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Season Sunday If
Weather Permits
Salem golf enthusiasts will hold
their first golf tournament of the
season tomorrow on the links of the
Ulihee country club.
There is a lot of fine golf materhl
In Salem and by getting a start early
in the season the local experts will
be in shape to give rival club teams
tome real competition later on.
The following schedule of matches
for tomorrow, weather permitting,
have been announced by Ercel Kay:
Hutcheon vs Ollnger; Griffith
Smith : McDougal vs Locke; Roberts
vs Farrar; Thielseh vs T. B. Kay;
Cox v Baker; Rahn vs Livesley; Maa
rria vs Dyer: Gabrielson vs Plimpton;
Spears vs Cross; Edwards va Burg
kaxdt; Gardner va Keene; Olcott
Toung; Abst va Myers; P. Staley .
Leffingwell; Lantis vs Paulis; Mrs
Locke vs Mrs. Gillingham; Mrs. Ba
ker va Mrs. Kay; Mrs. Farrar vs M'S
Mr. Kay stated that any one whose
self evident That more ex-service! b?" " aJ of armed workmen
their own loss as there is no mistak-j ?:ked the place they would fight to
ing the sincerity of "Jimmy" Elviii,he !ast man-
or Physical Director Hull in "Ue ,iidn t know whv we ft'Ught the
Uncle Sam s men the best that the Y i alli's-" K"J 'he leader to the corre
spondent, "But we know what we are
fighting for now."
In introducing Mrs. Jean Morris
Ellis, the speaker of the evening, Sec
retary Elvin called attention to the
fact that the "Y" is offering its coun
ty apportionment of ISO scholarships!
to all ex-service men who need help j
in undertaking, various educational
projects. Those Interested were ask
ed to consult with the secretary - at
the Salem "T" office.
Secretary Elvln also emphasized
the standing invitation of the "Y" to
ex-service men, a six months free
membership being made available tc
all who wish to take advantage of the
'Mrs. Ellis, who has a national rep
utation as a writer, expert character
reader and vocational advisor, ad
dressed the great war veterans upon
various phases, of her work during
the war.
"Only a mother knows what a man
costs," stated Mrs, Ellis, adding, 'but
only a soldier knows what a nation
costs." Mrs. Ellis was well applaud
ed when she stated that It waa to bo
hoped that in event of another war
xi .4
ikwit i i H f 1 i V.i'
name did not appear in the above ony trained women would be sent
list wouia De particularly welcome n
participate in tomorrow's tournament,
and that if they would come, oppo
nents would be found for them.
Willamette Juniors
f Select Class Play
The junior class of Willamette unl
verait y has selected Bulwerr-Lytton's
"Lady of Lyons" for the class play to
be presented during the May Day ex
ercises of the university this spring.
The play is being directed by Miss
Barnes, head of the dramatic deport
ment of the Ellison-White Consetvn
tory in Portland, formerly of the
Emerson College of Oratory in Boston,
and later dramatic critic for the New
YorJc Times. The scene of the play is
laid In Lyons, romantic city of France,
shortly after the French revolutTon.
The cast: Claude Melnote, Loren Eas
ier; Colonel Damns, Ralph Thomas;
Beauseant, Edwin Socolofsky; Glavls,
Floyd Mclntire; Mons. Deschappens,
Paul Flegel; Landlord, Ivan Corner;
Caspar, William Sherwood; Capt. Ger
vais, Fred Aldrlch; Capt. Dupont, Rus
sell Rarey; Major DesMoullns, Frank
Foster;' Notary, Herald Emmel; Ser
vant, Kleth Lyman; Pauline, Fay Per
Jnger; Madame Deschappelles, Myrtle
Mason; Widow Melnote, Dorothy Buck
ner; Janet, Wllfred.Eyre.
out into the various undertakings.
Following the address, Mrs. JSIlis
made many appointments for consul
tation with ex-service men, Saturday,
regarding character analysis and ad
vice as to the occupations best suit id
for the individual.
Workers Revolt
In Saxony Report
(Continued from Page One.)
Uliss Rasmussen's
Funeral Sunday
The funeral for Miss Mable Grace
Rasmussen, age 29, who died at her
home, 318 Miller street, Friday a!
ternoon, following several years' Ill
ness, will be held at the chapel of the
rigdon Son company at 2:30 p. m.
Sunday. Rev, Kantner will have
charge of the services; and burlnl
will follow In City View cemetery.
Miss RasmuBsen's death is mourn
ed by her parents, Mr. and Mrs. N. P.
Rasmussen, and three brothers, Paul.
Mllo and Albert, all of Salem.
Mrs, Ellis Speaks
To Ex-Service Men
At "Y" Social Eve
"Say, pardner, didn't I meet you at
Navarre in September, 1817". These
nd other salutations flashed acroh
the well laden tables In the Y. M. C.
A. banquet hall last night, when Sec
retary James Elvin welcomod ex
service men and American ,Leg1on
As the fifty or more ex-service
men and overseas veterans, assailed'
various portions of the well served i workers were organizing a guard. A
dinner, reminiscences were exchang- few miles further on the village of
dand the spirit of fellowship was Germcweltz was found to be occupied
lute helplessness of workers In case of
armed conflict and we will not attempt
to physically resist military occupation
of Falkenstein. If the troops appear
we will again call a general strike.
Hoelze, for whose arrests there is a
reward of 5000 marks, said the work
ers grievance against the government
was its militarism and asserted they
would not tryto weaken the governmen
ment by agitation.
Communtots Entrenched.
Chemnitz, Saxony, Mar. 26. Com
munists are firmly entrenched in con
trol here and prepared to resist at
tacks by government troops which
may be sent against the city. In the
event the troops secure control, a gen
eral strike may again be called. Heiiv
rich Brandler, chairman of the execu
tive committee , of the workers, de
clared today his followers were closely
co-operating with workers in the Ruhr
"We do not expect an attack as the
government's forces are too weak," he
said, "but If It comes we will resist?'
There are 12,00 tnen under arms In
this district, and Brandler said the
workers' leaders could call upon not
only the workmen of Chemnitz, who
made up 93 per oent of the population
but those of the entire Vogt land and
Ore mountain regions.
The mayor of the town confirmed
Brandler'B declaration ' that workers
co-operating with the municipal au
thorities without interfering with the
latter. Brandler branded as nonsense
reports that a soviet government was
to be established.
Troops Enter Gotha.
Falkenstein, Saxony, Mar. 26. Gov
ernment troops entered Gotha today
to round up leaders of workers and
search the city tot arms and ammuni
tion. A long column of troops was pass
ed by the correspondent when he left
Gotha and his luggage was reached
several times.
During the long trip here govern
ment troops were met several times
At Jena everything was quiet, and the
"Good morning, Mrs. Findlay."
"Good morning; Mrs. O'Doyle ana
how are you all this lovely spring
"We are fine, thank you, and very
comfortable in our new home. Ton
known, Mrs. Findlay, that we bought
our first home last week, and have
just moved in, and oh! Mrs. Findlay,
what a great relief to my mind that
we are at last settled. My! It surely
was terrible. Had to move three dif
ferent times in four months from one
house to another .and each one worse
than the other, until we bought our
own home.
"My! Mrs, O'Doyle, do you mean to
say that you moved three times in four
"Yes, Mrs. Findlay we sure did. You
know there are so. many houses being
sold that unless one owns their own
home they stand a chance of having to
vacate at any time, and then, too, every
one says that not only rent, but prop
erty is going higher. And oh! Mrs.
Findlay, I' m just so glad that we now
have a lovely home all our own. And
we got a good deal too."
"Well, Mrs. Doyle and pray tell me
how you came to get such a home?
You know that Patrick and I too have
been thinking about doing that same,
very thing." L
"Sure, Mrs. Findlay, we were advised
by some very dear friends of ours to
call on Mr. C. W. Niemeyer, In the
Masonic building, to see what we could
do in the way of buying a house, and
really, Mrs. Findlay, we were sure de
lighted with the way he treated us.
Say, I do believe that he Is the most
courteous business man I ever met,
and say, he would not sell us anything
until he knew we had found Just what
we wanted. And oh! Mrs. Findlay, he
does such a big business. And he has
everything so systematic in his office.
Everything at his fingers' ends. It
didn't take him but a few minutes to
show us on a set of cards and on the
map all the details of any of the houses
that appealed to us. . That saved us a
lot of time, because then we knew
pretty well before we left whether the
place would suit us or not."
"Be sure and see him, Mrs. FIna.
if you want to buy a home. You know
Mr. Niemeyer has only just got back to
the office after over a month's illness
with the influenza, so you should
phone him - for an appointment He
has two telephones. They are num
bers 1000 and 1014. Easy to remem
ber aren't they?"
"Say, Mrs. Doyle, I'm going to call
Frank up right away and have him
meet me at Mr. Niemeyer's office. It
Is In the Masonic Temple you said,
Mrs. Doyle?"
"Yes right opposite the elevator on
the second floor. You can't miss. it.
But I must go now. I want to get some
more of my garden In. Let me know
how you get along, Mrs. Findlay.
Good bye! But, Just a minute. Is he
any relation to the drug store Nei
meyer?" "No. The drug store Nelmeyer is
no relation. He bought his business
through the real estate Niemeyer.
They spell their names a little differ
ently too. But It's a good drug store to
deal with. Adv.
: ..... .
OH, BOY! V : ' f f Y ,
SAY ITS i f ,yt i vjtfp3 . .
SOME - 1 r-W. 1 OfOlHI '
picture . k , -" yw iry isnr
For Colds, Grip or Influenza
and as a Preventative, take LAXA
Look for B. W. GROVE'S signature
on the box. lOo. (Adv)
ii mm lil'
pf'iiA I I'fflif
ill I mm
Because the greatest care has been exercised in its design
to reproduce the music just as it is produced by the artisi
Shut your eyes.listen, can you tell that the music is from it
phonograph? Do you hear the motor? Do you hear the
grind of the needle? NO! NOT ON A SONORA. ThaVs
Myrtle Knowland
Sonora Dealer in Salem
Theodore Roberts, Ann Utile and Tully Marshall in
the supporting cast
Mack SennetVs
'The Kitchen Lady
Featuring Louise Fazenda
It's a comedy you could enjoy
seeing a dozen times.
By Popular Request
2:15, 4, 8:45, 7:30, 9:15 p. m.
The Marion Automobile Co.
H as taken the agency in Marion, Polk, Linn and Benton Counties for the
Four Forty ;
This automobile has been on the market for five years, but this is its first
introduction in this territory. Readers of the national magazines will
be familiar with the specifications of this car.
It is a light, medium priced car, possessing excellent riding qualities
and abundant power.
You are invite dto call at our show room or phone for a demonsira- "'
Hon, . ' , . ' " V,'. ' ' :
. A full line of tires and accessories.
.:.' We Never Close
235 South Commercial St.
ile Co.
Phone 362