Capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1919-1980, March 19, 1920, Page PAGE TWO, Image 2

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Local Guard Unit
Is Offering Good
Recruiting Chanc
Company M. Salem's unit' of the
Third Oregon infantry,. ia making
preparations for ;jhe coining practice
aainn, and as one of the best equip
pttA National Gu ild companies in the
United Btaten. expects to do 'its best in
representing Salem- in Oregon Guard
"What y' doin' on your Monday!
evenings. Jack?" that is the question
asked by members of the local com
pany of possible guard material in Sa
lem. For while company M has a
raster of more than 80 names, the rep
resentation is small in comparison to
what it should he for a city of this
Captain LeRoy Hewlett would like
ta hear from a dozen young men of
good character, preferably ex-service,
men who would get into the company
and participate in the spirit of co-operation
manifested there. The guard,
luce its conjunction with the federal
government has a great deal to offer
to the you or man who will get In and
play the game squarely.
A member of the guard is required
to he present only one night of each
week. Kor this he receives semi an
nual federal pay warrant at the rate
of more than $1.50 for each night at
tendance. He Is equipped with a new
uniform, overcoat and rifle. In addi
tion to this he la entitled to participate
in the perodic shooting meets and In
the annual encampment, which may
be held at Camp Lewis this year.
To all who are interested, the offi
cers of tho company extend an invita
tion to visit the armory next Monday
night and talk the matter over.
Mr. and Mrs. Davis expect to leave
for West SUitou the last of this month
where thf-y will live on their farm.
Willard Miller left for Indeuend
ence this week, after two weeks spent
Mr. and Mis. Everst Glover of
las were guests at the home of Joe
Doerfler the first of the' week.
. Mr t Tie-jman and children of
nranta Vas were dinner guests at
the W. 1L Sneed home Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Cummings.
Mr. and Mrs. Geursre CiMimings of
Salem were dinner guests at t'.ie Wil
liam Cummings home Wednesday
Mrs. Anna Lewis of Salem was vis
iting old friends last. week.
Wednesday evenin&'March 24, at
the Williams and Cummings home
there will be a get acquainted meet-
aiia, is the. guest of lug mother, Mrs. (uv.iions nn wnr. n,i ml,ai- , 0i " " "c j ......
R Daniel . oeittns on words .and music are al- Missionary Society. Aside from the
Lee Doerfler. who has been an ap- , ',..,. ' " ..71' I uaua "sn study, mere m oe a
" -1 1 ' urn ill ill rpeitatinn;.
iing, a. a. ocoramra ana iiaroia taKln . sociaj chat.
f roressor Koberts. Lowell W ills a--ia I A eorUi&l Invitation is extended to
superintendent Todd are the judges on
Freshman Glee
Program Tonight
Promises Treats
Willamette university's annual
freshman clee will be held in the ar-
Miss Winnifred Beamish of Lives-, morv tonight beginning at 8 p. ni. The
ley visited at the J. A. Colgan homej freshmen have been busy today decc
last Sunday. rating the. hall, and all is in readiness
Ernest Murrey or Urumhiller, Can- for the rmtw tonight. Th. inrt l
who has been an ap
prentice in the S. P. depot office, has
a position at Banks on the Tillamook
Bert Libby has returned to Eugene
after a visit with relatives here.
L. B. Flint of Salem, a former
Marion resident, fell dead on the
street in Salem last Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Beers spent the
week end in Salem, and Mrs. Beers
will remains there for a time.
Olenn Gentry of Albany is the
guest of his grandmother. Mi's. Hobbs
Albert Mitzner is ulso visiting his
mother, Mrs. Hobbs.
Pioneer Jeweler
Of Dallas Retires
Dallas Commercial
Club Favors Bills
Itallns, Or., Mar. 19. At the meet
ing of the Dallas Commercial club
Wednesday night, in its new quarters
In the Imperial hotel building, tout
body wont on record as favoring the
proposed tax to be voted by the people
at the primary election for the support
of the Institutions of learning in the
jdate which comprises the University
of Oregon, the agricultural college and
the state normal. Several citizens who
re In close touch with the situation
t the various institutions expressed
their views on tho matter i and the
Club voted unanimously to lend their
ld in backing the movement nnd to
-"roi-k for its support on tho ballot.
Another measure up before the
United States congress asking the sup
port of the club is the passage of a
bill levying a tax of 25 cents on every
1109 worth of merchandise sold to n
onmimcr created quite a little inter
est and on a vote of tho club the bill
was voted down.
About fifteen new members were
admitted last Wednesday night which
brings the total membership up near
the 100 mark and Includes practically
every business man in the city. A
number of farmers have also Joined
tho club during the past month.
Dallas, Or., Mar. 19. C. H. Morris,
for the past 25 years one of the lead
ing business men of this city, this week
disposed of his of his Jewelry store on
Main street to William C. Retzer, who
for more than the past two years has
been connected with the Hartman
Bros, company of Salem.
Mr. Morris came to Dallas when the
town was still in fts Infancy and en
tered the Jewelry business. Today no
is one of but a very few of the mer
chants that were In business at that
were In business at that time. His
store which In those times was little
more than a watch repairing shop has
grown by leaps and bounds until to
day it is considered one of the most
up-to-date stores in that line in the
state outside of Portland. Both Mr.
and Mrs. Morris have devoted their
entire time to the store and have work
ed up a patronage that extends to
many parts of tho state.
Mr. Retzer, the new proprietor who
took charge of the business today was
formerly employed by the Martin Jew
elry .company and K. Falkenberg Jew
eler of Walla Walla, Washington.
Coming to Oregon he entered the em
ploy of the A. L. Sc hater Jewelry store
of Pendleton.
Mirrors Used To
Locate Defects
Philadelphia, Mar. 19. Two hun
dred University of Pennsylvania oars
men spend two hours each afternoon
gazing at thomsolves in large mirrors
in order that they may correct errors
in their rowing form.
It is the opinion of Coach Wright
that nilrrors are Invaluable to crew
"Every man out for my eights must
watch the mirrors," he says. "Tha
value of the mirrors is inestimuble in
showing the mistakes and weaknesses
of the oarsmen. Kor instance, lur
stroke can see the mistakes each man
is making as soon as the slip occurs.
He caii immediately correct them."
manon, nr., Mar. 19. a. W. Smith
f Portland spent last Sunday with
his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Smith.
(Jeorge Penrod of riuttevllle spent
Saturday and Sunday, the guest of
Miss (iladys Barber and Miss Flor
ence Barker of Salem, were visiting
IMr. and Mrs. Miles Barber and fam
ily Inst Sunday.
Mis Klsle Miller, who Is attend
ing the Oregon State Normal at Mon
mouth wns the guest of Miss Alice
Jioylo the last week end.
Mr. Cave is confined to his bed
nl he has thought best to give up
bis contract of hanging the inH for
the train.
, refined and re-refined by
a special process, mak
ing tit a clean-burning
fuel for home use. Ask
your dealer for PEARL
Women's Easter
Dainty BitisOf Loveliness Provide The
Springtime Touch
As the tresses to the brow, so a pretty neckpiece adds charm
to woman's attire. Here is a stupendous collection of the
newest novelties for your Easter selection in:
Lace Net Organdie
Georgette Round Pointed
Square Unique
Collars, Collar' and Cuff Sets, Vestees alluring creations.
Some are quite simple and small in price, others more elab
orate which cost more but lots and los between.
50c to $5.65
Less 10 per cent ?
A Beautiful line of Plain nnd Novelty Ribbon of High
Quality all Less 10 Per Cent
Everything: In the Store Reduced at Least 10 Per Cent
On adaptability as a college song r
S. Barton R. R. Jones and Miss Dav
enport will make a decision, and on
rendition D. F. Langenberg, Dr. Ald
rich'and Mrs. A, A. Schramm will be
the judges. .
The words of the senior song,. "0
Heres to W. U.," were written by-
Paul Doney, the music by Miss Lucile
Ross. The junior selection, 'The Vic
tor's Song" is a result of the efforts at
Miss Myrtle Mason and Miss Mildred
oarrett. The sophomore song, "Fight
i.m Bearcats" was written by John
Lacker and composed by Miss Eva
Roberts, and the freshmen are pinning
tneir hopes on "Go Willamette," by
Vern lluin and Oretchen Brown.
The glee will be opened by an ex
planatory speech by Bernard Ramsay.
After the second song Miss Lois otu-
des will give a reading. The decision
will be announced and the winner's
pennant awarded by Professor Matthews.
'Auburn Notes.
Auburn, Or., Mar. 19. W. H. Sneed
finished training loganberries Wed
Orsa Fagg is remodeling the Lach
mond home.
Miss Alice Mathey is ill at her
The many friends of Mrs. William
Hardy, nee Miss Helen Williams, will
be glad to know she has recovered
from the flu and is able to be home
Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Hedden of Salem'
music and
ail. Refreshments
the members.
will be served by
English Cops To
Try Flashlights
London, Mar. 19. One of the most
picturesque features of the varied out
fit of the London policeman, the old
fashioned oil dark lanters, is to give
place to the electric flashlight.
The London, "bobby" has been ae-
customed when darkness fell to light
his lamp and attach it to his belt at
the back slightly on the right side. It
generated too much heat, was cumber
some and when a policeman engaged
In a scuffle with a criminal his cloth
ing was generously sprinkled wt:!i
Good Health for You
Dr. Carter's K.&B. Tea
Cwte but Little and Too Can Male
whole Lt from One Package
More people are drinking Dr. Carter's
K. & B. Tea than ever before, becaute
they have found out that (or liver, stomach
and bowels and to purify the blood there
it nothing surer, safer or better. The little
Iota just love it.
' '-11 !J .
UJ Nt t 8,U .-'3 V J -n- 5
Each year for overalls-
2OO90O'Of ooo
Is baked in automatically regulated electric ovens. That's ,
; where it gets its name.
Bake-Rite Sanitary Bakery 1
457 State Stieet.
Point to
will urn th.2 PDint
A LWAYS select Kellogg's Toasted Corn
Flakes, as do millions of others. Not
only does their tempting, oven-fresh flavor
appeal to your appetite, but their rich, real
quality satisfies you that you are eating
the corn flakes which have always held the
popular yerdict of "the best."
Ask your grocer for them, and select them
by the "vvaxtite" package bearing this
EVERY year you and the other men of the United
States wear $20O,O0Qjt0OO worth of overalls. Tied
end to'end they would reach twice around the world.
Some of these overalls wear well stay comfortable.
Others wear out quicklybind and rip.
Which kind of service do yours give? Have you
found an overall that gives you full value in wear and
comfort every time?
Millions of men are today wearing overalls which
give satisfaction they have never known before. When
these men want overalls, they make sure that they get
Blue Buckles.
"I've tried a lot of overalls, but
of ill I've worn I'll choose Blue
Buckle every time. They ahvayt
give end wear.
Pmiint of ( hrt
Ctrn iniSmM Gnu
The heaviest, toughest denim on the market ton into
Blue Buckles. Blu Buckles are e'.wayt big mi
roomy Blue Buckles never rip. First-clan workman
ship makes the details right in every pair. Pockrti
reinforced to prevent tearing heavy braa borrons
' a solid back band extra wide suspenders and widt
double-stitched seams everywhere points site that
give Blue Buckle wearers solid satisfaction,
Ask for Blue Bucklci and jet your money's wwttu
Blue Buckle Over Alls
Biggest selling overall in the world
Three more industrial cripples en
titled to benefits under the work
men's compensation act have been
assigned to Oregon educational insti
tutions for training;.
Loganberry Growers
Get our prices on first class ,
Cedar Posts
Direct from the timber to you
Independence, Or.
Buy Remnants
Remnant Store
254 North Commercial
The Island City school board has
given a complimentary banquet to the
Industrial club members. The ban
quet wag prepared under the direc
tion of the domestic science depart
ment of the sohool. . f ... "
For Colds, Grip of bin
and as a Preventative, talm IAtt
Look for E. W. GROVE'S riJMtm
on the box. 30o. ' (A)
Care of
Yick So Tong
Chinese Medicine and Tea Co.
Has medicine which will cure
any known disease.
Open Sundays from 1 Q a. m.
until 8 p. m.
153 South High Street '
Salem, Oregon. Phone 283
WillametteV alley
Transfer Co.
Every grocer everywhere
sells Kellogg's every day.
It is natural for a growing child to crave what may seem" an
over-abundance of food. The vital, important factor ia to
assure not only a plenitude of food but food that contains
those substances that promote healthful growth, v
is daily helping to nourish and strengthen many boys
ana gins tnrough the trying period of growth. j
rou should not hesitate to riot SCOTT'S
EMULSION to a child of any as. f
CTb ch..i rr flfd-U m, te S-, EanMa It th. f.-o
. ' I! t Konwi rrM4 ia w mw tamn
f fthtltWEArtM H . 1 .... .
V. )...
. " , fiW' - fc' . :: "
r Sacb rf I
lo-lb, 4'- I
- At your nearet
'. -.V- ,ii
! I
Ill V)! 1 U U kT riiV-j ,
Ji" km -. w m pwnw sea miausui. tMnuinil