Capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1919-1980, March 25, 1920, Page PAGE SIX, Image 6

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Accident Fund
Shows Surplus
bills as of February J9th paid tn
March 14654.33; unpaid medical a'd
refunds 1'315.1 1 ; total all liabilities
13.191,098. 91; unassigned surplus,
(817,311.1$; total liabilities and sur
plus 14,008,410.07.
ISC 5 Oak street.
Miss Mitchell has been a nurse
the past six months at the state hos
pital. Mr. McDowell is a former sol
dier, and a member of the 90th Aero
Squadron. He served 18 months
Face Of Returns
'Children's Essays
On Poultry Raising
., )Vill Bring Prizes
chicks; 2d prize, 12 baby chicks and
i 3d prize 6 baby chicks. r
A gain of $175,493.48 in the Unas
signed surplus of Hhe industrial acci
dent fund in the eight month period
ending March 1, 1920. is shown in a
financial statement Just filed with
Governor Olcott by the state Indus
trial accident commission.
The statement shows a totul sur
plus of SS17.311.K on March 1. last
as against a surplus of I641.81S.68 oi
June 30, 1911, this figure Including
the 1400,000 transferred from the
general accident fund to construct
and equip an industrial reconstruc
tion hospital, by act of the 1919 leg
islature and returned to the fund- by
-act of the special session.
Assets and liabilities of the fun 1
totaling $4,008,419.07 are shown as
follow :
. Assets: On deposit with state treas
urer invested in bonds $3,610,638.89;
cash $132,245.07 ;total deposited with
state treasurer $3,742,883.96; cash Ir.
tank $139,932.57; total each assets
$3,882,816.53; premiums In course of
collection $66,479.82; accrued Inter
est, estimated, $60,113.72; total all
ussets $4,008,410.07.
Liabilities: Claim reserves segra
gated fund. $2,264,636.92; accrued In
terest segregated fund, estimated.
$40,000.00; reserve catastrophe fund
$68,072.76; reserve rehabilitation
fund $108,296.86; reserve necessary
to meet claim payments covered by
outstanding final settlement voucher!
$2500; reserve permanent partial dis
ability not over twenty four months
$71,327.11; reserve, estimated, based
on accident experience to take care
of pending claims, $611,323.25; un
earned premiums $15,888.86; unclaiin
ed claim warrants $2183.71; unpaid
Sio.ix Falls, S. D.. Mar. 25. Prlrnury
election returns from remote and Iso
lated districts of South Dakna are cx-
pecte J io arrive by mall today and pro
vide practically a complete state vote.
Return's compiled late last night for
republican presidential indoisemnt
from 1185 of 1740 state" precincts in
cluded but a dozen large- voting plaeea
In the state and gave: Wool. 27,G6;
Lowden. 23.385: Johnson, 21. "35.
Six counties which have not reported
will add a small oi to the total.
State u cords show that these coun
ties cist a total vote of less than 2u0t
for the republican candidates for j,ov
ernor in 1916.
Applicants for Insurance Of toff"
Judging from reports from drug
gists who are constantly In direct
touch with the public, there is ono
preparation that has been very suc
cessful in overcoming these conditions
The mild and healing influence of chool children of this vicinity must
be of not more than 600 words la
length on the subject, "Does a small
flock pay?"
Essays will be sent to Superintend
ent Smith, on or before April 15.
Strong: and healthy, first Btrain chicks
are offered as prizes by Mr. Need
ham as follows: 1st prize, 18 baby
County School Superintendent W.
M. Smith is mailing letters to vari
ous members of the children's Indus
trial clubs in this city and vicinity
laying before them plans for devel
opment of the boy's and girls' poultry
club. While this club has been organ
ized for some time, efforts are being
made to increase the club member
ship. C. N. Needham. "the Baby Chi.-k
man." of 558 State street. Salem, has
posted a special essay offer with Su
perintendent Smith. Essays written ty
Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root is soon rc;l
Ized. It stands the highest for its re
markable record of success.
An examining physician for one of
the prominent Life Insurance com
panles, In an Interview of the subject
made the astonishing statement thnt
"tone reason why so many appllcantc
Efforts to obtain figures o'l the con
test for democratic indorsement for
president between James W. Gerard,
New York, and James O. Monroe of
Haywood, 111., have not been success
If you have roaring, buzzing
noises in your ears, are get-
ting hard of homing and fear
catarrhal deafness, go to your "J;
druggist and get 1 ounce of &
Parniint (double strength) i
anil add to it U pint of hot
water and a little granulated J-
sugar. Take 1 talilespounful
four times a day.
This will often bring ipikk
relief from the distressing
head noises. Clogged nostrils
should open, breathing be-
come easy and the mucus
stop dropping Into the throat
it Is easy to prepare, costs lit-
tie and Is pleasant to take. ;K
Anyone who has catarrhal
trouble of the ears. Is hard of $
hen ring or has head noises !
should give this prescription
a tlltll. IAdv)
Ralph McDowell
and Miss Velma
Mitchell Marry
The majrlage of Ralph L. Mc
Dowell, employed at Steusloff's Meat
Market, to Miss Velma Mitchell;
daughter of Mr. J. W. and Mrs. C. P.
Mitchell, of Dallas, at the Methodist
Mitchell, of Dallaas, at the Methodist
Episcopal church parsonage Monday,
became known this morning. So!
quiet was the ceremony that only a'
few friends of the bride and thej
bridegroom knew of their marriage;
yea! bo quiet that four days have
elapsed before Ye Editor got the
dope." They were married by Kev. A.
N. Avlson.
Mr. aand Mrs. McDowell are mak
ing their home temporarily at the
home of Mr. McDowell's parents,
I for insurance are rejected is because
kidney trouble is so common to the
American people, and the large ma
jority at those whose applications are
declined do not even suspect that
they have the disease. Dr. Kilmer's
Swamp-Root is on sale at all dru
stores in bottles of two sizes, medium
and large.
However, If you wish first to teat
this great preparation send ten cents
to Dr. Kilmer & Co., Kinghamton. N.
Y., for u sample bottle. When wrltins
be sure and mention the Salem Cap
ital Journal. Adv)
ill ip
Not A Blernis"
mars the perfect
appearance of her com.
plexion. Permanent
and temporary skin
troubles are effcctivelv
concealed. Reduces un
natural color and corrects
y skins. Highly antiserjtic.
used with beneficial results as
a rorntivc flocnf fnr 7n ........
t For Acid Stomach
Drink Magnesia Water
Don't Suffer
: From Piles
Ssmiile Pai-knite or the Fiimoiia
t'yrmnld I'ile Treatment mv
Offered l''ree to I'rovn Want
It Will Do for You.
Pyramid Pile Treatment slvcs
quick relief from itching, bleeding
or protruding piles, hemorrhoids and
Pyramid Is Certaluly Fine nnd Work
such ourirra So (Illicitly.
uch rectal troubles, In the privacy
of your homo. o cents a box at till
itniKRlsts. Take no substitute. A
niKle box often relieves. Free snin
pie fr Trlnl mailed in plain wrap
pert it you send coupon below.
6TS 1'jraiuM lildg., Marshall, Mich.
Kln.llT wml mc n Ftr-e Kumplr at
rjrmmtd Hi, TretnnBt,ln plain wrapper.
Cttr... flute.
Prostrated Mit Allen. Vinol, our
Cod Liver and Iron Tonic, re
stored her working'strength.
Miss Allen's Statement '
New York City. "I am a dress
maker. I overworked, got all run-down,
tired out, and had no appetite. After
taking various tonics a Inend told me
about Vinol. I tried it and I gained so
rapidly by its use that I feel like a new
person and I am now keeping tip my
work with ease." Miss Luc K.
t guarantee Vinol, which contains
beef and cod liver peptones, iron and
manganese peptonates, and hypophos
pliites, to strengthen and build up weak,
run-down, over-worked women. .
NOTE: Your leading drturglst dm for
niaujr yesrt specially recouiuieoded Vinol
became he kuowa there is nothing better
than Hill famous Cod Liver and Iron Tonio
to create Mrength and build one up. The
luruiuU of Viuvl la on every label.
Kmll A. Rohaefer, nrugglst.
After Meals to Nculrulixo Dangerous
Acid, Sweeten KUimnch, I'revent
Sourness, fins nnd Indigestion
"If dyspeptics, sufferers from acid
Hloinaeh, gas, wind or flatulence, gas
arle catarrh, heartburn, etc., would
take a tenspoonful or four tablets of
pure Disunited Magnesia in a glass of
hot water Immediately after eating
they might soon forget they were ever
afflicted with stomach trouble, and
doctors would have to look elsewhere
for patients." Host forms of stomach
troubles lire due to stomach acidity
and fermentation of the food con
tents of the stomach combined with
an insufficient blood supply to the
stomach. Hot water increases the
blood supply annd Blmiratcd Magnes
ia, which can lie readily obtained at
any reliable drug store in either tab
lets or powder, instantly neutralizes
the cxcesnlve stonuiach acid and stops
fermentation, the combination of the
two, therefore, being murvelouHly suc
cessful and decidedly preferable to
the use of artificial dlgestents, stimul
ants or medicines for Indigestion.
11. E. W. Adv.
Special Sunday
The Best Way of
Practicing Dentistry
THERE is only one way to practice
good dentistry at a moderate
price to patients, and that is on a
large scale and according to a system.
Dentistry lias too many branches and
too many details for one man to do it
well alone in a small office.
There is extracting, tilling, treating,
artificial plate-making, crown anil
bridge work, examinations, receiving
patients, bookkeeping, collecting,
record-keeping, buying supplies, pay
ing bills, and many other business
details to be looked after.
Under the E. R. Parker System a number of Registered
Dentists, mechanical dentists, graduate nurses, stenog
raphers, bookkeepers and attendants work together in
much the same way as banks and other successful busi
ness enterprises are conducted.
Each has some particular kind of work to do, and thusv
becomes expert at it, doing it better and in less time.
Advertisements are put in the papers telling what good
dental work is done by this modern System, and many
patients come in and have their teeth cared for.
In this way belter dentistry is given for less money,
because where the practice is large, the price can be made
smaller. This way of practicing dentistry is the modern
way and the best way.
You arc invited to call and see what an improvement
has been made in dental work under the E. R. Parker
System. When you call, your teeth can be examined and
reliable advice given without charge.
Registered Dentists Using the
Dr. D. M. Ogden Dr. R. B. Miller
Dr. F. V. Greif
State and Commercial Streets
Fiume'As Republic
uMad Poet's" Plan
Rome,- Nar. 25. Flume u on the
eve of momentous events, s-iy 5ipatch
es dirict from that city. Captain tia-
briele lVAnnumio and the Human na
tional ussembly have decided to pro
claim Rurae a republic tut v.Ul prob
ably not take this action until after
the meotlng of the supreme allied eoun
cil at &:n Remo, Italy, April 21.
William Allen White's boom for
Henry J. Allen is making good prog
ress in the east, but might be better if
the east ever could remember which of
them Is which. Kansas City Star.
Ladies 1 Complexion
Worries Ended At Last
Tills Delightful New Vonishlnj? Cream
Containing True Buttermilk Will
Moke You Look Tears Younger
or Money Back Just Try It
Get a small quantity at any phar
macy asking for Howard's Buttermilk
Cream, and massage it daily Into the
face, neck, arms and hands. The di
rections are simple and it costs so
Prevented Him Tslng Arms to I ced
Himself, Recommends 40
Augusta, Ga.. May 20. 1919. "I
.. . ... i J l,lt
aiiffatiari trim rncumiLiiKin uiiu iiiui'i'
gestlon and at times could not useiiie mat any gin or woman
luru lu ivur UUIW (JirAI'JU IILUDI VJU.i.v-
ly show a decided Improvement or
your dealer Is authorized to return
your money without question should
you be dissatisfied.
No matter whether you are trou
my arms to reed myseir. trieu
every remedy I heard of with only
temporary relief. I -was aavisea to
try Number 40 For The'Blood which
I did with splendid results. While
T am tint rnlirelv well I feel like a
different man and expect to continue bled with wrinkles, nam mue lines
Number 40, believing It will cure me.around the mouth and eyes, coarse,
I have told several of my friends of sallow, faded looking skin, or simp
40, which they are taking with great, ly roughness and redness caused by
results. I cheerfully recommend No. wind and sun, you will find that all
40 to anvone suffering from any these trials quickly disappear with
blood or stomach trouble." Wesley the use of this old fashioned beauty
Royal. Witness to signature, J. M. recipe brought up to date.
Hayhie. Made by J. C. Mendenhall.j Howard's Buttermilk Cream is only
Evansvllle, Ind., 40 years a druggist.: sold on a positive guarantee of satis
Sold by Schaefers Drug Store. Adv.! faction or money back. (Adv)
Tax Reductions
There is a heavy tax on our income to
ernmcnt's running expenses, and interest on th7 u
debt. This tax we all must, can, and do nwi
There s another tax which money will not
ne rax on our pnysicai system from
waste, its name is constipation. It burdens mt
makes sluggish a system otherwise perfectly
Nujol will fully clear this tax. Nujol will rem
poisonous vaste moving out of the body by thl
tirely new principleit works on the waste ma
instead of on the system. Every other form of w
ment either irritates or forces the system.
Nujol preven ts constipation by keeping the food wastt
soft, thus helping Nature establish easy, thorough bowd
evacuation at regular intervals the healthiest habit
in the world.
It is absolutely harmless and pleasant to take-by it
Nujol is sold by oil druggists in bottles only, beariiw N0jd
trade, mark. Write Nujol Laboratories, Standard Oil Co. flu
Jersey), 50 Broadway, New York, for booklet "Thirty fat
A New Method ol Treating an Old Complaint,
(The Old White Corner)
Salem's Greatest Women's Apparel Store
Without doubt the most attractive showing of Women's High Class 'Apparel eve
brought to Salem, now displayed and on sale at the Portland Cloak & SuitCo
i i ! 1- Jt L 1 - 1 1 ' X il. . T , -7 Aamm
store, emvracing as u aoes me smanesi vreuuuns uum uw wvuu, wi
ersy including new Suits, Coats, Dresses, Waists, Blouses, Skirts, Sweatersjm
med Hats, and Outer Avvarel of all kinds for Misses and Women.
You're invited to come and view this magnfiicent showing of Easier Fashion;
You'll find them most interesting!
' Misses and Women's
New Easter Coats
V,'e cannot recall ever having had a finer
showing of Coats. Certainly the diversity of sty
les is greater than ever .before and that means
every woman will have a better opportunity to
suit her own individuality. Coats of Polo Cloth,
Lollvla. Velour, Tricotlne and the ever popular
mixtures. Models for sport, street and dress wear
aS. o1, the-1ua a"d full length models.
And Prevailing Colors
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vailing colors. Special
Women's Easter Suits
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tailored and tailored effects in any number of
smart models. Dressy suits of Tricotlne, Paulette,
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lin, Velour, CIre Satin, Checked Suitings and Mix
tures. Also new Sport Suits. All the latest colors.
Suit prices range
$32.50 - $87.50
Misses and Women's
Easter Dresses
Taffeta Silks lead in the new Spring Dresses
frequently used in combination with Gerogette,
Tricotlne Dresses, Georgette Serge, Messaline and
Jersey Dresses. In abundance, made with short,
medium and some with long sleeves. Charming
models. Many trimmed with braids, tucks, beaila,
etc., at prices ranging from
$15.00 T $75.00
Stout Women's Apparel
Women who wear the large sizes will be interested in knowing
we specialize on garments of this kind, and are now ready with be
coming models in new Fall Suits, Coats and Dresses in the new and
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New Wool Sweaters
In smart styles for Spring, Including Slipon Tuxedo and Coat
Models. Some made "with, belts and sashes. Copen, Salmon,- Flesh, Turquoise, American Beauty and contrasting colors.' In all
sizes ranging hi price from
$5.75 $15.00
Charming Easter Hats
Smart Styles
T n nrnfUSiOll 0
Opening display of ' l
neoinnlnz tnaay.
onrnpstlr request
emne and" this
. .. v-n find here
V ,;Jchurnind. P'
than expected.
nlv? il -1
Easter Skirts and Petticoats
Great variety of new wool skirts In Novelty Plaids
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Taffeta. Jersey and Messaline Silk Petticoats in a
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Silk Jersey Petticoats In large assortment of styles to
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the Kaster Season,
and Lace Trimmed
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Crepe de t'nine .
Voile Waists
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