Capital journal. (Salem, Or.) 1919-1980, February 10, 1920, Page PAGE THREE, Image 3

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u-asEton, Feb. 10. Farmers or-
Nations will n. 3in lhe AIcan
of Labor in its
to elect this year pmy
trades union movement,
frien"' f p Atkeson. represen-
ational Grange, which
Hne to
f the ?
jjs leMOC members.
. Atken pointed H,t that pTe"
ot the.frranse. National
e .rTunion. International Fann
American Ftaa Bureau Fed
Cotipwa rs Natlona, Congress,
'National Milk Producers Feder
"1 re Tntly met here and formu
f 1 aTiatiorm ot principles,
555 tit tadividaal member, should
SfSUa to exercise their r:Sht of
nonal preference in voting?,
program has been rent to every
JL-Serof congress. Mr. Atkeson said
iTtt ray b expected, farmers
"nrtirw the attitude of legislator
"1.11! nffnctinc their interests. .
' AtH-on aM.
the interests of the farmer? and
of organised labor were not identical,
i, fact, were diametrically opposed on
someEtioi.s. ......
Dallas. Or.. Feb. 10 Fred A. Kozer,
one of 6rS'.'n- prominent stockrala
ers died at his home near Rickreall
early Saturday rooming after a several
day's illness with pneumonia and kid trouble . ' .
The deceased was born at Mercer,
Pennsylvania. January 7, 1866, "and
was a Eon of Mr. and Mrs. Ley! Koser.
He came to Oregon about forty years
ago and settled on a farm near Dallas
afterwards moving to Rickreall where-
, he has resided far the past thirty
Mr, Koser leave? to mourn his death
a wife, Mrs. Bmin. Koser and one
toother and three sisters all of whom
were at his bedside during his illness
.with the exception of one sister who
'lives in the eaet. An only son of Mr.
and Mrs. died last spring fol
lowing a short illrebs with pneumonia.
Funeral service were he'd Monday
afternoon at 1 o'clock from the Chap
man chEpel in this city. Interment
took place in the low.1 I. O. O, F.
: f 0
- - ' .; ' ... ,
I twivw jw,f ay j wrWiA it us a gy v v - I
1 1 II II '1 I agiMMWW mm .1 ... , . , ,
Drawn b r. Ilitentt tot ti Lonaon Sstere. itorwir.tM to iup c. 8. a
n One or Matanias f.nnottt crtwiits, Li.livt8 Ci.;is
A r.onj tbe Pinei. and Snows. , .
t'T tb n t. r,
"A .lo,:n--
Dalfes, Or., Feb.MO. Th, firstoi
aafries of parties to he given by Ains
north fhajiter No. 17, , Royal Arch
Masonsr was given in the Masonic
hall in Dallas Saturday night and was
a most enjoyable occasion. ' -Members
of the chapter from Salem aiid other
adjacent cities were present. Cards
and, music furnished the entertain
ment of the evening. A delioious ban
quet was served at a late hour. '
The " Supple-Martin 'Shipbuilders
company of Portland, organized for
tr.e purpose of carrying on a general
shipbuilding business, filed articles of
incorporation with the corporation de
partment here today. The company Is
capitalized at $50,000 with the follow
in? Incorporator!!: Joseph Supple, Dan
Martin and L. E. Crouch.
Other corpomiiori s filing articles to
fey were;
Ar.dresen company, Portland, $5000;
f u Lrombiitt, W. H. Matters and
Jonn Guy Wilson.
Federal Guaranty company, Port
, JSO.00O; Robert F. Maguire. 'J.
K Winter and V. H. Maguire.
Home Construction company, En
t'rpris,, J5000; I. E. Snyder, George
r Chy aria v,r F savage.-
i-"l,c Con,r't company, Portlana,
MM; C P.. jikM .a, F. S . Bt .rnsand
J B: Hosford.
l.!r.?.rford C"ar'r "mpany, Port
4 $10,000 ;Aibrty )H. Cas;'E.
Kfir.g &na 0. Lansing Hurt.
The capital stock of the Hall & Em-
Inc-; of Port!and hM toeen
Te to a certificate tiled today.
wJ141 0f th Klamalh Valley
K!amt, Forwa--a.g company of
aTr f' iB chenl to the Kla,
. ,et0rage C0I"Pany. accord-
Honolulu, T. H., Monday, Ftb. 9
Pablo Manlapit, president of th? Fili
pino sugar plantation workew union,
today said ha would visit nl planta
tions on the island of' Oahu before
Tuesday morning aud instruct the Fili
pino strikers- to return to work. Man
lapit issued a-statement in which he
accuses the Japanese of bad -faith for
fulling to supply strike funds to the
Filipinos. He added:
'I believe that instead of being an
industrial, strike for the purpose of
raising wages the real ol'.Wt of the
Japanese is to cripple the industries of
Hawaii In the hope that they -may be
overtaken b.yan, alien race. As Ameri
cans we cannot be parties t'- any such
program and it becomes our duty as
citzens of t'te United States t help the
people of Hawaii! break the strangle
hold which the Japanese community is
tr: Ins to obtain upon it;"
:J-. if $
'S-:;vp should be used very carefully,
if yiu Want to ketp your
: Most ."caps and pb pared
slv.rr.pois contain, too much "alkali.
This dri9 the scalp, ir.ikes hair
hritrte, and i-.;::;.e !t. ' '-
Tire' best thing for sieiciy u.tla Mul
s;fie0 coi.oar.ut oil ehiaipao (wliich Js
pure and grest-ei'ss), and is better
-I an anythir.e eie you can Se.
One or two te;i.opoor.fu!s wiEWanse
the hair and s;alp thoroughly. Jmply
the hair wr.tcr aji
1,4 ub it
l .-rich,
Ariz sea' Is a word of Spanish-Indian
oripn-meamng - Little Creeks."
v-runy l,.ther. which r.' cjuteasily,
rornovir.g t-ry particle of itiv'dirt,
lundruff and ex.i-.isive oil. Thjj hair
iyies (j-jickly 'and evenly, and It leaves
:he s:-.lp soft, an 4 the hair''f!iVe and
-iik;,', bright, iustr jus, fluffy and easy
to manage. ,
., 'oa. CAQ ,f Mulsjfied cotE.nit oil
shampoo at any pharmacy, 5i's very
tea;', and a -few ounces will supply
"very member of the Hmlly lot-
.r.d at
len?.- Egyptians vtr.erati-d
tir.:?s embalmed them.
W-.7 tn Wfma from ancient
feometry dated 1100
t'"jyCr!:yInnar't ct o'-d Germanic
'Bo;.,if ' the Ar.glo-Saxon
Spanish Influenza
Epidemic Grows
Many Cases Develop Into Jhdl;
Pneiunonla. Easier to Prevent thuu
Cure, How to Avoid "
The constant daily increase of Span
ish influenza reported by physicians
shows clearly that many people are
falling to 'take' tho simple ordinary-
precautions necessary to avoid infec
tion. For, while influ-nza, after its
development, is sometimes difficult to
cure. It is an easily preventable dis.
ease". --.-'
The best plan is to begin treatment
before the first -symptom starts. For
no other disease will develop so quick
!y or spread so rapidly. You may foel
fine today be sick tomorrow end
lose a week or,more.of work. You will
indeed be fortunate it pneumonia
does not develop.
The air today is full of Influenza
germs. Every breath you take is like
ly to draw them into your nose and
throat. You can prevent the disease
by killing the. germs before they
spread throughout your body. There
is probably no safer or surer way 'to
do this than to go to the nearest drug
store and get one of the famous Hyo
mei Inhaling outfits consisting of a
bottle of the pure Oil of Hyomei and
a little vest pocket,' hard rubber in
haling device Into which, a few.drops
of the Oil of Hyomei are poured.
Just breathe this Oil of Hyomei
deep Into your nose, throat and lungs
and every particle of air that enters
your breathing organs .will, be charg
ed with an antiseptic, germ Killing
balsam that will destroy the germs
that have found lodgment there.
.You can't do this too often. No or
dinary night ,' and .-warning .. gargling
or throat spraying Kill "be -sufficient
so long as during the, day. you come
in Constant contact with - infection.
The' Hyomei inhaler, is'.snfal! and can
be conveniently carried ,na har.dbsg
orvestpocket,;. Every.VJ'4.1f ' hour er '
so throughout the day .take it out and!
draw a few braths.-of its pure Ileal-i
ing air IntoTyotir nosf?nd'throat. By j
doing this you can ; prevent mieciwn
and check l t;e -further.fpr of the
disease evei though yc.'r are coming
in -direct - rcn'a -s .w;tii'it..-.T,his as an
inexpensive, treatment'! the inthlw
will lust a -lii-time and :fur.l-r sup
plies of the Oi! of Hyorii'.! cah be' had
at any drug store fur.a. few, cent.
I NOTE: Oil of ITyom'.ji.'o ..ror.giy
reconimerided-nbove- fii'thr- y.r jven
tion of S!r.i;-b infiuiffa; i5Xo; r,ew
iiierv rhiit. i ihe-iU ,')
6id-and.dn;e tried .ueui-'r.c-M a new.
dtee;.fce.iKyomrf .ha'.W!: star.iiara i
in the treatment of '.'c'f.tarrtind colds
for over, twenty years; atd w wa py.;
druggists, everywhere, 'tiuooreu.i u .
people in Salem and " vicinity keep ;
Hyomei 'outfit: with inhaltr on the,
bathroom Fhelf for - regular ,-. winter .
Use: If you have br.e, tje.f it out now
and mm" it. if Ou .haven, t t r.e, So to
'the nearest ! ufug , store - and get one
today. It is "he. duty or:.ycry persuu. .
j-.ot -only ipr his owii tt.i.;e l-jt lor mo
community to do ail in
prever.. further 'spr'-ad- - of ,tf,is epi
Paradise Lost
Will be the Topic of
f !'' l4
' - f i
, ' '- I
f ;1'
The first Mttbdist Church
A Lf-rj-? Chorus Choir f-f Ex
' ctL'ent Voices
The Mcissg-e will be Scriptur
al, Evangelistic, Non-Sensa-,
. tional and Helpful
A.'Ccr&i-Wrfame to Ail
Servfc es tvery even; ng ex-ff-nt
Satiirdav at 7:30: after-'
;rx.rj at 3 -.00; and a epecial
r.essage to women only ty
Miss Mahd at 4:00.
Every man r.r.d wcm;n who would
like to see Salem a. city beautiful, a
Jity of flower draped parkings, streets
the mas meetlnjr waa caned for the
purpose of discussing what action
should b taken to make iilem the
city beautiful. to. hold the
mass meeting when the sentiment of
'.he citizens might be soun.led was
reached two weeks ago at a luncheon
of business men in the Commercial
club. J. W. Haru-y, head of the Flor
al society, after declaring that d;s
Kindment threatened his eo-iety be
cause of lack of interest, told of the
many things that should be do,,.! in
the city to promote its beautv. Th,?
ned with sentry, like tree, and bioom XTJl?
I mi v a t wii.(u iinriii an i . it!
club, that forthwith culled the mass
, Pome of the matters probably to
be taken up at the mass meeting win
be legislation compelling the uniform
planting of trees, the planting of per
manent fiower in . the couithousa
scuare, and the stillzation cf parts
of parks for flower bods.
.ai;e i th
'1 wrrt b-
wc-K to best advci
i itu-er White w
(n. r.v anrt 6 a. x. ai.d
tr.;j t.;iti.i
lie narks." .ire tn .
, , . . t me c ommer
lal club at eight o'clock tonlcht tol
he mass meeting called by the busi
ness men of the city na- the ga!oM
Flora society. The meeting will be
held In the.auditorium of the club
h.nhih.l eVe 01 p!fin;i"g on
here and the pressmg need for more
eare to.the beauty cf the city obvious
J. F. White, tor six yt;.rs aj ati.v
man with the Portland iolice u-),art
mentv and reputed to be a most ca
pable police officer, Menday -was ;..
pointed night patrolman on the lov-il
farce to succeed Troy Fr.insoa, whn
was released last week iy chivf
In commenting on the apt olntaie:;t
Chief Welsh said:
"11 shall be my jolicy to gtt mer.
on the force who are bet f'tt-d for
the place, and who will work for ef
ficiency. I have considered several
applications for the place, ana select
ed Mr. White because I fceLeve he can
.1 trie etct if !WrK J.
" .' 'v'i'. Juiise 3 .. .
-.i ZK.n T. il.e-.a in as
i.? , Htat'ii affirK . w. C
G.l r. - Ii, ClarK. :..! jj.
h -.- lv.a i.anitd :.i :.ppr:us
pro;.trty, whlrh :k vo-loed
."ir.ri ai.U ni'arts; ur? ;
fKlows wila K., w.:
O.irr c Roberta 3. Kn(;er. s:.
rt--. Florida; Hony '.'t.ipii.
ar. 1 li-orreit Chap.r: brother
vet:i 6
.'.or S
-s or tiw
. ' eel a
t -. Te
Vrnthiw. Ss'-erii.
- of the Dutch S-t ' IndWK.
oo-, -t ;:47,CO0,C0O av r.n a:ul ar; v
tual.y unexplored.
World's Greatest Invention
or i
iA -if - i 61.1
i 1 . 1
DEAL Areola -Radiator-Boile
. Puts IDEAL HOT WATER HEATING comjort ct. low ted
in cottages, fiats, or stores, unth or wilhcui cellars.
The IDEAL-Arcola takes the place of a parlor stove. But a
stove wastes much. of its heat up the chimney, whereas the
IDEAL-Arcola is water-jacketed, and conveys its heat by hot wotet
circulation through pipe-connected AMERICAN Radiators stationed .
in the adjoining rooms. Every bit cf the big volume cf heat developed
from each pound of fuel is therefore made useful in keeping ALL the
rooms raiformly, healthfully warm.' There is no coal-wacte. The
IDEAL-Arcola does not rust out or wear out-will outlast the building
is a eiuia:e, permanent investment!
Shipped complete ready for immediate operation
The beauty cf the IDEAL-Arcola method is that no cellar 3s needed.
Everything is on one floor. The Areola is placed in any room that has
a chimney connection. No running to cellar. If there at e two or more
tenants in the building, each can have his own Areola and mate the
temperature to suit his own needscan mat e his own climate! If you do
not wish at first to heat the entire building, buy a small size
IDEAL-Arcola and later on buy extra sections for the IDEAL-
Areola and two or three more radiators to warm more rooms.
Oe&sly be&ti&g he&!iifJ keitkg '
free from fire ikL!
Vmkt atovea, there are no coal em leaks into the living-room. The
EEAV Areola deSvm the soft, radiant warmth of hot watra not the d-yj
burnt-out atmosphere of stove besting. There it no fare-risk to bmkunrj uo
tongar to children fire lasts for hours t The Ar eola burns hard w soft
coal, colt, ess. or wood. Brings cutt of beebng down to ti toroart eotcl
aod fwt IDEAL oomfort.
CiUfcf ahowiftf PH inn of Imuet, iai'V n.t, stores,, attHm,
tU., witli lbs UJEAL-ArcoU BolWr in p duties wiS b
wiled (fietj. Write tody.
Siniple wey tf Ijeerinf foaMoom eetUtrleiM COttOff tiy IDILfelr
Arcoto fcuduit.(.Bo.iJt ud three AMI'SWCAN FtHluitimt.
55 - - - Z
t 4-H " - - (Z - m
P'Icmi . imlodn Rmnmion Tank ir.ii rit,i vlr I'ei.wi ,tr. n,x (wt,i.. k,l. iw..
uipped con)l.(, (cUni ueurart viwtiw mt U.h. Vei .,. Sm,!",
Special uinir borrh,, , M rte H-himkitM,! l,lii,l,rt ,rtr , imt
Vlione or write us at
12 1) 21 Fourth Avr.
Seattle, Wash.
did t y all dealers
Kc delusive stents
l'' . FWU-lrtDlila, RotmOmK, lwrt, Read, WltWJm, ButtW, VkWt., U:tml, Mien,.
' . . 1 , wito, bw rrawawu, uwnuwnoi, noma., nmuaxiv iwuw. vnaKmuuitV. J
tm rim rv fw
wrs , .
n - ''-;i
Pot Needed jf'
y! The Easier Kind of Coffee No Coffee
jsQ boiling, no straining, no muss, no bother, no grounds, no waste," no'
- coffee-pot. Scientifically refined by Mr. Washington's refining process.
It comes to you in concentrated powder form, and all that is necessary
is to add the water hot cr cold. Dissolves instantly. Any one can
tiiarv. u.wiuttiy puic, ucuciuus conce, witn stTengtn to
suit individual taste. Made in the cup at the table.
. .. . Send fo: Free Recipe Bot)kltt -
a WaHngton Sales Ox, Inc 1334 Fifth Avenue, New Y rk
iJ !
; Originated
!rj Mr. Wctif'tngton in
11 !
demic ax.J tO Sti.ttP it " '