Capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1919-1980, February 23, 1920, Page PAGE FIVE, Image 5

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    FEBRUARY 23, 1920.
fill Ground Town
25 MoBiniJ
toU Business es
SUrctal club. m-
. ..nui: evenisg.
darn ' K.iuneoa Men's
Taiiored Whit Leghorn baby
chicks (or sale Tuesday, local hatch
et d- Also R. I. Reds. S5S State St. 4(
' ; Members of the W. R. C. are re-
ejaested to meet in the McCornack
kail Thursday afternoon February ti
$ for sewing, (adr) " 4
4t! Twenty seven thousand catalogues
$ two freight car loads, from one of the
for the man. The stranger was mid
ale aged, the feet six inches tall,
weighed about 150 pounds, had a
veryd ark heavy beard and mustache
was stoop shouldered, walked with a
slouchy carriage, had a black hat
and dark colored overcoat.
A small hole was burned in the
roof of the residence at 728 North
Broadway when a fire started from
sparks from the chimney. The fire
engine, which left the department at
1:50, quickly put out the flumes. Dam
age to the roof was slight
Mrs. Sydney Hall and Mrs. Minnie
M. Bates will entertain the Luella
fMllh Af lha ITlmkd II -.1. I .
TT T" IT"8? 1 thB coun-;lonr at Mrs. Bates home, 1138 South
try, "re oeing distributed from the lo-uth
Coinmercia, Cub. - A large ad expect!
.-.-Meeting Moth-.
c,ub of Lincoln .dux J.W
P"FTb. 25-Leetnro recital at
ubllc library- P-
Feb fS.-Cnerry City Bak
trTw,U entertain Rotarian.
foatniatter August Hurkestein. The
4c ; catalogues will be distributed in the
3 thv
wa wives ana
banquet ai v
u.r i. Regular
of A er.can Legion ia armory
lirst and second sones. Postage on
them amounts to 11879.43.
Truck drivers dance,
Wednesday night
,;j0 p. m.
The undersigned wish to thank the
many friends who, during the late
' long illness of our beloved motner.
. Mrs. Annette Schindler, have shown
their sympathy through word and
al pieces. The Schindler family. 46
leweler. Salem. I
jrt, ni'""' - blanket, valued at $15, from one of
the rooms at Hotel Argo, 341 Cheinek-
attention of
7 police Monday morning. According to
j. n. Lauierman, proprietor of the
hotel, Mr. and Mrs. H. R. Levison,
from Portland, and Mrs. C. C. Jones,
who registered from
. ' ,, Tjo. i the rooms at Hotel Argo,
JIZJL P. eta occupied. th.
E. E. Moods has returned from
Milton, Oregon, where he has been
painting scenic views for the Colura
bit university.
Mr. and Mrs. A. Ml. Blackburn and
children of Le-baaon. are visiting for
a few days with Mrs. Blackburn's
parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. F. Moffitt
806 North High street. After a short
stay in Salem as the guests of rela
tives and friends, they will leave for
a motor tour of California.
roon. 331 Hotel Marlon.
t ptonn. manager of tho Port
Mausoleum company whs In Sa
Mrs. N. L. Prunk of Eugene ia the
house guest of her parents, Mr. and
Mrs. A. F. Moffitt, at their residence
on North High street.
In a divorce uction filed Saturday
no,. ....1 1.. 1
San Francisco 'I K-pu.auon
departed Mondav mornin r, trom a eging cruel and
.ay on business.
r , stav at the hotel. i, Kt,..i a. Inhuman treatment. The couple were
Ituldn;t be sprmg wunou.- married at Vancouver. Wash.. Octo-
BrM- . nd. See found missing.
ana ouie f"-"-
tennis i
K today-
Dr. 8. C. Stone can
K Tyler's drug store.
now be found
The trln f,j "er anu as a result or the
auto party, that is believed to have: Inlon tnere 18 one cnua.mmos Hay.
left the city. Officer Rowe investigat-j aged about ten mon,hs- JIrs- Gav al
ed the theft.
A. B. Stewart, who conducts a re-
pdr 6hop on Court street went to be
rfimi Sundav for a brief visit with
business acquaintances. He will re
turn Monday evening.
American ' Legion will give anoth
er dance at the armory Wednesday
Feb. 25, 1920. Everyone invited to
, Capital post No, 9, American Le
gion will give one of its famous
dances at the armory Wednesday
Feb. 25, 1920. The boys who served
invite you to be present. 46
The Baptist Brotherhood will meet
Monday night at 6:30 at the church
A record attendance is expected.
Notice: 0. J. Perry and Earl Wood
to nyacetyllne welding at 805 Broad
way. Phone 1169.
NOTICE Earl Wood, formerly of
the Liberty garage, and O. J. Perry.
a was shop foreman at Vlck broth
n for several years, do automobile
Muirini at 805 Broadway. Phone
... ...u. o ,.f i J Alal Esteb, a student at the Sev-
-SrinThcity.rat h;"r 1 '
i. in Mrth Front street. me guest oi nis motner,
one, 738 North ront street I Mm. A&ai f i u....
street He will return to Walla Walla
the latter part of the week.
Elmo Bennett, a resident of Dallas,
s s was a Capital City visitor Monday.
Wood for sale, good: 11-inch mill
tool at new wood yard. Trade St.
tear Church St. Fred E. Wells. Call
15(! from T to 9 a. m. and after i
f. ow 4S
Mrs. Elizabeth Gardner, aged 71
years, died Sunday morning, Feb. 22
at a local hospital. Hhe had. been a
lowph 0. Richardson, deputy state paralytic invalid for the past two
truairer. was a Portland visitor Bun- and a half yearg Mrg Gardller ,B
Ik regular monthly meeting and
sapper of .the Baptist Brotherhood
a be Trt-ld at he church Tuesday
Feb. !4, at 8:30 p. m. Rev. Avison
wB be the speaker. This will be
Tither and son" night adv) 40
survived by the following sons and
daughters: Louis Gardner of Pitts
burg, Massachusetts: John Gardner of
Salem; Mrs. Joseph Rocque of Salem
Mrs. Carl Johnson, of Kenosha, Wis;
Mrs. Dellia Plegs, of Kenosha, Wis.;
Joseph Gravel, of Green Valley, Wis.;
and Mrs. Nagel La Chapelle ef Salem.
The prevalence of sickness in th The body is in charge of the Webb
erantjr was rosiwnsible for the small & Clough establishment and funeral
sttendance of members at the meet- services will be held from St. Jo
Ins f the Marion County Principals seph's Catholic church Tuesday
Assoeiation held in Salem Saturday morning at 8 o'clock.
erentng. A banquet at the Cherry City
iotel was followed by a business The funeral for Norma Haines. 19-
Bfeting in the court room of Circuit day-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Vir
Jo5e Kelly. The next meeting of the gil Haines, of Silverton, who died at
tssoctition will be held on May 3, at their home there Sunday, will be held
vhich important fmatters will be dis-
K0TICE Is hereby given that on
Thursday February 26, 1920, at 10
m. staled bids will be received by
committee on the third floor of
i i Derby-Lafky building, corner
mW and Court streets, Salem, Ore
'or a quantity of household goods
tarnlshlngs formerly the equip,
"rat of the Moose lodge and club,
"'Istlng mainly f rugs, carpets,
m, leather and mahogany
Mrs, one compiVte office outfit,
" top desk, chairs, directors tables,
wplete invoice of stuff can be ex-
bank bldg.. phone 376 and op.
Jnity to see ami estimate on stuff
be given from 1 to 5 p. m. Tues
J and Wednesday February 25th
26th. (Adv) 48.
e Maccabees will hold n m..iii,
- .-..c
H mm , " """luanw is assur
fcraVnT ""Portant persons from
win oe an nntl . ,,
u noia a meetinf
"cCornack hall AVednosday even.
"nd if a good niteninr,n i.
. 8 nr(ler ftre invited. Re
will be served, and it is
aiMi. T ,.the La,,y Maccabees
" un me program.
Special lneetinsr of Mnit
XJ'A 7 T. cnaPter No. 1, R.
; mis evening. Wok in
.M . 1 1 If AT j
fa. ""'" opgree.
""f" welcome. adv)
Vl tha"k aU the "in"
tnce i. 0Wirs' Pathy and
-Vr,. our "-ent bereavement
n florenee Sn.
at the chapel of the Rlgdon & Son
company here at 2:80 p. m. Tuesday.
The baby will be laid to rest In City
View cemetery.
The public has been Invited to at
tend the inspection of Company M,
of the Oregon National Guard, which
will occur in the armory Monday
night. Inspection will he by Colonel
Koester, of the United States Cavalry
stationed at Vancouver barracks.
P. L. Campbell, president of tha
University of Oregon, accompanied by
Mrs. Campbell, were Salem visitors
. George Qtline, of Roseburg, sheriff
of Douglas county, spent Sunday in
Sa'ein. Mr. Quine was accompanied,
by hlo wife.
leges that her husband deserted her
February 20. 1919, leaving her with
out funds or support, previous to the
birth of the child. She alleges that
Gay is the owner of ,an undivided
one seventh interest in' 400 acres of
land In Jefferson county and requests
that she be given a one third interest
in this holding and $20 monthly ali
mony, together with custody of the
Joining in the campaign to defeat
the insidious hosts of Spanish influ
enza Chief of Police Jack Welsh Mon
day issued instructions to his offi
cers to arrest any one caught spit
ting on sidewalks In the city or in
public buildings of conveyances.
Chief AVelsh cited an ordinance pro
hibiting the practice, which imposes
a fine of from $1 to $10, or a pail
sentepce of from 1 to five days, for
violations. He said that he believed
much could he done to allay the epi
demic of flu if expectoration In pub
lic places is brought to an end.
Daily Statistics.
GARDNER Mrs. Elizabeth Gard
ner, 71, at a local hospital Sunday,
February 22. Body at Webb &
Clough. Funeraf Tuesday at 8 a.
m. from St Joseph's Catholic
GILMORE To Mr. and Mrs. L. P.
Gilmoro at Salem Deaconess hos
pital, a boy, weight 9 pounds, Feb
ruary 15. 1920.
Philadelphia, Feb. 2S Philadelphia
and Paris honored the memory of
Washington simultaneously today. At
noon Mayor Moore raised at Inde
pendence Hall the "Lafayette" flui?
and e.t the same hour Paris raised
over !ts Hotel de VI11 the American
flag given to htat city by Philadelphia
two years ago.
Cleveland, Ohio, Feb. 23. -Bight
thousand delegates of the fifty school
organizations affiliated with the Na
tional Education Association today
opened a fivo day convention to de
liberate on American school proh
Monday morning Assessor Ben F.
West was able to turn over to Sher
iff W. I. Needham, the Marion coun
ty 1919 tax rolls. Assessor West re
ports that considerable delay was
encountered, .due to the fact that the
work on -this year's rolls was nearly
40 per cent heavier than that of any
previous computation.
The six per cent tax limitation
Items, special and school district lev-
lea represented a portion of the ex
tra work met with in making the sura
up. In addition to these difficulties.
Assessor West was not able to recruit
his clerical staff up to required
strength because of a scarcity of
trained help needed for this special
Sheriff Needham is working on the
books, adding to the record property
transfers and other business pertain
ing to the work of his office and cor
recting the index up to date. He an
nounces that the books will be open,
Wednesday morning.
According to the complete!! roll,
the total valuation of taxable proper
ty in Marion county, is $42,292,143;
while a total of $1,340,902.44 repre
sents the amount of taxes levied in
this county for 1919 and collectable
duringthe present year.
For the 131 school districts in the
county, $240,231.04 is the sum total
of the special levies for school pur
poses. Special taxes levied in road
districts total $64,733.45.
The special taxes levied in towns
and cities of the county Is represent
ed by $201,235.41, Salem heading the
list with a levy of $163,800.71. For
the. year 1919, the sum of $442,10 is
levied upon special districts for the
forest patrol service.
General taxes levied for state and
county purposes are:
State tax; $190,315.63; valuation,
$42,292,143; rate mills, .0045.
County tax. $329,878.71; valuation
same as state: rate mills, .0078.
Road tax $137,285.63; valuation.
$30,607,918; rate mills, .0045.
School and library tax, $109,
959.56; valuation, same as state; rate
mills, .0026.
Excess 6 percent limit for high
school districts; tax levy $14,983.30;
valuation $18,729,121; rate mills .008
Excess of 6 percent limitation in
non-high school districts; tax levy.
$32,988.21; . valuation. $23,663,012;
rate mills, .0014.
For the purpose of comparison
with the present levy, the following
items from the 1918 tax roll is given:
State tax levy, $132,916.96; valua
tion $42,876,447; rate mills. .0031.
The county tax levy as bused upon
the 1918 valuation, was $252,971.02
at a millage rate of .0059. It will t
noticed that the valuation for the
present year is somewhat lower than
for that of 1918.
In 1918. the county school and li
brary tax levy was $102,903.45 at t
millage rate of .0024. The road levy
at .4)042. was $129.350.0fTThe high
school tuition fund levy was, $16,
626.25 at a millage rate of .007. The
total levy for state and county pur
poses was $634,767.09. .
For 1918. the special taxes were:
Schools, $193,789.09; roads, . $54,
207.86; cities and towns, $186,230.59;
forest patrol.' $254.33; special tax for
road district No. 7, uncollected from
1917 tax roll, $2356.99.
The Forresters of America will hold
an open meeting Tuesday night at
their hall on North Commercial
street, to which all Forresters and
tiielr friends are Invited.
Hci, '7t( snencer. Mr.
fiu. .i. . ana
hit. J "7 ther kindneim on
Haft and fam-
f:oi) . I ;
f!! SHOW I
Mrs. William Schaeffer, wife of the
proprietor of the "Maples" on Court
street, who has recently recovered
from a severe attack of the Spanish
Influenza, Is spending a two weeks
visit in the state of Washington with
relatives and friends.
Chicago, Feb. 2S. Thieves last
night entered a Roman Catholic
church parish house of Hubbard
Woods, a suburb, and carried away
fifty bottles and one ten gallon keg
of wine used for sacramental purposes.
Georce Crumley, whose name was
mentioned in police records Saturday
as taking a suitcase from the Inde
pendence staiie belonging to Mrs. II.
R. Williamson of Portland, Monday
explained that he mistook her suitcase
twaiisp of their resemblance for his
own. After learning or nis mmmiw
later, he said, he returned it to the
Southern Pacific depot for Mrs. Williamson.
Police here Monday were looking for
an auto bearing liconses No. 2632T,
hopins; to find the thief or thieves
who some time sunoay msm
the garage owned by Col. J. Olmstead,
245 Union street, and purioinea
n ew license plates. Nothing else in
the garage seemed to have been mo
lested by the prowlers.
An effort to locate Mr. and Mrs. C.
P, Spence. who are believed to have
come to this city to visit relatives, was
made here during Sunday by R. J
Schrader, police finger print expert
from Jackson county. Mr. Schrader
called at police headquarters. He said
that Mr. and Mrs. Spence were wanted
in Portland as witnesses In a recent
holdup in that city.
The presence of a stran? appear
ing character in the Salem Auto com
pany garage, on High street, between
State and Cdurt, Sunday, was reported
to police, who Monday were looking
Los Angeles. Cal., Feb., 23. The
opening event at the new Los Angeles
speedway, postponed from last Satur
day to this afternoon, was again post
poned last night until next Saturday
owing to rain. The race will be for
a distance of 250 miles and $25,000
prize money will be distributed.
Oklahoma City, Feb. 23. The siio
clal session of the Oklahoma 'egj!a
ture which convened here today in
additio nto the ratification of the fed
eral woman suffrage amendment
mav take up the nuittei- of investigat
ing operation of stt government de
An attempt this morning to place
the democratic caucus in the senate
on record as favoring ratification of
the federal suffrage amendment failed.
Washington, Feb. 23. Views of or-
eanized labor will be sought next
week by the senate commerce com
mittee engaged In framing a national
shipping policy bin. imw "
owners having been conciu.i v..j
with the appearance of R. H. M.
Robinson of New York and William
A. Dobson of Philadelphia, represent
ing the Atlantic shipbuilders associa
., rhahman Jones, republican.
Washington announced that hearings
would end with examination of ship
ping board and mner government u.-
flcials when labor repress""
have been heard.
Washington, Feb. 23. While the
net trade balance in favor of the Uni
ted fctates in 1919 was $4,017,745,000,
a number of South American and Far
Eastern countries held balances
against this country of $664,055, Out),
says the annual report today of the
federal reseivp board in naming the
countries to which extension of credit
will not be necessary for the continu
ance of foreign commerce.
One of the most immediate results
of the observation of strict measures
pertaining to influenza, is the start
ling number of coses reported as bav
ins; "recovered" since . institution of
strict quarantine, Saturday. City
Health Officer Dr. R. E. Pomsroy,
Monday, was besieged with phone
calls fsom physician who reported
that many of their influents patients
had fully recovered from the flu. Over
58 cases are now recorded as having:
fully emerged from the baneful effects
of the disease.
All of the 40 cases now under qoar-
artine in Salem have been placed un
der the measures Instituted Sa uruny
b tbe police committee. Ths new ban
on the disease Is as strlnget as quar-
... .u a cs of sari t fever or
smallpox and the authorities request
that all violations of these rules be re-
,or ed.
Physicians are required to report all
cases of Influenza, to 'he city health
authorities I has been report'' that
certain physicians have circulated
statements that Dr. Pomeroy was not
enf -re n- quara ine.
Now that the city health officer has
been given full authorty to enforce
quarantine provisions, these same phy
sicians, if there are any, are in turn
put up against it to comply with the
law by reporting all diseases. While
the source of the rumors in question
has not been determined. Dr. Pomeroy
has denied that he has ever failed to
enforce quarantine where reported.
In many cases, however, the physi
cian's report is delayed many horns.
In other instances, the deputy to the
city health officer has often had a
number of cases in widely separated
sections of the city, rendering a delay
in quarantine necessary. The city
health officer points out that these de
lays do not point to lack of enforce
ment. While many physicians agree w;!!i
Dr. Pomeroy that the present strin
gent measures may work a temporary
hardship upon those affected, vet the
city officials feel that the source of
wiae-spread rumors of careless en
forcement of influenza measure in Sa
lem, will be run to the ground. With
only two deaths attributed to Influen
za, Salem ia regarded to have been
urn flu season this
year, as compared to other cities in the
On the other hand, authorities urge
complete Isloation and thorough caj-e
of actual case of tho disease in order
to prevent a widespread epidemic.
Up to uoon, Monday, only 13 new
cases had bevn reported, covering thj
period, from Saturday evening to Mon
day midday. AU of theee cases are re
ported as being very light.
Third Hospital
In Prospect For
Salem Is Report':
The Sisters vf St Vincent, in a letter
received here Saturday by Frederick
Lamport, have ottered to erect a $200,.
OftOhospital in Salem In the event tec
city will donate halt of the money
neded for the purchase of the 8 te and
construction of the building.
The letter said their hospital at
Roaeburg recently was destroyed by
fire, and that they would not rebuild
there in case the people of Salem
thought their proposal worth consid
eration. The new hospital, if erected,
would be of fireproof construction, and
would have a capacity of more than
200 patients. Two other hospitals are I
uuder construction here at the present
time, and there is some singulation as'
to whether the offer will be accepted.
However, a meeting will be caiiert
some time next week, according to re
ports .when some definite action may
be taken.
Piles Cured In to 14 Days.
Dmcsists refund money if PAZO
OINTMENT fails to cure Itching,
Blind, Bleeding or Protruding Piles.
Stops Irritation, Soothes and Heals.
Yon can get restful sleep after the
first application. Price 9c Adv) .
'Tractor School
Tho Cleveland Tractor Co. will hold
a tractor school at 121 S Commer
cial St during the week of Feb. S3
to 2S. for owners and than interest
ed in the Cletrao tractor. Experts
will be In attendance as instructors.
W. H. Patterson Co. 41
Bagta Pass. Texas, Feb. 23. Sec
ond Lieutenant Horace Al. H. Corey
was killed here today when his air
plane fell 1200 feet after suddenly
bursting into flames. Corey was 23
years old. His home was in Chicago.
Household Fur
niture W handle only secondhand
goods. ' "
' Ws huve the name of be
ing the fairest priced house
in town aud are proud of it
Lucas 6 Lucas
Phono 1177. Liberty aud Ferry
ewsanf noue tor n
rod these WjsM II
now then act ll
Hood Board C
It isn't a had thing
to find. It metuia merely 8
pleasant, uru arm
chair trip through the
Want Ad columns of this
osper. The best Da4in
and looming henutt of this
city advertise in our Want
A u Mitmn. riwiilarlv- If
you want feed twanHne
house, pi
Ads right
Evidence of good
service.. The cour
tesy of our staff,
tho efficiency of
our management,
the satisfaction of
our clients is am
ple evidence of the
superior s r v Ice
rendered 1
Seattle, Wash., Feb. 23. Seattle
natriolic societies today held everc'sca
at the base of the statue of George .
Washington on the University of Wash ,
ington campus, spngs ot green
placed on the statue by repreH-ntutives
of eai-h organisation while the Rlethen
chimes on the campus played nntlonul
Ios Angeles, Cal., Feb. 3. A deputy
United States marshal from Portland.
Or., arrived here today bringing 8. L.
Powell, wanted here in connection
...i.i, oiieceii i)lan to defraud the
federal railroad administration by is
suing fraudulent passes. Mrs. rowen, i
and the couple's six-year-old s in als.)
arrived in company with a police ma- j
win I
- asi aIUswsy
if terrJ m.reR Li $ I
iff 'dsmlLSi' 1
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