Capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1919-1980, March 25, 1920, Page PAGE THREE, Image 3

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    ffflJSSDAY, MARCH 25, 1920.
Pardon Me
By M. B. -
lad gemrttaxw ,
fhe thing
Oolite misses
fbaa the thing . ..
Hfld tt gets"
for instance ,.
Or mat long-planned ,
. e e
Or tooring car
1 foa made a sacrlf ico
f)r the new Hospital
Xo would gain
TUui jou would
By spending
Hie raou'ey otherwise . .
Fairfield, Mar. ,25. Jess Moore,
who haa been employed on the Wil
liams & Heart hop ranch, Is moving
to St Paul tlus week.
Cecil DuRette 1 nursing a frac
, tured rib, the result of a wrestling
Lenard Mahony spent the week end
with his parents in Portland, his
father returned with him Sundav of-
ternoon, who is spending this week
with his family in this section.
J. B. Lovegren ditched the Ford
order and now drives a fine new Oc
erland. Arthur Brook and Mrs. Harry
'Brook and little daughter of St. Johns
ppent Saturday and Sunday at T. A.
Mrs. J. T. Cockerham spent th?
week end at her new home near Day
ton, Miss Morion McCaully of Salem and
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Mahony Jr., w'er
guests at John Marthaler's Sunday. 1
Mrs. Geo. Sigfrit of eastern Oregon
who has been a guest of her slstir.
Mrs. Allsup, is spending this week iu
Miss Emma Cockerham of Mc
Slinnvllle college is spending he-
upring vacation with her sister, Mrs.
E. J. J. Miller.
Mahony Bros, have traded his Wa
, terloo Boy tractor for a Case.
Miss Bessie Congdon of Eugene
visited la'4 week with her sister, Mrs.
E. B. Smith.
mitt Agnes and Cecil A.' DuRette
from 0. A. C. are spending their
, spring vacation with home folks.
Mr. and Mrs. B. J. J. Miller enter
tained as guests over Sunday, Mr. and
Mrs. Qhas. Backstro n'iof PortlanV.
they also motored to McMlnnviile
Mr. and Mrs. 9. F. Parker attend-
fd the funeral of their son-in-law,
Miles Jameson. Mrs. Parker remain
ed a week.
Fairfield Sunday school will have
an all day session Kaster Sunday;
Sunday school at 11 a. m. and a
basket dinner and preaching services
st 2:30 by Rev, Achor,
James C. Bonum is visiting a few
days with Wm. Allsup and family, en
route from eastern Oregon to Cali
fornia. 1
( Wednesday with p,. ,
j state engineer, by the Enterprise Eiec
itric company 0f Enterprise. Wallowa
, inty. which seek, the rfch.
propriate water from Fall Creek Lake
creek and the east fork ol
Other appllrotions for water rirfiu
were filed as follows: ghU
By & P. Gilmore. Junction Citv. Ore-
mtn? Par c"k ,or th v,!op
poZi hPower for farm pur-
By Ransom Carter of Rogue River
covering the appropriation of ter
from Evans creek f. ,h ;" ., aler.
10 acres in Jackson countx " "
Wolf week for the irrigation of a small
tract In Josephine countv.
. By Wilson R. Winans of Dee. Ore
gon covering the appropriation of
of 80 acres i IIood River coumy
The Pain
bed at 150,000 filed articles of C
"ura ,on ne Wednesday. The incor
poraton axe L. W. Himes. If. Schwaz
back .md Julius Cohn.
w?i!?Cr, cororations filing articles
Wednesday were:
. Columbia Trunk company, Portland
$25,000: R. W. Rll T r. n0'
Charts E. McCulloch.
Bull Run Lumber company. Gresh
am J5000; W. E. Bender, J. 6. Bchult
and Erma W. Schults.
Standard Products company, Port
land, $30,000; James P. Kelly, Coe A
McKenna and John J. Beckman
. Resolutions of dissolution were filed
by the Interstate Auto Service com
pany Portland; Allen Brass company,
Portland, and the km., t .u. .,
."i iucrvan-
u company, silver Lake.
The Federation Publishing company
Portland, filed a certiflnata -
increase in capital stock from J2QQ
10 :v,uvv.
t, . , , nure mention ot
bol 1'J comics is the s5m.
toL IUughter aaa gladness coin-
an mkle remark: "Mai- th- ,tv.
long and prosper."
Bankers Ordered
To Testify Before
Bankruptcy Board
rxv. : -
.. , , Mlr' 5 Jse K. M. Lan
dH today ordi w .TT."
noU - I U1UH.BTS ot llll-
no u i ..nd Uwi summoned to federal
rst'nV 7TWt lD thfl '-
l,ni .i m . ui ne oanKrupt
Dania Hayes Land
Wo I """Tfivld. attorney for
Washington. Iowa .i. I ..
conny totro4acd a new dement In
en e rtemanded Ihi.t
lei Havea Jr. v.. ...
- wny v&morni
r.r,. .t 10 nls f"nts 'n Iowa
m same tun was sold to other
customers ta Ohio. Judgo Landis or
aered the charge invsetlted.
th ,w ,erftld brouEnt out
that th-a company was incorporated in
rn as well no I.l .u-.
- -w,.v. r x was
-""-" now tnia swindle got bv
Delaware without hooking up with it,"
Judge Landig commented.
Chilean Cabinet V
Being Reorganized
cabinet has been constituted bv th
president, the premier and mlnisMr
of the Interior being Pedro Nalasco
Montenegro, former minister of war.
Antonio Huneu. who at various
times during the past 20 years has
held portfolios in Chilean ministries,
has been appointed minister of foi
eign affairs. ' ,
Riot Of Comedy
Is Promised In
Mutt And Jeff
Prepare for the time of your lives
for Jtfrtt and Jeff are nomine- tn
This uhiouitous and reallv fnn,.u
are underlined to appear in a brand
new musical comedy in three acta and
five scenes entitled "rntt n,i r.
Dream ' at Grand theater commencing
iuesuay, ainrcn 30, one night only
with tho customary matinees. Vmm
nil accounts the latest versions of the
ramous "Bud" Flshor conilca are the
funniest of the sorles thus far pre
sented l:y Gus Hill who Is still sponsor
for Mutt and Jeff on tho tcge. The
company presenting this enjoyable at
traction is composed ot thirty people
including twenty of the prettiest young
women ever gathered In one aggrega
tion. There are sixteen original musi
cal numbers th intervening special
ties. 3urDrises. screams, tvft. nnvaltioa
calcuVued Jtq please the millions wno
Shanghai. Feb. 10 Mi.i
dents in Shanghai hax'e formed th?
"Missouri Society," the first state or
ganiiation in China. Tho society was
launched at a meeting at the home
of Major Arthur Baesett and Dr. John
T. Procjor was nimed president.
Water Permits
If you are troubled with pains or
aches; feel tired; have headache,
indigestion, insomnia; painful pass
age of urine, you will find relief in
Ths world'i ftandsrd ramtdy for kidoejr,
liver, bladder and uricscid troubles and
I Iwlionai ttemeay oi noiuna eince idw
The storage of water In three reser-1 Three siies, all druggists. Guaranteed
)irs for power development Dumoses' Lol for ! CoU M.dl erery tx
voirs for power development purposes
? """'veq in an application filed here
tmi accept ae iaiiutiea
. One tea advertises 300
cups to the pound ; another
400 cups.
Why don't we make
great big promises like those?
Because we- want to be
. ( ypu really want to know
how. many cups Schilling
l ea makes to the pound,
tell us hoW large is yotir
cup, how strong you like
your tea, what flavor you
drink Japan, Ceylon,
India, Oolong, English
Breakfast. Then we'll know
what we are talking about.
We know this . anyway 1
Schilling Tea makes more,
cups to "the pound than any
other tea we know of ai
any price.
There are four iavws ef Schilling '
Tea Japan, Cevton India, Oolong,
ErigKsh Breakfast AH one quality. In
paichBiyn-lined mofctare-proof packages.
At grocers everprfcere.
A Schilling f Co San Francisco
Food Islfour
Building Material
((Chosen wisely; you
profit in energy and healih
Yqxi can do this with ecori
oiijrwhen you choose for
your cereal food-
1 Ir, -n-O f4
Delicioiis in flavor, ready
cooked. GrapeNuts is
the ideal ready-to-eat dish
iviudi should be on eveiy
femily table. There's rat
aJbit of waste, and
Gie-Nuts .needs no sugar
Made by
Pbstam Cereal Co. Battle Cxeek.Michu
Former Emperor
William Is Poor
XT n J T O L. e !roe,aMln washed on I
Man, Dutch Say t?n4ot
Iri . ,'. Ltii siat vetrlr.4rian.
wua. cnecti.e Thursdav.
The ouarantinp. hnn. j . .
feet Importation of sheep for ira-
I Th-s rroelamatinn .
----- 43ow nn pnp
The Hacue, Mar. Stn..ft. . e elte that " a contaeious b,,.i i
claiming to know tlle iancia, con-1 1 ?.v i TT f kno'
daion tf former Emperor William f; i!!ttS? 8 ' .toUle extent
vermaoy are ereatly an.tsed at varl- ShBiV-. , r s,als nd at
uus reports enuitlng from Berlin to
v,dlcvl ln nitnam gave nionetarj
sirinpeut quarantine placed in effect 1
.iprii e, lai
o convey wab aM ,hat ' " '
support to the' reactionary revolt' of I t,7vtmUn ot future .-
"In reality the former emperor is mZ '"T' of tne uara
Virtuallv a noor n ,., ... . ; offered for imiw
to pay Count Bentinck. owner the f M witiwut
astleat'Amerongeuwhere7U-l Thi tP , dlng Vm
abwn . lne Proclamation nL ,
" icss
virtually a poor man," and official told: Oreso , , , WaUotl ,
the Awsciated Pi-ess todiv. "There hl'?L,t:w b ler
a Wetion whether he has money LT f?"! P- officer and tl
enouKh to Py Count Bentinck. owner ,7. ., .' PnoJ ' with
of the castle
liam haa been stavine !n v..,..
1918, T-hat he ows him."
. According to another official famil
iar with negotiations between William
of Hohcnzollerrt and th? Dutch gov
ernment, William has throughout dis
played anything but a heroic attitude.
So anxious has he been to obtain Hol
land's protection, he has ooen glad
from the very start to clve a pledge
not to participate In political intrigues.
"We are confident he will Jteep his
pleds?,' 'an official remarked todiiy.
Importations Of
Sheep Without
Inspection Hit
Importations of any sheep In.o tne
state of Oregon wlhout proper inspec
tion and permission granted iii accord
ance with the rules and regulations of
the United States bureau of animal In
dusfy and the state JIvest.ioK sanitary
board is forbidden under a quarantine
proclamation Issued by Governor Ol-
TeB Your Friends
About NIcotol
The Enemy of Tobacco
It improves any man's health to
quit tobacco if he can escape the aw
ful craving that usually attends quit
ting without such assistance as Nlco
tol gives. Did you ever have smok
er's cough? Try Nlcotol in epttino- rM
of the tobacco habit and see how
quickly the cough will disappear. Nij
otol Is dispensed by most good drug
gists in this city, especially by I). 3.
Fry. (Adv
Takes the place of house
lining for less.
Max 0. Bur en
179 North Commercial
WillametteV alley
Transfer Co.
Many towns la Oregon will conduct
a daily vacation bible school this vear
The Oi
ben oraanued to h!u all who plan this I
ioa oi a sonool. Why not rendr tnw
sen-ice to the children of vour town
this year. Kev. J. W. H.ivt. Ashland.
Oregon, will furnish infoi-mi'tion and
help in erganjnng a school.
tox kvt:rs race
Columbus, O.. Mar. 25. An active
TOmpalgn in the interest of Ooverno.
James Jt. Cox of OhU for the demv
cratlo nomination for president was
launched her Wednesday.
Heals Thre
Kl- I', beiiit e.'lJ. .0.w:naa ',
-i mw a KToarkaMe Cireef a twi tern
with 8rmt." t
''s mirte bottr r)n& tiithr cm, 1
si t Riifurn rn, r-t..i."
C ft-oai wve'it iUt rrnw Wt'-if r It
try. .k(..fl, Intl. tinteJum fct awre fv l
We tee. he ! n.-t rrnark rw.tta
Kl-eapllthed l. O l Biiraltl i; irmt li
fteai lilwriee and t! kieane
er ratee ef tu, thai vr tti ,
v. b iu . C.nue X aiui . ut ).. (.
e (uanatee (Be Aril twtlie. IV. J, r.
C4 ioncn lor $m yisea
JOURNAL WANT AO GET RKSITLTs! J- C. Perry, drugg st.
r ':--Tlib'-::WhoIe Ss
A Better Tire
Simply a Matter cf.thc Maker's Policies
This yctl will realiztf one you
ffy a Brunswick that a super-tire
is possible only when the name
certifies that the maker is follow
ing the highest standards.
iP or fire making is chiefly" a mat
ter of standards and policiescost
plus care. Any maker can build a
good tire if he cares to pay per
iection's price.
All men know Brunswick stand
ards, for Brunswick products have
been famous for 74 years,
. Formulas, fabrics and standards
vary vastly in cost. Reinforce
ments, plies and thickness are a
matter of expense. And these vari
ations affect endurance. ,' It rests
with the maker how far he wishes
to go how much he can afford
to give. '
For there are no secrets nor pat
ents tohoM one back.
To ascertain what" eacS maker
offers one must analyze and test
some 200 tires as our laboratories!
have done.
Then it is a matter of comtimng
the best features and building ac
cording to the highest standards.
Once you try a BrunswicK you
will understand how we have built
model tires, regardless of factory
Yet Brunswick Tires cost you the
same as other like-type tires. Our
saving is on selling cost, through
our nation-wide organization.
.We realize that you expect more
from Brunswicks, and we assure
you that you get it. ONE Enms
wick will tell you the tory.
And then youll want ALU
Brunswicks. No other tire, you'll
agree, gives so much fat your
. Portland Headquarters: 46-48 Fifth Street
Sold On An Unlimited Mileage
Guarantee Basis
TKontoil NonskldS
XJSHortoo Tire Co. V
83" Court St
ALLOWANCE made on your old tires
House Furnisher
You get more for your
Money at Moore's.
C.S. Hamilton
840 Court Street
Salem Auto Radiator Shop
Radiators, Fenders and Gas
Tanks Repaired
Tractor Radiator a Specialty
Ford Radiator! for Sale
108 ft lh St Salem, Or.
T1 Coirt Btreet
Phone eil
... , ttulU HI.
t a. rs:
'-- t '
;, " ' -lev
ii v)uiiiii'"llll,ll""w"a""''"'ttwii.L . v
Cord Tires with "Driving" end "Swastika" Skid-Not Treads
Fabric Tires in "Plain." "Ribbed" and "BBC" Skid-Not Treads
Great Western Garage
147 N. High Street ,
Cherry City Garage
170 S. 12th Street
Buy Remnants
Remnant Store
tii Norta, Commercial
. g' J mm eJuwei m m ini ajaaf il"ira) . lajaai-iayajpay mm1 WW JT, '! "
and SACKSi
Also Junk of All Klnda
' Beat Price Guaranteed
'Capital Junk Co.
The Square Deal House
171 Chemeluta BL Phone 811
Car of
Chinese Medicine and T Co.
Haa medicine which will cure
any known dlne.-ue.
Open Bundaye from 19 a. ra.
untU S p. in.
Hi SooUi High Street ,
Has Just Received a Car Load "
Which can be had by mail at, the can $2.75 I
Postage and Insurance
Total , 1
'Armour's side bacon -
We have a few HHospitaF blankets at $6.00
Postage and Insurance
Albany, Ore.
107 Lyon Street