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i'lib-it-lieil vy evfiiius except
Sunday by The Capiiai Journal Print
in: Co.. 13S South Commercial street
Telenhones Circulation and Busi
ness Office. 81; Kilitorlal rooms. t
O. Pl'TNAM, Editor and Publisher.
Entered as itecond class mall mat
ter at Salem. Oregon.
Bv carrier 60 cents a month. By
mail" 50c a month. S1.S5 for three
month. $2.25 for six months. Jt per
year in Marlon and Polk counties.
Elsewhere J 5 a year.
tv order of V. S. Rovemment. all
rnau subscriptions are payable in advance.
Advertising representative W. I).
Ward. Tribune Hlil.. New York, W.
H. Btockwell, Peoples Gas bldg.,
The Associated Press to exclusively
entitled to the One for publication or
all news dispatrhes credited to it or
not otherwise credited m this paper
and also local news published herein
When that famous doctor. Aunt
Forest Grove Dr. Henry L. Bates
has been chosen by the unlversity
faoulty as dean of the college, which
position haB been vacant sine Dean
Robert F. Clark was Inaugurated as
president of Pacific university last
June. v
Med turd Lark Evans, ex-Portland
youth, wits convicted of the kidnaping
and robbery of W. O. White, a jit
ney driver near Jacksonville an Sep
tember 13. The Jury was out 21 H
Eugene Paving work will be re
sumed on the Pacific highway be
tween Eugene tind Junction City
Tuesday if the weather is favorable,
according to W. A. Itinehart, superin
tendent of the Clark & Henry Con
struction Co.
Portland Charles E. Ladd, well
known member of the Ladd family,
financier and business man identified
with the development of the state of
Oregon for many yonrs, died yester
day morning at his Ciirllon, Or., home
at 4:30 o'clock following an illness of
eeveral months. ...
Klamath Falls : Although barely
out of the hands of the painters and
finishers nnd with most of the furni
ture still to be Installed,' the new
Warren Hunt hospital mndo a place
for the stork to alight, when that old
fashioned bird brought a seven pound
Bon to Mr. and Mis. Dan McKenzie.
Roseburg The Issuance of $500,
000 worth of bonds bearing 9 percent
Interest, for the purpose of erecting
a municipal llwht and water plant,
will be voted upon by the residents
of this city at the May election.
It is proposed to construct the
power plant at a point on the north river, about 12 mile east of
this city nt a point known as Whist
ler's liend.
Medford Ever since the contro
versy In the public, schools of the city
over the disposing of 15 teachers by
the school board nnd Superintendent
Davenport and olher dissatisfaction
with the superintendent started two
week ngo, tthe high school students
have been threatening to strlko, as an
expression of their disapproval over
the majority of teaohers in the high'
(K-hnul bnlng dropped from next year
teaching staff.
Albany School superintendents
nnd members of school boards tit the
larger cltleB and towns of the Wil
lamette valley have been Invited by
the Albany school board to meet here
next Friday ufteriinmi for the pur
pose nf agreeing so far as- possible
upon a schedule of learners' salaries
for the coming year tind considering
other matters of interest to the
The invitation has been aowptod
already by the school boards of Sa
lem, Kugene, Corvallis. Roseburg and
MeMtmivllle, nnd Is being extended al
no to the schools of Tttilltts, Silvetton,
Iehnnon, Wooilhurn. Cottage drove,
flprlngflolrt and Newberg.
Iiull.i The board of directors of
Heboid district Mo. 2, In whtuh the
olty schools of Dallas are lovted,
this week decided to hold a special
school election April 12 for the pur
pose tif raising mora money for car
rying oil the school work for the tim
ing year.
The object of holding the election
fit this time Is to know- at the close
Of the present school year what sal
aries tfan bo pnld the teachers. The
tix t be voted ns outlined hi a bud
pet prepared by the directors will
raise $24,500.
It is to be hoped that now congTess has finally rejected the:
peace treaty, it will proceed to carry out some of the construction;
legislation necessary for the nation's .welfare, which has been'
before it the past year. j
Of all the subjects upon which action was requested by Presi-j
dent Wilson, only one question has been settled the return of
the railroads. All the other great issues are still pending.
Most disgraceful of all is the failure of congress to do any
thing for the ex-service men. The treatment accorded those
who sacrificed everything for the nation's welfare in the hour
of need is contemptible. Only upon insistance of the president
was care of the wounded provided for the balance of the pro-!
gram congress marks time. j
Former soldiers, sailors and marines are victims, along withi
peace, of partisan politics. To pass relief legislation might react j
favorably to the democratic administration, and to refuse any
action might injure the administration hence the four million
ex-service men can wait for glittering platform promises of the
next election."
- It was early in December, 1918, that the president requested
congress to enact legislation caring for the war veterans. He
renewed his request in May, 1919, and again in December, last.
But nothing has been done.
Tired of waiting, the veterans are now demanding relief,
either in the form of bonus or such other method as deemed ad
visable but congress has so far turned a deaf ear, declaring that
bonds or money,-to the extent required, would demoralize the
government's finance. At the same time they have no scruples in
letting the profiteers demoralize individual finance.
The government, which loaned billions to our allies and hasi t
er,af rmnrtraria nf milli'nna fnr fho rellsf rvf starvmo- hiimnnirv I "Wnat UT" Mr Rabbit inquired.
was w o!?1
DA A c) o
i i
V 1 u
"It isn't Jomniy," Mrs. Rabbit told
her. "It's the hot-mater bottle! I
find that it's, full of holes: and I can't
think how they came there."
Aunt Polly put on another pair of
"Let me see it!" she said. "Aha!
she exclaimed, as she looked at the
hot-water bottle closely, "I thought
so!" she said.
What is it?" Mrs. Rabbit Inquired.
"I hope it's nothing catching. For
just think what a fix we'd be in if all
the children should have that same
Aunt Polly told her not to worry.
"You'd better get a new bottle,"'
she said, "for this one can't be cured.
But I'll show you what to do to pre
vent the new hot-water bottle from
getting full of holes like this one.
Get me a piece of string!"
said Aunt Polly.
Now, for some reason or other.
Jimmy Rabbit began to feel very un
comfortable. He was no longer in
bed. And when he heard Aunt Pol
ly ask for a piece of string he started
to sneak out of the room.
But Aunt Polly saw him.
"Come back here!" she said. "I
want you!" And she made Jimmy
sit at her feet and wait until his
mother returned.
"Here!" Jars. Rabbit said when she
came back at last. - "1 this string
what you need? It's a very strong
"Just the thing!" Aunt Polly told
her. And she took hold of Jimmy
He began to howl. And he squirmed.
And he would have kicked, if he had
Aunt Polly Woodehuck did a
strange thing then. She hung the
hot-water bottle, from Jimmy's neck.
There!" she said. "Just let him
wear that for a few days! I don't
think you'll have any more trouble
with holes in hot-water bottles."
"Have you known cases like this
Cn 22, 1921
before?" Mrs. rkm. . . V"
"A few!" said AtlT
thlelsbyfar the T'y' "Al
them. Ive never krnI t
" It seems to me it ? ,a-'
"-Dr Kt sr
aJF&ss h?r:vr
a world of good," " aha
Jimmy Rabbit hung hi. v .
hated to' have that hot l1 B
ngling from hi T
made up his mind that w
never prick another pta-hou i1
thing eLse ,ong as h.Uv
But he was glad of one thin.
was glad Aunt Pol.y
mother what he had don!
it.timi, i iti
WWII! Hi lit
""III 1 71
are con-
cannot afford the money needed to reimburse the service men for, m:""yhudt,huok' reached Mrs- Eab
a portion of their financial sacrifices, say the leaders of congress,! '.s Vimmyworee'?' He ought to be
many of whom insinuate that the action of the service men is1 almost weii by this time; for mumps
unpatriotic thus adding insult to injury. don't last long, as a rule."
Of COUrse the nation never can repay the debt OWed to herjness which quite different from, Natives of the Baltic states
defenders, but it can t least aist m re-establishing them in the twilight which had been envelop-1 timiin w
civil life and reimbursing fo some extent their actual money. i's the earth settled down about me. Poland donnnd. ti ri.h ..,
losses. There is no comparison between the patriotism of thej 1 think was curiosity wHich made 'vlse the destlnv o( provinc-eg 8ituated
service man and the patriotism of a congress that refuses to en-; n.,e t,urn- never hav een the west of her eastern frontier as it stood
act reconstruction legislation, and refuses to ratify a peace accept-10 n"e that th4 roar of the wimfhaa 1.48 year? ag0 and a8ksth'u the futnre
flioi om-a-o- i.,, - , . , . 1"""" inw provinces D6 oeter-.
Comei ino " i? mined by the people themselves. I
Come! Come!" beckoned the h. h. ..u ... .v.,
the terms might be interpreted as con-
able to the rest of the world.
"Hope deferred maketh the heart sick"-
gress makes us all sick.
-and certainly con-
Kw Toik, Mar. 22. Pioes of lib
tvty bonds at t:ES p. m. today were:
$H's vS.DA; first 4'a seoond
Va St. 10; first 4's 0TC; second
tVs K9.0; third 4's t.66i fourth
4Vt's fi.J; victory 3 -4' T.; vic
tory 4 S-4's 8T.44.
Stock dividends represent capital and not income and hence
are exempt from income taxation, according to a recent decision
of the federal supreme court, which decided the mooted point by
a vote of five to four. Under this decision, the government must
refund tens of millions and lose a large amount of prospective
The decision opens the way for big corporations to evade
double taxation, by "cutting a melon" that is by distributing sur
plus in the form of stock dividends instead of cash, which would
be taxable. It puzzles a layman to understand why the recipient 18t? was
should not have to report such a gift dividend as taxable income.
Of course, if the stock presented earns dividends, they are
subject to taxation, though repetition of the process of increasing
the stock would enable the evasion of taxation indefinitely. How
the plan works is shown by the American Car & Foundry Com
pany, which is ready to divide its surplus of $31,321,521 into
stock dividends equal to $104 a share. Another instance is that
"of Morris & Company, packers, holding $52,823,864 surplus or
$1,7(50 per share. The Standard Oil, Republic Iron & Steel,
National Biscuit and numerous other industries are in similar
position. Hence the boom occasioned in securities by the decision.
New York papers generally approve the decision, holding that
it removes "hampering burdens and restrictions from capital"
freeing it to engage in the development of industry ; that "to tax
investments, in addition to taxing earnings, is the surest way to
discourage enterprise, block expansion and curtail prosperity."
Let us hope, as a result of the decision, capital will really
be more available for industry and an era of expansion follow.
Rippling Rhymes
The wind was blowing hard today, it nearly blew my rags
waves, "and we will give you rest!'
Slowly I took a few steps forward
and then stopped.- Again came the
mournful sound of the wind, and it
seemed as though the clouds dropped
lower, when far out I saw the whit
ened cap of an incoming wave. Sud
denly I made up my mind that when
that wave came near enough to the
shore to make It possible I should
nccept the Invitation of the sea and go
to its embrace!
Thrill of Anticipation
I watched its incoming with an
aweu thrill of anticipation. Nearer
and nearer it came! Would it mean
it sleep eternal? In a
cealing imperialistic aims.
moment I should know. I drew near
er and nearer to ttie.rall, a part of
which had been broken earlier in the
day by wind and storm. - . .
Carefully I calculated the seconds
it would take for my wave to recah
me, and then Just as I decided that
it was time and had placed my hands
upon the broken rail through which
i meant to leap to that blessed bourne
I felt a strong grip on my shoulder!
and a voice, in which was blended
pain and exasperation, said sternly:
"Katharine! Katherine. don't ha a'
(To Be Cuntmued)
These lines nva nnrntAA -
,j "" wno recently spent a short
term out of prison and found there
had been a decided ohange in women's
fashions since he had been Incarcer
ated. When every pool In Eden was a mirror
, Which upon Eve her dainty charms
. proclaimed,
She went undraped without a single
fear . .
Or thought that she had need to be
uu-o,. . ! f,A w,,. ...;n. j ii " ? l nsnamed.
... , u iiin:u niv Mia nun r-niiu null until, mere was a KICK 10 Twas onlv wh., i. i. a . .
every gust; It lifted off my only tile, and carried it about a mile;' appie ' "h'had M,e-n of thej
to keep it from abducting me, I had to anchor to a tree. With hair That she became inclined to be a
and sideboards twisted loose, perhaps I had a good excuse to sin ppndp'
a while as others sinned, and curse the blamed dingbusted windJAm! fot"nd tl,at evermr8 she'd have
Jiut I was tempted much to sing, for winds are harbingers of! with the n ob .
spring; they come before the gentle rains that bring the verdure: the nude? pro""" 01
to the plains ; they 'are the heralds of the time when roses make the Therefore she devoted her attention
world sublime, and ail the air with gladness throbs, and doodads Her tim an her money to her
bloom, and thingumbobs. The wild wind pushed me through a1 A , , lo,uea' v
fence, it raged as though it had no sense, it dumped me in a muddy, the beKinnlng ot con-
pool hard by the village eighth grade school; it split and spoiled; And modetv, as well i suppose
my Sunday coat, and wound my shirt around my throat; it hust-RMl't'''n's come about in fashions' re-
Railroad Rates
. Hearing Opened
Washington, Mar. 22. Hearings to
determine the basis for an adjustment
of railroad rates go as to yield tno
roads a return of 6 H per cent on the
aggregate value as provided in the
new transportation law began today
before the Interstate commerce com
mission. The commission is to determine
whether the adjustment shall be made
for the carriers as a whole, or in rate
groups or territories to be designated
by it and what methods shall be em
ployed in determining the aggregate
value of the railroad property.
Longshoremen Of
New York Extend
Strike Is 'Report
iew York, Mar. 22. The strike of
longshoremen engaged In coastwise
traffic today was extended to deep sea
longshoremen when 760 men went on
strike at the piers of the United Fruit
company. The walkout was in viola
tion of the Instructions of T. V. O'Con
nor, president of the International
Longshoremen's association, issued
Saturday, union Jeaders declared.
rears were expressed in shipping
circles that the strike would affect
other deep sea longshoremen who were
in sympathy w itthhe strike of the
coastwise workers,
ma nil nt-nv flimi lrwl.- nnA f I rr A vha , . r, ; .1 .1 . i '
v., ,v t. W.& win, in. iwn tiuu Kjiivm mc UlolUC UUYVll , U11U
still until my voice grew hoarse, I loudly blessed its pen and force
for it was proof, and something more, that spring was smiling! a would
m lite uuur,
Ihj. the noted author $ B
Idah MSGtone Gibson I
A Let tc from John
And now the girls conceal so little
rt'om the men.
seem in the name of all thnfs
Some one ought to pass the apples
round again. . .
Germans Prepare
World Propaganda
To Revise Treaty
Portland Blaze
Does Big Damage
rorimna, ur. Mar. 22. A loss es
timated at tlOO.000 was suffered b'
me rortlana Railway, Light and
Power company here early today
wnen one of its. power sub-stations
was completely destroyed by fire said
to have been due to the explosion of
an oil switch. It is understood the loss
is covered by Insurance.
lans, Mar. 22 Germans. ar n
paring a formidable wnrM n, n,i-
snherA nrnriiicftil In tli faalincr , , ...
lt ,n 4 . r v ... ,vi u revision or me Versailles
1 mistily toi pen the envelope and exultation. The whole world seemed; treaty, and the holding of a new lnter
my heart frrow cold as I rad the '0 bc waning agaainst the compla-1 national conference at which van
words, scrawled aero, one side of n of "ery-day things. jflnished nations might be represented
note sheet. The note began mMt ' , " ,7 T ' , " . , , for the ubJw" f -h"Srns or ello.Inat-
'I " standing outside, .ganlng nt the sky; lg many clauses of the present treaty
formally. "My Dear Kaiherlne. with a worried look, and he courts-! between the allM L Uona Per
Although your letter did not saylously informed me that I had noimany according . n, J,
so. I read between the lines and I! umbrella, and that If I had to go far! a i" . l l. ? nU,"P.atcl1
know Umt h mr..,v ..., , iwi. 1..1 Hi. ,..,i,.ki .. - ,.,,,1 me i.reates sjrime
borrowed from Allc line ri 1 i i before I U,.h7rt ' or Mun.nnlt- has len ,HvpareJ and
" I ----- - -...v.. nn m nn iwin .
You went nway witthout tny permis- "I haven't far to ge." I said, with
sion, nnd nganlst
ten million copies printed for free dis-
tribution especially in America, Eng-
mv commnnd I no premonition of where mv Muni-, . . . '
wnnl.t l,n i.,iif..i.. .. .i i . . , .i , unu rance.
you to return. Consequently, you will The wind ws now blowing a gale.L. V, '"'""""n'T revolt in Berlin
have to come back to me as you went, and the waves were coming up above ,1 a,a,c" 13 D"t temporary itop to
at your own pleasure. John." (the. board walk with a boom that told! "'"vement. tt Is said.
After reading the letter, all my e that the orean accepted the! , " '
philosophy dropped from me like u'fcsuge thrown down by the wind with I Pn 71 tl rl C Tmt Cii
discarded garuieut. I was like a
woman distraught. I could not rea
son; I could not think! All I was con
scious of was a hurt in my heart that
was so great that Its ache was phy
How long I sat with that letter In
my nana, casing guiltlessly upon the mental disturbance.
ocean which was booming in with
great waves that were the precursor
of a storm. I do not know.
Peace For Soviet
Delayed In Transit
TUford Moots uj B,iously
this umriun' when his car hit a
phono se?. but his daughter,
wui satin' in tV bottom th'
wnnt me! Jte Is happier without me
Ktnn k by Urulality
I wild this over and over to myself.' from what Tho pain, heart hunger
is the brutality of his letter struck and sorrow that had been mine ever
me, with each perusal, anew. since my marriage r I
1 wasn't aware of any sudden de- I looked at a great, green incom-
cision, hut it seomea to me tlmt with-jlng wave that was rolling up, up far
out willing It I found nyslf outside above the pier, and it seemed to me
hurt -'he Isold nnd on the board walk. The that I would only be 'safu" when I
to!: heavens had suddenly darkened, was sinking out of sight beneath it!
who ! Thi-re was a peculiar twilight coloring It sevmoJ to be calling; bevkontng
car over ev.H thing.. The Imurd walk to me, and I watched It. f ant-mated hy
It was almost all I could do to I
stand, but some way I walked the!
distance between the hotel and the
steel pier, happy in the fact that my!
K".'n" wtmir nun me n lull was WniMAii- t.. 9 A w
making me forget some of my great ,,,.. .,,' w' J",.-. iPm. r
rsaa,.ak n un lv- : 1 V.
-wiyLoufh:1rtthr,;':1 ffv 71: s
went.hMrealh.eevehad1 Ipa, Mnt. of th. been
land Millerand ot Great Britain and
the Fragrant
Odors of
NT ,U n- ft S.
Tuiiaiti.ii riiiC3lf-wj'j n
for Catarrh f
r , . ' kNk- LA ;
Uatarrn is a great menace to good
health. The fxcess mucous mem
brane that it causes often leads to
serious trouble. Clear the nasal pas
agt, and raise thi exaggerated mucoui
membrane with Mtyr's Pint Needli
Bala. A pure natural product that is de
lightfully seething ma refreshing to us.
is mourn biWui sad otwi fetu bteim. Cai
nct tbtm mmukuuir. Mtyr", fW NttJU Blm
sold in two sum, l y joc Atk far your maoty
J. C. Perry, Daniel J. Fry, and drug
gists everywhere.
bddfiBush Bank Bti2dic
U't nnt a'.f-. Tit T ioit i -.Im
I laughed at the word "safe!" Safe Tv'"' ZTTf1 a"d r""
184 S, 12th. Thone
445 Coat! St
-Mhc top
Pjy 998
hgrt- org J.
! . -- , -
nped, Business fcs a
1 1 1 f
'.it font? and .beauty.-
f..f t
I tin
' ' '
tmk r
1 Gi-iK
Worn Out In Mind and Body
Your child is quick to observe disturbances iayour mental attitude
physical condition. And when he asks:. "What's the matter Dadov
there's a tone of solemn anxiety in his little voice. The deDreJikr,
stamped upon you reflects intensely upon him because of his profound &h
itude. He at once drops his playthings and rushes to your side bHt hi
happy smtle has disappeared and his buoyant spirits are goue-reDlaeed
by a countenance of worry and a bearing of hopelessness
1 . 7"? v il to It hMppiT!!"ui "" WU- fmily to keep trim in body .r.d kee. i.
Intellect. You are the in and Uw inspiration of their 1 vee. Dark, threatsnT! k
er their head, the in.unt you ehow .urn. of being "of '' to, itttl"
Don't imnM-il their firtur bv nlAaai. mi, hulik wn ute weecaer.
I YKO 1. sM Isi 4Inl mIs.
Ukm sslcture mhrn; RsJmoU ubHusi NW Yodl
The Great General Tonic
will banii that "tired feen"and dispel thatwor-
look. It will renew your etrenirth and vigor, ovrrcon
the raviahing effects of overwork and worry, mire row
pirite and increaee your hold on life. Hem a refma.
ins- apoetiier, a valuable aid to diMtioo and a worth,
promotorof tho general health, becauaeof iUpotitivere.
vitalizing- and reconstructive value, it. e ii escw.'!.
deurahh) in caeeeof aubnormal conditiona. Ii' yoamiiter
from nervous exhaustion, rnuacular or rm-ntsl fatiaue.
or deficiency of vital force due to ireneral weakira or
wasting- iUneaa, you'U and "LYKO" particularly bea.
flcial. It tonea up tl;e entire tyetum him kmoa u
feeling fit, Aak your urmritiat for a bottii- today.
Sole Manufacturera
Kamaa City, lie.
by disfiguring blemishes.
If VOU are linahle to raallv entnw
the society of others because of the
fearthat that wretched skin eruption
on your shoulder will begin to Itch,
or that your scarf will slip and ex
pose the disfiguring rash you had
tried so hard to conceal, try Reilnol
There is no need of enduring mch
discomfort when Resinol Ointment
OKuMy relieve itching promptly
and m lt8 the skin clear and healthy
gain. When aided by Resinol
ior p It k even more effective.
umat liriktlloii, Alt kli kU Urn XismM
Fly 0 "Hi
H V'.lii5v tt Ii till nn
ri J. t l . am. il II El El 11 It H I
aftSei.T si' ,
HE BANE of old a?c is constioation. The bow-
A els become weak and unable to perform their
functions without aid. For this purpose only
the mildest and gentlest laxative should be used.
The use of harsh cathartics aggravates the trouble
and makes the constipation worse. Chamberlain's
Tablets are a favorite with people of middle age
and older on account of their gentle action.
'.'' !- ii... i i jmwui aym
Overmire Steel Construction Company
We bare In stock for Immediate Shipment
I-BEAMS, from S to 24 Inches, np to 60 foot lengths.
CHANNELS, from S to 15 Inches, up to 60 foot lengths.
ANCXKS, 2x2 Inches to SxS ladies, ap to 80 foot lengths.
ANGLES, Suli, Inches to fx34 tnrhes, up to 60 foot lengths
. V. M. PLATES, to 24 fatdiesl wide, V, to 5-S tncbes thick. M
Manufacturers of Tanks, Boilers, Stacks, Pipe, Fabricated Maer-
inl for JiatkUngs and BrMse
East Water Street and Hawthorne Art-no's POKI.TANO OK ECO
Phone East 8JS1
Established 1S68
General Bankbg Business
Offlfr ITnnr frm ID n, n. S-J51-