Capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1919-1980, April 06, 1920, Page PAGE EIGHT, Image 8

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r---t r-4. tt.-.! Ir.I-s-f K'B'j
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.,, 1 W- 4 trj-?' fefor 4;
yf- u l.' .-.--. -., f'ir r.i'e fe
J:-tf-t-lT GrJ Wt.iatm W. Uf
vir r,f An.f-'. ;
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I'- tt f;. n.i4 rr ,-.r' j
w. -yl tbfo-trt. tfci4 f '
fetjiUi tMf.'.trUtn f crime ' r tfci j
riy wers t-r. Ihr.it4 fci.4 In
J -,r-fi..f;T l;if.4, rJoM!-.
1fi4AB. s. Mn4 Udm,
sd ihptM f ifi matmm Is wkJt
i.r r sJ4 l tr sail
m.i'iirm r--1 Lk4 I-' r,r C-wr'.!
Harts actio ia .
I,nx! lUrt in4 fc !? f4
iemt4 f - ,r w-e U I -or. f Jo -r.
"TW I)m irilf," Mr. Jii4 rs-1
tars, "kard boiled, sfre-r.g-aru ,rv
tir-tn wn sr-4 trtsrttiy 4 m bat
"I ,i.)t to th rt strong rm
.."' Mui Or ril Hart.
"tprUflv l!lr-4 Jrjr4 that
tiAAltr "(Kit Oirmith lb lh!r4
tlM," 'Jr4 rpll4. "I h' !av
ftl44 r" 4i4n'l know enitUxUinA,
btit .T4 rUI t li(ufiu4."
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Portland Police
Return 3 Auto ,
Thieves Today
k-. rl:: I U-c .t-jon of b -ui
'i..-t In Fjstlns- a r-p-,! ..
j ' r- aci of ItU a -.j. '
ij.s br?ich tt treaty itia c "
Inssrasce Man TeSs
of Friend s Recorer?
fer4 cocaiJtrsVy ;rjw .
ki t.i-: tT J. H. nri.U-i of th? J., IS tift of sa -: f.'or.i
ttit tity S-jaUj aigit. nre rstarf
i tj P.r.Ji3l this aftr-a by Of
Scn G. G. Ferry anl A. O. A'jl:t.
vf th wkw!!! theft bureaa af th.
rjr-Jl :e depirtsyt.
T aata K&ln frora rnjiiy
I Clark. a tsalJje of the J. H. Ura
He saffe-
:.i s-tiniach ami ctlic aiu. i , 4.
L-i'a M rery yeUoir. H ." .t 'l
'.a:. ;.j;i-5-s3 his ailment as n I
hr-e iry.Sle 43-1 that an cptri- '''
Tl MHti.l (vreramtat h Wwuioj r f thu imporuvie o f rft fr f.!ciarii! i4 fcas reac'y wisred nt HiaCey-
- nfc:M ia f.p.rmtl the M-rri-1 iie Ms7;a fr-a tirrt TL hje rl-ir v t'se asa'.a-'ae belsj x-M. r-kir; fttr
irrtrjl bt.
: :-r . c?ir.e on ::.. ij. .
t try K&yin Wonderful R.j7
:-re takJig it one year tg he
he his been al!e to ect &2y-hi-
It la a alniple, harmU-, ft?,
remavea the catarrhal " maL
fr-jn the Jntestin&l tract anl aii,!
the kirasmiaiioit which eaafS p,
t;-iy stomach. Uvr anl inttst.
aj i-jner.t. inclndine arpiviii."
han il Jtors corr.jjir.y. aal was rec- J or a jm will convince or cu ,ny
vgsel by Mr. Grahara when h I jr.-iea. J. C. Perry, D. J. yry ;
drjvi u t.:s ei yesterdiy eveainr. i Irurgiita everjwhere,
iu( during whirh h ut&A sa
ia tba ;irt-'rbit.i fir th training
frc- Tt, Mil an drawn earritd ;,
i whkh Mr. Irn)n m.4 wr,nM
j lrly !!' tlM l "!a.- I
Th rcwrv tun, h IIk1. nr
Urn of ar and ahvutd l f'tr5
tir of iate.
Are In Sail Over
Sale Of Property
tvSf. Kelly, kit'lni In 4 ,arlii:i
Jin, f f MrPn entity nreult court
?ca 0 Medford
School Directors
Is Started Today
l!dfyr4. Or., Ar1l I At a
Irish Opposition
To English Grows
Stronger Daily
McNary Measure
Enlarging Oregon
tj ILk
'. rinsed th'rn risw as a
j Fr4 C. iltwCt, secretary of the C
'iff.m'ji Mf-L'il Trades 2f:iUn. fli-
RflSPrVfi Is PlSS0d. A that the em:lo:.-r fcvl maJ-.-
Battleships Will
Carry Middies On i
Cruise 7iis year
IuMm, Apr. t. rnnrHI'iri t t!ij
thr&oirhout lr:!ar.l a it i tO'la.'.
f,rrj critt' prtt ai(Wn the aver-
ity ,f th i.ilitar- r-?ime, b it th'-ir 'it
tHt )n are tn-t ly Wnant from !hr
f Sfw-rt th;it i-r faitn ha-. m,,
rail of II. C. (iarnt ami ;, J. I'atrri'-r,
at the. r-ifjlar (m:IioI i'r;tln in Juwi.
n, K. (S. KI'Mell and J. W. Wak f.el.l,
tnmer of the liard, retire at
time, lavln unly one nx-mbr of thr
broad, K'larard Jnawy, In olfir.i-. TIi
reran actum rnarKa tl mlrnlnation f
a nrirarrted nnMrmi-trf IihIdckI by
th rtliK:harae of a afore of li.irhi-r
yman'l ,,.,,..
liiard th r of If. (i. it
lsa , Wrnr, Tu'-wlay. The
ttaa heard without Jury and eonerr,--)
lh claim of Courwy that the de
fendant Werner had eaiwl him U
lK a warranty der-d undvr wecull'ir
Awirdlna lo ttlmrmy given b)
ilr, ft4rf, the two men, whe ar
hrothera-ln-taw had taken a trat 'f
Jan4 0,rt ahl'h rertatn
were due. Itu t unavoUUble lr u in -mf"0
Mr Vutirmf a unable In
knak tl that of the fiymml ami
tltM were aafttimed by the drnrtuit
eontrart of aKrenint l"lri hIkii
d a aurety for Wrnr' widenak
inir of the bbllKatlon,
lAtr, attonllna Id IS plulnllff
the farm waa aold by Mr. Werner
iriUJ-ti 1 the aurprlmt of Mr, and Mr.
tU,try, who II)-k thai they were urw,)yn courl hUBe
in!in-rn:rji mn mm uocuifi'.'ni iify naa
aliened had been a warranty 4 d
Coursey'f abara or clnltnl In lh prop
rty, ,
Kitln lal filKitl it 4 ii;tfiiinou(i I
yirrit io riri-uiiiwr iiiion lor in r'
-n 'jfnint)y draa . ,
mir- ln'.i-ndd to be cerc;ve ha.e
TV3hinton, Aprii Sen
ator McXary'a fc'ii er.luric'rir
the rrgon iiat'cut! f',ret
by a-i'licg fourteen usoui-irid
a:re on it northern and
western bounitari'-j, includ-
fog L-rch monntiiin arnl .Scn-
fc Z'tTg: of the Collin, Ilia f-
rivr a pasMt) ffay by th
eenate and eent to the house. A
Annipolis, April . The tMt-k
Jii7S Connecticut, Mich!ffan, Jlin-'
nejti, Ka-isis, South Cirolina an'
rti.-npnire win compnee tne,
f-1 I.-oa to convey the regiment of
y a jo take care of your healih.
I FiJr nersimn in .vrv t. a. "
extend tu'thi;.! nl0re !"' " their bodice
rh a.,uaJronW,ha T0U ee ,hin an1 Pea-
Inability to Uncover lni.rt of r'.-
n.r. ot the .rlfff4 ar.hool larrliT01 ".r","r'' ,;ii;.ur ' ! n ln
Baty Carriages
Block Traffic In
Vire has reilted In aharp criticiam.
'Jovernmnt ae"-nt are apfKirently oft
-n v!cUii of irilidriformatl'in and wn;
mlli'.iry ralda wrn to have l-en
on d.'ita Klu-n by pcroona who are d'j
!roua of the adrninlfr-.
Hon. truin time to tlrne raid r!j't
In the caiipjre of arrr.a and ammur.!
Hon but vnr ofvn th vildl-ra tuV'-.
only ij,if)i!H of eiliti-,.j itr.-x'ui,;.
Bo mu'-h U print'-. advrie to the gov-
ertiinnt that in.iny horn' 'iultr imio
Attempt to End
Trisco Strike
Is Unsuccessful
Sacramento, Cab. April I. Govern-
.n Fram io. Apr. .-Anno.jn "T Kmm D" Boyle of,
waa in Pacraroerito toJav, saul hf
nient that they had len unable t..,office wa8 Mllg aeiui.e-i with tie
r a h tin agreement with thft ehip:.anl grama from influential perfxirui in all
of the Kan Franc-Lico bay diatriit t parta of the t'niteJ Statcii" apking
r.t of empathy Ph rilV.,n coo-jen-l the atrike that b. gan last October him t0 f,"p the 1'" "t csr
tain p.'siniilile'n that mitht !, .... cumstancea surrounlie3 the divorce
:ian,ifi,-d a aedltioo., b ,t no .i.,lo." V.L V . .u ' .' . . t . . Bran ted In XertSi to Mary Pickford
nient of (he American Federation of
Front Of Court :;,
isew ioi k, April f. Ha by joffiiw. .... ... ...-... , u, (
, ,. . Labor ana eient otner national oritcera
of metal trade uniona who had com
n. .11 k.... .1 .. , k... t.,.,.l ,l,. .1 . w " '
' . -.1 . . from Owen Moore.
Wilt Bitro-PlK44mte on $50 .
New Torlc If you are feelini rar.
djxi, weak, nervous, tired ia the
i i. . - -1 . . ,t. i. , i..- t . - - c 'jrBr. ana een-miiir a ii T .i
i(Hcufnini..,- on their annual su-i.-oer. ,k ... " "
eribed them in the atement to4iy. n accanlng to en- 4 niptom that ehrjll arn
i r.,i-f -i-h ' " ' . . y a Jo take care of vour hiih
. " w ... .. - r. jar-cerr.ent made at the naval
ine nnumwi U""" r- ' -i lerriy tlay. The cruise will, as u-ua!
j he lei'L " e are tnrogn tae tpe oi , tar!y in June an4 ,
i'm tnepaat. twill Gnst proceed to Pouth A;Umic '' "r - nnaemw. pa.
X "We trun thit the urj-m will be ti- wara, thence througj the P'niama r'1 despondent or lacking in en
J or-snized alanir the line of bodies :ii.:Z canal to the Pacific, tooctiinj tirsi. at tr??.7au may look for the need'ot
are morally and lsiily re.poniM'-1 Hawaiian Islands, and then at 5r.n v-v'- "i uuirb lor
and have conittructive purpes, anJ Pedro and San Frane-sco, Pusct E:ror" nsli,utlon
are awaitin? develop menu. We no-VjSiuaJ p-irta and San D.vgo, Cal. " people, after relyln; opoi
have 4,J.i men workir.g in the hio- ' Fresaritions composed chier.y of sii;s
yard and operations are prodding Tili,?,, T . iTclnine, drastic drugs, iron, calomil,
aatisfactori!.' LeiVin DCnOUnCCS ! ' etc.. wonder why they
yy F T ri'tf 3 B0 ener"- That Is easily et
liOme IlUle Oil I l' - the fact that such person,
c-mr . T. , :n" - phoxphoric element, whi
nt7Z , ;mP, , governmM-J! a most potent essential to hoaHS
" ; for Ireland was denour.-;ar.., in Bltn.-Ph0-4.hate. ti
.. . , , y, . ,r , r .r nu,DU?f,;farr.ji; health preparation. Now ob-
Pzccorri Pro&e, ciJ!? It w'5t' TOere:
K .. " it rignt thing. tor you to do s
d! t'r 7t . .r r'Cen Mr DeVUn trial of f itro-Phosphate begin
declar.,.1 that it was not a bin for home n!r.e at once. It is not a patent medi
rule n.,r a plan to settle the Irihques-! ci- formula is prescribed by
lion, but for th permanent division of Jmar.y physicians for the ailments and
Irelanl into two sections. The best v.vnesses mentioned above.
thinK the government could do. he said -Rith every box of Bitro-Pho.h.i'fl
a urop tne uiu. resign office am! are a lew simple health rules and a
$109 guarantee. Buy a box of Fitro-
vr. isr r.ate. tt is sold and reconv
Nevada Governor
Asked To Halt
-flaby earriar
Uiflay blor ietd Irnfflc In front of 4f ulw.Tllilit to the inn yKia loan
I III V 1,1 .. .. .
0 ureal wan, . - " ' - -"" h..rc for the nurnow of endln the dii.
.... ... 1 1 1.11 cm ill i'fiiiiiit, ii.r..r....i 1. . 11. . 1 .... -
Wl tflrollir Of avlctad lennnla x.bln, ' ' m un ill-;
.... . . ' I ''mid lo overthrow the kliiir'n govern.1
. fKllef under new taw- designed to ., -.-. , .
; curb profllecrln In rent. bought Irlih renubllc h-u t..r
tUm albnatlon., fr. Werner de-j Whole famlll went lo court, the ' wn brought Into court an"'
" ht both prtli wore . ... . . . .... .. a he r fuoedt,, triv. i,..u t.. .......1 1 ..."
sr. that a warranty deed w. b. " "1 uu'"u" HnPn "fhavK.r was sent to ,11 r V
.... ..... .. . nnrenta b,. n..i..l vl r' " m "l ,0 " tor thre-
run iiin,u wj ihiji imrrririiTii,, i riw ... nion'ha
There was a feeling in Nevada, he
'let the enlichtennrl bid
British electorate eive Ireland u-h-.r
.-:he wanted.'
T. P. O'Connor called the measure v
men le3 by all good druggists every--
e 1 being continued Ttleaday af.
Hdiiii- Catholic blihops have
U. G, Boyer Files
For Re-Election As
Lima fli mint r.tMr,- c . it . .
. ... ...... .,.. ,,,,, niciriHiiiwriiMMi for thes bonds but th,.-l
VI u"ml'f"', w"h "" lhave done so by sending their moiK-v
th Ui.k of sortlnf out their children. U. America.
many of whom had ew tmnned cr- The Wtlernwt. of feeling dlvldlntt th
rlagea by crawling from one to the i.em.i. ,.t ir..i,.t . ....
nlk.. .. 1. . .1.. . - . . ' ""' """"
""' i,-. wi inn larniiorfis ugreeu
to postpone eviction till July.
In Manhattan court more limn 41) 'I
rt a. " Jniinnattaii cc
Llerk tor manon . wm.n and
in an enthusiastic
tlona e a'r nila even to learned trocieti
Tim Koyal Irlnh academy, the moat
"a. tied b.'lv In lie. 11 1 lias ,-efiis, .1
"in"!!" niHiiru 111 re llilln I I'l'lifi-i.-..- l,.l,.. M.AMii 1 .
WIlH the plain alaleinenl l,,,l "I will J,,, " , " '"" ''"" Hh membernhlp,
. .. . when the first of 160 rent eonm hi li.t An... 1 i.m.
1. - - 1 1 "".1 ii -einun
m. n ... mourns amy ()l ,tir.. ;t.-,.,.,i .((l
uon. irn.iiits wriosa ruses were await
endeavor to erv In Ihe mine miimic
In the past, !'. II, llower, county
It ' he was
: wnteniv d to tit vcari
elarti for Marlon has filed his d-cbira ' ,J " " f,,"M"""1 e'rvllud. was long since ry
tlon of eatiillilacy lor re alecllon lo III 1 ..... -i,,...," . ,V' ." . " , 1 '"""''I f" prls-m and restored to
waved tliclr 1 (itj..
J ,' , i'" stood on benches and
yeitrf. Ills petlllon ks Hint his nnnn,k, ,
has no HifortnaHon a. , w.,Mh.r; rT.t il IlX"
72? "XZ 'h CUm""' "T" A "' -."iucliir was In cou.1
ants fur III. ofllce have bean mention. mi,y ,, ow,4 ,hrt.e h
eo. i, ,,.. . . .
...... ,,wnii, wn. wvvn nn uiiiiuionai
approval. Hum .ofe-sor-li!i. in n. UII1V1
1 lint few days rnmalnlng for flllnu
diicUrnlloiis are coming In slowly for
munly, them being nn evldi nt
dearth nf canillilatcs n compitied I
pravloui years,
Middle Western
Mine Situation
To Be Adjusted
nmnlb. lie nfrered his lanillnrd .1
Deported Huns
Are Given Chilly
Welcome Back
London, April
of (ieriiiun and
. Large nuuiliers
other undeslrani"s
State Rests Case
Against Editor Of
IH'HtUn, Wunh.. April $. AfU-r mil
till Iuji. lull,, 1 It 1 1. . .
...i nl,r, P,-ir,. siiiiuiion in rested Its cuan against K. II. Anil, fd-
i '! 7''?"'","1",l',"h""' '"h"r """' "-w-i"..r, chaiged wan
"Mb dlwiilbfmilb.11. of 1 be minora erlinlnally libelling Ihe me, y -
with l ie new .,. m b, 1,. ftIr fllrnil.r kl)ll,,, ,,,, ' , adjusted whbli, , few nrmlrtlre day shooting r tVulrallr.
(e ..-, mo iiiiiii mill pri nlilelil Wash,
m 11m i niieil Mine Workeiv, 1I11I1111 'I
h'-re. tndsy
. . Other Hilton , otflrbils dci Inn , lie
Wriuble was due t an timiliiinlr wagi'
Sward iiisilii by rreslilent Wll-on's h.
HimliNHM ishiI ihuiiiImIoii i the ,u
" -nt"toe(l In M, f eisi ru.,.
Tin. day na n, It was Klnlrl nut,
gHen only til 1 dii- liM-n-a-e, or .1
rrnl. les lbs 11 ilm J7 He ocm adtaiev
it.ii1eil niiH-r wiirk.-ra. ..., .
Vancouver I. W. W.
Escape; Are Caught
tacotiver, wissti,, Apr. Two ptli
nncrs In the Clark enmity Jn, anirt ,,
lh pnllee to be members nf tb . y
W. eseniiu4 eiirlr Imlur nnd were rap.
Ktirsd aftr officers had rnmbed the en
tire tlty and then only afier each pi
bp desperate fight. The men Were
J. V. IVAulrmont, eluKed with vlu
litlfg the state eriniln.a ,M,illealim
!. and John Johnson, chnrgtd wlib
1. ...! 1 y.
z::V:in!tJ: ,'ri"c, ,o,,j wh" rmn England ,,.
. ll th" r have managed to mako (licit
way back to London but have en
countered warm reception, whei.
.their Idei.llijha been discovered.
iThoy muiiaged to cross from h
Seattle Ncwsvavcr lln""1 1,y workl,,if ,ht,ir n "'
, .., . . ... f. I "n trnmp strainers to imrthe
Knglliih and HcoHImIi ports.
The l!..i,,im who have Nv.-,ir
buck to Kngland (0 take up bimlncr:
tigiiin find H 11 hard row to hoe, says
tbn livening Htanilind. One Oeriiiitn
business mini glvo it up and return
' d to his fatherland after being re
fused admission to five London ho
tela. He found room In u Bloom.
' b.nrd rf house but two days
later the other boarders discovered
h..n. and lif.iitied the manager, th.-y
could not live under the Maine roof
wiih u Herman; and ho was turned
A (Icrnmn butcher In a London
plltC If I,l!ll)ll!.
They said they were returning to the
east with the Intention of prosecuting
the strike more vigorously than before
nid urged that the men stay out rather
;b ill accept the so-called "American
plan" under which the shipyards r.'
npened after the etrlke had been In
progress many weeks.
The officials said they proposed that
the men return to work under the con-1
Uil inns prevailing Heptember Stt, Just J
previous to tne striae, alter wnicn tin
unions; would officliilly declare the
strike of fand that a board of six men
lil created, three from each side, with
jurisdiction over all disputes, thus pre
venting strikes or lockout.
The California .Metal Trades asso
ciation replied, according to the offi
cials, that If the strike was declared of."
they would after two or three month"
consider the question of meeting tin
nitioii.i! officers for the purpose oi
drawing up an agreement. This prop
osition the union leader dedur-.'d was
The strike was called In October
after the shipyards had, O'Connell said
refused to put In effect a wage Increase
negotiated In August, first on tne
trotind that Ihe shipping board for
liadi! the Increase and secondly on tii
ground that the wage ugrjemcnt was
n ilified when the unions Imposed
Attorneys for Alllt moved today for
nn Instructed verdict (,f nciUttin. Ar
gument on th motion uevupltil (he
Uionilng session.
Daniels Predicts
Trans - Pacific
Flight By 1922
Washington, April . geeii-lnn
lianlels (old th murnt naval commit
t..e today that he honed thai "In tw 1
r less we will Have 11 nun I1I11
tlist has finwn across ihe I'aelfl,. "
Ths senretaiy was discussing ,r,i
,,.., I.. , ,. nullum nsval Dill for lli-
iM-rwrviiiion or llie trims. Allamui
plNnii NC-4 In lh nuinal iimseuhi.
lie did not gu pun anv .leull, as to the
proponed trans-Purine filght.
Mr, lianlels appealed Iwfnre th-
e.i,,it.,. y fmiber eS,,ili lll)vU.
Ion In the appi-opi'lNtlun inmsnre f,.
eular-fltig nul fa.-ilniea nn (be Pa-
uie .0.1.-11. nn , ,1 , tlH!lx j
til ni,ion Hri,.r tt ,llf 0,.u ,lu,c,.
Red Force Driven
From Essen Tndav ! " neighbors
J Will USSVll i UUUy from reopening his oi l store the otV
Lnnilno, April . In a dl-pateli ''"V all hough he had lived In Kn
from fiankfort aiiiioiiiulna the ililv In ml for 4(1 years, and there are many
log nf tl e red force from I'mn I v similar cases.
lbs government troops, the (,,,al Nell her captain nor crew of (he
New, enrrespendcut de-'ant t:.,t the steamer Bnlra. the first Uerman c
- While rutrea Uleg con.., Itu-d go ship to enter the Firth of Forth
'""! liar, .-pi,,,,,, f lu,,b ,g ,, A,1KUMli inl Ul allow
it seem. .vide,,., adds (he message, local feeling, Vesw." ,1 d ,,0
ihe' C'i ' H",H Vt"' "lU '""k 0,. '"'' ' revival nf
Tatinliauser" nt Convent Carder
tit J i recen,,y Urew a crowded and
nucmpi maae lo
! P.P. Thll r:tfet hfiWrtt-n. .. - i. ......
Poison Beta Kun'VMu'
Mennri. Ai.rH . illy I lie Asenclnl-I .!, 1 AHItlVFK
.... ,,,,i, a naliemid In,, been New
...m.e in poison Kent Kim. former die
.... Hungary, nun other eoui-'b
i ... . . ' oaiiKer.
Kasier sv.eetn.enis. Kiln and all others!
wi'i nn, ile ill but ni . reioveiluB
Turk, April . (!u!d Valued
nt npproxliuntMly II Cl.noo.Oet arrived
ii.ney unm 1 onii. in on th . M
Dr.C.B. OWeffl
laddPash Dank Duildinrf
X?f?Qr. 6 lale apt
fiow 625
Strawberry .,r
Etterbcrg 121 '
Gold Dollar
Early Cabbage
Fresh Garden Seeds
riione orders delivered.
Ward K.Richardson
2393 Front Street
Owing to numerous requests
from patrons, we again offer
for three days Thursday,
Friday and Saturday.
Our best quality Crepe
Chine and Georgette Crepe
- 40 inch All Silk Crepe de Chine
. 40 inch All Silk Georgette Crepe
Extra Special, per yard
8! fS- $B
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Com'l. and Court Sts. . p , . . ,'..
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C. P. Bishop, Prop.
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