Capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1919-1980, March 29, 1920, Page PAGE THREE, Image 3

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    MONDAY,, MARCH 29, 1920.
Sunday Sermons
Rev. I. G. Lee, Highland Amnio
Friends Cburt-h
text, Col. 2:. T- Ae ye have there
fore received Christ Jesus the Lor3,
go walk ye in him: .Rooted and bu'it
op in him, and established in the
faith, . abounding therein with
The Christian life begins in a per
jons! reception of Christ; and not ir
, mere intellectual' belief in the his
torical statements concerning hiir.
Religion is not a self development ,.f
inite human goodness, for the soul of
man is poisoned through and thru
with tin. Hear the description thjt
God gives of the unregenerate heart,
Genesis 8:21. "the imagination of
man's heart is evil from -his-youth:"
Jeremiah, tells us that "the heart is
deceitful above all things and desper
ately sick," or Bick unto death. Jesus
gald "out of the heart proceed' evil
thoughts, murders, "adulteries, forni
cations, thefts, false ' witness, Blas
phemies." In the face of these tea
ful sentences concerning the natural
heart, together with the statement of
theApostl e Paul, "that every mouth
Mopped, and all the world guilty be
f01o uod," it is evident that all mere
human effort of the" unregenerate
soul can only tend towards the devel
opment of its own Inborn corruption
No matter how much we educate the
mind and refine the tastes of the un
regenerate, we only increase the ca
pacity for evil; and, 'although they
may never fall into, the gross Immor
alities that some people with less ad
vantages have done,' they are non
the less sinners than the poor outcast,
and as certainly lost as the down an i
out. ' . .
Salvation is receiving a Divine gift.
Then the growth and development of
the supernatural man. What all men
need, and what all must have, i.s
ThHet In vmi the hone of .elnrv ' :
' To receive Christ means to receive
Him in all that he claimed to be, and
in all that he came to " do. Josuj
Christ claimed to possess all the Di
vine attributes; He claimed equality
with the Father, "I and my -father
an, nno " "thA frtthpi- fa tn YY1A Rnd f
in him," "All things that the father
hath are miine." "Before .Abraham
was, I nm," "Father glorify thou mt
' with the glory which I had with thee
before t tie worm was. wo man can
receive Jesus Christ who puts him on
a plane with other good men. No man
can receives Jesus Christ who be
lieves Him to b'e-dlvlne, only- In the
same sense that all men are divine.
Jesus Christ is in a class all by him
self. He is divine In an uniquesens.
and to receive Him in salvation, is o
believe on Him as such. One grows
weary, in these days, of the beautiful
sentiments that men are expressing
about Jesus Christ, of "his self sacri
ficing life," "of his devotion to the
cause he espoused,"- "of his splendid
example in atie service of humanity"
when at the same time they deny the
efficiency of the blood. These are the
days when men are minifying sin, and
magnifying culture; when men aro
humanizing Christ, and defying fal
len humanity; when much is belns
said about the ability of man to lift
himself by Intellectual attainments
and ethical culture. But, friends, nv.n
are lost, hopelessly lost In sin and
if. they are ever saved, it must b--
Jesus Christ. This redemption Is di
vine, as Ood is divine; It is infinite
as God is Infinite and yet it was
rmrpi-,aa .UU 1 1 TvT. Un V.I. ,.1
ocu ULUUII. 1113 UlU '
of bulls or goats; but with the blood
of the infinite Son of Gor. "Ye were
not redeemed with corruptable things
as Bllver and gold, but with the prec
ious blood of Christ."
i . . . ... .. ...
"rrjug came to save us irom win.
"Thou shalt call his name Jesus for
he shall save his people from their
sins." This salvation from sin is ac
complished, first, by the new birth.
Jesus said to the Jewish ruler "ye
must be born again," born anew, bore
from above, born of water and of the
spirit. This is not a mere mental ati
ent to the great truths of salvation.
!ut a supernatural work of grace
wrought in the heart by the Holy
Ghost. This means a new creature a
new creation. "If a man be in Christ,
he la a new creature; old things arc
Passed away; behold, ail things are
become new. Secd, while the "new
birth" produces a new nature, jrrt
the old nature, the inherited tendency
to sin, the fleshly nature still remains
"The flesh lusteth against the splrl;,
and the spirit against the flesh; and
these are contrary one- to the oth
er" This old nature .manifests Itself
In a variety of ways; as selfish ambi
tions, pride, love of applause, angc.-,
Impatience, a disposition to retaliate
'or wrongs received and other, like
ev'l tempers. Jesus camo to deliver
u from this old nature. "Christ lovjd
he church, and gave himself for, it;
that he might santify and cleanse it
ith the washing of . water by : the
ri. That he might present it to hW.
" a glorious church, .not, raving
Pot, or wrinkle, or any such .thin;;,
but that it should be holy and with
out tlcmlsh." "Knowing this, thai or.':
old man Is crucified with him, that
htr body of sin might be destroyed,
'hat henceforth we' should hot serve
,in" "I am crucified with Christ ;.nev
TthelARg i Mt. ytA not J but PhriEt
'"'eth in me:" This destruction of the
old nature is effected -through the
jPUsm with the Holy Ghost. "And
which knowcth the hearts, be ir
nera witness, giving them the Holy
'ihosL avam i .it,, ii and
Put no difference between u3 and
them, purifying their hearte by faith.
But, how does one receive Chris
I answer, by an act of faith, and b,
faith alone, but not by a faith that i.
heart bel,ef-a faith that commit,
the life to the thing believed a falii
that lays hold of the promises 0;
God and appropriates the benefits of
the shed blood for personal salvation
But this kind of faith can never exist
until there is a genuine repentance
for sin. a repentance that brings a
willingness to forsake all known sin
to turn from the old life and to turn
with all the heart to God for succor
and help. Arepentance that cauls'
one to take the back track and eiem
up the back life as far as possible; o
pay back that which has been gotte.i
by fraud, to forgive the wrongs com
mitted against us by others.
So walk. Walk' expresses the gen
eral conduct of man and indicates
progression in formation of individ
ual character. To walk in Christ im
plies a complete
for "how can two walk together ex
cept they be agreed?" As we walk
with him, there is constant growth In
grace and in the knowledge of our
ijora ana savior Jesus Christ. It is i -.
this way, nnd this alone, that Chris
tian character Is builded. It is in this
consecrated walk that one becomes
"rooted," which carries with it the
thought of fixedness, a laying hold ot
a foundation with a grip that will
not let go. Like the tree out yond'r
In the open, unprotected, as the stor n
beats upon It, it sends it roots down
deeper and deeper and fastens the t
about the rocks so firmly that no
storm can uproot it. Oh, how many
professing christians the-e are who
are everlastingly ur j" ' ' .
out, swept off by every little breez
of adversity, unable to resist the tld?
of worldliness with which we are
surrounded, or to escape the allure
ments of the places of worldly amuse
ments that abound on every hand, all
because they will not make the full
surrender and complete consecration
to Jesus Christ and walk with him n
humble, trustful obedience.
Floral Society Is
Revived With New !
Staff Of Officers
At the Commercial club auditorium I
on r ririav cmninr .... . I
"... .....,, U1P uorai soev ;
effected an organization which, it Is '
peu. may t,e of great value in assist
ng in the nm-... .,.. .v. ..... .
. , - .v-cnu - city
beautiful, which is coming more and
iu w me accepted object of Sa
lem residents, united efforts.
J- W. Maruny. formerly landscape
gardener for the Slate hosnlMJ
as temporary chairman. A. C. Barber.
lne insurance commission, pre
sented a collection of very beautnul
examples of direct color photography,
which are always received with well
merited words of appreciation, not only
of the splendid mechanical demonstnv
turn, but a artistic and beautiful ex
amples of some of the exquisitely
beautiful places In and around Salem.
J. Howard Zinier, horticulturist',
Oregon Btate hospital, gave an inter
esting talk, comparing the artificial de
velopment of some of the eastern cit
ies, in their efforts-to beautify their sur
rounding with the natural, artistic
method so popular in this western
country, because of our natural ad
vantages. - Mr. Zinzer, as Scout leader,1
pledged ot assume the beautifulying of
one spot in the vicinity.
Mrs. C. II. Chanel nresented a nisin
that has been made to interest the pub
lie schools of the city in organized ef
fort to beautify some spot, either their
own grounds or some other and Man
ager McCroskey has a-?sured them that
the Commercial club will award a lovi
ing cup to the school who makes the
best record for the season. The exact
terms of the contest to be announced
The following officers were elected
for the coming year: Homer Smith,
president; Carrie H. Chapel, vice-president;
Elizabeth Lord, secretary; J.
Howard Zinzer, treasurer.
"The life of John Dedmond," the
story of Ireland's leader In the cause
of home rule, and Incidentally Irish
history since 1798, told by Warre H.
"Selected articles on employment
management," compiled by Daniel
Bloomfield In 1920, one of the Hand
book Series.
"The Intelligence of school children"
how children differ In ability and the
use of mental testa, by one of the ablest
students of the subjects. Professor
Lewis M. Terman of Leland Stanford.
"Far awav and long ago" the story
of his youth In South America by the
English naturalist, William 11. Hud
"Why we fail as Christians" based
on the fundamental principle that we.
must love others as ourselves, by Rob
ert Hunter.
"The ndventure of life" written to
imnress the wonder and the harmony
of nil forms of life ln.their dependence
on eath other, a challenge to religious
doubt, by a physician, Robert Mo-
"Principles of bookkeeping" by O.
W. Miner.
"Productive sheep husbandly by
Walter S. Coffey.
"Health living" by C. E. A. W inMuir.
"Studio yearbook of decorative art,
1919," by Geoffrey Holme.
"Mot dnum In malice" reminiscences
of writers, theater people, and others
whom he has known, written with hu
mor sometimes with Impertinence, by
Gerald Cumberland.
vtitmnev-nnt naners on various
subjects, with a touch very like Charles
Lamb, written by Charles H. UrooKs.
"Rnrilnh literature (luring the last
half century" by John W. Cunliff-
.. nirit nnd seventy cnme
poems," translated by Arthur Wr.
"The city of dreaiirui niB". i
Rudvard Kipling. ...
"Singing mountains," a novel oy
B. Cunningham.
1 "The great desire" ny Aiem -.
"Mother" by Owen later.
"Miss Fingal" by Mrs. Clifford.
"Maupret" by George Sand.
A Group of French Books.
T. roman dun Jeuns Nommc
pauvre" by.Fe'uillet, ( . '
'Memoires d'un ant j -
de Segur. ' ; .,.., onli
L'ami Fritz" ny r.n-..."" -
Chatrian. - , ...... ,,, Da-'
"La tullpe noire ny .:-
mas- ! .... m.rm Lntl.
VPecheur-d laianue ; -
Soriicu o
TUm Original
Melted Milk
v Infanta rd InOid
The Grocery Boy Tells
Me The Best Eaters
Among HisTradeu
No corn HaKes,ap
proacn uiesc
substantial bits, of
Kansas City, Mo., Mar. 27. The
team which will represent the Kan
sas' City Athletic lub in the natlom!
amateur boxing championship tour
nament In Boston, the first week in
April, wilr be selected by a series n.
elimination events which will featuis
an amateur boxing carnival in Con
vention hull here March 31. A tour
nament of at least fifteen bouts is
planned by Dr. Joseph A. Reilly, ath
letic director o, th club.
"I was forced to give up my minirg
business and move to Los Angeles
seeking health, but thank to Tan'nc
I am going back a well man," said
William II. Hart, who owns the Vindicator-Divide
mine in Tonopah, NV.
"For nine years," he continued, "'
suffered terribfy from indigestion, my
appetite was poor and everything I
ate would cause so much gas in ivy
stomach that I would be drawn
almost double with pain. I got s"
nervous I couldn't write a letter nnfi
even the wind blowing around tl.e
house at night would upset me so I
couldn't sleep. I lost forty pounds IP
weight and finally had such badat
tacks that I couldn't stay on the job
another day. I just gave up and can e
out here, but the change, like all the
treatments I had taken, seemed to Uo
me no good at all.
"One dav a friend recommended
Tanlac to me and I will never be able
to thank him enough, for now after
mkintr four bottles I feel like a new
man. I eat three hearty meals a day.
mv nerves are as steady as a rock, I
sleep like a child at night and I am
going back to my mines feeling fit
and fine in every way. I am glad ia.
hnve a chance to tell other people.
what a great medicine Tanlac is." 1
TnLie is sold in Balem by Tyler s
drug Btore, and by all leading drug
gists in every town. (Adv)
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Tuledo. O., Mar. 27. Officials of
tho Toledo Driving rlub are exppct-
lng a 'oig week In the grind rlrcuit
here, July 12 to 16, in the Crexceuf
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more than a half doien Peter th
Great colu are booked.
Tho Fort Miami 2:08 trot for a
purse of $3000 has a nomination hit
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$3000, 2:09 pace ha 21 entries.
Twelve are nominated in the Willys
Overland Htake for 2:03 parers, $J,
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