Capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1919-1980, March 23, 1920, Page PAGE FIVE, Image 5

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    AT. MARCH 23, lm
j. Marion County
bureau dance, ar-
Hotel Marten, noon.
Children s
"wis. Slm Rtnr club
.r :4. Special
guauiess Mens leafrus, Com
,,rclal club. 8 p. m.
Mw! ;4. Lecture by Dr. J.
a Gilbert, "Immigration and
future American stock,"
Msr 25 -Mass meeting dog
owner Commercial club. 8 p.
"uar ! Mass meeting
Commercial club to promote
rir beautiful plans, 8 p. tn.
Mar. 36 Floral society
neeting Commercial club 8
Sarch 26 Women' republi
can club meeting, armory.
April 4.Easter Sunday.
April 6. American jion
ter's home in Salem a few days before!
hi death ana died at the Deae iress '
hospital. March li, 1920.
He leaves to mourn his loss four
children, Mrs. Lucy Orey of Independence-,
Mrs. Lena Tavlor nf sin., u.
er. in the Moore building, according ' b?rt A- Slra and Arden W. Straw of
. a reuon niaae to police Monday '-ertuo; also two brothers, Santorn
night, and was being investigated to- im straw of Wisconsin and Atbcr
-craw of Salem. One daughter Mrs
t; oldie Thompson passed away one
year ago.
Funeral services were held at Webb
& CIoukIi parlors at 2 o'clock. M irch
cutmucc 10 me on c ... ,.
, have been gained by prying the lock
open with a pocket k'nife. No clues
.were left by the thieves.
Georga Zook, who is serving a -JO
aay sentence In the city jill for boot
icggmg. today denied alleir:ii.m
made by officers that h left his
mother and sister destitute in t
shack near Halls Ferry. Statements
to this effect were published and
Zook made a request mis morning they be corrected, claiming that
his motner and 311; ucrv aoie t) set
money In town it they waited it; and
that he wished it understood that hp
is able o care for them.
On complaint of Gerald Yolk,
councilman, that he cut a corner at
the intersection of Capitol and Mar
ket streets, V. P. Emery of Macleay
was arrested Monday. He is to appear
Detore Police Judge Race next Mon
day at 10 o'clock for hearing.
Two Month's Jail
Sentence Given '
Carrier Of Gun
land is capitalised at $iO.e. Alex
ander Fiedman, Joseph Lewis and
William Lewis are the Incorporators
The Arcady Press and Mail Adver-'
tising Service, Portland, filed a certifi-!
cate showing an increase in capital-1
izatoin from J1U.000 to $Ji,i)0. j
Resolutions of. dissolution were filed'
by the W. U Miller Mill and Lumber
Company of Cottage Grove.
Science Church
Case Is Heard
by Gourt Today
(served the right to define their
isition if necessary.
cers of the International Brotherhwd
of Electrical Worker. j
Ray Clark was sentenced Tuesday by
JudKe Ulenn l'nruh to serve 60 days
in the county jail on a "concealed
weapon" charge.
With an effective looking 'six-gun'
strapped to his leg, Chirk, 3$. Was ar
rested Monday and was later arraigned
before Judge L'nruh. Advices received
by Sheriff Needham's office indicated
that Clark was wanted at Kreewatir.
Agreement Upon
Transfer Of Dead
Veterans Reached
vVashington, Mar. 23.- An agree
ment under which American dead In
France whether within or beniud the
battle lone may be removed to the
lulled States as noon as arrangement
have been completed has been reached
at a conference between renrewnts.
church and the trustee, or the Chris-; tlvea of ,ne pnch and American gov-
Fresno. Cal.. Mar. 23. M. E. Pitt.;uau Bcrem; 1 uousu.ns cov.e., re, ernnwnts. The agreements awaits the
man surrendered himself at the tht, pi","" , '"t .... (approval uf the French government.
.,,u,v iaii ...w, .w.v w., Mrs. Hulen brought the petition aas,
today, telling the sheriff he was want
ed for the murder of A. Nicholson, a
Boston, Mass Mar. 23. The su
preme ourt today heard arguments
on the request of Mrs. Kmilie U.
Huten of New York, for the right to
intervene in the litigation to which
Man Surrenders
After Killing
Visitor TO HOmC l directors of the Christian Science
Voters of Rainier have decided to
istue bonds to amount of ili.fe.ia
to build a second story on lit new
city hall to be dedicated to the Amr Legion.
The influenia is bginntng to d-
cre.ise at Sheridan. The number of
cases is less and few or tnem are
Vf. P, K.I more, who has represent
ed Linn county in the legislature for
Vhe past three sessions, will not 10
a cndidale for re-election.
The supreme court has issued an
ordtr wherel y all stenographers :re
to he at work at 8 a. m. and rot
vave their desks until after S in-
one 01 tne iirsi nienioers 01 uu j-,. J J J
church. These first members were &-rlVe CaZTZutufltCS
Court House News 2
Circuit Court
ivil S. Mclntyre, a
naisv M. Mclntyre.
his guardian
litem, vs liable C. Mclntyre. .rm
ti complaint,
in the matter of the petition
his account in the bank at that ci;v
Clark was also wanted here for ul-
. I leged circulation cf worthless paper.
Plans for entertainment of the He was apprehended in this city by
many Shriners who will visit here this! Deputy Sheriff West of Freewater
miner will be shaped at a meeting , When arrested. Clark was living at a
the Commercial club at eight , local hotel with an Indian woman.
o'clock this evening of the Shrine) whose name Is given ao Mary Fleshir.
,ciuo nere. All members are urged to; Charges against Clark, because of
by be present and to assist in the ar-1 his financial transactions have not
ad rangements. : been pressed, due to the fact that he
. . . . . . . . . . iiau , T-f l .1 1 II KUtllUUl., CI 11 V, lUlltllUUB
IT" " v-.u. w transferred to the di- " Adams, 03 Alder street,
P,t., m ,v, , k 'rectors. It was his contention that the: Portland. Tuesday filed as n candidate
K .x- t - trustees had! delegate to the national convention
f!n Z. .htl ?J .1 shown that the directors had no standi from the third congressional district.
also said she believed her husbaand ing an1 ,her4"fT i! I" T" "'H'
was in hiding yesterday in the attic , , 7 ,7 7 T7 V ', u, .
. . . in to m-oteot the Hunts of the church. Otto A . Heider. Sheridan, renulill
Ongon, on a charge of overdrawing I " . . 1 .lcnolson call- memhor. aoueared in on- can. candidate for n.,miimii.,n ,11..
i , ,. ..... ica on a Business visit, rnis morning,' : : : " . ... I .1 . . . .
she said. Nicholson called, again and v" on ' ! L' V , iv hi i ,1 T," T5,'
her husband dronned frnn, . hi. i Edw.n A. Krauthoff of Washing-, R. K. Itradbury. Klamath Falls.
tho nttie hnt vih.,in Ml'- Krauthoff argued that the I J mocrat, candidate for nomination
times in the head.
File Applications
nominating petitions
Mrs. Pittntan said Nicholson
an old friend of the family.
Fines of $5 each were assessed by-
Police Judge Race thlsmorning from
Russell Byerly and Raymond Sycrley T. E. Aslop and P. E. Neul, who were
far 1 writ of habeas cormis. Petition, arrested Monday evening by Traffic
Annie Busby vs Delbert A Busby Officer Verden Moffltt for speeding,
and Veda K- Busby. Order overruling , Aslop, according to Moffitt's report,
motion of S. T. Richardson. jwus going 38 miles an hour on South
In the matter of the petition of High edreet, between Lincoln and
ru.n Kverlv and Raymond Eyerly Mission; and Neul was going 32 miles
reported to have arranged some settlement.
for a writ of habeas corpus, umer
gnuitins writ.
W. Wiscner vs R. J. Hendr .cks ot al
Motion far dismissal.
Peter Cox vs John Ws'cii et til.
Proof of mailing copies of compi-tints
and summons.
W. Wiscner vs R J. Hendricks et
l. Order for dismissal.
Probnle Court
John Koenke, estate. Petition for
probate of will.
John Koenke, estate. ' Order admit
ting will to probate.
John Koenke. estate. Oath of Mary
T. Koenke. ,
Marriage Mooimm
Lloyd ,ioe Wright, 21, of Pendle
ton, a nechsinic, and Blanche Isham,
M. ef Salem; R. L. McDowell, 2J, of
ljth and Lee streets, Salem, a butch
er, and Velma Mitchell, 25 of Salem.
an hour on
Howard and
High street,
Man Whofiheated
' Federal Rail Men
Young Wife Held
With Husband For
Kidnapping Man
A small truck owned by A. B. Star
buck of Dallas, was badly damaged
and Its driver, Kenneth Edgar, was
severely shaken up late Monday night
when he drove into a house that was
being moved across the street at the
comer of Commercial and Union
streets. Report of the accident was
made at police headquarters.
Medford, Or., Mar. 23. Another
sensational twist to the Lark Evans
case was given today by the arrest of'
the pretty young wife of Evn by
Sheriff Terrell ,tn u u-nprimi luua.l 1... :
Sent To Prison the i,istiu't. Attorney c. Robert, I
cuuigiiig nr wun ueing tne acconu
plice of her husband in the kidnaping'
and robbery case last September of W.
U. White of Grants Pass. She w is ar
raigned this oon ln Judge Taylor's
court and her preliminary hearing was
set for Wednesday. The defendant was'
hel din $2000 bail which early this aft
ernoon she had been unable to furnish.
first members were abolished by a for state representative from twenty
by-law in l01 which was apaproved first representative district,
by Mrs. Kddy and that the .attempt p.enj. c. Sheldon, Medford. if pub
to intervene was an attack on the by-' Un, candidate for state repreaeina
laws of the church, the first he knew tive from the eighth legislative dis
of 1 nthe church's history. The motion trlct.
to intervene, he said, was in fact an
attempt to have the case tried again.
Mrs. Krauthoff said the master's re
port had not ruled that the directors
had no authority. Former Governor
John L. Bates, counsel for the direct
ors, announced that they took a neu
tral altitude on the petition but re-
Uaggase end Moving. Hauling a
where and everywhere
Phone 1344
129 S. Com'l
Los Angeles, Cal., Mar. 23. Theo
dore W. Powell, who pleaded guilty
yesterday to a charge of conspiring to
defraud the United States Railroad
administration by forging passes, was
sentenced today to sreve twenty-one
months in hto federal penitentiary at
McNeils Island, Washington.
Powell told the authorities, accord
ing to their statement ln court today,
that another person was the prime
Evans was convicted by a juiv in
3. H. nlumni banquet tickets sold
itHauser Bros.. Wed. the last day. 71
Rexall One Cent Sale Thursday,
Friday and Saturday, March 25, 26,
. Ask ft r a circular. Perry's Drug
Hor.. 71
8. H. alumni banquet tickets sold
ttHauser Bros.. Wed. the last day. 71
-Jitney-' dance aTmory, Tuesday
Mar. 23. benefit child's bureau Ma
rios county. 71
' 8omething new, Auto-Vao Ice cream
freezers; no cranking, no trouble. Try
Me. C. S. Hamilton, 341 Court St. 72
Circulars of the
ale no wready.
Rexall One
Auto-Vac Ice cream freezers for
Tour home or auto trips. Put in the
h and cream and in a little, space
f tinie the ice is ready to eat. (ijiar
MUed. C. S. Hamilton. 72'
The funeral for little Billie Talm
adge, infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Dav
id H. Talmadge, who died at the fam
ily residence late Sunday night, was
held at the home, 12th and Oak
streets, at 1:30 o'clock this afternoon.
Burial followed in City View ceme
Friends of Miss Mary Wait will be
pleased to know that she is convalesc-!PrSi automobile man, exalted ruler of
ing at her home on North jutn stieei thc Seattle Elks' lodge, died today
after undergoing a serious operation
at the Deaconess hospital.
mover of the conspiracy, and that he ruia ami win ue sen
was active in selling the passes. Het,'"c,'a tomorrow.
was arrested m Portland. Ore., re- u RIVf;K
Tihrteen other persons are under In- VOTK OX SALARY RAISE
.iintmeni unri ro evnerted tn nie.irt "hrre is no valid reason why the
within the next two weeks. people of Hood River county should
not express tneir sentiments relative
to an increase in the salary of the
county superintendent of public In
struction a tthe special election May
21, providing this question is Includ
A Homey General Brown in an opin
ed ln the election call, according to
Ion prepared Tuesday for J. A.
Churchill, state superintendent of
Prominent Seattle
Elk Passes Away
Seatle, Wash., Mar. 23. Homer My
Washington, Mar. 23. Permission
has been granted the Pullma.n com-
nnnv hv the tnteratntn mmmniv, nnm-
be required to Payjwith headquarters in Portland, filed' mission to file special lurlffs increas-
suppori mm articles of incorporation with the. ing berth rates approximately 20 per
cent. The company Is seeking an In
crease on Standard lower berths to a
minimum of $2 and on scats to a mini
mum of 50 cents.
In the divorce action oi j. r. -'-y Organized to promote the devel-
against Lenora Day, Mrs. uay unw , operatlve g0,vlce Bureau of Oregon
filed a motion asking that her divorce, opment of Oregon. industries the Co-
seeking iiusDana
1S0 teninor.vry
money. She. also asks that the su t, corponUlon department here Tues
be dismissed and asks that 'the ult day. Membeiship in the organization
pay her sufficient suit money. In her 'Jg Hxe(1 ftt $60 prp y(,ar The ncor.
answer to Day's charges that she had : l)or,uol.g a,.e B j, st CIari j. j. Hat
inade life burdensome to him, Mi'-tton an(J j, K, willoughby.
Day denies all charges of cruel treat-1 i rrleuman Market, Inc., also filed
ment of her husband. She admits, , ni.tlcIeg nf incorporation Tuesday .The
however, that she am accuse u "uo, col.(,ratlon, which is located in Port
band of "running arouna who
other woman, whom she says, Day
had named as Juanlta L. Mapes.
Jitney dance
Har. 23, benefit
rion county.
armory, Tuesday
child's bureau Ma-71
C B. Shaw, of the Central cigar
lore, was a business visitor in Port
land Monday.
Jitney dance armory, Tuesday
Mar. 23, benefit child's bureau Ma
rion county. 71
Pearl p. Hassler, of the Turner
Tribune, was irt Salom Monday In the
interests or the taxpayers league, of
hich he is a member..
For the benefit or tne .uenoi...
church at Pratum, Prof. P. Waldo
Davis, of hllomath College will give
a concert, Monday evening, March 28..
The concert will take place at .the
t i llnnnn A ChUlCn DU11UIIIB
i-jrtlijiii . ,
a n'elnck. Il-of. Davis unsu ui.i..t
is tne Golden Chimes Hnd a program
of good. music is assured. .
Wednesday afternoon at the Kiin-j
ball School of Theology chapel ser-(
... ,th d-iv h i crad-
vice, Kev. w. na.. .
uating thesis, the subject oi w -"The
Devotioal Life of the Student,
Its Need and Its Peril."
In the
. . ......i.ioriiiff testimony
Cnlwell. agamni -
C. bir.gnam
rase of Meda
i-nia-ell Judge George
continued the case Tuesday morning.
Petitions for help, filed with
Recorder Race, is charge of the muni
eipal employment bureau, show that
'Here is a dire want of men to work
n farms in the surrounding country.
Monday there were places open for
lournier, in hop yards, on farm and to
out loganberry plants. There were
Iso two requests for a man and wo
mn to manage a farm. -.
After an absence of six months, dur
ing which time they visited in Kansas,
" and Pennsylvania, their
'ormer home, Mr. and Mrs.,J. A. Pat
terson returned to Palem Sunday. The
trip was taken primarily for Mrs. Pat-
""n s health. The travelers say that
"o Place suits them n well ns Oregon
" they will take up their permanent
'uence in Salem.
t a meeting of the committees In
to Elk club rooms Monday night re-
Ports were handed in and additional
kns made for the entertainment of
tne state convention of the Elks dur
" Be comlna- summer The snorts
niittee announced some of uheir
among which will bo taxing
"bibitions under h nnai. of the
mniiasion, and a golf contest for
J" Elks and their ladies. The local
Se is very enthusiastic about the
"nventlon. One unique feature of the
"T Will h lh ...ll!,n,nn fnr
F B Fenton. Jr., of Portland was
a visitor on Salem, Monday.
Visiting old friends, Judge Thomas
F Ryan, of Gladstone, spc.t
hours in Salem, Tuesday.
Mary T. Koencke has been appoint
ed executrix ot tne -z:
o,,.0rtv situated at Mill
KOenene. i.-.le
i l,A,iAntlie(l lO v.
' - uiv, .rp. ad-
y the terms oi a win "
".irl Ned Pch-
lor, Albeit seiizwific.
ards are named as appraisers of the
For Sale
By owner. Located at 876 North 14th street, large lot, plas
tered, dutch kitchen, panelled dining room, buffet built in,
book cases built in, fire place, large mirrors in bedrooms,
furnace, cement basement, large room in basement, plaster
ed, also fruit room, massive cobble-stone fillers in front,
garage with cement drive. If you are looking for a home
this will please you. $5000. See owner at Bake-Rite Bakery,
457 State Street,
It's quite true that you'll
be satisfied with our bread.
Other folks in this com
munity who have a dis
criminating taste and an
exact sense of values eat
it and praise it so we are
sure that you will like it.
We know you will.
Electrical Men
.Threaten Strike
San Fanclsco, Mar. 23. Electrical
workers employed by power compan
ies in central California are prepar
ing to strike March 31, In support of
the telephone electrical workers on
the coast, who declared a strike sev
eral weeks ngo. according to an an
nouncement by the worker. local or
ganisations here today. It was an
nounced a resolution was pasod which
called for 38 a day as one of the strike
demands of flie power companies'
The strike movement was said to
be opposed by the International offl-
Service. Our earn
est endeavor to Rive
satisfaction, and su
perior service, Is
evidenced, by the
courtesy of our stuff
the efficiency of our
management. The
satisfaction of oui'
clients and the qunl
Ity of service ren
dered, quality. Cour
tesy. Efficiency.
170 N. Com'l. St. Phone J4T
T MV'titi f vrrs Ft ti in if it i ft trti tit rtninw tw j j,!4J
Dr.C.B. O'Neill
ladcUDush Bank Building
fB ,
i mSTtto 6 late apf
i fhmmfiraeys.
?.. ?rvr"
Doughnuts, Kolls, Cookies, Pie.t and Cakes
Bake-Rite Sanitary Bakery
457 State Street.
Meet Me at Meyers
The Hospital must he built'. Have you done your bit? f not
-Why Not?
omorrow s
Bio Sci2
to be
W'H be made, the entire affair
financed by the lodge.
'J'enty five dollars worth of scrap
'd was stolen some time Sunday
'he office of Dr. L. R. Spring-
t i n
i i
lf '
The Woman's Foreign
t ha .Tnson Lee
K E Brackney, of Portland, was
a business visitor in Salem Monday.
Mr. and Mrs. L. W. Rowland of the
Kowland Printing Company, were i In
Portland Monday, where the.r son.
Reed Rowland, underwent a serious
operation at one of the hospitals in
that city.
A 1. Spiers, a second hand dealer
of this city, is spending the week In
Will R.. son of Rufus and
q. uas born at Concord,
February 28, 1S.". Removed to W.s
consin with his parents when he was
about 10 vears old Wss married n
'eaHv manhood. Victoria Wo,
To them were omn .
H. H.,
, dving at its binn, w.e .
Crash Toweling
n. ihar time.
,..nk full rare of thfi five
motherless children as well as prcvid
Z for their r.eed. He brought h.s
! family to Oregon In 1503 "h
time he has made ms m"- ' "' "
ex-entfor the last five years he In ,4
at li-averton. He suffered a stroke
0f paralysis about two years ag...
I cond one about seven weeks a(,o,
plnre which time he rapidly lam-j ,
18 inches wide
Best Quality
Sale Opens 8:30 a. m.
Do you reallfe the money tht It being mud out
of city Ital tttaltt And the itaion Is to simple
that child can undertUnd it. The iterit i
thtt the mount of land it limited while popu
lation goes on increasing forever.
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iow'.m m.imuu m a
its utd v.Xft
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f let, f" AI'PKS:
fete M u4.
HukIM Attnu. la at4n tt MaU
aouat aUM atm man
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