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' SPat
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ay by The Capital Journal Prlntm Ov
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GEOKGB PUTNAM. Editor-Publisher
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at Salem. Oregon-
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Gol.l II111. David Force, who ha.
been doing extensive development
work on his quicksilver mine In the
Mt-udowH dixtrict north of Gold Hill
the it winter, him uncovered a large
deport of clnnuhnr ore that runs 60
ler cent mercury.
Albany. Ooi;;e August Asche, mm
of the pioneer ranchers of Linn rotin
Iv and u oil known throughout the
communliv. dl(d nt 11. SO Monday
evenlim at his home iicur Dover, ful
lowing an attack of acute pneumonia.
Cold Hill. Kuttcneuttor ft Knox of
Medfm-ri have inirchiiscd the W. .1.
Hmith sawmills on Sardine creek, six
mile north of Cold Hill. Considerable
Umber in tributary to the mills, hut
the new owners may move the equip
ment to n new Rite in this district
Yule. Work was bcRun Wednesday
tin the ditch, under the supervision of
i. 1. Houhc. There are five miles of
thin ditch yet to be dufr, covering most
of the farms and ranches in the valley
on the south side of Malheur river.
Hlllshoro. A. N. Duties of Netlits,
recently coming here to attend the
closing of the affairs of his mother in
law, the lute Mrs. (liihbcrt of Kinton,
found 12fi twentyihjllnr gold pieces
while KidiiK through the O.ulibert holism
Hold etrectH. The ROld coins wore
hidden In a laid bucket.
Flosebiirp; Ada Roberts, 'dnuuhter
of l.rward Roberts, an employe of
tne i.ieniiiuo Lumber compajiy, wss
accidentally killed nf-Feravnta. It was
learned today, when n heavy lumber
truck on which she nnd other chil
dren were riding collided with a
logfting train.
Sometime since the Oregon Voter announced that Editor Edgar
r tinAD r tV, prrionri Orporinian. was the "unofficial head 01
the Republican party" which, in-as-much as Oregon possessed a
national committeeman, a republican United wares sen-noi, uu
republican congressmen, a republican governor, a repuunuin
legislature and a republican in every state office, was regarded
as some promotion-but it is evident that the Voter understated
the case and underestimated the colonel's importance.
! ' Colonel Piper is not only "the Boss" who pulls the strings and
makes the politicians dance, but he is The Party the Grand Old
Party itself, that -is, everything except the votes. He has even
written the platform for the coming campaign at least he was
modest enough to admit it in his address to th'e'Women's League
as printed in his own paper. If he would only name the candi
date now, there wouldn't be any necessity for a convention. Per
haps he will before the convention meets, obviating the necessity
and saving the expenditures for slush money. - ;
And such a platform! Such a collection flf glittering general
ities as never before conscripted not even in the scintillating
array by General Leonard Wood. We have "Americanization,"
the "maintenance of our institutions," the "supremacy of the
law and punishment of malefactors," "democracy as opposed to
autocracy", "payment of debts," "opportunity to enjoy rewaras
of labor," "efficiency and economy," "regulation of public util
ities," "equal service and equal rights" for sexes, "liberal recog
nition of ex-service men," "moderate" protective tariff, "military
training" but not "military service, except in case of war."
The platform views with alarm a Democratic president and
of course fails to point with pride to the winning of the war,
but firmly demands everything already enacted into law, vigor
ously claims rights inherent under the constitution, and staunch
ly declares for liberties enjoyed since the Declaration of Inde-npiHlfiiice.
Truly a statesmanlike document silent upon the League of
- . . - , i ii i
Nations, upon the problems ot reconstruction, upon proniDiiion,
upon the great issues of the hour, ft would, with minor alter
ations, fit either of the parties and as it means nothing, and conn
takes the place of convictions, and above all offends no one, is
therefore eminently fitted for politicians bankrupt in principle.
I.n elucidating this sane and safe platform bunk, the author
voiced his uet theory that partisanship and patriotism are syn
onvmous. and independence a menace to the nation. "Independ
ents" he asserted, "contributed little to the advancement 01 poi-
fical thought." and after declaring that the republican party
was founded by Hamilton and the democratic party by Jefferson,
concluded with the assertion that "Jefferson was no democrat
he was a republican."
" There are those who fear that the ponderous weight of his
megalomanical responsibilities as The Republican Party and the
tremendous strain of preparing innocuous desuetudes for his plat
form, have seriously impaired Colonel Piper's sense of humor. On
the contrary, he is more amusing daily and promises to be a source
of continual joy throughout the campaign.
Rippling Rhymes
WAlfi Wifi air
mm mmw
"But you promised to give me an
ear of corn for my tooth!" said Un
do Jerry-
"Well, haven't you got your tooth?"
asked Jimmy Rabbit.
And Uncle Jerry Chuck was so pui
iled that he went home without say
ing another word.
ilf You Need a Medicine
Yoo Should HaTe the Best
You may have heard somewhere of
Uncle Jerry Chuck. He was an old
m-nr.a,.h,i,ir who lived in Farmer,
Green's pasture. And he was known
f.i. ami will, il the stineiest person
In Pleasant Valley. He never paid
for anything if he cc
han it
Well. Vnele Jerry had the tooth
ache. That was nothing new for him
either. He often had the toothache.
And it was alwavs the same tooth
too because he had only one in is
head. But he never would go and
have his tooth nulled, Decause ire
simply hated the thought of paying
anyone to take it out
Have yon ever stopped to reason
why it is that so many products that
are eiten""'" advertised, all at once
drop out of sight and are soon for
gotten? The reason is plain the ar-
Catarrhal Def,,
If you know of som.
troubled with rTr4
head noises or"erdiB, 4
ot this formma ;E
and you may hSTB bj
of saving some
from total deafness. In p?,"1
ognlaed that ct.v lut,
said: ,
-iieuo: sam i. "!ticle did not funfil the promises of
something new! I've never noUeed;the manufacturer. This applies more
that sign before." And ne stepueu particularly to a medicine, A medic
inxid'e the hollow stump to which the lnal preparation that nas real cura-
sism was nailed. t
And there he found Jimmy Rabbit,
in a white apron, and with a pair of
pincers in his hand. Frisky .Squirrel
was there, too, sitting in a corner and
hniintr onto his head.
what are vour prices?" Uncle
Jerry asked
al disease and
constitutional treatment
Sprays, inhalers and "sow
an. liable to irritate thii?'
passages and force the aT
the middle of thenar wwJX
IT means total desfn 'w-
V e driveT
Uve value almost sells Itself, as likejP8 towar(l5 the lUnS8
an endless chain system the remedyl equallf dangerous. Th, tZl
1. nnundul V,V tVinm i hn hnM men IS U.VX v. ,
been benefitted, to those who are
need of it
A prominent druggist says "Take
for example Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-
I Root, a preparation I have sold for
He had an
''i 1,1 going right down there,'
my Rabbit said.
said many years and tew hesitate to rec
lommend, for in almost every case it
An ear of corn lor a loom:
Tt.,..-,ir 7?9hhir nmmntlv.
That's reasonable enougn, incino "im "'""J
Terrv Chuch replied. And ne sal my customers teBtny. no owier aiuuey
down at once. "Uo aneaa: ne nam.
Jimmy Rabbit was delighted.
"Which one is it?" he asked.
"All of them!" said Uncle Jerry.
That was even better than Jimmy
had expected. But when he loonea
inside Uncle Jerry's moutn ne
"vhv. von ve only one loom
your head!" he exclaimed in ms. surprise.
Hurry up: Lncie jerry simmieu.
I came here to have a tootn puneu
remedy has so large a sale,
According to sworn statements and
verified testimony of thousands who
have used, the preparation, the suc
cess of Dr. Kilmer's Swamp-Root is
due to the fact, so many people claim.
waB.that it fulfils almost every wish In
overcoming kidney, liver and bladder
ailments, corrects urinary troubles
and neutralizes the uric acid which
causes rheumatism,
o Tou may receive a sample bottle
of Swamn-Root by parcel post. Ad-
dlsease mav h . ,
. " '" o fttu.
- the damp Enellsh eii.. ,
itH. . . 18 const.
. cmmPnl ana ()lo
especially efficacious to suffrJ?
who live under nior.
matio conditions.
Secure from your druggigt ,
of Parmint (double strength) 5
this home and add to it ,iM J
water and a little granuhtej JIT
stir until dissolved. Take n, VT
N. Y., nnd enclose ten cents; also
mention . the Salem Capital Journal.
Large and medium size bottles for
sale at all drug stores. (Adv)
Roseburg Jidin Bookman, a iiionn
liiinviT. Ilviiig in a lone cabin in the
Ctimiis Valley lrimintlus, f miles
west ot here, was found dead in liix
bed by nelRhboi-s, it became known
todiiy. Bookman had lived here fur
1!5 yenrs nnd Is reported to have
wealthy relatives in Chlrago. He was
horn in Switzerland nnd was nattiral
iKt d in Koseburg. He had been de!ul
for several weeks.
Political Pot
idea that he was the one who should
be paid. But he never could find a
dentist who looked at the matter in
that light. -
Uncle Jerry was strolling through
the woods. He had a big red hand
kercheief tied about his face,, because
it waB a cold day. And he was get
ting very tired of the toothache. He
was just wishing that he could get rid
of it for nothing. He even thought
he would be willing to part with that
tooth without asking any pay for it,
when what should he see right in
front of him but. ;a big sign, which
: ,
Bakery Output -
Shows Increase
Lincoln, Nob. W;n 11. W. J. llry
an's recent stntoment if elected
a deloKMio to the domoorntio national
:onvviittiiM he would nut vote for the
presidential nomination of United
(tlitles Senntor Hitchcock- has be en re
plied to by J. 11. Mithen,
of ti Hitchcock for president club
with a statement that "Senator Hitch
cm-It's friends welcome tho iiwiuc" and
"Mill meet Bryan In every pnci-icl In
Sliiillwii, Wis.. Mar. 11. Fivuluin
of Npeccli and press, the ,f .the
ticaly of peace nnd of the league of
nations, the repeal of the espionage
law, are some of the provisions in
the platform of the "I.aFolletto pro-Mi-essive
republican delegates" ean.iii
h.iIim to the national convi ntioo, ln
Mied today. There are two sols of
Wisconsin repultlicnn' delegate can
didates for the national republican
convention In the primaries here
April s. One delegation is "unrestrict
ed" mid the other is running under
Hie label "LnFollette progressive re
publican." "
I've recovered from the flu, but I'm feeling worn and weak, and
my nose and lips are blue, and my hinges groan and creak.
Racked and broken down I am, and so long have I kerchooed that
my priceless diaphragm from its moorings is unscrewed ; and my
ribs are flapping loose, I have pains throughout my. trunk, and
I'm feeling like the deuce, if the deuce is feeling punk.'. Soon again
I may be strong, but no cheerful thoughts I think ; something else
will come along that will put me on the blink. And the learned
physician says, "You will soon be strong and hale;" but he's talk
ing through his fez, and he ought to be in jail; for he knows
diseases wait round the gorner, just ahead, and they'll get me,
soon or late, and they'll ride me till I'm dead. In this happy frame
of mind are the victims of the flu, when those convalescents find
that some years of life are due. They should dance around a heap,
for thev mourn a ghastly lot, as old Rachel used to weep for the
children who were not. I am lying on my couch, singing songs of
broken hearts, for 1 have the grisly grouch that the dad-blamed
flu imparts.
Berkeley Man On
Farm Loan Board
wj. tne notea auuior G
- Idah MSGlone Gibson
A Visit lrtmi moiiicr ueiween, and I am rapidly reach
Charles' Intimation that It was cow-jing that place where, like Helen, I am
iH'diee that made me plan to go iaoKi;1imot,t ready "to take my happiness
where I find it."
(iiwn Awuy from Teachings
As I sit with these thoughts cours
ing through my mind I shudder a llt-
to my husband as soon as I felt phys-j
lenlly fit sot too to analyzing my true:
feelings about John.
I pondered the mutter for a lon
time l..-iure i went 10 sieep i ".;,, tl) tim, how ful. nw j nave g,,own
nmi i ituon now mai f,0ni my mother's teachings.
.lonn. 1 snow hub, . "n..-i i.... ...,., m , .,, , An .h ,,,
Since I have been down
tie mother; I hate to be untruthful to
Salem people are eating more.
Either this is true, or the Cherry
City Bakery is baking bread for fun.
According to reports just completed ' and sharp.; He knew that he had got
the Cherry City Bakery baked 6,000 i himself into a fix. And he couldn'
more loaves of breand last week than
they did during the. same time a year
ago., In February the bakery turned
out 13,000 more' loaves of bread than
it did In February, 1919.
A cow defended her calf against a
bear which broke into a barn near
Olean, N. Y. The cow, hearing her
offspring in distress, broke her rope
and after a battle defeated the bea..
not to be talked to." He was always : dres(j Dl, Kilmer Co,t Binghamton,
ill tempered. And his tootnacne uuiy
made him crosser than ever.
So Jimmy Rabbit went to work. He
tugged' away with all his might and
main. Now and then Uncle Jerry
eroaned. And whenever he groaned,
Timmv tm-ned nale. For he was
Somewhat afraid of the old gentle
man. '
At last Jimmy tumbled backward.
head over heels. That was when the
tootb came out,
"Well, vou were long enough about
It. I must say!" Uncle Jerry Chuck
said. "Give me my ear of corn now
for I must hurry home."
....... .. nnvnl" .Tlm-
AllVe yOU yUUl Ci" . ......
mv Rabbit cried. He could scarcely
believe his own ears and goodness
knows they were big enough to hear
anything anybody said.
"Why, certainly!" Uncle Jerry re
nlied. "I asked you your prices, you
know. And you said: 'An ear of corn
for a tooth!"
, Jimmy Rabbit didn't know what to
'. "Why" he gasped, "I thought you
were eoinz to pay me!
"Well, you see vou were mistaken,'
Uncle Jerry told hira. "And you had
better eive me that car of corn at
once, or It will be the worse for you.1
For all the old fellow was toothless.
Jimmy saw that his claws were long
often bring quick relief from iiJl
lng head noises. Clogged C
should open, breathing become
and hearing improve as the
mation in the eustachian tubes Is .
duced. Parmint used in this m
directly upon the blood and wi
surfaces of the system and has a tw
1c action that helps to obtain the fe.
sired results. The preparation is
to make, costs little and is peasMt
to take. Every person who hascaUnt
or head noises or is hard of hesrtM
should give this treatment a trial
f ' i-
No power on earth can halt the flight of time, but in spite
of years you need not "grow old." It's all a matter of keep
ing the body fitstrong, vigorous and healthy so that itwi
arrest the effects of time.
The approach of "old age" simply means the gradual decay
of the body's organs and tissues. Keep the stomach, bowels,
liver, kidneys, bladder, heart and lungs in good working order
and Time's fingers will touch you lightly.
At the first sign of breakdown, either physical or mental
if slight exertion makes you tired, weak, nervous or irritable
if your appetite lags, your digestion is poor, your sleep
troubled and broken in short, if you find that you're losing
your "punch" and "pep" and physical energy begin the
building up process at once by taking
think of any way out of it.
"You've got my tooth! I want an
ear of corn! You've got my tooth
want an ear of corn!" Uncle Jerry
Chuck kept saying. And each time
he said it, his voice grew louder, until
he was shouting at the top of his
Then Jimmy Rabbit had an Idea.
He picked up Uncle Jerry's tooth off
the floor and placed it in Uncle Jer
ry's hand.
"There's your tooth!" he cried. ":
don't, want it!"
Dr. C.B. O'Neill
- laddDush Bank Duildinrf
fOr. Stole atf
flow 625 ASdeBOi
acre name, i nave .. .. """-jbor, and yet I am sure that If she
now I nave wauieo ... cc. . ""-i,ooUs lllt0 my heart she ,vll, be
rifled ns w?ll as unhappy, Her life
Washington, March 11. William
K. Joyce. Berkeley, Cal., was nomin
nted today by President Wilsor. to he
H member of the federal farm lonn'd to succeed (icoruv W. Morris, re-Idfciied.
WW l
nliotit me, to look up into his eyes
nnd know again that he wanted me.
I love John hut I do not like him: he
is my lover but not my friend; he is
my husband and still a stranger, .limt
to remember how he says, "girl, girl,"
thrills me to my finger tips, but my
whole being rises up In selfishness.
Between us there exists the eternal
discord which is the great tragedy,, ns
well as tho great attraction of the
Pei'liana Ilie Host Part
Arnold Bennett said In nn essay on
women: "Who wants the sex discord
to he resolved? The sex discord may,
be the most exasperating thing lit ex
istence, but It Is also by general agree- ,
ment the most delightful and the most
interesting. Its development for the
devilish ndveiiturousnoss of mankind
is a part of the great search for truth
and perhaps the best part.
"If men and women were to wake
up one morning in perfect and mutual
comprehension, and In the nssurance
that no discord separated them on
that day, the sun where It had shone
would shine in vain. The globe
would have to put up Its shutters, the
sublime adventure would be over and
the great first cnuse would have to
think of something fresh by which!
to begullo men and women within itsj
There you have n man's opinion,
nnd I do not agree with him. Women I
do not want to live in discord even if
It makes "the great adventure."
We poor, mistaken mortals are al
ways longing for erfection, for un
alloyed happiness, but having ol-
wltli my father seemed one of perfect
bliss. Are there such perfectly hnppy
marriages, I wondered. I'm going to
ask my mother if she ever felt the
twang of discord among the strings of
her life. Was her life with my father
always '"one grand, sweet song."
So busy was I thinking over this'
that I did not finish Charles' letter.
When I read further I noted that they
were duo any minute. The letter had
been delayed In the mails. I still had
It in my hand when my telephone
rang and the srirl announced my
mother and Charles. I felt that I
was not ready to meet them. I had
not yet decided on what I should tell
or what I should not tell my mother.
And above nil else regretted having
Charles see that I was not happily
married. I was afraid that it would
bring about again a declaration from
him. ...
Mailing Outside tor Mo
All my ljfe I had realised that he
was waiting waiting just outside for
I was shocked when I saw my
mother. She had failed visibly since
I was home at the time of father's
funeral. She looked so small and
while. I was more than ever sure
that Charles had made a mistake In
bringing her when I literally picked
her up in my arms and found my
burden so tiny, so light that I felt as
though I were holding a child.
Tomorrow A Quarrel with Charles
gineering principles, and competent
and resourceful manufacturing ex
perience have been centered upon mak
ing the Studebaker BIG-SIX the greatest
value seven-passenger car ever offered
to the American public. Because Stude
baker manufactures practically all of its
own parts in its own plants, middlemen's
profits have been eliminated. This sav
ing and the constant improvements in
manufacturing methods and processes
have inade it possible to offer to you this
big, powiiu.l 6f I orsepower car of 126
inch wheeUiuse, upholstered in hand
buffed genuine leather and equipped with
cord tirei '
F. O. B. Salem
I',ljwl t irniilfl nnl IkA itlCOn
. ,'.'.... ... r Madrid. Mar. 11. That Spain is
.emeu .trc-iuji- u. Munripc ....
.i -n.,i,i i,. ,-..' governed by the cabinet of the day-
worlds to conquer T However I nm;"" '" "rU' s 'vldent from
!, r how th' ole time hobo guile sure I could stand a little more; ntuu- o Koyai ivcrees .ssuoo. ana
ic for n bod is rlttln liappi'iess man I nave ueen iinvinK ... ... ........... ....
riedi tiiietv. I do not want more mem man yi i..n . m..-..
day In my lire. Bly hour of ecstaey xvmie tr.e laws wnivn wunii ineir way
since my marriage have l-een few and through parliament numbered but 365.
thnt w aat.'d a rlji
l.v V !. Mii-t I'nsh. u'hw got ir
a .-.k nn, his eone b.cit t If r fle
Salem, Ore.
The Great General Tonic
XfrthKlnff will taafnrA trnne nrronrfth mnpw
your health and revive your Bpirits like this mas
ter body builder. It reconstructs the decaying
tissues by enriching the blood and tones up and
invigorates the entire system by stimulating the
sluggish organs into normal activity. Fine for
over-wrought nerves, headache, loss of appetite
and indigestion.
Geta bottle of this splendid tonic today. Don't
put it off. It's mildly laxative and keeps the bowels
in fine condition. . Your druggist will supply you.
Solo Manufacturers
m . v i. ir.-... r:., Ms
'ww uri-L wiif. sans - ---- oi.-n
For Sale by all Druggists. Always in Stock at Perry's Drug Store.
ivini, .!d i eriflaw V
gc. only. Iik P'clure
Vtee .11 mtalSM"-
. ,s.r:
vx ijour -Jtep,
Color inijour
Cheeks and
Sparkle m
Before that tired feeling saps your energy come m
., and get a Spring Tonic.
Has overeating and lack of exercise in the winter,
clogged your system?
If so, come in and get our bracing SPRING TO
It will build un vour avstem and put Pep J" '
entire body.
We are Careful Druggists.
Ft. kJ - . .M V ""T WJMaT II
lAiaH-TYi iiii iii-J
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Established 18G8
General Banking3usines3
Office Hours from 10 a. m. to 3 p. m-