Capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1919-1980, March 10, 1920, Page PAGE NINE, Image 9

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    ffEDXESPAY. MARCH 10, 1920
Btat Insertion only In New Today,
.i, m adrance and not tak-
-"TrrnTner irord Each Insertion one! WANTED . DressTniTkiT rvA
, Vix "insertions 6 cent one montn , 15;m. 1 none CEDAR POSTS Se
f. "L-artio.ns, 17 cents, -rt year, per j foiTsTle Ohr ; 1,1 c?dwr loganberry
'n! a -ent- Minimum per ad.25 . . -Uvap, 1 tMm wei,,,,t iots u! """
niirt-- , -i auijiM- ' I wrin an 1 v. -
... nhone. unless advertiser has! fop itt i- r-
-fSr PJJSS2nt K allowance for f J' b
ionthy aceount
phone l.'ri
,,07?ALE 3 good-fsrtn horses
Hannesran Bros., unran, ure.
Rt 2 ' I ' '
Jvo"5LE Or trade timber claim
in souther!! Oregon, 160
Phone S4F4.
roT?p'T Furnished . house. S
rooms modern; 1 bloc' from car
Hne garage. 2 gardens.; $45 per
month. Phone 960. J63
SaP Classy bug tor sale, $150. Act
miick. American Auto Co. 185, 197
53" SALE Nice gentle mare. T rs.
old good for lad5' to ride and
drive; fat and pretty.' r.iust sell at
once. Price $40. Call at' Farmers
feed barn. ou
fnR SALE Thrifty Chester White
pigS. o ffeeis m. -fet. ovr i. ctn
OMONS for sale cheap. 197 South
Commercial. o8G
BABBITS Young New Zealand Reds
$1.50 each while they last; pedi
grees furnished. 2525 Hazel ave.
FOR PALE S room modern house,
close in on paved street and carllne
' Make your own commission; Trice
Is right; buy from owner, J. D.
Waring. Phone 1259. n62
FOR SALE 6 acres $1609 for quick
wile, lioofl nouse, Darn, a poultry
houses, young orchard, good well
on rock road, black soil; 2ft miles
from Salem. Address Owner care
Journal. ' . 1)62
FOR SALE Buckeye coal brooder,
good as now. Phone 66F12. c65
SITUATION wanted. A competent
man, experienced in- bookkeeping,
implement salesmanship, auto drlv
',tog. What have you?, Phone 770.
each. Phone
geese now laying, $3
209U. f62
TO KENT Or sell, lots, set mil to
logans and pear trees. Call at 1195
N. 2ith.. - .165
WANTED Men and women to train
loganberries, pay 3c per hill. In
quire at While House hestaurant.
- 1 - g62
FOR SALE 250 first class Petite
prune trees. Inquire at White House
restaurant. d03
TOR SALE Turning lathe for wood,
1 blacksmith bellows and vise, .as
sortment of springs for ' trailers.
Werner Fennel, 803 N. Liberty St,
0HKT.OLET to trade for Ford. Cher
ry City garage, 170 S. 12th,- St.- 63"
FOR SALE Twelve acres of beaver
dam land. Inquire F. O. Rape own
er, lit. 9, box 95, Salem, Or. b65
FOR KENT Barn to be,
garage. 249 N. 15th.
RESPONSIBLE party may use five
housekeeping rooms downstairs for
care of little girl from 8 to- 4 p. nr.
4So S. Church. m62
WAXTKD To buy 25
goats. 1173 S. 15th,
or 30 head of
Phone 609, 161
FOR SALE Two close in residence
properties, one $4500,-me -$5000.
F, L. Wood, 341 State St. n62
FOR SALE 2 'S. C. R. R. cockerels.
Phone 34F21. . f(12
K AN'TKD Enough good timber for
IOO11 cords of wood, will buy stump by cord. 106 Journal. 161
TO people who were ut 754 N. High
street, I will sell any part of mv
furniture. Have - all yet; haven't
sold any. ' -- V . - c61
WAXTHD To buy one or more lots,
some fruit trees, small or old house
to remodel or fix up; Englewood,
north or east Salem. Cheap for cash
..Phone 1274,1, 60
VVANTKD 2500 loganberry tips, Mate
price, quality. Address L. L. Sioper,
'. A u rorn, Or, 16 2
LOST book containing currency
and valuable papers showing own
ership. Reward for return to D. L.
Spauhling. Phone 101F3, Rt, , or
.. to C,ipital Journal office, 60
fOR SALE 8 room modern house
attractive inside, fireplace, furn
ace, paved street, near carline, with
Uj, acres land, 'bearing fruit; best
huy In Salem.' Inquire 53u N." 24th.
. a65
a- I.I-...V! iive room-modern fla-t,
allnr per month, near ; state
Juiuse. W. A. Linton, 44 Court. 1
M AN'TKD To buy. a ' carload, of
neavy -.draft .horses, must
wemii 1600 and up and not over
J J,,;lls old. Call 199 Cherry City
rtet b.irn for information. i2
'0ri SALE R. I.
''" per lb. 1266 N. 10th. Phone
g- -J.: : - - r 16 1
'9R -ALE Cheap, .tmti, Aiujiweii
inurmar car In good condition, must
soiu. owner Ipqv int r,u-n- -
"'n at Clark and Harris
. Mate street.
li- v-r, . . .
Phone 793.
1, lh" From owner library ta
lean d Sxljug. Call 174CR. 161
AIX.OU-A'xCE made on your old tires
ncn turned in on Keaton's nonslcid
"mill vnu save money? Horton
Tire and Rm Co., 337 Court St.
LV,i. ,-. .
hAI.E fi 1-2
acre fruit tract 4
B1"i S. Call
Jiin? 644W.
owner phone- eve-
T.F ri,Ann r -
waxu-fll, overhauled, good running
P'liLon; for quick sale $350 awl
"nas to suit. Salem -VeftV com-
pJ-Iy'tf,2.N" Commercial St... q62
Jl '"ALE Strawberry pjants. Wil-i?V-
0l'egon. 50c per 100. Phone
;tt 7.---- .. d65
Woman or girl to doliTm"
houtwwork, small familv.
jPhon? 12F2f,, ' .'. - ; Ko2
' 'tTTorto'se rim glasses in leathT
er case. Ti-inHr. i
ction good wheat land 3 miles
$40 per acre. .Whr't
..ave you? Phone- 770.
acres with barn, outbuildings and
orchard. Good for fruit,, ber-
. itn 11 uu
" chicken ranch. --One mile
'om Salem bridge on good road,
imns and a bargain if taken quick
mi . "arr's- owner. 624 N. Capital
-2lPhone 1781J. 60
farm l By """er, 100 acre
. '? noice land, 50 acres bottom
upland f aclLes roIlinB "P'and. the
P and l8 cho!c(l prune ,and the
lor- T land iB tine 'or hops and
van rrie8; 85 aere under culti-
chrZ B20d timberr buildings, are
2 L, a 7 room house, atarse barn.
good wells, family orohard, kp.
PfUnes, cherries, pears, peach-
iileat .t "earing; tne location Is
ishL ree sta,ion8 in -isht of
sidence, 4 miles to county seat
tn,-in coast roa5- Rat amount of
cw Pafses da'!' b? 'arm; school
flew,.- ..tarm- Wrlte fwner tor full
X. 1', -n and Prie- Adfiressr M
IT 2- Dallas, Or. b
SDrine TMnn a,,.i i
U separate. s Brooks ave near
lih c. ... - in
, ate, good nwd 7
toom house in first class repair-
mus, be thjs wk.
000 on easy terms. See Guy O
OR SALE 53 hoom hotel at sum"
mw resort on Muff facing ocean
fully furntehed and doing a lil
mess, owner selling on account of
age, has S7 beds, fine lohbv, dining
room and has been built but a few
years, worth double the price- ask
ed Would consider good' trade or
will take $500 dowB .,, h. ?!
- "
f".!1 0".yie..bal"W percent
i rl VT'. V Grabenhorst
Co-. 275 State St. ,,B(,
For Sale Houses.
X r A tom plastefed
house, modern except furnace full
cement basement, bath. toUet. Wash
basins up stairs and down, hot and
cold water, electric lights, wood el
II '? PrdsaTdclos-
ets, east front, cement walks. 1
50x1.5 ft. lot, shade trees, chicken
J?UJ5: hi"n. co and see
JJin st. -(jo
FOR SALE 6 room plastered house,
8 years old, with two lots in bear
ing fruit. Sightly location, good
streets, 1 blocks from car line
Immediate possession. Exceptional
buy, Priee $2000. Terms, $500 cah
balance- easy. s. R. Pearson, 405
v'1"11 "g, -t none 4,
I' OR SALF. 1 5 room house i-l,o i
lot 75x150; 10 bearing fruit trees!
it you, want a snap, phone 430. a60
r. rLB 6 room hse, barn,
chicken houses, electric lights- 1
acre good land, all kinds fruit and
- Son is;,rivate water astern. $2,
000, half cash, balance terms. See
jwnrr nun waller St." RR
FA'E room, modern bungalow want
on, outie Dest terms. Mrs. Lobley,
Journal office.
WANTEDFoTcash, 8 room svmt-
i. ;T" DlmSaiow, well located.
Write Mrs. Ellis care P. O. box
256, Salem.
TnD cut n :
""74 0 room house, one small
nouse, s nice lots. Lots of fruit,
nice garden spot. Price $1800, $1 -000
cash terms on balance; east
front. 1395 N. Cottage. a3
One 5 roomed plastered bungalow,
muuern, z nne lots. Must be sold
Price $1500 terms. Phone 430. a61
run. AL,iii uood 6 room house.
electric lights, city water, 2 nice
lots with fruit trees and chicken
house, near mute school, run h
jeejal 2446 Hazel ave, - a63
run OlUl roo mhllnernlnnr Int
Price $2150. For terms' call
1 son., irn. ..- 59
FOR SALE Modern 8 room house.
large lot, paved street, garage,
Basement, furnace and fireplace.
i mo is not an 01a nouse. w. H
Grabenhorst & Co., 275 State St.
For Sale Farms.
40 ACRE farm with Ueepl rich soil,
umy iniee miles rrom state high
way, perfect drainage, ideal for
oairymg ami poultry; good build
ings, family fruit; 18 miles to Port
land over good roads. Write owner
for particulars. L Kearney, Rt. 2,
box 115D, Hillsboro, Or. r64
FOR SALE -A fine 40
ranch. Phone 97F12;
EXCHANGE 80 acres' well improv-
eu, tor goou nouse lit or near Sa
lem, balance terms. Price $8000.
Rt. 1. box 66, Brownsville. Or. nfifi
FOR SALE A fine CO acre
farm. Phone 97F12.
FOR SALE 320 acres. 85 acres
cleared, balance timber and pas
ture; old buildings, 7 room house,
burn 40x60, wire and rail fence,
spring water, mile to school;
red soil. This place Is located 10
miles south of Salem and is cheap
at $40 per acre. W. II. Grabenhorst
& Co., 275 State street. n6o
B'OR SALE By owner, 40 acres. 35
in cultivation, balance timber; good
fruit land, $6000; 27 lots In west
Salem, large - unfinished house
$1S00; 6 acres, 2 ft logans, family
orchard, 5 room house, good barn,
on paved street, $6000. tieo. H.
Stoddard, 1480 Broadway. b63
FOR, SALE r Or trade 20 acres of
good timber land in Washington for
cur. Tlox Car Capital Journal. c61
FOR' SALE 30 acres MissIoiTRottom
land, sandy loam soil all in cultiva
tion nnd Crop, well ' Improved and
on main river road, best of logan
berry land, .ltif acres in bearing
loganberries. This must bo seen to
be appreciated, 8ft miles N. of Sa
lem. Price $9000, terms. Address!
Chas. Wilmot, Gervais, Rt. 2. b62
For . Sale Miscellaneous.
GOOD hay $23 per ton. C. C. Rus
sell, Waconda, Or. Phone 3F3.
FOR SALE Baled hay, clover and
timothy mixer, $20 per ton. Phone
7.F32,. Rt, 1, C63
FOR SALE New dining table and
six leather seated chairs, break
fast table, heating stove, Morris
chair, 2 beds with mattresses and
springs, book shelves, etc.- Z. C.
Kimball, Rt. 7, box 16. c60
FOR SALE Cold Coin seed
- toes. Mrs. L. E: Hartwig,
Fair ground.
. 2229
A VERY fine golden oak bungalow
siie piano for sale at a genuine
bargain price. The AViley B. Allen
Co., 519 Court St. c6l
FOR SALE Farm wagon in good re
pair ;also mixe tloats and cheat
hay, F. N. Shearer, Rt. 2, box 11,
Gervais. Or. c63
WE" have Ihree beautiful new pianos
of very fine quality, one of them
the very best. We offer these this
week at special low prices and easy
terms. This is your chance for a
new piano. Come today. The W'iley
B. Allen Co., 619 Court St. c61
ONE used Brunswick phonograph for
sale, low price and terms. The Wi
lcy B. Allen Co,, 519 Court Bt. c61
FOR SALE Beautiful Oak piano.
. looks like new. bench to match. L.
L. Miller. 519 Court fit.. c61
ONE-HALF acre in bearing apple
trees. A nice little cottage, good
well, strawberries, raspberries,
blackberries. Owner leaving town.
Make your own terms. South Com
mercial at Hansen Ave.," out of city
Jimits. ' - M-6J!
FOR SALE Oats and rye hay, loose,
$15 per ton at barn. Phone 27F15.
FOR SALE Cheat hay $21, at barn.
Phone 86F22. c68
GOOD range for sale cheap.
161 S. 14th St.
FOR SALE Furniture, 1 Davenport
oak chairs, book case, oil stove and
oven, dishes, oak table, mirror and
etc. Miller apartments, 633 Ferry
, St. apartment 8. - g3
FOR, SALE Ladies bicycle. In goed
condition. See J. Baumgartner, care
Salem Hdtr. Co. - c0
vea fout. api.i rca
;. j 1 ...
con, iw. ,. 1. " . wr
FOR SALE Rss..,i,i.
oak stumoaVe eA ewa
' --- uivao DDI tif
r- . c
'Xf1 sa Clean red clover 1
-- erva
For bale Nurerv SuM-k
STrIwrTrbv , hr-g.K
- - ' - .uvu. rndirn i s -i . - ...
1 1 -. .
- B.moun. rnone 516.
E?JI Plants for;
biul 13 a. Liberty St.
ppTTi i"TT
. I,rune trw?s- 4 to ft.
unhurt wr! S trees "''so'utely
60,900 Improved Wilson strawberry
Plants ta,m ,.y?r 0W pSS25
5aJ?tl mile noh Claxtar
Wvnt El6Ctric Ry" o S
Iem. " u",ue' l
F?FnStrawberr5' Pnts "T2T:
S7F2a. $5 per 1000. $3.50 digging
them vmiMair n, . BtM
-""- r.. bavage. 363
rnh n, 7Ulrw Petite treesTja
cob Idlewine, 2123 N. Broadway.
SSrrr - 063
. , -tiiKKY plants for sale. EN
1000erSI and"ilsu- 50c 100; $4.50
1000. J J. Wagers, Rt. 7, box 78
-glm-g"verton road. dgj
IMPROVED Wilson slrlwbeies
from ne healthy young pHml
fiftv thee 'iftyStb seven
tL ?UTni- Wyeant, Clastar
f,rr . ' or ac assessor's
irit nouse.
orKAllWi done. Large
preferred. Phone 754.
I?riT cm X .
fn fr ur trade automobile
for Loganberry tips or team. Phone
NTTRsriDv- ot,,-.,-,,; V. .. -
fiuv-a Italian prunes
?''fteJ . wahiuts, filberts, and all
other kmds of nursery stock. Buy
i, uvo "gen's commission,
Brooks Nursery, Lafayette, Or.
S ,RAwERRY nlants inlurFqan
tity Etterberg 121. Gold Dollar,
TmL'f, EV'bearing, Oregon
Irebla, Wilson. Thrifty, well root-
" quantity prices. City
gfHvery Ward K. Richardson. 2395
. rnone 4. tea
ETTERBERu 121 strawberry planlS.
X7 Fin liati "tftnn. utii sA .
... Ul 1Uj0n Address
jl . an, aaiem. Or. fee
I.-, IT, f, r n .
"n aAc i-eacft seedlings, "for
in l" "owara Jones. Phone
For Sale Livestock.
I STILL have a general assortment
oi nursery stock. Special prices
vu ui.iiunemai biock, shrubs, roses,
etc., to clean up. Howard Jones.
Northwest Nursery. Phone 111F3.
FOR SALE Fresh cow. Oeo. Kalb
""'muii roau.
FOR SALE Fresh milk goat, bar-
gain at $50. 1586 N. Canltol. e60
FOR SALE Thoroughbred" O I C
Pigs, with or without papers. Carl
Ramseyer, Macleay. Or. e63
WANTED 3- or 4-dayidcalves
Call 8F3, ,
FOR SALE No. 1 fresh Jersey cows
Phone 84F11. e60
FOR SALE Two .year old Poland
China boar and one black team
weight about 2200 lbs. D. C. Mills'
821 Saginawphone 1073. , e5 9
FOR SALE Cood fresh cow With
aI?iJJ-iinierekb eS9
FOR SALE i bay horse, weight
about 1200; one Drew litter carrier
100 foot of cable; seed gray oats.
Phone 53F6. ran
FOR SALE One span of large mules,
$200, near Sidney station on O. fi'
J. O. Farr. e60
FOR SALE 1 sow. 2 years nlrt will
get pigs about April 24; and 9 pigs
12 weeks old. Phone 110F11, Al
bert Eggiman, Silverton, Or. Rt 2
FOR SALE Stock hogs from 70 lbn
up, nurses, oratt ana drivers; cord
wood, oak and fir. Sweet cider.
Address ffm. H. Egan & Sons.
Gervais, Rt. 2, Phone ilFll. c61
FOR SALE Team, wagon and har
ness; 6 and 7 years old, weight
3200 pounds. Harness new, 34
, Sturlehaker wagon, good as new. J.
A. Rlcketts, Rt. 8, box 155. e61
FOR SALE 60 head "good ; stock
ewes, lambing and will finish
lambing this month; 19 head of
Durham stock cattle, yearlings and
2 years: also 4 head of good milk
cows, fresh in thirty days. Joe
Kivso.r, Stnyton, Or. - e60
For Sale Wood.
FORdrywoid phone 167SW.
WOOD SAW FishornBojii will"
your wood. Phone 1004.
WOOD for sale, first class 16 inch or
4 foot mill wood. Strictly cash. Will
buy all kinds of cord wood. Office
305 8. Church. Phone 1542. Fred
E. Wells. ee
FOR BALE Wood. Phone loH)M
FOR SALE Old and second growth
fir from 8ft to 9ft. Call after 7
p. m. 1244. ee61
For SalePoultry
BROODER STORE An up to date
self regulating Kresky room heat
er and two 20-egg incubators, used
for 1 hatching, cheap. Call evenings
or write J. I Wariner, 2144 North
5th St. Salem, Or, ' - : feo
WANTED Chickens, will pay big
price in trade for hrt-ge lot on Lib
erty St. deed and abstract up to
date. Write or call evenings, J. L.
Wariner, 2144 N. 5th St., Salem,
Or. f60
FOR SALE Eggs, P.hode Island
Reds, t'tah strain, dark red color,
very large; 15 for $1.60; also In
cubator settings, ft mile south of
12th St. carline. Rt. 5, box 40, Mode
Reedy, Salem. Or, f67
SIX White Leghorn hens for sale,
good layers. Phone 1940. f0
FOR BALE O. A. C. Single Comb
White Leghorn eggs 4or hatching.
$ 1 forl 5 eggs. 542 N. W'ater. f6 1
FOR SALE Single Comb White Leg
horn eggs for hatching. Wycoff and
McFarland and English Tom Baun
strains. R. Woolery.. 344 S. 25th.
Phone 798W. f83
DAY OLD White Leghorn chicks and
setting eggs. Choice setting eggs at
7c each, 6c per egg by the case.
Mar. 21st will have 600 day old
chicks at 20c each. Phone Aoms
ville 4-1516 or write Chas. L. Mar
tin, Aumsvllle,. Or. f62
White Leehorns, Buff Leghorns, R.
I. Reds, Barred Rocks, Black Mi
norca. White Wyandotte. Buff
Orpingtons, Anconas. These vari
eties each week. C. N. Needham.
65 Bute 8t Tel. 400. fJ
FOR BALE R. I. Red pullets 2
each. Phone 1698W. f60
..ftuue island Reds
'"u lu-uduuuvity, 15 for
1 , ii.... t.iiwj C. A.Rat-j
i-'-li .w f60 !
WANTED Housemaid state school
for the, phone S46; salary $30.
board and laundry. gtl
GIRL or lady wanted for housework.
Call at 1277 S. Commercial gSl
WANTED Live man with' car" for
real tamte work. Must be a hustler.
Call at 201 Bank of Commerce bids
WANTED Sales ladies for house tn!
house Those having nad
previous, experience preferred, sal-;
1 ary paid. Call Monday from 10 .
to 4 p. m. at Marion hotel, ask
I tor Mm. H. Campbell.
; WANTED Experienced
trainers, diock west of mauso
leum. H, W. Thielsen. k0
WANTED Experienced loganberry
trainers; transportation furnished.
Call 100F3.. 63
WANTED Two good farm hands. C.
C. Russell. Phone 3F3.
WANTED Girl or woman to care
for children from eight to five.
Phone 1043J or 717. 1 g0
CUT the cost of living. I have, a
house and will give free rent to
some lady who will cook my meals.
178 S. Liberty or 1258 S. Commer-
iaL g60
MEN wanted, splitting cord wood.
Phone 68F8. - gg3
WANTE D Position on farm by rell
able man thoroughly experienced
first class worker. Write A M G
Canby, Or.. Box 172. h60
WANTED Man to shear goats. Wm.
Fitts Rt. 9, call 87F31. g60
WANTED Sales ladies, experienced
preferred, but not necessary. Sal
ary. Call from 4 to 7 p. m. Marlon
hotel and ask for Mrs. Campbell.
Wanted Miscellaneous.
WANTED To purchase heavy team,
harness and wagon suitable for
hauling wood; also some shoats.
John H. Scott Realty Co., 228 Ore
gon bldg.
WANTED Fox terrier pup. Address
PUp, care Journal: ' 62
FOR SALE Separator run 4 years,
and 20 horse engine, run 8 years;
separator 3262 Advance. Phone 20
Fll for particulars. c63
WANTED One-horse wagon, In good
condition and reasonable. Write or
call at 1464 Ferry Bt. J. E. Kirk
patrick. - e3
WANTED House with large lot,-
rooms preferred. $600 down, $15
per month. A. L. Seamster Realty
Co. 416 Masonic Temple. n
HAVING sold my farm, I want to
buy a modern bungalow, 6 or 7
rooms. Would like a little fruit.
Send particulars to M B Journal
office.. i
WANTED One-horse plow, 8 or 10
inch, must be in good shape and
cheap. Phone 60F3 after 6 p, m.
WANTED To furnish you a nice,
new five, six or seven room bun
galow all ready to move in, or will
furnish you the material all ready
to put together to complete the
same. Can save you at least thirty
per cent on purchase of material
and construction. Have formed con
nections with parties who are
abundantly able to supply the ma
terials on short notice. Plans and
specifications all furnished free.
Come and see me at my residence,
629 North Winter street. If busy
during the day, come In the eve
ning. If married, bring your wife
with you. Phone 1532J only be
tween 5 p. m. and 9 p. m. W. H
Burghardt, Sr.
FOR RENT Unfurnished housekeep
ing rooms, over garage, cheap. 170
S. 12th St. J60
FOR RENT Apartment and single
housekeeping rooms ut The Mil
ler; 1(r
FOR RENT Furnished room in prl-
vutefanillyPhone 1669; J0
FOR RENT Four or five unfurnlsh
ed rooms, modern. 818 Broadway
or N. Liberty Bt, J61
WANTED Vacant house. E. E.
Lavalleur. 271 North Commercial
St Phone 784. (H
Lost and Found
LOST On Commercial street between
State and Bellevue streets, rubber
air pad. Finder please phone 231
or 39 for ownerj 66
LOST License No. 44070. Flutter
I2eajreturnto this office. k63
LOST 2 bans, one with tools, the
other with chains.
Reward. Phone
LOST by E. A. Morgan 1 30x3 ft
Flsk tiro attache dto rim, license
No. 37762 Ore. Notify Marion Au
to Co. q
LOST Niekle plated auto crank near
8ilverton, Address B. W. Poyree,
Macleay, Or. K6Q
LOST Black wool Bhawl. Please call
578, Fullerlon, ki'.l
THE International Correspondence
school will have their local repre
sentative at the Bligh hotel every
Saturday to give their students all
assistance possible. He also will be
glad to glv! the public Information
regarding the schools and their
WANTED-Miood used porcelain bath
tub. Address box 29jIournal. 180
WIGGIN & HLOCUM," auto transfer,
general denying, local and long
distance hauling. Office phone 366
KALSO.MINE now is the time; we
make old walls look new, and olrty
unhealthy rooms clean and fresh.
Prlces Tight, Call 7SP6, 16 4
FOR plumbing and general repairing
call 1746K ; 58
TRANSFER, Moving, Storage Wood
for sale. Office at People's Furni
ture Store, 271 N. Commercial Bt.
Phone 734. Residence 1359 Hlnes
ORDER your awnings from Dlllman,
Write 960 Highland ave. m74
WANTED 6 or I room modern bun
galow. $300 cash, balance monthly.
Box 666. Capital Journal. I
FOR BALE Or trade on Salem
property, one acre in Pratum with
6 room modern house, barn, shop,
wood shed and hen house. B. J.
Welly, Pratum, Or. Phone 110F12
.; n3
QUICK BALE Improved 19 acres,
fine soil, buildings, fruit, best of wa
ter; stock, tools, furniture; 10 min
utes walk to Asylum ave. car, total
twenty minutes from business cen
ter city. Fourth house east on J)
Bt from city limits at Park and D
Hts., white house north side D Bt.
Apply there to owner, B. F. Keef
er, Rt 7, bo 14. , n3
FOR SALE Or trade. 11 acres, all
cultivated, good family orchard,
fair buildings, located 1 miles
from Salem, will he on paved road
next year, and 1 mile from good
town with standard high school.
Price $2000. 1 acre with t room
house, small barn, chicken house
located in good town on railroad
14 miles from Salem, county pav
ing plant will locate one block of
place where there will be lots of
work; will consider Ford car or
truck as part payment. Price $1,-
300. Or will trade both places for
a, farm and pay some difference or
assume - mortgage. Write, box 117.
j Aumsvllle, Or.
FOR" SALE Two tracts ,of logan
berry and prune land, one '20 acres
and 'one 40, near Sidney" station,
O. E., $190 per acre. J.- O. Farr.
- v . . - ,,69
, or, room modern house at
T4S Ferry street, built about eight
years, has furnace, two bath rooms
garage, freshly tinted and painted
throughout; possession- can be had
at once. On the market for a short
time. Price $5000.
1 room modern house on Salem
Heights; two large lota, fin view,
on street car line, furnace, fire
place, dutch Kitchen and many
other built m features. An attract
ive home for $5000. Mrs. Winnie
Pettyjohn, 275 State streeC Tel;
515. n
i acres 3 miles from Salem, paved
road, choice dark loam. $1500.
16 acres near Salem, 12 In cultiva
tion, good buildings, orchard; cows,
horse, fowls, feed, crop. Snap. $5000.
10 acres choice dark loam soil
good house, other buildings; good
orchard; near school, good road, $4.-
600, easy terms, or exchange for Sa
lem residence for part.
60 acres near Salem, good build
ings, water system, orchard good soil
tor quick sale, $8500.
3 room cottage and Bleeping porch
large lot, plenty fruit. $850, easy
See us for good bargains,
Perrine & M&rsters.
211-1$ Com, club bldg. ' n
28 acres, about 9 acres beaverdam,
all under plow and 20 aci-es planted.
Modern 6 room house, garage, barn
and gas water system to buildings
on good road. Price $12,600
10 acres best suburban and income
home, 3-4 mile from street cur; t
acres logans, last year's crop 26 ft
tons; 1 strawberries, 1 family orch
ard, balance garden. Good house,
burn, etc. $10,000.
6 acres adjoining elly; prunes, ap
ples and family orchard. Good house
barn and well water supply. $7500.
11 acres choice subdrban mostly in
bearing prunes; strictly modern 9
room house and high class improve
ments, fine water system. $13,000.
40 acres choice Howell prairie
farm, 8 acres timber and pasture;
fronts on paved road; good building
throughout. Price $10,000.
5 acres 1 ft miles from street car,
fine prairie land, about 201) bearing
fruit trees; fine barn and lurge hop
house. $2500.
180 acres In Franklin county, Wn.,
all in wheat, 2 miles to station. Will
trade for acreage near Salem.
Oregon Land Co.
442 Statu street
Modern except furnace. 6 large
rooms and sewing hall. Built In fea
tures. Bath, toilet, large closets, full
basement, electric lights. Large lot.
Price $3250,
7 room- bungalow type, full base
ment, furnace, improved street, gar
age. A good buy., $5500...
7 room modern house, large lot, on
Improved street, close in. $7500; good
7 room' house, Its a dandy, Just
overhauled, pallitr'd, and up to the
minute. Lot 100x140; some fruit, 011
Improved street $3500 for quick sale.
Call in and see our farm list of
high class lands.
John II. Scott Realty Co.
228 Oregon bldg.
Good Buys.
. 25 acre tract of first-class prune,
loganberry and strawberry soil, near
ly all cultivated. A good 0 room
house, barn, well, located on main
rock road 6ft miles from Balwn.
Price $5,000.
4.86 aore tract, two acres logan
berries, 314 acre strawberries, small
house, 4 miles south, good road;
price $2,650,
200 acre tract, 100 acres cultivated,
balance Umber and pasture, running
creek, several thousand cords of
standing fir timber, located 6 miles
from Salem on rock road. Price $100
per acre.
25 iicres of fine prairie soil, all cul
tivated; small house house and good
barn, located 011 gravel rood, seven
miles from Salem, Price $5,000.
10 acres of good bearing Italian
prunes, 7 and 9 years old, located 4ft
miles' from Salem. Offered for a
short time at $5500.
70 acre tract located on niiiln grav
el- road 13 miles from, Balem, 40
acres cultivated, good fences, run
ning water, good six room house,
barn, hop house; 30 acres of good
timber. Pi-Ice $150 per acre.
10 acre tract located close to Sa
lem, all cultivated, good 5 room
house, barn, well, 1 acre loganberries.
Price $2500.
80 acre farm located 5 mile from
Rolem. good buildings, nearly all cul
tivated, some timber, good road.
Price $16,500.
10 acres rtf good prune ami berry
land, all cultivated. Price $1500.
10 acre triiat, acres loganberries,
8 room house and barn, 5ft iiillos
out. Price. $6500.
20 acre, tract, 7 acres loganberries
5 acres of prunes, located on main
Pacific highway; small buildings. If
you are looking a rnonoy maker,
investigate this. Offered for a short
time 'tU $7-500,
6- roo 'mmodorn bungalow loeaterl
at 245 Lincoln street Price $3800.
6 room modern bungalow located
at 151& B. Commercial street. I'rfce
$6000. .
8 room modern houso, lot 60x200
feet, garage, paved street. Price $3,
97(7.. 6 oOin plastered bungalow, good
Ipcstion. Price $1600.
Modern 8 room house, good low
tlon.,07r main street. Prlee $nnfl0.
W. H. Grabenhorst & Co.
275 Htate street n'
6 acres, ( room house full 2 story
good house; 1 acre prunes balance
Under cultivation. Price $3,150; 4
blocks off car line.
i ro(4m house, bath; fruit, barn, good
sine lot on corner. .Terms, $1,100.
g room house J 7th street clos In;
electric Ills, bath, big lot. fire place. ,
eeiukiit walks, corner; easy term.
Price $3,800.
S room house 17th street; electric
light, bath. $50 mortgage pay
able $10 month. Borne terms. Price
W. E. Compton.
4-69 State Bt. Thone 930 or 34F13
Best Buys.
41 acres In Kaiser bottom: 16 acres
In prunes 2 years old, 12 acres mixed
cherries, prunes and apples; 12 acres
farm land: good 8 rotim house, and
tenant hmise, water system in all
buildings. Priced for short time only
at $400 per acre.
30 acres close to city limits of good
town, all In cultivation, welt fenced
hog tight, good barn, good bla,ek soil.
At a bargain for cash, or will trade
for Salem house or acrige.
10 acres 1H miles from city limits
on paved road; small house, new
barn; 5 acres cleared best of soil
for loganberries. $4200' terms.
30 acres, 20 in prunes, 3 logans.
and 4 apples and cherries: good 4
room house, barn and new dryer; one
of the best prune orchards in the
country. 12,600. terms.
8 ft acres, 1 ft miles) from cits
limits on paved road: au in cultiva
tion and the best loganberry land.
$3,000, terms.
10 acres 3ft miles from a good
town on good road; all in cultivation,
good soil; fair house, and good new
daii-y barn for 30 cows; 2 good silos.
2 wells and engine; several thousand
dollars worth of stock and machinery
go with the farm. $20,900 for all, in
cluding equipment,, terms,
68 acres river bottom land in. Mis
sion bottom; 34 acres oleared balance
timber; $ acres logans, 8 acres peach
es, family orchard; 2 small houses,
$6,500, terms.
10 room house, sirtckly modern, on
paved street near the state house.
$5,500, terms
room house, good location near
car line.. . 1.000. .
6 room, house, water, lights and
bath, 2 good lots, lots of fruit and
good garden. $1,800, terms.
841 State St.
IF your property is worth the money
we list it, we advertise It. Estes
& Magee, Salem, 428 Oregon bldg.,
Portland. 90 Chamber of Com. n76
They say "Opportunity comes to ev
eryone at least once in a lifetime."
and here is one for someone who
has $500 to $1000 to put Into a 21
acre tract of fine berry or prune
.land. There is a proposition to be
had in connection with the pur
chase of this whereby you can have
a permanent Income .while you
grow your fruit. The sale price of
this property la $2250.
A. L. Seamster Realty Co.
418 Masonic Temple. Phone 853. n
Real Investments.
Just listed 240 aore stock ranch, 20
acreB In cultivation, 80 acres slushed,
water on every 40, school on corner
of the place, 7 miles from good town
on main road; good barn, fair house.
Real buy at $5,000, best of terms. 1
160 ncre stock ranch, 40 acres In
cultivation, most all can be Cultivated
when cleared. Fair buildings, spring
water. Prioe $4,800, good terms.
40 acres, all In cultivation, partly
seeded, few acres of prunes, $ miles
of town; good buildings. Snap, $5,250,
13 acres, all In' cultivation, fine
loganberry land, loganberry tips to
set 4 acres, 4 miles of town. Price
$2,000. Easy terms.
We luive two good buys In 5 room
We advertise your property at your
price, we will not increase the price
and make the sale Impossible.
Estes & Magee. .
428 Oregon bldg, Sulom
Portland office, Chamber of Com.
40 acres cultivated and 18 acres in
open pasture with good stream of
living water, This Is a highly produc
tive farm and Is a very desirable
place. 6 room farm house, several
outbuildings and new barn 86x48.
Located In Benton county on good
graveled roatl; close to school and 8
miles to shipping point. This is a
dandy little farm and Is a rare bar
gain at $125 per acre. Half cash, bal
ance 8 per cent Interest.
Located 7 miles from Corvullis on
hlghwuy now being paved; 28 miles
from Salem. 65 acres cuitvintod and
60 acres in fall crop. All drains nice
ly. Some orchard und berries. Ex
ceptionally good 7 room house with
hot and cold water, bath, 2 toilets,
sleeping porch, etc. Is In good con
dition; has been -built only 6 years.
Barn 60x70, hen huusoH, and other
outbuildings, -Just a 20 .minute drive
over the pavement to Corvullis and
Oregon Agricultural college which
has an enrollment of more than 8H1111
students. We can sell this' place for
$125 per aire und arrange favorable
terms on part of It. Iiiumsdlate pos
session. See us for complete detulls;
It won't last long at this price.
Located about 17 miles from Sa
lem In Polk county, nnd only about
ft mile from west side highway now
being paved. 106 acres of excellent
land cultivated and 80 acres in full
crop and clover; balance to be in
spring grain and corn. 10 acres fine
oak grubs for family wood, Good
woven wire, fencing. Good 7 room
house, 2 room tenant house, granary,
garage, hen house, hog house, ma
chine shed and nearly new barn 44X
44 with 20 ft. shed. I tarn is equipped
for both dairy and horses. With the
place goes all the crop, 8 head cat-!
tie, 5 horses and harness, buggy,)
hack, wagoit, binder, mower, ruke, 1
plows, feed gri. tier, fanning mill, 1
woodsaw, 7 h. p. gas engine, cream
separator, pigs, about. 100 chickens,'
feed, seed and all kinds of small
tools. Everything goes for $125 per
acre until April 1. Exceptionally good
family orchard and lots of berries.
This Is the farm you have been wait
ing for; don't let the other fellow beat
you to It. I
Bring your listings of oily proper
erty; also large und. small taenia, wt)
will sell the mfor you. - 1
Kinney & smith.
201 Bank of Commcj-ce bldg. n
ALLOWANCE made on your old tires
when turned In on Keaton's abso
lutely non-skid. Horton. Tire and
Rlm Co 337Coui-t Bt
AUTOMOBILE pulntlng, furniture re
finlshlng. The Balem Roflnlshlns
Co. 156 S. 12th Bt Phone 1678. m67
GENERAL automobile repairing,
magnetos repaired and recharged.
Ford work a specialty; batteries re
charged. The Fairgrounds GarnKe,
M. D, Jackson, prop. Phone 308.
FOR BALE Or exchange for cows,
good 1915 model Htudclraker auto,
good running order, 4 new tires.
Price $500. Adress Fred Ling, Kt.
, box 49B. q62
FOR BALE 1916 Baby grand Chev
rolet In good condition, for $400
cash. , C. Kimball, Rt 7, box 18.
MR. FORD OWNER Would you buy
a vaporizer If we guarantee It to
save 28 per &fnt or more of your
gasolln bills? Your money back
f not satisfied after IB days. C. i'.
Well, 689 N. 20th 8t Mammoth
black berry tips lo. 60
, WANTED Ford chassis. Phone 43.
A BARGAIN Leaving town.
Chevrolet, beTer been run.
model & passenger. Cherry
garage. 12th street.
Salem Auto Exchange.
j Monitor cars now on display. Cum
and see them. 229 State St Pn-me
1 85$. -
Stove Repairing.
STOVES rebuilt and repaired" 64
years experience; Depot National
and American fence, siiee 2 to ail
inches high. Paints, oil and varn
ishes, etc., loganberry and hop
hooks. Salem Fence and Stove
Works. 260 Court street Phone 134
Money to Loan.
Federal Farm Loan 1
Any amount Long time.
6ft and ( percent Interest.
City building loans
A. C. Bohrnstedt .
401 Masonic Temple. Salem. Oregoa
FARM LOANS Any amount "Low
rates. Full repayment privileges.
Very prompt service. Ask about our
20-year loans at ( per cent Haw
kins & Roberts. 205 Oregon bldg. '
Salem, Or.
trtst-optlcian, eyes thoroughly ex
amined, glasses made and fitted.
610-1! U. 8. hank. Phone 341.
WANTED Second hand furniture,
rugs, carpets, stoves, machinery and
tools. We pay the highest prices
for everything. The Capital Hard
ware and Furniture Co., 28s N.
Comn St. Phone 947.
long distance hauling. Office 445
Court St. Phone 998, night phone
679J. Tl
DRS. WHITE and Marshall, osteo
' puthlo physicians and surgeons,
606 U. S. bank bldg. Phone 86. Dr.
White, res. phone 469; Dr.. Marshall
res. phone 834.
DR. JOHN L. LYNCH, osteopathia
physician and surgeon, 403-4 Ore
gon bldg. Re, phone 58F6; office
phone 1 394 . ;n T$
. Money to Loan.
"'.'," On good real estate security .
nvw Lnrtrt Bush Bank, Salem, Ore.
IVIARION-POLK National Farm Loan
Asa'n. Government money to loan
at 5ft percent. 808 Balem Bank of
Commerce. W. D. Smith.
"Vater Company.
corner Commercial and Trade Sts.
Bills payable monthly in advance.
Phone 67,
FOR SALE Old papers for wrap
, plug and packing 100 bundle. Cap
ital Journal office.
SALEM BCAVANfiER Garbage anl
refuse of all kinds removed on
monthly contracts at reasonable
rates, Cess pools cleaned, Dead ani
mals removed. Office phone Main
1VhyScl for Less.
WE will pay you more cash for your
household goods. Get our bid be
fore you sell. Peoples Furniture
and Hardware Store. 271 N. Com
mercial street. Phone 734.
Safety Razor Blades.
SAFETY raor blade sharpening m
, chine, first Installed at A, B, Stew
! art Repair Shop. 847 Court Bt,
Lodge Directory.
Okrx CHEMEKETA I dge No. 1
meets every Wednesday
evening at7:30 atL O. O. F. hall.
f Cornack hull on evory Tuosday at
8. J. L. Tucker, C. C; P. J. Kunts,
K, R. & B,
Oregon tit-age camp No; 1360 metis
every Thursday evening In McCor
nack hall. Elevator service. Oracle,
Mrs. Carrie B. Bunn, 648 Union Bt
recorder. Flora ,Nelson, 733 North
20th, . ., '
INITIOD XitTisANS Capital Assem
bly No. 8 4 meets every Thursday at
8 p. m. In I. O. O. F. hall, P. An
dresen, M, A.; A, A. Uueffroy, sec
retary, Sahnn, Or.
every Friday night nt 8 o'clock In
McCornack hall, cor. Court and Lib
oily St. Visiting WoodrAim welcome.
C. D. Ross, C. C; L, B. fleer, clerk
Oregon Cedar Camp No. 6246
meets every Thursday evening at $
o'clock In McCornack building.
Court and Liberty straeU. II. G.
Coursey, V C; Frank A. Turner,
D ;
rv omen rr orr
Almost every type of
work for women is of- It
fered in ouf Classified
Advertising tection.
Skilled and untrained
worker find It great Clear
ing House for potitlons.
And If you want particular
kind of position Want Ad
will help you find it. V
UM W" get m ft
- .. M lmm
Ngys. 2-tlem. yffy