Capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1919-1980, February 10, 1920, Page PAGE SEVEN, Image 7

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work of the foundation lwin
u""'j iinisnea.
I ch'i .
1(,sf.eetln6 of Salem
-Monthly banquet
11' -. class. T. M. C.
U 1 ,f-OPn forum meet"
Everything in shaving equipment.
Razor blades sharpened. Hauser Bros
Top work of all kinds. Cushions
made and repaired. Top covers and
curtains. O. J. Hull. T. M. C. A. bidg.
tW-McetinB of South
Wr Christian church.
Cottage street.
Grand opera house, .
tM4-T- W. a A.
1 , in Salem.
Jon C. Al-
jUure at PM
TBaaket social.
War Veterans at ar-
"loncert at First
'ludge McCamant
at PU'C ,ibrary'
Marion Count,
.Vr clini0 at
Commercial club.
"Old Darby. the J65.000 master
piece of the great French artist, Rosa
Bonheur. that is on display at Meyers
ff'jre ;i attracting many. Besides
doiens of older people that have visit
ed the store to se the painting, teach
era with their pupils have taken them
there to make a detailed study of the
picture It will be on display for sev
era days yet
With more positions open than
there are applications to fill them
the labor situation in Salem was de
Glared good by City Recorder Race
Tuesday, head of the municipal labor
bureau. The ability of the bureau to
$ ! place about all men who have applied
reflects credit on the good work
g is doing to allay unemployment in the
Frank Hrubetz, of Liberty, Route
who was arrested Monday noon by
! Traffic Officer Moffitt on a charge
or driving past a standing street car,
i was nnea s uy foitce Judge Race
g Monday evening following his plea of
.guilty to the charge.
..r.k.r. teweler. Salem.
. State St. Tel. 00.
chicks. o8 State o J9
. Bradford, executor of the EtU
P """" ... designated
tnh IS, l'20' as tmie r
lal account.
Saturday night Auburn hall.
... of No. 1 cleaned clover
1Sv pw , OJOtJ 3K
u (or fare. -
.... .... Hunt, well Known oa-
an. .....- ,, in
U.ician, is reporwu dci.., -
LtbeSalem hospital.
habv chicks for sale Thurs-
r r o anA
4- 00inftn this weett. duo om-.-c
p. in. tw.
iv .mind of a Beries of lectures
btojrvwi at the public library wm
ttlnn Wednesday, Feb. 11 by Pro-
John C. A macK, who wu.
Uimk u his subject "Americaniza-
U." ftb. 18 Judge McCamant of
Ltiui mill elve an address on
(tari used car bargains at Salem
tile company, 162 North Commercial
pit 35
M. C. Larson, manager of the Sa
lem Btore of the J. C. Breier com
pany, has returned from Lewiston
Idaho, where he attended a conven
tion of store managers, February
Before returning home Mr. Larson
visited in Idaho and Washington.
Your own terms on a good used
car this week at Salem Velle company
162 North Commercial. 3
The meeting of the Iowan club
which was to have been held Tuesday
evening has been postponed until
further notice because of the Influ
enza situation.
Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Robinson of
Toronto, are the guests of friends fn
Salem for a few days.
Tte Professional and Business Wo
rn club will meet Tuesday evening
pfto home of Dr. Mary Rowland,
f Court street. A social hour will
the hllsinpfut HfHalnn nnrt It la
that as many members as pos-
will be in attendance. Because
ft lie limited amount of space, the
"Wm for the evening has been
until the Y. W. C. A.
ara again av.iiluhto fnt moat.
- -
E. A. Schiffler of Pendleton attend
ed to business in Salem Tuesday.
O. P. Hoff, state treasurer, was
Portland visitor Monday.
W. M. Duncan and W. S. Wiley of
Klamath Kalis are business visitors In
Salem. While here they are guests at
Hotel Marion.
Circuit Judge George G. Bingham
was called to Portland Tuesday whure
he will preside in court temporarily
vacated by the Illness of one of the
members of the Portland bench. Cir
cuit Judge Percy R. Kelly Is presiding
in department No. 2 of circuit court,
hearing cases on the February docket
in this department.
T. J. McDonald, city marshal of
Burns, was in Salem on official bus
iness Tuesday.
Mrs. Francis Clark, superintend
ent or schools lor Harney county, was
a Salem visitor Tuesday. Sa
lem, Mrs. Clark consulted with the
state school superintendent's office,
concerning vaccination in city and
county schools In her district.
I Fori i
Vone 1
3 n
owners, get our nronosition
Man Ton and nn
i " Hull, Y. M. C. A, bids. 35
W. R. C.
: - nome or vr v,. m ...i
C " Chemeketa street Thursday
rj nuiar monthly meeting. A
r wi be rendered in com
of Lincoln's birthday.
m meraDers are invited to
I" strops and dressing. Hauser
i 36'
'J,6 who conducts a print
8hraent on North Commer-
i,CJP,,'lt ln Portland
f"PiMt of relaUves.
Wer"" America will hold
regular mn.ti..
ST,!? "treet. Tuesday
H h Ivf? Mrfy an social eve
SiVth mbers of the
their friends are Invited.
5 who B V. ,T thanka to a
Ed ll ?nfr the fl0ral of
nr U H'"' Mrs. Samuel
t 35
.LEa:,W have open
N w, k Work at 85
?ti..ran,odern iuip-
NcbZ 4 mach'"ery to han-
ll , h" Pord ,ine of
for promot .t.
w.i . ' ' HANKS
Circuit Judge Percy R. Kelly award
ed a decree Tuesday, in the divorce
proceedings of Clara A. Shields vs
William Shields. The couple were
married in Marion county January
25, 1916. The only child born to them
is dead. In her complaint, Mrs.
Shields alleged cruel and inhuman
treatment, charging that her former
husband was a pervert. No property
rights or question of alimony was in
volved in the suit. Mrs. Shields states
that because of her husbands actions
that she was compelled to leave him
in 1917. By the terms of the recree,
her maiden name Clara Haines, is re
stored to her.
The will of Lyman Hill, who died ln
Salem February 7, 1920, has been fil
ed for probate. The will makes be
quests to the following named heirs:
To Edward L. Hill, 43, a son and to
Elizabeth Armstrong. 65, a sister,
both residents of Salem, share and
share alike In personal effects and
in a 10 acre tract of land situated
near Salem. The will stipulates that
Edward Hill may acquire Elizabeth
Armstrong' half interest fn the land
upon payment of the cash value of
such interest. To Arthur G. Hill, 35
of Gallatin, Mo., a son and to Dorsey
Bently, 33, a daughter, Borup, Minn.
bequests of 1100 each are made. Two
grandchildren, William Hill and Cyn
thia Hill, residents of Gallatin, Mo.
are given $50 each. The estate con
sists nf real and personal property
valued at about $1300. The request is
made that Edward L. Hill be appoint
ed as administrator of the property,
-hiwus pussioiimes or success
-or tne farm loan and stock land
bank business and general business
conditions here William Gnat, from
th federal California loin ! I.-
bank, of San Francisco, was visiting
" oarera xuesttay. While hers he is
me guest or A. C. Bohrnstedt. local
representative of the federal farm
loan system. In the evening Mr. Grant
wiu leave for Corvallis. returning
here Friday and Saturday for further
Circuit Court.
S. J. McLean vs. Henry L. Holt
The Roth company et al vs. Frank
Callabra. Answer.
Charles Maxwell et al vs. Marshall
L. Waring et al. Execution.
Clara C Shields vs. William L.
Shields. Decree.
Clara Shields vs. William L. Shields.
Findings of fact and conclusion nf
August Kehrberger vs. Llaie Up
pendahl et al. Default and decree.
August Kehrberger vs. Lisle-Up
pmdahl et al. Answer of Irene
Margaret A., and Elisabeth Sanders,
as guardian.
Probate Court.
In the matter of the guardianshin
of the persona nd estate of Ira Mar
tin, an incompeteife person. Order
confirming report of guardian.
Jacob S. Young estate. Final de
William Smith Tureman estate.
der for sale of personal property.
imam Smith Tureman estate. Or
der directing citation to issue.
Sarah Jane Watt estate, an Incou,,
potent person. Order, discharging
In the matter of the guardianshin
c. i. i jjaviuson. Sr. Order.
Edward Upendahl estate. Order. ,.
Edward Upendahl estate. Under
Anthony Jones estate. Administra
tion s undertaking on sale of real es
Joseph William Stelnkomii estate.
Order setting time for hearing final
acount ,
Sarah Jane Watt estate. Order. Vc
Eliza.-E. Haney estate. Order ap
pointing administratrix and apprais
Louis Silverman estate. Inventorv
hnd appraisement
Caroline Daberco estate. Order. "
Carah Jane Watt estate. Invenroi.
and appraisement.
Moscow, Idaho, Feb. 10.
The University of Idaho won
from Willamette university at
basketball hers last night 4J
to 21.
Born 1
KALB To Mr. and Mrs. George Kalb
halem, route 7, a boy to be named
Lynne Paul, February 7, 1S20.
Montesano, Wash., Feb. 10. W. E.
Josh, state witness iii the trial in tlia
superior court here of 13 alleged X.
W. W. accused of criminal syndical
ism, testified today that he was
threatened while in Aberdeen last
night if he gave testimony here, sim
ilar to that which he gave in thu
trial at Tucoma of I. W. AV. facing
similar ccharge. Josh said two men
approached him last night in an AU-I
trdeen cigar store. One said, accord
ins to the witness:
You are here to give the same
tlopn you frave in Tacoma we "jn.'S.'
You bet," replied Josh.
H'cli, If jou do you probably nev
er will get away from here," Josh
says he was told.
A. E. Allen, former I. W. AV. of
Seattle, testified that during the war
AA'. Av". workers in the Ames ship-
ard bored holes In the hull of a
wooden vessel building there so that
when the Bhip was launched It near.
ly sank and was only kept afloat by
divers who went under the water
and stopped the leaks.
mm to
Washington, Feb. 10. Opening the
polltican campaign of the American
- ederation of Labor, President Gom
pers in an address today before the
Ship Building Trades Convention here
a&ked the aid of the unions represent'
ed ln electing members of congress
ana other officials favorable to or
ganized labor. He promises every as
sistance of the federation in obtain
ing for the United States the great
est merchant marine of the world,
through continuance of the war-time
construction program.
Mr. Gompera said the failure of the
congress to carry the ship program to
a logical conclusion was typical of
the attitude of congress oward that
body so far as all constructive lsgis
lation was concerned.
"n me war over, ne sum, mem
bers of congress are "talking them
selves hoarse In the' attempt to fur
ther invade the rights of the people
of the United States."
'.'It is a policy just the reverse of
that In every other . country," tin
speaker asserted, describing th? lib
eral movement in Europe. It is your
duty to see that this tendency toward
autocracy is suvbed. In our fight you
can expect the bitterest opposition
from every enemy of laboir especial
ly from every standpatter, reaction
ary and soma, damn fools on the
Notwithstanding the facet that the
Boy Scouts and Commercial club are
bavine individual drix-s for funds
this week, the teams at worok on the
bndget for the T. W. C A. were work
ing; enttiuiatiLlly Tuesday, the
oneuinir day of the campaign. Wkh ! '"b the balance of the day.
the Commercial club rooms as av cen
tral working point, the raptaias and
ineor assistants, began their caxvaa-sing-at
:S0 in the morning, and con
tinued with undiminished vigor ehw-
...-ea will be served every afternoon
of the drive, from 4 to :$ o'clock,
and'iha reports of th campaign
leaders turned in at that time.
" Meet Ma at Meyers
The New Spring Voiles will
charm and captivate everyone."
The new shades " are delicate,
and the designs very unique.
Washington, Feb. 10. Rejecting
President Wilson's advice, house dem
ocrats in caucus last night went on
record as opposed to universal mili
tary training by a vote of 106 to 17.
The president, in letters to democratic
leaders earlier in the day, asked mat
action be withheld so that the party's
stand might be left to its national con
vention. -A ; i
The rejection of the president's ap
peal was double in It mope, for be
fore declaring against "military train
ing, the caucus rejected 88 to 37. a
proposal that all action on the ques
tion be deferred "at this time." This
vote,' cast on the motion of Represen
tative Doremus, Michigan, came after
a three hour discussion behind closed
doors, and Immediately afterward on
the straight out question, universal
training advocates dwindled to seventeen.
Irish Raiders Capture
Police Station at Cork
Cork. Ireland, Feb. 10.
r. After air attack lasting some
time within an .exchange of
rifle shots, two hundred armed
men last night captured the
i(: Castle Martyr police station.
They temporarily made prls-
oner the five policemen who
uerenueu tne station, ine raid-
ers seized arms and amniuni-
tion and decamped.
"bt of the
Although the demand for nurses
In the past month has greatly exceed
ed the supply, AVlllamette chapter,
American Red Cross has been doing
everything in its power to secure
them. The home service section was
also responsible for lectures, given
last week in the various schools of
the city, concerning the influenza sit
uation. The report of the chapter for
January, as compiled by Mrs. Carrie
H. Chanel, recording secretary, is as
follows: Interviews 757; families dealt
with. 215: new families. 82: letters
written, 306; cash expended, 1298.51.
Two Willamette students, Roy
Skeen and Cecil Shot well, are ill with
the flu. having been quarantined
since Friday. Oscar Payne, another
student, is caring for them.
! ST-uv
A crew ot men is at work in old
Waller hall on the'university campus
tearing out the ruins of the interior
to make ready for rebuilding, which
will commence as soon as this is fin
ished. aPrt of the building may be
ready for use before the end of the
school year, and it will be finished by
.fall. Kork on the new Lausanne is
'also progressing rapidly, the cement
All the magic of India, China and
Krvnt were like playthings in the
hand of the great magician, BlaoK
stone, at the Opera House last nlyht
For two hours the audience thorough
ly enjoyed the wonderful illusions
and trickery of this master, each on
more baffling than the one bntore.
There were a great many things
that made the evening one of gen
uine pleasure, first of which was
the personality of Mr. Blackstone
himself. One usually pictures a ma
gician as a sort of wierd and uncan
ny person, but such was not the case
last night. Mr. Blackstone is quite
human and very witty. He keeps the
audience in a roar of laughter the
greater part of the evening. Cirt-u
lating among the audience a consid
erable part of the time, he performs
various tricks in jch a refined
entertcniing manner that no cne
could take offense.
As for the tricks a id illusions per
formed by Mr. Bli.stoiie and the
supporting company, they Include!
even thing from card H'cks to the
mort unbelievable allusions, lnvir-i
iki,- hnoovpr contaMine a quip or
a turn which would biln- a laugh.
Blackstone and ni& company
tive an en!:rly Cilfnent n?r.
formunce tonight and the distinct en
joyment of everyone last night,
should insure a big house.
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