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Pubtlahwl vry wnlns except -Of
4T by The Capital Journal Printlns? .
tit South Commercial street
Telephones Circulation and Huin
Office (1: Editorial rooms. M
Bnterad as second Class mall mattsr
at Salem. Oregon.
Br carrier iO cents a month B ana
a) cents a month, $1.15 for three rimntrw for six months. per year in
Marion and Folk counties Llsewner
ft a year.
By order of U. 8. rovemmeni, all m
subscription are payable Jr artrans
ClXCE the war there has been a revival of interest in spiritual-
ism. Mediums are doiiur a land office business in spirit-
' crams from the departed and manufacturers of ouija boards and
1 1- - . . . ! L
otner parapnernana are getting ncn quicajy.
Amone those converted to spiritualism by messages alleged
geokgb Putnam. Editor-Pubitsoer ! received from lost ones are Sir Conan Doyle, the author and Sir
Oliver Lodge, the scientist, who is now lecturing upon the suoject
in the east, but who has not shown a very scientific basis for his
Sir Oliver declares that spirits have bodies which feel solid
and advances as a possibility the idea that an etherial body, made
of the same substance as the ether of space, leaves the material
body which clothes the spirit He believes that we existed before
our earthly life, but not in individual form. The animating prin
ciple existed before but in our individual earthly form we have
grown personalities, achieved individualities which are immortal.
Each of us has a larger self, a part of the universal spirit, which
is only partially incarnate in our earthly bodies.
AH of which is interesting, but as it is based almost entirely
upon communications received through mediums, and mediums
are generally contemptible frauds, realizing their results from me-
chanical contrivances, and making an easy living by preying
OYPOnn upon sympathies of the sorrowing, it is not very convincing.
reguii Among the sceptical is Joseph F. Rinn, a former prominent
hPTVatlonS member of the Society of Psychical Research, who took part in
the exposure of Palladmo. Mr. Kinn has made a hobby of ex
posing so-called supernatural phenomina and has presented a
$5,000 check to the society for its endowment, if the society or
Sir Oliver Lodge or any one else, can produce a medium who could
offer, under scientific conditions, the slightest tenable evidence
of communication with the spirit world, or supernatural feats of
any kind.
Rinn offers another $5,000 if a medium can be found who will
tell the contents of a letter written him before death by a person
Lodge's medium claims to be in communication with, or will get
any message from the spirit world, with any evidence of genuiness,
Advertising representatives W. D
Ward, Tribune Iildff.. New York; W. H
Stockwell. Peoples Gas Bids. Chluaao
The Associated Preaa is exclusivel
entitled to the u for republication o
ail news dispatches credited to It nt
not otherwise credited in this paper
and also local news published herein
Indc-NPmlence. Miss Loy Gladys
Pioper, the twelve-year-old daughter
of Jlr. and Mrs. O. N. Sloper, died on
Thursday afternoon, February 19.
fltuyton. Work on the ground that
will hold tho new state fish hatch
try near Meliuma has been started
with Percy Leduewocul in charge of
the Work.
JIP& fliVI
gas fatss
at MksSa
THE FOCR-ARMED MAN stanchions that faced
Old dost Snot was driving the last . ncr06ss the wide aisle
cowcow down the lane when Jolly
Robin and Mr. Crow met on the
bridge near the farm-house, as they
had agreed.
"Now, then" said Mr. Crow,
even before his broad wings had set
tled smoothly along his back "now.
then, Where's the four-a-rmed man?"
Jolly looked towards the barnyard.
"1 don't see him yet." he said.
each other
running the
KloWnn M;nlu Ttlilh rim-ninr.
(iauKiittr of winiain and Emma who can tell a single fact, under scientific conditions, about any
IXivvnmg, passed
In Fox Valley o
of ucute imeum
tuck of influenza.
Pendleton. A half pint of milk Is
provided to each of 15 children of
tho Lincoln school at the morning
recess, according to a plan worked
out by the l'aieiit-Teachei'8 associa
tion of the school, collaborating with
MIkh KU.-i May Harmon home demon
nation agent.
j away at her homw one of five persons with whom he will confront the medium, or he
nK: fonoine ft,l win ve 5'000 if a medium can be found whose tricks cannot be
oni.i loiiowmg an at-, ji- . j , . . . . , . ...
uujih.oicu uy luiunuu auu uuiet conjurers, or to any one wno win
prove, under scientific conditions, any violation of the laws of
One thing is certain, spirits, if they do communicate with the
living, use suspicious channels to send their alleged messages,
which are usually most . trival in character. A respectable
spirit ought to know better.
d i t sco Mm yet," lie snlil.
Fortlnnil Five thousand tons of,
phosphate rock have been booked for
movement from Pari.", Idaho, to Jap
an through Portland during March
mid April.
The Dalles, The war department Is
seriously consUlnring the establishment
i f un nlipluun station in The Dnll8
It will he used by the forestry patrol
which will be allotted to this district
and which will begin operations about
kmc 1.
The linHes, The. county court has
appointed a board of appraisers to dc
Irniiinc the value of the old Wasco
county court house, which the county
lias decided to put in condition and
MarHbf'iild John Lewellyn, aged !i
years, of Myrtle Point, who Is nt Mer
cy hospital in North llend suffering
from sleeping sickness, has been asleep
for fifty days. Physicians do not
r wird his condition an hopulets and
lu'llcvo he will recover. .
(Klamnth Falls. The ravages of In
fliienxu and luck of physioans and as
IhtMiits has caused the dentil of 10
Klamath Indians on the Klamath reia
I'lvatlon during the past few duy.
Hozens of others are suffering with
tae disease.
Albany, Or.--Thai he had lived tin
imi nver.'iKc of U cents a clay for four
jenm was tlui Mlatenient of William
lais.sard, M, in the county court hiue
Kiluriluy In a proceeding to require
his miiiw, M. lliissanl and H. Bussavd
of Allmiiy mid M. 1,. Ilussai'd of Oie
i;on City to support him,
llend. 1 lean Convert, son of K, r,.
C'ooverl, Portland atlmney, has pui.
chased the ,S:!0-ncre ranch of lr. timl
Rich. ,f. K. Goglan of Poitland for n
consideration of $1,00U. Tho rnncu
is one of the best improved Irrigated
tracts In Centiul Urvgon. ull being un
der cultivation ami entirely irrigate 1.
Miii'slil'l.'ld.Aiiplh'atlon for incor
ponijlon has been made by the LVw
A enecr ts liox company, a new concern
v bleb will in mice creel a reueor fac
tory In .Varsliriulil. The liieorporat'iis
are llMi.iniiiln Osillnd, Hugh Mel.iiu
end Hen S. I'lsber.
lu sv m iv voitK por.u i:
kiatiox pssi:s lx i.i.
One of labor's uplifters has been snooping around the state
house to ascertain the names of married women employed whose
husbands are able to support them, with the object of having
the labor council petition for their discharge and replacement by
unmarried girls and women with dependents.
In normal times, when there are more women than jobs, there
can be no objection to the adoption of such a policy by the state,
but at the present time there are not efficient women enough for
the jobs and the enforcement of such a provision would work
against efficiency. Most of these women are emergency em
ployes, for the single woman is preferred to the married by most
There has been, in all lines of industry, a loss of morale among
workers since the war, a decreaase in output, and a fallling off
in efficiency. The average employe is interested only in the
clock, the pay check, and the ways and means of the spending
thereof. Never was work so plentiful and workers less produc
tiveand girls are no exception to the rule. Hence the drafting
of trained and efficient workers, even though married.
Efficiency is always in demand. The person with interest
enough in his or her work to increase capacity and originality
enough to improve methods, has the gates of opportunity opened.
Failure is usually due to the individual's failure to grasp the
first essentials of success.
Rippling Rhymes
New York, Feb. 2:1. For the first
time since the West 123d Htreet po
nce station was opened eight years
ugo, n period of 24 hours passed,
ending at midnight last night with
cut ti single entry being made tin the
blotter. Ordinarily the precinct Is
mi of the busiest in New York and
iv the he.nluunrlers of an inspector
and staff of detectives.
When Jimpson died (we miss him vastly, whose face we ne'er
again shall see!) we made his funeral more ghastly than any hu
man rite should be. The pastor's talk was long and dismal, and
fraught with morals stale and trite ; he spoke about the void
abysmal, more than he spoke of morning light. And while the
clergyman was droning, and filling all our souls with dread, a lot
of alecks kept on moaning as though they hoped to raise the dead.
And then the choir sang dreary dirges, in voices wet with useless
tears, till we could hear the wailing surges of Death's cold river,
in our ears. No hope inspiring hymns they lilted, but dirges full
of maudlin whines, and women wept and strong men wilted, and
felt pink gdoseflesh down their spines. Oh, when I die, and folks
assemble, to see that I m planted right, let no man spiel, with
voice a-tremble, about my sins or virtues bright. What man may
say will cut no figure when I have met the common fate, and I
step up, with pep and vigor, to dodge old Peter at his gate. No,
let the urbane undertaker get busy, like a dead game sport, and
take me to the churchyard acre, with all the briny stuff cut short
length of the barn. It was through
that aisle that the men walked with
great forkfuls of hay in the winter
time, which they flung down before
the cows, who munched it content
edly. Eut it was summer now. And the
cows found their own food in the
pasture on the hillside. They came
to the barn only to be milked.
"It's milklng-time right now."
Jollv Robin remarked. "And pretty
at Fir.s
"I thought you laughed a little he was near th f .
too much when you told me about But Jolly Robin sS """
your four-armed man. It's a hoax until the hired-man y rtght o
a Joke a trickand a very poor one, the barn. He saw 'h""4
Wo" Mr. Crow had told hint
Jolly Robin was puzzled enough by ': e never stopped lauh!""5
Mr. Crow's disagreeable remarks. ,onS after sunset uBan
"I don't understand how yon can
say those things," he said. .
Mr. Crow looked narrowly at his
small companion before answering.
A n1 than Ho ftKltetV
"Do you mean to say you never " Tongue! Rsaort Pbm.
heard of a neck-yoke?" , tomich. Uw Si1
"Never!" cried Jolly Robin. ' .
'Well, well!" said Mr. Crow. "The
ignorance of some people is more
than I can understand. That
was no four-a-rmed man. You said
he looked like Farmer Green's hired
man, and it is not surprising that he
does, for he is tho hiredman. He has
found an old neck-yoke somewhere.
It is just a piece of wood that fits
about his shoulders and around his
neck and sticks out on each side of
him like an arm. And he hooks a
pitii of milk to each end of the yoke,
carrying his load in that way. I sup
posed," said Mr. Crow, "thut people
"But he ought to appear any moment
now. Let's move over to the big oak,
for we can get a better view of the
barnyard from the top of it."
Mr. Crow was more than willing.
So they flew to the oak and waited
for a time. They saw the cows file. Ing such a noise Farmer Green might
into the barn, each finding her own I shoot mo if he saw me so near his
Place in one of the two long rows of1 house. I thought Mr. Crow add
nnn vnu'll see the fourarmed man
come out of the barn with some pails had stopped using neck-yokes years
full of milk. He'll carry them into
the house, to Bet them in the buttery
We'll have a good look at him with
out his knowing anything about it."
And that was exactly what hap
pened. "Here he comes!" Jolly Robin ex
claimed, as a figure stepped out of
the barn and began walking toward
the house. "Now, you'll have to ad
mit that I wasn't Joking when I told
you the news of this- strange being.
You ought to be pretty glad I let you
know about the four-a-rmed man,
Mr. Crow. I guess you never saw
Jolly Robin said a great deal more
anything quite so queer as he is, even
if you have seen a two headed calf,
to Mr. Crow. And he was so pleased
that he started to sing a song.
Eut Mr. Crow quickly silenced
"Do keep still!" he whispered.
"Do you want to get me into trouble?
It's bad enough to have a trick like
this played on me, without your mak
igo. Its certainty mat long since
I've seen one."
"Then it's no wonder that I made
a mistake!". Jolly Robin cried. "For Dsn in
I'm too young ever to have heard of " - h.
a neck-yoke, even." And he laughed l- fc- thei.
and chuckled merrily. "It's a good - n, h.
joke on me!" he said. w
Dut old Mr. Crow did not laugh. atomarh. rivet
"There you go, making a noise oe its delicious
again!" he said crossly.. "A person's reetions for child 'i dow on uki
not safe in your company." And he tie. Give it without fear
hurried off across the meadow. Mr. Mother! Tod must civ "c,vi
- "vim-,
yo nr..
win ami . l.
I'hTsip fo, B.
md howili
fruit? tut,. Mi
Crow was always very nervous when
of woman's inhumanity to
the rule.
"I have never agreed to that,
Alice," I said as I began to put on my
outer wraps. "I don't think a wo
man, If left to herself, would be hard
upon another woman, but a man al
ways says to the women of his family:
'You must not be seen with such a
woman. I will not have you speaking
to that woman. She is not a fit per
son to know the -women of my fam
ily.' Years ago, of course, if a hus
band or father said this, the women
obeyed, no matter what their friendly
inclinations were.
"But we are growing out of even
that now, Alice, and we decide these
things for ourselves. I can not give
up my friend because she has done
just what her husband has done. He
has not lost caste among his men
friends and thero you are. It is a
question, my dear, that every woman
must decide for herself."
Solitary Ilrtiigs All
"After all," said Alice musingly, as
wo went out the door, "every mo.
mcntous decision in one's life must
uv maue ny ones self. Each dav I
London, Feb. 23. Protests against
the Turks retaining their hold upon
Constantinople were made in several
churches here yesterday and the sub
ject continues to be conspicuously
featured In newspapers of London
and other English cities. A number
of the most prominent people in the
country, including the archbishops of
Canterbury and York, have memor
ialized Premier Lloyd-George, earn
estly opposing a policy which would
leave Constantinople in Turkish
Cairo, Feb. 25. Two thousand five
hundred refugees from Russia have
arrived here. Aid has been extended
to them by military authorities and
the British Red Cross.
uy. uk? noiea autnor
IdahMSfflone Gibson
as tt is the. Ilrsi of the month I
know Unit John gave JS.Goo for that
I shall be very glad to sell It to
you ror ll'.oon, Alice."
"No. il;.r. I can't do-that. I'll bin
your pendant for just what John paid
for It. It's worth more now. and dia
monds are going up all the time. I ll
ghe you a cheek now for fl.ntio and
send you the remainder next went,-
Kattlicrine. If you ever want it back
I'll be glad to return It to you. In
fact, I wouldn't take It now exeent 1
know that you will feel better to have
mo take it. and I know you need the
money. When 1 think of the wnv
John Gordon hns (rented you I mn
ready In my that my brother is about
rno meanest man ou earth and I shall
be glad to flaunt this Jewelry in his
There was i luw rnp nt the door.
"Come!" said Alice and I slmul-
".Madam Gordon wishes to know if
.Mrs, Sinclair will come to her rooms
before she leaves," said lienii.tte.
"Good Lord. I didn't know mother
! knew 1 was here. 1 wonder if she has
j seen the morning paper?"
Nearly over-btiihty you meet ban aj Although Henrii lie said nothing. I
friend that knows a feller that' st ' could see by her face that Al.ul.uu
nn aunt that kimna hmv t make It .-to
,i ml can't h ll th' difference. We've
tefn reailm a lot iioout inaKin shoes
Alloc Buy Sotnc .Tcwf Iry .., PXpeot you be gone whcn ,
a.,:rd1;;r;;iVch!;ck1bi:khor bae v;xKh w,lh mo,heri Kathpr,n-
"I find I have onlv M.soo in the 7" ' U'" ,,en
bank at present," she said. "1 shall 1 m'ml1'' 'm"-r l'lut'k- I couldn't do
have rents and .llvi.h.n.t. nv, ..i- " "''l. n" I can stand by and say
' sharks skin, but who'll sel
kill th' shoe dealers.
Gordon had wen !he luin.
Another I lad lliilf Hour
"If she hM." continued Alice re-
em if wei " ' ij . i mn in lor anotner oau
j half-hour! Tell my mother, Heiyiett.
that I will be right down.
Sic 'em' with the greatest of re.
I wish I knew of a woman friend who
would stand by me as you arc gqlng
to stand by Helen Gaylord. You are
the exception, my dear, which proves
, Word was received Saturday by
George Swcglc, that his grandson,
George Carothers, son of Fred Caro-
thers for a number of years an em
ploye of tho daily Statesman, had
been killed in a planing mill in Ab-
realize more and more what solitnry erilefn Washington. .
beings we are. We touch each nth,.i-
wuii caressing hands, we look inv
or hate into each other's evno
laugh at people and sorrow with
them, but after ull, our souls are nl-
ways wailed in solitude."
I grasped Alice's hand, it won from
bllng a little. I had never realized
oeiore tnat thorq was so much ti
"Oh, my dear, I wish you were go
Ing with me!" I said.
"I wish I were, for my own "sake ns
wen ns yours," she answered. "But
lonosi'y 1 think Helen Van Ness will
oe more comioiting to you than I!
iu ,ioi so sure or that, Alice, after
an, ior you have a vein of lnughtei
that Is absent in me. I wish I had it
I wish I didn't take things so serious
ly. I wish, oh, I wish "
Alice caught me with a jerk.
"Here, here, don't give 'way.
''s not the tiling to do just now
won i jou understand, my dear, that
- -s mining in the world that Is
worth a tear? Certainly no man?"
Sometimes a Gi-eat Solace
"But sometimes they're a great
solace to an overburdened heart."
Alice touched my cheek lightly.
She was as shy almost, in the pres
ence of emotion, as John, but her
hand rested on my shoulder caress-
iKi.v no sue said:
"Please wish me good luck, for vou
know what I've got to go through
now with mother!"
"She'll probably blame me for it
ull," I answered.
"I won't let her do that." said
Alice stanchly. Fhe gave my shoulder
a little pat and opened her mother's
door. -
Tomorrow If Love Were Only All .
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Zemo generally removes pimples,
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worm and makes the skin clear and
healthy. Zemo is a clean, penetrating,
antiseptic liquid, neither sticky nor
greasy and stains nothing It is easily
applied and costs a mere trifle for each
application. It is always dependable.
The E. W. Rose Co., Cleveland, O.
.,- ... -siBS-jpra'.L.i. .
1 mm
mm) 4 m
There's No Picture Like the
Picture of Health
The greatest master-piece in the
art Gallery of Life is Nature's
"Picture of Health".
It ia a marmloua portrayal of the human
body at ita bent. One oeholdt in its composite
detail a true symbol of toantth. it protenta
a liKureof etrikins appearance in its erect car.
riaire. clear akin, iparklint eyea.ntronc limbs,
steady nerves and firm muclM;fairly vibrat
ing' in animation keen, alert, fresh, and
liiritcd: with an air of unbounded confidence
and a face radiant in color and illuminated
ith a slow oi hova and cbeorfulnau.
Sappoaa ou etudy younelf in the minor!
the present and eompareymr looks, roar fa,
inn and your condition with the sttml
characteristics of this picture of the ansa
body in perfect working order, all parts al
which are sound, well orxsniiedang diapwi
performinc their functions freely, ratursir,
If yon fail Is any srarle point of ma
blance. you are not the picture of bolts.
It's imperative, then, that you look ts a
means to rebuild your strenorth. snare aas
viror to brinsr vour bmlv un b a i
atate of efficiency iu all of iu parts.
lag iff II "
The Great General Tonic
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anee, and revive the spirits of those who are weak, frail, languid and
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7 m i rel,!hiu,l PPetisr, asplendid aid todisestkmand u una
... ..uuv ..Ui.. u, wlv nVur, Kiuueys ana Dowels.
All dramrists sell I.YKO. Get a bottle TO-DAY sad yoa'U sesn
mo to look more like the picture of hsslth.
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sriaaaal saa
ura aaa
m aHlllli It.
"Where Hone
Cemforts Abound"
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Uit?' . Ca1Iu ""oun'llnBH. moderate
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Garaf la Cenneetloa.
1 Ka
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cleared my skin
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nn.i......... . . . i . a a 4 1
EstabUshed 1868
General Banking Business
Office Hours from 10 a. m. to 3 p. m.