Capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1919-1980, March 27, 1920, Page PAGE TEN, Image 10

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Prohibited By
Federal Statute
Night Riders Of
Kentucky Burn
Tobacco Schute
allowed to rote are: those who have, for years extracted all the real flav
,been TfM,r,f 0f fj., stst9 tor S'or cf the loganberry " is worthy of
month.1, township 0 days and ward. comment, humorous or otherwise,
or precinct 3 days, immediately pre-The letter Is dated March 13, and fo'.
ceeding the election and shall have: lows:
A Xcw Flavor Hit
A snug half million dollars is whit
mey Max Oehlhar from 108 northern section of Graves county. wi """,'; V i.,irtt.r
prohibition director at ted the Mayfleld tobacco chute and " in "0tfWrTiv,S
.less permission is first PP" the torch. " izen ot th United
declared nil intention to become a
, citizen of the t'nited State Missouri,
Mvfioi,i i- mo- ! Tk. Kansao. Neb-aska, South Dakota and
outbreak of night rider 'troubles mi Texas have s milar provisions In their
.Western Kentucky in thirteen years' oons-ituuon or election jaws, assa
il is unlawful to make vinegar, ac occurred last night when between cnuetis s sausx,. u
cording to advices received today by 20 nJ "0 tobacco growers from . ' , f0 it""., tlPXl
nir itinnn.. . ru,k,K. J "I the northern otion r.f fjr.v. ,.n, of the state. There are probably other
the federal
Portland. tinlAtui
-obtained frnm lh rr. j... i The renewal of nlirht rlillnv la aifl tate3
the state law, Mr. Gehihar said today !to tne result of the fight of tobac
It is permissible to make vinegar; , co growers of this section of the state
oui unuer tne federal regulations, ad- Binsi ane aropping prices of tobac
vices from the federal prohibition di- co- Growers .recently organized and
rector etate, bond must first be made hundreds agreed not to sell their
assuring the government that the crP 011 ny warehouse floor. Recent
vinegar will not be made and sold for ,y twent' McCracken county grow-
orinning purposes. Permission to erB' at ,ne P0'"' of shot guns, forced
make vinegar will be granted by the BveraI growers coming to Paducah
icuorai pronioiuon director whose w,u lnelr "acco to turn hack.
uwtuquariers are with the Internal
revenue collector at Portland.
Big Convention
To Settle Claims
Of G.O.P. Runners
Determination To ,
Raise Hospital
Money Is Strong
ueiermination to raise the com Die te
IIAn AAA n- 4, ct rt .
St. Paul. Minn.. Mar 91 n-l.. IhosnltlLl la ffrnorlnir with ,. I
. . - - viiij UI'J ..u viiiirtt.i$n
uecuion of the republican nntinnui managers as renorta ateaHllv n..r i
....iiun ai wnicago in June will
uwinueiy settle the conflicting clain
or Johnson, .Wood and Lowden fac-
oi me party as to the signifi
cance of the one hour presidential
preference vote in Minnesota Mon
day, March 15. Tabulation of the vote
by the state central committee ceas
ed when the county conventions
started March 17, because election of
these conventions wns
the real object of the primary and
control of them by one faction or the
other largely determined the complex
Ions of the resulting district and
state gatherings. These in turn chose
the men to represent the state in the
big national assembly of the party.
The presidential preference voto
when tabulation ceased enriv
nesday morning stood: Wood 12 627--Johnson
517i Hoover 4486; Lowden
That day' the county conventions
net and of the' 84 gatherings, 62 sent
tininstrvcted delegations to the dii
trict conventions. Of the others 27
were instructed for Wood, 6 for Low
den and two for Johnson. ,
Wood Gets Dclegittion
The ten district conventions ni't
JMurch 18. The Wood forces controll
ed half of them and thus ten dele
gate instructed for him were sent
to the natlonril convention Four dis
tricts chose unlnstrucled delegates to
the Chicago gathering and In the oth
er there was a split, part of the del
egates selecting two Wood men and
the others a pair of unlnstructed rep
resentatives. The next day the state convention
of the party picked jour delegates at
large and left them unlnstrucled. On
paper therefore, the Minnesota dele
Kutlon stood today as follows: Unlr..
atructed 12; Wood 10; ccntested 2'
iirorgen arc Made
What portion of the preference
Vote remained uncounted when tab
ulation closed cannot be determined,
ttome precincts dirt not even open the
polls, others registered no votes ex
cept perhaps those of the election of
ficials on duty. In numerous instances
vhere were charges that no ballot
Ihad lnen provided for one or the
wthor candidates these claims com
ing from Wood, Johnson mid Lowden
camp alike. County chairmen were
Wnerally given the duly of providing
hallota for the precincts in their ter
headquarters announcing gradual re
ductions in the deficit Last night, it
was said at headquarters today, $21,
000 was yet to be saider. This amount
was reduced today to $20,000 yet to , J.
ha nluj
in the above named states it is pos
sible for a man to come to the Unit
ed States, declare his intention to be
come a citizen, and without renounc
lng his allegiance to a foreign sov
ereign, or obligating himself to our
government, in from sixty days to
six months cast a ballot for the elec
tion of presidential electors and mem
bers of congress, as well, also, for
state and county officials. During this
time the alien will owe allegiance to
a foreign ruler. Not only this but in
some of the same states they are elig
ible to hold office.
The right to vote is cot a privilege
of citizenship in the United States,
but la left at present, to be determined
by the states, as witness the famous
'Grandfather" clause in the constitu
tion of N'orfl Carolina, which dis
franchised the bulk of the negro vote
in that state.
- It is not fair to loyal Americans'
that some states permit aliens to have
the same voice In the administration
of our affairs, but domestic and for
as they.
Reports of the commendable actlvl-1, " TILTo,'1"1' " '"Vl
ZlTtiZfZtZT-Zl: constitutions
1. ... ana law so as to limit the right of
city "ollcltlng committee are known to suffrage to citizens of the United
nwiii iiu una! icijuri vi mi me states.
labor unions in Salem is expected with
in a few days.
It is within the range of possibilities
that some of the members of congress
who have opposed necessary war
CANADIAN GOES TO AMERICANS measures owe their position to votes
Toledo, O., Mar. 27. Jean Dubus. of this objectionable class. Notice the
tne veteran Canadian pitcher, for a
number of years with the Detroit
Americans and later with the New
York Giants, has accepted terms as
a member of the Toledo club of the
American association, according to a
telegram received from him at Montreal.
Many States Are
Swayed By Aliens
Bingham Asserts
states irom Which some
structionists come and
own conclusions.
of the ob
draw your
High School Play
Is Voted Success
With the members of the cast pluy
lng up to the characters given them
or portrayal, and the auditorium f!h
d U the doors with Interested snen-
lators, ine high school play "TiiP
Prince of Liars." with Amory GUI m
the title role, which was given lust
evening, was a huge success.
1 Archie Holt, as the mother-in-law,
Jvenneth .Wilson, as a chorus girl
and Roland Relnhart ns the son of the
tnother-in-Uw, were the principal.
Jaugh evokers of the evening. Othr
members of the cast were equally
ood. The play was given by the Ju
lius Caesars, and was directed bv
Miss Edna. Sterling. .
Members of Lloyd C. Hill rost of the
American Legion, at Morenoi, Ariz.,
have pledged themselves to wear their
rmy , navy or marine uniforms until
prices are lowered.
Loganberry Extract
Is Latest Product
For Flavoring Use
To prove the attention that hau
been given the loganberry bv manu
facturers and distributing specialists, t-nez company has filed a letter
from the nationally known Blanke-
In light of the fact that alien resi- aaer Chemical company.
. . . . . , mi 1 , . ....
aents 01 Marion county nave oeen juis company is specializing in a
appearing in Increasing numbers for new true fruit flavor marketed ?
the purpose of completing naturallza- ' True fruit Loganberry Extract.
tion, observations made by Judge Perhaps the letter' which the Blanke
George G TMngham In the course of Bacr company is sending to the trade,
this work in his department are of distributors, confectioners and bak
general interest to American citizens, ers, gives a better conception of the
Aliens residing in this and other place which the great Salem berry has
counties of the state of Oregon are won for itself than anything else can
demonstrating a generat tendency to do.
enter into full relationship with their The circular Is addressed from th.i
Uncle Sam. County and court officials St. Louis office of the chemical com-
01 Marion were recently congratuiai- pany. The statement that ''in advance
od by one of the naturalization offl-;0f public opinion, Blanke-Bacr ha
cers following the examination of a'
good sized class of aliens who were
completing their clltzcnshlp. Aliens Hp In ihprffl Cntrta 4f
In this cminlrv renelva Ihn crpntpaf v vlSfffrC
enoouragement from county
Loganberry growers are spending in
leading magazines The Saturday
Evening Post, Ladies Home Journal,
etc., to advertise the new wonder
fruit (loganberry.)
The call for loganberry has swit
the country and up-Ho the minute
candy and confection people, are now
adopting it as the Flavor.
That dark, deep, red berry with a
snappy sparkling testy flavor, is
worth all the attention it Is Vetting.
Drinks, candy confections, icecream,
anything that needs flavor is now
wanted in loganberry they all want
it everybody wants it.
Tne Demand Is Doe to the Taste
In advance of public opinion, th.
House of Blanke Baer has for years.
extracted into a concentrated forri
all of the real fruity flavor of the
loganberry, retaining the natural co'-
or, aroma and snappy taste 100 per
cent pure and with a freshness of
flavor equal to a bowlful of ripe lo
As originators of true fruit extracts,
we offer today the opportunity to se
cure at exceptional attractive prices
our True Fruit Loganberry Extact,
recognize! as the finest true fruit ex
tract on the market today, especial
ly adapted for fine ' candy and cor
The capital stock cf the Lumber
men Clearing House company has
been increased from (100,000 to $250,.
Dr.C.B. O'Neill
- laddfeBush Bank
X(k State aitf
changed to T. R. Hewitt Ac Co., and
the capital increased from $1000 to
$5000 accoroiug to supplementary
articles filed.
Resolutions of dissolution were fil
ed d ythe Darowlsh-Allen company
000 according to a certificate filed and the Tw'n states Motor Car com-
wlth the state corporation depart-. pany hath or romand.
ment here Fiiday.
Articles of incorporation were filed
Friday as follows:
Cooper-Cariv Motor Co., The Dal
les; $5000; J. A. Cooper, F. C. Carsy
and J. L. Childers.
Hamilton Auto Company, Portland,
$25,000; C. E. Hamilton, M. R. Cald
erwood and Homer D. Angell.
Elite Oarage, Portlnad. $10,000;
Wm. C. Bellows, C. C. Brown and
John P. Hannan
The Centrel Corporation. Portland
$25,000; Fred G. Meyer, B. Olson
and L. K. Schmidt
J. L. Caldwell. Inc., rortland: $10,
000. J. L. Caldwell, R. G. JIacFar
lane and Allen Joy.
Oakrldge Lumber Comnany, Oak.
ridge, Lake County; $15,00; C. S.
Williams E I E. Smith and Levi Rod-
Rush, Parkinson Company, Tort
land. $25,000; Winnifred K. Bush,
Earl Parkinson and Eugene S. Bush.
Declaration of intention to operate
in Oregon wns filed by the Wells
Brothers Construction compnay, a
Maine corporation capitalized at $500-
000. P. A. Wells. Yeon building, Port
land, is named as attorney-in-fact for
The name of the Hewitt Commis
sion compan", inc., Portland, is
Common tea has a lot of
tannin in it. And tannin,
you know, is bad for stomach
and nerves.
Schilling Tea contains
very little tannin.
"But Schilling Tea costs
more!" Yes, that's so it
costs more per pound. .But
figure the cost per cup.
You'll find that it's really
cheaper than common tea
a pound makes so many
more cups!
And it real tea rich,
refreshing, restful.
There ate four flavors of Schilling
Tea Japan, Ceylon -India, Oolong,
English Breakfast. All one quality. In
parchmyn-lined moisture-proof packages.
At grocers everywhere.
A Schilliug & Co Sail Francisco
in the cburtte of their efforts to be
come vptera of this state.
It may not be a surprise (0 know
that in miny states of the union it
is possible for aliens to participate
In our elections and that It Is pos
sible for tho alien vote in such states
to influence, if not determine the
election of officers, federal and state,
from president down.
Article 1, of Soctlon 4, of the Fed
oral Constitution, provides: ,
"The time, place and mnnner of
holding elections for senators dttd
representors, shull be prescribed in
each state by the legislature thereof:
but congrers may at any time by
law make or alter such regulations
except as to the place of choosing
. Congress by Section 2004, Federal
Statute Annotated, provides that:
"All citizens of the United States
who are otherwise qualified by law to
vote at ar.y election by the people
In the stale, territory; district, county
city, townBhlp, school district, mu
nicipality 01 other territorial subdiv
ision, shall be entitled and allowed to
vote nt all such elections, without dis
tinction of race, color or previous con
ditions of servitude, any constitution,
law, custom or regulation of any
state or teriitory, to the contrary not
withstanding" Congress has not attemnted to
change the laws of the several states'
prescribing qualifications of voters. '
In Indiana among those who are
the Dreamland
I 7 x R
E ( Ni E
Has Just Received a Car Load
Which can be had by mail at, the can .... $2.75
Postage and Insurance 21
Total .'. ........, ..$2.96
Armour's side bacon , .......,.,........2(?c
We have a few "Hospital" blankets at .........l..J.L....$60
Postage and Insurance 13
107 Lyon Street
Albany, Ore.
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thurs
day and Friday Evening.
Children's Day Hatorday,
oys, Attention!
For the next six months and per
aps 'onger we are going to give
REE to every boy who buys a suit
ot clothes, from us a six months' sub
scription to the American Boy.
Boys, take advantage of this op
portunity today.
Just Received
We have just received a new line
of boys Oregon Cnssimere Suits. We
nave sold hundreds of these in re
cent years.
$14 f)0 to $18.50
. r w -ss
ISO StirA frl hltv na .,...1 i
i . . . vli u Kei me
- You do not take a chance to lose if you purchase here
Salem Woolen Mills Store
"Every Family in Marion and Polk Counties a ratroa"
We are building a Tractor Busi
ness that will live and increase
rMSd a
The FORDON docs this in every way. It hEnTv8
perfectly designed and built that it can be relied Absolutely. TRACTOR-so
We Can Make Immediate Deliveries
Our service department is completely organized-we have organized it for a PERMANFT
OWNERS TraCtr l,USineSS' We yU t0 ne of oS W TORMON
Why Motor Co.
Public Auction
Monday, March
29h WO p.m.
705 South 19th St,
1 Ford touring car "in Crstcl4ss
Pure bred BnglWi Bn
vrhite Leghorn heM aU
1 Combination wood, coal"
gas "Great Majestic".
. hole base stove M
new. A dandy. . J
1 Ivory dresser an4 chi(foneer
2 white enamel beds,
1 Silk floss matress.
2 steel springs.
1 round oak extension Ub'e.
oak diners.
1 oak rocker.
2 oak baby's high chairs. .
1 heater, block and pipe.
1 Linoleum rug, 9x12.
1 Brussels rug, 9 12.
1 Baby carriage.
1 cloth basket.
1 patented ironing board.
1 set new dishes and other ar.
NOTE: All the above furni
ture Is nearly new.
J. A. Gardner
F. N. Woodry
Tho Auctioneer,
Furniture Auction
Tuesday, March
945 Chemeketa St
1 upright oak piano like new,
1 piano bench and stool
1 piano scarf
1 n,assive mahogany library
1 mahopany cabinet
2 mahoprany rockers, leather
1 mahogany arm chair, leather
1 mahogay Victrola and records
1 mahogany sewing rocker.
1 high ouck oak rocker, leather
2 low back oak rockers
4 eection oak book cans
54 inch top oak extension table
6 oak diners, leather seats.
1 write enamel sewing rpeker.
1 tyrswriler table.
1 birds eye maple dresser and
1 'cellar chest.
2 oak library tables
1 white enamel Pricess dresser
1 white enamel stand.
1 massive mirror, 24xiSinches
French plate.
1 drop head sewir.g machine.
1 bras a bed.
1 Martin bed.
1 white enamel bed.
1 DeLux coil sprln?.
2 Yum Turn springs.
2 felt mattresses. :
2 Axmi.ioter rugs, 9x12.
1 Axminster rugs, 8x10.
1 Axmintter rug, 5x6.
2 Axinlnster mats, 2x5.
I velvet Brussels rugs, 9x12.
1 linoleum, 9x12.
1 oarf library lamp.
1 good washing machine.
1 good 6-hole steel range,
1 good 4-hole gas range.
All draperies in house, plants,
ISO qurats home canned fruit,
pictures, wheelbarrow, 2 lad
ders, lawn mower, garden hoes,
wash tubs, boiler, dishes, kitch
en utonsfls plant stands ironing
board, 8 Japanese kegs, ice
cream freezer, eleotrio globos,
fruit Jars, flower plants, pillows,
gold fish, ultclnlfl, kitchen tables
bench, auto tires and inner
tube efor Ford table scarfs,
porch scat and many other ar
945 Chemeketa, Owner
. F. N. Woodry,
The Auctioneer.
Fhone 510 or 511
Public Auction
Wednesday, Mar.
31,1:30 p.m.
656 Center Street
1 larce library tnbl
1 Axminster rugr, Sl2
1 oak sewing rooker
1 oak arm rocker
C diners.
1 oak extension table
2 pair curtains.
4 cots
1 plate glass mirror.
1 o&k dresser
1 ivory dresser
1 patented lronin? biiird
1 capper tea keitie
1 perculator
2-3 cords slab wood
Dishes, kitchen utniK fP!'
wash boiler, electric light shas
and many other articles.
'Tower Farmin? Specialists"
F. N. Woodry
NOTE. All the sore