Capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1919-1980, February 12, 1920, Page PAGE FIVE, Image 5

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l uMonthly tamp
U J. La. class. T. It e-
J!!n c,ub-
I of South
Jr,nrt Christian church.
l2Soth Cottage street
lrrjChnstiaB Science
' J! Graad oper. how
C A.
' !yn U Salem-
-Prof. Joha
mTVi Prof. Joha C. Al
etture at
si "i"c u,, .phool crad-
yts. l. e
go i
.e nnmrians
,Uonal church at T:3.
il - Basket
. -i. war Veterans at ar-
it pp"
! lT.-Concert
I: (ttoii church.
at First
m District
1 nwtoa Williams and 25 vis
, SiKotarians will lunch at
uU Hotel. 1 P. m-
wTl8 Judge McCamant
Iwtsr. at public library,
!i "OeorCT WashinRion.
? 1I-1S0 Salem Auto-
I mnhiis Show, armory.
II - Marlon County
I OiWrea's bureau cllnlo at
I CaamwcUU club.
I wT -ci"y City Bak"
I . will entertain Rotarlans
I Ji wives and friends at a ban
Thia will be Sunday school nijht
in the union evangelistic meetings at
First church. Hear Dr. Mahood on
The San Francisco Earthquake. JT
The Junior- Guild of St. Paula
church" will hold, a cooked food sale
and tea, at the H.. I stiff furniture
store Saturday February 14th. 38
Alleging that her husband, John S
Bennett, deserted her on November
11, 1911, and that he had been guilty
of cruel and inhuman treatment to
ward her, Minnie Bennett has insti
tuted divorce proceedings. The con
pie were married at St. Paul, Minne
sota, May 4, 1892. Mrs. Bennett re
sides at Gates. No property rights or
children are mentioned in the request
for a divorce decree.
Artisan dance Friday night Moose
hall. Artisans and friends invited. 37
Valentine dance at armory Satur
day night. J8
A program honoring Lincoln's birth
day will be given at the Elks club Fri
I day at 8 o'clock, by the Sons of the
American Civil War eVterans. Com
plete plans for the program have not
yet been made but the following num-
. bers will be rendered: Reading by
Mrs. L. R. Clark; vocal solo by Mrs.
F. L. Waters: Lincoln's Gettysburg
aoaress Dy Konaia v. uiover; trom
o'bone solo by Oscar Steelhammer;
I reading by Miss Marian Howard; vo
cal solo by R. F. Leadbetter; address
es by Col. Hofer and Louis Lachmund
It is expected that Governor Olcott
will attend.
t ,t at P- . -
watchmaker. Jeweler, Salem.
m chicks. 568 State St Tel. 400.
Vum Saturday night Auburn haJL
j n Barr. Portland engineer, was a
. .. . .1.. t Cti
Mans visitor at me
r,leer Cupper in connection with
the awetopment or tne Oliver
iptiW district with wnicn no is
A tree lecture on Christian Science
a be given at the Grand upera
Una, Thursday evening Feb. 13, at
rtta. bv Dr. John it. Tutt, u. H.
a tf Kansas City, Missouri, Member
t tat Board of Lectureship of the
Hitler Church, The First Church of
ana, Scientist, in Boston, Massa
dmttt The public is cordially ta
rt 37
fni Williams, public service com
tiaioMf, and Chauncey Butler left
bttsicht for Medford where they will
i:t4 the Lincoln day banquet to
iuM. "i, -.' '
lUrtana notice: All Rotarians and
iMt wins or ladles are expected to
Mt it the Commercial club rooms
Sufcj rb. 15 at 7:15 p. m. to go
iufcxty to hear an address at the
Cnmtauonal church, corner Liber
ty mi Center streets. 39
Shriners from Sllverton, Woodburn,
Portland, Albany and other cities will
attend the formal-ball to be given at
the armory Thursday night by the
Arabian Knight lodge of this city.
Elaborate preparations have been
mads for the event, and the decora
tions and music the best that could
be seeured in the city. It is expected
that this will be one of the biggest af
fairs of this kind during the winter.
ahem cuss
London, Feb. IS. Replying to a
question asto what steps the govern
ment proposed to take for the relief
of Central Europe, Austen Chamber
lain, the- chancellor of the exchequer,
said in the house of commons this aft
ernoon that the final arrangements
couia not be made unta the congress
of the United States has granted the
necessary powers. Mr. Chamberlain
stated that in view of the urgency of
the ned and despite the financial situ
ation in tho United Kingdom, the Brit
ish government had informed the Uni
ted States that in addition to tho 12,
500,000 pounds voted to the current
financial year, it was prepared to con
tribute a further sum, not exceeding
half the sum contributed by the Uni
ted States and not exceeding 10,00,009
pounds in all. .
10 AERO!! iCOlN
Portland. Or. Feb, 1 Portland
and Oregon, today paid honor to the
moroorr of Abraham Lincoln by pro
grants in: sr boots ana special meet
Most active in tributes to President
Lincoln, was the Lincoln memorial so
ciety wntch supplied speakers, for
public schools and meetings.
v,wm r. .docm. presiaent. pre
sided over a meeting under tho aus
pices or this organisation.
xonignt an elaborate banouet in
honor of Lincoln will be held by the
republican state central committee.
Washington, Feb. 12. Commander
Thnnins f Sl
n,. Ch,i ia th. nm.i,; "" "-
tne American grant was limited to 50,
000,000, Mr. Chamberlain added, the
necessarytonnage for transporting the
American supplies could be provided.
Naval officials said Commander Os
vorne's resignation had no connection
with charpes of immorality among
lnt,an . 1 ....
The Canadian government also, said nts th iZZZ. V . .
e chancellor, hsfl lnfim. i,' l""'8. of ,he department of Justice
several months ago. They said he
the chancellor, had Intimated its de
sire to make a contribution and the
British government was confident that
other allied and neutral governments
also would co-operate In this emer
gency measure for dealing with tne
desperate needs of the central part of
Acting upon telegraphic instruction
from authorities at Marshfield police
here Thursday morning arrested C. C.
Tucker, 19, on a charge of defaulting
hotel bill. The arrest was made in
local pool hall by Officer Row. The
bill, which amounted to $12.40, was
paid by the young man After his de
tension in jail for several hours, ana
ha was permitted to go.
fotambta river smelt,
Boson Market.
4 lbs for 25c.
B !M care for the moral and spir
tal future of the young people of
city, be at First II. E. church to
WalT:30. 87
Dr. J. Shelby Saurman has entered
Partnership of Dr. W. B. Morse
Dr. C. H. Robertson, physicians
uiajrsMma, with offices in the Sa-
Buik of Commerce building, and
rtlUkeup his professional duties Im-
Cotambia river smelt, 4 lbs for 25c,
Market. 37
ttjou care for the moral and splr
m mure of the young people of
ty, be at First M. E. church to-
w 7:30. 87
'WHauMr is on a business trip to
r" He will return Friday or
m. . . "'
iiT 0nel1 rePair your Ford
state. j
1 Trindle, G. F. Eooth and C.
pnl"n 'n the J. A. Blsh
-jTT "turned a report In
--wraai interest in a $5000 note
This is the only per-
M, " hi me aianon
Circnlt Court.
Hubort L. Daue vs. J. A. Mothon,
et al. Findings of fact and conclu
sions of. law, v .'i '
Hubert L. Daue' vs. J. A Mbthorn
et al. Decree, -r
11, H. Volhelm vs Willamette Valley
Transfer company, a corporation. Un
W. I. Needham to S. S. Baumgart'
er. ahorirt s certificate or. sale or
real estate on foreclosure.
H. H. Volheim vs. Willamette Valley
Transfer company. Affidavit for re
covery of personal property.
H. H. Volheim vs. Willamette Valley
Transfer company. Summons.
W. F. Needham to M. L. Whltesell.
Sheriff's certificate of sale of real es
tate on foreclosure.
Probate Court.
H. A; Hoffard estate. Inventory
and appraisement.
bi river smelt.
4 lbs for 25c,
tie rut, c. .
lnC'7' hools will attend
1kuJL ,rlwrh to"lKht to
. Mahood on " feels to
" n earthannlfo
it k.i...
. focIal and eeneral ennd
"f StiZ ' event"8. by mem.
I. Balen chanter V a t-i.-j
it Bargain-
bta ..r0m noose- barn
" ,r tM P st
Un n,w 2500. Iaflar
0rgon bldg.
Hazel Green
Hazel Green, Feb. 12. Jas. Wilson
made a trip to Sllverton Tuesday.
George Parmenter is pruning for
Gale Fox.
Bliss Zeillnskl has enclosed . his
front yard with a neat wire fence.
Carl Johnson supervised the work.
Mrs. Kirkpatrick of Dallas spent
the week end wit hher daughter, Mrs
W. G. Davis.
Oscar and "Richard Tuve are work
ing in Oregon City,
Miss Louise Davis accompanied her
grandmother and uncle, Elroy Kirk
patrick, to Dallas Monday, to spend
the week.
Mr. Tuve went, to Portland last
week and returned in. a. new Ford,
with, his son Richard- as chauffeur.
Mr. Moyer of Salem visited at the
home of Ell Rhodes Sunday.
T. P. Slattum got mixed up in a
runaway Monday and as a result his
left arm and shoulder are very lame
and bruised. While plowing with three
young horses, some part of the har
ness broke and when the horses ran
Mr. Slattum became entangled In the
lines and was dragged several rods.
Mr. Blackmer, who lives near, came
to the rescue and caught the horses.
Jas. Parker was over at Fairfield
' Miss-Freda Chapman attended the
Smile social at G. G. Looney's Fri
day eve and spent Saturday with her
sister, Mrs. Idyl Dunlgan.
Theodore Blackmer is a pupil in
Prof. Jones' room.
The M. W. A. will meet at Mrs. C.
A. Van Cleave's Friday afternoon. All
mcnihers are asked to bring their
thank offering boxes.
Afl-Russian Troops Join ,
Czechs Against Bolshevik.
Harbin, Wednesday, Feb. 4. (By
the, Associated Press). The troops of.
General Kappell, commander in chief
of the Western armies of the all-Rus
sian government have Joined with
the Czechs and are fighting the bol
shevik! In the vicinity of Cheremkova.
Cheremkova, which Is on the trans-
Siberian railway, 80 miles northwest
of Irkutsk, has been retaken from
the bolshevik!.
We wish to express our heartfelt
thanks to our many friends for their
kindness and sympathy extended us,
In our recent, bereavement. Carl
Southworth and S. T. Munkers and
famllv. 37
Johnson Advanced As
North Dakoia Candidate
first presented his resignation some
time before the charges were made
but later withdrew it.
After being in th possession of the
Salem, pwifce. for about, three weeks
and heW at a Tamer garage for four
months,, the large Hudson Sis car
abandoned near Turner early in No
vember was identifMd Thursday thru
Sheriff W, L Xeodhaiu's office.
The car was erigiiutlly the property
of the Colby Engineering- company
or Statue.- but is now owned by. the
Aetna Insurance company. The Iden
tification of the car was brought
about through the efforts of Deputy
Sheriff Bert Smith. While on business
in-Turner about' twe weeks ago. Depu
ty Smith secured the engine number
of. the car and later with the assist
ance of Deputy Oarar Bower search
ed "stolen, car" notice, finally find
ing a corresponding; number in a,
bulletin issued by the Pacific Coast
Underwriters conference.
Correspondence from the sheriffs
office resulted in the arrival Thurs
day of Ben Ludlow of the Aetna com
pany and-Joe Keller investigator for
the underwriter's conference. The
car was identified by them, and tak
en to Portland the same day.
The car was brought to Salem in
November by former Chief of Police
Percy ML Vatney, but was later re
turned to a Turner garage. No clues
leading to the identification of the
car thieves has been found. A bullut
hole in the rear fender of the car
indicated that some one had taken a
shot at the fleeing car, when it was
.stolen from Seattle about November 5
The identification lists by which
the car was located arc furnished to
all 'sheriffs office and police head
quarters throughout the country.
Silver and Go'd Thrown
Away to Illustrate Waste
Northampton, Mass., Feb.
12. Silver and gold wnre
thrown away here vesterdnv
to illustrate a talk on the
waste represented bv the i.
leged carelessness ainonir fan
' tory worker The treasurer-
of a hosier company told the
operatives that in- a week 11..
7 needles, worth 1 cents
each, had been lost.
The effect was the same, he
said, as if '$147 were thrown
from the shon window. h.
upon the treasurer took frnm
his desk a pile of 147 silver
dollars and tossed them out-
of the window,
Rickey, Jan. 12. Mr. and Mm fj.
Edwards spent Sunday with Mr. and
airs, will Edwards of Lincoln.
Mr and Mrs. W. D. Horner were Sa.
lem visitors Saturday. .
L, Dickman and son: ' Paul, trans
acted business In Salem Saturday,
word has been received by relatives
of the arrival of a baby girl at the
home of Mr. and Mrs. Martin of Lyons
Mrs. Martin was formerly Miss Nannie
Lewis of this place.
Mr. and Mrs. Fred White were Sa
lem visitors Saturday,
Mrs. Sill and childr enand Mr. ann
Mrs. Witte were callers at the M. M.
Magee home Sunday afternoon,
Louie Napke and "Eugene Osner
spent the week-end with their grand
parents, Mr. and Mrs. B. B. Geaner.
Mr. Callison spent Saturday after
noon in Sulem.
The Perry brothers are doing gome
grubbing for Enff & Downing.
Tony DeSantls was a Salem visitor
THmiiarck N D., Feb. 12. Petitions rreu uh-khwii .urn uwen rrysue
nn,intli,n- Senator Hiram jonn8oni'iwi w oainu oujiunj.
or preferment for the republican pre anu mm. oun iewis ana cnii-
irtcntial nomination to be voted on indren spent the wee-end with relatives
the North Dakota primaries on March iat Lyons.
16 were placed in circulation today. Tom Wallace has been reported
A. W. Carlson of Bismarck, secre-lune hi.
tn..v at the North Dakota Johnson iuie .usw a mo Kueai. oi ivtr.
Marion Hotel to Bui'd
Elaborate Banquet Room
ri accommodate the ever increasing
dfcinand in the city for a suitable ban
quet hall, the management of Hotel
Marlon Wednesday announced that
work on the installation of such a
place In the hotel will begin soon. Tne
now banquet room will be Just bac
of the main dining room and will em
body all the latest improvements In
this tine, including exquisite decorative
features. It will have a glass dome,
Costs of -construction and material
used in the halt' will be approximate
ly $3600. The-halt Is expected to be
completed- in about two months. It
was through the efforts of the Hal em
Rotary club that the hall is being
War Camp Commuuito Men
Will Aid Memorial us! Here
Assurance of willingness to old in
r-ny advisory way it can the promotion
or activity toward getting an ex-service
men's memorial club in thia city was
contained'ln a communication received
Wednesday. -by City.. Recorder Race
f iflin the-War Camp Community Serv
ice at New York City. The letter was
referred to Dr. TO. Carlton Smith, post
commander of the American Legion
The special nessiok 'of 'legislature
passed a measure giving each county
authortly to levy a special tax to pur
chase ground and erect a building.
What action will be taken on this in
Marion county was left to determine by
a committee appointed at the last
meeting of Capitol Post No. 9 of the
Tonopah, Nev., Feb. 12,A propo
sition to the striking mine workers
to contract for one year f,;r a mini
mum wage of $5.60 a day wag drawn
up by the mino operators of this dis
trict at a meeting here last night.
The offer will be voted on tonight
by the workers
The former scale was $5 minimumq.
Highwav Between Pcrtfcui
and Salem AH to Be Paved
The end of the earning summer wilt
see the Pacific highway entirely pave.l
between Salem and Portland, accord
ing to Herbert & Nunn, state highway
engineer. At the present time 44 milee
out of the GJ miles between here and
Portland are already paved- and- the
contract has been let for the paving of
four miles just north of Salem.
Contract for the pavement of the re
maining four lliiles, between Canby
and Aurora will be considered at the
iuuxh meeting of the commission.
Adults Camict he Adopted
la Oregon, Brown Opines
Adoption of adults is not permitted
unor the laws of Ore Ron, according tn
an opinion prepared by Attorney Gen
eial Brown.
The attorney general's opinion was
given In connection with the proposal
of California rancher who deadres to
adopt an Oregon man, 21 years of age,
ho he desires to make his legal heir.
Victoria, B. C, Feb. IS, John A.
Mara, prominent British Columbia
pioneer, died here last night, aged SO.
Mara was a member of the provin
cial legislature from 1871 until 1SH.
Dr. CB. O'Neill
XTf(Ir. State af
3J: icft
I'm The Kastimo
Rascal ill a
ltogtime Play.
I'm the Ragtime
Bellhop and"
Here-to Stay, .
I'm a Ragtime
Do or die,
Checkered Cap
and an Eagle Eye
I'm tho Ragtime
Glad to Say,
And a Ragtime
Bum In a
Ragtime Play '
I'm Ze Ragtime
Chef, I Jam
and I Cook,
Take My Lessons,
From Ze Rag
time Book,
I'm a Ragtime
Marietta bound
in silk and lace.
My figure is my
fortune, to say
nothing of my
I'm a Ragtime
Villain, I klltem
by the pairs. .
I meet my end,
, alas alas in
, a daring fight
A Ragtime
SuirlK Friday
Ye Liberty
7 ROOM beautiful home
with every convenience
fine view, east front,
for , $anou
7 ROOM home all mod
ern, about blocks
from post office, good
buy $800
ROOM bungalow with
fire ' pluce, furnace,
garage, ready to oc
cupy $5500
ROOM cottage Just off
pavod street. Modern,
at $2304)
ROOM modern bunga
low on paved street.
Furnace S00
ACRES, 2 mites out on
paved road. All culti
vated. 2 acres logan
berries, 3 acres mixed
fruit, bal. wheat, good
bldgs, six room house
Good shape. 2 wells.
Fine big barn, fruit
house, good team, I
Jersey cows, wagon
and all other farm ma
chinery goes with the
plaae for quick sale
which Is $am0
ACRES 1H miles out
with good 5-room cot-
, tage. other out build
ings I0IH)
ACRES, close to paved
road, good buildings,
water piped to houiw.
400 fruit , trees. 140
acres In cultivation.
It will pay you to see
' this if looking for a
farm. $120 pr acn,
CHEVROLET car with lli-'hts,
starter, tires good.
Cheap for cash.
Just painted, will trade
for lots.
40B-7-8 Oregon IlldiC
campaign committee,
said today that and Mrs. M. M. Magee Sunday.
tho petitions will be filed February 15. Mrs. B. B. Ocsner and son, Virgil,
Petitions recently were circulated a'. I were shopping In Salem Saturday
Devil's Lake and elsewhere for Major! Little Hazel Kathrine Magee, who
General Leonard Wood but they have (has been 111 with a cold la much tm
no' been filed. proved.
no. I D. A. Harris was a S ilom visitor Fri-
Washlngton, Feb. 12. Former Sen
ator John Franklin Shafroth, of Den
ver, Colo., Is understood to have been
selected by President! Wilson 'to be
chairman 'of the shipping board to
succeed John Barton Payne, who was
chosen today as secretary of the Interior.
day. '
W. D. Horner and Chet Horner call,
ed at the Fryslle home Sunday.
American committees of the father
less children of France number 200
and care for nearly a quarter of a
million little ones.
- o p v
St I I - - ".. mu?l;T
rr v
t. ...
i 1 t0 SONGS I
I I "ti- BRI TK i 1
- 4 "
1 i
of water ooUie ruict of the famoo Vanderbiit Gallery :a
oboto.rapt, o Hremen direct " T50(0oa
.l.BMMin. icw York city. Tbeioaoiw.ii-
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