Capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1919-1980, February 27, 1920, Page PAGE EIGHT, Image 8

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More Than One Half of
Needed Funds Raised
I hereby subscribe t payable on demand, to the fund
being raised for the purpose of building proper ball park which
is to be used for baseball, football and all kindred sports In the fu
ture. Name
Street Number City
At Armory Tonight
Salem Hi Shooters
Meet U.-O. Frosh
"Come on. r.ilatts: imp in
keep the put aboiiing" says I'.id'lie'
bishop who lias given a great deul of
his time to the promotion of a sterling
Meiul-pro club for Salem.
Time that a city of this size had a
real fighting aggravation," siys the
hustling manager. 'The right spirit
had been shown as is indicate) by the
amount already pledged. More than
half of the needed money Is in sight.
We need your financial assistance,
it for (1 ir 100."
Mall the coupon to lihldie liiBhop,
care of The Capital Journal.
Friday morning. Manager 15. shop
was able to report two special dona
tions winch indicate the degree re
HiMinse met bv the Senators in their
soliciting rounds. The Salem F.IkSj Willamette Bearcats on the armory
club has set aside 50 for the pur-1 floor
pose, while the personnel of the Laddj Jt game fn)m s(al.t ((j
Itnsh bank has pledged 4G. finish, with the outcome never m
Amnions to the suoscripuon list, re
reived jp to Friday
The University of Idaho basketball
team last night tightened their hold
upon the loop game championship or
the Northwest Conference when they
saddled a 5i to 23 drubbing on the
For the last time during the season.
Salem fans will have an opportunity
to witness the local hih school quin
tet In action. Friday night, February
27, at the armory, the referee's whistle
will open the return game played with
the University of Oregon freshmen.
In the first game played at Eugene,
the frosh labeled the Salem boys with
a defeat of 21-1 9. However, since the
high school lads have cleared up the
championship of the valley, they fee
confident that the visitors will get the
worth of their fare from Eugene
Spartan style.
Another factor to augur well for lo
cal victory, is the splendid condition
of the Salem boys. Wednesday night
they defeated the Willamette univer
sity freshmen with the score of 21-16.
Coach Schott asserts that those who
patronize the game tonight wiil see Sa
lem high give a demonstration of the
ability and team work that has won
eight games for them out of the c.leven
played. It is announced that Leslie
Springer will referee.
The Xorth Yamhill Water company
has secured a temporary injunction
against the city council retraining 1!
from doing any work on a proposed
municipal system for which bands
have been issued.
Bath room of the Oregon
Bath House will be closed from
Sundown Friday until Sundown
Saturday. Phone 540.
I.'i; V. S. Allen, $25; Central Cigar
More. $10; Janus Linn, $10; Salem
Laundry. HO; Messing Boone pool
parlors. $10; I'erner-Cohen Show Co.,
r.; L. Waters. $5; II. C. Marvin,
1 7 . r. D : Oregon Hath Home, $10; Lowell
1. Will, $10; Salem iron Works, $5;
Arcliord implement Co., $15; Salem
Auto Kxchange. $'i.
An additional list upon which about
IUiO Ih subscribed had not been re
turned in time for including upon this
Cntisii notion to Stmt.
Hy Saturday, tilings will be a liiini
m i ii ' at the Senators' baseball park nt
1 of It anil Oxford streets. The Oregon
Traction company, through the good
offices of J. I.. Van Horn has donated
a Twill City tractor, w hich will be seen
making tlie home run in hauling ma
terial and ill the Improvement of the
Harry WVndoroth. who Is H"Oivtury
reasiiror for the local club, has re
ceived $1X74 In sut.s Tlbtlon pledges.
With this ready response swelling up
toward the desired $;'.intil goal, Mali
nger llishop feels that the Senators
lire Justified in starling work Imme
diately. With the ii'oiuls of the earning of
lb" iMooselaw club to Salem for a
idioit period of spring training, Middle
I'.ishop f"i lthat the only way to make
Kood Is to get out and accomplish de
sired ends.
Middle Is looking ovrr Ills line-lip.
limiting iiiic section of the list and add
ing good players us they loom up.
Waller Kraoke, well known California
.Stale leaguer is In town nnil Is trying
t o locate ii residfhtv.
vma fter
"More Hum n year ago I took a
course of Mnyr's Wonderful ISeiredy
for gall stones, severe, colic anil stout
nch trouble mid have been entirely
well ever since. I have recommended
It In many other stomach sufferers,
lis I felt II was my duly to tell tliein
Just how much good It has done me."
II Is u Hlmple, harmless preparation
mat removes the catarrhal mucus
from the Intestinal tract ami allays
the inflammation which causes prac
tically all stomach, liver and Intestln
nl ailments, Including appendicitis,
one dose will convince or money re
funded. .1. C. Ferry anil Hauled ,1.
Fry and dmgglsts everywhere. lAdv)
doubt for a minute. Nothing can keep
morning are asi,h ,,, ,,,,,,,..,,,, ,,,,, ,., ,., ,
rung of the conference ladder if they
continue to play the brand of ball they
demonstrated to Salem fans last even
ing, iiasketball teams have "tin" nights
and "off" nights and Idaho was "on"
last night, while the Leareats were
Nothing short of a broad cover ior
the baskets could have kept the visi
tors from scoring last, evening, and
from no mater what angle, nor with
what abandon they shot, they con
nected with the scoring loop, Lut
luck does not entirely explain the vic
tory of the visitors. They played real
basketball, passing fast and accurate
ly , playing the floor like the veterans
they are mid presenting a defense
which Willamette could not dent.
Had Willamette been able to keep
Hunter, Idaho's star guard, covered
the tale might have been not quite so
sail, for he scored and scored and kept
on scoring from whatever angle n
distance he shot and was in the open
a good half of the time.
Individually and collectively, top
Hetircats were "off." It Just wasn't
their night and no amount of deter
mination or fight could get them to
going on the light track. They show
ed no team work and passed blluniy.
Three substitutions during the game
failed to better the type of ball they
As in the game of Tuesday night,
Wapato, at forward, was the luminary
for the lieaivuts. Fighting every min
ute an. I toUuv. in.; the ball like a leech,
Wapato scored 22 of the till points
c'halked up for Willamette.
The teams lined up as follows:
Idaho Cozier and Carder forwards;
I'crriiie, center; Hunter and Campelle,
Willa-notte Wapato and Mi K Ute
ri.'!.. I'orwanls; Jackson, center: liar
' and I'ia.i.k. guards.
UefereeWiu. Itarglss of Corvallls.
J - ; " f s ;", s .1
f i
J 7 x '
I. .j.1.:-.. ..... ' :
V .:...';..H.;v;
!! M
v V V
.. f
1 '
District Manager The Mutual Life of
N. V., office S71 State St..' Phone 9.
I need your busir.ess. Let me iiri)ve
(hat you need Insurance.
i With 8.1 year eKrl"inH, with
nit III my dental offki
nit. i). x. itf r.t iii.rii
803 l S. Kink Hid,-.
Authors Writing
More Now Than
Ever In History
Loudon. Feb. 2"., More books ntv
being written today than ever befme
In the history of publishing says J dri
Murray, widely known publisher. "Toe
average is better than it was 110 or 10
Mais ago," he added. "(I real num
bers of people have contracted a fever
ish desire to write novels, but many of
them have no real knowledge iiif the
author's craft, and are sadly unequal
to the task they undertake, And suc
cessful novel now seems to call Into
existance a veritable host of aspirants
who are fired to emulate the lu:;iv
author. .
"Two vital uuulltlos which arc ofieu
lucking In the novelist of today, are ft
sense of humor, nnd a really c.eyei
working out of the plot.
"It is too early yet to say whit w!l!
be the efect of the war on fiction.
"Iteeently there has been a temleuoy
for novelists to deal w ith sex problems
in their stories. I sincerely hope this
is a passing phase. My experience Is
that the 'wholesome' novel meets with
success just now."
Mr. Murray said the present demand
in war books is for histories of regi
ments and divisions, intiny of which
are being written, and will form tin
material tor a permanent history of
the war. This he said could not be
written for many years,
Portland. Or., Feb. 26. Ten deaths
from influenza were reported at the
city health office today. These oc
curred during Sunday and Monday, no
reports having been made yesterday
on account of It being a holiday. To
day's report brings the total deaths to
84 since the epidemic reappeared here
a month ago.
noniti.Ks c;i:t $20,000
Seattle, Wash., Feb. 2C Japanese
owners of a Seatle Jewelry siore re
ported to the police todav that bur
glars entered their establishment last
night and stole Jewelry worth close to
Real Estate Transfers.
H At Sayr and Maud Sayr to
Alice Kelly, .75 A Wood-burn
Alice Kelly to H M Save "ami
Maud Savr. lnri A In V. t w
Clement. Schneider and Anna
honneider to Joseph Lux and
Martha T.nv in A in i:j 1 w ar.nn
A L Seamster and Kuth Seam-
ster to Kruce Brown, bl 11
Myers add Salem
K C Price to J C Price and
O K Price, it 1 bl 2 Wood
burn William McCarroIl and Mary
McCarroll to Frank Verbick
and Louise Verbick, It 34
and 4!1 H'lmniU.M l'-n-lr
Theodore Nienaber and Laura
Neinaber to Kudolph ISern
lng and Minnie Herniog.
2.3117 A sec 10 In fist 111'
Frank Murk ami Marie Murk
to Jacob A On now nnd Ber
tha (lanow. tr 11-12-13-14
Kennedy Acres
F.ffie Mishler and J 1 ilisliler
to Henry C Lehman W
id' SW ',4 sec 13 in S3 IK ..
J Ci Flake and Addle Flake
to Maude .1 Simons
Mildred I. Simons, pit
20 Capital Park nlld ...
John 11 .Scott and Maude
Albany, N. Y Feb. 26. The plat
form adopted today by the democrat
Is state unofficial convention demand
ed Immediate ratification of the pence
treaty "without destruutive reserva
tions", commended labor for Its part
in the world conflict, declared for ad
labor that will end strikes, boycotts
Justment of relations of capital and
and lockouts; demanded congression
al action that would reduce tax bur
dens; commended -administration of
io,ernor smith; opposed natiunla
prohibition and declared for the
speedy repeal of the eighteenth
Remnant Store
854 North CoaTe.-flai
Paris. Wednesday. Feb. 25 Imports
into France in January amounted to
2.002.2110 000 francs, an Increase of
ts.i.ooft 0t0 francs over January, 1919.
The extorts were 722. 3S9000 francs,
an Increase of S74.92S.OOO francs over
January of last year.
Salem Auto Hadiator Shop
Radiator, Fonder a:; J. Ga Tank
Tractor Rndlntor sprcbtltt
Ford Radiator for Sale
14 8. Uth Street. Salem, Or.
Chie.n;.!. Feb. 2t". The number of
employe in ! ncklng houses In Chicago
and K iiiMi City. Kansas, recently has
been reduced, due to an increased con
sumption of fresh meats nt home and
j ab'-oa l. meet' ling to statements made
t idiyby representative of packing
i houses r.i by official of labor unions.
Scott to J W Hohn and Lnla
i'.ohn. pit bl 5 Roberts add
N'athaii A Kinisey to David F,
Swan, pit its 2 and 3 bl 2
S II lleltzel and . oJsophine
lloltzel to Marcell (irurson
and F C C.rurson, prt It 5 bl
tf U Whitney add Stayton....
Lydia Campbell to T U Waten
paugh and Alice Watenpainth
3.37 A Fwald fruit farms ...
Farmers and Merchants Hank
of Stayton to Stayton Realty
and Holding company, 1 A
see 10 in !'S 1W ....
W .1 Dawes and Lydia A Danes
to J 11 Dawson. It 2 bl 4 Fel
ler add Donald
Mario F Cooper to ,1 L Cooper
prt see 1, 2, 11. 12 In HIS
Henry .Mulssig. William P.
Wurster, 5.00 A sec 13 In
4S 1W
-loscpn f rsathinan and So
phie 10 Nathuian to Frank
Vnchter, 54.71 A in 4H 2W
Lulu Kink to Willie K Mailev
and Kssie Bailee. 4. U0 A 7S
I1W; also 2.97 A 7S 3W
Allan Bellinger to J W Magee
fruit It 87, Friends Oregon
colony: also pit fruit It Sli
J C Siegmuud and Inez Sioe--
miind to Charlotte Tlsch
hauser 4tml Lillian Tiseh
hauser. N It 9 bl 79 Salem
II D Robinson to John H Scott
and Arthur i: Peterson, Its
3 and S bl 2 Iiishop's add
Salem .
John C Clearwater and Ida O
Clearwater to F. C Richards
nnd Myrta Richards prt Its
1 and 2 bl 86 Salem
William II Mersinger to C A
VnnClenve, .45 A, also 10 A
sec S3 69 2V N llickok and Ruth M
Hickok to Ida Kraus, Its 3-4-5
bl t Snvders mill Ant-orQ
A 1) Murphy and Mamie Mur-
pny to j r; sioper. 1 1-3 A
see 10 In 9S 1W
J W Welly and May J Welly
to William Arnold and Bes
sie Arnold. 100.02 A sec 23
and 24 In 7S 1W
O D Clearwater to Fred C
Scherniacker, It 3 bl 1 1 Yew
Park add
Barbara A Ash ford to Klnora
Wltzel, 2.394 A sit "S SW....
Hex It Randall and (trace ij
Randall to Mary Kighmev,
It 8 bl 2 B T RnndaJI add Sa
lem "
Knoch C Churchill and Sarah
Churchill to Mary J Smith
S 4 It 6 bl 2 Salem
Mary J Smith and Oeorge
Smith to Knoch Churchill
and Sarah Churchill. S H It
8 bl 2 Salem
Amelia Peyser and Charles
M Peyser to Harry E Brown
.74" A 8S SW
0 L Nelson to R K Wiekham
Its 8 and 7 bl 2 Jefferson
Myers odd Salem
Kstelle CI Howard and Ralph
S Howard to Alfred Real
lots 3-4-5-11-12 M 22 subdiv
of bis 21-22 Capital Parw
add Salem
John Westley nnd N K 'Wesiiey
to E A Matthes and Florence
Mntthes. I A In 1) L C John
Force 7S SW
John W Mlnner to Margaret
Wright. It t bl 46 N Salem 6i)(l
Margaret Could and Oliver
Could to Robert It Duncan
prt Id 39 Silem S125
Falls City-Salem Lumber Co
to Marv Kishinev- prt It 7
bl 8 SW add SUem 559
7 Room strictly modern buga
low, on paved street and car
line. If sold soon $,"000
6 Room cottage bungalow on
paved street, modern with
furnace S3000
6 Room house, modern, except
furnace; big lot. and barn:
paved stret and carline. sr
sold by March 1 $2300
5 Room modern home with
furnace, paved street and
close to State street $3000
6 Room modern bugalow South
Salem $3300
10 Acres of fine land on main
paved road, 1 'i miles out; no
improvements. Snap at $2o00
20 Acres 6 miles out on paved
highway; 10 acres brush, bal.
cultivated $2400
100 Acres of land; no bldjs.;
deep black soil; paved road;
per acre S200
100 Acres on Jefferson read; no
bldgs.; 65 acres In cult.; per
acre $200
80 Acres close In, (in paved road
and close In; per acre $230
Laflar & Laflar
10C-7-8 Oregon Bids.
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Ford Car
earns a
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