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City Council
(I'ontinued from page one)
nSSPAYMAIKH 16, 1920.
Greater Tourist
Travel to Oregon 1
Lake Is Forseen
iCtional Parks highway or at
1 MO miles of Us. length from
T to Crater Lake National park,
"rfthern Oregon, last season, are
19 t0 make automobile trips
It during next summer, ra
"ent today from Frank W. Guil
T. ecutlve secretary of the Na-
UoJ EtaSon estimated. ainst the erection of filling stations! rush .throu'
ear- 1 Vr "7, .n vr, ""'side of the city fire limits. The or. "" wncn scnunke'
today all members were urged to be
present and to assist In the delibera
tion of problems before the orgsa,.
further campaign against mail or-i
der houses will be Instituted at this
meeting am what action the business
men of the city will take on bad ac
counts will also be discussed.
Injunction Laid i
By City Council
On Gas Stations
. permanent injunction, in the!
lorm or a city ordinance makinc it
unlawful, was placed by the city coun
. cil at its meeting Mondav nle-ht
"ST .utomobiles. with an. average " ' " iy ure limits. The or
, M100"": ,ha m!,hin finance was passed to defeat an at.
,V ntehway for at least tempt of the Standard Oil company
the Jason t0 erect station at the cor-
" "J a travel of 4e.M0 to ner ? State and Cottage streets, and
(Wktof.-.; - , 150.000 uespiw me oojections raised
Water Permits
G." Donaldson, district
"Read it all read it to the council.
That's what you're paid for.-
After saying that thre of the ben
attorneys in the city had assisted hira
in finding the opinions he advanced.
Vandvervort thundered:
"I serve warning on this council
now that if they start an election here
now without knowing where they
stand, they'll have a law suit on their
Anattempt to rush through a slate
'a resiirn.--
tion was accepted. Utter asked:
' Mayor "In the Dark."
"Is it legal to elect a councilman to
a ward that doesn't exist until tomor
row, I'd like to ask the city attorney?"
"I think we are proceeding right,"
Mayor Wilson replied.
"Are we?" Ctter insisted.
"I think we are."
"I don't object to Schunke's ap
pointment, but I would like to know
what tho slate is," Utter said accuslng-
at all, doctor,"
the company.
The ordinance requires tha the
company erecting a filling station
outside the fire limits get the Dermis-
. . .... v.i. "in of every resident within 160 ft
t cMtutn junnwii nvj m . , .
wfth State Engineer Cupper an me PPsea site. It was passed
mei n for the right to appro- b!arin8 " emergency clause, because
t'rr powet - pur- - J" "1
r-nTa canal 5 ,8 miles long at leaseor the .ite at Cottage
"f . ations fo -'water rights signcd- and that h received the' now." he added
Z B L Riddle of Copco, Calif... !'a'ion- he ?rSe at the end of lntendt0 r?8lgn'" ntr retorted. ..
Hrnriec the appropriation of water 'hh "V" ty attorney When the Sections began, first one
hZ councilman resigned being e,,ct-
Krauss of,. cover- XiTTJr
w th annronriation of water from.WOJ? no,.!ar
r.8:' r,; T;ihtn. rnuntv "I ntea the right to build a railroad
2V-8vrv iifc . i
' ilU -'alOnir the nM Turner nA A T
approprfation of. T "f -" -"
1 fnr th irrliration of a1 company
Tb. tand L. H. Clute of ilui-l S"' t,",e Uthern P.acifi Linca
nhv. covering the
water from Applegate river for the ir
rigation of 65 acres of land in Jack
ton county.
By Ralph S. Bennett of Grants
Pass, covering the appropriation of
water from Jump-Off Joe creek for
mining purposes and Irrigation pur
noses near Grants Pass.
By J. E. and L U Sharp of Grant;' agaln8t do VVou"
rt9 uuvciiits t-iic apfiviutwuu ui
Sheep-Grower Finds
Anti-Dog Statutes
Harming Industry
Aavancing very practical argument
water from the west fork of Gilbert
cently received by Sheriff V. I. Need-
ham from William Downing of Lyons,
Most soaps and prepared shampoos
contain too much alkali, which is very
injurious as it drits the scalp and
makes the hair brittle.
The best thing to use is Mulsified
cocoanut oil shampoo, for this is pure
, mm cnureiy greaseiess. it s very cheap
....v. niijuuiig viae uii pieces.
You can get this at any drug store,
and a few ounces will last the wnole
family for months.
Simply moisten the hair with' water
and rub it in, about a teaspoonful is
all that is required. It makes an abund
ed to be followed by another. Utter
. "And the Bteam roller roll!"
When Yandervort was elected to
ward 1, Utter commented,
"The fighting councilman is
changed from ward S to ward 1
please take notice!"
Salary Increase Ontm-d.
The council ordered the city attor
ney to draft ordinances allowing city
firemen a $25 monthly rise In salary,
and members of jhe police force; ex
cluding the chief, a sliding scale rise
from $110, beginning April 1, to $120
and 1 1:5 later. The attorney was in-
structedto draft an ordinance allow
ing the chief oAf police a r9 flat
increase. These ordinances will havi
to be acted upon by the council before
the raises become effective.
An order on the city for 1000,
claimed by her for damages when she
broke an arm by stumbling on a board
sidewalk on Church street, was read
from Mrs. M. Ward. Mrs. Ward claims
that she Injured herself March 5. The
matter was referred to the street com
mitte for investigation.
Several petitions for street improve
ments were read and referred to the
street, committee.
Campaign To Save
Money On Meats
Slated In Oregon
The week beginning March 29 will
be "Save Money on Meat" week in Ore
gon, it has be en announced by .the
department of Justice. During that
Don't neglect it. Rub Turpo, the
only Turpentine ointment, on throat
and Che. Cover with flannel cloth.
Repeat nlfciit and morning. , .
. . j Jregon, gives the view of a stockruiser
By J. W. Krauss of Kerby covering' t.!,""e lc"'; ,olloJs: ,
,,. . ,t Sheriff Needham 4Jear Sir: As 1
t supplemental supply for irrigation a.m Senal m,y taxp? on a bunch of ance of kh' reamy latlle cleanses
"""i' .la ucvieuaeii io per nivivufcwij', auu riiisen uui eu!ny, ine
cent In the last two years due to the hair dries quickly and evenly and is
killing of hours by game wardens and soft, fresh looking, bright, fluffy, wavy
still hunters. These hounds were nil and easy to handle. Resides it loosens
the protection we had for the sheep. ,and takes out'. every particle of dust,
"The wild animals are so bad most,"'" and dandruff. (Adv)
Pardon Me
By MB.
Is the happiest tlmo
Of tho year
Or should bo
I'nless ., ; ;
Tou are a rhrouic grouch
Ton should .
Be glad ,
To be alive
And interested
In people
And growing things
And song of birds
And tho welfare
Of our city
And the Ho.spltal
Fund '
In particular
League To Hold
Meeting Tonight
. The regular monthly meeting of the
Salem Business Men's league wilt be
""'d at 8 o'clock this evening in the
commercial dub. In an announce
nt made at the of ficea of the league
of the shep In eastern Marion'county
will have to be disposed of this year.
There will have to be something done
to protect hounds or we will have to
abandon attempts to raise sheep or
goats. A Salem paper not very long
ago bragged about sheep and goat In,
dustry In Marion county. Nice enough
to brag about what the other fellow
does, but we need help to protect these
sheepand goats.
"I had some sheep out on shares in
Marlon county but expect to move
them out next fall to Linn county,
where there Is more hounds and less
predatory animals. Respectfully, Win.
Downing. P. B. You can give this fot
printing If you think It will be to the
Interest of the sheep industry."
Ask for free sample,
Perry's drug
Wrinkles That Form
Around Eyes And Mouth
This Good Looking Young Woman
Advises Old Time Hedpo of Butter
milk Cream In New Way A
(ientle Massugo with Fingers
Before ltctlrlng All That is
week an effort will be made to reduce f
materially the prices of thecuts of
beef, pork and lamb now in heavy de
mand, by showing consumers the ad
vantage of turning to those which are
equally nutritious but which cost much
On each day of "Save Money on
Meat" week some particular cut or
tins m cut? iiivxirnsie variety will oe por.lan
leiuurea anu win oe sum at low
price. Retailers who hitherto have not
carried in stock some of the less cost
ly cuts because their customers did not
ask for them intend to lay in adequate
quantities of such portions of meat.
If the consumers will take ndvanths
of the highly nutritious and palata-e
pieces of meat which are relatively in
expensive, the saving effected will be
tremendous, and the slackened de
mand for the cust now popular will
result in lower prices thereon.
La Grande is to be made the head
quarters of the Eastern Oregon district
of the Maccabees. Heretofore the dis
trict has been under the supervision of
CS. Hamilton
S40 Court Street
Can never go hand in hand says
Prof. John U. Austin, noted bacteri
ologist, hair and scalp fpeciulist of
To retain, one's youth one must be
rid of gray hairs. My discovery solves
the problem.
Co-Lo Hair Restorer
A scientific process for developing
the natural color of the hair, in a sim
ilar manner to that of developing
the photographic negative. It is pobsI
tively tho only satisfactory and last
ing treatment for restoring color to
the hair in a mild, healthful inn. hut.
Co-Lo Hair Restorer is absolutely
harmless and will not- injure cither
the hair or scalp; Is not a dye; con
tains no lead or sulphur; will not
wash or rub off; has 110 sediment
and is as clear as watera pleasing
and simple remedy to apply.
Co-Lo Hair Restorer comes In
A6 for black and all dark shades
of brown.
i, A7 Extra strong, for c't black
hair only.
AS for all medium brown shades.
AO for all very light brown, drab
and auburn shades. 1
Co-Lo Hair Restorer on sale at
Perry's drug store. (Adv)
1 v. i irisL. '- - 1 -V jTty"?'gfv
Danlol J. Fry, druggist
United States Disc Separator
"The V. S. ia the formt'a pride.
Made to driae horn either side.'
Will fit in ny location to suit the
owner. The crank is put on the most
convenient sk!e and a pulley for En
gineer Meter power attache J opposite
the crank.
But the most important feature is the
perfected, self-adjusting bowl, with inter
changeable, simplified discs and record
skimming qualities, not equalled by any
other sepcratcr.
There are other exclusive features in
the New United States Disc Separator
which we will be glad to explain in a free
demonstration and will convince you of
the superiority of the new United States
Corns and sea
. Unless the 1920 census reports are
received at Bend before the primaries,
candidates for city offices must be
elected in the fall without nomination
by ballot.
WillametteV alley
Transfer Co.
PHONE 1400
81 Court Street
Phono (81
Important to all Women
Readers of this Paper
Thousands upon thousands jt wo
men have kidney or bladder trouble
and never suspect It.
Women's complaints often prove to
be nothing else but kidney trouble,
or the result of kidney or bladder dis
ease. If the kidneys are not Iil a healthy
condition, they may cause the other
organs to become diseased.
You may suffer pain In the back,
headache and loss of ambition.
Poor health makes you nervous, ir
ritable and may be despondent; it
makes any one so.
But hundreds of women claim that
Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root, by restor
ing health to the kidneys, proved to
be Just the remedy needed to over
come such conditions.
Many send for a sample bottle to
see what Swamp-Root, the great kid
ney, liver and bladder medicine will
do for them. By enclosing ten cents to
Dr. Kilmer & Co., Blnghamtun, N. Y.
you may receive sample size bottle by
parcel post. You can purchase medi
urn and large size bottles at all drug
stores. (Adv)
Cars of
Yick So Tong
Chinese Medicine and Tea Co.
Has medicine which will cur
any known disease.
Open Sundays from 10 a. m.
until 8 p. m.
163 South High Street ,
Salem, Oregon. Phone 283 .
IHIMMtttltt ttttM
"Uets-It" Stops Tain Immediately
And Corns Go Quick.
Ths way to handle corns Is tho
tried and proved "Gots-It" way the
way that millions have found quick
est, easiest, safest and most reliable.
ui) is no secret auoui 11 nur
thero any doubt about the result it's
just common ordinary liuttermllk In
the form of a wonderful cream gently
massaged with the finger tips around
the corners of tho eyes and mouth.
To prove this to your complete sat
isfaction obtain a small quantity of
Howard's Buttermilk Cream : at any
good drug or toilet goods counter on
the money back If dissatisfied plan.
The directions are simple and It costs
so little that any girl or woman enn
afford It. (Adv)
is '
buM body and brain
The -twice baked values of wheat
and malted barley, blended into a
-eeithafcis flavor and
pnme nutrition.
A stand-by for the business man
as well as the little folks, at home
GrapeNuts Needs No Sugar
Made by Pbstum Cereal CaBattle Creek.Mick
Just Yellow Mustard
for Backache, Lumbago
Orandmothcr's old mussy mustard
plaster or poultice generally brought
relief all right ev
en In the severest
.nses, but It burn
ed and blistered
ilike blazes.
Heat eases pain'
.educes the Inflam
mation and scat
ters congestion but
you'll find that
While Begy's Mus-
tarlne, made of true yellow mustard
and other pain destroyers Is Just as
hot as the old fashioned planter It is
much quicker, cleaner und more ef
fective and cannot hllsti-r.
It's a great external remedy Just
rub It on wherever aches, pains, in
flammation, congestion or swelling
eslKta and in a very fvw minutes the
relitf you have longed for surely ar
rives because "Heat eases pain." 80
and CO cents at druggists or by mall
ft C. Wells Oo.i LeRoy N. Y.
r i ..
mum m.-4
1 -"TU-,
in mi
A few drops of "Ccts-It" knocks
the hurt out of any corn at once and
soon loosens it so u litis rigni cm
without any feeling. Oh, wnat com
fortl How grand to walk and dance
and jump without a single twinge:
Why not?
"Oets-It" the never falling, guaran
teed money-back corn remover, costs
but a trifle at any drug store. Sold In
Salem and recommended a the
world's best corn remedy by J. C,
Perry, D. J. Fry. Capitol Drug Store,
Wm. Neimeyer, Frank 8. Ward, Cry
stal Drug Store. Adv
A1?o JoriK of All KM
lx nt Prices Guaranteed
Capital Junk Co.
Tho Square IxuJ Uous
171 CbomekeU 6t Phot til
"Father" Graramer
(Non-Sectarian and Non-Catholic)
"World's" Divine Healer
And teacher will lecture and heal and teach and demon
strate the true principles of Immunity from sickness and
sorrow, at Grand Opera House, Salem, Thursday, March
18th to Sunday, March 21, at 8 p. m. o'clock every even
ing, and heal and bless the people daily.
"Father" Crammer is making a world's tour under
.auspices of the School of Life, and carries records of many
apparently, miraculous cases of healing, from Colorado,
Texas, Seattle, Portland and many other places. Many are
healed instantly while hearing him f peak. Admission Free.
For Sale
By ownerLocated at 876 North 14th street, large lot,
plastered, dutch kitchen, panelled dining room, buffet built
in, book cases built in, fire place, large mirrors in bedrooms
furnace, cement basement, large room in basement, plaster
id, also frui't room, massive cobble-stone fillers in front,
garage with cement drive. If you are looking for a home
this will please you. Owner will be on premises Wednesday
and Thursday, Can give possession at once. Price $5500.
Bleached sheets, 81x90, hemmed, pecial
Glass Toweling, red striped, eptcial, yard...,
Apron check Ginghams, special, yard
Jap table covers, 42x42, at
60 x 60, at
Jap dresser scarfs at
100 spool silk, best grade
50 yards spools
50c mi 75c
High grade millinery at reasonable prices. You are invited
to visit our millinery department in rear room. A beautiful
display. Nice dress hats, best of materials, correctly
trimmed, prices . '
86,87. $8, 89, $10
You will be pleased with our showing. We are the
Leaders in Millinery
hi n 1 ri i des i WE1