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Oregon: Tonight and Sunday prob
4b!y raia west, moderate westerly
Local Rainfall, .14
S.g feet, falling.
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' ' (
Uiii 11
Love Affair
May Explain
Steiger Case for Mri Steiger, wife of.
X. W. Steiger, who was shot
three times and seriously
wounded while in the barn on
Averags for Quarter Bn"ttg
December It. lilt
5 4 5 8
Member Audit Burets of Clrenlatica
Associated Pre Full Lease Wtr
Df'.J.- II,' 1. T ,
A Jobs n ii
subject To 10-Hour jUaessa rails
crown i n i i .
as Bolshevik
Launch Drive
Paris, Mar. 27. Odessa, the
reply to a question raised by Thomas I" KUSSian port 0 nthe Black
"7TOIa" of " Providing for
a work day of ,e hour, with an extra
three hours of overtime to be paid for
the rate of time and one half, ap.
Plies to employe, engaged in piece
work as well as to those empioyed by
the day. according to Attorney r..-
al Brown. The opinion is written In
Hill Asks Until
Monday To Make
Plea To Charge
-asper nui, auas C. H. Hill alia
McCusker of Portland, secretary-
Ms farm a mile north of this the in'lustia, Nation of
city Thursday night and his de-J "The law plainly provides that no
sire to get her husband out of , shaU be mPoyed in any mm,
L 7 tAv .AA kj'T r. ""tocturln. establish-
me waj, " c,vvu uji imrin in mis state for
juthorities as a
shooting that is attributed to
Jesse Mullinix, 40, now in the
county jail under a charge of
assault with intent to kill.
Knowledge that Mrs. .Steiger
would be the sole heir to a large
estate her husband would leave
in case of death, and that if he
successfully wooed her he
would get it, is another theory
that was being worked upon to
day by Prosecuting Attorney
Max Gehlhar,
Mullnix was formally charged with
the crime last evening: He probably
will be arraigned In court late this aft
ernoon, Mr. Gehlhar said. The arraign
ment has been delayed, it was stated,
to enable deputies from the sheriff's
office to gather further evidence on
the case.
Steiger Sonfesses.
Reluctantly Mr. Steiger, who Is con
fined at the Salem hospital, -told Mr.
Gehlhar and Sheriff Needharh yester
day afternoon that he did quarrel with
Mullhilx while he was'employed on his
farm in August, 1918, and that he or
dered him from the premises after
Mullinix had paid undue attention to
Mrs. Steiger. Steiger admitted that he
did not believe that Mullinix would re
turn after this long elapse of time to
get revenge thought to have been
sought when they disagreed on how
horses on the farm should be cared
Investigation made by Deputies
Bower and Smith on the Steiger farm
yesterday resulted in the finding of five
empty pistol cartridges, from which,
authorities aver, the bullets which en
tered Steiger's body came. They were
found lying together about ten paces
from where the shooting occurred.
Shot' nt Barn Door.
It developed today that the shooting
did not occur in -the barnyard wnue
' Mr. Steiger was en route to the house,
but that It occurred at the entrance of
the bam.
It is the belief of Prosecuting Attor
ney Gehlhar that whoever commltteed
the crime had intimate knowledge of
Mr. Steiger's habits. For, according to
Steiger's story as told yesterday at the
hospital, his assailant reached through
the door, that was apar not more than
a foot and a half, and fired Just as he
:rame through with the milk buckets.
Steiger said that he struck at the man
with his lantern, then grappled with
him. When his strength ebbed the
fellow broke away and ran. He is be
lieved to have emptied the shells from
the revolver as he ran, and thrown the
weapon into a moat nearby. Authori
ties have thus far been unable to find
the revolver.
Neighbors Silent.
Although declining to discus uie
matter with officials, neighbors near
the Steiger farm persist In stories that
Mullinix had made clandestine visits
to the Steiger home recently and that
they saw htm with Mrs. Steiger. They
y there can be no doubt that Mul
linix and Mrs. Steiger enjoyed Intimate
Prosecuting Attorney Gehlhar re
tailed today that about two years ago
"e was on the point of filing a charge
t perjury against Mullinix when he
testified in a criminal case in one of
the local courts. He claims that the
Prisoner, who testified as a witness ?n
the case at that time, made misrepre
sentations of time in an attempt to es
tsW'fh an alibi for a friend. For this
reason, Mr. Gehlhar said today, he Is
'"dined to disbelieve Mullinlx's state
ment that he was playing pool In a
"'"lard hall down town here when the
wwtlng occurred at 8 o'clock.
,'t was reported from the Salem hos
pital at noon that Mr. Steiger's condi
tion la "good," and that every hope for
recovery is held out.
Jack Gillmore, whom authorities say
has confessed to :he theft of a watch
and S from Cecil H. Creson, asked
time to plead when arraigned before
Judge Uuruh this morning, and was
given until 10:3 a. m. Monday. HIU
cnarged with larceny from a build
ing. He is said to have taken the
watch and coin from Creson 'a room tn
the Rex hotel. ' He was arrested hv
oiienrr iseeanam,
Hill, Friday, was positively identi-
iiea as tne man who. on March i
motive for the J10" m an'r one Brown s opin-
uu reads, "it- mabu. -
men working on piece work. 'Wages' ik,0"' Mar- 27. Novorossisk.
dw. Tii .1 0 worlts by the j oase In southern Kussia
T " wno works at
a givrn sum per day."
sea has been occupied by Uk-
ramians under General Pawlen
ko, commander nf th in;ni..
vniiuuiaii , . - r
national armv eeni; , . ibous"ht a case of eggs from the R. S.
, al am' according to in-McNiel Co.. I2S1 Court street, took
formation received by the Uk- half ot them wlth him- ni sled the
rainian mission in Pari fndnv res.'. de"vered t0 the "po Restaur-
uiuKiun in rariS today, ant" when payment would be made.
The "Depot Restaurant" not existing
the market people were unable to col-
Allies Discover
Huge Stores of
Arms In Germany
Paris. March 27. Great quantities
of arms have been discovered in Ger
many by the allied officers charged
with supervising execution of the
peace treaty, according to advices re
ceived here. In Brandenburg and in
the immediate vicinity of Berlin alone
3,500 three-Inch field guns were found.
This discovery by the allied officers,
together with other information In
possesison of the French authorities, is
considered by French officials to in
dicate that Germany Is endeavoring
to avoid executing the terms of the
The discovery Is commented upon In
connection with reports that-a repub
lic has been proclaimed in the Ruhr
region. The French, It Is Indicated, are
inclined to believe that occupation of
the Ruhr district by German trobps
or the alleged separate government
would have as an ultimata effect, if
not as a direct object, delay or evasion
in executing the treaty terms.
Particular significance is attached
here to the discovery of so many field
guns in a small part of German tn
view of the fact that the Germans, re
plying to the demands of the commis
sion of control to which Germany's
excess war material and munitions
should have been delivered March 10,
declared it was immaterial whether
the munitions were delivered to the al
lies or destroyed and they were
destroying them.
lect for the eggs. Maude Jones, who
sold the egg to Hill, Identified him in
j . A.MOOlCt
under control of r.onm-ai tw;
Kine, has been captured by the the county Jau Friday evening.
Russian bolsheviki. accornW tn
a wireless dispatch from Mos-'
Petitions Ready
To Poll Attitude
On Port Question
Petitions calling for a special elec
tion when the Question of whether a
proposed district shall be bonded to
create a Port of Salem' and constru t
a huge dock and warehouse on the
water front here, will begin circula
tion about next Tuesday, it was stat
ed at the Commercial club today. Th
petitions have already been prepar
ed, and would have been started be
fore this were It not for the illness
of one of the men who was delegat
ed to carry the petition to rural districts.
' If eight perc t of the voters
the proposed district sign the petition
for the election, the county court then
is called upon to set the date for the
election not more than 60 days aft.T
date of filing the signed petitions.
As from 15 to 20 persons will n
engaged in circujatir'.g the petitions
it is expected that the gathering of
signatures for them will take only a
few days.
Salem Deposits
Second Only to
Portland Banks
Warsaw, Mar. 25. Russian soviet
forces, swinging south of the Pripet
mrsn country Between Mozlr anl
fins and attacking Polish lines at
various points over a front of approx
imately 250 miles, have captured sev
eral towns along the Slutch river, It
was admitted In official statements
issued by Polish army headquarters
nere. ine enemy, however, has been
unable to cross the river, despite per
sistent efforts.
Poles Repulse Attack
Bolshevik attacks Wednesday were
chiefly directed toward the village of
uievsK. infantry and cavalry were
launched at the Polish lines under
heavy artillery fire while soviet air
planes bombed strategic points alonic
the front.
In the neighborhood of Zaslavl the
Poles virtually annihilated a soviet
brigade, among the killed being a bol
shevik colonel. On his person were
found orders directing that Zaslavl be
taken regardless of the cost. Th
town is still in Polish hands.
, Polish Capital Moved
London, Mar. 2T. The Polish gov
ernment was removed Thursday from
Warsaw to Bromberg In Polish Pos-
en, twenty five miles northwest of
Thorn, according to a Berlin dispatch
to the Exchange Telegraph company
quoting rumors In that city.
A staff correspondent of the Asso
ciated Press stationed at Warsaw, fil
ed a dispatch from that city Thursday
which contained no hint of any in
tention on the part of the Polish gov
eminent to leave Warsaw, nor were
there Indications in the military newr
.contained in the correspondent's mes
sage of any reason why it should feel
Impelled ,16 make such a'riove atlhln
Juncture. '
Finns Burn Town
Chrlstianla, Norway, Mar. 27.
Finnish forces at Patchenka, in the
Murmansk region, burned the mon
astery and several other buildings
there before abandoning the place lo
the Russian bolsheviki, according to
travelers arriving at Tromsoe. Occu
pation of the place by soviet troops
occurred March 22.
Highway Board
To Match Fund
In order to meet federal aid now
available for forest and post road pro
jects in Oregon the state highway
commission has asked the state board
of control to Issue $2,500,000 of state
highway bonds, a block of $1,000,000
to be sold immediately and the balance
to be sold as needed.
Federal aid so far available In Ore
gon totals $3,700,000, of which amount
$1,200,00 has already been matched
leaving $2,500,000 still, available. It
is expected that further federal mon
ey will be available for this state after
Julv 1. Under the act of 1920 the
state highway department is permitted
Eyerly Brothers
Drop Fight and
Are Taken South
Russell and Raymond Eyerly, broth
ers arrested here several days ago on
telegraphic Instructions from Bakers-
field, Cal., authorities charging them
with burglary and grand larceny,
were enroute to Bakersfield today in
the. custody of "deputy Sheriffs A. P.
Cochran and T. E Yancey. Failure to
gather any evidence in Montana suf
ficiently strong t to outweigh the
charge against the pair of breaking
into a garage and stealing an auto
two years ago, was given today as
the reason for withdrawing the ha
beas corpus proceedings and permu
ting the youths to return tor prose
cution. ,
The brothers were taken from the
city Jail last night by the Bakersfie'd
deputies, after a copy of the with
drawal motion had been served on
Chief of Police Welsh. They left fo?
the south on train 13, which will ar
rive in Bakersfield some time Sunday
The arrest of the Eyerly brothers
in Salem two years after the crime, to
which they have confessed, was coin
mitted; their spectacular fight against
extradition, and final surrender o
the law has attracted coast wide in
terest. Extradition was granted bv
Governor Olcott last Monday Just a'
few minutes after a petition for a
writ of habeas corpus had been fllod
In circuit court here in behalf ot the
brothers,.,;,,.. ,,......,
With the filing of this petition- po
lice were compelled to hold the pair
until April 1 the time set for hear
ing on the petition in court. Immedi
ately following the filing of the peti
tion the attorney for the brothers
began investigation in Montana of
their connection to the crime, and
District Attorney J. R. Dorsey of
Kern county, Cal.,. began to make
preparations to come to Salem' April
1 to argue for the return of the boys
to. California. -
JuhL before departing last night
Deputies Yancey and Cochran told a
representative of the Capital Journal
that theif stay in Salem of almost a
week had been one of pleasure, anl
that their treatment by authorities
here, the boys' attorney, and whoever
they came In contact with was mo ,t
"We have had fair play on every
point," they said. ,
Mueller Refuses Job of Organizing New
uwman aomet; rignnng continues
clinedrJS' !lTHirrJTn .MueUer' foreigB minister in the cabinet of r BKr.' e
Frenlh ff JSg? officf tX 8 MoTtl0n . by th
.niJchen,! wlk f,the PPMntment of Carl Legien, president of the German federation of trades
thv-L M e'nTCT Prussian under-secre-tary f commerce, or Herr Kreuger as premier,
the advices say.. All three are prominent in trades union circles.
Berlin, March 27. Expect a-j t T !
tions this morning were that the rllOltivPQ Flnrlr
new cabinet, announcement of u5fUw 4iUttt
which was looked for shortly,! TA n,.t JL flAt. JnB
will compromise six socialists,! 1 u 4u'U UUIUer
four democrats and four mem- C.. D-J T
bers of the Center party. ITOm KCCI ierrOr
Wesel, March 27. Govern-' Rotterdam. Mar, 27. Hundred of
mnt trnnm mflrl r.rtifl anntl, !'u'"v "om the Ruhr district ar
Workers Revolt
Extends Thruout
Saxony Is Report
Falkenstein. Saxony, Mar. 25.
Workers have taken control in towns
and cities of Lower Saxony, but there
is an impression their
would be short lived as they are not
sufficiently organised In a military
way to resist pressure successfully. In
this little town, tucked away in a pret
ty valley 15 miles from Plauen, Max
Hoelze, whose regular Job is lecturer
in a moving picture theater, is direct
ing affairs. Widespread reports ns
had established a soviet republlo here
made him famous throughout Ger
many a few days ago but these rumors
are declared untrue. The burgomas
ter f'.ed when the upheaval came and
workers have since been co-operating
with the other town officials.
One hundred workers under the di
rection of Hoelze entered Plauen Sun
day night and kidnaped City Attorney
Hubert and held htm until he gave up
data he had gathered for the prosecu
tion of trade unionists and communr
lsts accused ot political agitation. Herr
Hubert's wife came to Falkenstein and
secured the release ot her husband
after he had been a prisoner for five
Hoelze has established headquarters
in castle ot Freiherr Falkenstein who
has fled from-this region.
The red flag waves from the tower.
It as in a room ot this castle that the
Associated Press correspondent inter
viewed Hoelze. He Is a small, young
appearing man, He said in part:
"The time Is not ripe for the estab.
Ilshment of a soviet form of govern
ment. The agriculturists would not
approve of it and we would be quickly
starved out. We recognize the abso-
(Contlnued on page two)
United States is
Scored For Stand
On Latin Tangle
Bryan Declares
Democrats Free
To Defend Labor
Lincoln, Neb., Mar. 27 W. J. Brjan
began his campaign in Nebraska Fri
day, speaking at Elmwooa In the aft
ernoon and concluding with an extend
ed sneech at Lincoln last night. His
at the discretion of the state board of j address here was intended mora espe-j
control to match federal money tor
nearlnar the Dutch frontier a..ti..
1 r iL.- :x l l j , i i. . l 1 "a
cast ui una cny llHiay, arove DO-,1" correspondent of the Courani.
sieging workers forces fromj l2lTZ T T?JV
their posts, shelled their retreat- in towns through which spartacist
ing columns and raised the siege' haIf dr,vcn. rmred cars.
v wl in,!, L .1 Thejr m""n reports, the eorra
OI Wesel on both the east and spondent says, that the workers force
SOUthteast. ' ! are being led by Russians or other
Artillery operated by work-, I0""Kn9ra'
j i ... Th gov
cio lurvea uruppeu two Bneus in
to the city and then withdrew.
Snipers Still Active
While the counter attack against
the beleaguering forces was going on
reinforcements arrived here. Among
them were the Death's Head Hussuir
and Uhlans.
Allied commissioners conferred
with General Kabitch, and soon after
the Belgian military authorities at
Buderlch, in Bolgian territory south
of here and across the Rhine, begau
issuing passes for civilians to return
to the city.
Snipers are still active In territory
evacuated by the workers forces. Sev
en shots were fired at the correspond
ent of the Associated Press and other
American newspapermen, while tht y
were returning from advanced Be'
gian outposts on the Wesel side of tlif
Rhine today. They were on an island
formed at the confluence of the Lippe
and Rhine which is considered Bel
gian territory.
Workers Ranks Spilt
Dissensions seem to have broken
out among the workers troops. The
staff at Hagen resigned yesterday.
There Is also some trouble among thj
government forces, Judging from con
stant references to "cowards" in calls
for enlistment. Those Issued today
stipulated that "no cowards were
March 27. One hundred
Russian officers sent to Germany by
Nlcolai Limine, Russian bolshevik
premier, are assisting In the opera-:
tions of the German workers army
before Wesel, says a Copenhagen dis
patch to the London Times quoting
an Interview with an Ebert govern
ment officer at Muenster by the cor
respondent of the Politlken.
The dispatch says the workers have
of the Krupp
'works at Kssen, The officer expeou
bloodshed may be avoided, the cor
respondent says.
Socialists Seek Peace
Berlin, March 27. After a confer
ence at Hagen, the three socialist
parties' delegates have decided to
, LaPaz, Bolivia, Bar. 26. Attacks on
the United States are published by
Tiemno and Diarlo today, which say
that the American attitude, Influenced" rZTk
by false information furnished by Peru j Wesel to be evacuated by government
is creating unpleasantness for Ilollviw troops In order that devastation and
and her neighboring states. The news
papers declare the American govern
ment should seek the truth regarding
the situation, which they say would
show that Peruvians provoked the re
cent untoward incidents. The United
States should give no further credence
the utterances of Chancellor Porras
of Peru, the newspaper says.
The attitude of Peru toward Bolivia Zeitung.
is declared to be similar to that adopt-
edtoward Chile some time ago, when,
according to Tlempo and Diarlo, the
Peruvian, government Invented tales of
alleged persecution of Peruvians In
Chile. Both the newspapers catl at
tention to what they term the rude
and Insulting attitude of Chancellor
Porras toward Bolivia. The latter
country, the Journals say, did not take
any military measures during the re
cent controversy.
Th government at Muenster. It l
said, has had to contend with a so
viet dictatorship after the Russian
model, which has been getting help
The Hague, Mar. S 5. Preparation
to meet any emergency at the front
ier have been made by the Dutch rii
ernment according to authoritative.
Information given the Associated
Press. Plant have been perfected for
the Instant mobilization ot three lev-
,tes of the second division, and if it
becomes necessary, civic guards and
volunteer corps from some frontier
villages will be called to arms.
German government troops at We
sel have reinforced and ara rel tablet
according to reports received in mili
tary circles here.
Grocers Pull Out
Of Suit Directed
Against Packers
Chicago, Mar. 27. The Southern
WholeHals Grocers association, with
jnore than 2000 members, has with
drawn from the case brought by the
National Wholesale Grocers agalnat
the big five packers and several rji'l
roads, R, D. Rynder, .counsel ; f.c
Swift and company, announced at tha
continuation, Offhy heafln tafort
Clyde D, Altchiaon. 'of the Inters!.
commerce commission here today.
The National Wholesale Grocer
are asking that an order be Issued
fprbkldlng the shipment of grocer
ies In refrigerator cars owned by tb
packers, claiming that the practice
represents unfair competition. .,
The southern .grocers were co-complainants
In tho first hearing lait
full. They have since notified tholr
members that the dissolution agree- s
ment reached by the packers and A
torney General Palmer grants the r
lief they sought, Rynder said. 1
In his argument this morning he
declared that the effort to restrict
refrigerator car shipmentsis not only
send envoys to Wesel In an attempt to economically unsound but would als
Illinois Women
To Vote Primary
whether national suf
frage has been ratified by thirty six
Prediction For Week
wys Rain For Coast s
&alem Sunday school workers are
looking forward to a time of unusual
"asnington. Mar.
dictions for the
Monday are-
'Wthern Rorltv Xfnnnfnln or,,! TW.
27. Weather
week beginning
u regions. Occasional rains or snows
'th night temperature averaging be
, "'w nnrmoi
Pacific states: Frequent rains
Hon on; seneraily fair south por
n- Temperatures nearly normal.
Salem continues to hold her place
as the second city in, the state in the
matter of bank deposits, being outriv.
alled only by Portland, according to a
.int-emeiit Issued today by Will H. Ben-
state superintendent of DanKS. interest next Sunday wnen me nuc-
Deposits In the four banks of Salem to- ville district Sunday schools will hold
tiled $3 542,467.79, the statement ! their convention at Jason Lee Memor-
shows Astoria with five banks andjiai church.
deposits aggregating $7,628,599.86 has The program for next 8unday be
nosed Pendleton out of third position : ginn at 9:45 a. m. and many local and
in the list and is now Salem's nearest j other Sunday school worker will ap
rival for first honors. pear on the program.
Lebanon appears for the first time At noon luncheon will be served lr.
. L. ,hB ijst a. a million dollar city, the church basement to wmcn an win
while Dallas, Knierpnwj mm
which were on 'the last list failed to
,.i. u, m,.v man CItlCagO, filar, i I . Illinois women
were " 1 1 emitted to vote at the pres..
Mr. Bryan said the democratic party " i-
was in a position to make a strong ap-1 regardless or
9.x tha Dimnnrt fit the women of frage has be
the nation because It is more free to , "tales prior to that time,
take the side of the organized mai Attorney General Brundage todar,
. . .. . . nt the auireetit on nf Governor Frank
rr rri irr T against organized greea man tne n-, , ..,.
Here TlllS Week PMU-n party. Women, he afl. mM . I-d reversed a previous ruling
IJ"V Aifi'v I .. ... .... .... rlenvnir the nrnmen the vote.
naturally come to tne am or aemocracy - -
road Improvements in any amount.
Sunday Schools To
Hold Convention
bring about a cessation of fighting
there, according to the Vosslsche
Soldiers Turn Rebels
Berlin, March 27. The garrison r.t
Glatz, a fortified town of Prussian
Silesia, 52 miles southwest of Breslau
surrounded the quarters ot their of
ficers and arrested them, according to
the Vowsiiiche Zeitung. The soldier
were armed with machine guns and
mine throwers. The captain of the
garrison shot himself, the newspaper
Babe Promised
To Foster Mother
Before Birth Dies
San Francisco, Mar. 27. Babe Lan
caster, who yet unborn was to have
been given away to a foster mother by
work adlstlnct hardship on tha pub
lic generally, If enforced,
"We shall show that It theordcra
sought by the wholesale grocers were
granted by the commission it woulilH
mi far as Swift and company Is con
cerned require a cutting down of th
number of peddler routes from TIT
per week to 160," he said. 'This
could not but result In a serious sit
uation fur the small towns, hamper
ing severely their supply of fresh
Sinn Fein Hunger
Striker In Hospital
London, Mar. 27. William O'Brien,
alderman of Dublin, who was arrested
March during a ruld on Liberty hall In
that city, and who has since that tim
been conducting a "hunger strike" was
removed from jail to a hospital lust
night, s;iys a dispatch to the Herald.
Mrs. Lancaster upon Its arrival In tnto. organ of lnbor..
U...ntv fnr a nlaee this time. Thirty-
. ly three men are Hsted as "miss- three cities with "-"J "d "
'n action" m the A. E. F. during1 posits aggregating tS3S.M4.M7.0l ar,
" wrld war. j on the new honor list.
Hoover Advocates Full
Publicity For Expenses
Washington, Mar. 27 Herbert Hoo
r replied today to the inquiry as to
mpaign expenditures ' addressed to
jsidentiki Possibilities by Labor, the
-r.1'?d union's weekly, by saying that
nan i Ve no cam"a'en. I have no fl
cial arrangement." He reitemtco
watement of March 8 that he was
the candilate for the nomination to
- presidency and was not seeking
hue office.
A umber of clubs have sprung
up doing me the honor of advocating
my nomination," said Mr. Hoover in
his letter. "I ha " knowledge of
thoir resources which are probably
very small. I have no doubt that they
ho welcome who will brine a basket
with a contribution to the table.
There will be an address by Rev.
H. F. Humbert, general secretary of
the Ore?an Sundr-y School association,
solos by Grace Fawk. Mabel Marcus
and Ortruie Aldrich. Other names
on the program are Rev. Thomas
Acheson, pastor of Jason Lee church;
Luther Cook. Florence Fraizier, C. E
Haeemann, C. M. Roberts, Mrs. . u.
Lee. Rev. William Nlcholl.
in its fight against compulsory mill
tary training, and because of the par
ty's espousal of the league of nations,
His campaign In Nebraska, he said,
would be In the Interest partly of the
faction which presented a .list of dele
gates to the democratic national con
vention of which he was one. Mr. Bry
an said he was making his canvass in
order that he might stand In the San
Francisco convention for the endorse
ment of prohibition as the permanent
policy of the country and for the en
forcement law enacted by more than
two-thirds of the present congress
Pre War Flood Of
Immigrants Comes
world, riled yesterday a few hours aft
er birth, It was learned today.
Mrs. Ijinrusler, whose husband she
says deserted her, advertised for a
prospective home for the babe when It
should be born, and several applica
tions were received.
New York, Mar. 27. Resumption of
the pre-war time immigration of la
borers began In earnest today when
two Italian steamships arrived here
with more than 3500 passengers, 3288
of whom were In the steerage. Thpowof enterlng the foreign field on a
nr.ers m .nt u y larger scale than ever before, accord-
America, from Naples, Genoa and lng newpaper, her.
Havana. Mar, 26. Independent ci
gar manufacturers, about twelve In
number and representing capital ag
gregating several millions of dollars
have Initiated the formation of a great
co-operative sales agency with the pur-
The case of O'Brien, who Is leader
of the Irish transport workers, wtt
discussed yesterday in the house of
commons when It was brought up by
T. P. O'Connor, nationalist leader.
New York, March 27. Final price
of liberty bonds today were:
$97.50: first 4, $90.40; second 4's.
$S9.42; first 4 '4's. $90.60: second 414 ".
$iM0; third 4V4', $92,110; fourth
4'4'fi, $89.80; victory 3 I 4's, $97.B:
victory 4 3-4 .'$97.56.
The city of Joseph Is preparing to
construct a sewer system at an estl-
I mated cost of $30,000.
Referring to the presidential candl- 7-.nlL fc Pjmlpff
cy of Senator O. M. Hitchco'-k,' he A-lVV MO I Ul Vf-tvl ,
From Lonely Jail
Argentine Strike
!s Fxtended Today
said he regretted he was compelled io
withhold his support from any Nebras
ka democrat who aspired to the of
fice, "but to support Mr. HIckcocL f
Oeorge Zook, after serving 20 days
of his 40 day sentence in the city Ju)
would have to Ignore the welfare of , for bootlegging, wasparoled this morn
the democratic party, as well as ro ling by Police Judge Race on comii
purfiate my own course." ' tion that he pay a $40 fine, represent-
Mr. Bryan said Governor KdwariU ing the remainder of the Jail term.
of New Jerseys of New Jersey wad at
cne time an aspirant for the democ--tic
nomination forpresldent and his
insurance commissioner.
Rio Janeiro, Mar. 26. Ranks of
name was entered on the Nebraska
striking workingmen were swelled to
day when waiters, cooks and other ho
tel and res:aurant employes walked
All restaurants are closed.
. . '. . ' tiM tn keen rsehrjout.
would oe on., m Troops have been stationed at stra-
Mr. Ko." "?la ' ,hm,nt of full I have been no serious disorders. Gov-
'a.,:r;r.'7nVnn;r restrictions," on ernment official, declare the strike m
pumice? f.-r--
campaign expenditures.
the work of foreign radicals.
Zook was arrested after stepping from
a train here, and was found to car
ry three full quart bottles of "moon
shine" li'juor.
Zook's release came about when he
asked Chief Welsh this morning If he
could see the Judge, When uxktl
what he winhed to see the Judge for,
he declared that it was lonely in Jail
since the Eyerly brothers had beer
taken away with their musical in-
Former service men carry approx- struments. me r-yeny oroiners were
Imately 400,000 War BIk Insurance -Uken out last night, leaving Zook the
policies. only prisoner in the city Jail. ,
primary ballot, but it was withdrawn
because the New Jersey executive "did
not want to endanger Senator Hitch
cock's chances by dividing the we,
vote of the state."
(By The AKlatfd I'rcwi)
Paris, Mar. 27 The chamber of deputies today expressed its
confidence in the government by a vote of 518 to 70. The vote
followed the debate on interpellations on the government's foreign
Berlin, Mar. 27 Formation of a new cabinet for Germany
with Hermann Mueller as premier and Foreign Secretary was an
nounced today. The minister of labor is Herr Schlicke, a socialist,
as is the premier. The minister of economics is Herr Schmidt,
also a socialist. '
Southampton, Mar. 27. Two fires on the American liner
Philadiephia damaged the vessel so badly today that her sailm
was abandoned pending extensive repairs. In view of similar
fires on the steamer New York here recently the manager of the
line believes the fire of incendiary origin. . .