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Salesmen's Club
Organization Is
Formally Made
lm Miiib uiat fcu ut-iuie thw ts-.
J islature. They devise the demands!
for new millage tases. They have
printing offices, they have time and
money and trained workers to carry
on the campaiiois to befool the vot
ers Into accepting greater ami greater
i burdens of taxation. So we have a
' I complete inversion of the doctrine
vritt. . .k. u i !Ulat ,ne People rule. We have enter-
With a score of the livest salesmen , a ;h ,.,,, .u.
. . ea me stage where the people are
in the city putting it across, the Sale. I ruled by the official classes as torn-
Hum's club, joint body to the Salem P'etely as the monarchists and aria-
Cnimercial club, was formed at a ' tocracy of Russia ever ruled the peas-
. . ' ant masses,
meeting in the of the club The mass meeting of taxpayers
ilanday night of the associate mem- held at Salem Saturday was composed
bera. The organization of the Sales- of substantial and fair minded per
meu' club is the outcome of several cons who own property and do not
mouths' discussion and planning, and Ket back all they pay to support gov
1a organization has the endorsement eminent from five to twenty times
of the Commercial club board of di- over out of their fellow taxpayers,
rectors. - ,Caa they have -any Influence on thej
Tfce club voted as its president John situation 7 air. Greenbaum and the
. Hutchason. representative here o few officials of the Taxpayers league
the Mutual Life Insurance company, cannot begin to put up the campaign
. w. Jobleman, night clerk at the . Wt tne organized officialism of the
Hotel Bligh, is vice-president, and J. 8tate can carry on, in fact have al
VT. Chambers Jr., youne furniture wa'dy organized and are carrying on.
dealer, is secretary-treasurer. A board ! Wnat Private citizen not in the pay
TUESDAY. .t,,.,
G.O.P. Liberals ! ter Permits
Improvements In
71 - . II t
Mexican mar net - , ,
Netvs Announced Way Break and
Form New Party
of directors, consisting of five mem
ber, was named as follows: Harry J.
Watson, of the Associated Oil co.
pany; K. E. McDonough, salesman at
the Price Shoe store: O. D. Olson,
salesman at the C. B. Clancy floral
hop; T. W. Johnson, aud J. W. Cham
bera Jr.
14 Programs Promised.
The club will meet the second Mon
of the state- has the time or the mon
ey to spare to travel about over the
state and appeal to this or that
group selfishly interested in promot
ing the millage taxes? Not one. Mr.
Greenbaum and the rest of ths men
named with him to look aftar the
interests of the taxpayer have little
time to give from saving their own
business from running away 'with
day In each month. The next meeting, tnem- The office holders have the
of Hie Salesmen will be April 12.
A permanent program committee,
whose duties shall be to provide "live'
suuaoie. entertainment at the
meetings, follows: T. E. McCroskev
double drop alwoys on the private
business man or woman. They are
free to take up any private business
or occupation that offers, them bet
tr employment. Private citizens
James Elvin and J. F. Hutchason. Two ! business lersons have only the chance
irther members are to be named by the
Although an organization commit
tee of ten members was named, each
member of the club was instructed to
try to induce one more than to join the
organization. The membership com
mittee as chosen is: E. E. Mcbonough,
O. JJ. Olson. H. D. Watson. P. A. Gen
rnao. O-. W. Stuner, 1). J. allium. F C.
JJutler, A. K. Myers, Prof. F. O. Frank
Jin and James R Wood
A committee on revision of the con
MUuHoa and bylaws was named us
follows: C. M. Channel!, r. C. Butler
ad ft. S. Seley.
Constitution Adopted.
The constitution and bylaws, as
" ma Donra of d rctm- .-.f .v,
of success in their own business.
They can Jump into public employ
ment only by the political game.
Tihose in political jobs have the time,
the acquaintance, the money of the
taxpayer and his time to carry on
their advancement and promotion of
their own financial interests, whereas
the citizen must use his or her own
means." The fight of the taxpayers to
head off the constantly encroaching
,.u,u KiiiiiiM. aiiu i:uniiai.aiiuil la
a losing one. It is a two to one bet
that all the various millage taxes will
be carried by default of the citizenry
to turn out in their own interest,
when every group of the selfishly in
terested voters will be at the polls
May 21st. AVo are too far gone in the
San Francisco, Mar. 23 By furnish
ing reliable ami up-to-date trade In
formation direct from Mexican cities,
such as Guadalajara, Monterey, San
Luis Potosi and Pepic, so that business
men of California will not have to
make all their inquiries through Mexi
co City, Nlceforo Zambrano, the new
Mexican consul general at San Fran
cisco, is seeking to build up friendly
trade relations between the two- coun
tries. Senor Zambrano proposes to have
monthly trade bulletins sint from all
the large Mexican cities enumerating
tne products for-export, with their
prices as far as possible and other de
sirable information. In addition the
bulletins will state what goods the
Mexican merchants are in need of and
the desired methods of shipment.
Supplementing this will be he exhi
bition of Mexican agricultural and
manufactured products maintained
here by Lazaro Basch. commercial
agent of the Mexican government. The
consul general expects to earn- on hi
work in cooperation with h s..
r rancisco chamber of commerce.
Although he has SDent Years, in nnh
lie life, having served aa mwrmr..- ..r
me state of Nuevo Leon and later as
treasurer of the republic, Consul Gen
erai,, who, incidentally,
bears a striking resemblance to Presi-
ueni mrranza, says he is primarily a
uusinesn man, and realizes the oulck
est way to inspire mutual confidence
and good will between the business
men or tne two countries is to get them
started doing business together. Afri
can business men have no hostility to
ward Americans and would rather buy
in this country than from European
firms, he said, but American
must be alive to the fact that the Eu
ropeans are bending everv etfn,-t i
capture Mexican orders.
Washington, Mar. 23-
"republiean liberals " might
new political party to "fight boubon
autocracy" in an effort to restore in
dividual liberty was sounded in the
senate today by Senator France, re
publican, Maryland.
With repeal of national prohibition
iT i "unase acl " tne cauriheu county.
-., icuidiike piaiiuiui, iDniit-I
tor France declared that liberals needr
not hesitate to "raise the battle against
the reactionary forces of autocracy
and un-American bourbonier."
"The democratic party, under auto
cratic leadership," he said, "inglorious
ly abandoned the sound doctrine of the
sovereignty of the states, voted with
out screuple huge powers to the c.vf
executive, who in violation of the con
stitution and of every cherished prin
ciple of liberty created the most poV-
enul despot in the world.
The rieht to appropriate water from
the south branch of Mad. creek for the!
irrigation of 221 acres in Umatilla
county is sought by W. C. Weathers, '
Herman Warham, C. E. Smiley, Wil-;
liam Murphy, Phil Murphy, Rex and
j Roy Records of Freewater. Oi in an
, Salem Auto Radiator Shop
Radiators. Fenders and Gaa
Tanks Repaired
Tractor Radiators a Specialty
Ford Radiators for Sale
ISS&ntljgt. Salem, Or.
Warning that ia',t,!io:Uion with Pl're'
h, ,. . ; Per, state engineer, Monday.
uiner applications lor water rights
were filed Monday as follows:
By C.u-rie Li:ee Putnam and Eva!
Luce of Riverside, covering the co-,
struction of the Ljcc res; i voir and the
appropriation of stared water for the
irrigation of a 49-acre -tract in Mal-
37t Court Street Phone 131
By Charles L,Wimcr jut ..Mirtie
Creek, covering the appropriation of i
water, from Frozen t-reefc for the irri
gatijn of siBiiil - tract in Douglas
county. ";
By. William. Wiedeman of Rome,
covering the appropriation of water
from the Owyhee river for, the irrlga
tion of J5 acres of land. "
Panama, Mar. 23. The Panama
canal has been closed for two days
If th ..m.Mi. ... ,u,i . trowuTO oi a laiiusinre in tne cucar
now become""th"e p'ar o TT 'tZT'
and of liberty " he declared "then J?8 ' a official announcement.
there mus be i 'newand ifberaVparty f? ,"w t0
which Ehn7.,? Ji ll - ,?al:?.tne "'s and make the canal safe
thA miiUmia t A.a,.i .u iror SIJIPS fey Thursday.
- vj 4uici.ui3 nnu nun uc
40" Has Conquered
Blood Troubles
Commercial club, was adopted tenta ! e"tal'liBhnm( ot the ruling oligarchy
lively by the Salesmen's club,
to hold our own. The proposed mlll-
A brief talk on the alnm .f ih taxes and the regular state, coun-
Baulzatton and its value to salesmen ty llnd Ioeal tllxea ,his year' on tne
in any line was made by James Elvin valU:'t'011 ' 1"'. nU the demands
secretary of the Y. M. C. A. and an'"rarry' wl" ,ransfer leas' thirty
anient booster of salesmanship. million dollars from tho pockets of
According to tentative plans tha tne t:xlaye'' to the pockets of the.
aaiesmon'g club will bo addressed by ent'fll!i"1i,- The legislature of Ok
eoiuiietent speakers on salesmanship la,loma at th! lat session appropri-
m.i Kiiiarea subjects, Pleasure wilt luea pl!Ve" million ns against the
le combined with buslnes
aaa r. . UICKUI JUUlMt llUl H IO 1 'I R l nill intin.
ed by Mr. Hutchason, and the nieni- nceorrtl"S to tlie figures printed and
- win rorm in a general movement " ve ana,il i,m' ,nllt the: wealth
wcuerment of themselves as
salesmen and in the promotion of the
welfare of the city.
Public Forum
Editor Journal-It Is 0t popular
nentt ,"'? n""""
nentl but a few principle mm be ()b.
served by all citizens who aro engag-
,n "o campais,, tu preterv
JJnKerican Ideals. The world war has
",e, 0,(1 b'l,im,!B ot
and relations between the citizen and
fvernment two lines. 1st, there
tas been an enormous resort to so
tltamthat is, the functions of sov
eminent have been multiplied, ' iy
rreallng commisHlons, riepaitments
otate und federal taxes an.l n, '.
4n j i... ,
... JUH.ness. until the average
familv in uui.i . ..
. ,,j, , oouars per
fl&V t V... , ....
wi various Kinds, and busi
nens men and private corporations a
, more, second, the number
uf office holders has been multiplied
mid I the wages paid has been advanc
l from fifty to one hundred percent.
TTie old American maxim that the
Joile who are governed least are
Koverned best has been entirely swept
war. With the cry for higher mnr.
the burdens of government have
been doubled ami are to be trebled
,.ud quadrupled if It l permitted Hlnoe the citizen ceased to be
Ihe Boveiiilng influence. That power
In the selection of candidates anil
:rr.vln (he elections, in framing leg.
islntion and creating offices and nils-
g salaries ha long since been lak
'i out of the hands of the mere prl
;vem cltlseii, the taxpayer and self
ustainlng business man and has been,.,! by those who are theo
retically supposed to lie puhc Bcrv-
-ms nut nave l
and population of that state. Our
next contribution to organized offi
cialism will bo about forty dollars
per capita, man, woman, children
and dogs. Yet, we say the people rule.
I know that a stern rebuke is await
ing the activities of the Marion coun
ty taxpayers league, as the
-i umiuiiH. nimn ,a n
mo race are both annoying and dis
figuring. Sores, ulcers, red,.i,a
glandular swellings, inflamed eyelids
wasting of the muscles, constipation,
a form of dyspepsia and stomach trou
ble, can ajl be the result of blood
troubles. "Number 40 for the Blood"
an old doctor's prescription, is the
best treatment for all forms of blood
troubles known to medical science
Made by J. C. Mendenhall, 40 years
a drugget, Evansville, Ind. Sold by
Schaefers drug store. (Adv)
wo escape Indictment as bad and, un
desirable citizens if we keep up, our
fltfht against jumping tha state levy
from 3.2:1 to eight millsv,' v
E. 110FER.
If you want to keep your hair in
good condition, be careful what you
wash it with.
Most soaps and prepared shampoos
contain too much alkall.Thls dries the
scalp, makes the hair brittle, and is
very harmful. Mulsified cocoanut, oil
sjhampoo (which Is pure and entirely
grcaseless), Is much better than any
thing else you can use for shampoo
ing, as this can't possibly Injure the
Simply moisten your htllr with wa
ter and rub It In. One or two teaspoon
fills will make an ubundnnce of rich,
creamy lather, and cleanses the hair
and scalp thoroughly. The lather
rinses out easily and removes every
particle of dust, dirt, dandruff find
excessive The hair dries quickly
and evenly, und It leaves it fine nml
silky, bilght, fluffy und easy to manage.
Handbags fq brocades, in beaded
nets and in combinations nf ni.
crochet and beads are featured in the
lines now snown.
More interest is boinir shown i
ruling. Anti-Uric each dav. Peonle iuhn i,,.
class has always captured our state (found relief and cure from rheuma-
taxiiavci-s llllPltn. Wa will ,ln wall Ifltlsm hv lit,!... I 1 . .
..-.--. . w ..... .w ..v.. - j uo.i.u lt iicive sent 9 attnpa
endorsing it and are recommending It
to their friends. J. J. Groom who
lives at 122? Fulton street in San
r rancisco l the. clerk of the superior
court In Judge Griffin's department
he is very, well and favorably known
n an rranclsco and any endorse
ment of a remedy by him Is sufficient
to cause even the most skeptical to
aomit mat Anti-Uric must have mer
it, Mr. Groom said:
jviiepinausm and it,s attendant
painnad me nearly crazy. I was
afraid at one time that I would lose
the use of my .arm. Anti-Uric vas
brought to my attention and I decid
ed to give it a trial. It started to cure
me from the very first and I can
confidentially say that it has cured
me. It has been some time since I
used the last and I have not had any
return of the rheumatic condition. 1
want you to use my nnme In any way
to let others know of Antl-Urlc for I
am sure it will cure any rheumatic
Antl-Urlc has proved that it Is the
master o rheumatism and lis kindred
ills. It is a purely herbal remedy and
up to a few years ago was manufac
tured ror physicians to prescribe to
their patients. Since it has .been on
the market' many friends who are as
enthusiastic andsnre of the results it
will give as Mr. Groom. We are sure
that Anti-Uric will relieve and cine
mand restoration of their liberty and
of their liberties."
Along with repeal of the prohibition
amondment Senator France urged "re
consideration" of thaar whole- subject,
with local option and use of "certain
alcholic beverages."
Some of the planks were:
Operation of railroads by represen
tative of captlal, labor and the public,
under interstate commerce commis
sion supervision.
Rejection of the "iniquitous" treat
of Versailles and immediate establish,
ment of apace with Germany.
Reduction of the hierh cost nf iiv.
ing, with economy of federal expendi
tures and reduced taxes. ;
A navy second to none and a vto.
of military training, but postponement
of immediate universal training-,
Bolshevik Ready
To Launch Spring
Offensive, Belief
Warsaw, Mar. 22. (By the Asso-
ano. Saturday launched repeated at-1
elated Press). The bolshevik! Friday
tacks along various parts of the Polisli
front. These are considered hv the '
military authorities to be preliminary
i me long neramea general spring;
offensive. The attacks -were repulsed
by the Poles, nine hundred bolsheviki i
oemg taken prisoner in the two days
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Remnant Store
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. ".
Morgenthau May
, Be Ambassador To
Mexico Is Rumor
Washigton, Mar. 22.The selection
ot nnry Morgenthau former ambassa
dor to Turkey, to be ambassador to
Mexico, is expected to be announced
soon from the White House. No offi
cial announcement was available to
day but H Is kifSwrf that MtV.Morgen
thau's name is foremost anion thno
under consideration.
oauta aionica, Cal., Mar. 21. Cap
tain J. o. 1. Cochrane-Barnett, Eng
lish veteran -of the great war. and jwrss
Joan M. Layton.: daughter of Major.
N. Layton of Old Park, Chichester,
England, were carried here recently.
Haptain BarnctU has never seen his
brldei he Is blind, having given his
vision on the western front. "', .
Captain Rai-nctt..m Miss Laytrin at
a function in Erigi-md, after he had
been Invalided horne. After the Aied
ding the bride and groom left by auto
mobile for a lelsuretl'tour In Cflrn..,,!,.
when, the grooiij, despite his physical
handicap, successfully manages hfs
own wheat ram U. , .
I " 1
This Laxative "
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Million Homes
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ret of Danger.
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Old Complaint ,
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