Capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1919-1980, March 16, 1920, Page PAGE TWO, Image 2

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Planing to Divert
Yellowstone Into
Columbia Basin
XJviogston, Mont. March IS. In
order to retain, for purposes of irri
gating between 1.000.SOO and 1,900,-
acres of land In the southeastern
Montana, water from Yellowstone
lake which now finds its way eventu
ally to the Atlantic ocean by way of
tfca Mississippi river and the Gulf
of Mexico, Montana residents are en
caged in an effort to prevent its diver
sion through the continental divide
to the Pacific
An attempt to divert the waters of.
TellowBtone lake to the Snuke river,
taking them through the divide which
determines the flow on the great
watershed in the Yellowstone national
park, was planned by Idaho interests;
after engineers had conceived a dar
ing project to tunnel the divide and
carry the Yellowstone water from its
.-feet elevation into Shosahone
lake for irrigation purposes, and then
permit it to follow the natural course
through the Snake river and the
Columbia to the Paeific. "
Montana residents now are organ
M"g a gigantic irrigation project
which would place water on millions
of acres In the 500-mile valley of the
Yellowstone river and control the
tieatruetive spring floods of the area
Oeorge T. Risley is able to be out
after being confined to his home.
Mr. Eyre and Superintendent W. M.
Smith of Salrm will give an illustrated
lecture at the Livesley school house
Tuesday evening, March IS. The pic
tures will be scenery of the Columbia
highway and northwestern states.
The Industrial club of this school
will present a short program."
' James Clark of Olympia. Wash., was
a guest at the Risley home
Mrs. John Jades of Salem spent the
week end with Mr. and Mrs. Joe Bress-I
A dance will be given at the Qifery
dance hall.
Mr. and Mrs. Snodgrass have re
cently returned from an extended
wedding trip in the east and are now
located on their ranch near Falls City.
C. D. Query and family are enjoy
ing their new Dodge car.
Revival meetings are being held at
the Liveeley church in which a great
deal of Interest is being taken.
Mr. and Mrs. Abbott and family
have moved into the house recently
occupied by the Osborns.
Cloverdale, Or., Mar. 16. Levi Fli
flet and family of Salem visited at the
home of M. Fliflet Sunday.
The Sunday school convention held
at Cloverdale Sunday was well attend
ed in spite of the inclemency of the
weather. There were renresentatives
as well. from Salem, Stayton, Murion and Tur-
, Headquarters for the Montana pro-! ncr- A we" arransed program was
jects have been established at this rendered and thoroughly enjoyed by
city, where the Yellowstone river aH-
conies out of the mountains and en- Mim Hazel Craig went to Quinaby
ters the great plain which would be Sundav visit at the home of her
irrigated by the stored water. Artl- uncIe. George Garner, for a few days.
fieS of inromnriiHnn l.a.,A n. Ivan Hnrilov'lnft taut ii.nal, nm..
and the directors have started a cam- mook City to take care of census enu- , , 6 . , Juirt wh,lt
paign to raise 150,000 for prellmin- meratlon over there. He expects to ' 1, IT"6 " , 0t hil; pIenty
t worn required before the con- complete the work in about ten days,
7L .1 ul a aam at the point where " J. Craig returned Saturday
me leuowstone river leaves the lake from a week's visit at her hmtw.
! O. Garner, near Qui,nabyi
can be undertaken.
v, uiiiig a aam at an Mrs,. Kay Karris hasher mother,
stomT mmi. . :)00'000- t0 Mrs..Harrlng of ugene visiting her,
miners, me corporation plans to ap
i-on.un me water in the Yellowstone
organize irrrigation districts
ctinsiruct canals which will Ir-
ueiween i,uoo,000 and 3,000,-
re oi iana In ten Montana
...veaiey, or., Mar. 16. A well at
tended entertainment given by the
Wvwjley school under the auspices of
the teacher, Allss Hulh Weaver, was a
big success. The sum of 75 was clear
ed, which will be used for school im-
muvements. The following
was given :
Patriotic Exercises
Primary CIuhh."
Readiug "Hats' Off
Kdna Kogers.
Dialogue "George Washington's
Amas Dinner"
Fifth and Sixth Grades.
Song "Jingle Hells" ' ;
Paul Johnson. .
Play "The .Spelling Class"
Klghth Grade.
Mrs. Will Pettyjohn.""""'""""
Mis. Joe Hresslur und
MIhs Gludys HrcsHlcr.
Recitation "Three Little Kittens".
Raymond Iligglns.
Dialogue "Society for Suppression
of Slung"
Six Girls.
Miss Opal Crawford of West Salem
spent the week-end at the home of her
aunt, Mrs, Blunkfnshlp.
Mr. Bert Stout is confined to nor
home by serious illness.
Mrs. 'Oeorge k.ii spent the week
end with her husband at Livesley.
The following young people from
Miilem attended the box social Friday
opal Crawford, Virginia eaWver, K
Clemens, Gladys Dressier, Kdna Kusel
HUSH, Artnur ruts and
Mrs. George Higglim returned Fri
day after a short visit in Oregon City.
The O. T. C. club will meet with
Airs. C. 1). Query Thursday at eleven
Albert Hennis of Porland is hnm
tor a few days.. He expects to return
to Portland about Tuesday.
Claxtar, Or., Mar. 16. Sir. and m
Thomas Andrews and daughter, Grace
Hal h
Heartburn, belching, sour acid atom
ach, gas in stomach, etc., take a tea
spoonful of Bisurated Magnesia in a
half glass of hot water after eating.
Is safe, pleasant and harmless to use
ana gives almost Instant relief. It
neutralizes stomach neldity and sweet
ens the food contents so that digestion
is easy und painless. Sold by druggists
everywhere. (Adv)
Life is a burden when the body
is racked with 'pain. Everything
worries and the victim becomes
despondent and downhearted To
bring back the sunshine take
Elizabeth, are guests at the Jacob
Denny home, having come down from
Bridal Veil, Oregon, to attend the
Denny-Armstrong wedding last week.
Mrs. Andrews was Miss Anna Denny
of Hayesville before her marriage.
Professor and Mrs. Fred O. McMil
len and son, Frederick Jr, came down
from the Corvallis argricultural col
lege to attend the wedding of Mrs.
McMillen's sister. Miss Martha Denny.
The McMillens are guests of the Jacob
Denny's and of the E. M. Bailies of
this place.
Allie Kites and family are scheduled
to leave Arlington, Cal., March 15, for
Claxtar. Mr. Kites is an extensive
grower of fruits, having one of the best
improved and most productive farms
here. x
The Claxtar Nursery has put out ex
tensive plantings of choice shrubbery
at thei rtrial grounds here. Also they
have another large nursery near
Quinaby on land which was formally
me Joe -Petzel place.
All of this new ground and close
proximity to railroad station makes
these sites ideal for nursery Durrjosea.
inese nurseries are conducted
Pearcy Bros, and Frank Davy.
.ilartin Holmes has bought himself
an international tractor for use on his
fann. here.
Captain Robert C. Wygant has add
ed a Cleevland tractor to his equip
G. I. Newton, ticket agent for Clax
tar, received a recommendation of
honor from the general inspector, W.
r. Turner, this week. The recom
mendation cite Mr. Newton for hon
esty, efficiency and strict attention to
Potato sorting and marketing is in
order among farmers here.
The prevailing showers are causing
farmers here to wear "the smile that
Just what is needed
of straw
berries and plenty of stored up water
for the big potato crop. AU agree that
Oregon always has something good up
her sleeve.
The big meeting under the auspices
of the parent-teachers' organization,
and the Epworth league, held forth to
a crowded house Friday evening. The
program contained not a dull number
and the pie social end of the enter
tainment was a success both socially
and financially. ' This all happened at
Keiser school, district SS.
Some land changing hands in this
vicinity recently sold for $08 per acre
and another piece at $300 per acre
Land prices in Marion county may yet
cause Yakima, Wash., and California
to set up and take notice..
Sour Stomach
Mi-0-Na Puts the Stomach in
Fine Shape in Five Minutes
If your stomach is continually kick
ing up a disturbance; it you feel bloat
ed and distressed; if you belch gas
and sour food into the mouth, then
you need Mi-O-Na Stomach Tablets.
. Mi-O-Na stomach tablets give in
stant relief, of course, but they do
more; they stop the poisonous gases.
They stop excess fermentation of food
and thoroughly clean, renovate and
strengthen the stomach so that it can
readily digest food 'without artificial
Mi-O-Na stomach tablets are guar
anteed to end indigestion, acute or
chronic, or money back. This means
that nervousness, dizziness and bit
lousness should disappear. Druggists
everywhere and Daniel J. Fry sell Mi
O-Na for 60 cents a large box.
Yes! It showers a little! We dont
have to pray for rain like they are do
ing in California the past week.
Spring beauties are here. by the doz
en and the swet rain-washed air
speaks eloquently of violets.
For Colds, Grip or Influenza
nd at a Preventative, take LAXA
Look for E. W. GROVE S Mature
an ths box. SOc. (Adv)
(mams hkho-mi)
Ends Catarrh or money back,' Jost
breathe it in. Outfit including inhaler
11.15. Extra bottles 60c. All Druggists,
The national remody of Holland for ovsr
200 yt! it is an enemy of til pains re
sulting from kidney, liver and uric acid
troubles. All druggets, three sizes.
Leok for the nam Gold Medal on erery baa
ad mm apt no imitation
A BEAUTIFUL, crfu-oit, arlMo
ciatic car or 120-inch wheelbew
nd 60-hortepower. Its linn
re in exuUent taste in good style,
harmonious throughout one of the
most attractive seven-ptsscngej cars
ever produced. Evsry lile detail ol
Onleh d equipment is high-class.
And its mechanical advantages include
sucb, features ss ths perfected interin.
diste transmission, flexible coupling and
sub-frame which supports both power
plsnt and transmission -giving won. Q
detiul balance snd etiminsting driving
hho:k, remlting in a smoothly optri
ng cat with IjttU or no vibration.
,w J2575 -v';-
F. 0. B. Salem
a Iaawaaaa u
mrjrmrms mmm.
1 1 hi iwmvh. m m an-
H rmmmmmB'
The Joy Of Aj
Perfect Skin"
. i ... ,
happiness that comes n
to one thru possessing J
beauty. The soft, dis- H
anguished appearance it n
natural beauty to its fulUQ
est. In use over 70 years. JJ
With SS years e.ipcricncc, with
me in my dental office
. - 302 U. a Bank Bldg.
Salem Auto Radiator Shoft
Radiators. Fenders and Gas
Tanks Repaired
Tractor Radiators a Specialty
-Ford Radiators for Sale
198 & 12th St Salem. Or.
- House FW
n AT tub
-- North Con.,..., . fc
1. M. ljtjjlf IJ (Irj,
- Lnilaren , '
Off n1i-fi
1 vpWt
A Samuel Goldwyn
-f) : (Presents
' Madge Kennedy n
Other New Goldwyn Releases)
Rupert llugbea' "The Cup of Fnry'J
Tom Moort In "Ler J and Lsdy Algy"
Da Beach's "Th Girl from Outside"
Will Rotors In " Almost s Husband"
CeraMIno Parrar la "Flama of tha
fauline Frederick In "Tbo Lotos ol
. Utty"
Goldwyn Bray Animated Cartoons
trictlu Confidential
It's a wise man who knows
his wife's relations!
And they're more particular about it In Eng
land than they arc ever here. Here yeu ca
-marry anybody. In England, It Isn't done!
But it couldn't be helped in "Strictly utww
lmnftSns! twerty-three relatives all In on 3
house, and Madge Kennedy west and DisttlM
the Owner, after lying about her social
sections. Funny? It s no word (or It. Its
a riot of risibilities 1 m. u
Vamry pulling tho Boll ror for t'nrtet Or poshSnt s
butt mi twice for Cousin Emily to hrtn op s bid it
aoda (yes. they're still serving tham in F.ntlsM), Bat
II this is prcmaluro. The play's the tblnjl
See lisdte Kennedy. She's Inunltsble. And II m
te acn uneuay. rto charitable. No wife Is tmpmiIMS
inr hee relations. Sho doesn't went to be ht wol .
a is UTiaS under so assumed name leutii
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dozen cans. Save moneyask
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