Capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1919-1980, February 25, 1920, Page PAGE TWO, Image 2

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At th time of the Gopperfleld raid
tie news was cabled to Europe nd
an aoocunt appeared In 'The News of
1 the Day" a" Amsterdam paper. A
young Hollander Interested in the
event and who had seme command of
Bngtish, waa pleased to translate and
forward to Miss Hobba the story a It
appeared in the Amsterdam paper. It
"la the American town, Copper fielO,
In the State of Oregon, were since a
long time severer Improprieties. The
local authorities allow conuivautly the
evasion of the decree against the abuse
of taking liquor, even they accelerated
it fceoauM they took advantage of It
The Burgomaster and some members
I ';! of the town council themselves, name-
I ly are Innkeepers. This bad excited
. the ill humor of many citizens and
T the Lord Lieutenant of Oregon had
menaced to take- the necessary precau
"Waiting for tho military expedition
. : amiouitced by him the 'Alcoholista of
f t Copperfleld armed themselves with
- revolvers. At the time that the sol
tilers of the Lord Lieutenant would
arrive ail the citizens of the town, who
j liked a sensation very much, were be
fore the station. Great was their ns
i touiahment when nobedy came out of
the train except a young girl. She went
to the Burgomaster and showed by
proxy she required the Immediate
resignation of the daily government.
The flurgomaHter, who found the rig
orous meusures of the girl as comic as
bold, refused flatly. But tho young
lady. Miss Kern Hobbs, was not put
out of countenance. Accidentally thera
were In the train some artillerymen
; commanded by a colonel. Perfectly In
due form and always by proxy, she
commanded the colonel to proclaim
the town under a state of siege, to
take prisoner the Burgomaater and
three of the members of the town coii.i
oil and to search the persons who were
, at the station and to disarm thorn.
' 5"he colonel could not do else than to
obey. The armed became disarmed.
The inns were olosed and the Innkeep
ers; were commanded to send their pro
visions of alcohol abroad If they dM
not want these provisions to be con
fiscated. Miss Fern Hobbs had such a
fleclrtod way of acting: that nobody
dared to think about opposition. Th9
secretary of the Lord Lieutenant i not
j easy."
piiru rriTimrn
Music Study Is
Library Lecture
Topic For Tonight
At the third of a series of loclurns
lieing given at the publlo library this
later, which, will be held Weilins.
day evening at 8 o'clock, Miss Mary
Holm.m, nsslsted by the Willamette
ntudonts of music, will devote tho
eveuliur, to. a Ntudy of Ainorloan immio.
"! affair will be in tho form tf a
leoluro-recltal and will oonslst of both
instrumental and vocal selections. The
following program has boon nrrumieil
for tho evening:
"How Sleep the llnive" f!lnrk
"Wars end Htrlpes" .. .Sousti
Willamotte Glee Club.
Indian liusio "My Bark Canoo"
"Indian Bong" (l)itkotahs)..."..".
Vnrnlty Quartet.
Violin Solo "I'rom tho Land of tho
Sky Blue Water" Cudmsn
Miss LolKla Ituby.
Negro Music -"Hteal Away (Spirit-
nal) :
"African Class Meeting Song''...!!!
Varsity Quartet.
"Awllitlll for de Moon to Shine''
" Hastings
,lo,"T Town" Weldenor
Willamette Clee Club.
"Kilning: A Bevorio" HmoD
Vlulln Solo "Kvening: a rteverle"..
. Mls Hu by.
Olio Solo "Forgotten" Cow.s
"Minuetco from Vluaretle in I) Malor"
Ui'orgn liarrett.
llano Solo "Polonaise" McDowell
Miss Holmiin.
Although no effort was made by
the delegation from the Business
Men's league here to win the- next
convention of the Oregon State Re
tail Merchants association while at
Astoria, it paved the way -for great
and future resognition. In the report
of his activities as a representative
of the Business Men's league at the
Astoria meet Walter Denton told the
members, at their meetlna? In the
Commercial club Tuesday evening, of
tne tendency of business men in all
parts of the state to look to Salem to
set the pace.
Reading from excerpts of his speech
made at the Astoria convention Mr
Denton revealed the stroke made for
this city there by the Salem delegates,
Of Which he himself was Hnnkemn.m
Salem was pictured as the city beau
tiful, the land of opportunity and en
terprise, in his speech to the Astoria
Mr. Denton did not enter into a de
tailed report of all that passed at the
convention, but rather confined him
self to a resume of tho league's dele
gation activities there.
The league meeting Tuesday night
was well attended. P. E. Fullerton,
who automatically became director
upon the resignation of R. ir Phnnio
waa formally elected by unanimous
Complaint contained in a communi
cation from Willamette university
students that costs for printing a
booklet here waa from 50 tn ftn m.r
cent higher than in Eugene caused
the business men to appoint a com
mittee to investigate and report to
the board of directors of the Com
mercial club.
$300 Raised For
Defense Of Boy
Slayer A t Bandon
Bamlon. Or.. Feb. 2B A fund
more than $300 has been raised hen.
and at Pruspoct for the purpose ov as
sisting the county in securing the serv
ices of an expert criminal lawyer tol
prosecute the Harold Howell case at
the third trial. Younir Howell i
16, Is accused of having shot and kill
ed Lililan Leuthold, aged 18, near her
ranch house in Coos county last July.
He has ben twice tried on the charge
and both parties disagreed,
The money was. contributed in small
amounts ly signers of a petition to the
governor asking for the appointment
of a deputy to prosecute the case. The
signers are both men ni wnmn a
fund was recently raised by popular
xuuHcnpuon ror young' Howell's defense.
be featured by horse and auto races
and fihta at the state fair grounds.
The grand opera house will be charter
ed for the three-day convention and
special high class entertainers will be
provided for the visitors. Dances un
equalled in this city will be stage 1 at
opportune time.
. Trips for the visitors and families to
the state institutions and other points
of interest In the city are scheduled.
Committees Complete.
Following- are- the committee who adjusting the scenes for th; big
Executive August Huekesxsm,
chairman; Harry J. Wenderoth, Thos.
B. Kay, W. D. Evans, Arthur S. Ben
son, secretary.
Accommodations B. A. Kurtz, H,
W. Meyers, C S. Hamilton, W. I.
Needhan, Fred S. Lamport.
Decorations Wm. MotJilshrUt. jr.,
George E. Halvorsen, U. CJ. Shipley, '.
J. Rlgga Irwin Lewis.
Dances -Kail ' H. Hinges. -Harry
Levy, James Young, John Brophy,
Frank H. Spears. .
Golf H. li. Smith, H. H. Olingcr,
Ercel Kay, W. I. Staley. John nrrar.
Races and sports Frank Durbin.
F. G. Delano. Watt 8hlpp, O. L. "roll
er, Arthur H. Moore: -
Vaudeville A. E, La fie r, A. J. Rahn.
D. G. Drager, F. L. Waters, Ray E
Eats Wharton. I West, F. A. Erick
son, Curtis Cross, John W. Caughill,
W. J. Buslck.
BrandsOscar Steelhammer.
Parade Oscar B. Gingrich, V. G.
Dyer, J. C. Perry, E. N. GIlliiiEhuni.
Chalmers George.
Publicity and programs Walter L.
Tooze, Sr., J. F. Hutchason, E. Coolrc
lVitton, W. W. Moore, H. a Bosahard
Reception Frank T. Wrightrrm
W. H. Byrd, Louis Lachmund, vY'atlor
R Keyes, P. H. D'Arcy.
Registration and badges O. A. Hart
nan, George O. Brown, D. W. Eyre,
Charles Knowland, E. M. Pag
Transportation Albert A. Micks!. 3.
W. Ritchie, Bdw. Rostein, John IT.
Scott Cuyler Van Patton.
Ladies' reception Mrs. W. Carlton
Smith, Mrs. George H. Bprnett, Mrs.
V. S. Walton, Mrs. B. W. Olcott, .Mrs.
R. E. L. Steiner.
the republican party's presidential
choice as expressed under the pri
mary law."
Capitol Briefs
State Engineer Cuppor has been in
structed by the state land boara to
start an Investigation relative to ap
plications tor the leasing1 ot gravel
bars along the Umpqua river. J. L.
McAllister ,an assistant engineer in
the state engineer's office, has been
assigned by Cupper to take charge of
this investigation, leaving for the
southern part of the state today.
W. D. Clark, an engineer In the Mm-
ploy of the public service commission,
has resigned his position to accept the
position of district engineer with the
state highway commission. Clark will
be In charge of state road work in
Lincoln, Polk and Benton counties
with hoadquartors in Salem,
Articles of incorporation for the
Wasco county bank to be located at;
The Dalles were filed with Will H.
Bennett, state superintendent of banks
Tuesday. The bank is capitalized atj
$100,001 with the following incorpora
tors: George C. Blakeley, The Dalles.
H. D. Doods, Dufnr; T. H. West ana;
R. T. SteTens, Portland. I;
For Colds, Grtp or Inf Inenza
and as a Preventative, take LAXA
Look for E. W. GROVE'S signature
on the box. 30c (Adv)
What Toa Will When You Will
Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets WlM
Help Digest the Men! Easily
and Surely
Good food in. itself is harmless.
The usual reason stomach troubles
arise- Isv due- t faulty digestion
brought about by overworking the
body or brain, sickness, overeating,
late hours, etc.
The best way to correct faulty
stomach troubles and digestive mis
takes is .to do what nature wants.
All that nature usually needs is a
little assistance to do this work.
This is why doctors tell you to diet.
By not eating nature is compelled to
aid herself. You do not then over
work her when she is already ex
Stuart's Dyspepsia Tablets go in
to your stomach just like food. They
help digest this food. Then they en
rich the blood, and thus when the
next meal is eaten the system is bet
ter prepared to do Its work without
assistance or at least less harmfully.
By following this natural habit
many have corrected their stomach
troubles, and have conquered the old
"bugbear" of indigestion.
Always take a Stuart's Dyspepsia
Tablet after meals or Just before bed
time. By doing this you will be act
ing wisely and playing safe.
Co to your druggist anywhere and
buy a box now. Price, 50 cents. Adv.
Sanitary Beauty
(Miss Harper)
Now back In our former location
202 Bank of Commerce Bldg.
(Continued from page one)
autoB at their disposal from the time
tney augiit from tho trains tit the de
pots to the time thev lenvo tho ,.t
Suveral auto dealers In the city have
promised tho use of machines and
drivers for tho occasion.
Parades, auto and lim-un
vaudeville shows, band concerts, prlzo
iignts, boxing matches and wrestling
mutches in short every form of enter.
tainmentls Included in the tentative
Tho last day of the convention will
The authority of the state public
service commission is not Impaired in
the least by the railroad bill as finally
passed by congress, according to H. H.
Corey of he Oregon commission. Tin'
only material change from post con
dltions contained in the new measure,
accordlngto Corey Is a provision giv
ing to the federal commission addi
tional power to remove any undue ad
vantage, preference or prejudice as
Hope was voiced that the vise would
one hund ;and interstate or foreign
commerce on the other hand.
nua sneep are the only animals
wivuig circling horns.
Also Junk of AH Kinds
Best PrloM Outran teed
CALL 398
The Square Deal Boon
tTl Obeaeketa St. Phona S9S
; WUt Of
Yick So Tosg
CMaeM ktedlelD sad Tea Osv
U$ nadieia wbieh will tore aay
knows disease.
Opea SoBdart from 10 A. 11.
astil IP. H,
158 Soatk Big k SU
Salesa. Oregon. Phosa l
' .
yoi; i ax't lmrsii on
WASH Ol'T l M)ltl I-F $
The only sure way to get rid of
dandruff is to dissolve It, then you
destroy it entirely. To do this, get
about four ounces or ordinary liquid
arvon; apply it at night when retiring
use enough to moisten the scalp and
rub it in gently wllh the finger tips.
Do this timiuht.' unci liv
most if not nil, of your dandruff will
no gone, and three or four nioru ap
plications will completely dissolve
and entirely destrnk every single sign
and truce of It, no matter how much
dandruff you may have.
You will find, too, that all Holiing
and digging of tho scalp will stop at
once, and your hair will bo fluffy,
lustrous, glossy, silky and soft, and
look and feel a hundred times bet
tor. You ran get liquid arvon at any
drug store. It is Inexpensive and nev
er fails to do (ho work.
Officials of the North Unit Irriga
tion district in Jefferson county, a part
of the , Deschutes project, were here
Tuesday, In consultation with State
Engineer Cupper relative to plans for
proceeding with the development of
tho protect. The district Includes some
100,000 acres and a total of $5,000.0lu
In' bonds have been voted for Its de
velopment. In an opinion by the su
preme court a week ago this issue was
held to be valid and the way is now
open to actual construction work.
Oliver M. Hlokey of Portland has
ambitions looking toward a seat In the
republican national convention In Chi
cngo next June. His petition for a
place on the republican primary bal
lot as a, candidate for de'ega'e from
tho slate at large was received by the
secretary of states office Tuesday.
Hlckey declares that ho "will support
Wednesday, Friday and Satur
day Evenings.
Ladies. Free Skates, on Monday
and Friday afternoons and Fri
day night.
l - A A A A A M
Wednesday Evening, Feb. 25.
A R M 0 R Y
American Legion
Bring Your Friends
S40 Court Breet
House Furnisher
You get more for your
Money at Moore's.
Now In Progress Our
etiring from Business
After 28 Years of Successful Business in Salem, we have
Decided to Retire!
From 10 per cent to 20 per cent and in many odd lots and broken lines even more
in order to dispose of our large stock quickly.
You may think that merchandise is high at present prices, hut the advances since
January first ha-e been alarming and the prices announced this week by Eastern Mills
for Fall Lines are absolutely staggering.
The following list of a few staple items will give you an idea of what is happening
in the wholesale market this season.
Taffeta Silks cost before the war 70c per yard, now cost $3.00 yard
Skinner's Satins cost before the war 90c per yard, now cost $3,25 yard
Dress Ginghams cost before the war 8 l-2c per yard, now cost .....37 l-2c yard
Calico cost before the war 3 l-2c per yard, now cost 21c yard
Outing Flannels cost before the war 9c per yard, now cost 42c yard
Cotton Blankets cost before the war 70c per pair, now cost , $2.90 pair
Wansutta Nainsook cost before the war 12 l-2c per yard, now cost 60c yard
Peqnot Sheeting cost before the war 22c per yard, now cost $1.10 yard
. Yams have advanced $1.10 per pound in the Eastern Market during the past two
weeks. Corsets have advanced one-third in price since January first.
Women's Mercerized Hose
Which formerly cost $2.30 per dozen have advanced to $8.00 per dozen. The Dry
Goods Economist states this week that Fall prices on Wool Dress Goods show an ad
vance of 60 per cent over l?st Fall's prices.
Merchandise is scarce and continually advancing.
You know the standard quality of goods we have always carried.
If you knew the present condition of the market as merchants know it, you would
provide for your wants for the next two years.
Every, purchase during this sale means a substantial saving over present prices and '
will protect you from the tremendous advances which have already become effective in
wholesale lines. -
All Store Fixtures For Sale
To be delivered as soon as our Stock has been Reduced Sufficiently To
Dispense With Them.
Just out-JAeTleu)
i MS
Be sure to ask yovr
grocer for Karo
Maple in th Green
Can. It is guar an
teed to please you
or your grocer re
turns your money.
n v
EVERYBODY knows Maple Syrup is a rare
article hard to find and still harder to be
sure of. Pure maple syrup, what there is oi it,
is sold at extremely high prices.
Naturally, one turns to Karo Maple Flavor
with its flavor of the purest maple sugar. H
has the appetizing1 tang of pure maple syrup
but is so reasonably priced that you. can serye
it at every meaL
Just compare tke flavor and price of Karo
Maple Flavor with other maple syrups 1
17 Battery Place . . New York
Salting Repntntmtif
. 7. ' ' cj'iiiii 4juTf "jjffiii' ii-JuiiLi..'ii--iiriiiM-i if-iT iiiiMHiinii jimipJlMW"'1 "i i' iiiwnrniiiiiiiiiili i ' J"'-f K,m lfT;r " r""" " - ' ' " ' " " ' 1 ' , .aill r'iiniiw iiimmiiibwnhiiii wirm mi n ' bww . i'111 'r""'