDougal:
Attorneys for executrix. '
Real Investments.
A real home and 21 acres prunaa.
logans, evergreens, red raspberries
Lawtons, family orchard, an Incorafc
$16,000; .' ' ' - ' .- '
240 acre stock ranch, school on cor
ner of place, 7 miles from Molalla;
20 acres cultivated, 80 slashed; oa
good road; buildings, $21 per acre.
30 acres, 2 in prunes, family orch
ard, 1 mile from town with good high
school, on good road; buildings, lot3
of work, $2600, $600 cash. ' ' : '
Homestead relinquishment $300.
Some city property priced right. '
We advertise your property at your
price, we will not Increase the price
and make the sale Impossible.
Estes & Magee.
428 Oregon bldg, Salem :
Portland office. Chamber of Com.
$1500. A ( room cottage on paved
street near school; terms. .
$2000, $500, $16 per month buys ft
very good 6 room house. Has electric
lights, bath, toilet, basement, 8
blocks from Bush bank.
$2200, $700 down, terms en bal
ance; 7 rooms modern except base
ment, centrally located, new garage.
$2600, t room bungalow on paved
street, a good buy.
$4500, t acres t miles from
state hospital; this is a good buy.
$5000, 10 acres t miles out; 2 acres
logans, some orchard and other fruit,
no better soli.
$4250, 10 acres IS blocks from car
line, beautiful location.
$14,000, 45 acres near the city, some
timber; this Is a good buy.
A. L. Seamster Realty Co.
Phone 253, 41$ Masonic Temple.
6 room bungalow, large iuu with a
number of good fruit trees, located
in east Salem on car line. Price $2(
500. terms.
An elegant 7 room bune-alow 4
blocks tram t. h. ".. '
.. " . . , : . - i
fruit trees on rfiV,. S?" ,0' nd
SSJ ThT pTacry8- i!
v,!ii VsTfl
moBtmy payments.' Dandy place f'jr
anyone working In Hunt cannery or
King Co. House in goea condition.
Act quick oh this one.
room bungalow with furnace, on
paved street, close to State street;
house empty; terms. $3000.
I room house, modern exceptbase
ment, paved street and carline; houre
empty. A bargain for quick sale $3.
500. We have a number of fine farms,
both large aad small, to sell and
trade. See us first.
We. loan money. We write Insurance-
Laflar & Laflar
407 Oregon bldg. n85
This Is the best paying big dairy
proposition we have heard of, Sii
acres of fine land adjoining good lit
tle city not far from Salem. (0 acres
cultivated. 40 acres in fine hay crop
and balance is ready for corn to fill
the silos. Good 9 room fiouse and fine
dairy barn with 2 silos. Also good
steam bottle washing plant, good
granary, hen house, and other necer
sary outbuildings. With the place go
16 fine Jersey cows, thoroughbred
bull, S horses, t ponies, brood sow,
6 shoats, 2 wagons, hay baler, corn
planter, fanning mill, harrows, plows,
cultivators, rake, new cream separa
tor, ' blacksmith shop and equipment
and all kinds of implements. Also a
gas engine that pumps water which
is piped into house and barn. This
farm raises all the feed for the dairy
except a small amount of mill feed.
Income for March was more than
$511. All stock, equipment, imple
ments, feed, crop and everything
goes for $17,500. You can't beat It.
Investigate at once. City advantages.
but no city taxes.
Kinney & Smith.
201 Bank of -Commerce bldg. n
"Own Some Dirt"
House. 2 lots, 5 room, modern. $1,
300 will handle this. Terms on balance
2 acres set out to fruit, right in
the city on car line. Good house. For
quick sale $2500.
' Fine home for $3200. 5 room mod
ern housrs, lice 6ig lot, well located.
This Is an exceptionally fine home,
will be sold $1100 cash. Terms on bal
ance. Be sure and see tnls one.
Here la a good one. Sale or 'trade
for city property," 13 acres 8 miles
south of town, road will be paved thi
summer. $4000 Is the price. V cash.
1 5 V4 acres extra good house, 7
rooms, good barn, 3 miles from town.
The following goes with the place, 1
horse, 2 cows, 35 heaa chickens, i
cultivators, 1 harrow, 1 plow, 1 De
Laval separator, 1 set ot Harness, 1
food shopper. This place is in a high
state of cultivation, all for $6000, $4,-
500 cash, balance on time. This Is a
first class place.
21 acre fruit ranch, 1 acres bearing
prunes, 2 acres loganberries, 1 acre
blackberries; modern house, water
system, barn 18x28, 2 chicken houses.
double garage, woven wire fence.
This place is 2-miles out on the Gar
den road. Income from this place Is
$4000 a year. Price $16,000, H cash,
terms on balance at 6 per cent. This
place la a, No. 1.
Here Is' a dandy place located at
461 N. High St., lot 63x155 contain
ing two houses; the house on the front
has 14 rooms, would make a fine
apartment house,' used at present as
a rooming house; 5 room house on
the rear; both Rouses are strictly
modern. A suitable payment down
takes this with good terms on the
balance. See us about this place at
once. y ..
' ; . ' -
7 room house, 4 rooms completely
furnished, 2 Ms, $2150, $1000 cash,
balance any way to suit buyer. Im
mediate possession.
McDonald & Parks
Real Estate Agency
162 S Com'I St. room 1. Phone 747
4 room plastered house at 2185 N.
4th street, fries $1000. terms.
6 room plastered house at 2235 N.
4th street, with 4 lots, garage. Price
5 room plastered bungalow, modern
except fireplace and furnace. Locat
ed at 1850 S. Church street. Prlcj
$2300. Terms.
5 room bungalow at 620 S. 18th
street. Price $2000, good terms.
5 room house located close to Yaw
Park store. Price $2000.
6 room bungalow with one acre
planted to fruit, close to Salem
Heights store. Price $3000.
' 6 room modern bungalow located
on Leslie street. Price $4000,
8 room house at 156 N. 13th street
Price $4200.
7 rooms, 670 Union St., modern.
Price $4300. . .
8 room modern house at 745 Ferry
street. Price $5000.
7 room modern house, a complete
home In every way. Price $6500.
6 room modern bungalow at 151$
8. Commercial street. Price $6000.
- W. H. Grabenhorst & Co.
275 State street. - n"
Nearly new 6 room house, modern
except basement, with 2 good M7d
lots and 15 to 20 fruit trees in Bear?
ing. Also chicken house and pen. Ev
erything in good condition. On grav
eled street. Can you believe It? Price
$2100. See us today.
I room plastered cottage with bath
small, basement, etc. Comparatively
new and In good location close to car
line. House add 7 good lots for $3200
Mbdern 5 room bungalow with full
basement cut no furnace. East front,
7 good walnut trees on property
Range, rugs, buffet, tables, chairs and
all kinds of furnishings included
with the bungalow at $3000. Close to
car line. " '
Kinney & Smith.
201 Bank bf Commerce bldg.
i acre tract, 6 room bungalow and
barn, two acres In choice fruit,
acre in bearing strawberries, fine lo
cation, close to Salem. Price $3800.
10 acres close In, 5 acres bearing
logans and blackcaps, fine 2 acre or
chard; house, barn, etc., on good road
(4 acre farm,' good new house, 19
acres tilled to crop, 24 acres pasturo,
running water, 14 acres to cherries,
acres of loganberries, on koo road 6
miles from Salem, $11,600.
10 acres, very close, 7 acres in fruit
prunes, apples and cherries; fine barn
deep well, good road. $5500. This
place Is worth more money.
All kinds of city property for sale.
List your property with us for ser
vice. ,
Oregon Land Co.
442 State street 83'
For Sale. 60 million feet good tim
ber on main line S. ?. 25 percent
pine. snap, per M.
fJ acre Iar "ear uma, vtn.
nan in cultivation: good farm
for acre-
For ha,e. dandy nIc acre tract,
EcSS? "gT
tries. J6300,
10 acres choice loam soil near Sa
lem, 6 room house, outbuildings, fine
well; one acre timber, one acre prune
orchard, near school and church,
choice loganberry or strawberry land
$4500, easy terms, or will exchange
for Salem residence.
Choice 80 acre Waldo Hills farm,
for quick sale, $8500.
24 acre river bottom farm 6 miles
from tewn, farm buildings, orchard,
berries, gcod road. Bargain.. $3500.
Call and see our list of farms, acre
age. prune orchards, city property
before investing.
Perrine & Marsters.
211-1$ Com, dub bldg. n
Good Buys.
I 7-10 acre tract located close to
street car line and Just south of Sa
lem, sightly iocatlOB. beautiful view.
7 room modern bungalow, good barn,
bearing cherries, English walnuts, ap
ples, plums. This is a first class place.
Price $14,000.
Nearly two acres, located close to
carline, bearing fruit, house, barn.
Price $2500.
Six acre tract close to carline, beat
ing fruit, buildings, sightly locatiun.
Price. $3600.
It acres bearing Italian prunes,
good location, 4 ft miles from Saleni.
Price $6000.
30 acre tract, nearly all cultivated,
6 room house, barn, well, first class
fruit and berry soil, some timber, 5 V
miles from Salem on hard road. Price
$0. - '
6 room plastered house, and 3 4
acre of land, bearing fruit, close to
carline. Price $3000.
1 acre tract located south of Si
lem, small house, bearing fruit, good
soil. Price $1000.
4.81 acres ot first class strawberry
or loganberry soil, locatad on rook
road close to Pacific highway. Pict
6.67 acre tract.. 5 room house, $
acres Italian prunes, good location.
Price $3500.
10 acre tract, 5 acres In 1-year old
prunes, 6 room house, some timber,
located 6H miles south. Price $3250.
25 acre tract, stump and timber, 1
acre cultivated, 6 room huuse, well,
fine spring, close to school, 6 miles
from Salem, rock road. Price $2000.
66 acre tract all cultivated, house
and barn, well, family orchard, b
cated 6 miles east of Salem. Price
$175 per acre.
65 acres located near Macleay, 60
acres cultivated, balance timber, sev
eral Bprlngs. Price $5000, $1000 down,
balance 6 percent Interest.
160 acre farm, 100 acres in culti
vation, good house, barn, family or.
chard, all crop, stock and machinery
goes. Price $16,000.
10 acres of good prune and berry
soil, all cultivated, 5 ft miles south
of Salem. Price 11500.
W. H. Grabenhorst & Co.
17$ State street n
Best Buys.
S acres good fruit' land, 5 miles
from Salem, 2 acres cleared, 8 timber
$800, terms.
5 acres near Paclfio highway, 4 lo
ganberries, bearing; 1 prunes with
strawberries set between. $3200,
6 acres cherries, bearing, market
varieties; only SV4 miles out on good
road. $2500, terms.
t acres on Garden road close in, (
acres bearing prunes; 6 room strict
ly modern new house, garage and fine
barn, the finest suburban home near
Salem. $17,600, terms.
5 acres near paved road close to
city limits; 6 room house, barn . and
family orchard, fine berry land, $3,
000. Easy terms.
20 8-4 acres 6 miles out, small
house, shed; SM acres cherries 11
years old, 1 acre walnuts, some logans
and strawberries, all bearing; 6 H
acres oak timber, 111,000.
25 acres 1ft miles from bridge in
Polk county, on good road, 10- acres
are cleared, balance brush and Urn
ber. $7000. Easy terms.
24 acres 5Si miles south, 20 In fruit
bearing; 8 roo mhouse, hot and cold
water and bath, good barn. $9600
95 acres all cleared, 40 In prunes, 7
years old; 7 room house, large barn;
2 ft miles from good town. 812,500.
7 room modern house, good loca'
tion, Close In, furnished. $4000.
I room stric-iiy muuurn iiouse, ,
blocks from capital building, best' lo
cation In city 87500, terms.
10 room strictly modern house; one
of the best corners in city; $6500 cash
6 room modern bungalow, garage,
wood shed, best of garden land,
only $3250. terms.
6 room bungalow, lot 100x150 feet
basement, built In features; for quick
sale priced $1700, $850 cash balance
easy terms.-
Want a $500 loan on 80 acres tim
ber land.
841 Stats M.
trlst-optlcian, eyes thoroughly ex
amined, glasses made and fitted.
610-12 U. S. bank. Phone 841.
Contractors and builders.
Phone 1972.
: refuse of all kinds removed on
monthly contracts at reasonable
rates. Cess pools cleaned. Dead anl
male removed. Office phone Main
167. ,
Stove Repairing.
8TOVE3 rebuilt and repaired. 60
years experience; Depot National
and American fence, sizes 26 to 68
Inches high. Paints, oil and varn
ishes,, etc., loganberry and hop
hooka Salem Fence and Stove
Works. 250 Court street. Phone 124
Water Company.
corner Commercial and Trade Sts.
Bills payable monthly in advanoe.
Phone 67.
FARM LOANS Any amount. Low
rates. Full repayment privilege
Very prompt service. Ask about our
20-year loans at I per cent. Haw.
kins Roberts, 206 Oregon bldg.
Salem, Or.
MARION-POLK National Farm Loan
Ass'n. Government money to loan
at 6tt percent 803 Salem Bank of
Commerce. W. D. Bmlth.
"Money to Loan.
On good real estate security
Over Ladd It Bush Bank, Salem,
Money to Loan,
Federal Farm Loans
Any amount Long time.
IVi and percent Interest
City building loans.
A. C. Bohrnstedt.
401 Masonic Temple, Salem, Oregos
Why Sell for Less.
WE will pay you more cash for your
household goods Get our bid be-
- . 1 TT-..- I... . A
and Hdwar.- Store. 2 7 1 N. Com
mercial etreet Phone 784.
Lodge Directory.
CHEMEKETA 1-dge No. 1
meets every Wednesday
evening at 7:30 at I. O. O. F. haJL
KNIGHTS OF I'l IHIAd meet at ilo
Cornack hall on every Tuesday at
8. 3. L. Tucker, CO; P. J. Kuntx.
K. R. A S.
bly No. 84 meets every Thursday at
: 8. p. m. rn S. O, O. F. hall. P. An-
dresen, M. A.; A. A. Gueffroy,
retary, Salem. Oi
TEAM, Auto Truck and Delivery
Drivers Union No. 110 meet every
. Wednesday evening at the Labor
Temple, 8 o clock.
Oregon Grage camp No. 1360 meets
every Thursday evening In McCor
nack hall. Elevator service. Oracle,
Mrs. Carrie E. Bunn. 648 Union St.
recorder. Flora Nelson, 713 North
W. O. W. SALEM CAMP 118 Meets
every Friday night at S o'clock ia
McCornack hall, cor. Court and lib
erty St Visiting- Woodmen welcome.
C. P. Ross, C. C, ; L. 8. Peer, clerk
PROTECTION lodge No. 3 A. O. U.
W. meets every Monday evening
at S p. m. in McCornack hall, cor.
Court and liberty streets. John H.
Carson, M. W; A. L. Brown, finan
cier; A. Eugene Aufrano, recorder.
Oregon Cedar Camp No. tit
meets every Thursday evening at I
o'clock In McCornack building.
Court and Liberty streets. H. Q.
Coursey, V. C; Frank A. Turner,
Safety Razor Blades.
SAFETY razor blade sharpening ma
chine, first installed at A. B. Stew
art Reoalr Shop, 847 Court St -
Marshall, osteo-
res, phone 834.
DR. JOHN L. LYNCH, osteopathia
physician and surgeon, 403-4 Ore
gon bldg. Res. phone 68F6. 104
for tlio Stabs of Oregon for the
County ot Murion
In the matter ot the estate of Sa
rah S. Mosher deceased, notice ot
hearing of final account:
To all persons interested In the
estate of Sarah S. Mosher, deceased;
You are hereby notified that on the
24th day of March 1920, D. H.
Mosher, administrator ot the above
entitled estate, tiled in this court
his final account as administrator 'it
the estate of Sarah S. Mosher, de
ceased, and that said final accounc
will be heard by this court on Mon
day, April 26, 1920, at the hour of
ten o'clock a. m. of said day or as
soon thereafter as the court can hear
the same, in the county court room
at the court house in Saiem, Marlon
county, Oregon. And you are hereby
cited to appear at such time and
place above designated end show
cauBe if anj exist why said final ac
count should not be allowed and tha
said administrator discharged from
his said trust.
This notice Is published pursuant
to an order Issued out of the said
county court for Marion county, Ore
gon, on the 24th day of March, 1920.
Donald W. Miles, Administrator,
Attorney for administrator.
Grain: Wheat No. 1 $2.00; feed
oats 8085o; milling oats 10085a;
cheat hay $18 19; oat hay $21 22;
clover had $23; mill run $46.
Butterfat: Butterfut 64c; creamery
butter 64 & 65c.
Pork, Teal and ronttokt Pork oi foet
16 8-4c; veal fancy 23c; steers Ho;
lambs 13ftc; cows 79c; ewes lo;
sheep, yearlings 12 4e.
Dressed pork 21o.
Eggs and poultry: Eggs cash 20o
light hens, 2880c; heavy hens 32o
old roosters 1618c; 4priu;;s 24a,
Vegetables: Onions per pound 6o;
celery do. $1.75; potatoes, Yakima
6c. Oregon $Vs4c sweet potatoes to
beets per sack $2; turnips per sack
$3.75; carrots per tack $1.25; parsnip
per sack $3.60; spinach lOo lb.; rad
ishes 40a dos.
$5.6006; bananas 11c; honey extract
20c; bunch beets 46c; eabbage Ic;
head lettuce $1.35; carrots 45c; as
paragus 18c;. cauliflower 1 $2 dos.;
red peppers , 2.5c ( lb; rhubarb 8c;'
peas 15o lb. "' ,
Retail prices: Ergs dozen 37c;
creamery butter 7072c; country but
ter 65c; flour, hard wheat $2.35 &3. 45
soft wheat $2.90.
Portland, April 8. Cattle steady;
receipts 4; grain and pulp fed
steers 11.00 11.75; choice $10,500
11.00; good to choice $9.60 10.60;
medium to god $8.769-75; fair to
medium $7.25 8.26; common to fair
$8.2507.25; choice cows and heifers
$9.00010.00; good to choice $3,009
$.00;- medium to good $6.6097.6.;
fair to medium $5.5096.56: canner
$3.0095.60; bulls $6.0098.00; prim?
light calves $15.00 17.00; medium
light $10.00914.00; heavy $7,000
10.00; stockera and feeders $7,100
Hogs steady; receipts 284; prime
mixed $16.66916.75; medium $16.00
916.60; rough heavy $13.00916.90:1
pigs $1315.50."
Sheep steady; receipts none; spring
Jambs $18.00920.00; light valley
$15.75917.00; heavy $14.25915.75;
common to medium $11014.(0; year-
- i ""8 $14.50 1..00; wether. $14...
; " ivin.